Trump: Hands off Latin America! Unite National Sector Conferences Fringe Meetings

Brighton Centre, Meeting Room 1A

Monday, 13 November 2017, 5:30pm

Trump: Hands off Latin America!
Fringe meeting: Resistance and Solidarity under threat

Monday 13 & Tuesday 14 November, 5.30 pm/End of session
Meeting Room 1A, Brighton Centre

Tony Burke, Unite Assistant General Secretary
Natasha Hickman, Cuba Solidarity Campaign
Hasan Dodwell / Sarah Merrill, Justice for Colombia
Chair: Jayne Taylor, Unite EC Vice-Chair

Under Trump's administration, the US has further tightened its 55 year old blockade of Cuba, and Venezuela has faced military threats, sanctions and hostile rhetoric. In Colombia, activists are being killed at alarming rates as the implementation of the peace deal stutters. Come along and hear the latest from the campaigns working on Cuba, Venezuela and Colombia - and find out how can we continue to show solidarity.

These fringe meetings are for Unite National Sector Conference delegates only.

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