South London CSC: The Power of the Weak documentary showing

South London

Sunday, 24 July 2016, 2:00pm

Cuba : “The power of the weak”

Jorge Jerez was born in Camaguey, Cuba with cerebral palsy. He was born in 1993 in the midst of the most difficult times for Cubans. Those years, known as the ‘special period’, brought more hardships than Cubans had ever known as the US Blockade tightened its vice-like grip in order to to strangle Cuba after the fall of the Soviet Union. But Jorge was born in a revolutionary country.

In the face of so much adversity Jorge has grown up to become a revolutionary journalist. He has campaigned tirelessly on behalf the Miami 5, Cuban patriots who only recently have been released from US jails. The families of the Miami 5 have ‘adopted’ him as one of their own.

From the youngest age Jorge developed a revolutionary awareness. His first teacher said that “Jorge was a born patriot”. Jorge himself says, “I owe Cuba everything I am”. As a child he spoke at the Pioneers Congress (Pioneers are Cuba’s youth movement) in a way that moved and inspired so many at the meeting. “Humans are not measured by how often they fall, but by how often they rise again” This is Jorge’s motto.

This documentary shows how a vital handicap can be left behind and a triumph of Cuban spirit. The documentary is 47 minutes long.

Bread & Roses pub
68 Clapham Manor Street, SW4 6DZ
2.00pm Sunday,
24th July, 2016

For more information please ring
Steve Johnson on 0208 671 0730
or Ray Davis on 0207 326 1550

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