Viewing Campaign News from December 2023

Benjamin celebrating Tony Benn being presented with the Cuban Friendship Award

Condolences on the passing of Benjamin Zephaniah

Campaign News | Thursday, 7 December 2023

CSC statement on the passing of Benjamin Zephaniah, CSC patron and friend On behalf of the Executive Committee of the Cuba Solidarity Campaign and all our members and affiliates we would like to offer our deepest sympathy to Benjamin’s family, colleagues and friends.Benjamin was a long time patron of the Cuba ... read more

Chair of US Foreign Relations Committee sends positive message on US Cuba policy

Campaign News | Thursday, 30 November 2023

Ben Cardin, recently appointed as chair of the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee (SFRC), has responded to questions from a CSC member on his approach to US Cuba relations. On 28 November, Senator Cardin wrote a full and far reaching letter which made clear his commitment to ‘an open and Bilateral ... read more

The UN General Assembly again voted overwhelmingly against the US blockade in November 2023

Denying the blockade of Cuba is madness

Campaign News | Monday, 27 November 2023

TO suggest that “Cuba is not suffering under a blockade,” as Ileana Fuentes of the Center for a Free Cuba did in a letter to the Morning Star (November 19), flies in the face of basic facts and mainstream global opinion.Even a cursory look at the nature of US policy ... read more

People’s court makes judgement against US Blockade

Campaign News | Thursday, 23 November 2023

A report on the International Tribunal on the United States blockade of Cuba by Bernard Regan, who attended on behalf of CSC. You can read the final ruling of the Tribunal here. An International Tribunal on the United States blockade of Cuba was held in the European Parliament in Brussels on ... read more

Cymru, Cuba, and revolutionary resilience

Campaign News | Monday, 6 November 2023

LUKE FLETCHER MS explains why Plaid Cymru extended solidarity to the embattled socialist island nation during the Welsh party's annual conference ON November 4 last year, a day after the US yet again opposed the UN general assembly’s resolution condemning the blockade on Cuba, I tabled a statement of opinion in ... read more

The UN General Assembly vote in 2022

Ending the sanctions on Cuba

Campaign News | Wednesday, 1 November 2023

The governments of the world overwhelmingly support overturning these cruel and utterly unjustifiable measures — but the US still gets its way. On November 1-2, the UN general assembly will once again discuss and vote on Resolution 77/7 on the “necessity of ending the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by ... read more

OFF THE LIST Remove Cuba from the State Sponsors of Terrorism list. Write to the US ambassador today.

Campaign News | Thursday, 26 October 2023

The Cuba Solidarity Campaign calls on members and supporters to take action to remove Cuba from the US State Sponsors of Terrorism (SSOT) list as part of an international campaign to reach one million signatures to pressure the US government. WRITE TO THE US AMBASSADOR TODAY Shortly after his election, President Trump ... read more

Niurka Gonzalez, General Secretary of the Cuban teaching union with some of the students receiving aid

Arriva la Educación! Aid arrives in Cuban schools

Campaign News | Monday, 23 October 2023

Much-needed educational materials, bought with funds raised by the Viva la Educación appeal, are arriving in the island’s schools and colleges. Shortly after the new Cuban academic year began in September 2023, students and teachers were receiving some of the hundreds of thousands of educational items distributed across Cuba thanks ... read more

Latin America Conference 2024 - Book your tickets today

Campaign News | Thursday, 19 October 2023

Come to the Latin America Conference 2024 to find out first-hand about the latest developments in the region and how we can offer solidarity. Saturday 27 January 2024 10am-5pm Venue: Hamilton House, Mabledon Place, London WC1H 9BD (Nearest tube: Euston/Kings Cross) Tickets £10 waged/ £8 unwaged. Book online at Or call 020 7490 5715 ... read more

Kevin Courtney,  Bárbara Montalvo Álvarez, Frances Leach, Coll McCail and Navendu Mishra MP

“We will not stop working to achieve our goal of a more just and equitable society" - Labour Party Conference report

Campaign News | Thursday, 12 October 2023

Guests at a busy CSC fringe event on the final night Labour Party Conference heard about the current difficulties Cuba is facing, how Cubans are continuing to resist in the face of overwhelming pressure and what people across the labour movement can do to help bring about an end to ... read more