CSC Norwich and Screen Cuba present: Death of a Bureaucrat

Elizabeth Fry Building Room 1.01, University of East Anglia, Research Park, Norwich, NR4 7TJ

Tuesday, 23 April 2024, 7:00pm

This classic film satirises how red tape in the revolution affects the everyday lives of its people. As a badge of honour, a model worker is buried with his labour card in his pocket. But his widow needs it to claim the benefits she is entitled to. The film traces the family’s often hilarious Kafka-esque efforts to recover the precious document in the new society where everyone is treated as equals. But should that extend to the dead?

Alea, known as the father of Cuban cinema, presents a radical new vision of a universal theme containing notes of many cinematic icons from Chaplin and Laurel & Hardy, to Brecht, Eisenstein and Buñuel.

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