CSC Norwich Cuba Fundraising BBQ at UEA Broad


Sunday, 11 August 2024, 2:00pm

UEA Broad, University of East Anglia, University Drive, Norwich, Norfolk NR4 7RJ.

Join other local CSC members and activists at a fundraising barbecue at the University of East Anglia to raise money for the Cuba Vive campaign to end the blockade on Cuban health and ensure that medical supplies can reach the island. US sanctions are depriving 11 million Cubans of vital medicines and surgical supplies Cuba Vive is a medical aid appeal to send life-saving medicines, and surgical and other vital medical aid to Cuba. Cuba’s commitment to health as a human right has helped the country achieve world-renowned health services for its people despite 62 years of an illegal US blockade.

We will be meeting at UEA Broad by the lake at the University of East Anglia. Please look for the Cuban flag to find us or send us a message on social media or phone if you can't find us.

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