Boycott Bacardi

Bacardi is one of the biggest spirit drink producers in the world with sales valued at over $2 billion per year. But is its popularity deserved? Not if you have picked up the idea from its advertising that Bacardi is an authentic rum from Cuba. Bacardi makes a lot of the fact that it was established in Cuba in 1862, but today Bacardi is neither produced nor consumed in Cuba.

So if you want to drink an authentic rum from Cuba, order a Cuban brand such as Havana Club. Not only does it taste better, you’ll also be showing solidarity with Cuba.

But Bacardi hasn’t just sought to profit from market its faux Cuban credentials, it has also acted to reinforce the ongoing blockade of Cuba.

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Bacardi: The Hidden WarBacardi: The Hidden War

Colombian journalist Hernando Calvo Ospina's exposé of the anti-Cuba activities of the Bacardi rum company.

This book is full of revelations such as the way in which Bacardi's boss once plotted to assassinate Fidel Castro and the company's role in promoting laws that strengthened the US blockade.

Calvo Ospina also explains how Bacardi's men were at the heart of the Bush administration. Buy the book now from the Cuba Solidarity Campaign.


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