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Monday, 25 June 2018, 7:30pm

Cine Cuba is a monthly film club, generally held on the last Monday of the month (check for details) & organised by North London Cuba Solidarity Campaign (NLCSC), showing films from or about Cuba. We aim to show films which provide an insight into the Cuban Revolution and the society, politics, history and culture of Cuba. Where possible we invite guest speakers with a special interest in the film topic We hope that viewers will stay at the end of the film and participate in the relaxed post-film discussion. Entry is free but donations are welcome to cover our costs.

Cine Cuba Films, The Calthorpe Arms (upstairs), 252 Grays Inn, Rd, WC1X 8JR

Tube to Kings Cross or Russell Sq / 7.30pm, last Monday of the month / Monthly Cuban Film Club

If you would like to know more about the NLCSC please email us on:

Monday 25 June

Conducta (2014) dir. Ernesto Daranas, Cuba - Feature film. The story of a troubled 11 year old boy who largely cares for his addict mother. When he is sent away from his school, his caring teacher mounts a campaign to prevent this. This leads to her ostracisation by the school authorities. A controversial but much praised recent film.

Monday 30 July

Clandestinos (1987) dir. Fernando Pérez, Cuba. Feature film -A chronicle of the last days of revolutionary struggle against Batista and a love story of two clandestine fighters who work printing subversive pamphlets. We show it this month to commemorate the death of Frank Païs killed on the street by Santiago de Cuba police on July 30, 1957.

Monday 24 September

Dare to Dream (2017) dir. Jennifer Wager, US. New documentary explores the global impact of ELAM (Cuba's Latin American Medical School) to improve health for the world's economically struggling communities. More than 26,000 doctors have graduated from ELAM since its inception in 1999, including 145 US doctors on full scholarship.

Monday 29 October

Strawberry & Chocolate (1993) dir. Tomás Gutiérrez Alea, Cuba. Feature film. The story of an unlikely friendship between two men in Havana who couldn't be more different - one a middle-aged, gay artist and the other a young, heterosexual Communist - explores intolerance and homophobia in 1979 Cuba, asking: what is it to be revolutionary? With its brilliantly witty lines and romantic-comedy format, the film was hugely popular across the island and marked a crucial opening for the country's LGBT revolution. It was also the only Cuban film to be nominated for an Oscar in the US.

Venue: upstairs at The Calthorpe Arms, 252 Grays Inn Rd, WC1X 8JR. With invited speakers, showing feature films and documentaries from or about Cuba.

Free entry but donations welcome. For info contact

Cuban feature film. A growing group of people waiting for the infrequent bus service get to know one another better than they intend. Comedy and romance abound and the ineffable Cuban spirit of getting by and making the most of things is celebrated in this charming film.

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