CSC Brighton Solidarity with Cuba - END THE BLOCKADE walk


Sunday, 29 August 2021, 11:30am

SUNDAY AUGUST 29TH 11.30AM Meet at the Volks Railway Black Rock Station to walk the 2 miles to the Peace Statue on Hove Seafront. We will have some posters available and we will make some placards to carry on the walk, so f you can, please bring a piece of card A3 size or a piece of cardboard to attach the posters to before we set off. We can write our own messages on the posters. When we finish the walk we will have some flags and our banner for photos and have some refreshments at the open air cafe. if you don't feel up to walking 2 miles, then join us at the cafe around 1pm (or you can take a ride on the Volks railway for most of the way). you can do the walk by bike if you prefer. Hope to see you there!

NB. Black Rock Station is located at the east end of Madeira Drive, 5 mins walk from Brighton Marina.

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