CSC South London Public meeting


Sunday, 22 July 2018, 1:30pm

Sunday 22nd July - 1.30pm

with Dr Lauren Collins speaking on the elections and new president in Cuba.

Cuba elects a new President
For decades the western press speculated about what would happen in Cuba after Fidel Castro died. Would the revolution survive ? When Fidel fell ill and his brother Raul was elected President in his place the speculation now focused on what would follow Raul’s departure. Earlier this year Raul resigned his position and Cubans elected Miguel Diez Canal as their new president. But the western press has been more muted in their responses to this. What does the new election signify ? How did the election take place ? Can the Cuban revolution, which has been an inspiration to working people around the world, go from strength to strength ? This meeting is a chance to discuss these vital questions with the help of our speaker, Lauren Collins.

Plus screening of short Film “Cuba, Ebola and Gay Rights”

A 20 minute film about Cuba’s response to the Ebola epidemic in West Africa and also about how the views of Cubans have evolved on the on the issue of LGBTI rights.

at the Stockwell Community Centre, 1 Studley Rd, London SW4 6RA

For more information please ring Steve Johnson on 0208 671 0730
or Ray Davis on 0207 326 1550
South London Cuba Solidarity Campaign

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