Fidel Castro: book of condolence

Fidel Castro: book of condolence

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The Cuba Solidarity Campaign is deeply saddened by loss of Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro Ruz who died at 10.29 on Friday 25 November, aged 90.

For more than 50 years the Cuban Revolution has been an inspiration for countries fighting for independence and equality. Cuba’s remarkable achievements in health, education, women’s rights and social justice were gained under the leadership of Fidel Castro.

Fidel’s commitment to internationalism leaves a lasting legacy throughout the world. From Cuba’s support fighting against Apartheid forces in Southern Africa, to training doctors from in Latin America, and its international medical brigades caring for the victims of earthquakes from Pakistan to Haiti, Cuba has shown that another world is possible.

The Cuba Solidarity Campaign sends it’s sincere condolences and solidarity to the family and friends of Fidel Castro and the Cuban people in their time of mourning.

The best tribute we in Britain can make is to continue the struggle to end the immoral and unjust blockade of Cuba and for the return of the illegally occupied land at Guantanamo Bay.

Hasta Siempre Comandante.

Cuba Solidarity Campaign, UK

On behalf of our Chairman, Trustees and Staff, the Nelson Mandela Foundation would like to send our deepest condolences to the people and government of Cuba on the passing of Fidel Castro.

President Mandela had a close relationship with President Castro and always remembered his solidarity with the anti-apartheid movement.

He even went so far as to suggest those who criticized his relationship with Cuba and Libya, for instance should “jump in the pool”.

Talking in a documentary produced in 1990 President Mandela explained his loyalty: “The first country we approached was the United States of America. We could not even succeed to come close to the government, and they refused to assist us. But Cuba, the moment we appealed for assistance they were ready to do so and they did so,” he said. “Why would we now listen to the Western world when they say we should have nothing to do with Cuba? It is just unreasonable.”

May he rest in peace.

Nelson Mandela Foundation, South Africa

With the passing of another towering figure from the history of the twentieth century, this is the moment to remember what Fidel Castro achieved for the people of Cuba and Latin America.

He saw off the corruption and brutality of the Batista regime and, despite the imposed poverty of the US illegal embargo, went on to create a country with the best health and education systems in the region.

His Cuba inspired those seeking freedom around the world. This is the legacy for which he will be remembered.

Len McCluskey, Unite the Union, UK

On behalf of Unison, I offer our sincere condolences to the people of Cuba and in particular our sister trade unions. We share your sorrow and sadness but commit ourselves to work for that greater vision of a fairer, more equal and peaceful world

Dave Prentis (United Kingdom)

We are saddened to hear of the death of our comrade and inspiration Fidel Castro. It should never be forgotten that Fidel and his comrades swept away Batista and his corrupt, mafia-controlled regime and replaced it with a socialist model which put health and education at the forefront even in the toughest days of the US blockade. The resilience and determination of the Cuban people under the leadership of Fidel Castro and his comrades has been an inspiration to socialists and trade unionists around the globe for ‎six decades. But now we get on with the job of organising for the future just as Fidel Castro would have wanted us to do and RMT reaffirms its support for the Cuba Solidarity Campaign in the work that lies ahead.

Mick Cash, RMT General Secretary (United Kingdom)

Long live the memory of the most successful revolutionary of human history. The Cuban people will carry on. Patria o Muerte. Venceremos.

René Gonzalez (Cuba)

We have lost a visionary leader of the likes rarely to be seen again. A extraordinary man and an inexhaustible inspiration. My thought are with his family, friends and the Cuban people.

Maxine Peake (United Kingdom)

DEAR FRIENDS,COMRADES: Thanks for this initiative you are doing in a historical moment for Cuba and for movement in solidarity with the cuban Revolution.Fidel have being and will ollways be the leader of international solidarity! !Hasta la victoria siempre!

kenia serrano puig (Cuba)

I met Fidel in 1995 when as an MEP I brought greetings from the European Parliament to an international solidarity conference in Havana. Fidel spoke to the conference and spoke of the importance of solidarity work in sustaining the people of Cuba in the face of US hostility and the blockade. I also met with many Cubans from the speaker of the Parliament to children in schools and members of CDRs which showed me the depth of support for the ideals of the revolution but also the difficulties of the struggle. I have been a supporter of the Cuban revolution since its inception in 1959 and Fidel and Che were the inspiration to us in Britain. I give my continuing support to people of Cuba at this sad time and add my tribute to Fidel a man who changed the history of Cuba and the world.

Hugh Kerr (MEP 1994-99) (United Kingdom)

As an African I remain grateful to Fidel Castro and the Cuban people for their Cuban military intervention and sacrifice in Angola and the Southern African conflict in the 1970s and 1980s. The Cuban Army is probably the first ever foreign army to land in Black Africa, not to colonise or conquer but to liberate and liberate they did further opening the door to the eventual collapse of apartheid rule in South Africa. Of course Cuba has done more across the world with humanitarian and medical assistance. As a human being, I appreciate those who give so much for others. Thank you Cuba. Thank you Commandante Castro. History, has already absolved you.

Chukwudum Ikeazor (United Kingdom)

I would like to send my condolences to all those who loved Fidel and were inspired to courage by him and his colleagues. It was my great privilege to meet many of them in places as different as the exuberant african liberation movements' schools in Cuba's Island of Youth and the desperate hospitals in the besieged, ruined Central Highlands towns of Angola filled with peasants maimed by land mines from apartheid South Africa via UNITA, with the assistance of successive US presidents and CIA directors. These words of the Guyanese poet Martin Carter, eloquently invoke how Fidel's life led so many into hope and action. i have learnt from books dear friend of men dreaming and living and hungering in a room without a light who could not die since death was far too poor who did not sleep to dream, but dreamed to change the world. Victoria Brittain, London

Victoria Brittain (United Kingdom)

Fidel Castro was an epitome of courage. I as a Kashmiri will always remember for Fidel for reaching out to us when Kashmir was badly hit by a quake in 2005. Fidel had the courage to challenge the bully back, he inspired throughout his life he will continue to do so even when he has left us. Rest in Power Comrade we will miss you.

Imran Sheikh (India)

My condolences go out to the family of Fidel Castro and to the people of Cuba. Long live Fidel and long live the Cuban revolution!

CINDY SHEEHAN (United States of America)

RIP Fidel: an inspirational revolutionary. Your gave and will continue to give confidence to millions across the world seeking freedom and peace in a fairer society ... from South Africa to Latin America .. a proud, passionate and determined people fight on in the face of an illegal blockade - the struggle continues hasta victoria siempre!!

Steve Turner (United Kingdom)

Soy una joven medica cubana,que en estos momentos se encuentra en Brasil como parte del programa Mais Medicos..Profundamente conmovida y entristecida por la desaparicion física del mas grande de los hombres que haya conocido..Fidel Castro.. vengo de familia trabajadora y combatiente.. desde pequeña inculcandome los valores de un buen revolucionario y humano.. es por eso que hoy quiero dejar constancia por este medio de mi profundo pesar,mas aun estando lejos de mi querida Patria...pero cada dia cuando ayude a una persona..cada dia cuando ponga en alto el nombre de mi Cuba amada...estará renaciendo un Fidel ... Comandante en Jefe ..ORDENE!!!!

Yeniksa Rodriguez Torres (Brazil)

His like will never be forgotten castro and the Cuba people helped many countries and there people when most needed South Africa would never be free if it wasn't for the likes of Castro and the people of Cuba

Tony woodhouse (United Kingdom)

Two of the major highlights of the 16 years I spent as MP and MSP for Dundee East are firstly the privilege of meeting Fidel Castro in person during a visit to Cuba with fellow MPs George Galloway and Irene Adams; and secondly being presented with Cuba's friendship medal at the embassy in London. My thoughts are with the Cuban people during this time of great loss. Cuba has lost an iconic leader. Workers everywhere have lost a revolutionary inspiration who taught us that another world is possible.

John McAllion (United Kingdom)

I can remember being asked to drive an ambulance from Manchester to Liverpool dock when Unison was shipping out some double decker buses and some ambulances.

william allen (United Kingdom)

La emoción embarga y nubla la relación del pensamiento con mi palabra. Como no ser así, -pues conocí la generosidad que brindó Fidel, la Revolución y el Pueblo Cubano a mi hijo mayor en desgracia en el año 1987 y 1988..., el recuerdo de sus visitas constantes al Hospital William Soler y sus personales atenciones. El haber tenido la oportunidad de conocerlo personalmente el 1 de enero de 1988 cuando Fidel,- luego de terminar su discurso por el Aniversario de la Revolución, se acercó extendiendo sus manos y sus brazos, - entregando y recibiendo de él su abrazo cálido que irradiaba la fuerza de la nobleza de su ser. Abrazo que con vehemencia abrigo el recuerdo de ese encuentro, para así, - recurriendo a mi emoción colmada de la nostalgia y con la energía que entrega el sentir; - rememorar y revivir la fuerza de las emociones vertidas esa madrugada en La Habana, para así volver a vivir ese fundido abrazo fraternal y revolucionario de Fidel para conmigo, mi hijo y mi familia presente en esa ocasión. Mi más sentido pesar por su deceso, no obstante, -me consuela el que su querida presencia etérica y su obra; - siempre estará viviendo en nosotros y con nosotros. Hasta siempre Fidel. Rubén Darío Ramírez Zamorano Desde Chile; - 28 de Noviembre de 2016.

Rubén Daréshy (Chile)

A brave man who stood out against US imperialism for more than fifty years. A great leader who changed the lives of the Cuban people for the better. His international vision meant Cuba helped countries throughout the world with medical assistance at times of flood and famine, as well as military assistance against the apartheid regime in South Africa. He will be sadly missed. Viva Cuba! Solidarity with the Cuban people.

Luke Crawley Assistant General Secretary BECTU (United Kingdom)

Fidel passes away vindicated by History The Cyprus-Cuba Friendship Association bids farewell with profound grief to the leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro. Fidel leaves us vindicated by History. The predictions of the enemies of the Cuban Revolution have been dashed. Against all hardships and its constant undermining by a powerful enemy - which changes tactics but not its goal - the Revolution remains steadfast withg the Cuban people as its unwavering defender. Under the leadership of Fidel, the construction of socialism in Cuba raised the standard of living of the people, achieved unparalleled achievements in science, health, education, culture and sports, and cemented in practice the equality of the sexes. The Cuban Revolution has established popular participation in governance and supported materially, diplomatically and politically every struggling and suffering people in the world. Cuba, led by Fidel Castro, developed excellent relations of friendship and solidarity with Cyprus. With the victory of the Revolution in 1959 and Cyprus Independence in 1960, our two countries established diplomatic relations. They subsequently began a common path within the ranks of the Non-Aligned Movement - of whom both countries were founding States - that was led by Archbishop Makarios and Fidel Castro. In fact Cyprus was the first country that sent a ship to Cuba breaking the naval blockade imposed by the US. At the diplomatic level, socialist Cuba was and remains to this day a consistent supporter of the struggle Cyprus is waging. Fidel Castro is recognized as an international symbol of anti-imperialist struggle, internationalist solidarity, patriotic dignity and unshakable faith in the socialist future of humanity. At the same time, Fidel has been, and will always be, a banner of struggle and inspiration for the peoples of the world who are fighting against the Goliath of imperialism, for the right of the peoples to choose their country's own social and economic path of development. Fidel, Cuba and the Revolution were and will represent the answer to all those who are advising "weak" peoples to submit to the power of the mighty and to those who proclaim that socialism is a utopian vision or is outdated. The greatest victory of Fidel however is the fact that he leaves to his country a people determined to continue the construction of socialism and millions of people all over the world who believe in the timeliness and necessity of socialism as the answer to capitalist barbarism. The Cyprus-Cuba Friendship Association expresses its deep condolences to the people, the Communist Party and government of Cuba. The Association will honor Fidel Castro with a series of events and initiatives that will be announced in the coming days.

The Cyprus-Cuba Friendship Association (Cyprus)

My thoughts are with our Cuban comrades at this painful time. Fidel may have died but the achievements of the Cuban revolution he led are with us and Cuban socialism remains a beacon to oppressed people everywhere. For members of a post-Soviet generation, the continuing and remarkable success of Cuba in defiance of the US blockade has been an inspiration. I will always remember what Fidel's refusal to bend the knee meant to me as a teenager just beginning to explore socialist and communist ideas.

Ben Chacko (United Kingdom)

We have lost one of the greatest figures of all time, he tried to civilise the world, his mission was to educate, to provide health care, accessible education and health care on a global basis, he believed humanity's progress was best served in a well planned global economy not one that was forced upon an unsuspecting populace that in his words " no one understands " but readily and purposefully left behind millions in its wak, today in Argentina I me an eye specialist who told me the training he had received free of charge was given to him by the Cuban government, in March of this year in one of the most impoverished parts the Gambian/Senagales border I me children suffering horrific cataracts, my guide told "this will soon be remedied because Cuban doctors have arrived, Fidel dispensed largesse to the most poorest of our planets inhabitants, Indians, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, Africans can all testify to the humanity of Fidel Castro, not shying away from confrontation Fidel as the comadante en Jefe succefully defeated the forces of wealth and privilege at the Battle of the pigs inflicting the first defeat on the empire 90 miles from its shore, likewise at the battle Cuito Cuanavale Cuban troops under orders from Fidel defeated the South African army and drove the last nail into the coffin of apartheid, The South African foreign minister said " the Cubans are the only people to come to our shores and took nothing back except the bones of their dead comrades, I salute you Fidel for the example you will always be, "Un otra Mundo mejor Es possible " Gracias para todos

Denis Doody (United Kingdom)

Soy uno de los millones de estudiantes que pisó y vivió en cuba y dolido y lamentable perdida ha sufrido la humanida ; y los opositores, porque ahora ya no tendrán a quien criticar y ver como el faro que fue y seguirá siendo para un revoluciónario de todo el mundo. HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE, COMANDANTE

Martin Saavedra (Nicaragua)

STATEMENT ON THE DEATH OF COMMANDER IN CHIEF FIDEL CASTRO RUZ To Her Excellency Teresita Vicente Sotolongo, Embassy of the Republic of Cuba in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland: Dear comrade Vicente, The General Committee and Staff of the Marx Memorial Library & Workers' School in Clerkenwell, London extends our sincere condolences and solidarity with the people of Cuba on behalf of our members and students on the sad announcement today of the death of Fidel Castro Ruz. Fidel's contribution to the great task of the liberation of humanity will be reckoned among the greatest of the 20th century. The defeat of apartheid in South Africa, the throwing back of imperialism in country after country and the inspiration that the Cuban people's revolution has brought would not have been possible without the leadership, determination and intelligence of Fidel and his love for the people. We mourn his death in solidarity with the Cuban people and we continue to be inspired by the great achievements Fidel led, particularly in the field of education and adult literacy, where Fidel's legacy is seen in Cuba's role today as a world leader breaking through barriers of illiteracy and ignorance. We look forward to continuing our work with the representatives of the Cuban people's revolution in the struggle for peace, socialism, freedom and independence. Farewell comrade Fidel. Hasta la Victoria Siempre! On behalf of the General Comittee of the Marx Memorial Library & Workers' School: John Foster, Secretary Alex Gordon, Chair Marjorie Mayo, Vice Chair Graham Stevenson, Treasurer

Marx Memorial Library and Workers' School (United Kingdom)

It is sad to see such a hero to so many go, but he lived a good life full of accomplishments. He may be the most realized person in history. Rest in peace, Comrade Fidel. You are dearly missed.

Dan Curley (United States of America)

Yo Soy Fidel

Trevor Yorke (United Kingdom)

Lamentablemente no supe de este link hasta hoy, y aunque deje mis criterios y condolencias en su momento en cuanto espaciohubo sobre el tema, no quiero dejar este en blanco. Dentro de mis funciones como oficial del MININT, no fueron pocas las veces q tuve que hacer lovque denominavamos opereativo de proteccion para el Jefe, cuanto orgullo me invadia por el tema, no puedo ser muy extenso, la perdida del Comandante la senti tanto yo como mi familia, padres e hijos lloramos la noticia y aun hoy, sigo sintiendo su sperdida con dolor. Siempre fui y sere mas que un revolucionario, UN ETERNO FIDELISTA. Hasta la victoria siempre... Boriws/CO3DSE

Boris (CO3DSE) (Cuba)

Si la humanidad tuviece que salir de este planeta tus principios tu lucha la acompañaran como ejemplo de vida. Gracias Fidel

Edison Patino (United Kingdom)

R.I.P comandante Fidel !

Joacy de Souza (Brazil)

Fidel Castro, the great revolutionary will never die, he and all of his comrades will be alive in the heart and mind of every free man and woman for ever. Long live Cuban revolution.

Orang Kiyani (United Kingdom)

Cuba the idea teffified all tyrants Rest comrade job well done

Tony Whelan (Ireland)


Vikki Brannagan (United Kingdom)

You were one of the greatest leaders of one of the greatest countries in the world. Fidel inspired a small group of people who led a revolution that inspired a nation and then the world. Cuba has been an inspiration to me and countless millions around the world. Cuba's international solidarity has saved and improved the lives of millions around the world and shown that there is a better way.

Nick Kelleher (United Kingdom)

I am sorry for your loss, the loss of a very charismatic and important revolutionary whose name will live on forever. Yours is the legacy of a great man.

Madeleine Shaw (United Kingdom)

Estuvo - y estas todavia - una inspiración por toda la gente en el mundo que sufrir armut o falta la comida o no tiene Salud. Hay muchas victorias por la revolución. Lo que hace en Cuba es una reto por todo los paises en el 'mundo primero' que dicen 'no pueden dinero por la salud.' Hay mas victorias para hacer. Mientras, quedarese en tranquilidad! Saludos fuertes.

M Aien (United Kingdom)

A great man has gone from the earth,we are all diminished.

Peter (United Kingdom)

Roger Simmonds (United Kingdom)

Inolvidable FIDEL, gracias por todo lo que nos has enseñado. Hasta siempre COMANDANTE!

Mila Larburu Aguirre (Spain)

Long live Fidel. We are Fidel

Trevor (United Kingdom)

If we have chosen the position in life in which we can most of all work for mankind, no burdens can bow us down, because they are sacrificed for the benefit of all; then we shall experience no petty, limited, selfish joy, but our happiness will belong to millions, our deeds will live on quietly but perpetually at work, and all over our ashes will be shed the hot tears of noble people. Marx.

John Lisgarten (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre comandante.

Marcelino Ovidio Colorado Mendoza (Colombia)

We should not mourn the loss of Fidel, but celebrate the fact that he lived and played such a key role in world events. He is a role model and inspiration for all of us that believe in a fairer and more just world. Rest in peace dear Comrade and... hasta la vitoria sempre!

Mark Lomas (United Kingdom)

Diego Millán Berdasco (Spain)

Lamento mucho la muerte de Fidel. Seguro que como todos, no era hombre perfecto, pero, con ustedes Cubanos, logro mas para mejor la vida de los demás que casi cualquier otro. Espero mucho que mantengan vivo sus grandes aspiraciones para la humanidad y que no estén seducidos por los falsos dioses del capitalismo - la salud, dignidad para todos e educación son libertades mas importantes que los que vende los Estados Unidos. Viva Fidel!

Tamsin Smith (United Kingdom)

You once said "History will absolve me". It already has... a dozen times over. Hasta lads victoria siempre, Commandante.

Dr Tomasz Pierscionek (United Kingdom)

¡El Cubano mas alto en el mundo! ¡Viva Fidel, Viva Che, Viva Raéordm;l i Viva Cuba! ¡Destruir el bloqueo inmoral!

Allan Hansen (Canada)

Sadly we now don't have any alternative to capitalism in the world - hopefully your light will shine and inspire a new generation!

Richard (United Kingdom)

Rest In Peace True Revolutionary!! The Struggle for Freedom for all the oppressed people of the World draws much inspiration from you and your Countrymen and Women!!!

Bheka Shambira (United Kingdom)


Mel Barden (United Kingdom)



Fidel is in our hearts forever.

Anna (Russian Federation)

Gostaria de desejar condoléordf;ncias ao povo querido de Cuba pela morte de Fidel. Infelizmente o homem mais humano, inteligente, perspicaz e determinado se foi. Mas espero que o povo de Cuba siga em frente com o legado que ele lhes deixou e que a chama do socialismo permaneésect;a sempre acesa!Hasta siempre Fidel!!

Maria Cristina de Medeiros (Brazil)

Very saddened to hear of his death. He will be remembered as a Beacon of Hope to the marginalised of the Planet. Not only to them but to countless others too

Dave Finch (United Kingdom)

For our generation Fidel was not only a hero of the Century but also A model for human life

ali tavassoli (Iran)

Hasta la victoria siempre querido commandante Continuaremos la lucha Vencenremos Viva Cuba

Silvia (Belgium)

Lars Lundkvist (Sweden)


fidel castro, che guavarra and all of the men and women and children that fought for the revolution, fought against US imperialism,fought against fascism we owe you such a great debt. you helped to liberate and inspire many central south American countries. bless you fidel, thank you all for giving us hope!!!!

david shaw (United Kingdom)

Castro will never be forgotten


We wish to express our sadness at the recent loss for Cuba and Latin America of the great revolutionary Cuban leader Fidel Castro. His life and work will live in the deeds and hearts of progressives in Latin America and the world.

Michael Kain, and Maria Kain. (United Kingdom)

Admiro uma das ilhas mais maravilhosas do planeta, com o povo mais destemido audaciosa. Me impressiona o amor e respeito do povo com Comandante Fidel e com a Revoluésect;épound;o. Viva ao povo Cubano! Um dia seremos um só POVO na "Pátria Grande". "Hasta la victoria siempre"

Christina Cruz (Brazil)

A man who installed a belief that the existing discriminatory order can be challenged. walked the walk gave us as Africans the confidence to speak up and be proud of our heritage. educate spread the love and be a compassionate human.

Winston Richards (United Kingdom)

Jenny Jackson (United Kingdom)

Huw Thomas (United Kingdom)

So yo Fidel, I am visited Cuba and I seen child and people all happy, nothing stress...Thank you very much Fidel and all Revolution friends...Thanks...So yo Fidel

Ä°rfan Sahin (United Kingdom)

In solidarity with the Cuban people at this time of sadness. Fidel made so many lives better and he'll be long remembered not only as a leader but also as a man of the people. Vinceremos

Kevin Fitzgerald (United Kingdom)

VIVA FIDEL. You were the greatest inspiration for millions of people of Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

Sudeb Mitra (United States of America)

Hasta la vivtroia agus go raibh maith agut From the workers party west belfast (republican socialists)

Jim Quinn (Ireland)

(Czech Republic)

Farewell to an icon of the world. What great courage, what a great example you provided to the world.

Ben Gilby (United Kingdom)

Now that you're asleep I know that you'll be in all our dreams. I am happy to have had the privilege to visit the birthplace of the revolution and the place of your birth before you went to finally rest. You still live in our hearts. Linda XXX

Linda M Cotterell (United Kingdom)

John M. Custin (United States of America)

I remember when the Cubans were in Africa. They helped the Africans in Angola and Mozambique. Those captured Cubans wanted to go to South Africa and live and work there. As a young man I had an admiration for Fidel Castro, as he protected Cuba from U.S. aggression and war.

raymond wilson (United Kingdom)

Thank you for ALL you have done for Socialism and the people of Cuba

Kevin Robinson (United Kingdom)

Fidel had A long, selfless and productive life, he achieved so much for Cuba and also helped many other countries around the world. Muchas gracias Fidel.

Diana Wright (United Kingdom)

The King is dead long live the King, Cuba has to continue with the principles that Fidel along with Raul, Che and all the brave revolutionaries back in 1959, right through to present day, hopefully Cuba continues to grow and embraces new challenges "HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE"

steve murphy (United Kingdom)

I feel with the cubanian peope.

Iris Mueller (Germany)

Hasta siempre Comandante

Sergio Requena-Rueda (United Kingdom)

Thank you for those Doctors you trained for my country .as well as teachers. MYSRIP

Gerry mbiriviri (United Kingdom)

Que o espírito revolucionário de Fidel se mantenha vivo em cada um daquele que acreditar que o mundo pode ser diferente.

Lucas José Mendes dos Santos (Brazil)

Gracias por ser él faro que ilumina a los oprimidos y antiimperialistas La clase obrera no te olvida. Viva la Revolución!

Pedro José Cutillas Jim&A (Spain)

Desde estas cortas líneas quiero expresar mis condolencias al pueblo cubano por la pérdida de uno de los revolucionarios más importantes de la historia que jamás haya dado. Fidel Castro ha representado y representará la imagen de la lucha, del compromiso, del bienestar por los más débiles, de su lucha incombustible contra el imperialismo norteamericano. Escribo desde Canarias ya que tuvo la suerte de que allá por el año 96 nuestro comandante tuvo el gran detalle de realizar una parada técnica para conocer parte del archipiélago. Con todo esto quiero decir que no te olvidaremos nunca y que tus enseñanzas quedarán recogidas por nosotros. Hasta siempre Comandante, HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE!!!!!


Fuiste un ejemplo de lucha y resistencia contra los poderosos. ¡Hasta siempre, comandante!

Nuria (Spain)

A long life that made other people's better.

Linden Ash (United Kingdom)

Fidel was a true hero to the oppressed people of Cuba and a friend to the fight against injustice across the world. As Paulo Freire said, "to glorify democracy and to silence the people is a farce".

Mark Lawla (United Kingdom)

Thank you for all that you did, and along with all Cuban people for your example in getting the priorities right and showing the world it is possible . Big love to all Cuba

Geraldine Cawthorne (United Kingdom)

Jan Beijer (Brazil)

Hasta La Victoria Siempre COMANDANTE !

Marta Martinez (France)

Desde hace siglos los/as andaluces/as tenemos lazos de hermandad con el pueblo cubano,esa hermandad se ha fortalecido desde 1959 viendo con admiración como has liderado una revolución verdaderamente socialista,que unido al humanismo martiano,ha sido ejemplo de dar todo por la emancipación de los pueblos,enfrentandose victoriosamente al gigante imperialista y su criminal bloqueo. Gracias por todo comandante en jefe,dejas un legado inmenso y eterno que lo cuidaremos y defenderemos la humanidad progresista. Como dijo marti:quien se levanta por cuba,se levanta para todos los tiempos. Hasta la victoria siempre,patria o muerte,socialismo o muerte venceremos!

javier narvaez herrero (Spain)

In solidarity with the Cuban people mourning the loss of their great leader.

Gilbert-Paul Jeannon (United Kingdom)

Has sido y eres un ejemplo por la entera humanidad, has trazado la calle hacia la dignidad y solidariatö entre los Pueblos, seguiremos tus pasos sobre esta calle, fuertes de tu enseñanza. Hasta siempre, Comandante!!!

Primo Ilario Soravia (Italy)

Pedro Alexander Cruz Moiset (Cuba)

Mucha fuerza al hermano pueblo de Cuba por la partida de nuestro compañero Comandante Fidel. No es un adiós, es un Hasta siempre Comandante, aquí seguiremos haciendo vida tu ejemplo revolucionario, con la dignidad y fortaleza de los pueblos de América

Ingrid Fonseca Vidal (Chile)

Starr Bowie (United States of America)

Para mi Fidel es guía y siempre lo será. Yo nací y me formé con la Revolución, y siempre la apoyaré. Donde quiera que esté estoy seguro que se sentirá orgulloso de su pueblo, ese al que él dedicó toda su vida y que no lo defraudará. Hasta la victoria siempre eterno guerrillero, tómese un merecido descanso para que vuelva a arremeter contra la injusticia.

Abel (Cuba)

Comandante, mi admiración por Ud. No se termina, Ud hizo de mis utopías realidades. Es por Ud que voy seguido a oler la historia de Cuba, a perderme entre sus calles, a dibujar revoluciones... Ud no se fue se quedó en los soñadores de este mundo y en el puño erguido de los que creemos que otro mundo es posible. HLVS

Fernando lazaro (Argentina)

The success of the Cuban revolution to the oppressed people of the world was a shining beacon of hope. The medical and military assistance and solidarity to them to help break the chains of imperialism is unmatched in human history. Viva Fidel Viva la revolution.

John McFadden (United Kingdom)

A Great Leader will be missed

Robert Lightfoot (United Kingdom)

Fidel creo no había dimensionado tu importancia en mi vida hasta hoy, cuando ya no estás entre nosotros. Tu magnetismo me impactó siempre en cada ocasión que te percibí cercano. Soy un producto de tu obra y no tengo más que agradecerle a la vida, el haberme permitido ser parte de tu proyecto y de la gloria que le brindaste a Cuba. Me prometí no llorar al conocer de tu partida física, pero es imposible. Solo te digo: Hasta siempre invicto Comandante. Mis pensamientos vuelan hacia todos sus familiares y seres queridos, en este momento de dolor. Afectuosamente, Gisela Hernandez Canals

Gisela Hernandez Canals (United States of America)

Hasta la Victoria siempre Comandante!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nestor Serres Voisin (Venezuela)

El Comandante Fidel Castro pasó el umbral de la eternidad, Fidel es de los hombres que nunca mueren porque es semilla que florecerá por los siglos de generación en generación. Hombres como Fidel nunca mueren, solo cierran los ojos y se quedan velando. Hasta siempre Comandante.

Hugo Orozco (United States of America)

Porque Fidel es FIDEL. Hasta la victoria siempre.

José Sá (Costa Rica)

La verdad hasta que duela. Gracias por ello!.

Seydel (Cuba)

Hasta siempre, comandante! Nos faltaras...

Christa Grewe (Germany)



El hombre que con su ejemplo supe desde que tuve uso de razón, que si es posible un mundo mejor, hasta la victoria siempre Fidel.

Marina Sandoval aguilar (Mexico)

vivirá para siempre, Fidel viva, viva el pueblo cubano. Viva Cuba.

Carlos Rema (Portugal)

Donde quiera que este, en el cielo, la gloria o la eternidad, este como siempre tranquilo, nosotros seguimos un paso detrás suyo.

José Andrécop (Panama)

Hasta la victoria siempre.. solidaridad con un pueblo que ha mostrado su amor por América Latina y la humanidad

Giselle García (Costa Rica)


Mi gran sentir comandante, « todos somos Fidel» Fidel éordm;nico en el mundo, como él NADIE. Viva la Revolución.

Alejandra (Spain)

Fidel, un ejemplo de lucha y coherencia durante toda tu vida. Seguiremos tu ejemplo, camarada. Un abrazo revolucionario al pueblo cubano desde Masueco, España

Dani (Spain)

a mi comandante ,que vive y vivira en el corazon de su pueblo y de sus hijos ,gloria eterna al mejor de todos los cubanos

kirenia jimenez Abrahantes (Cuba)

Fidel que fue Fidel que es Fidel que será El ser humano más humano El grano de maíz Donde cabe toda la Gloria del mundo.

Elohim Potugués Guti&Atil (Mexico)

Hasta siempre, Comandante. Hasta la victoria, siempre!

Ramón H. Garrido (Spain)

La vida nos dio la oportunidad, de compartir espacio y tiempo, con el hombre más grande que haya parido esta tierra llamada Cuba, ser él o ser como él, es nuestro mayor desafío y a la vez nuestro mayor compromiso, el dolor que sentimos sabremos convertirlo en sudor fruto de nuestro trabajo, para que perdure la Revolución que triunfante entró en La Habana un 8 de enero de 1959 y que nosotros tenemos el honor de mantener encendido ese moter. FIDEL, tu luz no se apagará porque tus herederos estamos aquí par a hacerla perdurar en el tiempo.Gracias por existir.#Yo soy Fidel#

niurka gonzález gonz&Ati (Cuba)

Comandante: Padre de nuestra Revolución, usted ha sido es y será por siempre la luz que guiará el camino, por eso repito YO SOY FIDEL, seguiremos tu ejemplo Comandante, la juventud cubana no te fallará jamás. Hasta la Victoria Siempre.

Lisbet Consuegra (Cuba)

Gracias a Fidel por por mi educación, salud y bienestar. Fuiste y siempre serás nuestro lider. Descansa en Paz.

Elizabet Sanabrias Santos (Cuba)

maria victoria martinez (United Kingdom)

Fidel, para mi es el hombre de estos siglos, pero además de serlo, es el padre de todos los cubanos y latinoamericanos, su desaparición física, ha sido un golpe muy duro, lo pensabamos eternos como dice su canción, y cuando recibimos la noticia , fue cuando igual que cuando perdi a mi padre lloro todos los días y el dolor solo tiene consuelo en trabajar cada día más y tomar de él todo lo que nos enseñó, y tratar que mi Centro de Trabajo un Joven Club de Computación,mi casa, mi familia y mi barrio siempre lo tengan presente en cada proceder, cumplir con mucha dignidad el juramento que hice con el concepto Revolución, perdi a un padre un amigo pero el vive en nuestros corazones por siempre por eso le digo a Raul,! Comandante Ordene! aqui estamos para defender la obra a la que él le entregó su vida. HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE

Bárbara Maré (Cuba)

Querido Comandante Soy un pionero de 5 grado que aprendió a quererte a través de las anécdotas y los comentarios de mi familia, que crecí convencido que no existía en el mundo un hombre más justo, solidario y humano que tu. En los libros de historia supe que el 25 de noviembre de 1956 saliste de Tuxpan en el yate Granma, con rumbo a la libertad, ese mismo día pero del 2016 partiste con destino a la eternidad, porque tus recuerdos y enseñanzas no morirán jamás, vivirán en las nuevas generaciones de cubanos que sabremos defender tus conquistas e ideales ¡Hasta siempre Comandante!

Jorge Alejandro del Sol Muñ (Cuba)


Jorge tavel (United States of America)

Fidel aprendimos a saberte eterno, por eso Cuba ES FIDEL

Yenny Montano Hdez (Cuba)

Yo soy Fidel su vida estoy, es la inspiración y la fuerza de todo revolucionario de nuestros días gracias Fidel Yo soy Fidel

Alexis (Cuba)

Hemos perdido a un líder, lo siento mucho,por el pueblo cubano!

Joaquín Martés (Costa Rica)

Hasta Siempre Fidel, padre de todos los cubanos con dignidad! Te voy a recordar toda mi vida

Yenia Fernández (Switzerland)

Ramón Urbano Mora (Spain)

Toda mi solidaridad y cariño para con el pueblo de Cuba. Su ejemplo (el de Fidel y el de ustedes) siempre estará presente.

Armando Martínez Garc&Atil (Spain)

Querido Fidel, imposible olvidarte. Hasta la victoria siempre.

Beatriz Martínez Ram&Atild (Spain)

Al pueblo cubano: Fidel ha sido una luz en medio de la oscuridad que se ha cernido y se cierne sobre todo el continente. Y seguramente aéordm;n hoy, reconociendo todo lo que ha sido y lo que ha hecho, no podremos compilar la inmensidad de su obra hasta que la historia lo incluya en sus anales. Hasta siempre comandante, hasta la victoria siempre.

Sergio Daniel Gimenez (Argentina)

De los días mas hermosos de mi vida el dia que conocia Fidel, fue en los treinta años de la Revolución viaje con uno de mis hijo y compañero. Me causo mucha alegria ver a este gran hombre tan cálido y cordial siento tan inmenso. A Fidel lo llevare siempre en mi corazón y lo considero el hombre mas grande la humanidad. Creo que no se fue que esta aquí en cada uno de los seres que lo admiramos de corazón...

Clementina Maria Romero Bateman (Colombia)

Querido Fidel te fuiste cuando yo no estaba, pero me quedé haciendo lo que me encomendaste. Gracias por darme la oportunidad de ser Médico. Gloria eterna Comandante de mil Batallas!!!

Arnaldo Cedeño NÃ (Brazil)

Mi más sentido pésame por la pérdida física de nuestro invencible Comandante en Jefe Fidel.

Angel Zuazo López (Poland)

Comandante, tu solidaridad por la independencia nacional para Puerto Rico siempre fue tu praxis del gran Jose Marti, el primer artIculo del Partido Revolucionario Cubano. Tu praxis hacia el socialismo, nos cristalizastes el imperio de sus mentiras y sus acciones. Fuistes un gran maestro. Muchas gracias por tu gran solidaridad que nunca vacilastes. Patria o Muerte, Venceremos!!!

Javier S. Torres (United States of America)

Dear Cubans, I want to express my deep sorrow upon hearing the passing of your iconic leader and convey my condolences to you. I am a big fan and devotee of Fidel's epic revolutionary message and contribution to the world. Although I wasn't born in the time of the Cuban revolution, I have read about it later on and I admire Fidel's life, character and incomparable genius. In my eyes, he was the quintessential leader and man: a great visionary, a true patriot and a remarkable man. He lived his life-purpose brilliantly and you Cubans can be proud of him. I remain a Fidelista in my heart and I love the people of Cuba. Hasta la Victoria siempré Comandanté! Rest in power! Idil

Idil (Canada)

mi más sentido pésame para todo el pueblo cubano por la perdida del Comandante Fidel Castro,que es verdad cuando dicen que es una estrella que alumbra el camino de todos los que luchan por un mundo mejor.

martín castillo (Mexico)

Viva Fidel!

Adrian Sandécedil;y (Norway)

Fidel seguiremos tu ejemplo si fuera necesario desde las sierras de Rocha Uruguay hasta siempre!!!

Guzmán (Uruguay)

Admiración total al Comandante porque nunca se dejó doblegar por el imperio yanky.

Alba Tinoco Chávez (Mexico)

Se nos fué un imprescindible de la lucha obrera.

Mar Rojero Fdez. (Spain)

El trillo se hizo camino Escuela se hizo el cuartel El accionar de Fidel Le fue cambiando el destino Al obrero al campesino Al necio al intelectual Y con justicia social Se hizo firma la victoria Para ascender a la gloria Como un hombre excepcional

Guadalupe Hernández Breto (Cuba)

Por un revolucionario que supo luchar por sus obreros y siempre estuvo con ellos pese al Imperialismo opositor

Isabel Moreno (Spain)

Guía y ejemplo en todas y cada una de las batallas, tu legado siempre nos acompañará hasta el fin de los días. Paz y descanso para ti

Zayra González (Cuba)

Fidel es para mí el aire, la tierra, la risa, el llanto, la tristeza, la alegría, la sabiduría, la fuerza, el deseo, la firmeza, la valentía, la confianza, el anhelo, el padre, el abuelo, la patria, la revolución..

Adamayanti Gamboa Noa (Cuba)

Fuiste y eres uno de los más grandes revolucionarios del siglo XX y XXI Honor y Gloria.

Helia Valeria (Chile)

En nombre de los Joven Club de Computación y Electrónica ratificamos continuar el legado de Fidel. Lo llevaremos siempre en la mente y en el corazón y tendremos el compromiso permanente de ser cada día mejores. Este es el mejor homenaje al padre de los Joven Club y la mejor forma de mantenerlo vivo entre nosotros

Carlos López La&am (Cuba)

Siempre con Fidel y con el pueblo de Cuba. Hasta la victoria siempre

Pilar Fernandez (Spain)

Blas Alonso garcia (France)

A great man that stood against the capitalist monster and pretty much won. Sad that he is gone but hopefully more will follow in his footsteps and stand against the machine. Viva la revolution! Viva Cuba!

Claire Tarkenter-Johnson (United Kingdom)

Lori O'Brien (Ireland)

May your soul rest in peace el comandante South Africa will forever be indebted to you for your fight against the oppressive system of apartheid.

Siboniso Mvelase (South Africa)

On behalf of GMB Mid Lincs Branch please accept our condolences to the people and Government of Cuba on the passing of Fidel Castro.

GMB Mid Lincs Branch (United Kingdom)

Adiós líder histórico de una revolución que fue de todos, adiós a tus manos y a tus pensamientos, que tus ideas se eleven por sobre las conciencias de quienes tengan vergüenza del suelo que pisan y que al no arredrarlos el miedo se conviertan en verdaderos hijos de su patria...adiós Comandante, bienvenido a nuestros corazones Fidel!!

Albertozzy Valay (Mexico)

Glynn Simmons (Bermuda)

I have family in Cuba, my parents are first generation Cuban immigrants. Castro may not have been perfect but he completely changed Cuba for the better. I hope Cuba continues to be the best socialist country in the world.

Angie (United States of America)

You changed the world for the better and throughout it all, remained true to your ideals.

Karen (United States of America)

Rest in peace

Sheik Anas (Sri Lanka)

Alex Hutchinson (United States of America)

No Pasaran...RIP

Steven (United Kingdom)

Rós Stafford (Ireland)

Viva La Revolucion, Viva Cuba, Viva Raul Et VIVA FIDEL. Descansa en paz Comendante. Con amor de Escocia. Soar Alba

Paul Stuart (United Kingdom)

Gracias a Fidel por permitirme crecer en un ambiente seguro, por haberme regalado una infancia real, sana... gracias Fidel por mis ideales, gracias por la cultura y sobre, gracias, muchas gracias por mi educación. Siempre estaré orgullosa y agradecida de haber sido tan privilegiada en recibir mis títulos en la Universidad de la Habana. Fuiste y siempre serás parte de la Cuba como nación, de nuestro ideario revolucionario y nuestros ideales como pueblo. Descansa en Paz. Gloria eterna a nuestro lider.

Mayra (Cuba)

He has been an inspiration to me throughout my life. And visiting Cuba 30 years ago was the highlight. A sad loss, he will be remembered with much admiration and love...

Lindsay Popovich (France)

Brian Cooper (United Kingdom)

An inspirational figure

jeff richards (United Kingdom)

A remarkable man - he achieved so much for his country against such great odds.

Denise Baden (United Kingdom)

It is very sad Fidel is not anymore among us physically but he is alive! since he is with us in every day of our lives. He thought us to be strong to struggle against injustice, poverty, exploitation. Fidel does not belong only to Cuba, Fidel does not only belong to Latin America, Fidel belongs to the world. We all people from all corners of the world swear to defend Cuba and Socialism Gracias Fidel! By the way Fidel, I forgot to tell you, I am Fidel!

Ahmad Naeni (Canada)

Gone but will never be forgotten. DESCANSA EN PAZ CAMARADA

Lenny Jones (United Kingdom)

The Last Great man has gone. And the men in this poor time are few. Comrade Fidel Castro has gone. The Greatest man has gone. He left carrying the torch of the resistance and the challenge in the face of the barbarism of the American and multinational oligarchy and brutal over fifty years. Gone, the comrade, the supportive ally and loyal to all the peoples of the world's oppressed, besieged and debilitating by the barbarism of global multinational capital. Comrade Fidel, we will miss you, and will misses you, ALL the oppressed, marginalized and enslaved peoples all over the world... Goodbye from the heart. We promise you that we will be on the fidelity, the loyalty and on your pathway we are aiming...

Jamal Sarraf (Canada)

Fidel served us all well.Sympathy to the Cuban People and socialists worldwide

Ron Woodwark (United Kingdom)

A revoluésect;épound;o Cubana é de fato exemplo para toda a ame rica latina, viva Fidel, viva o socialismo o futuro incontestável da humanidade.

Josias Leandro dos Santos (Brazil)

Countless assasination attemps on Commandante FIDEL failed. All the cruel US sanctions against Cuba's revolutionary achivements failed. It was Fidel's carisma, his persuasive power in Socialism,for a humanitarian, a better world to live in. HASTA LA VIKTORIA - FIDEL VIVE!

Sonja Jamkojian-Huber (Austria)

Gracias Comandante eterno por enseñarnos a vivir, continuaras siempre presente en nuestros principios, en nuestros actos y en nuestros corazones. Hasta Siempre

Adelaida Ballbé Vald&Atil (Cuba)

Salford Trades Union Council voted unanimously to send condolances to the cuban people at this time. Viva Fidel!

Salford Trades Union Council (United Kingdom)

I will always be grateful for the role the Cuban revolutionaries played in liberating my father's homeland Algeria from capitalist imperialist France. I will forever hold a place in my heart for Fidel and the help he gave the third world. He is what inspired me to become a Communist. My hero.

Daniel Yahia Mohammed (United Kingdom)

Your leadership of the Cuban Revolution inspired millions throughout the world to believe that there is an alternative to imperialist domination and capitalist exploitation. The achievements of the Cuban people cannot be erased - history has absolved you.

Mark (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre commandante Fidel Castro

Mio Sidén (Sweden)

We visited Cuba in 2007 and saw for ourselves what you had achieved with Socialism. Your people were warm and vibrant and not the oppressed people the world's media portrayed. Sleep well great man. Viva Cuba.

Leontine Langabeer (United Kingdom)

In Gedanken bei allen Kubanern, die um ihren Revolutionsführer und langjécurren;hrigen Précurren;sidenten trauern. Ich weine auch um Fidel- Ein Held der Menschheit. Sabine Engelhardt

Sabine Engelhardt (Germany)

Respect Comrade.

Yvonne Weaver (United Kingdom)

Viva Fidel

Glyn (United Kingdom)

Fidel. An inspiration to all who loved the idea of a just and equal life, a man who fought to perfect his ideals for the benefit of the Cuban people. May God help his lifetimes work to continue and for the new leaders of Cuba to keep Cuba a free and independent nation and to keep Cuba the great little country that the world has come to love. Goodbye Fidel, you will never be forgotten. .

bob beach (United Kingdom)

An inspiration to all those who believe in a better world.

Ben Hayes (United Kingdom)

Your actions have been an illustration that hope is one of the strongest weapons in our arsenal. Your words have been an inspiration for that hope. You may no longer be with us, but we will forever be with us; in the laughter of our children, the solidarity of strangers, and the love in our hearts.

james sheppard (United Kingdom)

joe welsh (United Kingdom)

Gomes Lisboa (France)

With respect and deep sorrow I hope the people of Cuba will find a good way to go their own way in this world.

Frank Maas (Netherlands)

It is sad to see the passing of one who so embodied international solidarity. Many people in Ghana owe their health to the Cuban doctors who came to assist in our time of dire need. I hope the spirit of international solidarity between the peoples of the world and the people of Cuba will be Fidel's undying legacy. Venceremos

Philip Gardiner (United Kingdom)


Maria Christou (Cyprus)

Seguirá existiendo un Fidel vibrando en la montaña con un rubí, cinco franjas y una estrella.

José Mª G (Spain)

Comandante vive!

Marcelo Biar (Brazil)

Compañeros y compañeras, en Chile la juventud y el pueblo trabajador asume esta perdida con profundo dolor, sin embargo sabemos, y bajo la dirección de nuestro Partido Comunista de Chile y Juventudes Comunistas de Chile, que el mejor homenaje es y será siempre la victoria final y la construcción del socialismo y el comunismo en nuestras patrias. Fidel nos dejó tremenda enseñanza de dignidad, perseverancia y humanidad, sin duda podemos decir que el fue el hombre nuevo, o lo mas cercano a esto y nos enorgullece haber tenido y desarrollado una profunda hermandad entre nuestros pueblos bajo las revoluciones cubana y chilena. Soy un estudiante, de licenciatura en historia, quiero ser profesor. Soy hijo de trabajadores, mi madre es profesora y mi padre es un obrero técnico, y estoy seguro que interpreto el sentir de mis padres y familia. En Chile estamos viviendo un proceso de cambios muy paulatino pero no por eso ajeno a convulsiones y al boicot economico y fascista de la derecha. Aquí la gente pobre debe hacer muchos sacrificios para estudiar y ese es uno de los temas de porque admiramos tanto a nuestra hermana Cuba y a su pueblo que tienen garantías revolucionarias como la educación, entre otros tantos frutos del trabajo que es el sostén que a todos de la abundancia hará gozar. Con la convicción mas fuerte que nunca, me despido yo y en nombre de todos mis compañeros chilenos, deseamos la continuidad y profundización de la revolución, y sepan que desde Chile trabajaremos para eso. Queremos que la juventud cubana de nuestros tiempos valore, cuide y siga, con la misma disciplina, la senda de Fidel y Raul, porque sin duda tienen algo que muchos pueblos del mundo no tienen, y el socialismo y el partido son joyas que debemos pulir siempre. Saludos revolucionarios, ¡venceremos!

Hugo Edmundo Addison-Smith Flores (Chile)

Long live the Cuban Revolution. May it continue on in strength through solidarity, peace and justice.

Adam Evans (United Kingdom)

Fidel's example continues to inspire millions of people throughout the world, ensuring that he will never be forgotten. Farewell Commendante!

Roger (United Kingdom)

The world was blessed with Fidel. I pray for Cuba.

Darron (United Kingdom)

Hasta Siempre Commandate

Benjamin Stephens (United Kingdom)

David Mills (United Kingdom)

RIP Comrade, history will absolve you and your name will be remembered long after the names of your enemies. You were a revolutionary leader, a constant thorn in the side of US and Western Imperialism, and a leader of men. You stood strong in the face of isolation imposed by the US and lead your country to the other side. Long live a socialist Cuba.

Kindred Willow (United Kingdom)

Fidel ! Bold adventurer. Fearless revolutionary. Fountain of endless inspiration. True leader. Love Brad xxx

Brad Bradshaw (United Kingdom)

Farewell Comandante - an inspirational leader of the Cuban People, whose struggle against Capitalist Imperialism and aggression, has in turn, inspired so many of us socialists in the rest of the world.

Michael Robinson (United Kingdom)

I share the sadness of the Cuban People, at the passing of the last great revolutionary, socialist leader and champion of those oppresed by Imperialists.

Joann Kibbles (United Kingdom)

A great man has left us. RIP

Dorothy Hindmarch (United Kingdom)

Soy de estas personas que tienen la sensación de ser un caso éordm;nico, pero que en el fondo creo que no hay para tanto. Es evidente que Fidel Castro fue un ejemplo a seguir, pero creo que los Estados Unidos le empujaron a la izquierda. Con el paso del tiempo a Fidel Castro le salieron muchos problemas provocados por un salvaje aislamiento y que fue otro empujón, no sé si a la izquierda o a una especie de pragmatismo. Sea lo que sea, Cuba sigue siendo un faro en mesoamérica y es preocupante ver a Trump ganarse amigos con Miami. Precisamente por esta razón Fidel Castro sigue siendo necesario y su pérdida es irreparable. Desde aquí quiero enviar mi ánimo al pueblo cubano Albert

Albert de la Hoz Bofarull (Spain)

The most significant revolutionary of his generation. Patria o meurte

Andrew Mochrie (United Kingdom)

While Cuba lives you will not die

Robert Porter (Ireland)

Deep condolences to the people of Cuba. Of all the freedom fighters and all those of progressive thought, he was the tallest tree in the forest. His death is the saddest loss, but we can gather strength from the inspiration of El Comandante Fidel Castro. Viva Cuba!

Peter Liversidge (United Kingdom)

Toutes mes sinceres condoleances pour ce grand homme de la liberation des peuples de leurs oppresseurs. Fidel tu as ete un homme de courage et de principes jusqu'a la fin de tes jours.

Noureddine (France)

A fine life Fidel. A hero of the people.

Alasdair McIntyre (United Kingdom)

Que Viva Fidel! Y Cuba!!!! Gracias por todo. Señor Fidel nunca te olvido. 'Me inspiraba mucho con sus sueños, su fuerza y motivacion. Gracias por serel hombre por la humanidad, y mas importante una voz por los Africanos! Usted, Chavez y Mandela son los tres hombres los que amo con todo mi corazon. Viva la revolucion!!!

Aisha (United Kingdom)

Thank you Commandante, you inspired me to be a better person. RIP.

Neil Harvey (United Kingdom)

equality lives on.

john aldous (United Kingdom)

RIP Fidel Forever grateful for your inspiration Love Darin

Darin McCrystal (United Kingdom)

A very sad loss, a legend that will live for ever

Mark Devenney (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre, Comandante!

Bettina Gertum Becker (Brazil)

Gerard Rouwkema (Netherlands)

Steve Pinhorn (United Kingdom)

Visitei duas vezes Cuba como membro das Brigadas de Trabalho Voluntário em 1977 e 1983 para conhecer melhor a realidade da vida em Cuba e gostei muito fiquei um apaixonado por Cuba.

Antonio Jose Branco Vieira (Portugal)

Elijah McDonald (Australia)

Thomas UNger (Germany)

hasta la victoria siempre comandante!

Thomas Ong (Germany)

My red salutes to this iconic leader.

SuDeep (India)

Paul Mackney (United Kingdom)

I would like to send my condolences to all those who loved Fidel and were inspired to courage by him and his colleagues.A outstanding political leader is gone! RIP

Werner Moritz (Germany)

As a member of AKEL I pay my tribute and condolence to the leader of the revolution and the people of Cuba. RIP Fidel Castro. Venceremos.

Angelos Kassianos (Cyprus)

Thank you Fidel for being born. Thank you for finding your happiness in helping the helpless. Thank you for carrying the flag of hope for us. You were Spartacus of our time. You are not gone. You will be here where you belong. Thank you for showing us the meaning of bravery, dignity and consistency. Your Cuba and Cuban people will be the answer to many questions for decades to come. We hope you return from your temporary visit to nowhere and carry the flag once more. I will wait for your return. Till then good-bye Fidel. :)

Monirul Islam (Bangladesh)

Antoinette Mécurren;chtlinger (Saudi Arabia)

Viva fidel!

Israel blasczak (United States of America)

I send my condolences for the death of Comrade Fidel to the heroic people of Cuba. As a young U.S. communist, Fidel and the Cuban Revolution have always been an inspiration to me. The anti-imperialist and internationalist legacy of Fidel and the Cuban Revolution is an inspiration for all who fight for liberation. Comrade Fidel was one of the greatest revolutionaries who ever lived, and though his physical body is dead, his spirit lives on in the hearts of the toilets and the oppressed. His contributions to the international struggle for democracy, national liberation, and socialism will never be forgotten. Comrade Fidel, ¡presente! ¡Patria o muerte! ¡Venceremos!

L. Horton (United States of America)

Descansa en paz,Fidel. ¡ Venceremos !

Stewart Clements (United Kingdom)

Monika Rosa Waldkirch (Germany)

Viva o grande lider Fidel ! Meus sentimentos ao povo cubano.

Vera Lucia M Delerue (Brazil)

In this moment of grief n sorrow accept my deep condolences over the great loss not only of Cuban nation in particular but all the revolutionaries of the world in general.

Shahbaz (Pakistan)

Viva la revolucion cubana...

Cyril Halls (United Kingdom)

El Movimiento Antorchista que lleva ya 42 años luchando contra la pobreza en México, le ha rendido un fraterno y sentido homenaje póstumo al Comandante Fidel Castro, en el Auditorio Nacional, el pasado 5 de diciembre, como una muestra de solidaridad con el pueblo y gobierno de Cuba pero también para destacar el legado de Fidel, quien en palabras de nuestro líder nacional, el Ing. Aquiles Córdova Moral, fue el más grande ejemplar vivo de la especie humana, dicho justo cuando abandonó el poder en 2006 por razones de salud. Las ideas y la obra de Fidel, forjadas en las luchas libertarias del pueblo cubano, no morirán mientras haya pobres en la tierra, su ejemplo prevalecerá más vivo que nunca en cada pueblo sojuzgado, en cada ser humano humilde y bueno, en cada lucha por un mundo mejor la figura de Fidel, junto a la del Che, de Lenin y Mao, de Marx y Engels serán los faros que orienten las batallas futuras de los pueblos. "Fidel no ha muerto. ¡Viva Fidel!"

Edgar Quiroz Alavez (Mexico)

Fidel will always be remembered as a hero for the people of the world and Cuba will forever remain an inspiration for marxist-leninists around the world... Rest in peace, Fidel Castro

Basma (France)

Mes condoléances ö sa famille, ses amis-es et au peuple cubain.

Pascal Gervais (Canada)

Thank you,,Fidel, for your good works on this planet. You will not be forgotten. Long live Raul!

Don Hale (United States of America)

A true inspiration and guide to principled leadership for my and all future generations.

George Woods (United Kingdom)

An inspiration and a friend to all those working for a better world.

Jonathan L F Smith (United Kingdom)

Nobody's perfect. BUT, he offered ALL for Cuba, and for that, I hope he R.I.P..

Olaf Fjaerestad (Norway)

Se ha ido Fidel pero se queda en todas las escuelas, todos los centros medicales, todas las almas que pudieron aprovechar la revuloción. Gracias a Fidel, Cuba pudo resistir a más de 50 años de bloqueo, lo que ninguna otra nacíón ha podido hacer. Cuando vuelva a tu isla, me acompañarás por todas partes. Hasta siempre!

gilsoul (Belgium)

In life he was an inspiration to humankind and a ray of hope to the wretched of the earth. In death his spirit will continue to infect humanity with the belief that another world is possible. Rest in peace comrade Fidel.

Russell Caplan (United Kingdom)

Rae C. A. Lewis (United Kingdom)

¡Hasta siempre Fidel!

Luiz Ortiz (Brazil)

Estive em Cuba em abril de 2016 e pude constatar a admiraésect;épound;o e o respeito que o o povo cubano tem por seu grande líder.

Celso Antonio Sumienski (Brazil)

Hasta la victoria siempre!

carmen climent (Spain)

To the people of Cuba Fidel will be sorely missed but his legacy will live on. A life full of struggle and achievement which inspires revolutionaries and socialists world wide. What a man ! What a leader ! -- unlike any other in History. He and comrades claimed Cuba for the Cuban people. For money ? Acclaim ? No, no. Because it was the right and just thing to do for the Cuban people to own and protect their own country -- as all peoples should. I salute and thank you Fidel. Many of us in many countries will endeavour to follow your example. Again thank you, thank you for all that you have done Valerie Ann Lester

valerie ann lester (United Kingdom)

Dear Fidel and the people of Cuba, You've shown the world that another world is possible. The Cuban revolution will remain an inspiration to all those of us who are struggling against capitalism and imperialism. Fidel, we love you. Red salute, comrade! Sucheta.

Sucheta (India)

Dr. Gerhard Lotze (Germany)

Hasta la Victoria Siempre !!!

Miriam Vilar (United States of America)

Un líder grande a nivel mundial que ha sabido dirigir de manera muy sabia echando adelante a su pueblo a pesar de tantos obstáculos puestos y quien también supo retirarse en el momento oportuno permitiendo así que siguiera el camino de Cuba en manos revolucionarios - gracias y adiós

Susanne (Germany)

Viva la revolucion

Liao (Taiwan)

Jonathan Guy Morris (United Kingdom)

Porque sonhar é tudo, e lutar para realizar o sonho, imprescindível. Fidel sempre!

Sandra Gonésect;alves Mendes da Si (Brazil)

Meu comandante, muito obrigada por lutar tanto e conseguir transformar o mundo para muito melhor. Daqui seguimos todos nós lutando!! Muito obrigada mesmo!

Lilian Vaz (Brazil)

Fidel es un ejemplo mundial de la lucha contra el imperialismo y por la dignidad de los pueblos. Hasta la victoria siempre, comandante!!!

Alvaro Lou (Spain)

Breda monks (Ireland)

Para sempre, FIDEL!

Fernanda Tardin (Brazil)

Hasta siempre, eterno Comandante Fidel!

Vera Vomim (Brazil)

A giant of history, a true inspiration to the Nicaraguan people who will never be forgotten for his contribution to ensuring a better life for millions of people not only in Nicaragua and Cuba but in the whole of Latin America. We can honour his memory by ensuring that the fight for social justice in the world continues. Fidel Castro Presente.

Louise Richards (United Kingdom)

Fidel será, sempre, um exemplo para todos os revolucionários!

Paulo de Tarso Carneiro (Brazil)

I am truly saddened to hear about the death of one of the few leaders I liked to see in office.

Robin Stumm (Germany)

You will never be forgotten and your struggle was not in vain. I admire the people of Cuba, you are an inspiration to the rest of the world!

Mikael Westerberg (Sweden)

Querria dar homenaje a este lider global que inspiraria a las generaciones proximas. En India, todos que estudian los paises de America del Sur, Caribe siempre le recordaremos con todo respecto y carino.

RQushomi Sharma (India)

Your thoughts and example will live on.

lynn clark (United Kingdom)

Fidel Presente! Por siempre Fidel!

Ursula Lang (Austria)

Farewell Comrade. You fought the good fight and you won. A life well lived. You will be missed.

Terree Selby (United Kingdom)

Comite da Palestina democratica - Brasil, vem atraves desta mostrar sua solidriedade com cuba, pelo morte de seu heroi Fidel Castro, nosso sentimentos

Jadallah Safa (Palestine)

giovana de figueiredo (Brazil)

Fidel, gran revolucionario. No lo olvidaremos.

Carnen Sampaio Amendola (Brazil)

Fidel's legacy goes on in the achievements of the people of Cuba. History has absolved him unequivocally. Hasta la victoria siempre!

Lorraine (United Kingdom)

The lost of Fidel Castro was not just for Cubans rather for the entire compassionate people around the whole world. If the would have 3 more Fidel Castro from defrent angle there most be complete peace and tranquility. RIP Great Revolutionary


Hasta siempre Comandante!!

Marcinda Araujo (Brazil)

Viva Cuba Viva Fidel sempre

Cristina Gontijo Cesar (Brazil)

Arne gunnar sveen (Norway)

Fidel opened the door - it's our task to guide people through it. And to heed Fidel's wise and urgent words on the need to confront the climate emergency before it's too late. A true human being.

Peter Godfrey (United Kingdom)

Fidel Castro representa a identidade e reconhecimento da América Latina. Népound;o se curvou ao imperialismo norte-americano. Assim, enviou uma mensagem ao mundo de luta contra os oprimidos e os menos favorecidos.

Luís Henrique da Silva Lima (Brazil)

Eterno Comandante!!!!! Para sempre viverá!!!!! Viva Cuba,viva o Socialismo!!!!!!

Elisa Helena de Carvalho Santos (Brazil)

Remarkable leader, though he rejected the cult of the personality, quite rightly; amazing legacy.

Cathy Brogan (United Kingdom)

Nilza do Carmo Scotti (Brazil)

I am thankful for Fidel's example of ideals in life, for his perseverance, courage to fight against strong and powerful countries. His life makes me believe we are really able to change ours and other people's reality into better ones. Thanks a bunch, Mr. Castro!

Amílcar de Souza Oliveira J&am (Brazil)

Hasta Siempre comandante Fidel!

Birgitta Norlin Nyren (Sweden)

Fidel Castro nunca morrerá. Sua memória viverá em cada coraésect;épound;o que almeja a igualdade entre os povos, uma vida mais digna e justa. O legado que ele deixa para o povo cubano será o alento de cada um que sofre neste momento. Aceitem meu abraésect;o afetuoso.

Inéordf;s Pereira (Brazil)

Deeply sad. Fidel will miss a lot but his strenght will be an exemple for the future generations.

Maria Rodolfo (Brazil)

Dear Fidel, you may go but it's impossible to say goodbye to u. We cherish your dream as it is ours too. Change will come. Long Live Revolution.

Fazlay Rabbi Khan (Bangladesh)

A luta continua

Vivien Khoza (United Kingdom)

Camarada Fidel Castro no has muerto, vives en los corazones de los revolucionarios del mundo, vives en la acción de quienes buscan justicia en la tierra. ¡Patria o muerte venceremos! ¡Hasta la victoria siempre!!!

Diony Gallegos (Brazil)

Armande De Lacroix (French Polynesia)

You did so much for your country in the face of relentless aggression from your big neighbour. Now rest in peace Fidel

Barry Smith (United Kingdom)

La familia socialista pierde su líder y gran carácter en la lucha por la libertad, a la muerte, pero no pierde de vista su ejemplo moral y de la lucha. La historia absolverá. Viva Fidel

Cesar (Brazil)

A glory future for the people of Cuba

Alois Fuchs (Austria)

Deepest condolences to the people of Cuba for the loss of Fidel Castro a giant of a man who transformed a country

Sean Fox (United Kingdom)

One of the greatest leaders the world has known

Thomas Goodman (United Kingdom)

Comandante , usted si que es digno. Gracias por demostrarme el sentido de la palabra libertad y haber luchado por ello. hasta la victoria siempre Fidel.

mariano arellano castro (Argentina)

I'm a Tamil Eelam Tamil & followed the Gt Leader through & through, for his courage & administration of CUBA throughout the toughest times. I sinserely miss him, May His Soul & Sprit RIP.

George Haran (United Kingdom)

Requiescat in pace! Viva Fidel! Viva Cuba!!

Bernhard Plibrsek (Austria)

Morre um revolucionário, um humanista, um visionário, um lutador das causas populares, das causas mais nobres, um defensor do povo. Seu legado fica e será o farol que guiará outros povos na luta pela liberdade e por melhores condiésect;émicro;es de vida...evoé Comandante Fidel...descanse em paz...


Whatever his shortcomings, Fidel will remain an inspiration for what he achieved in Cuba, and the help and support he gave in Latin American and African liberation struggles

Gareth Glynn (United Kingdom)

A luta continua. Até sempre!o

Elsa Figueiredo (Portugal)

The more I learnt about you, the more I found to admire. You showed us that another world was possible. Now we have to hope that others come in your wake who are prepared to see, hear, learn and act.

Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt (United Kingdom)

Hasta la Victoria Comandante!

Beth Mello (Brazil)

Fidel inspires the cultivation of humanity in ourselves and in others. He lives on--presente--in all who ally themselves with the poor, the wretched of the Earth, and those who oppose capitalist imperialist oppression. Our values: heroism, solidarity, community, resistance, and endurance...tranforming the impossible into the possible, the utopian ideas into realites.

Karen Bettez Halnon (United States of America)

Queridos irmépound;os cubanos. Compartilho sua dor pela perda do grande líder libertador, Fidel Castro. Ao mesmo tempo, congratulo a todos pelo privilégio de ter convivido com um ser humano éordm;nico e iluminado.

Maria Gorete Batista da Silva de Menezes (Brazil)

Minhas mais sinceras condoléordf;ncias ö todo o povo cubano pela perda de seu grande líder e herói,exemplo para todo o mundo.Népound;o deixem a chama da revoluésect;épound;o apagar.Fidel viverá sempre

Victor Hugo Severo da Silveira (Brazil)

I remember him being very involved in the fight to end apartheid. His methods might not have been approved by all, but I think his heart was in the right place. May he RIP.

Caroline Coggins (Trinidad and Tobago)

Fidel Castro junto com seu povo nos mostrou que a solidariedade, a participaésect;épound;o e a justiésect;a social constituem a base para a grandeza de um país. E, mesmo com todas dificuldades que lhes foram impostas, resistiram e conquistaram um patamar humano digno de um grande povo. Viva Cuba!

Cristina Pozzobon (Brazil)

Hasta siempre, Comandante!

Jéordm;nio Ca¢ (Brazil)

Kept the US fascists away, viva Castro!

Donald brown (United Kingdom)

lo siento muchísimo. gracias por todo. hasta siempre, comandante!!! abrazos a los hermanos cubanos. <3

Cátia Cylene da Silva (Brazil)

When the Cuba crisis unfolded in the very early 60s I was a very, very young child, living in SE London UK I did not know exactly what was happening but I knew something of emense importance was unfolding, the fear hung everywhere like a dark oppressive cloud, whisper of terror were every where, although everyone was comforting each other, trying to give each other strength, when I was around there were lots of "SHHH! Not in Front of the children"It was all very much a mystery to me, when finally the U.S. withdraw there aggression, I watched and observed, I was surrounded by people who condemned The US, action. They were filled full of fury, indignition at the U.S. irresponsibility. When Kennedy was assassinated a short while later I watched women crying on the streets, embracing each other, there was condemnation of this mans death, 'The world has gone mad" was a phrase I heard more then once. Again I did not understand, I just observed I knew a very important man had passed from this world in an untimely manner, people were very upset, how ever once I returned home the adults I grew up with were in a celebratory mood, "thank goodness that bastards dead, now the worlds a much safer place" I was shocked by the contradiction I experienced, it was at that point I knew that my family was different to others. it was much later on that I was to discover that i was growing up in a socialist enviroment. I am proud to be a socialist. There is an alternative to the greed, waste and distruction of Capitalisim. I wish Cuba and its people solidarity at the passing of your great leader.

Jacqueline smith (United Kingdom)

Mis sinceras condolencias a la familia Castro Ruz y al pueblo Cubano. La huella que dejó Fidel será eterna. Viva Fidel Viva Cuba Viva la revolución.

Sonia Hevia (Australia)

Mis sinceras condolencias al la familia Castro Ruz y al pueblo Cubano. La huella que dejó Fidel será eterna. Viva Fidel Viva Cuba Viva la Revolución.

Orieta Hevia (Australia)

Elsa Gomes (Portugal)

I salute you in death as I did in life.. You are a Hero..a great leader that the rest of the world could only aspire to be but could not even come close.. Condolences to your family & the people of Cuba ...Hasta Siempre El Grande Comandante Fidel Castro..for your hope, inspiration & help freely given to all those any where in the world we owe you a debt of gratitude. Viva! Cuba.. Viva Fidel Castro..R.I.P Dott Peterson UK

Dott Peterson (United Kingdom)

Querido nuestro comandante Fidel, tu renace en los pueblos del mundo que luchan por la justicia social ! Somos que somos, a parte de la historia revolucionaria que nunca mueren como tu Fidel ! Viva Fidel ! Viva socialismo ! Ahora y para siempre !

Dane Miletic (Germany)

Farewell comrade. Solidarity.

Malcolm Jarvis (United Kingdom)

Rest in peace Fidel.

Amjad Rashid (United Kingdom)

bento Izaldo (Brazil)

R.I.P Fidel Castro. He was my hero there is not enough words to describe the Respect & Admiration I have for this man.. A heartfelt thanks to him for all he did for Grenada & other Countries in the world that needed help.. All he achieved regardless of the embargo placed on Cuba for the best part of 60 years..the inspiration to overcome adversity no matter the odds is down to Fidel Castro & his Cuba. My sincere condolences to Fidel Castro's Family & Solidarity to the people of Cuba. Namaste Comrades..Dorrys Griffiths

Dorrys Griffiths (United Kingdom)

This was indeed sad news for the World.

Willie and Jean Macfadyen (United Kingdom)

Rest in power!!

Gareth Cullen (United Kingdom)

La memoria en el Corazon del pueblo es el major monument a tu ejemplo Fidel Hasta la Victoria siempre....!

Carlos Gonzalez (United Kingdom)


O'CONNOR family (Ireland)

Hasta Victoria Siempre!

Seán Douglas (United Kingdom)

um grande lider

roberto calos calez (Brazil)

Eterno comandante!

antonio schneider (Brazil)

Dorotea Kremer Motta (Brazil)

Condoléordf;ncias pela perda do nosso comandante.

NUBEM Medeiros (Brazil)

Hasta Siempre Comandante!

Aisti (Austria)

How it is possible to be a socialist state without interference of other countries all thanks to Fidel Castro RIP

Jacqueline Alkema (United Kingdom)

The desire to construct a Socialist Society is the most noble of human endeavour.The struggle shall continue until exploitation is ended.Forward to a Socialist Planet.

Mark Langabeer (United Kingdom)


Maria Isaura Madeira Lopes (Portugal)

Not many people are so selfless to put their life in danger for others. You're an inspiration to many. Rest in Peace.

Joseph (United Kingdom)

Ilaria (Italy)

Castro's cuba is the bastion of socialism n hope it continues to be a beacon for all sympathisers of this great ideology .Long live socialist cuba !

ramkotesh,k. (India)

Fidel - an inspiration. Your achievements - at home and internationally - are legendary. You will continue to inspire us.

Quentin Isaac (United Kingdom)

Irishman living in NY. RIP Fidel

Roger Lavery (United States of America)

Cuba You gave us a a movement, hope and a real sense of what socialism is and can be. Cuba is a true inspiration. Let it continue. In solidarity. Craig. London

Craig Parr (United Kingdom)

Fidel foi o maior herói do século XX e XXI e sua obra será para sempre admirada! Sua lucidez, inteligéordf;ncia e senso de justiésect;a sao a maior heranésect;a que um povo pode ter! Transmitimos aos nossos irmépound;os cubanos nossos sentimentos de luto, pelo qual também passamos.

Edelweiss (Brazil)

I feel it has been an honor to have lived at the same time in history as Fidal. More that any other person that I know of or have known, he has shown what is possible for a human being, and what it means to be human to the greatest extent. With a heart that never cooled, and a mind that never stopped, he always found a way to put human relationships and dialogue primary over all else. As long as Cuban sovereignty exists and is maintained by Cubans, Fidel exists.

Steve Martinot (United States of America)

Fidel was a Visionary that help his country to survive no matter what. He fought against the embargo, survive. Cuba. is number one in Education, Health Care, Housing, Nutrition. Always helping others country sending doctors to help. Every fight for liberty is that way, many people died but the one that survive help a country to progress and the people survive and live with the circumstances of their reality.

Carmen Malpica (United States of America)

Mis condolencias al heroico pueblo cubano, y mil gracias por haber conocido a un Lider de la estatura universal de Fidel, que nos entrego la Esperanza de Sonar un mundo mejor, !!!Hasta la Victoria siempre Comandante!!!

Julio (Chile)

Never sell out your ideals, make do with what you can. Fell good about who you are every day. You were also a teacher by example.

Michael Almaguer (United States of America)

May Allah be pleased with our Bro. Fidel Castro. A true, revolutionary!!!!

Michele X James (United States of America)

We thank the Cuban People for Fidel and for their sacrifices on behalf of international solidarity from an African American family whose daughter was trained as a physician at ELAM. Fidel Castro Ruiz Presente! Rest in Peace after a job well done.

William W. Sales, Jr. and Aishah Sales (United States of America)

Bruno Nunes (Brazil)

Gracias, Comandante!!

Mauro Roberto Welter (Brazil)

Fidel népound;o foi perfeito, mas construiu um país humano onde o bem social é mais valioso que a modernidade e da tecnologia. De nada adianta o pais participar da modernidade e seu povo permanecer no atraso e nos escombros do passado. Viva Fidel, exemplo de líder.

Elení Maria Gomes (Brazil)

Fidel Castro viverá eternente em nossos coraésect;émicro;es! Viva Cuba! Viva a revoluésect;épound;o! Hasta siempre, comandante Fidel!

Rosane volpini (United Kingdom)

I have posted many messages of support for the Cuban revolution and for the leaders and revolutionaries of that time and the people of Cuba. Any country and any individual who stands up against US Imperialism and Western European Imperialism is a great and brave soul and should be supported fully and wholeheartedly. He was a great man and the more we all learn about the real history of Cuba the more we see he was right! Viva la Revolucion

James Richard Howard Marshall (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre comandante Fidel.

Salazar Rodrigues Jéordm;nior (Brazil)

So many people in so many countries have been touched by Cuban internationalism,the sharing of medical skills,and inspired by the example of making another world possible.Fidel and the Cuban people provided the political will to make this happen. Hasta La Victoria Siempre

TomFawthrop (United Kingdom)

gracias por tus enseñanzas y Sabiduría....

sergio Contreras (United Kingdom)

O Comandante Fidel vive e será sempre lembrando pela vitória da Revoluésect;épound;o. O Povo cubano é um exemplo de dignidade e amor a sua Pátria. !Hasta la victória siempre!

Ana Claudia de Almeida Garcia (Brazil)

Gracias, Comandante Fidel, pelo exemplo de bravura, tenacidade resistéordf;ncia e, visépound;o social. A história já lhe absolveu! Hasta la vitória siempre!

Crescencio Joépound;o Carvalho de (Brazil)

I'm very sorry.

ceres (Brazil)

Quien si levanta con Cuba si levanta para todos los tiempos! Viva Fidel ! Viva Marti

Miriam Gontijo de Moraes (Brazil)

Hasta siempre Comandante Eterno!

Techi Cusmanich (Paraguay)

Condoléordf;ncias ao povo cubano pela perda do grande líder revolucionário..

Luiz Carlos Gama (Brazil)



Descanse em paz, nobre comandante! Népound;o tive a honra de conhecéordf;-lo em vida, resta-me agora apenas a sua lenda. Bravo!

Anacy Nunes da Silva (Brazil)


Frederico Peter Strube (Brazil)

Hoping get for a better world.

Veronica Fraser (United Kingdom)

Comandante Fidel , jamais vou esquecer quando estive em Havana em 1986. Fomos. recebidos no Palacio para falar de saéordm;de. Nunca aprendi tanto. Fiquei fascinada com o seu conhecimento de tudo , no detalhe. Um grande ser humano que vou levar comigo. Hasta siempre , Comandante.

Christina Tavares (United Kingdom)

Viva Fidel ! Viva Cuba!

Jason Baines (Canada)

Thanks Fidel

Patrick Wilson (Ireland)

Mis respetos a un hombre valiente y consecuente. Tu legado seguira entre los que creemos en la justicia social. Hasta siempre Comabdante!!!

Maru (Chile)

Condolences and Solidarity with the Cuban people. Fidel was a hero to the world and an example to us all.

Jon Warren (United Kingdom)

It's a shame he didn't die earlier.

Liz Kendall (United Kingdom)

Irene (Brazil)

Eres el heroe del pueblo Latinoamericano! Hasta siempre, Fidel!

Maurício Salazar Amorin (Brazil)

Sorry for the sad loss of your leader. Hopefully your country can deal with his passing and remember his legacy !

Graham Parker (United Kingdom)

Hasta sempre Comandante Fidel. Gracias por tudo!

Carlos Eduardo Alves (Brazil)

Valeu, comandante. Estamis juntos.

Sebastiépound;o donizete santarosa (Brazil)

Hasta la Victória Siempre!!! Comandante Fidel Castro Ruz!!!

Eduardo José Arostegui (Brazil)

FIDEL vive, pois os MITOS népound;o morrem!

Noéordf;mia Bessa de Abreu (United Kingdom)

O maior da américa.

Dirceu Ferraz de Oliveira Junior (Brazil)

A história, o legado, carinho, respeito e a gigantesca demonstraésect;épound;o para todo o mundo da decisépound;o do povo cubano de continuar a sua obra, continuar a Revoluésect;épound;o Cubana engrandeceu ainda mais a sua luta. A clareza, persistéordf;ncia, solidariedade e profunda e simbiótica ligaésect;épound;o com o seu povo é um exemplo que precisa ser assimilado pelos revolucionários marxistas em todo o mundo. Extinto fisicamente, ainda sim o Comandante dirigiu e venceu uma tita¢nica batalha revolucionária.

Frederico Torres da Silva (Brazil)

The world has lost the greatest revolutionary of all times. His vision has changed the world and has given hope to all the poor and exploited people on the planet. He showed us the way. Our duty now is never to disappoint him. Hasta siempre Comandante.

Carl Bell (Jamaica)

Vá em Paz nosso grande Comandante da Construésect;épound;o de um lugar melhor de se Viver entre Irmépound;os.


Parabens por haver tido um exemplo de vida assim, que outros cidadaos do mundo possam tomar o bom exemplo

Orestes Teixeira Filho (Brazil)

Cristiane Löff (Brazil)

Hasta la victoria siempre!!!

Neusa Maria dos Santos (Brazil)

Suzete (Brazil)

Descanse em paz, comandante.

Jordépound;o Mansur Pinheiro (Brazil)

richard scott (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre, comandante! Venceremos!

Diego Xavier (Brazil)

Somos millones los que hemos sentido en lo más hondo tu partida hacia la inmortalidad,seremos millones los que no dejaremos morir tus enseñanzas y tus ideas con la convicción profunda de que " existe fuerza en el mundo capaz de aplastar la fuerza de la verdad y las ideas.. es luchar por nuestros sueños de justicia para Cuba y para el mundo..." Hasta Siempre Comandante

Azalia Arias (Cuba)

Hasta la vitoria mi Comandante!! Hasta siempre!

Maria da Graésect;a Ha& (Brazil)

Minha solidariedade permanente ao povo irmépound;o cubano. Comandante Fidel Castro presente!


Fidel is Humanity

carlos mariano hesse (Brazil)

Lamento o falecimento do comandante Fidel Castro e espero que a ilha de Cuba népound;o se desvirtue dos seus princípios, repassados desde a revoluésect;épound;o de 1959

Vera Regina Monteiro (Brazil)

Companheiro Fidel, me ajudaste a atribuir sentido ö vida. Obrigado!!!

Pedro Luiz da Silveira Osório (Brazil)


juan carlos (Cuba)

Fabiano Morales (Brazil)

Me solidarizo ao povo cubano pelo passamento de seu grande comandante, honraremos sua memória e estimamos que seu ideais jamais retrocedam. Resistam revolucionários, sua luta nos inspira em todo o mundo.

Roberto Bueno (Brazil)

It was with the deepest sadness and heaviness of heart that we heard of the passing of Fidel. He was a great fighter for the people of Cuba and the opressed peoples of the workd

Parmeshwar Bains (United Kingdom)

Jéordm;lia Klassmann (Brazil)

Fidel representa o ideal de uma América Latina livre!!! A luta continua!!!!

Antéacute;nio Figueiredo J&Ati (Brazil)

Anne Davies (United Kingdom)

R.I.P mucho amore

Daniel sauberlich (United Kingdom)

Rose Freymann (Brazil)

Que o humanismo no se vá. Gastar Siempre, Fidel !!

Kathy Torma (Brazil)

Maria Isabel da Silva Klassmann (Brazil)

hasta siempre Fidel!

lisa bonvecchio (Italy)

Fidel, comandante para sempre!

Séacute;nia Roslet (Brazil)

Hamba kahle Castro, your contribution to the liberation of the peoples of Southern Africa will forever be etched in our hearts. History speaks for itself with regard to Cuba's internationalist solidarity with the oppressed masses of our people without seeking any gain in return. Thank you Cuba! We share your loss.

Sisa Makabeni (South Africa)

Hasta la vitoria siempre !

Cintya (Brazil)

Fidel with your death, we lost a GREAT leader, a symbol of resistance and an examplery leader. It is my hope that your legacy will live on and Cuba has many more young Fidels who have the conviction and determination to keep Cuba free from any untoward outside interest.You are one of a kind and more importantly loved by your own people and admired by many freedom lovers across the World. Long live Cuba! Long live Fidel! Hasta la victoria siempre!!

Selamawit Tadele (Ethiopia)

Con el y con el pueblo cubano aprendi el real significado de que es solidariedad y de que cultura para todos es una question de decision politica.

Sergio Muniz (Brazil)

"...Por siempre, Comandante" !!!

Vicente Duarte Noronha (Brazil)

"Dénot;as luminosos y tristes" Comandante en Jefe, pero tu pueblo es fiel a tu memoria. ¡Venceremos!

Ruben Rodrénot (Venezuela)

O povo cubano representa para o mundo a esperanésect;a de uma humanidade com mais direitos, educaésect;épound;o, saéordm;de e cultura; e menos gana¢ncia, menos dinheirismo, menos desigualdades, menos pobreza e sofrimento. Viva Fidel Castro!

Vitor Ortiz (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre comandante!

Fernanda Lamesa (Brazil)

Siempre eterno, siempre grande, dejaste un legado inquebrantable que nunca olvidaremos, hasta la victoria siempre comandante...

andy (Cuba)

Gratidépound;o eterna, Grande Comandante !

Dina Aires (Brazil)

La tristeza me despertó en la mañana del sábado 26 de diciembre, no podía creer que a mi comandante invencible lo pudiera vencer algéordm;n día la muerte. Hoy sé, después de ver tantos ojos llenos de lágrimas como los míos, que solo te has multiplicado, vivirás siempre en el corazón de todos los cubanos dignos. Descansa en paz comandante!

Daily (Cuba)

R.I.P. Fidel!

Marcio Klein (Brazil)

A Revoluésect;épound;o Cubana segue sendo um exemplo de luta e assim cumpriste a tua missépound;o Fidel.

Marco Estivalet (Brazil)

Yo soy Fidel

Bernadete Faria (Brazil)

Vocéordf; continuará sendo através da história da humanidade o farol que iluminará a escuridépound;o dos tempos de horror para os povos do mundo, a esperanésect;a de dias de Justiésect;a e Paz para todos.

heloisa (Brazil)

You should all be proud to have had such an amazing leader

Arda camoglu (United Kingdom)

Si se puede cambiar em mundo.

Jairo Menegaz (Brazil)

Fidel live forever in our hearts and minds!!

Thais Helena Lippel (Brazil)

Comandante Fidel deixa um legado de rebeldia e defesa intransigente da dignidade humana.

Carlos Rafael Guimaraens Filho (Brazil)

Um outro mundo foi possível. Para sempre, Fidel.

Denise Ritter (Brazil)

sentido pesar pelo falecimento do comandante.

genaro da silva oliveira (Brazil)

Wladymir Netto Ungaretti (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre

Alexsandro Schaefer (Brazil)

Rest in peace!

Nilva de Souza (Brazil)

Que nosso revoluciinário comandante descanse em paz!!

Joana Stedile (Brazil)

Adelante compa!!!

Clara Cristina Zitkoski (Brazil)

Obrigado por tudo comandante! Forésect;a ao povo cubano e a sua revoluésect;épound;o. Que a auséordf;ncia do comandante endureésect;a Cuba no caminho ao comunismo. Forésect;a Camaradas! Forésect;a ao socialismo cubano!

Renan Borges (Brazil)

Vera Teixeira (Brazil)


Até a vitória, Comandante!

Giovane Zuanazzi (Brazil)

Marcia Camarano (Brazil)

Derek Hamilton (United Kingdom)

Peace and Blessings to you all!!

Bernadette (United States of America)


Vitor Mendes Monteiro (Brazil)

Honoring with you the life and deeds of an outstanding figure in human history. Keep up with the great work, don't give up on your revolution, don't surrender to the capitalist way of life. You don't deserve it. QUE VIVA CUBA Y SU COMANDANTE!

Giannetto Edoardo (Nanni) Marcenaro (Italy)

Claire Wadey, Secretary, Withdean Labour Party (United Kingdom)

Castro achieved so much for so many when up against so much. He was and will always be an inspiration to us all. It is essential to use his message in the future.

andy locke (United Kingdom)

Lamento a passagem desse que foi um bastiépound;o na luta contra o imperialismo, a favor da igualdade e da solidadriedade internacional. Meus péordf;sames ao povo cubano.

Leonardo Tribst (Brazil)

Alan Nagle (Ireland)

Fidel é um dos grandes da história, comandou a linda Revoluésect;épound;o de 59 por népound;o aceitar que seu país continuasse a ser o bordel dos americanos enquanto o povo cubano passava fome. Escapou de mais de 300 atentados e deu uma surra nos americanos na conhecida invasépound;o da Baía dos Porcos. Comandou sim com mépound;o de ferro o regime, que nunca foi uma certeza, sempre uma aposta e népound;o se trata apenas de socialismo, trata-se de népound;o admitir o imperialismo, a injustiésect;a, népound;o queria que seu povo fosse subjugado pelos americanos (o povo brasileiro tem muito a aprender com o povo cubano) e de fato népound;o deixou. Em consequéordf;ncia disso, viu a Ilha de Cuba ser vítima de um embargo criminoso impostos pelos americanos (sempre eles) e com dissoluésect;épound;o do bloco Comunista restou a Cuba ser o éordm;ltimo reféordm;gio de uma tentativa de tornar a sociedade e o ser humano melhores, propéacute;s uma alternativa ao imperialismo devastador que destrói naésect;émicro;es, vidas e o planeta. Investiu em Educaésect;épound;o e Saéordm;de e a Ilha mesmo com o embargo tornou-se referéordf;ncia nessas áreas. Seu legado, o sentimento de independéordf;ncia, de luta contra as injustiésect;as. Eu também grande Fidel, prefiro morrer de pé do que viver curvado. Hasta la victoria, siempre!


so heartening to see the messages remembering and celebrating Fidel Castro. Quisiera hablar y escribir mucho de ese luchador nato que nos dio un mundo mejor, pero todos los mensajes de apoyo al pueblo cubano demuestran sus logros extraordinarios.

Dr Paula James (United Kingdom)

Hasta Siempre, Comandante!

Matthias (Austria)

"There is often talk of human rights, but it is also necessary to talk of the rights of humanity. Why should some people walk barefoot, so that others can travel in luxurious cars? Why should some live for thirty-five years, so that others can live for seventy years? Why should some be miserably poor, so that others can be hugely rich? I speak on behalf of the children in the world who do not have a piece of bread. I speak on the behalf of the sick who have no medicine, of those whose rights to life and human dignity have been denied." Rest in peace Fidel. Your legacy will not be forgotten. Long live the revolution!

Kurt Slater (New Zealand)

Your record of health and education services is second to none. Bravo

Marion Reynolds (United Kingdom)

Para sempre o nosso Comandante!

José Rodrigues Bomfim (Brazil)

Björn Lindquist (Sweden)

You are a legend, you stood up to America......and won. Rest in peace from Birmingham, England.

Sarah Brooks (United Kingdom)

Fidel Vive! Um grande abraésect;o em todo o povo cubano, responsável por uma revoluésect;épound;o digna de respeito. Viva La Revolución!

Bernard Machado (Brazil)

Castro and Cuba stand alone in the global socialist movement against the tyranny of the west, sparking uprisings across Latin America and giving hope to socialism in general. At this sad time we stand with you in name if not in actuality and urge you to keep the faith of solidarity. We are not many, we are legion!

Grahame (United Kingdom)

Transmito mís condolencias al pueblo cubano por la muerte del Comandante Fidel. Gracias a el, Cuba és hoy un ejemplo para todas las naciones de Latinoamérica, y a ustedes y al Comandante Fidel, toda mi admiración. Hasta siempre comandante!

Letícia Luiza (Brazil)

Thank you El Comandante !!! Rest in Peace! You live forever in our hearts!!!

Gianni Mondonudo (United Kingdom)

In memory of a great revolutionary, in appreciation of his inspiration and support for people the world over and his dedication to building socialism in Cuba. And in solidarity with the Cuban people who continue to be an example to the world. Fidel will be missed, but never forgotten.

Caroline Michie (United Kingdom)

Respect and love. The great man will be missed.

Michael Kennedy (United Kingdom)

Your legacy will live on through the lives of many people throughout the world

Maire McGinley (United Kingdom)

My sincere gratitude for the inspiration and example given to the world by the Cuban people who were led to victory by Fidel. After years of trade union and grass roots organisation and resistance the people were ready for Fidel, Che and the comrades of the Sierra Maestra . Thank you. The struggle continues but we are fortunate to be able to say Fidel was one of ours.

Emma Wood (United Kingdom)

Patti (United States of America)

Rest in peace comadante.

David Stephen (United Kingdom)

Hasta Siempre, Comandante!

Fábio Cécopy (Brazil)

Gracias por tener me enseñado a sueñar, mi comandante!!!!


Paul (United Kingdom)

Feeling your sorrow at the loss of such a great leader , warrior and defender of the of the oppressed . His memory and vision will live on thtough the Cuban people . VIVA FIDEL! VIVA CUBA !

James Madden (United Kingdom)

Que Descanse em paz Fidel! Medicos de ciencia e consciencia,presente!

jean delano (Brazil)

o mundo curva-se perante o legado de um grande homem!


Hasta siempra comandante

Mehmet camoglu (United Kingdom)

I send my sincere condolences to the Cuban people on the passing of Fidel Castro. He was a true visionary, with a commitment to building a society based on social justice. His legacy will live on and continue to inspire through the many achievements of the Cuban Revolution.

Jenny Newton (United Kingdom)

Cuba népound;o perdeu o seu líder, o seu comandante; o mundo ganhou um exemplo de sistema político em que a justiésect;a social é uma realidade. Que o povo cubano honre a luta de seu líder.

Maria Angela Dutra Machado (Brazil)

Ywain Myfyr (United Kingdom)

compartilho da tristeza pela perda. Obrigada, Fidel! Seguiremos lutando por direitos iguais para todos e todas.

Neusa Pivatto Müller (Brazil)

Hasta la vittoria sempre!

Ahmed (United Kingdom)

RIP Fidel Castro! Please keep Cuba away from American hands and keep Cuba the great country it is! Hasta la Victoria siempre!!!

Paul (United Kingdom)

Hasta la Victoria siempre. Solidarity from Ireland

Gerd Curley (United Kingdom)

The revolutionary may pass away, from this world to the next, but the spirit that is the revolution can only live on in the hearts and minds of those he has inspired in thoughts of love and a better life for all. Viva Fidel sempre!

Kevin Morrison (United Kingdom)

We have lost a GREAT MAN Cuba please carry on his dream

John Aris (United Kingdom)

Will always remember you. A great man, never forgotten.... Respect from Scotland xx

Dorothy Brown (United Kingdom)

I have now had to give up the dream of ever shaking the hand of this man who has been an inspiration to so many. I acknowledge the commitment and stand for self-determination, engaging and empowering so many of the Cuban people to exercise their own personal power in shaping their own destiny. Many sacrifices and much pride. Hasta siempre, Comandante!

Jackie Cannon (United Kingdom)

"Usted es la semilla de todo. Yo vivo de usted."

Domingos Sávio Pimenta Santo (Brazil)

Comandante Fidel Gracias por su tránsito en el mundo. El señor eres ejemplo de persona para siempre.

Joépound;o Pereira (Brazil)

Never to be forgotten

Karim boutiche (United Kingdom)

Fidel Sempre!!!!

Elton de Aquino Aruda (Brazil)

Hasta siempre Comandante Fidel, tu ejemplo de lucha y compromiso revolucionario permanecerá siempre con nosotras. Martyn País de Gales

Martyn Richard Jones (United Kingdom)

what a life.and he died with his boots on.we will not see his like again.

paul gallagher (United Kingdom)

Viva,Fidel!!!Viva Cuba!!!

Ana Cláudia Costa Guedes (Brazil)

Rest in peace, comandante.

Roslyn Heaney (United Kingdom)

Yo Soy Fidel

Irfan (United Kingdom)

Viva il popolo cubano, Fidel Castro e il socialismo. La lotta continua. L'imperialismo capitalista deve morire.


Hasta la victoria siempre


We meet at the UN World conference Against Racism in South Afrika in 2001, my wife and then heard your end of the NGO part of the conference speech. Long live your memory of solidarity Glenroy watsobn General Secretary Global Afrikan Congressuk (GACuk)

Glenroy watson (United Kingdom)

I was the leader/President of the Jamaica Union for Democratic Youth (JUDY). We attended a conference in Havana< the Solidarity with the Cuban Revolution in 1975, at the Hotel Atlantico. This Property was a foriegn Hotel that Fidel Nationalized. This was the first time I saw and met Fidel Castr, todate it is still indelible in my mind and heart. Since then I have entered Cuba about 150 times, at times I found some closer friends that than one could have met anywhere in the world. The only that could be compared above Fidel is Jesus Christ himself. Over the years, I started to work wit ANAP association of Cuban farmers, ICAP the institute of Solidarity among the Peoples, The CPU C, The Cuban Institute of Music, EGRIM the Cultural institute in Havana,and the Welfare Association In Guantanamo. Fidel is a one of a kind leader. VIVA FIDEL, VIVA CUBA. Long Live the struggle for Guantanamo. Aluta Continua!Larry Robertson

Lawrence George Robertson (Larry) (Jamaica)

Hasta siempre Comandante!tus ideas vivirán por siempre, en Cuba y en todas las personas con sentido de la justicia! Gracias por tu lucha! Seguiremos adelante, intentando hacer honor a tu legado, que es enorme.

Marta Blanco (Spain)

Obrigado Fidel Castro pelo seu legado.

José Alexandre Porf&Atild (Brazil)

Tony Feeney (Ireland)

Meus mais profundos sentimentos pelo falecimento do maior Herói de Cuba e um dos homens que mais contribuiu para a construésect;épound;o de um caminho melhor para a humanidade, rumo ö Democracia e ao Socialismo

José Augusto Azeredo (Brazil)

Rest in peace.

Bashar Shehab (Bahrain)


He was not the dictator some would have us believe - he relieved his country of dictatorship and then fought to protect his country's independence from those outside who wanted to interfere in its right to have the system of government it had chosen. If people in Cuba have been poor it is due to constant sanctions, not a failed system.

T Wilson (United Kingdom)

Viva Fidel !!! Estaras siempre vivo en el corazon de America Latina y el Caribe. En los corazones de los pueblos que luchan por un mundo mejor. Nunca te olvidaremos. Sole G.

Sole Garcia (Argentina)

Rosanna Conlon (United Kingdom)

Fidel Castro who led the revolutionaries showed the world that there was an other way to live that would benefit the majority of the people, a SOCIALIST SYSTEM. It was Castro, and his Comrades that kept to their principals and ethics of the Cuban Revolution. One only has to compare the rest of the Caribbean with Cuba, despite the USA imposed blockade. He is an inspiration to us all, that we can change our world.

Frances Hook & Eileen Smith (United Kingdom)

With thanks and great respect.

Liz Wharfe (United Kingdom)

Your and Cuba's fortitude under pressure and selfless internationalism have been and will be an inspiration to anyone who seeks a better world; and a rebuke to those with greater wealth who use it to divide, impoverish, crush and mock. The opposite of solitude is solidarity.

Paul Atkin (United Kingdom)

La historia te absolvio hace mucho tiempo. Hasta la victoria siempre, Comandante. Patria o muerte. VENCEREMOS

Maria ocasio (United States of America)

A Historia te absolvera e te homenageará


Jordan Alvarado (United States of America)

Al heroico pueblo cubano...mis respetos y admiració comandante del ejercito de retaguardia le digo seguiremos tu ejemplo por muchas generaciones...hasta la victoria siempre...Patria o muerte ...venceremos!!


I am honored to write something about Fidel Castro. Those who say that he was a brutal dictator are acting on pure bad faith. Fidel dedicated his entire life (and put his life at risk during the Cuban revolution times) to turn his home country into a sovereign nation, and to bring health, education and pride to his fellow Cubans. Unfortunately this could never be achieved under a Western democracy-style system, because in such systems, opposing political and economic forces are always fighting against one another, and are usually not committed to continuing with the good policies and projects of their predecessors. I'm sure that people will continue writing about Fidel, whether depicting him as a "brutal dictator", or as an extraordinary man who dedicated his life for the cause of social justice, of sovereignty of the nations, of fight against imperialism, of fight against injustice and ignorance. I will always keep him in my mind as an extraordinary man, which is how he deserves to be remembered. He now belongs to the History of the world.

Raniery Souza (Brazil)

Fidel era um herói de todos quantos lutam pela justiésect;a, o progresso, a liberdade e a paz. Era e é uma referéordf;ncia de patriota, revolucionário e comunista. O seu exemplo permanece no povo de Cuba e em todos os comunistas e revolucionários do mundo. Gracias e hasta siempre, comandante!

Gustavo Carneiro (Portugal)

Comandante eterno! Ousou lutar contra o império estadunidense e derrotou os seus mercenários e antirrevolucionários. Fidel estará sempre nos coraésect;émicro;es de todos os latino-americanos que sonham em viver num mundo igualitário e justo. HASTA SIEMPRE...

Fabrício Drumond Cafarate (Brazil)

Viv (United Kingdom)

rip fidel. commander and leader

colin toal (United Kingdom)

Em nome dos que buscam a justiésect;a e uma pátria sem amos, expresso a minha profunda admiraésect;épound;o por este gigante do povo cubano! Seguiremos os teus passos! Hasta la victoria!

Maria Félix Almeida Correia d (Brazil)

Povo Cubano, népound;o deixe a chama se apagar. Cuba continuará sendo o Farol da América Latina. Viva Fidel!!!, Viva o povo cubano.

José Tadeu Genaro (Brazil)

My inspiration

Nick Brownlee (United Kingdom)


"Reduésect;épound;o da jornada de trabalho de 8 para 6h, talvez 4 se o tecnologia permitir". Sempre lembrarei de suas palavras de real libertaésect;épound;o humana caro comandante.

Alexcian Rodrigues de Oliveira (Brazil)

Solidarity RIP Comrade Fidel

Sean Lennon (Ireland)

Fidel, um homem que marcou seu tempo e deixar um forte mensagem de que manter firme o pensamento revolucionário é um necessidade histórica para a superaésect;épound;o da mazelas do capitalismo. Ele mostrou que a autodeterminaésect;épound;o do povo cubano é um caminho que pode ser exemplificado.

Robson Santos Camara Silva (Brazil)

Desde siempre, hastalavitoria Comandante Fidel.

Lauro Lustosa Neto (Brazil)

Forésect;a ao povo Cubano. Fidel sempre será nosso eterno Comandante!

Vanda Rodrigus Alves (Brazil)

Omar (Brazil)

Comandante, hasta siempre! Viva Fidel! Vida Che! Viva Camilo! Viva Cuba!!!!!

Platépound;o Bitencourt Proen& (Brazil)

Gracias Fidel! #HastaSiempreComandante #FidelVive #VivaCuba

Luiz Fernando Leal Padulla (Brazil)

I hope the cuban people will work on in the thinking of Fidel

Franz Spatenka (Austria)

Luiz Eduardo Domingues dos Santos Souza da Silva (Brazil)

Para sempre Fidel. Viva a Revoluésect;épound;o Cubana !!!

Sandro Silva de Souza (Brazil)

Condolences and thoughts with people of Cuba

Philip Carter (United Kingdom)

Fidel sempre estará presente nos melhores coraésect;émicro;es e mentes da humanidade.

André Luiz Martin (Brazil)

Fidel Castro has been a total inspiration, and Cuba, a beacon of hope. What an incredible achievement of a tiny socialist country in the face of overwhelming US military aggression. World class health service despite economic blockade, sending thousands of doctors out into the world at times of crisis. It still amazes me the incredible role that Fidel Castro played, calling on hundreds of thousands of Cuban citizens to help defeat the apartheid South African army in Angola, which contributed to the defeat of apartheid. I will never forget my visit to Cuba in 1997 - such incredible, knowledgeable, passionate and welcoming people. RIP Fidel

Sophie Bolt (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre, Comandante Fidel!

Monica Rabelo (Brazil)

Meus sentimentos ao povo Cubano que perde o comandante e lider da luta pela libertaésect;épound;o deste pais do julgo do imperialismo.


Fidel Castro is and always will be. Great soul that served everyone all the time. A great soul never dies. He will continue to bring people together again and again

Tania Igbosi McGee (United Kingdom)

Dare to fight! Dare to win! Fidel and Che inspired people across the World.

Aly Renwick (United Kingdom)

Farewell Comrade Fidel Castro. You were an inspiration to all of us who fight for a more just and equal world.

Robert Streader (United Kingdom)

Fidel sempre esteve presente em todas as mudanésect;as importantes do meu continente. Também esteve presente, através da solidariedade internacionalista da Cuba Socialista, em todos os momentos do mundo. Seu falecimento é só uma etapa, transiésect;épound;o a um plano espiritual. Sua memória népound;o morrerá. Yo soy Fidel.

Alice Branco Weffort (Brazil)

Patria ou morte

Alexandre Falbo (Brazil)

Cuba remains a beacon of light in the darkness of neo-liberalism and capitalism. Fidel lit the spark. You will be missed but your legacy lives on. Hasta Victoria Siempre

Kellie O'Dowd (United Kingdom)

RIP :(

Catherine Mehdaoui (United Kingdom)

Camarada de despedida

Julius Marstrand (United Kingdom)

The National Assembly of Women salutes the life and work of Fidel Castro. His belief in the strength and capacity of women ensured that Cuban women fully participated in the revolution and continue to play their rightful role in developing the social, cultural political and economic life of Cuba.He will remain an inspiration to all those fighting for equality and social justice.

National Assembly of Women (United Kingdom)

Com a morte de Fidel, a luta em favor das causas humanitárias e da igualdade social tem uma inestimável perda!

Air Antunes (Brazil)

Yo soy Fidel !

José Luiz dos Santos (Brazil)

Thanks, Fidel!

Luciana Brito (Brazil)

jorge fulgueiro (Cuba)

Fidel Castro continua a inspirar todos os revolucionários em todo o mundo. O exemplo de Cuba socialista demonstra que o nosso caminho é certo, é possível, é o sonho tornado realidade.

Zillah Murgel Branco (Brazil)



One of the great revolutionary leaders who has left his people a great deal freer than when he came to power.

David Parker (United Kingdom)

viva the revolution

Steven (United Kingdom)

Transmito mís condolencias al pueblo cubano por la muerte del Comandante Fidel. Cuba és un ejemplo a todas las naciones de Latinoamérica, y a ustedes y al Comandante Fidel, toda mi admiración. Hasta siempre comandante!

Letícia Luiza (Brazil)

Condoléordf;ncias ao povo cubano por essa perda irreparável.

Patrick Garcia Sanches (Brazil)

Gerard Bennett (Ireland)

FIDELlidade ; Ideais; Dignidade; Esperanésect;a; LUTA.

Valério Santiago de Albuquerq (United Kingdom)

Minha homenagem por quem lutou a boa luta pelo bem de seu país.

Rodrigo Gonzaga Malheiros (Brazil)

Long live the struggle against imperialism. Long live the memory of Comrade Fidel Castro

Michael peart cd (Jamaica)

Fidel viverá eternamente nos que téordf;em séordf;de de justiésect;a e liberdade.


Personalidade rara na história da humanidade que a partir de uma ilha influenciou o mundo inteiro. Irreparável perda, o que fica é sua mensagem de que é possível resistir ao Império.

Christian Cairello (Brazil)

Hasta Siempre, Comandante Fidel!!

Carlos Guimarépound;es (Brazil)

Nesse momento só tenho que agradecer ao Comandante Fidel e ao povo cubano por mostrar ao mundo a importa¢ncia da Solidariedade entre os Povos!!! Que a Revoluésect;épound;o permaneésect;a.... e que seu legado se estenda por todos os cantos do Planeta. Obrigada Guerreiro Fidel! Um forte abraésect;o ao Povo Cubano!!! Com carinho Fernandinha Alencar - Fortaleza -Ceará - Brasil

Fernanda Alencar Moreira Marques (Brazil)

Fidel eterno lutador pela Justiésect;a, presente!!!

Hilton Faria da Silva (Brazil)

rip comrade

paul mclaughlin (United Kingdom)

The people of Cuba will surely carry forward Fidel Castro's great message of national sovereignty and socialism!

Will Podmore (United Kingdom)

Sentimento de pesar partida para o mundo espiritual do nosso líder da Revoluésect;épound;o Cubana, Fidel Castro. Descanse em Paz, que a Luz Perpétua vos ilumine.

Lucinete Maria Costa de Souza (Brazil)

Hasta siempre!

Cristiano Diamanti (United Kingdom)

Viva Fidel!

Ronivalter de Souza (Brazil)

Hasta la victoria siempre, mi comandante!

Maria Luiza de Lavenere Machad (Brazil)

Obrigado comandante !

Réacute;mulo (Brazil)

Steve Cottingham (United Kingdom)



Muito obrigado Fidel!! Vá em paz!!

Daniel Freire (Brazil)

Hasta La Victoria Siempre

Peter Weitzel (Australia)

My condolences, my true hero of all times RIP

Eunice Owuoche (Kenya)

Viva Fidel Hasta lá Vitória siempre.

Diva Lucia de Moura Calvépound;o (Brazil)

Noel Gordon (United Kingdom)

Thank you for your inspiration and steadfast commitment to a fairer world.

Debbie Donovan (United Kingdom)

We cannot believe the USA propaganda. You have shown your grief. We send our condolences for your great loss

Catherine slink-white (United Kingdom)

Comrade Fidel, you will be missed. You've inspired millions to answer the call to revolution to build a better world. We will never stop fighting. While I am saddened that I never had the chance to meet you personally, your memory will live on. Hasta la victoria siempre.

Erika Bunkowski (United States of America)

Hasta La Victoria Siempre


Meu abraésect;o ao povo cubano. Que o ideal da revoluésect;épound;o continue vivo em suas mentes, assim como a lembranésect;a do seu Comandante permaneésect;a presente nos seus coraésect;émicro;es. Hasta la vitória, siempre!

José Receputi Neto (Brazil)

To People of Cuba: The Great Commander Fidel will always live among the cuban children who has dignity and a place in the Sun. The Great Commander will allways live among the elders who fought by his side against the opreesion of USA. Hasta siempre, comandante de tu pueblo de Cuba!


Adios comandanteeee... legado de solidariedade, compaixépound;o, igualdade e sem exploraésect;épound;o...


Sincere condolences to the people of Cuba who have provided us with a powerful antidote to the hateful campaign by certain sections of the British media against people who are minorities in society. I have every confidence that you will continue the struggle for a better world.

John Cooper (United Kingdom)

Para sempre comandante!

Ricardo Bittencourt Rodrigues (Brazil)

Minha solidariedade ao povo cubano

José de Oliveira da Costa (Brazil)

A América Latina perde seu líder maior, comandante da revoluésect;épound;o cubana e de tantas outras lutas e revoluésect;émicro;es do nosso continente. A esquerda brasileira perdeu um amigo e e talvez seu maior aliado. E o mundo perde um dos vultos mais importantes, generosos e solidários dos nossos tempos!Hasta siempre comandante! Seguimos por aqui aprendendo e levando em frente suas liésect;émicro;es de vitória e de luta!

Paulo Porto (Brazil)

Emma Harte (Ireland)

Michael ryan (Ireland)

Profound sadness at the loss of one of the greats of the 20th century.

Thomas Pearce (United Kingdom)

A life long inspiration. May his good work continue.

Bill Skeoch (United Kingdom)

Sem duvida alguma,uma das personalidades mais importantes da humanidade.

Valter Rodrigues Soares (Brazil)

O que importa é o legado deixado.

Paulo Roberto Wünsch (Brazil)

Solidarity and respect for someone who helped lead the fight against imperialism and injustice. Peace.

Mick Canavan (United Kingdom)

A beacon to the people

ian warrick (United Kingdom)

Hoöng Trung (Viet Nam)

Farewell Comrade.

Patrick Ernesto Flemming (Ireland)

Miguel Alves dos Santos (Brazil)

Michael Foulkes (United Kingdom)

Bruno Torres Mendes Soares (Brazil)

Que o seu legado seja eterno,só de enfrentar o maior assassino do séc.XX já é uma admiraésect;épound;o muito grande,viva Fidel,para siempre Fidel.

Luís Antéacute (Brazil)

gerard fenniman (Ireland)

Hasta la siempre Comandante Fidel Castro. Pessoa ímpar que eu admirei e vou continuar admirando por todo lo siempre. A luta continua camarada e tu eres nossa grande esperanésect;a para continuarmos buscando a unidade de lá Pátria Grande. Arriba!!! Viva a Revoluésect;épound;o cubana, viva Fidel, viva Che Guevara e viva a esquerda revolucionária do mundo.

Léordm;cia Adécopy (Brazil)

Comandante has pasado a la historia como el hombre de mas COJONES en nuestra AMERICA LATINA !!!!!!!. Hasta Siempre Fidel.

Yolanda Espinosa (United Kingdom)

Ich wünsche der jungen Generation, Fidel nicht nur zu betrauern sondern seine Lehren aus der Revolution und der Verteidigung Cubas gegen die fortdauernde US-Agression und die Kraft entwickelt der absehbaren Verschécurren;rfung der US-Politik unter Trump in seinem Sinne zu begegnen und die Errungenschaften trotz alter Mühsal des técurren;glichen Lebens zu Verteidigen. Von einem dem es gut geht, ist das leicht gesagt. Unserer Solidaritécurren;t und Unterstützung mit und für Cuba seid versichert. Gottfried Heil, Vorsitzender von ARBUGS Int. e.V.

Heil, Gottfried (Germany)

RIP Fidel the world is a poorer place with out you

Paul Conway (United Kingdom)

My country is actually Scotland, which does not appear on the list above sadly. We are a small country being oppressed by the right wing parliament in London. We are a socialist country determined to gain independence and establish a decent caring society where the young are educated, the sick and elderly are cared for and public service is more important than capitalist greed. Our thoughts are with the people of Cuba.

lawrence alexander (United Kingdom)

Tony McCabe (Ireland)

Desejo que o grande líder Fidel Castro continue a inspirar os verdadeiros progressistas em todo mundo. Fidel, até sempre!

Maria da Penha Baiépound;o Santos (Brazil)

Thank you for what your example to the world. Your ideas and actions are needed more than ever at this point in history.

Sean Cullen (United Kingdom)

Descanse em paz, comandante.

André (Brazil)

In Glorious Remembrance of Fidel Comandante. One, if not the greatest, leaders the world has ever seen. Now you enter into eternal glory. The Lord be praised for keeping you safe for more than half a century, so you could achieve the impossible. Hasta siempre comandante...hasta la victoria siempre. With condolences to the Cuban people on his passing, From Dr Carol Norris MBE & on behalf of my late mother, May Hoggard, who was your supporter since 1959.

Dr Carol Norris MBE FRCP Edin. (United Kingdom)

Comandante nos fará falta neste momento que o capitalismo busca energia para se manter vivo. Hasta la vitória siempre.

Joselito Araéordm;jo Silva (Brazil)

Hasta siempre comandante!

Rildete Alves Rodrigues (Denmark)

HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE, QUE DIOS TE VENDIGA POR LO QUE HAS HECHO POR LOS PUEBLOS DEL MUNDO. Quien siembra esperanzas recoge esperanzas, la libertad es el alma de los pueblos.


In memory of a great leader.

Maria (Belgium)

Hasta Siempre Commandante

James Brian (United Kingdom)

Minha rebeldia e vontade de mudar o mundo, a qual transforma-se em luta, seria incompleta sem o exemplo de Fidel. Ele népound;o foi apenas o líder revolucionário do povo cubano. Foi o líder dos que népound;o se conformam com as injustiésect;as no mundo e se lanésect;am a defender sua pátria. Fidel foi humano no sentido mais profundo da palavra. A humanidade fica mais vulnerável, menos inteligente e até, menos humana sem ele. Que seu exemplo seja nossa grande referéordf;ncia! Fidel pertence ao seleto grupo que jamais morrerá porque permanecerá vivo em nossa luta e em cada conquista ou derrota ao longo do caminho. Delas retiraremos as liésect;émicro;es referenciados no exemplo de Fidel. Até ö vitória!

Lindinaldo Freitas de Alencar (Brazil)

What I have learnt about Fidel Castro and Cuba and the achievements of Cuban Revolution is amazing. He was great human being and did his part for the betterment of his people. Its important to carry on his work in Cuba . Red Salute

Ovais Ali Tariq (Pakistan)

We have lost a great leader but we have not lost the inspiration we can draw from his struggle and that of the Cuban people. (On behalf of the Lambeth branch of UNISON).

Jon Rogers (United Kingdom)

Thank you Fidel for everything.

Graham Lister (United Kingdom)

Castro and guevara, 2 socialist icons. We need more of them. Viva la revolution!

Andrew Temple (United Kingdom)

Fidel- Fore runner of Revolution Icon of Communism Designer of modern Cuba Enemy of slavery Leader of the world.

Prince Ennares Periyar (India)

Carlos Alberto P Ferreira (Brazil)

Cuba had given the world a glimpse of another way of living. What more can be learnt from Cubans' and Castro's examples?

anne braithwaite (United Kingdom)

Sentimentos muitos pelo líder FIDEL.

Carmen lima (Brazil)

Farewell Comandante! Following your example, we shall continue building a better world. We will defend and remain faithful to your legacy.

Francisco Dominguez (United Kingdom)

Fidel vive en cada corazon cubano y en cada corazon en el mundo entero de quien lucha para la dignidad y el bienestar de los pueblos

Rose-Marie LOU (France)

Terry Hoad (United Kingdom)

Rest in peace. You were the inspiration for people throughout the world.

Kenny Watson (United Kingdom)

Viva a Revoluésect;épound;o!

Mucio (Brazil)

Obrigado por tudo Fidel! Hasta Siempre la Victoria.

Henrique Novaes (Brazil)

Fidel and the Cuban people, you are an inspiration to all the peoples of world. Long live the Cuban Revolution !

Ujitha de Zoysa (United Kingdom)

Vian (Hungary)

Condolences to the people of Cuba on the passing away if your former President. He was a truly global hero who we all admired for what he did for Cuba.

Maurice Atingo (Kenya)

Good bye sir.

Wilson cunha (Brazil)

Hasta la victoria siempre Fidel. Tu ejemplo, tu claridad y la joya que es Cuba brillan en la historia y presente de la humanidad.

Susanna Rance (United Kingdom)

It's with sadness that we receive the news of Fidel's death. May Hashem receive him and comfort the family and all the Cuban people in this moment of pain.The Brazilian people are with you.

Joépound;o Vicente Barcellos Almei (Brazil)


Francisco Gentile (Brazil)

Fidel vive!

Aine McAllister (Australia)

Héctor Alvariza Suarez de OLi (Brazil)

Népound;o lamento a morte de FIDEL, porque ele foi um grande homem e será para sempre um grande líder. Eu celebro sua vida, seu exemplo, sua forésect;a e coragem. Um dia CUBA saberá que teve o homem mais forte do século. VIVA FIDEL, VIVA CUBA, VIVA A ESQUERDA, VIVA PT, VIVA O BRASIL DO POVO BRASILEIRO.

Edna de Paula Soares (Brazil)

Perdemos um grande estadista.

Abel de Souza Morangueira (Brazil)

Thanks for the sacrifices El Commandante.

Sharon Murray (Canada)

Cuba shows to the world that another way is possible, thanks to Fidel Castro, Che and other revolutionaries. We have lost a visionary leader, a extraordinary man and an inexhaustible inspiration. My thought are with his family, friends and the Cuban people. Hasta Siempre Comandante!

Cleber Rodrigues (Brazil)

Fidel Castro has been an inspiration to the struggles of downtrodden and exploited people's around the world for half a century. He'll never be forgotten.

Kyle Thomas (United Kingdom)

Os meus mais sinceros péordf;sames para vocéordf;s todos, família e o povo cubano que está sentindo a falta de seu ente querido, que deus possa confortá-los nesse momento tépound;o difícil de dor.

Luci Neves Nunes Vieira (United Kingdom)

Breno Pascal de Lacerda Brito (Brazil)

Forésect;a e coragem para o povo Cubano. Que consigam manter as conquistas da revoluésect;épound;o e honrar o legado do comandante Fidel. Um abraésect;o fraterno.

Guilherme Magno Martins de Souza (Brazil)

On December 1st 2016, West Waterford Sinn Féin unanimously agreed a motion to extend a message of sympathy to the people of Cuba on the sad passing of your great Leader Fidel Castro. We remember with gratitude his unwavering solidarity in support of Irish freedom and in particular for our hunger strikers of 1981. VIVA FIDEL!

West Waterford Sinn Féin Cuma (Ireland)

Meus sentimentos ao querido povo cubano cuja luta inspira e ensina o mundo a népound;o curvar-se diante do imperialismo. Obrigado!!

Márcia Fabiana de Oliveira (Brazil)

Adios a uno de los grandes e indispensables.

Enrique Reye (Chile)

Serás sempre cultuado por aqueles que sonham com um mundo melhor, com um ser humano melhor e com uma sociedade fraterna.

Vanderlei Prochnow (Brazil)

Meus sentimentos ao Povo Cubano,!

Carlos Eugenio (United Kingdom)

Grande perda para o mundo. Fidel Castro e o povo cubano ensinaram ao mundo que a justiésect;a social é possível, embora difícil. Que o povo cubano continue sendo inspiraésect;épound;o para o mundo.

Cristina Mair Barros Rauter (Brazil)

All of our love to the beautiful people of Cuba. Be strong. Stay strong. God bless.

mike proko (United States of America)

A deep loss! I have known you from cihildhood. You have passed and i grieve. Your legacy is history and lives on.

Ray kuszelewski (Canada)

Comandante Fidel Castro, há mais de quarenta anos vocéordf; mudou minha vida, fez-me ver a importa¢ncia da inclusépound;o social, o quanto é importante nós termos uma naésect;épound;o independente, buscando a auto suficiéordf;ncia. Fidel vocéordf; será eternamente reverenciado por todo mundo. Gracias por tudo. Pedro Boemer

Pedro Luiz Andrade Boemer (Brazil)

Hasta Siempre Grande Comandante ! Gracias!

Julie George (Australia)

O povo cubano é digno de seu legado. Que a chama do camarada Fidel, floresésect;a por toda a América.

Marcelo Antonio da Silva (Brazil)

Prezado Comandante, Gostaria de agradecer pelo Internacionalismo médico cubano!Sou moésect;ambicano de 33 anos e atualmente moro no Brasil. Ainda em Moésect;ambique, comecei a adoecer ainda crianésect;a, aos 03 anos de idade e fui atendido por diversos médicos moésect;ambicanos e nenhum conseguiu dizer o que eu tinha. Somente depois de encontrar um médico cubano é que foi diagnosticada minha asma! O referido médico cubano deu diversos conselhos a meus pais, acerca de como lidar com a doenésect;a e os cuidados a tomar. Recomendou que se cortasse a acácia que existia em frente ö minha casa pois, o pólen das flores aumentava a minha alergia, entre outros cuidados para evitar as crises da doenésect;a. Foi depois da consulta com o médico cubano que, meus pais passaram a compreender melhor a asma e os cuidados que deveriam ter com as coisas que causavam alergias: tapetes, flores, animais peludos, casacos de pele, etc. Após essa consulta, minha qualidade de vida aumentou! Sei que Moésect;ambique sempre péacute;de contar com médicos cubanos, ainda que népound;o conseguisse pagá-los. Graésect;as ao vosso Internacionalismo médico, países como Moésect;ambique puderem contar com a presenésect;a de médicos de primeiro mundo. Hoje, estou vivo, graésect;as ao diagnóstico precoce do médico cubano, o que permitiu a meus pais proporcionarem-me uma vida com maior qualidade, apesar da doenésect;a! Também sei que o Cuba ajudou Moésect;ambique na área da educaésect;épound;o e saéordm;de, recebendo milhares de Estudantes moésect;ambicanos na Ilha da Juventude. Ao longo de minha trajetória estudantil, tive um professor de Geografia que foi firmado em Cuba e percebi que ele era diferente dos outros: a simplicidade na vida e com que dava as aulas, bem como o seu bom caráter e honestidade. Isso distinguia o professor Martinho dos outros professores. Acredito que ele tenha aprendido tais virtudes durante a formaésect;épound;o em Cuba. Até sempre Comandante!

Ercílio Neves Brandà (Brazil)

O mundo ficou menor com sua morte, que deu continuidade ö sua imortalidade.

Avelino de Oliveira (Brazil)

La América Latina llora por la muerte de nuestro comandante Fidel Castro. Seguimos su ejemplo revolucionario, socialista, internacionalista, rebelde. Hasta siempre Comandante Fidel Castro.

Aline Felipe Barreto (Brazil)

Rest in peace, you freed your people from the shackles of capitalism. I wish there was a man like you in the uk.

John Hoyle (United Kingdom)

Fidel vive! Fidel vivirá para siempre en nuestros corazones y conciéordf;ncia. Tu ejemplo és nuestro norte. Hasta la Victória siempre!

Renato Savalli (Brazil)

Ann Maurita Gomez (United Kingdom)

A true revolutionary! Dramatically improved the lives if not only of the people of Cuba, but for the oppressed and colonised all over the world. Viva la Revolucion!

Sam Davis (Australia)

Que Cuba continue sendo um Farol para os socialistas do mundo!

Velfrides Antonio Barreto (Brazil)

Querido comandante, que tua memória seja eterna. Daqui do Brasil, espero que uma grande revoluésect;épound;o brasileira possa chegar e unir nossos dois povos nesse mesmo sonho que desde 1959 guia Cuba para frente. Fidel Castro estará para sempre em minhas memórias como um símbolo de lider, de herói, de dignificaésect;épound;o da existéordf;ncia. Obrigado pela inspiraésect;épound;o causada por tuas palavras e pela esperanésect;a causada por tua luta. Hasta siempre, Comandante Fidel Castro!

Lucas Xavier Cavalcante (Brazil)

Fidel vive!

Paulo Cezar Marques (Brazil)

A huge loss for Cuba, Palestine and all humanity. Rest in Power Fidel Castro and thank you and the Cuban Revolution for all you'very done for Palestine and all anti colonial liberation movements. Revolutionaries never die.

Professor Rabab Abdulhadi (Palestine)

Hasta la Vitoria Sempre! Viva Fidel!

Jose Marcio de Souza Duarte (Brazil)

Obrigado comandante Fidel Castro por tudo que fizestes aos povos Cubanos, Africanos e da América Latina.Povos esses do "terceiro mundo" que foram oprimidos pelo imperialismo e capitalismo opressor. Sua partida é mais uma vitória pessoal contra o imperialismo, pois tentaram te assassinar mais de 600 vezes e Fidel morre de morte natural aos 90 anos de idade. Grandes homens népound;o morrem, apenas entram para a História!

Giuliano Emílio da Silva Furta (Brazil)

Maria Eugéordf;nia Ferreira de Cas (Brazil)

You have given so much for so many people and never demanded anything in return. Your body may rest but your immortal spirit and the socialist revolution shall live on. Thank you, Comrade Fidel.

Josh (United Kingdom)

Comandante Fidel: PRESENTE!

Alexandry Navarro (Brazil)

May Allah Be Pleased with Commandante Fidel Castro. A man of and for the least of people in most eyes. Truly, guided blessed and protected by God's awesome power. He lives!!!

Ida Muhammad (United States of America)

Long live the achievements of the Cuban Revolution and long may Comrade Castro's legacy and spirit live on in the people of Cuba! Viva Fidel Castro a Champion and hero of the Proletariat (Working Class)! x

Paul Turek (United Kingdom)

R.I.P Fidel Castro

Richard Hamilton (United Kingdom)

Todos nós um dia chegaremos ao "fim" , mas , por sorte , outros chegam mas sépound;o "eternizados" por suas obras . Profunda tristeza da minha parte .

Réacute;mulo Ribeiro (Brazil)

Ao comandante, irmépound;o e camarada Fidel Castro. Até Sempre camarada. PRESENTE.

Gilberto Santana de Alencar (Brazil)

Que homens, corajosos e fortes, possam continuar a grande obra de Fidel. Um exemplo de luta na América Latina e no mundo das grandes mazelas sociais. Viva Fidel. Viva o socialismo de todos os continentes.


Fidel Castro was an inspiring figure on the world stage for justice and against economic inequality and the struggle continues.

Ben Armstrong (United Kingdom)

Your example will guide us. Hasta siempre!

Trina Scordo (United States of America)

Viva la revolución! Hasta siempre comandante!

Jéordm;lio Francisco Ribeiro da Co (Portugal)

Farewell - a true revolutionary hero.

Gillian Dalley (United Kingdom)

Um grande líder,que népound;o se rendeu jamais a tirania do EUA,mesmo sofrendo sansémicro;es por anos népound;o se curvou,se mantendo sempre ALTIVOS,que descanse em PAZ.

Roberto de Paulo (United Kingdom)

Fidel népound;o está mais presente entre nós fisicamente, mas seus ideais e ensinamentos permanecerépound;o para sempre.Vivas a Fidel e vivas ao povo de Cuba.

Antéacute;nio Vilson Menezes Das N (Brazil)

Hasta la victoria, siempre!

Márcio de Jesus (Brazil)

Que a vida de Fidel seja exemplo de justiésect;a para os jovens de todo mundo.

Jacinto de Oliveira (Brazil)

Minha eterna admiraésect;épound;o ao Grande Comandante da Revoluésect;épound;o Cubana, Fidel Castro!

Rosa¢ngela Maria Pires (Brazil)

Adeus meu querido comandante. Será eterno no meu coraésect;épound;o. Nunca o esquecerei.Abraésect;os em todos os cubanos.

Mirtes Colombera (Brazil)

Para mi fuiste un heroe con principios gracias quiciera decir mas pero no tengo el valor mucha tristesa mi biejito lindo ahora juntarse con mi otro biejito presidente allende y tu amigo Che y con hugito chaves ...

Roxana (Canada)

Viva Cuba

Peter Lentelink (Netherlands)

luiz godoy (Brazil)

Sonia Martuscelli (Brazil)

Comandante Fidel Castro hasta siempre!

Ana Cleide Guedes Moreira (Brazil)

Seus ideais sépound;o os nossos e viverépound;o enquanto existirem coraésect;émicro;es revolucionários.

Sara antunes (Brazil)

Hasta la vitória, Siempre!

Jackson Rodrigues Ferreira (Brazil)

"Os trabalhadores népound;o téordf;m nada a perder em uma revoluésect;épound;o comunista, a népound;o ser suas correntes." - Karl Marx

Welliton dos Reis Santos (Brazil)

Leila (Brazil)

meus sentimentos a todos os cubanos,nunca desistam dos seus ideais lutem contra a desigualdade assim como Fidel lutou juntos construiremos um futuro melhor !!

Jessica Cristina Correa de Andrade (Brazil)

Hasta siempre Comandante

izabel (Brazil)

Obrigado, Comandante.

Eduardo Passini (Brazil)

You're with you're comrade now, peace big man

Che Nee (United Kingdom)

Fidel foi o grande estadista nestes éordm;ltimos 60 anos, provou que o socialismo é a grande soluésect;épound;o para um mundo igualitário e justo! Viva Fidel, viva Cuba!

Joel Miranda (Brazil)

Descanse em paz guerreiro!

Valdir Araéordm;jo (United Kingdom)

Alaide (Brazil)

Márcia Santos Xavier (Brazil)

Descanse em Paz.

maria sonia sigrist pasetti (Brazil)

Um abraésect;o camarada Fidel Castro. Descanse em paz! "Ditador" do Proletariado Rozinaldo Ribeiro da Silva Professor da Universidade Federal do Pará UFPA Presidente do Partido Comunista do Brasil PC do B/Altamira-Pa Brasil

Rozinaldo Ribeiro da Silva (Brazil)

Hasta la vitoria, Comandante.

Francisco Alves Soares (Brazil)


Elvis Sa (Brazil)

Angelo Frizzo (Brazil)

Geoffrey (United Kingdom)

Al pueblo de Cuba nosostros sentimientos.

Marco Antonio Machado Rodrigues (Brazil)

Prezado Fidel Castro, em memória, Obrigado pela coragem e pela esperanésect;a que nos deixou de construir um mundo mais justo. Um forte abraésect;o, Pedro Pablo Pinto Pires


A morte imortaliza o maior líder que este planeta já teve e a História o glorificará para sempre como o Comandante que acreditou que o mundo poderia ser mais igualitário e conseguiu isso com uma Revoluésect;épound;o Socialista que se mantém como exemplo na Educaésect;épound;o e na Medicina, para todos, além da igualdade. Comandante Fidel, presente!

Delza Maria Frare Chamma (Brazil)

Meus sentimentos ao Povo Cubano. Fidel Castro foi um grande homem que lutou e venceu o Império. Abraésect;o.

Rosa Maria Fristsch Feijó (Brazil)

Adeus grande herói!!

ana de oliveira (Brazil)

Deepest condolences to the Castro family.A great leader sadly missed

David Randerson (United Kingdom)

Apesar da pobreza do povo de Cuba, Fidel Castro investiu na educaésect;épound;o e saéordm;de e igualdade social.Merece respeito de todos!

Maria da C Aparecida Cota (United Kingdom)

Luiz Carlos Figueiredo de Jesus (Brazil)

A great inspiration throughout my life. Cubans should be proud of having such great fighter by their side. Hasta siempre comandante!

Paula Macedo (United Kingdom)

A América Latina deve muito ö Fidel, por sua luta pela libertaésect;épound;o dos povos. Viva Fidel!

francisco wellington duarte (Brazil)

All my life I have only known you as the leader of Cuba. You have offered friendship and help to the people from many nations who are most in need. Job well done. Rest in peace. I am so very proud of the work you were able to do.

Michelle Lateef (United States of America)

Vale Comrade Fidel

Brendan Bogle (Australia)

Aquí en Brasil el envío mis más cordiales saludos comunistas a todo el pueblo cubano, en particular el Partido Comunista de Cuba y de su Comité Central. Viva Fidel! ¡Viva la revolución! Viva al marxismo-leninismo! Socialismo o Muerte! Superaremos!

Bruno Lage (Brazil)

Mary Clinton (Ireland)

Farewell to a great world leader. If only there were more world leaders an countries prepared to stand up to USA

John Lessells (United Kingdom)

Long live Cuba

Michael Hanif (United Kingdom)

You were the right man for your country.

James Viner (United Kingdom)

Minhas condoléordf;ncias

Misael Godoy (Brazil)

You will never be forgotten by the oppressed of this world for whom you spent your life fighting for freedom and justice. Hasta siempre Commandante

Jackie Alsaid (United Kingdom)

Paz e Luz ao povo cubano na passagem de seu líder histórico Fidel Castro.

José Miranda (Brazil)

Thank you Fidel for bucking all the trends and showing us another world is possible. You gave us all hope. We will keep your example in our hearts.

Gemma Freedman (United Kingdom)

Pueblo de Cuba, Los pueblos de todo el mundo agradecen a vosostros y a Fidel por el valor que habéis demonstrado en la lucha por un mundo mejor, más digno y más justo. Que podamos siempre inspirarnos en Cuba, Che y Fidel en nuestra "lucha contra el imposible"! Viva el socialismo! Hasta la victoria siempre! Saludos desde Brasil, Marcelo Carneiro

Marcelo (Brazil)

Vocéordf; é top. Hasta la victoria siempre, comandante!

Jennifer Freitas Nunes (Brazil)

Querido Comandante en Jefe Fidel, no es posible expresar de ninguna manera el luto por tu pérdida física ni el agradecimiento por tu existencia en todas sus dimensiones, ni tampoco el orgullo de tener sangre cubana y raíces de la isla que téordm; has salvado y que has convertido en un país que, con su pequeño tamaño, da ejemplo al resto del mundo en todos los sentidos, igual que téordm; has sido y seguirás siendo un ejemplo de incansable luchador y glorioso vencedor, sin que jamás uno podrá comparar contigo que téordm; eres éordm;nico. Como esta gran personaje que eres has pasado a la historia y te mereces téordm; eterno lugar en ella igual que en los corazones de todos los Fidelistas que vivimos dentro y fuera de Cuba. Téordm; sigues vivo en cada uno de nosotros y tu legado lo llevamos por dentro para sembrarlo hacia afuera. Hasta La Victoria Siempre! Hasta Siempre, Comandante! Yo Soy Fidel!

Laura Maria Plecher (Germany)

you will always be with us commendante

Raymond (United Kingdom)

Hasta la victoria siempre!

PABLO ALVES COSTA (British Indian Ocean Territory)

Siga em paz, comandante! Dois inspiraésect;épound;o para diversas geraésect;émicro;es e realidade para o povo cubano! Hasta sempre, Fidel!

Cosme Henrique (Brazil)

Mert (United Kingdom)

Que Cuba continue sendo um exemplo de como o socialismo é a éordm;nica forma de a humanidade alcanésect;ar sua capacidade plena. Mesmo um país pequeno, com poucos recursos e limitado pelo embargo norte-americano, consegue se manter firme frente ao avanésect;o imperialista. Um abraésect;o! Que a Revoluésect;épound;o seja incorruptível! Viva Fidel! Viva Cuba!

Antéacute;nio Celestino (Brazil)

RIP Comrade Fidel

Paul Littlechild (United Kingdom)

Fidel fue el exemplo maximo del Hombre Nuevo que hablaba El Che. Fuerza hermanos cubanos! Nosotros somos todos Fidel!

Doriana Demeda (Brazil)

An inspirational and great revolutionary and leader. Has stood strong and brace in the face of bullish intimidation from an aggressive bullying far more powerful neighbour! Rest easy Fidel, your legacy will be an eternal one

Damien Doherty (Ireland)

R.I.P. Mary Queen of the Gaels look after him and Cuba.

Janice Austin (Ireland)

To a truly magnificent and visionary leader, whose achievements were truly magnificent, in the face of monumental and brutal attack by the USA! His leadership showed what can be achieved when you have the right priorities! Never has his wisdom been more necessary

Simon Peter McKernan (United Kingdom)

Fidel was a beacon of hope, ethics and revolution. He spoke and listen like any other socialist leader. My condolences to all Cubans and Fidel's family.

Paulo Seara (Portugal)

Dont stop what fidel and che have done, keep the revolution alive!

José Erivaldo (Brazil)

Joépound;o Batista Martins Gomes (Brazil)


Amisi Soumialot (United Kingdom)

History will prove you right, RIP Fidel Castro, Viva Cuba

Gus McLean (United Kingdom)

Nós, no Brasil, que tambem temos e respeitamos Lula e Dilma, sentimos profunda tristeza, junto com o povo de Cuba pela privaésect;épound;o da sua companhia, mas sabemos que Fidel sai deste mundo físico para viver para sempre, agora também na História, como o maior líder das Américas. Tal líder, tal povo. Cuba honrará o seu legado. Muita forésect;a a todos os cubanos. Estamos juntos. Contém com estes brasileiros aqui, agora e sempre.

Luís Carlos Rabello (Brazil)

From Scotland. May you rest in peace, man of the people.

stephen scott (United Kingdom)

Existe um Brasil que está de pé pela revoluésect;épound;o! Hasta la victoria comandante!

Suzana Nogueira (Brazil)

Viva Cuba! RIP Fidel - larger than life - a giant among people... Salute!

Bob Turner (United Kingdom)

Two countries in the same sea of struggle. Cuba and Ireland TAL

Peadair O'Maolai (Ireland)

Minha solidariedade ao povo cubano neste momento em que Fidel deixa este mundo. Cuba tem sido um exemplo para o mundo e, particularmente, para a América Latina, de forésect;a e resistéordf;ncia. Viva Cuba! Viva Fidel!

Juliana Dalbosco (Brazil)

Saudacoes ao grande líder revolucionario ,guerreiro da Libertacao de CUBA com Che GUEVARA.Suas convicoes politicas a favor a POVO serao eternamente inesquecíveis.Gostaqia de saudá-lo em naq língua CUBANA.De Havana á Santiago berco da revolucépound;o demonstra a lindeza de seu funeral Adios FIDEL Voce estará sempre entre nós porque ideias nunca, nunca morrem.

Maria Tereza Franco de Almeida Franco (Brazil)

Que descanse em paz esse grande revolucionário. Até a vitória, sempre!

Carla Hauer (Brazil)


William Lannon (United Kingdom)

Hasta Siempre!El Commandante! Thank you for your support during the Emancipation struggle of Angola, South Africa,Ethipia and all the nations that suffered under the yoke of Western Imperialism!!!

Karl (United Kingdom)

Acompaño en el sentimiento.

Maria Jennings (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre, Comandante! Viva Fidel! Viva Cuba!

Carla Erhardt (Brazil)

¡Hasta Siempre, Comandante!

Victor Oliveira da Silva (Brazil)

Pedro Wilson Porto (Brazil)

Que descanse em paz Comandante.

Odete Bassanesi (Brazil)

A leader of his time who, though he made mistakes, never put himself ahead of his people. A servant to Cuba of whom Cuba can be proud.

Benjamin Greenacre (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre, Comandante! Saudaésect;émicro;es ao povo revolucionário de Cuba!

Carlos Arthur Newlands Junior (Brazil)

RIP Comandante. Stood against their Proud Gringo Army, And sent them homeward, Tae think again.

Craig Stocks (United Kingdom)

Ao bravo povo Cubano! Meus sentimentos pelo falecimento do grande estadista. Hasta sempre

Elisabeth Rocha (Brazil)

Viva el eterno Lider De la Revolucion !

stefano (Brazil)

Fidel era un gran líder. Cuba y América Latina debe mucho a su ejemplo. Mi solidaridad con el pueblo cubano.

Giovanni Magalhaes Porto (Brazil)

Sempre será lembrado pela sua incansável luta em busca de uma Cuba livre, soberana e justa, exemplo a ser seguido por quem pretende elevar seu povo ao ápice de uma sociedade humanizada.


I don't condone everything that u did, but no doubt neither do u. You will be your own judge and juror for that! However, I think you did some amazing things. You emancipated your people, you stood up for the downtrodden and you embarrassed the American Imperialists time and time again. RIP Comrade!

Martin Gray (United Kingdom)

Fidel was an inspiration and a hero to me over the last 47 years of my life. Through my study of his life and those of his comrades I learnt enough to become a true socialist instead of a social democrat. Hasta LA Victoria siempre.

Kevin Geraghty (Ireland)

On behalf of the Greek Orthodox Community of New South Wales we would like to send our sincerely and deepest condolences to the family, to the people of Cuba to the Government of Cuba on the passing of Fidel Castro. Fidel devoted all his life to Cuba and with his passing the Cuban people lost a great leader and the world lost a great fighter who struggle against imperialism. Long live Fidel. Harry Danalis, Michael Tsilimos President Secretary

The Greek Orthodox Community of New South Wales (Australia)

Present, eternal commander. Long live the Cuban people!

Nelson Manzanares Filho (Brazil)

José Antonio Meler Garanto (Spain)

Your roaring voice maybe gone quiet but your legacy lives on in our hearts, you lived your life with a pride and dignity but above all you left behind a free and proud nation. You lived like a lion and died like a lion. RIP Mr Castro

Harris khan (United Kingdom)

To our comrade Hasta sienpre, comandante!

Lorraine ramos (Brazil)

Hasta la sempre my comandante!

izabella (Brazil)

Condolences to the Cuban people and thanks for your fight against aggression and standing up for the poor and oppressed of this world.

carol blodau (Ireland)

Eterno inspirador de geraésect;éacute;es de latino americanos

Fernando Martini Franco (Brazil)

Somos todos Fidel.

Paulo Jorge Pinto da Silva (Paulép (Brazil)

Fidel Castro Ruz, um grande homem que ficará eternamente na história.

Wellington Gomes Da Silva (Brazil)

Nosso coraésect;épound;o está em luto junto com o dos companheiros cubanos. HASTA SIEMPRE COMANDANTE!


Que os ideias da Revoluésect;épound;o pelos quais Fidel tanto lutou perseverem!

Sandra Mariano Stofel de Souza (Brazil)

Love and peace to my sisters, brothers and comrades in Cuba at this sad time.

Alan Strafford (United Kingdom)

Antenor Loula Moreira (Brazil)

Murray Armstrong (Canada)

Rest in peace, comrade Castro. May your legacy live forever in the hearts and minds of those who strive to make the World a better place...

Ebervalius Ahau (Brazil)

Até sempre, Comandante! Cuba vencerá!

Mário Jorge Couto (Portugal)

O mundo se fez menor sem a presenésect;a revolucionária e altruísta de um homem que conseguiu transfromar a vida de um país e mostrar ao mundo que é possível um mundo mais justo e de valores verdadeiros. Só temos a agradecer. Hasta Siempre Comandante!


Cathal short (Ireland)


Eline Jonas (Brazil)

We love your beautiful country and people. Thank you Fidel for your inspiration and guidance and for the amazing social justice that is Cuba. I wish you all love peace and solidarity.

Pam Wortley (United Kingdom)

Comandante Fidel, vocéordf; foi um grande homem, mostrou para nós latino americanos que népound;o precisamos nos humilhar e se sujeitar aos excessos do poder daqueles que se consideram "primeiro mundo".Sua resistéordf;ncia ao imperialismo ianque foi uma inspiraésect;épound;o para vários líderes da América do Sul para criar uma sociedade mais livre e justa para seus habitantes. Sei que o camarada possui falhas, pois é um ser humano, mas também sei que foi por causa de sua resistéordf;ncia, bem como a do camarada Che e tantos outros que conseguimos ver uma luz de esperanésect;a. Descanse em paz camarada junto de tantos outros irmépound;os revolucionários, pois agora nós assumiremos sua luta.

leandro augusto (Brazil)

Rest in peace. The world will remember your courage.

Abul Monsur (United Kingdom)

An incredible revolutionary never to be forgotten.

Ruth Lawley (United Kingdom)

Hasta Victoria Siempre

MatsWerning (Sweden)

"Se habla con frecuencia de los derechos humanos, pero hay que hablar también de los derechos de la humanidad. ¿Por qué unos pueblos han de andar descalzos para que otros viajen en lujosos automóviles? ¿Por qué unos han de vivir 35 años para que otros vivan 70? ¿Por qué unos han de ser míseramente pobres para que otros sean exageradamente ricos? Hablo en nombre de los niños que en el mundo no tienen un pedazo de pan; hablo en nombre de los enfermos que no tienen medicinas; hablo en nombre de aquellos a los que se les ha negado el derecho a la vida y la dignidad humana. Unos países tienen mar, otros no; unos tienen recursos energéticos, otros no; unos poseen tierras abundantes para producir alimentos, otros no; unos tan saturados de máquinas y fábricas están, que ni respirar se puede el aire de sus atmósferas envenenadas, otros no poseen más que sus escuálidos brazos para ganarse el pan. Unos países poseen, en fin, abundantes recursos, otros no poseen nada. ¿Cuál es el destino de estos? ¿Morirse de hambre? ¿Ser eternamente pobres? ¿Para qué sirve entonces la civilización? ¿Para qué sirve la conciencia del hombre? ¿Para qué sirven las Naciones Unidas? ¿Para qué sirve el mundo? No se puede hablar de paz en nombre de las decenas de millones de seres humanos que mueren cada año de hambre o enfermedades curables en todo el mundo. No se puede hablar de paz en nombre de 900 millones de analfabetos." Gracias por todo que regalaste al pueblo cubano, latinoamericano e mundial, Fidel!

Gabriel Arozi Abbade Abelin (Brazil)

¡Hasta siempre, Fidel! Fidel Castro was a giant of our times; few reach even to his ankles. His ideas, ethics and political perspectives live on in the hearts and minds of hundreds of millions around the world. In his death as in his life, Fidel will make a mighty contribution to the rebirth of the revolutionary movement humanity urgently needs if we are escape from capitalism's drive to war and ecological catastrophe.

John Smith (United Kingdom)

A maior perda da Humanidade népound;o está na auséordf;ncia física e sim no legado que tinha por vim. Fidel népound;o morre! Seu legado foi completo. Seus exemplos manterá meu coraésect;épound;o ativo até o éordm;ltimo dia da minha vida na luta incansável pelo socialismo.

Jorge Ferreira Rodrigues (United Kingdom)

Please accept my sympathy to the Castro family and all the Cuban people.I wish recent British leaders had stood by UK citizens the way that Fidel stood by his.From a Life Member of two trade unions (NUJ and GMB)

David Savage (United Kingdom)


Rafael Saraiva Lapuente (Brazil)

Paul (Ireland)

Viva o Comandante!!!

Marcelo Eduardo de Oliveira (Brazil)

Vivam o luto, chorem e sofram. Sigam em frente honrando e evoluindo o legado de Fidel.

Ana Balestiere (Brazil)

Obrigado Fidel Castro! Reconhecemos sua luta em fabor da humanidade.

Marcos de Moraes Gomes (Brazil)

Viva Fidel!

Milton Emmanuel Ferreira (United Kingdom)

Fidel will live forever.

denis baggs (United Kingdom)


Aaron Bernard (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre comandante.

Manuel Rojas Vigoa (China)

condolences to the Cuban people on the sad loss of Fidel, he will always be remembered.

Janet Morrow (United Kingdom)

Condoléordf;ncia pela morte do Grande Comandante Cubano,exemplo de resistencia a dominaésect;épound;o extrangeira.

Alex Neves (Brazil)

Long Live the Revolution and the people who live in Cuba!

David (United States of America)

You did your best for Cuba, which is more than ever be said for the UK government!

Meg Selby (United Kingdom)

O maior revolucionário da história das Américas e mais nobre humano de nossa Terra népound;o está mais presente entre nós. No dia 25 de novembro de 2016, o eterno comandante de todos os revolucionários do Terceiro Mundo, Fidel Castro Ruz, saiu da vida para entrar na História. Rendo-lhe minhas homenagens para me somar aos milhares de homens e mulheres que, ao redor do mundo, registram a importa¢ncia do líder da Revoluésect;épound;o Cubana para todos os povos vitimados diariamente pela agressépound;o imperialista. Fidel liderou uma pequena naésect;épound;o contra a maior potéordf;ncia imperialista da história durante cinco décadas e, apesar das dezenas de tentativas de assassinato reconhecidas pelo próprio algoz, a CIA, dos diversos atentados terroristas contra seu povo, das invasémicro;es e; do boicote econéacute;mico mais repugnante e criminoso dos éordm;ltimos séculos; se sagrou plenamente vitorioso, fazendo de Cuba népound;o só uma naésect;épound;o livre e soberana como também do seu povo aquele que tem os melhores índices sociais da América Latina. Só isso já seria suficiente para que o nome de Fidel figurasse nas páginas de ouro dos anais da História. Todavia, essa é só uma pequena parte. A epopeia iniciada por um jovem advogado e líder estudantil, que passou por uma pequena dezena de guerrilheiros que se embrenharam numa mata pretendendo derrubar um exército regular de um país inteiro e que em quatro anos fizeram da utopia realidade, com milhares de revolucionários realizando a maior revoluésect;épound;o da história da América Latina, está ligada diretamente ö era das insurreiésect;émicro;es anti-imperialistas. Cuba, mesmo cercada e atacada por todos os lados, jamais deixou de auxiliar quem quer que fosse em qualquer parte do mundo. Quando as trevas das ditaduras militares tomaram a América Latina (inclusive o Brasil), foi Cuba que serviu de abrigo e apoio para aqueles que estavam sendo perseguidos, torturados e mortos nos cárceres; foi essa ilha que deu um dos seus mais brilhantes filhos, Ernesto Che Guevara, para a libertaésect;épound;o latino-americana. Enquanto Estados Unidos e Inglaterra apoiavam o racista regime do Apartheid, foram os cubanos que foram ao continente africano regar a liberdade e a independéordf;ncia com o próprio sangue. Quando no mundo inteiro os coveiros da história pregavam a morte do socialismo, foi Fidel que liderou seu povo em meio ös mais terríveis privaésect;émicro;es para mostrar que népound;o, a História népound;o havia acabado e que na América Latina, nas barbas do imperialismo, ainda havia quem acreditasse que um outro mundo, socialista, justo, igualitário e livre, era sim possível e que havia ainda gente nesse planeta que continuava disposta a morrer para enterrar os que se pretendiam coveiros do tempo. Quando todos entoavam cantos féordm;nebres, foi Fidel um dos primeiros a proclamar aos quatro cantos do mundo: O socialismo vive! O mundo hoje ficou um lugar pior, pois o farol da humanidade perdeu uma fonte de luz. Os tempos que se avizinham sépound;o sombrios. O imperialismo, atormentando por uma profunda crise, intensifica seus saques. O fascismo despertou novamente de onde nunca deveria ter saído - a lata de lixo. Certamente tivemos uma importante baixa. Certamente as coisas serépound;o mais difíceis do que quando tínhamos o Comandante. Todavia, graésect;as a Fidel sabemos que que népound;o existe forésect;a usurpadora, por mais terrível, rica e poderosa que seja, que népound;o possa ser derrotada por um povo que está realmente decidido a se libertar. Graésect;as a Fidel aprendemos que o imperialismo, apesar de népound;o ser um tigre de papel, népound;o é capaz de matar ideias. Graésect;as a Fidel aprendemos que uma organizaésect;épound;o revolucionária deve ser a imagem e a semelhanésect;a dos melhores homens e mulheres e, se népound;o for, mudar é necessário. Graésect;as a Fidel aprendemos que podem passar décadas, tragédias, ataques e tormentos, que um povo que luta conquistará inexoravelmente a sua liberdade. Com Fidel aprendemos a tornar o impossível possível. E graésect;as aos seus ensinamos e ao seu exemplo que népound;o descansaremos nem um minuto sequer da luta revolucionária pelo socialismo, contra o fascismo e contra o imperialismo. Cedo ou tarde a América Latina, terra que serviu de berésect;o para esse gigante da humanidade, abrigará o téordm;mulo do fascismo e o imperialismo! Por fim, faésect;o das palavras de Fidel para Che Guevara, quando da sua morte, as minhas: Si queremos expresar cómo aspiramos que sean nuestros combatientes revolucionarios, nuestros militantes, nuestros hombres, debemos decir sin vacilación de ninguna índole: ¡Que sean como Fidel Si queremos expresar cómo queremos que sean los hombres de las futuras generaciones, debemos decir: ¡Que sean como el Fidel Si queremos decir cómo deseamos que se eduquen nuestros niños, debemos decir sin vacilación: ¡Queremos que se eduquen en el espíritu del Fidel Si queremos un modelo de hombre, un modelo de hombre que no pertenece a este tiempo, un modelo de hombre que pertenece al futuro, ¡de corazón digo que ese modelo sin una sola mancha en su conducta, sin una sola mancha en su actitud, sin una sola mancha en su actuación, ese modelo es Fidel! Si queremos expresar cómo deseamos que sean nuestros hijos, debemos decir con todo el corazón de vehementes revolucionarios: ¡Queremos que sean como Fidel! Esse noite, em vários países do mundo, milhares de crianésect;as dormirépound;o nas ruas. Nenhuma delas é cubana graésect;as a Fidel! Népound;o há caléordm;nia, desinformaésect;épound;o, propaganda e ódio que possa apagar isso; que possa apagar a história. O nome de Fidel Castro atravessará os séculos como o de um Espártaco contempora¢neo a inspirar o que de melhor a humanidade já produziu. Fidel vive! Gracias a la vida por habernos dado Fidel.

Diego Grossi (Brazil)

Fidel, sua imagem e sua determinaésect;épound;o será lembrada para sempre na América Latina como símbolo de resistéordf;ncia e liberdade.

Jean Lucas Ramos Veloso (Brazil)

Fuerza Cuba! Sigan luchando!

Carlos Nogueira (Brazil)

History has indeed absolved you. The revolution rolls on.....

Robert Aikman (United Kingdom)

Fidel and his example in Cuba gave so many the hope and courage throughout latin America and the rest of the world to challenge the established order. He truly brought education to the masses and his name will be spoken long past the day when the Trump's and Bush's are consigned to history. la lucha continua

Tom Hore (United Kingdom)

Hasta Siempre Comandante!

Paulo Ricardo Rumayor Sanches (Brazil)

Kenny Gonzalez Moreno (Cuba)

Vives en nuestros corazónes

Roland Bishop (United Kingdom)

Silvana Vieira de Sousa (Brazil)


fidel nao morreu, porque é e será sempre o defensor dos humildes !

alder grego (United Kingdom)

Que os CUBANOS se orgulhem, de ter um filho chamado FIDEL CASTRO.

Hidalgo Costa Gomes (Brazil)

Vedat Xhymshiti (United Kingdom)

Viva Fidel... Viva socialist Cuba. We did not die yet. We still alive. Fight for socialism for to keep world, people, animal and nature alive...

Mehmet Celebi (United Kingdom)

Phil Atkinson (United Kingdom)

Seu papel no mundo se cumpriu. Por sua causa, muitos levam em seus coraésect;émicro;es o conceitos de solidariedade e comunhépound;o.

Ana Paula Rezende Bispo (Brazil)

Triste com a perda de um líder, honrado, ao povo Cubano, meus sentimentos pela perda,

Dorival Narciso (Brazil)

Minhas sinceras condoléordf;ncias aos irmépound;os Cubanos. Viva Fidel. Hasta Siempre Comandante.

Vania Maria Pinheiro (Brazil)

Raul y Pueblo Cubano, hemanos.... Estoy muy triste con la muete del nuestro guerrero y comandante Fidel Castro. Mi Espanol es poco, mas gostaria de dizer que estoy contigo de corazon y alma e lucharemos juntos por una sociedade mas justa para todos. Gracias mis hemanos y poden contar comigo, Yo soy Barbara Larissa Fagundes de Bahia, Brasil y resido nos Estado unidos (La Lucha Continua) Te amo Fidel!

Barbara Larissa Fagundes (United States of America)

going to reunite with Che

dejan martinovic (United Kingdom)

My sympathies to the people of Cuba, and all the world; we who have lost a guiding light and great leader, Rest in Peace Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz, lest we forget, todos samos Cubanos

Richard Terry (United Kingdom)

Thank you Fidel and the people of Cuba for standing against capitalist oppression. Viva Castro viva revolution!

donacha o'dwyer (Ireland)

Farewell our dearest comrade! You succeded in building a better world for everyone and we can only hope that the people of Cuba will continue your way! True heroes never die and I am sure they will never destroy great socialist ideas as hard as they may try. ¡Vivan Fidel, Che, Tito y todos otros grandes hombres que cambiaron la historia! Venceremos!

Ines (Croatia)

A fifty-year-old embargo, which still continues, achieved little other than hurting the average person in Cuba. Although Cuba had some of the best trained doctors in the world, medicines were in extremely short supply because of the U.S. "Trading with the Enemy" act.

Stanley H. Kossen, Professor, Retired (United States of America)

Fidel Castro será recordado como uno de los más grandes humanistas de la historia de nuestro tiempo.

Martim Assueros Gomes (Brazil)

The revolution lives, hasta la victoria siempre.

Eeenoog (Netherlands)

Uma vida em luta pela Justiésect;a Social!

Cocco, Rosa Maria (Brazil)

Estarás sempre vivo na nossa memória, descanse em paz camarada!

Rildo Tavares de Melo (Brazil)

Fidel nos enseñó el significado de internacionalismo y solidaridad. Seguiremos luchando por un mundo mejor. Long live Fidel!!! Patria o Muerte!!!!

Marina (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre, comandante Fidel!

Ramilton Coelho Junior (Brazil)

Alcione Teixeira Mena (Brazil)

Adios companero la lucha continua Gracias

Jimmy Doran (Ireland)

The workers and toilers of the world have lost a true friend.RIP.

Linda Bond (United Kingdom)

May the good Lord grant him eternal rest..

Linford Marcus (Ghana)

carlos wellington (Brazil)

An inspirational leader who stood up to the bullying American imperialism and brought in an unrivalled health and education system for the masses you will be sadly missed, but live long in the harts of the people. VIVA EL COMADANTE!!!!!?

Bernard nugent (United Kingdom)

Obrigada comandante, por seu exemplo de coragem, sensibilidade e sabedoria, que tanto nos ensina e ensinará. Hasta siempre!

Maria do Socorro Ribeiro (Brazil)

Venceremos,Los Cubanos! Adios Commandante!Hasta la victoria siempre!

David Green (United Kingdom)

Very sad - a great man, a great socialist a great human

Anthony Kenneth Graham (United Kingdom)

Yo soy Fidel.

Aloma Tereza Pinho de Vasconcelos Chaves (Brazil)

Haste La Victoria Siempre!!!

Rob Hart (United Kingdom)

JJ (United Kingdom)

Everton José de Carvalho (Brazil)

Grande líder, vocéordf; deixará saudades!

Francis Bossaert (Brazil)

Vá em paz comandante! Estaremos rezando por sua alma e pela proteésect;épound;o divina!

Marcelo (Brazil)

In solidarity with Cuba.

Carl Glynn (United Kingdom)

Condolence on the passing of a great historical person who stood firm despite the odds.

Myrtle Weir (Jamaica)

Jed (United Kingdom)

Thank you Comrade, you gave us the inspiration and hope to carry on. Fight the Imperialists for ever. ?No Pasaran?

David Griffiths (United Kingdom)

Fidel Vive. Hasta la victoria. Siempre.


Hasta siempre compañero!

Carlos Frederico Marés de So (Brazil)

Descanse em Paz Comandante

Joépound;o Gualberto Carneiro (United Kingdom)

Fidel é um marco na luta contra o imperialismo selvagem.

Sérgio Schaefer (Brazil)

Fidel was a true revolutionary and humanitarian. He was an inspiration to many liberation and socialist movements. In Ireland our own Cathal Goulding took inspiration from Fidel. The best way to honor his passing is to continue with the fight for SOCIALISM.

Philip Moran (Ireland)

O Brasil lamenta a perda do Grande Comandante Fidel!

Jésus Eduardo de Sales (Brazil)

Hasta siempre Comandante

Joépound;o Rodolfo (Brazil)

I began my political education reading the works of Mandela, Guevara and Castro. With your passing so did pass the last physical existence of my trio of educators. Your writings inspired me, taught me lessons about social justice and humanitarianism, and yes you taught me at times about the unfortunate abuses of power. My conscience wouldn't rest if I said you was a saint and that you didn't do horrible things. But I respect what you set out to do and believe in your heart you was doing the right thing all the time. So for your crimes, I condemn you but for all the good you have inspired me to do, I thank you and will carry those lessons with me throughout the rest of my life.

Samuel Marshall (United Kingdom)

Thanks from Scotland comrade for the bold, inspiring example you embodied of socialist struggle & national freedom. Lömh dearg a'buaidh!

Don Nicolson (United Kingdom)

Los que Luchan por la justcia sociale viven siempre en la memoria. Hasta Siempre Comandante Fidel. Socialismo o Muerte!

Mr Mayer Cohen (United Kingdom)

Aos irmépound;os cubano minha profunda admiraésect;épound;o.

Alexandre (Brazil)

My wife and I were saddened to learn of the demise of Comrade Fidel Castro, a towering figure who stood up against American imperialism. We offer our sincere condolences to Fidel family and to the people of Cuba. Long live the Cuban revolution.

Frank Smyth-Britt (United Kingdom)

Descanse em paz!

Adimilson Pacheco Duarte (Brazil)

Meus sinceros sentimentos ao povo cubano pela morte de seu grande líder, Fidel Castro.

Marco Aurélio (Brazil)

Obrigada,pelo exemplo de como cuidar bem de seu povo: saéordm;de,educaésect;ao,especial a crianésect;as Obrigada pelos Médicos

Soraya Bruzadelli Borges (Brazil)

On behalf of the Polish Branch of the Korean Friendship Association, I offer our sincere condolences to the party, government and people of Cuba. Fidel Castro was a great hero who dedicated his life for the good of Cuba and the Cuban people and was an outstanding political leader. His life is a glorious history of struggle for socialism against imperialism. His deeds will remain forever in our memory. Socialismo o Muerte!


Fidel has always been a source of inspiration. What he was able to accomplish in Cuba in the areas of education, health care and social justice was and is beyond amazing. I am deeply saddend by his departure from this world. Farewell comrade.

Larissa (Canada)

Fidel! Grande líder e revolucionário! Uma vida dedicada a soberania de Cuba e da América Latina. Meu respeito e minha admiraésect;épound;o eterna.

Cláudia Pessoa (Brazil)

Inesquecível e sempre presente, comandante e camarada Fidel! Vocéordf; está e estará em nossos coraésect;émicro;es e mentes, cotidianamente. Seu exemplo e luta, serépound;o nossos estímulos a guiar nossos sonhos transformados em aésect;émicro;es, mais que possíveis! Hasta la victoria siempre! Patria o muerte!Venceremos! Com todo o meu fervor revolucionário. Margarida Barreto

Margarida Barreto (Brazil)

Ao grande Fidel, exemplo maior de preocupaésect;épound;o, do bem estar de um povo pobre, a trazéordf;-lo para uma convivéordf;ncia mínima, mas possível, de todos terem os direitos básicos de sobrevivéordf;ncia. Os meus sinceros votos de pesar ao grande povo Cubano.

Manoel Junqueira Neto (Brazil)

Rest In Peace, Comandante!

Dirck Stone (Brazil)

Fidel vive em todos que acreditam numa sociedade mais justa e solidária!

Vanessa Ottoni de Brito (Brazil)

Fidel - an unrivalled inspiration. Hasta siempre, Conandante ...

Ramona (Malta)

Bernhard Nowag (Germany)

Vá em paz, comandante! Vocéordf; já fez sua parte.


Meus sentimentos, Fidel sempre!

Angela Bitarelli Medeiros (Brazil)

Irei sempre recordar-te por seres o pai dos humildes, por lutares pelos humildes e para os humildes. Foste,és e serás sempre um exemplo de persistéordf;ncia e esperanésect;a. Hasta la victoria,siempre! FIDEL*

Adriana Gomes (Portugal)

Hasta Siempre, Comandante! No pasaran.

Amy McNeese-Mechan (United Kingdom)

Ao resistente povo Cubano meu mais profundo pesar pela peder do Grande Líder Revolucionário Fidelidade Castro!!!

José Msria Pereira Guimar& (United Kingdom)

Ciarán Hartley (Ireland)

Saudaésect;émicro;es ao comandante Fidel. Para ele o povo cubano sempre foi prioridade. A ilha solidária de Fidel sempre ajudando o povo mundo afora.

Carmita Viana (Brazil)

Grande guerreiro pela paz é crescimento humano. Deixou exemplo de abnegaésect;épound;o pela humanidade. Nos mostrou que tudo é possível. A história o honrrara!

Gilmar Vieira da Silva (Brazil)

My thoughts are with the Cuban people at this time.

David (United Kingdom)

Gracias comandante!!!!!! Fidel Vive!!!!! Hasta la vitória siempre!!!!!

Marcia (Brazil)

Ulla Schwitalla (Germany)

O seu legado ficará na Eternidade como exemplo de coeréordf;ncia para todos aqueles que lutam por mundo liberto da exploraésect;épound;o do homem pelo homem. Viva Fidel, sempre!

Charles Engels Chaves Moraes (Brazil)

Silvio Cordeiro Bastos (Peru)

descanse em paz !!!

Heloisa de Alemar Gaspar (Brazil)

Gracias El commandante

Mike Gibbs (United Kingdom)

Nick (United Kingdom)

Hasta la victoria siempre, Comandante Fidel! Viva la revolucion Cubana!

Leila Aissat Isung (Sweden)

Hasta Siempre Comandante, Paz y Bien!

Jefferson Ferreira Wesolowski (Brazil)

Nao sei a quem admiro mais: se a Fidel ou a seu bravo povo cubano. Ficarei com os dois porque um nao existiria sem o outro. A dignidade de um sustentou a dignidade do outro. A vitoria, sempre!

Paulo Armando del Castillo Andrade (Brazil)

Rita Maire (United Kingdom)

He was a true activist. he lived his principles. Rest In Peace Commandante!

Al-hassan Adam (United Kingdom)

Josef (United Kingdom)

O Comandante Fidel Castro mostrou aos povos oprimidos pelo imperialismo e por governos associados ö exploraésect;épound;o capitalista que é necessário ousar lutar para libertar-se desse jugo e construir uma naésect;épound;o cujo povo tenha educaésect;épound;o, saéordm;de e possa orgulhar-se dos éordf;xitos de seu país. HASTA SIEMPRE, COMANDANTE FIDEL

Carlos Eduardo Pini Leitépound;o (Brazil)

RIP Comandante !!

LAURENCE (United Kingdom)

Hasta Siempre

Jose Carlos (Brazil)

Mi sentido pésame al pueblo cubano por la pérdida de ese visionario de 90 años cuyo deseo fue que hubiera un mundo mejor con oportunidades para todos y que con sus acciones logró que Cuba se mantuviera fuera del capitalismo y del neoliberalismo que nos sigue oprimiendo en América Latina, aunque nos hagan creer que somos libres en medio de tanta corrupción, narcotráfico, jóvenes pérdidos en las drogas. Un gran abrazo para mis amigas cubanas y todo mi respeto para Silvio de quien soy su fan gracias a un profesor que tuve en mi primer año de universidad en el año 1975.

María Teresa Berma& (Costa Rica)

Registro o meu profundo pesar pelo falecimento do Líder Revolucionário Fidel Castro.O Povo de Cuba saberá dar continuidade ao se legado, assegurando as conquistas sociais, e o Direito a uma Pátria livre e soberana. Abaixo o Bloqueio Econéacute;mico.

Geraldeli da Costa Rofino (Brazil)

Hasta la victoria siempre!

Kriegseisen Helmuth (Austria)

Viva Fidel!!

Eleonora (Brazil)

Dear Professor of Strugle ... With Regards

Timeless QTZLCTL (United Kingdom)

Fidel, com suas ideias e aésect;émicro;es, constituiu se no dínamo de todos os combatentes pela construésect;épound;o de uma nova era de paz, progresso e justiésect;a social. Pátria ou morte! Socialismo ou morte! Até a vitória, sempre!

Paulo Valdevino Fróio (Brazil)

Marlos Duarte (Brazil)

Hasta la vitoria, comandante!

Carlos Cassaro (Brazil)

Cuba has lost one of the greatest leaders in history, RIP Fidel Castro

Jordan Hammond (United Kingdom)

Viva Fidel ! vocéordf; népound;o vai morrer nunca vocéordf; é exemplo de coragem, e de dignidade Vocéordf; vai ser sempre Especial.

Ilda Santos Cardoso Pereira (United Kingdom)

Hasta la Victória, comandante!

Iane Rocha Lemos (Brazil)

I don't believe the Western Press. Some in the West appreciate what you did. They're called 'independent thinkers'

Mick Men (United Kingdom)

grande revolucionário.

fernando lima (Brazil)

Pedro Braga Ferreira (Brazil)

Renate Maurer-Hein (Germany)

Firme companheiro Fidel!!!!!!

Diego Francisco Henrique (Brazil)


Rónan Carson (Ireland)

A true legend of our time. Now he as joinded the other legend Che.

Paul Nelson (United Kingdom)

Adiós, comandante Fidel, a quem tive a honrosa oportunidade de conhecer pessoalmente, em dezembro de 1997, durante o Congresso de Saéordm;de Primária das Américas, ocorrido em Havana. Siga em paz, comandante, e obrigado pelo exemplo de lutas, determinaésect;épound;o e compromisso com os povos mais necessitados do mundo em defesa da justiésect;a social. Missépound;o cumprida com louvor e que retornes em novos tempos para executar novas missémicro;es pelo progresso da humanidade. Hasta la victoria, siempre!

José Maria de Araa (Brazil)

Keep the faith!

Janine Wilson (United Kingdom)

grande líder revolucionário.

sender de lima (Brazil)

Comandante, o seu exemplo ecoa por toda a América Latina! Descanse em paz!

Pedro Henrique Pedrosa de Melo (Brazil)

Condolences to the family of Fidel Castro and to people throughout Cuba

Bairbre de Bréordm;n (Ireland)

Your great country and the world mourns you.

Margaret Hinchcliffe (United Kingdom)

Perdemos um grande líder... Mas népound;o perdemos, pois ele fez o impossível acontecer. Graésect;as a ele sabemos que o pequeno pode, sim, contra o grande.

Denise Amaral (Brazil)

Susana Cunha (Brazil)

Do Van An (Viet Nam)

patria mundo y vida

Petra schwerdtner hüyng (Germany)


Jane Dalt (Ireland)

Viva Fidel!!

Luciana Belissimo (Brazil)

Rest In Power Long live the Revolution. Thank You Fidel Castro.

Sirantos Fotopoulos (United States of America)

Fidel vive!

Izaura Soares Coelho (Brazil)

Fidel foi um exemplo de coragem, de que é possível mudanésect;as.

Carlos Teófilo Dias Costa (Brazil)

Fidel, vocéordf; nos representa. O corpo morre mas o espírito vive.

Lígia Consuela Costa Cabral (Brazil)

Um grande mentor espiritual da América Latina, um grande Líder para além de Cuba, um herói revolucionário inspiraésect;épound;o do marxismo, do socialismo e de um patriota junto com José Martí, toda a solidariedade e apoio revolucionário para Cuba. Seguirei vosso exemplo para toda a minha vida. Viva Fidel Castro!

Fernando Gaebler (Brazil)

You die but you will live in our heart forever,President Fidel Castro.

Hoang Van Loc (Viet Nam)

Meus irmépound;os e irmépound;s cubanos(as), Neste momento em que estépound;o se despedindo do grande líder, venho solidarizar-me com vocéordf;s. Nós também, aqui no interior do estado da Bahia, também choramos. Fidel népound;o foi homem apenas do vosso país, sua luta e os seus feitos atingiram o mundo inteiro. O fruto da revoluésect;épound;o da qual ele é o líder maior,chegou até nós: muitos sépound;o os filhos(as) nossos(as) que estudaram e estudam aí; muitos sépound;o os médicos de vocéordf;s que véordf;m ensinar ao Brasil o que é um atendimento humanizado. Além disso, o nosso de liberdade, de uniépound;o da nossa América e de todos os trabalhadores veio e se mantém vivo graésect;as a Fidel, a Martí, Guevara e a todos vocéordf;s. Por isso, enquanto choramos, nos nutrimos de esperanésect;a. O legado que ele nos deixa é maior que a saudade. Gratidépound;o. Vitória sempre! Grande abraésect;o hermanos. Edileuza.

Edileuza Alves da Silva (Brazil)

Hasta Siempre Comandante Fidel ! Minhas condoléordf;ncias ao povo cubano é demais povos que apoiaram muitas medidas revolucionárias !!

José Carlos Nunes dos Santos (Brazil)

Caio Fernando Aguiar (Brazil)

(Viet Nam)

Obrigado Fidel, por toda una vida dedicada ö saéordm;de e ö educaésect;épound;o do povo cubano. Será sempre uma inspiraésect;épound;o para todos os povos oprimidos. Hasta siempre comandante!

Luiz H. Massola (Brazil)

You were an inspiration xxx

laurence redman (United Kingdom)

Paul Cahoon (Ireland)

O exemplo de humanidade do comandante Fidel, e uma lindeza! Homem que lutou por igualdade e justiésect;a dos Cubanos, é de uma gradezade abenésect;oada. Brota em mim a esperanésect;a quando sei que as crianésect;as e os jovens de Cuba estépound;o protegidos das drogas.

Maria Auderian Santana Ferreira (Brazil)

Comandante, vocéordf; deixou muito bem plantada a semente de luta por uma sociedade justa, onde todo o povo possa usufruir de saéordm;de e educaésect;épound;o de qualidade. Levaremos para a frente o nome de Cuba e da revoluésect;épound;o. Gracias Fidel Viva la revolucion

Carla Ribeiro (Brazil)

Always a great admirer of your stance against American Imperialism I have had the luck to visit your wonderful Island three times and stay in Havana Rest in peace old Warrior.

John Peter Gill (United Kingdom)

Somos aquilo que defendemos e assim seremos lembrados.Fidel um herói na luta em defesa dos mas pobres.

José Carlos Barbeta da Silva (Brazil)

Em homenagem ao éordm;ltimo dos meus heróis do século XX, que sua luta seja a inspiraésect;épound;o pros próximos heróis que chegarépound;o. Que se faésect;a a vitoria, sempre!

David Nicolau Alves de Melo (Brazil)

Fidel sempre será eterno!!! Q luz possa iluminar seu novo caminho e que possa tb iluminar coraésect;émicro;es e mentes de todos nós, com seu ideal e pensamentos!

Clayton Elias (Brazil)

Rest In Peace Comrade

Lisa (United Kingdom)

Hasta Siempre Cmdte!

Esmeraldo Cruz Sampaio (Brazil)

Keep his spirit in mind and moe forward xxxxxxx

David M Turnbull (United Kingdom)

Geraldo Romano (Brazil)

A great socialist and a great man.

Dave Watt (United Kingdom)

p.nieuwenhuis (Netherlands)

Népound;o consigo encontrar palavras para escrever algo sobre nosso comandante. Quando recebi a notícia de sua morte fiquei sem chépound;o. Mas depois me recuperei e voltei a fazer o que sempre gostei de fazer: defender a revoluésect;épound;o e as de Fidel. Obrigado por existir meu comandante! Agora a sua luta é nossa, venceremos ou morreremos tentando! Até a vitória sempre! Sturt Silva Editor do Blog Solidários - 04/12/16 - Sépound;o Joépound;o del-Rei - Minas Gerais - Brasil

Sturt Silva (Brazil)

Os que morrem pela vida népound;o podem chamar-se mortos. Viva Fidel!!! Viva Cuba!!!

Nicole Di Domenico (Brazil)

You will go down as one of the true champions of the ordinary man and woman viva Cuba

Ian wilson (United Kingdom)

Fidel is the name of the 20th century. Fidel is my hero, he is the hero of all people.The cuban and the brazilian people will always recognize this hero's struggle.

Marcus Robson Nascimento Costa (Brazil)

Fidel Castro, gracias por su existencia, su firmeza revolucionaria, su ejemplo de vida. Viva Cuba e su pueblo. Viva el socialismo.


jill (United Kingdom)

Respect for a true revolutionary who stood against all the odds for a better, fairer world

Guto Davies (United Kingdom)

RIP Fidel a true revolutionary and leader of his people

David McKane (United Kingdom)

Fidel vive para o povo latino americano,seremos defensores da liberdade e independencia conta as atrocidades,do EUA.

Rosieudo Leite da Silva (Brazil)

Um homem completo um perfeito estadista que népound;o se faz quase...Um exemplo para mundo de saber compartilhar de saber olhar para o próximo como a si mesmo dando ao povo ensinamentos de amor,justiésect;a de caráter de ética e retidépound;o sabedoria que esta em falta no mundo guiado somente pela gana¢ncia poder prepotéordf;ncia esquecendo dos humildes das coisas simples de saber dividir...

maria (Brazil)

A humanidade perde um dos seus melhores representantes.

Giovanni G. Vieira (Brazil)

Manoel Mello Jr (Brazil)

A great man and may his vision and spirit live on.

Barbara Pesch (United Kingdom)

Cheers ....the world is now having a long awaited rethink

CJR (United Kingdom)

RIP. What an incredible man.

Anne Mckeown (United Kingdom)

Viva Fidel

Arif Chohan (United Kingdom)

Viva cuba...

Bulent ozer (United Kingdom)

In memory of Fidel who led his country with such courage and determination for so many years, standing up to the nuclear super-power a few miles to the west, who was effectively the leader of the 'Third World' and impoverished countries of the world, and who created the best National Health Service of any country in the world. Venceremos!

Rudi Affolter (United Kingdom)

Grande Fidel, seu legado nunca será esquecido!

Pompéia Sonoda (Brazil)

Amarillys de Araujo Lopes (Brazil)

An inspiration.

Mike Shapton (United Kingdom)

O mundo ficou muito mais triste sem o grande líder Fidel. Fique com a Luz maravilhoso Guerreiro!.

Neide Rosa Santos Moraes (Brazil)

Obrigado camarada.

Everson Duarte Cazzaniga (Brazil)

On the day we lost Fidel I was actually reduced to tears, I've only been to Cuba once back in 1998. But was struck by the respect held by Cuban citizen's for Fidel. I can only try to imagine how so many people in Cuba at this time. My heart goes out them at this time.

Sean Stewart (United Kingdom)

Fidel you were a inspiration to many people all over the world I have you tattooed on one leg and che on the over , meet your comrade and finally rest in peace in the knowledge the people loved you RIP Fidel

Anthony Williams (United Kingdom)

Que vocéordf;s possam continuar honrando Fidel.

Celso Henrique Diniz Valente de Figueiredo (Brazil)

God bless your soul and pray your example continues in our people

Urban Muhammad (United Kingdom)

Fidel Castro foi um exemplo de luta e resistéordf;ncia contra as forésect;as dominantes desse mundo capitalista,O povo Cubano deve orgulhar-se de seu comandante,Hasta la Victoria siempre camarada Fidel Castro.

Celso veras (Brazil)

In changing Cuba you were instrumental in changing the world! I am Fidel! Hans Roy

Hans (United States of America)

en nuestros corazones brillera para siempre el faro de la humanidad

casimir (Austria)

Mora Young (United Kingdom)

Paulo Cesarde Abreu Cobucci (Brazil)

A luta continua. Morrem as pessoas mas népound;o seus ideais e seu exemplo.

Amador Leonel Filho (Brazil)

Viva Cuba!

Rosalind (United Kingdom)

Trinh Duc (Viet Nam)

A man misrepresented by the press, a man who could not be bought!

Susan (United Kingdom)

In solidarity with an amazing man, family and country and with apologies for BBC's terrible reporting and also appalling humour on Channel 4's 'The Last Leg!' Thoroughly bad taste. Lots of new young people are learning about Cuba at meetings held since 26th and still an being inspired

Jo Hammond (United Kingdom)

Que tengas un buen viaje, dondequiera que vayas.

Ombretta (Italy)

A great man who did so much good for so many people.

Angie (United Kingdom)

Um grande tirano morreu, mas, ao contrário do que a palavra afirma, ele o fez com dignidade, apreésect;o, correésect;épound;o e salvaésect;épound;o de um povo do jugo do neoliberalismo. Salve Fidel, estadista, na história configurado como líder e extremoso "pai" da pátria. Vida Fidel!!!

Cilas Medi (Brazil)



Thinking of you all at such a sad time. My father died a week before Fidel, he was a big admirer of Fidel. My deepest condolences on your loss. I think you were very lucky to have such a great leader.

Dee Morrey (United Kingdom)

Eterno lider revolucionário

Réacute;mulo (Brazil)

My sincere condolences. Fidel was a hero.

Charles (Norway)

Até a vitória!!!

Flavius Marcus Lana de Vasconcelos (Brazil)

Toda nossa solidariedade ao povo cubano. Fidel Castro será sempre o nosso líder e a nossa referéordf;ncia revolucionária. A nossa luta pela igualdade social continua viva, sempre!!!

Adriana Lana Ramos (Brazil)

Meu querido comandante Fidel...népound;o me despeésect;o de vc porque já ganhou vida eterna em meu coraésect;épound;o há muitos anos. Sou filha dessa pátria que vocéordf; idealizou e construiu de mépound;os dadas com todo o povo cubano. Quero apenas népound;o esquecer, nem por um minuto, as tuas palavras simples, mas recheadas de verdades duras que ainda precisamos replicar e multiplicar, para algum dia dar sentido ö nossa existéordf;ncia, ö nossa consciéordf;ncia e forjar a humanidade. Até a vitória sempre!


Fidel, obrigado por nos mostrar que é possível fazer diferente!

José de Paula Santos (Brazil)

For universal healthcare and literacy, thank you, Fidel, for meeting two of the most important needs of the Cuban people and providing an enduring example that these needs are universal rights for all people.

Elizabeth Wheaton (United States of America)

Hasta siempre, comandante.

Flávio Arruda (Brazil)

Laura Duggan (Ireland)

Mr.Fidel Castro, Thank you for standing up to colonial powers...Your bravery and courage will always be admired and respected...irrespective of the misinformation by the colonial powers...May you rest in peace

richard (United Kingdom)

Danilo Lescreck (Brazil)

Fidel will be missed. Not only as a person but also as a political and human inspiration. His speeches, books, pamphlets, critic and opinion will forever inspire both young and old communists and others who fight against capitalism and imperialism. His legacy will forever be the inspiration for the Cuban people to defend their revolution. Viva la revolución! Rick Hagels, treasurer and 2nd secretary of the Communist Youth Movement of the Netherlands- department Overijssel-

Rick Hagels (Netherlands)

In memory of Fidel Castro. He showed us that a better world is possible. God rest Fidel.

Shaun O'Brien (United Kingdom)

Descanse em paz, Vocéordf; foi um maravilhoso ser humano e merece estar bem pertinho de Deus.

silvio (Brazil)

Comandante Fidel, obrigado pelo seu legado, por seu exemplo, por sua dignidade, foi uma honra conhecer sua luta e sua história, será sempre o melhor exemplo para mim e para todos que acreditam que um outro mundo é possível! Lutaremos sempre por mais justiésect;a social, por respeito as diferenésect;as , pela dignidade humana. Hasta sempre mi comandante! Gracias.

Sandra Regina De Conti (United Kingdom)

Morre o homem fica lenda. Condoléordf;ncias ao povo cubano

Graésect;a Araéord (Brazil)

Descanse em paz,Fidel grande guerreiro do seu povo!

Vanderlei Homero Nazareth (Brazil)

been in my life long time. who can fill that space now?

Anne (United Kingdom)

Al mas grande de todos los tiempos. A quien vivirá para siempre em Los corazones de quienes lo admiraron. HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE COMANDANTE!

Maria Borges (Cuba)

Viva Fidel! Viva Cuba ! You are in my heart forever!

Thang Dao (Viet Nam)

Toda forésect;a ao povo cubano Que Viva el Comandante Fidel Que Viva la Cuba Libre

Séacute;nia Camargo (Brazil)

Hola compays! El pueblo unido jamás será vencido, el pueblo unido jamás será vencido... Hasta La Victoria Siempre!

Edward Wilson (United Kingdom)

Voy bien Fidel.

Jean Ferrol (United Kingdom)

Helena Costa Lopes de Freitas (Brazil)

Obrigada por espalhar solidariedade por onde passou!

Enaura Campos Freitas (Brazil)

¡Hasta siempre Fidel! Fuerza Cuba

Valmir (Brazil)

Torgny Frank (Sweden)

Joépound;o Paulo T de Souza Bonzi (Brazil)

Siga comandante en paz, su lucha era por la gente y su victoria humanitaria. Que a quien usted ha luchado lee merecido el perdón y que haya guardado disfrutar de la felicidad eterna. Hasta la victoria

Alexander Almeida Rocha (Brazil)

Hasta siempre, comandante!


Que Deus de o consolo e a forca pra NUNCA deixar morrer o seu legado. Jesus sempre foi comunista, pois se ser significa que uma sociedade mais justo, mais amor e honestidade , entao Jesus foi e sempre sera com6nista

Denise Ferreira Pinto (Brazil)

Desejo ao povo cubano coragem e sabedoria para poder enfrentar os malditos governos da América do Norte que virépound;o. Que as atitudes e idéias de Fidel e Che reverberem para sempre em seus coraésect;émicro;es.

stefano gonésect;alves regis tosca (Brazil)

Descanse em paz.

Marcia (Brazil)

Si el mundo tuviera más de personas tan grande, que seria más justo y mas pacifico.

Inge Lankes (Germany)

Hasta siempre Comandante! Somos todos Fidel! Viva Fidel!

Bruno Falci Bitarelli Medeiros (Brazil)

Vive Fidel!

Michelle de Mattos Scromov (Brazil)

Fidel vivirá por siempre!!!!

Sayo Umezu (Brazil)

Grande e eterno comandante. Obrigado por sua grandiosa vida, pelas mudanésect;as causadas em nossa sociedade. Descanse em paz velho camarada!

William de Almeida Mendes (Brazil)

My deep condolences to the Cuban people. Fidel will be forever in the hearts of all who fight for a better world with social justice for everybody.

Charles Rodrigues Valente (Brazil)

My most sincere condolences to fidel castro's family and the cuban people. hasta siempre, comandante.

antonia (Brazil)

Oualid Mahdaoui (Algeria)

Davide Bubbico (Italy)

In solidarity. Fidel was one of the true icons of our age. May his values live on.

NATASHA CHARI (United Kingdom)

Eternamente grato.

Pedro António Damartine Rabel (Brazil)

Viva Fidel.

José Antéacut (Brazil)

Descanse querido guerreiro!

Jocelina oliveira zani (Brazil)

Morre o homem fica seu ensinamento.

Antonio Barros de Oliveira Junior (Brazil)


Cecilia Oliveira (Brazil)

It's a great los for human. Great leader

Joop Tempel (Netherlands)

A great socialist leader is dead. He will be remembered in the hearts and minds of the Cuban people and workers all over the world, struggling to free themselves from capitalism. Through Fidel's leadership Cubans threw out the imperialist gangsters who had raped the nation. The Cuban Revolution brought about national liberation. Fidel and other Cuban revolutionaries have brought about socialism in one country. As marxists/leninists they have given workers in the rest of the world the confidence to achieve national liberation in their own countries and build socialism. Malcolm Gribbin Workers Party of Britain

Malcolm Gribbin (United Kingdom)

Gabriela Mendes Ignacio de Araujo (Brazil)

mis condolencias por el fallecimiento del gran líder Fidel

Marco Antonio Rosa (Brazil)

Viva Cuba! Hasta siempre Fidel!

Paulo de Faria (Brazil)

Peace n love

Neil Webster (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre, comandante. Hasta la vitoria siempre.

Luis Figueiredo (Brazil)

Ashley (United States of America)

In memory of a Titan of our time. An icon in action and our lifetimes. RIP comrade x

Ged Dempsey (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre, Comandante!

mateus lovato gomes jardim (Brazil)

Hasta siempre, comandante !

Floriano Almeida (Brazil)



My Condolences for a true visionary and friend of Palestine.

kris (United Kingdom)

Many condolences. Hasta la Victoria siempre.

Paul (United Kingdom)

Ricardo Henrique de Almeida (Brazil)

RIP Fidel, you stood up and took the challenge.

Ruth McNally (United Kingdom)

Minha homenagem ao homem, herói e visionário, öquele que sempre lutou pelo seu país.

Fernando S Resende (Brazil)

Hasta siempre comandante!

Maristela Cerqueira (Brazil)

Hasta la victoria siempre Comandante Fidel!

Francesca Molinaro (Italy)

Hasta la Victoria siempre.

Mirian Glória Diaz (Brazil)

Fidel foi importante para a manutenésect;épound;o da diferenésect;a no mundo, para que o pensamento divergente fosse respeitado. Grande estadista, excelente orador. A representaésect;épound;o do sonho de muitos pelo mundo.

Mayra Alvarenga (Brazil)

Hasta sempre Comandante

Alvino Ricardo (Brazil)

Desejo um lugar cheio de luz, para que meu querido e amado Fidel Castro descanse em paz! O que o mundo népound;o foi capaz de lhe oferecer o universo ofereésect;a! Para sempre Fidel!

Luci de Miranda Villani (United Kingdom)

Ao Comande que na despedida deixa a todos a mesma história de luta e sonho por um mundo onde todos possam viver como irmépound;os. Siga em paz camarada.

Joépound;o Adolfo Maciel Monteiro (Brazil)

Népound;o direi adeus, pois o grande líder revolucinário Fidel Castro se tornou eterno!

Elizabeth Palacios Marin (Brazil)

Maximilian Cornely (United Kingdom)

Gracias por todo El Comandante

(United Kingdom)

Luto ETERNO!!! Inesquecível comandante!!

Edeleusa Batista de Melo (Brazil)

Meu eterno comandante, obrigado por teres ajudado a tornar Angola independente! Hasta siempre comandante

Carlos Renato de Sousa e Costa (Angola)

Las mas sinceras condoléncias a este grande líder cubano y mundial. Para siempre Fidel. Para siempre Che. Viva la revolución cubana. Hasta la vista comamdante Fidel.

Francisco (Brazil)

Hermanos cubanos. Nunca esqueceremos os ideiais de Fidel, que sépound;o os de vocéordf;s. Por uma sociedade justa lutaremos até a morte. Viva Fidel. Viva o povo cubano.

adriana gilioli citino (Brazil)

Thanks for everything, Major.

Paulo Cesar (Brazil)

My deepest condolences to the family and friends of el comandante fidel castro. Onwards to victory.

John meredith (Ireland)

Comandante Fidel, Presente siempre.

Gilberto Felix da Silva Junior (Brazil)

Lástima a morte de um dos maiores líderes da história mundial.

Maria de Lourdes Cavalcanti de Albuquerque (Brazil)

Mensagem de 13 de agosto de 2016 Entrei na universidade em 1997, logo no início o movimento estudantil me pegou de jeito. Em 1999 fui como representante dos estudantes de filosofia da PUC Minas ao primeiro congresso da UNE - Uniépound;o Nacional dos Estudantes do qual participei, coincidentemente em Belo Horizonte, minha vida se transformou profundamente a partir de entépound;o. Este vídeo é do congresso quando pela primeira vez vi o mítico Comandante em Chefe Fidel Castro, o homem que em 1959 libertou a Pequena Ilha da ditatura Batista e dos desmandos norte americanos, tive uma segunda oportunidade em 2002 quando da minha viagem como representante dos estudantes brasileiros ao Congresso da Organización Continental Latinoamericana y Caribeña de Estudiantes (OCLAE), desta vez em solo cubano na inauguraésect;épound;o da Tribuna Anti imperialista José Martín no Malecón de Havana. As lembranésect;as das intervenésect;émicro;es sépound;o quase nulas, o que fica até hoje é a imagem do homem e a mensagem de coragem para lutar. Comandante a história te absolveu, fica aqui um mensagem de felicitaésect;épound;o aos seus 90 anos. Cuba sim Yankees népound;o viva Fidel e a Revoluésect;épound;o!

Tiago Alves Ferreira (Brazil)

... Hacia adelante en dirección al comandante infinito.

Carla Letewnski (Brazil)

Gracias compañero Fidel!

claudia zanni capitoni (Brazil)

Change doesn't happen by chance but because people make it happen. Nothing is easy, nothing is perfect, revolutions especially so. The struggle goes on and we can but draw inspiration and hope and know that a better world is possible but only if we help to build it

Philip Ross (United Kingdom)

May you rest in peace.

Teresita Carreon Lindner (Austria)

Ao povo cubano e a todos os povos de boa vontade, o meu pesar e a minha dor. Hasta la victoria, siempre! Bavo mi Comandante

Jose-Arlindo Salgado DeSouza (Brazil)

In death ,as in other struggles of the past , Comrade Fidel has shown that it is possible to be Victorious. Ni bheidh a leitheid aris Ann.

Noel Hurley (Ireland)

Thank you for your inspiration and example this will last forever

Ian Button (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre, grande Comandante. Gracias por todo! <3

Marcia Dottori (Brazil)

Joana Darc Almeida da Costa (Brazil)

Toda minha solidariedade ao povo cubano pelo desaparecimento físico do Comandante Fidel Castro, líder da Revoluésect;épound;o Cubana. Com certeza Fidel deixa seu exemplo, sua ética, sua luta em prol dos povos do mundo. "Hasta siempre, Comandante!"

José Marcio Gomes dos Santos (Brazil)

To an inspiration leader. That worked towards helping Africa, something many leaders can't seem to take time to do. We the problem of zimbabwe thank you for your services throughout your life to Africa. May the people of Cuba celebrate your life and continue your visions.

Tremayne Grey (Zimbabwe)

Viva Fidel!

Jesse C. Cunha (Brazil)

Foi a passagem de um guerreiro que acima de tudo amou seu país e seu povo,acima de tudo.

Sonia Regina Carotta (Brazil)

Hasta Siempre,Comandante!

Rejane Arruda Ribeiro (Brazil)

Hasta siempre Comandante Fidel, espera donde estés, muchos te acompañaremos en la próxima liberación. Saluda al Che, Salvador Allende y todos los buenos cómo téordm;. Gracias por haber existido.

Tito Silva Rosevear (Sweden)

The world owes a debt of gratitude to the Cuban people and the Cuban Revolution. Such a small island showed more dignity and strength than any world power and became in their own right, a world power for liberty. The death of Comrade Fidel Castro marks and end of one chapter and the beginning of another for socialism in the world. Solidarity with the Cuban people. Hasta la victoria siempre

Josh Horne (United Kingdom)

RIP you showed them it could be done

Steve hewitt (United Kingdom)

Hasta luego, Comandante ! Venceremos.

Hans Rademaker (Netherlands)

Ramos de Morais (Brazil)

Gracias Fidel! Tus ideas han hecho el mundo mejor. Tu vas a vivir para siempre!

Anna Assarsson (Sweden)

Anne-Katrein Becker (Germany)

Ave Fidel!!!!

Oséas Rodrigo Rego Ferreira (Brazil)

Que o povo cubano persista na construésect;épound;o de uma sociedade socialista!!!

Marinalva Rita Moreira (Brazil)

Gracias, mi Comandante. Por todos. Hasta la Victoria siempre !!!

Hans van Kleef (Netherlands)

Comandante Fidel, a história já te absolveu. Seu legado será sempre lembrado e seguido por milhares de pessoas, assim poderemos ter um mundo socialmente justo. Viva Fidel!! Viva a revoluésect;épound;o!!! Hasta la victoria siempre!!!

Patrícia S. Nogueira (Brazil)

A great man

Pat Shobaki (United Kingdom)

Hasta la vista, comandante!

Volney Diniz (Brazil)

Forésect;a ao povo cubano e que continuem a luta de seu líder. Descanse em Paz, guerreiro Fidel.

Eunica da Silva (Brazil)

Malaika Magadza (United Kingdom)

Grande Revolucionário.

Elídio Dias dos Santos (Brazil)

hasta la victoria siempre!

Paulo Kaiser (Brazil)


Un abrazo fraterno al pueblo cubano y gracias a la vida por la lección de dignidad que fue, es y será Fidel Castro para todos los pueblos de América Latina que buscan ser dueños de su propio destino.

Edgar A. Bravo (Colombia)

Sad news but the struggle continues!

David Wallace (United Kingdom)

With deepest sympathy

Jean muddiman (United Kingdom)

Ailton Ferreira de Aquino (Brazil)

Ao comandante o meu profundo respeito!

Ana Maria Ladeira Torres (Brazil)

always a hero to me made Cuba a shining light of hope for all.

hugh tunks (United Kingdom)

Avante, povo cubano. Népound;o se esqueésect;am, jamais, dos ideais socialistas de Fidel.

sonia gorete de oliveira (Brazil)

Estou unida ao mundo inteiro nas homenagens póstumas a este grande amigo da Justiésect;a e da Paz que foi Fidel Castro Ruz. Que ele descanse em paz e a luz o envolva para sempre! Maria Tereza Siqueira da Rocha

Maria Tereza Siqueira da Rocha (Brazil)

Thank you for the inspiration. Another world is possible!

Avi Chia (United Kingdom)

Que os povos do mundo sempre se lembrem da mensagem de solidariedade e cooperaésect;épound;o internacional trazida ao mundo pelo inolvidável Comandante Fidel, para quem a conquista do socialismo está no centro, na busca de uma pátria internacionalista éordm;nica, unida em torno da conquista da paz, da audeterminaésect;épound;o dos povos e do progresso social.

Aydil Goret de Franésect;a Rocha (Brazil)

Hasta la vitoria, siempre.

Marilia Oliveira (Brazil)

Descanse em paz, meu herói! !!!

Vera Léordm;cia de Oliveira (Brazil)

Repouse em Paz, eterno líder e guerrilheiro Fidel Castro! A maior lideranésect;a latino-americana de todos os tempo - o comandante-em-chefe da revoluésect;épound;o cubana, Fidel Castro Ruiz - pode, agora, descansar em paz, pois, ao longo de sua vida, resistiu com bravura a todos os ataques imperialistas ao seu país, mantendo a soberania nacional e sendo, portanto, um exemplo de defensor da igualdade e justiésect;a aos povos oprimidos. Envio esta mensagem em solidariedade ao povo-irmépound;o cubano. Tenham Forésect;a e e Fé na missépound;o iniciada por Fidel. A América Latina soberana e independente nunca esquecerá seus ensinamentos. Adiós, comandante Fidel. Rafael Oliveira - Brasil

Rafael Rosas Oliveira (Brazil)

He was the leader of the oppressed people throughout the world. He was my leader too.

Makid Haider Anjan (Bangladesh)

A great man who will be much missed.

David Bell (United Kingdom)

Victory to the World Working Class, inspired by the example of the Cuban Revolution and the ideas of Marxism

Mike Cleverley (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre, Comandante! Fidel estará sempre em nossos coraésect;émicro;es.

Magda Jurdi (Brazil)

A América Latina sentirá falta.....

eduardo jorge (Brazil)

Apesar das divergéordf;ncias que o seu nome desperta, népound;o há déordm;vida que Fidel Castro foi um dos maiores nomes na história do mundo. Minhas mais sinceras condoléordf;ncias ao povo cubano.

alice pereira (Brazil)

Fidel was the light of defiance that strengthened socialism movement and inspired the anti-imperialist cause throughout the world. Millions salute and cherish his memory.

John (United Kingdom)

Muito obrigado a família Castro, pois o Fidel mostrou ao mundo que népound;o devemos jamais abaixar a cabeésect;a para o neoliberalismo. E vamos continuar defendendo os ideais que seja voltado para os menos favorecidos. Abraésect;os ao povo Cubano.

Anoar Battisti (Brazil)

Gracias comandante por su esfuerzo heroémacr;co y su mensaje de esperanza a la humanidad.Podemos todos resistir a la dictatura del pais mas poderosa. Hasta la victoria!

Viviane Eeraerts (Belgium)

A América Latina sentirá falta.....

eduardo jorge lemos neves (Brazil)

We will miss a great revolutionary leader and one of the towering figures of the 20th century who will be fondly remembered by all the oppressed people struggling for justice in this unjust world. His wisdom and courage will hopefully inspire us in these desastrous times.

Annette Sudek (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre, compañero Fidel!

Conrado Barbosa Moreira (Brazil)

Em vida imortal, Na morte eterno Viva Fidel e a revoluésect;épound;o. Hasta la vitória, siempre.

Aldemir de Carvalho Caetano (Brazil)

Comandante, é claro que todos nós um dia morreremos. Alguns, sem ter feito nada na vida e outros como o senhor, entrando para a História.

Fernando Castilho (Brazil)

Fidel and the spirit of Cuba has shown the world that little brother cannot be pushed around so easily by the might of a wealthy powerful nation.! R.I.P fidel farewell.. Ever onwards to victory....

Mario Palermo (United Kingdom)

comrade Fidel was one the greatest revolutionaries of all time. He was a great human a friend of all people of the world and the enemy of the human beings enemies. He is among us and we follow his path. Hasta La Vivtoria Siempre

javad shams (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre Comandante! Yo soy Fidel! Patria o Muerte Venceremos!

Laura Emilia Enrich de Castro (Brazil)

Hasta Siempre Comandante!!! Que belo trabajo por las personas del todo el mundo!Avante!

Alessandro Oliveira (Brazil)

My deepest condolences to the people of cuba who have lost a great revolutionary i thank him from the deepest resesses of my heart for helping us to become free from oppression in apartheid South Africa

Zohra Malani (South Africa)

Meus sentimentos e solidariedade a todo povo cubano.

Sandra Siqueira (Brazil)

Encaminhamos ao povo Cubano nossos sentimentos, quando do retorno ö espiritualidade do Comandante Fidel Castro, a quem tanto admiramos, respeitamos e que temos como exemplo de coragem, humanidade e dignidade. Virtudes estas, que o motivou a lutar pela Liberdade desta Naésect;épound;o e do seu Povo. Recebam nosso amor incondicional e vibraésect;émicro;es de luz e gratidépound;o, a este grande ser, que ensinou ao mundo que o socialismo é o caminho da civilizaésect;épound;o e da evoluésect;épound;o da humanidade. Segue no serviésect;o ao bem, nobre Comandante! Nadja e Poliana Andrade.

Nadja Andrade (Brazil)

Descanse em paz GRANDE guerreiro.

Luiza Kelma (Brazil)

Um grande lider, uma grande inspiraésect;épound;o para todos nós que lutamos por um mundo mais justo. Viva Fidel

Luiz Carlos Rodrigues Rezende (Brazil)

Sinceras condoléordf;ncias ö família enlutada

Iolanda Rebouésect;as (Brazil)

Hasta siempre camarada Fidel!!

Renato Gomes dos Reis (Brazil)

Adios Presidente! Hasta siempre!

Cátia Maria Justo (Brazil)

Minha família e eu estamos enlutados por essa imensurável perda para o mundo!

Genys César Silva (Brazil)

Viva Fidel!Viva o povo cubano! Viva o Socialismo!

Beilton Freire da Rocha (Brazil)

Hasta siempre!!!

Luisa Grigoletti Dalla Rosa (Brazil)

Conall Broderick (United Kingdom)

Ayer, hoy e siempre... Fidel!!!

Maxwel Ribeiro Moreira (Brazil)

Sua vida e morte népound;o foram vépound;s . Grande Homem que ousou enfrentar a potéordf;ncia americana e soube esperar todos esses anos para finalmente conseguir o respeito de toda Comunidade internacional. Avante Comandante !

Marilda (United Kingdom)

Ricardo do Amaral Maia (Brazil)

What a horrific loss the people of Cuba have suffered. Long live liberated Cuba and may Communism always prevail.

Jack Partridge (United Kingdom)

O corpo virou cinzas, mas as idéias e ideais do Grande Comandante ficarépound;o eternamente gravados na História da luta dos oprimidos e, certamente, servirá para impulsionar a luta pela construésect;épound;o de um Mundo Novo, de pépound;es e rosas. Hasta siempre, Comandante Fidel!

Altamirando Muniz Filho (MIRANDA MUNIZ) (Brazil)

Gracias Fidel

janet pavone (Nicaragua)

It is always sad when someone dies. It is even sader when this someone tryed to help people through out his life. Hasta la victoria siempre!

Jörgen Karlsson (Sweden)

Fidel, Vd ha sido siempre la esperanza y el ejemplo para nosotros, que una vida mejor puede ser, que nos podemos resistir a la prepotencia del capitalismo y que nuestros hijos vivirön en un mundo solidario y de amistad con todos los pueblos del mundo. Vd ha jugado y siempre juga un papel importantísimo en nuestros esfuerzos de resistir a inhumanidad, y de combatir para este mundo mejor. Vd era y es todavénot;a el motor para no perder el valor y el entusiasmo para contuniar la lucha. Hasta siempre, comandante. Vilma

Wuebke Sanders (Germany)


José Carlos Vidal (United Kingdom)

Ingrid (United Kingdom)

Nosso Grande comandante Fidel Castro, sempre estará presente, em nossas mentes e nas lutas por uma sociedade justa, sem discriminaésect;épound;o, exploraésect;épound;o, opressépound;o de qualquer especie, pela igualdade e liberdade plena, em fim uma sociedade comunista. Fidel hasta la vitória siempre.

Roberto Gieseke (Brazil)

Fidel Sempre

Léordf;da Casadei Iorio (Brazil)

Fidel inspired all of us in the world who believe in social justice. Viva la revolucion!

Julia South (United Kingdom)

Rosane Severo (Brazil)

Adeus Fidel! Suas ideias continuarépound;o norteando milhares de pessoas que lutam por uma sociedade mais justa. Hasta siempre!

Maria Ivonete Gomes do Nascimento (Brazil)

(Russian Federation)

Thank you Fidel, you freed Cuba and a lot of other countries from enslavery.

Richard Hipo (Austria)

Fidel ist tot. Doch die Ergebnise seiner revolutionécurren;ren Taten und Ideen leben und wirken weiter. Sie begleiten und beflügeln alle Menschen, die sich auf den Weg gemacht haben, eine bessere und gerechtere Welt zu schaffen. Eine Welt, in der der Mensch nicht lécurren;nger "ein erniedrigtes, ein geknechtetes,ein verlassenes, ein verécurren;chtliches Wesen ist" (Karl Marx)sondern in Würde sein Leben gestalten kann. Heidi Bauer, Germany

Heidi Bauer (Germany)

Hasta la victoria siempre, comandante Fidel Castro!

Celia Eyer (Brazil)

Glorioso Comandante, a Revoluésect;épound;o nunca morre, ela está incessante dentro de nossos coraésect;émicro;es como ferramenta de justiésect;a social!


Adeus,Camarada. Péordf;sames aos irmépound;os cubanos. A luta há de continuar!

Naelson Tadeu de Araéordm;jo (Brazil)

RIP Fidel Castro... You've inspired generations of us...we will try to keep up the good fight and keep your legacy alive!

Nicolai Vigneswaren (United Kingdom)

Fidel, sempre será eterno. Hasta la Victoria sempre! Viva Cuba!

Juliandra Dapor Agradano (Brazil)

Sempre será uma estrela a guiar a solidariedade e igualdade dos povos. Fidel viverá sempre.

Norma Nacsa (Brazil)

O mundo perde um grande líder. Um exemplo de luta para a populaésect;épound;o mundial.

Lídia Calixto (Brazil)

The world has lost a visionary leader who against all odds was successful in providing an alternate path for Cuba that eschewed the pitfalls of capitalist democracy. Rest in peace, Fidel Castro.

Francesca Agosti (Australia)

A truly great leader

Tom burr (United Kingdom)

Como se cubano fosse, sinto fortemente a perda de Fidel. Raríssimos sépound;o os homens com coragem pra enfrentar a soberba e o ódio da naésect;épound;o dita mais poderosa do planeta. Nem o embargo cruel que lhe impuseram afastaram Fidel de sua cruzada humanista e humanitária. HASTA SIEMPRE COMANDANTE !!!!!

Maurício Leite (Brazil)

Hasta siempre comandante.

Rudi Gulickx (Belgium)

Meus sentimentos por Fidel

Maria Josefina Coelho (Brazil)

Descanse em paz Comandante. Todos que acreditamos num mundo mais justo e fraterno sentem sua falta.

José Jackson Guimaraes (Brazil)

Georgia Lara Gonésect;alves Lima (Brazil)

Nathan (United Kingdom)

Simone (Brazil)

A man of great conviction, a true revolutionary who did not falter to the end. Condolences to the people of Cuba, he will be sorely missed.

Maureen Franklin (United Kingdom)

Grande figura humana, descanse em paz

alcir meireles (Brazil)

Viva El Presidente Viva La Revoluccion. Viva El Cuba édeg;��¨édeg;��º

Andrew Sprent (Netherlands)

Nosso querido e amado Comandante Fidel, saudades eternas! O Brasil te ama!!! Viva Fidel, viva Cuba!

Piva Barreto (Brazil)

Missépound;o cumprida, Comandante! Seu exemplo nos guiará. Hasta la vista!

Lenira Maria Fonseca Albuquerque (Brazil)

With deepest sympathy, your loss is our loss too!

Sean Hurl (United Kingdom)

Goodbye to a great man.

Simon Rowling (United Kingdom)

Viva o bravo Povo Cubano!

Josemar Santos Pereira Filho (Brazil)

Um grande lider que lutou de forma incansável pela soberania de seu país, dignidade e justiésect;a social do seu povo. Até sempre comandante. Teu legado ficará na história para sempre.

Edna Bendet da Silva (United Kingdom)

Envio minha condolencia ao nosso irmao povo cubano! Muito Obrigada, FIDEL CASTRO pelo que voce fez por CUBA e o Mundo! Voce sempre vivera conosco!

Jany pinto (Brazil)

Depart condolences to the people of Cuba on the loss of your leader and father figure

Brian Taylor (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre comandante!

José Nivaldo Cardozo Mota (Brazil)

RIP El Comadante.

Phil Potter (United Kingdom)

Hasta la Victoria Siempre. RIP Comandante Fidel

Brendan kelly (United Kingdom)

Fidel Castro será sempre lembrado por mim.

Francisco Valdemiro Gomes (Chiquinho do PT) (United Kingdom)

Sorry to hear. A good man gone.

Carl Hallstrom (Australia)

Rest in Peace comrade

Mick Guilfoyle (United Kingdom)

Solidarity to the people of Cuba, Fidel Castro symbolised the revolution standing up for the people against US imperialism. If every country had the education and health service of Cuba world poverty could be eliminated!!!

Jane hartley (United Kingdom)

Fidel. Nos enseñaste con tu vida la osadía del amor. Tu vida fue una luz, y será una siembra permanente para la solidaridad, la dignidad y la coherencia, que seguirá resurgiendo en quienes disciernan tus pasos. Honor y gloria Comandante valeroso. Te vas victorioso, y nos dejas un legado tremendo, que desafía permanentemente al Amor. Continuarás despertando a hombres y mujeres en las generaciones, para la praxis del amor, que es un camino y un legado, como el que nos dejas, Comandante victorioso.

Cristina (Ecuador)

Your vision on health care and education has helped millions around the world RIP big man

John Eagle (United Kingdom)

Viva Cuba

Patricia Fitzpatrick (United Kingdom)

Fidel vive em cada um de vocéordf;s, cubanos!! Forésect;a!!!

Juésect;á Fi (Brazil)

A todo povo e principal para os familiares do ex- presidente Fidel Castro, meu calorosa abraco de conforto.

Maria (Brazil)

Meus cinceros péordf;sames pela morte do maior líder político das Americas

Venício da Silva Cunha (Brazil)

Aos irmépound;os Cubanos, meus sentimentos pela partida desse grande líder, que ao lado de outros grandes lideres, lutou pela libertaésect;épound;o dos povos latinos, da tirania norte americana. Um forte abraésect;o a todos.

Clovis Augusto Soares Damasceno (Brazil)

Fidel was a lifelong internationalist and anti-imperialist he was a key supporter of liberation struggles in Africa and Latin America including the anti-aparteid movement.Unlike the U.K. Cuba to spite being a poor country is able to have a properly funded national health service and does not have hundreds of thousands of families dependant on food banks.

Robert Mouat (United Kingdom)

Meus sentimentos ao povo cubano, pela perda de Fidel!

Siomara Thomaz (Brazil)

To my comrade, always dream to have a meeting with you; indeed, just miss you, and feel--- world miss its bravest and kind leader.. Long live revolution.

Mir Mosharrof Hossain (Bangladesh)

Komondante Fidel, que siempre estará en nuestros corazones. sus ideas y la revolución van a vivir una y otra vez. que finalmente puede relajarse después de tanto trabajo y de nuevo creerte una vez más, junto con Ernesto) Gracias, Fidel! Viva Cuba, Viva Fidel!!!

Alexander (Russian Federation)

Yo Soy Fidel Sentimentos á família e amigos !!! Viva !!! Cuba libre !!!

Angela Regina (Brazil)

Queridos irmépound;os cubanos: Népound;o esmorecam jamais! Vejam a vergonhosa história recente do Brasil. Nossa patria assaltada por indignos golpistas. O povo se manifesta e recebe bombas, balas de borracha e gás de pimenta. Que Raul Castro e o povo cubano saibam defender as conquistas do Comandante Fidel! Sempre alertas companheiros! Este legado de Fidel, orgulha todos os latinos. Vitória!

Marta Nardy (Brazil)

Gracias Comandante. Hasta siempre!

Luciana Seabra Dutra (Brazil)

Querida gente de Cuba, Fidel seguira vivo en nuesttros corazones revolucionarios, y seguira multiplicandose con el tiempo. Hasta la victoria siempre. Su camarada Joe de Bolivia

Joe Davis Vargas Peña (Bolivia)

Nem a morte consegue matar Fidel! FIDEL VIVE!

Pedro Telmo Vasconcelos (Brazil)

hasta la victoria, comandante. sus sueños siguen vivos en nuestras esperanzas!

andrea carmo sampaio (Brazil)

Fidel Castro e o povo cubano sépound;o uma inspiraésect;épound;o para quem deseja mais justiésect;a e igualdade no mundo. Fidel nunca morrerá. Viva Fidel! Viva a revoluésect;épound;o cubana!

Valéria Paz (Brazil)

Até sempre Comandante! Viva Cuba livre!!

Catarina (Portugal)

Hasta siempre, Comandante!

Neuseli Moreira (Brazil)

A todos los compañeros Cubanos, mis sinceros sentimientos

Rafael Emiliano Rodrigues (Brazil)

Povo de Cuba, somos todos um pouco Fidel, um pouco Chéordf; e um pouco Lula. Viva a revoluésect;épound;o Cubana e seu povo lindo. Sigam com a dignidade que é exemplo para a América Latina. Hasta lá vitória.

luzia barros (United Kingdom)

Carlos de Albuquerque Santiago Filho (Brazil)

Hasta siempre comandante.

Daiana (Brazil)

Minhas condoléordf;ncias ao Grande Líder revolucionário Cubano e Universal Fidel Castro. Fidel será sempre lembrado com um pai e um dos continuadores das lutas de José Martir e Bolivar por uma Grande Pátria LatinoAmericana.Meus sentimentos a Fidel e ao povo cubano. O mundo anda muito decadente e o socialismo será o futuro amanhépound;.

Josemario Martins da Silva (Brazil)

Felipe Bagatoli Silveira Arjona (Brazil)

minha solidariedade ö família de Fidel Castro e ao povo cubano nesse momento difícil.Que Fidel descanse em paz.Viva a Revoluésect;épound;o!!

Mauricio Fornasiari Rivero (Brazil)

Somos todos Fidel.

Maksandro Souza (Brazil)

vai em paz e ficara na historia

cirley tavares (Brazil)

Minha solidariedade ao povo cubano que ainda népound;o conseguiu se libertar da maldita revoluésect;épound;o comunista que só fez crescer sua miséria.

Lincoln Figueredo (Brazil)

Fará falta. Uma das maiores personalidades da história. Mudou um país inteiro e mudou a face do mundo.

Roberta Rangel Newlands (Brazil)

Fidel viverá!

Edmar José Amorim Neto (Brazil)

Todo meu amor, admiraésect;épound;o e respeito ao grande homem e líder Fidel Castro. Nossos coraésect;émicro;es estépound;o juntos com o povo cubano nesse momento de despedida. Sua forésect;a e legado sépound;o eternos. Fidel Vive!

Vilena Soares (Brazil)

Feliz o povo que sabe quem é...o povo cubano representa a coragem,orgulho e sonhos de Fidel, inspiraésect;épound;o para todos que querem um mundo mais justo

Maria Analice de Oliveira (Brazil)

Comandante, seu ideal tem continuidade no Brasil e em todas as naésect;émicro;es que comungam de uma vida digna e feliz para todos, para a Humanidade.

Wolney Castilho Alves (Brazil)

Rest in Peace Fidel Castro. Your Cuba today is an example for all welfare economies to follow.

Ira Ghosh (India)

Yo soi Fidel

Adriana Celia Landim (Brazil)

Muito obrigada a Fidel e ao povo cubano por nos mostrar todos os dias que um mundo justo e digno é possível. Cuba é a humanidade vitoriosa! Sigam fortes e unidos no amor, na alegria de viver e na coragem da Revoluésect;épound;o. Abraésect;o vocéordf;s com carinho e gratidépound;o!

Flavia Villar Borges Leitépound;o (Brazil)

Mas do que nunca,o mundo precisa de homens coo vocéordf;. Valeu Comandante! Gracias. Forésect;a, povo Cubano, vocéordf;s fizeram um País invejável...

Soraya Moura (Brazil)

Nosostros, en Brasil, también lloramos por Fidel. En honor y memoria al Comandante, sigue la construcción del socialismo.

Jéacute; Miyagui (Brazil)

He proved to us all that a better world is indeed possible, and will be attainable if we follow his example.

Paul Piesse (New Zealand)

Hasta la vitória siempre,Povo cubano.

Moyses Mauro Da Silva (Brazil)

Elizabeth cabral moraes (United Kingdom)


José Nelson (Brazil)

Para sempre, Fidel!

Adelina Cristina Augusto Chaves (Brazil)

Gone but never forgotten. Like the proletarian heroes before you, your words, your deeds and your example lives on in each of us comrade. Until the final victory, rest in power comrade!

Aiden (United Kingdom)

We are so sad at the loss of the great commandant! He taught us how to live in the cruel world, where the human being always puts greed above solidarity! Good men will always be indispensable!

Almir Robson Ferreira (Brazil)

Descanse em Paz Comandante...


Obrigando Comandante Fidel.

Linor Boeira de Oliveira (Brazil)

Viva ö revoluésect;épound;o. A vitoria e sempre.

Alessandro Vanderley Almeida (Brazil)

Regina Cruz (Brazil)

Fildel viveu e morreu pela revoluésect;épound;o e o socialismo. E sua morte reforésect;ou em todos revolucionários a dedicaésect;épound;o em vida pelo socialismo.Seu exemplo floresce. Hasta siempre, Comandante!

Brás Rubson Ferreira Barbosa (Brazil)

el mundo pierde a uno de sus hombres más grandes

marina miyazaki araujo (Brazil)

Grandes homens como Fidel népound;o morrem nunca, porque deixam marcas indeléveis de amor pela Humanidade.

Maria da Graésect;a Sampaio Pretti (Brazil)

Mucha fuerza a todos los cubanos e cubanas. Hasta siempre, Comandante!

Sonja Dominguez de Figueiredo (Brazil)

The legacy, hopes and dreams, of the communist revolutionary Fidel Castro will live on in the hearts of the Cuban people and the next generations of communist revolutionaries.

J. Gokai (Netherlands)

Obrigado, por ensinar a tantos povos que lutar, sempre vale a pena.

Hugo Diniz (Brazil)

Hasta la vitória Cuba, sempre......

jeferson dantas navolar (Brazil)

Meus sentimentos ao povo cubano pela partida do grande líder

Edgar Reinaldo de Alca¢ntara V (Brazil)

Foi e sera sempre, luz

Job Benthroldo de Menezes (United Kingdom)

Queridos hermanos, Los acompaño en este momento de dolor. Ustedes son un pueblo valiente, que fueron capazes de cambiar su destino y conquistar la libertad. Pueblo libre seguiran. Ejemplo y inspiración. #HastaSiempreComandante

Maria Isabel Rapisarda (Brazil)

Hasta siempre, Comandante Fidel! Viva Cuba, viva o socialismo!

Alessandro Leite Guimarépound;es (Brazil)

John Mckay (United Kingdom)

Rina Ibirajara de Alencar Laboissiere (Brazil)

Népound;o conheésect;o toda sua história, mas sei o suficiente que foi um líder que lutou para que seu País fosse livre e que seu povo vivesse dignamente.

José Adauto da Silva Junior (Brazil)

Grande tristeza comandante.Mas grande orgulho por ter sido sua contempora¢nea.

Regina Elza Solitrenick (Brazil)

todos deixamos marcas, todos modificamos o mundo, e só Deus conhece e decide o nosso destino..

Claudia (Brazil)

desde que comecei a ter conciencia politica passei a respeitar a grande lideranésect;a esquerda de Fidel Castro e que seu legado possa continuar a lutar por uma sociedade mais justa. a minha solidariedade a toda Naésect;épound;o Cubana,

NILDO (United Kingdom)

Fidel Castro provou para a humanidade que "um outro mundo é possível".

Dorival Ristoff (Brazil)

Vitória, vitória, vitoria O povo CUBANO, soberano, viva FIDEL CASTRO. Sempre na luta!!!!

Antonio da Silva . (Brazil)

Que o povo cubano népound;o esqueésect;a que o mundo pode ser diferente, porque Cuba ousou sonhar obrigado Comandante Fidel.

Engrácia Maria Freitas de Ol (Brazil)

O maior LIDER da America Latina. Que Deus déordf; o devido descanso eterno.

Tadeu Viana Xavier (Brazil)

Bravo Fidel ! Long to live on through us all!

Ildi bannister (United Kingdom)

Ubaldina Fonseca Santana Moreire (Brazil)

Obrigada por tudo!!! Muita luz!!!

Suzi Barletto Cavalli (Brazil)


Dónal U. MacCraith (Ireland)

sean keenan (United Kingdom)

Minhas condoléordf;ncias.

antonio vanderley pereira cedraz (Brazil)

Minhas condoléordf;ncias ao povo cubano pela morte do nosso comandante Fidel Castro !

Maria Anunciada de Oliveira (Brazil)

Fidel, vai ficar para sempre em nossos coraésect;émicro;es. o Povo de Cuba sabe que Fidel, quis o melhor o melhor é: Saéordm;de, educaésect;épound;o e respeito ao próximo . Fidel é eterno.

Ademir Alves Gomes (Brazil)

Argentina Weisheimer (Brazil)

Aos familiares e ao povo cubano nossa honra e nossa glória ao Revolucionário Comandante Fidel!

Antonio Xaolin (Brazil)

" Que o sonho se torne realidade e este seja uma luta constante !"


José Má (Brazil)


Derly Coelho (Brazil)

Sandra Mimy Carpi (Brazil)

Adeus, Fidel!Siga em paz!

Maria Regina Cortez (Brazil)

Fidel lives on in all who belie a better way is possible

Paul Glover (United Kingdom)

Nos inspiramos nesse grande guerreiro da humanidade: pela humanidade, por um outro mundo possível... A luta segue...

Adriano Vieira Mogli (Brazil)

Nenhum caminho foi interrompido nenhuma chama se apagou,Hasta siempre.

Marcelo Campello (Brazil)

Sépound;o muito comoventes as imagens que chegam pelo Facebook como eu imaginei que seriam. Meus sentimentos ao povo cubano pela perda do seu grande líder Fidel Castro.

eliana santos queiroz (Brazil)

Minhas condoléordf;ncias ao povo Cubano Fidel nos deixou um exemplo de líder verdadeiramente preocupado com seu povo. Abraésect;os Amigos.

Ricardo Aguiar (Brazil)

Uno de los hombres mas humanos que ha existido jamas. Gracias Fidel por habernos ensenado lo que es la verdadera libertad. Gracias Papa. Socialismo o muerte. Patria o Muerte, Venceremos. Hasta siempre Comandante.

Alejandro De La Torre Gonzalez (United Kingdom)

Fidel sempre!

marlene carval (Brazil)

O ser humano que tem uma convicésect;épound;o e um ideal (mesmo julgado por outros como certas ou erradas) e luta por elas até o fim da vida, népound;o morre. Seu ideal e sua imagem sobrevivem na memória do povo. Vai lá, comandante. Sua imagem é eterna.

josé tatagiba (Brazil)

Sua luta népound;o foi em vépound;o, a luta pelo estado comunista permanece e essa chama continuará acessa em Cuba e em toda América Latina.

Gilcelio Silva Paiva (Brazil)

Viva Fidel!

Valdeléordm;cio Nascimento Fonseca (Brazil)

Gracias por todo y hasta siempre, comandante Fidel!

André Tokarski (Brazil)

Felicidades ao povo cubano. Lutem pela vitória sempre. Viva fidel

Marcelo (Brazil)

Grande Comandante, farol agora mais forte do que nunca a guiar os homens que lutam em busca de justiésect;a, igualdade e paz social.

Lourismar da Silva Duarte (Brazil)

Hasta la Victoria, mi Comandante!

Reinaldo Pellegrino (Brazil)

Sandra Cristina bogarim (Brazil)

hasta siempre, fidel

Zelalber Gondim Guimaraes (Brazil)

Valeria dos Santos Torres (Brazil)

Hasta siempre

gilson sampaio (Brazil)

Presente compañero!

Silvia Martins (Brazil)

Seus ideais de justiésect;a social embalaram os povos do semiárido piauiense. A luta continua. Descanse em paz, velho guerreiro Ah, diga a Che Guevara que mando beijos.

Maria Alveni Barros Vieira (Brazil)

My feelings for the people cuban, that the your country can progress even with the loss of your governate. That the respect social always prevail and be more grandiose and strong people. My respect. Carolina Rodrigues.

Carolina Rodrigues (Brazil)

Viva Fidel!!!

Luiz Henrique Santos Aguiar (Brazil)

Te amo Fidel.

Luís Carlos Marques Mota (Brazil)

Rest In Power

Shalinder Nijjar (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre comandante

Márcia Abadia de Oliveira. (Brazil)

I offer my sincere condolences to the family of Fidel and to the people of Cuba. Please know that, here in the USA, there are many admirers of Fidel and of the nation of Cuba. We are not all capitalists and fascists!

Alan Dube (United States of America)

Ao povo de Cuba, os nossos mais caros sentimentos pela passagem do seu grande líder!

Marcello Frederico Scaldini (Brazil)

Hasta la vista, Comandante!

Elza Deziderio Souto (Brazil)

Fidel viverá para sempre

Guiomar dos Santos Veira (Brazil)

A life a commitment. Walk good my brother

maurice weir (Jamaica)

Vá em paz. Por aqui, nesses tempos difíceis ficarépound;o seus ideais de luta e resistéordf;ncia. Forésect;a povo de Cuba.

Rosana Pessoa (Brazil)

Vida longa a Revoluésect;épound;o Cubana

Jozualdo Medeiros Brandépound;o Fi (Brazil)

Hasta siempre, Fidel!

Marilene Lapa (Brazil)

Que amanhépound; Fidel nos ilumine pra que seja outro dia de avanésect;o dos excluídos.

Leonildo Ferreira Lopes (Brazil)

Gabriele Lopes Nunes (Brazil)

Teresa Cristina Newlands (Brazil)

Li uma vez que népound;o se mata ideias nem ideais, Fidel jamais morrerá em nossas ideais. Viva Cuba, viva a Revoluésect;épound;o viva a Liberdade!

José Denilso Lima de Sousa (Brazil)

One of the great

Therese McCartney (Ireland)

Presidente eterno, el Grande Comandante Fidel Castro, Libertador. Que Dios lo reciba con amor. La Repéordm;blica de Cuba enviou excelentes médicos humanistas ao Brasil, que asistieron a la gente más pobre, trabajadores, com respecto, competencia y mucha humanidad. Mis oraciones al Gran Comandante. Mi gran respeto al pueblo trabajador de Cuba. Que la gran lección de resistéordf;ncia, dignidad y solidaridad de historia de Cuba ilumine a toda la America Latina e toda Humanidad. Condolencias. Elevada estima y consideraciones.

Antonio Takao Kanamaru (Brazil)

The best leader ever born in this world, a wonderful person, I can't think of someone as selfless as he was.

Ronaldo Augusto de Sousa (Brazil)

Fidel, vocéordf; era como um pai para mim. Jamais te esquecerei.

Cynara Teixeira de Novaes (Brazil)

Gilberto R. Jordan (Brazil)

Un dos majores ombres de la historia mundial. Saludo a todo povo cubano.


tenho profundo respeito e reconhecimento pela contribuiésect;épound;o de fidel a revoluésect;épound;o cubana.

Aldinéia Machado Gomes (Brazil)

Michele (United Kingdom)

Maria de Lourdes Terciano (Brazil)

Somos todos Fidel! A luta continua!.

Rosa Ribeiro Prestes (Brazil)

Hasta siempre, Fidel Castro!

Eleonora Jaeger (Brazil)

Gracias por todo! Hasta Siempre...

Sara Azambuja Moraes (Brazil)

Cuban sugarcanes has lost its sweetness because of your absence my dear commrade birds of cuba highly sought red salute to our great warrior.....we also says that your still alive millions of revolutionary heart around the world........revolutionary greeting a thosands of red salute to you dear marxist leninist socialist fidel our era.....your epic not only cuba but also communist believers. .....lal salam (red salute) veeravanakkam.....

Prabaharan.k (India)

Viva Fidel

Kevin McKinney (Ireland)

Até ö vitória, sempre!

Jéordm;lio Lapenne (Brazil)

Até a Vitória! Eterno Comandante!

Andhy Pinto-Coelho (Brazil)

Viva Fidel!!!

Ilzaglei Arigoni de Souza (Brazil)

Obrigado por tudo comandante, seu legado nunca será esquecido! Vivas a todos os camaradas, viva Cuba e sua revoluésect;épound;o!

Eduardo Bertaglia (Brazil)

Choramos juntos a morte de um grande líder e amigo dos povos. Fidel sempre viverá.


RIP comrade

Jimmy Torwich (Ireland)

Uma figura histórica marcante, incomparável, inesquecível.

Lenita Noguerol Martins (Brazil)

Fidel, vivo para sempre nos coraésect;émicro;es e mentes dos povos latino-americanos.

Sergio Lamarépound;o (Brazil)

Que o legado deixado pelo nosso grande Comandante inspire geraésect;émicro;es e geraésect;émicro;es no mundo e na América Lativa. Firme e perseverante irmépound;os cubano. Viva Fidel!!!! Hasta la victoria, sempre!!!

Flavio Manoel Rodrigues (Brazil)

I believe in the revolion. Been to cuba. Its my love. I believe.

Marian (Netherlands)

Newton Neves Junior (Brazil)

O exemplo de Fidel continuará a inspirar a humanidade em busca do verdadeiro humanismo e da construésect;épound;o de uma sociedade socialista.

José Messias de Souza (Brazil)

Para sempre em nossa memória e nossos coraésect;émicro;es. Obrigado, Comandante!

Joel Miguel de Araujo (Brazil)


Sandy (United Kingdom)

Que Deus o receba de braésect;os abertos e inspire outros governantes a cuidar da saéordm;de e da educaésect;épound;o dos seus governados, como o fez Fidel.

Odilon Vicente Almeida (Brazil)


Wilson O. Salazar (United Kingdom)

my deepest respect to all the people of Cuba...Hasta la vitoria siempre

Maria Alexandrina Nunes (Portugal)

Devoted life of Fidel will remain as a valuable contribution to a better world.

José David (Portugal)

Tua luta e agora nossa luta

Pedro Artur Mateus (Brazil)

After win many challenges Fidel's role as the adored and revered leader among ordinary Cuban people received a renewed boost. His popularity was greater than ever. A Cuban leader and an Worldwide ícone.

Evandro (Brazil)

Obrgada Comandante, por nos ensinar que outro mundo é possível!!!

Sheila Moraes Raszl (Brazil)

Fidel will live forever for the History of Cuban people and for Humanity.

Daniel Nunes Ferraz (Brazil)

Compartilho com o povo cubano o luto pela morte do Leader que népound;o se ajoelhou diante do império americano. Viva Fidel Siempre !


One man in a billion

Mabel Rodeiguez (United Kingdom)

Al pueblo cubano, mis sinceras condolencias por la pasaje del grande lider y revolucionario, que mucho ten hecho e luchado pela liberación de Cuba y su pueblo, Comandante Fidel Castro. Pero sua vida de luchas pelo socialismo e pela liberación de la explotación de lo pueblo trabajador jamás deberá ser esquecido, camaradas cubanos, continéordm;en a luchar!

Cássio Ferreira Duarte (Brazil)

Keith D'Sylva (United Kingdom)

Uno-me ö dor do bravo povo cubano pela morte de Fidel Castro, o éordm;ltimo dos grandes revolucionários que a humanidade teve o privilégio de conhecer. Socialismo ou barbárie!

Celso Paoliello Pimenta (Brazil)

Fidel helped to restore dignity to the Cuban people and he inspired and encouraged millions throughout the world that they could live in dignity too. Fear not El Commandante, we will pick up your gun. Venceremos!

Petter Matthews (United Kingdom)

You keep our hope up. Your actions act as beacons of hope. Long live Comrade Fidel Castro. Red Salute Comrade

Dr Sanghita Sen (United Kingdom)

Hasta Siempre Comandante! Viva a Revoluésect;épound;o Cubana! Viva Che! E Viva Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz!

André Nascimento da Rocha (Brazil)

ALICE Maria Marinho Rodrigues Lima (Brazil)


Descance em paz Comandante, a sua vida valeu a pena.

Maria de Fatima Magalhaes (Brazil)

How many political and national leaders have beaten and stood up to the bullying USA for over 50 years? The Cuban people have lost a great leader.

Bob Knowles (United Kingdom)

Hasta la vitória!

Vivian Karin Volkmann (Brazil)

descanse em paz companheiro

roberto dias santiago (Brazil)

Just RIP Comrade

Kelvin Mawe (United Kingdom)

Castro !!! You are a symbol of revolution!!!

Anuraj (United Kingdom)

Not perfect, but a bloody good try.

Elspeth Inglis (United Kingdom)

Siga vencedor e libertador no céu, querido comandante.

Jonatha Arruda (Brazil)

Cristins (Brazil)

A vida é o que resiste. Que contradiésect;épound;o mais estranha, eu descubro e me digo: a vida, tépound;o breve, é tudo que resiste. Mas que paradoxo: se ela está no tempo que se dirige para o fim, se ela é naquilo que deixará de ser, como sobreviverá ö Irresistível, que é mais conhecida pelo nome de morte? A resposta é que existe uma resistéordf;ncia na duraésect;épound;o do instante, que ocorre na intensidade, luz, flor ou cintilaésect;épound;o.

Urariano Mota (Brazil)

Hasta lá vitórias Siempre Comandante em Jefe Fidel Castro, um homem ö frente de uma naésect;épound;o, amor ao seu povo r forésect;a contra o imperialismo Minhas sincera condoléordf;ncias Endurecer sem jamais perder a ternura Che

Amilcar Carvalho Jéordm;nior (Brazil)

Lucinda Carneiro Garcia (Brazil)

Meus sinceros péordf;sames. Uma tristeza imensa me invade pois o Comandante Fidel Castro é o meu ídolo!!! Ao Povo Cubano o meu sincero abraésect;o .

Sandra Mendes Kalil (United Kingdom)

Fidel Castro A Great Man! However Deformed & Bureaucratic The Cuban Revolution Became He Kept It Alive And Vibrant For The Power Of Good Righteousness; The Benefit & uplifting Of The Cuban & Caribbean People & Positive Development Of Humanity; Social Justice & Egalitarianism Thereof !

Nigel Singh (United Kingdom)

Alexandre Rocha da Silva (Brazil)

Quero expressar meu pesar e meu desejo de que a semente plantada pelo Comandante Fidel sempre encontre seguidores que a eternize


Seu exemplo népound;o será esquecido.

Ana Maria de Almeida Santiago (Brazil)



Hasta lá vista,mi comandante!

Teresa Cancado (Brazil)

Hasta siempre comandante. The world will never be the same without you, your courage, your honesty and your beliefs.

Anna Dubiel (United Kingdom)

Fidel foi o grande timoneiro das ideias que transformaram uma pequena ilha e vida de milhares de pessoas no Caribe que antes eram subjugadas pelos EUA.

Egmar José de Oliveira (Brazil)

Muhammad HARUN (United Kingdom)

Sleep well Fidel

Kerry Walker (United Kingdom)

He was a true hero of the people, the one person who stood up and supported those victimised by the Apartheid regime when everyone else sat back and supported the barbaric acts. Rest easy Fidel, you will always be remembered for saving Cuba from the fascistic movement that wished the island to be crushed under the foot of American capitalism

Iain McMurran (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre comandante!! Povo livre é povo feliz!

Robson Pereira de Souza (Brazil)

Fidel continurá vivo para todos aqueles que como ele acreditavam num mundo mais justo

josé gonzaga amorim (Brazil)

Solidarity with the people of Cuba in their fight to maintain the values and rights fought for by Fidel.

Elaine keyes (United Kingdom)

Sentimos muito a partida do grande heroi do povo cubano e do ser humano sensivel, forte e sábio!

Carla Lorena Kale (Brazil)

Hope the people of Cuba are ok amd sending posistive vibes to you all

Andy James (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre comandante

Muriel Assumpésect;a&am (Brazil)

Obrigada, querido comandante Fidel

Regina Schmitz (Brazil)

Visited your wonderful country few years back - Maria de Portilla. Truly humbled.

Irene Owens (United Kingdom)

Keith D'Sylva (United Kingdom)

Gracias, por todo. Hasta siempre.

Patrícia (Brazil)

Obrigada, Comandante, seu nome está na História Mundial e jamais será esquecido.

SheylaKouri (Brazil)

Sara De Witt (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre Comandante.

Doris (Brazil)

Dóris (Brazil)

Long live Cuba and the Cuban Revolution, no country has the right to stop the forward march of a nation !

Martin Bove (United Kingdom)

Sempre Fidel!

Regina Célia Ferreira Calil (Brazil)

Grande exemplo de luta pela igualdade. Feliz por ter vivido o seu tempo, triste pela sua partida. Está com Deus. Ficamos com o que ensinou. Para sempre Fidel.

Marina Elisa Alves Ferreira (Brazil)

Viva Fidel!

André Lemos (United Kingdom)

RIP Comandante.

Lanie Shears (United Kingdom)

Hasta la victoria mui comandante!! Forza Cuba!!!

Ique Gazzola (Brazil)

Saludo el pueblo hermano de Cuba, que conocí de cerca en 2008, cierto de que el ejemplo del Comandante Fidel mantanerá Cuba soberana y justa! Hasta Siempre!

Antonio Barbosa da Silva Filho (Brazil)

Nossa história foi marcada pela bravura desse povo sul americano, Fidel Castro, símbolo de coragem e prova que podemos viver em sociedade como seres civilizado...

Nabucodonozor Pires dos Santos (Brazil)

Fidel Castro foi o maior líder de libertaésect;épound;o nacional do Século XX e XXI.


Maria Nazare Jucatelli Ubida (Brazil)

Hasta Siempre Comandante!

Sergio Maciel (Brazil)

Hasta Siempre!

Veréacute;nica Maria Rodrigues (Brazil)

Hasta siempre comandante!

Sidneia Reis Cardoso (Brazil)

Fidel, Cuba and Socialism, today and forever.

Marcelo Costa (Brazil)

Ate a vitoria sempre comandante


O guerreiro que népound;o curvou diante dos USA. Sua luta pela justiésect;a marcará a História da humanidade para sempre.

Maroa Aparecida Barbosa (Brazil)

Great leader who spend all his life for his nation and believe Long live Fidel

Media Zahawy (United Kingdom)

O sonho e a luta népound;o acabaram! Fidel Castro para sempre!

Marco Antéacute;nio Dib (Brazil)

Para sempre CAMARADA!

Sheila Sabag (Brazil)

Grande camarada.

Antonio Leisnock (Brazil)

Com todo meu sentimento revolucionário, presto minhas condoléordf;ncias e solidariedade a toda a família de Fidel Castro Ruz, ao querido e revolucionário povo cubano, bem como, ao glorioso Partido Comunista Cubano.

Lázaro Jorge Ferreira Rodrig (United Kingdom)

El mayor revolucionário del mundo siempre estará vivo en nuestros corazones.

Anísio Chaves (Brazil)

Hasta siempre comandante

Ulisses Ventin (Brazil)

Fidel foi alem da imaginacao.

Jose nilton (Brazil)

Um dos maiores líderes do século XX. Exemplo para todo o mundo!

Clovis Andrade de Almeida Burla (Brazil)

... uma grande perda para porésect;épound;o pobre da humanidade!... Britts

mauro antonio britta (Brazil)

A luta de Fidel Castro resiste e resistirá sempre dentro dos coraésect;émicro;es e almas de todos e todas que acreditam em uma A América Latina livre,soberana e que viva pela autodeterminaésect;épound;o dos seus povos.hasta sempre,companheiro e guerreiro,Fidel.

maria leda silva (Brazil)

Grande Comandante, a luta continua! Venceremos!

José Carlos Ruy (Brazil)


Carlos Augusto (Brazil)

Carlos Agostini (Brazil)

Que en paz descanse el gran Comandante Fidel Castro. Quizas Cuba no sea el pais mas rico del mundo pero dime que pais exporta tantos medicos como Cuba? Que pais ayudo al ANC durante su lucha contra el apartheid? Si se compara a Cuba con otras paises en centro y latino america e incluso los EEUU, es evidente que en ninuguna cuidad en Cuba hay mas asesinatos que en Iraq como en Chicago por ejemplo. Cuba es una ejemplo de como se puede resistir al imperialismo. Que Dios ayude al pueblo cubano en esta hora de necesidad: viva Fidel y viva Cuba un saludo desde Londres

Alexander McLintock (United Kingdom)

meus péordf;sames

Mauro Sergio Gomes (Brazil)

The true revolutionary is driven by great feelings of love X

Colleen Hamilton (United Kingdom)

Joépound;o Lopes (Brazil)

Forca ao heroico povo cubano "hasta la vitoria final".

Alexandre Paschoalim (Brazil)

Ao povo cubano meu respeito e minha solidariedade. O que Fidel e outros revolucionarios plantaram em Cuba vai seguir nas mentes e nos coraésect;oes , uma patria soberana e respeitada, que é um exemplo para todos nós. Minha saudaésect;ao socialista. Viva Fidel.


A morte do grande companheiro Fidel corta-nos fundo o corpo e a alma, sangrando-nos com uma saudade fina a rememorar sonhos de um mundo melhor quando jovem imberbe em algum lugar do planeta.

Enauro Mendes Pereira (Brazil)

You have done a lot for your country with a lot of sacrifice. When it comes to health , education and sport what you have achieved is admired by many and it goes a long way to show what you can achieve without any outside help. You taught the working people to believe in their own strength and resourcefulness.

Oner Kulle (United Kingdom)

I salute you in death as I did in life comrade Fidel...may you rest in peace. Respect and solidarity to the people of Cuba.

Corrina Parker (Ireland)

Hasta la victoria siempre!

Eva Caporrella (Italy)

so sorry to hear of your loss fidel castro was a great statesman I listened to a lot of his speeches may his brother follow in his shoes u have lost a great leaderxxx

wilma ashe (United Kingdom)

A great leader who always stayed committed to the struggle.

Linda Reid (United Kingdom)

que a luta que tra .vastes seja também a nossa luta,siga na paz

ademir de oliveira (Taiwan)

You will be missed but you will not be forgotten. Hasta la victoria siempre!

Nikolaos Bogiatzis (United Kingdom)

povo cubano,nunca abondonem os ideais de fidel.

waldemar palmeira filho (Brazil)

Hasta siempre comandante!!

Alisson Rowe (Brazil)

Joépound;o Elderi de Oliveira Cost (Brazil)

I lived in Cuba and met Fidel personaly twice working with Frei Betto in the boock Fidel & Religion. He was a remarcable man. He will alwyas live everywhere when people need Hope . His integrity and determinativo has a lot to teach us all. All My love to the adorable cuban people ! Patria ou morte venceremos !

Patricia Cista (Brazil)

Hasta siempre Comandante!


Viva Cuba-Viva Fidel!

Terry Burgon (United Kingdom)

O Homem vai o legado fica.VIVA FIDEL SEMPRE!!!


Solo decir 'HASTA SIEMPRE COMANDANTE', nos vamos quedando sin referentes.

Gloria Miqueles (United Kingdom)

Marceli Soares Pereira Duarte (United Kingdom)

The world has lost a truly great man, an inspiration not only to Cubans but to the rest of the world. His achievements are immense, he set an example to all. This world could do with more leaders like Fidel. Hasta La Victoria Siempre. Goodbye Fidel x

Sandra Hazeldon (United Kingdom)

Fidel Castro: exemplo de resistéordf;ncia contra o imperialismo capitalista.

Luiz Carlos de Figueiredo (Brazil)

Hasta siempre comandante, hasta la victoria.

Roberto Ibarretxe Zorriketa (Spain)

So sad that Fidel has passed away, but what a legacy long - live Cuban solidarity against Yankee aggression. My heart is with Fidel, Cuba and the Cuban people.

Darren (United Kingdom)

viva fidel viva o povo cubano viva a revoluésect;ao a semente plantada por fidel continuara germinando pois este é o caminho da humanidade portanto fidel estara vivo entre os povos eternamente.

claudio ricardo koller da rocha (Brazil)

My sincere condolations to Cuba and the Cuban people. One of the greatest men of our time has died.

Astrid Elisabeth Hagstad (Norway)

Todo apoio ao povo Cubano em defesa de país, razépound;o da vida e luta do grande comandante Fidel Castro!

Inácio Arruda (Brazil)

No processo normal da Vida,o nosso Comandante se foi. Mas a lenda do legado que o comandante deixou ficará eternamente para a Humanidade.

Milton R Atilio (Brazil)

I visited Cuba on a few occasions during Fidel Castro's presidency, the people were passionate and knowledgeable about their country. As your nation mourns I am thinking of you all losing your 'papa' and I hope that the independence that he helped to bring upon your country continues. I am sorry for your loss.

Sarah Harper (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre comandante!

Ronny H (Sweden)

long live the immortal legacy of fidel castro che guevara and malcolm x. r.i.p. fidel

zahid shah (United Kingdom)

zenildo goncalves brito (United Kingdom)

A great long life, congratulations to you for it. A heroic example and legacy to all peace loving people. A visionary. A legend and a friend of the world. RIP Fidel Castro you have given so much. Viva Cuba.

Tina jess (United Kingdom)

Na minha cidade, Sobral, Ceará, Brasil, há um monumento a José Marti, na Praésect;a de Cuba, no centro da cidade. Ali, aos pés daquele monumento que traz o rosto do herói e o mapa da América, depositei uma rosa em homenagem ao comandante Fidel. Aqui, hoje, simbolicamente, deposito outra rosa, aos pés do povo cubano. Até a vitória, sempre, Comandante!

Joan Oliveira (Brazil)

Fidel, homem de Deus. Que o mundo siga seu exemplo de humanidade. Descanse em paz.

Terezinha (Brazil)

Karin Muehlen (Brazil)

Farewell to a Revolutionary.

Paul Lee (Ireland)

Rest in peace commandante you have been an inspiration to many and the revolution lives on forever you ensured that. You have touched the hearts of so many and benefitted the lives of people in Cuba and abroad

Liam McGoldrick (United Kingdom)

Rest in peace Fidel

Christopher Miller (United Kingdom)

I want to send my condolences to the people of Cuba on the passing of a legend of revolutionary politics, rest in peace Commandante after 50 years of seeing to the needs of the people you've earned it

peter richard long (Ireland)

O Comandante já népound;o está entre nós. Mas as ideias sépound;o imortais. Seus feitos sépound;o exemplo para as geraésect;émicro;es futuras. Pátria Livre ou Morte! Venceremos!

Newton José Brito (Brazil)

Obrigado ao povo cubano por nos ter dado uma personalidade extremamente humana,ética e amante e defensor da liberdade dos povos do mundo. Vida eterna ao comandante Fidel!!

Heber Morais Brito (Brazil)

robert todd (United Kingdom)

You were a true revolutionary. Your life and acts should be viewed in the context of the events happening at the same time in the rest of the world. A great legend has left us.

AJ Tear (United Kingdom)

Hasta la victoria siempre!

Laura Duggan (Ireland)

Rest in peace Fidel. Your model of social justice - education & health system will hopefully be a shining example for the rest of her world.

Ellena Plumb (United Kingdom)

Sad that Fidelity has passed, he leaves a great legacy to the won

Jill Westendorp (United Kingdom)

Receba meus péordf;sames e condoléordf;ncias a toda família de Fidel Castro. Perdemos o maior líder revolucionário da América Latina .Um modelo a ser seguido.

Luiz Fernando Alves (Brazil)

Elisa Santos (Brazil)

Ao contrário dos inimigos que combateu e derrotou, Fidel népound;o fortuna para teus familiares, castelos para príncipes, cassinos para a máfia, mas deixaste dignidade e justiésect;a social para o povo cubano. Vá em paz, comandante!

MATEUS (Brazil)

The last of the great revolutionaries. Let's hope the revolution can continue and move forward without being undermined by the US. Keep the spirit of Fidel alive and may he rest in peace.

Carol Tibbs (United Kingdom)

Siga em paz, compaheiro!

Cássia Ribeiro (Brazil)

An enormousloss to the world. Fidel is gone but his example and ideas live on. Solidarity with the Cuban People

fernanda oliveira (United Kingdom)

Tiocfaidh ar la

Barry Magee (United Kingdom)

Hamsat Samaa Al Taqaffa-----abed &fatma a (Denmark)

My commiserations Viva la revelucion.

ian (United Kingdom)

A great man who made the world a better place!

Damian McGhee (United Kingdom)


Alexandre Ricardo José Ferrei (Brazil)

RIP, Comrade Fidel.

Mary (United Kingdom)

Hasta la victoria, siempre !

Joépound;o Cezar de Castro (Brazil)

Sympathies to the people of Cuba on their great loss. Victory to the Cuban people; victory to the revolution.

Micheál O'hEÃ (Ireland)

Gustavo Leboso Alemparte Abrantes dos Santos (Brazil)

I wish to express my condolences and also apologize for the cowardly way our Prime Minister has acted towards a great revolutionary figure. It is Canada's shame to have ignored the friendship between us that was fostered ironically by our prime ministers father, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, for cheap political expediency.

Alfred Villeneuve (Canada)

I have made a study of Cuba & Fidel Castro as an outstanding example of the ways in which a poor state can develop and provide for its people until Cuba can truly call itself one of the more developed nations in the world - especially when the inequality/equality factor is taken into consideration. I am honoured to have visited your wonderful country in 2015 and would like to pay my tribute to FIDEL - in World terms one of the most influential figures to have ever lived. Goodbye Fidel, the World will miss you. JIM FARMS,

Jim Farms (United Kingdom)

A humanidade perde uma das suas obras mais perfeitas, nosso eterno comandante, Fidel Castro! Sempre seguiremos suas orientaésect;émicro;es! Hasta Victória siempre, comandante!

Jorge Antonio Gonésect;alves Beser (Brazil)

Barbarita Pino Carlsson (Sweden)

You have been one of my main inspirations in more than 50 years of struggle for a better more caring world.

Kevin Waddington (United Kingdom)

Hasta la Victoria Siempre!!

David Pelly (United Kingdom)

Hasta la Victoria Siempre

Rory clifford (United Kingdom)

A la gente de Cuba - muchas gracias por su eroismo de frente al colonialismo de Los Estados Unidos. Siempre in nuestros corazones.

Caitlin Ni Chonaill (United Kingdom)

Fidel's death made me very sad, it was learning about what his revolution achieved which convinced me that a world without racism and imperialist war and poverty and hunger is really possible. He may have died but his ideas and the ideas of the Cuban Communists will continue to inspire the new rising generations of revolutionaries across the world. Hasta la victoria siempre

Saoirse Mac, Edinburgh Revolutionary Communist (United Kingdom)

El comandante, your humanity, internationalism, and spirit of co-operation have been beacon of hope to millions of downtrodden across the world. You will not be forgotten.

Maja Begovic (United Kingdom)

Richard Mirecki (United Kingdom)

Farewell to a principled, intelligent and very courageous man

christine lindey (United Kingdom)

El pueblo victorioso Está mi corazón en esta lucha. Mi pueblo vencerá. Todos los pueblos vencerán, uno a uno. Estos dolores se exprimirán como pañuelos hasta estrujar tantas lagrimas vertidas en socavones del desierto, en tumbas, en escalones del martirio humano. Pero está cerca el tiempo victorioso que sirva el odio para que no tiemblen las manos del castigo, que la hora llegue a su horario en el instante puro, y el pueblo llene las calles vacías con sus frescas y firmes dimensiones. Aquí está mi ternura para entonces. La conocéis. No tengo otra bandera. De: Canto general PABLO NERUDA

Heather (United Kingdom)

¡Fidel! Vigía infatigable y magnánimo torrero, tu luz seguirá encendida alumbrando caminos en todos los continentes para que sigamos andando. ¡Viva Cuba libre, soberana y socialista y su heróico pueblo!¡Viva Fidel!¡Hasta la Victoria, siempre Comandante!

Silvia Regueira (Sweden)

Hasta Siempre Comandante.

Juan Carlos Sepulveda (Sweden)

Daria Voronkova (Russian Federation)

For me as an active socialist and trade unionist, Fidel has always been, and will continue to be,an inspiration.

Richard Palser (United Kingdom)

Solidarity with the Cuban people

Kenneth Murphy (United Kingdom)

Rest in peace

Angela Coulter (Ireland)

Costantino Mura (Italy)

What a loss. A wonderful man. We in the west have terrible values of greed & consumerism thrust upon us. Fidel gave you the things that matter, health & education. Times have been hard for you, much of it beyond your control but I hope that soon the blockade can be lifted & you can trade while holding onto your communist values. Viva Fidel. Viva Cuba. Solidarity.

Michelle Hatwell (United Kingdom)

Teresa Sau (Italy)

My heartfelt condolence to the bravest man in this world...

Darwin (India)

Eva Rudström (Sweden)

The world has lost a great leader, but his ideas will never die! Thank you Fidel!

Bertil Olsson (Sweden)

Cuba Libre!

Eugene F Parte (United Kingdom)

A great man who, gave his people a first class healthcare system and ended the scourge of illiteracy all in the face of appalling American Sanction.

Geraint Williams (United Kingdom)

greatly saddened by loss of a great man and revolutionary. long live the Cuban socialist revolution!

john c johnston (United Kingdom)

Giorgio Riva (United Kingdom)

Fidel Castro,erst unser Held der Revolution, spécurren;ter dann unsere Hoffnung für den Sozialismus, standhaft bis zu seinem Ende, ist nicht mehr. Ich bin sehr traurig. Ich hoffe, dass Kuba ein Hort des Sozialismus bleiben wird.

Christine Christofsky (Germany)

Rest in peace Comrade.

Jacky Morrey (United Kingdom)

Jan Englund (Sweden)

Hasta La victoria Siempre Comandante!! Nos has dejado físicamente pero has sembrado tus semillas que vivirán para siempre. Gracias por compartir con el mundo tus ideas, filosofía y valores y lo demostrastes con toda tu solidaridad junto a tus compatriotas con los pueblos del mundo. No te olvidaremos, seguirás vivo para siempre en nuestros corazones. Gracias!!!!

Leticia (United Kingdom)

kinh can vö tam biet nguoi ban, nguoi anh em cua Viet Nam. xin chia buon sau sac toi gia dinh vö toön the nhan dan CUBA anh em, mong ong yen nghi, toi vö toan the nhan dan Viet Nam luon nho ve ong, lich su se luon nho ve ong vi ong da lam cho CUBA va nhan dan the gioi. KINH CAN NGHIENG MINH

(Viet Nam)

Fidel, Che and Camilo have been my distant influences throughout my adult life. They inspired millions of people around the globe; people struggling in developing nations and those fighting for social justice in so-called developed ones. I have a son called Camilo - a name chosen with love and respect to the memory of Camilo Cienfuegos and Camilo Torres. Hasta la Victoria Siempre! Gracias para todo companero Fidel! x

diana (United Kingdom)

I hope your soul finds Rest & Peace in God

Don Campbell (Canada)

Long may your legacy live on!

Hazel Stanmore-Richards (United Kingdom)

His education/literacy and health programmes are a wonderful legacy and to be admired by ALL countries throughout the world.

Elizabeth Williamson (United Kingdom)

My heart goes out to the people of Cuba who have lost their Commandant Fidel Castro.I have always respected him and the Cuban peoples, and their brave and courageous stand against imperialism and aggression, and the example they have given us to keep opposing bullies wherever they are. Cuba is always the first country to offer help to areas in the world which are troubled. Respect and best wishes and love to Cuba.

Prue Stothard (United Kingdom)

My brother celebrated his 50th birthday in Cuba. He said Cubans are a wonderful people.

John James Hone (United Kingdom)

Fidel's influence, both in his struggle for Cubans, and his determination to create a better world for all people, will remain, hopefully, for others to learn from.

Eva Kiolides (United Kingdom)

Le Trong Gia Khanh (Viet Nam)


Another great light has gone out and we are bereft, but you will never, ever be forgotten Fidel. You were, you are, you will be always there to guide and encourage, to inspire with the fearlessness and determination, compassion and wisdom you showed,every day of your life. You have given so much and inspired so many in the face of grotesque and relentless injustices.Rest in peace, dear friend

Louise Stothard (United Kingdom)


Sarah Sanford (United Kingdom)

Phyllis (United States of America)

I will never forget you. I will do my best to carry on in the spirit of revolution you lived so well, fighting always for social equity, peace and fairness. There are no words to express my deep sadness today. But you will live on, always, in the hearts and minds of all those who care for social justice.

Mary Kosta (Canada)

Comrade Fidel,the struggle still goes on.

anne lee (United Kingdom)

Como el Che díjo sobre Camilo Cienfuegos:..."Los hombres como Camilo (diría aquí Fidel)nunca mueren, porque son capaces de crear hombr@s y mujer@s parecidos a él, y tienen su más allá en el Pueblo!"...Es válido para los tres Camilo, El Che y Fidel.

Galo Espinoza Peña (Sweden)

Fidel Castro has shown that the Left Ideology can work . Thank you Fidel for showing the way out of the mess the world is in today. You will always be remembered as a Hero unlike any other.

Nirupama Verma (India)

We will never forget a great man, socialist and a revolutionist, who has left an indelible mark in the history of humanity. Greatest men never die. Hasta siempre, Comandante!

Valentina Prcovic (Serbia)

I have visited Cuba and loved your beautiful country and the Cuban people. My sympathy to all Cubans on the passing of Fidel Castro. Please stay true to his principals.

Vini Clarke (Australia)

The greatest men never die, they just go to eternity, never to be forgotten. His place amongst the greatest has been reserved long time ago. Hasta siempre, Comandante!

Vida Rudic (Serbia)

Rest In Rebellion and may your legacy live forever. Hasta La Victoria Siempre Fidel Castro Ruz!

Steven Mulholland (United Kingdom)

I made 3 trips to Cuba with Pastors for Peace Friendshipment Caravans bringing medicine, sports equipment, bicycles and, above all, solidarity with the people of Cuba. We never applied for a license to travel and always were able to go. FIDEL CASTRO RUZ: PRESENTE

Phyllis Ponvert (United States of America)

A truly great man among men, for whom I have the greatest respect.

May Hughes (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre Fidel

Vivien Ashley (United Kingdom)

Hasta la Victoria siempre. Fidel, your immense contribution to helping the poorest people in the world shall never be forgotten.

Russell Shields Patterson (United Kingdom)


Takawira Chihwayi (Zimbabwe)

Hasta siempre comandante!

Jordan Lancaster Ortega & Yosvani Ortega F (United Kingdom)

My condolences go out to the family of Fidel Castro and to the people of Cuba. Long live Fidel and long live the Cuban revolution!

Syed Hassan Shah Buneri (Pakistan)

On behalf of the RMT Union My heartfelt condolences to the family and people of Cuba on the death of an influential visionary leader. Hasta la victoria siempre

Alex Cameron (United Kingdom)

The world is colder and more frightening without Fidel. He was a giant figure in the worldwide struggle for socialism. Vaya en paz! Hasta siempre....

Penny Cloutte (United Kingdom)

Respect to the family and people of Cuba. And good luck for the future.

Andrew Foley (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre Fidel! Your ideals will live on.

Annika Andersson (Sweden)

Nicholas Wroughton (United Kingdom)

Fidel Castro - CUBA : El Comienzo, El Camino.. La Meta - JUSTICIA. Hasta Siempre Comandante, VENCEREMOS !

J. E. Zamora (United Kingdom)

Garry Keeney (United Kingdom)

Fidel, en España también hay gente para la que eres un referente: téordm; y Cuba. Todo que aprender de vosotros. Seguimos la lucha por la revolución de los pueblos. ¡Infinitas gracias por el ejemplo! ¡Hasta siempre, comandante!

Irene (Spain)

Thank you, Fidel

Martin Schmidt (Germany)

Fidel was an inspiration to people fighting for social justice across the world.

judy (United Kingdom)

Volker Jung (Germany)

Hasta siempre comandante.

Marion Hills (United Kingdom)

Rest in peace comrade your work is done.

Chris Kitchen (United Kingdom)

Rest in peace commandant .

Scot McFadyen (United Kingdom)

You had been and will continue to be an inspiration to millions across the world. Rest in Power Fidel Castro

Prativa Thomas (United Kingdom)

A figure of historic significance who set in train the concept of solidarity with developing nations in the post-war era. RIP companero

Malcolm Shepherd (United Kingdom)

Please accept my heartfelt condolences to the Family and people of Cuba on the death of El Presidente Fidel Castro.The Cuban people have lost a great man and visionary.RIP

Martyn Meacham (United Kingdom)

To one of our Brilliant Revolutionaries. What a loss to the world. You will be missed greatly You have left a wonderful legacy for your people which will continue for generations. May you rest in Eternal, Love, Power and Peace. Your Sister Jackie and family, London UK

Jacqueline Blake (United Kingdom)

James George (United Kingdom)

La Luche continua

Paul Philo (United Kingdom)

Farewell, bright comrade, you stood firm against imperialism, liberated oppressed peoples, and as such demonstrated, along with the Cuban revolutionary people the possibilities, which are great, for the future of all humanity. Long live the Revolution!

Robert Amos (United Kingdom)

Fidel you will be missed. An inspiration to so many of my generation. Viva Cuba Libre

David Heywood (United Kingdom)

Nardya Domnick (Germany)

Por las ideas de socialismo seguiremos luchando. !Lo juromaos!

Brigitte Schiffler (Germany)

Gareth Roach (United Kingdom)

On behalf of Pam Africa, Chairperson of the International Concerned Family and Friends of Mumia Abu-Jamal, myself, and hundreds of other Mumia supporters, we extend our love and appreciation to Fidel and the Cuban people for your decades of revolutionary leadership to the entire world in fighting the evil Empire. We will miss you, we will try to live up to your ideals, and you will remain forever El Comandante! Que Viva Fidel!

SUZANNE ROSS (United States of America)

Viva Fidel. Amazing man.

Becky Massey (United Kingdom)

Fidel Castro A much beloved legend.

sandra ferguson (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre Comandante! Seguiremos tu ejemplo !

Nigel Randslwy (United Kingdom)

Another (and better) way is possible. He, and the Cuban people, showed us this.

Elen Huws (United Kingdom)

RIP - my thoughts are with the family, friends and comrades in Cuba. Stay strong

Angela Greenhalgh (United Kingdom)

Comandante en Jefe : Hasta la Victoria Siempre

Julio Manduley (Panama)

Red salute

ramdas (United Kingdom)

Your legacy will live long. #solidarity

Stuart Davis (United Kingdom)

Fidel Castro,tried to develope Cuba in democratic way by standing for elections (Batista,a dictator tyrant of the worst kind destroying 10s of thousands of his own people stopped elections) ,thus the revolutionary path developed as he became one of finest socialist leaders in the world.

Pat Kane (United Kingdom)

Fidel Castro will always be my greatest hero. I feel his passing as a great loss. He will always be alive in my heart. His legacy will never be forgotten. He is an eternal legend.

Mirca Morera (United Kingdom)

A man of Courage

Alistair Carter (United Kingdom)

You Are Great Man... if worl want Peace so follow your Vision Azeem Minhas Jaami Human Rights Worker State Of Kashmir

Azeem Minhas Jaami (Pakistan)

Farewell Comrade, the hope and inspiration of the worlds oppressed

John Daly (United Kingdom)

¡Para siempre gracias por tu ejemplo, comandante Fidel Castro! Hasta la victoria siempre! Josie y Dirk desde Alemania

Josie & Dirk Brünin (Germany)

Viva La Revolución!

Tuomo Lehtinen (Finland)

You inspired generation and proved that community based politics can be a reality may your legacy live on

Peter Blackman (United Kingdom)

: The World has lost a towering hero ... a man of rarefied talents, with a combination of genius, humanity, compassion and empathy that develops infrequently ... .

Dennis Revell (United Kingdom)

Dear Fidel Castro, You led a principled life. You were a great inspiration to so many people and majority world nations. You were a true revolutionary and an anti-imperialist to the end. It is so sad that you have left us, but you have left a legacy that will continue for many years to come. My condolences to your family and to the people of Cuba Funmi.

Funmi (United Kingdom)

Fidel will always be there.

Bela Prakash (United Kingdom)

A true leader and friend of all people who struggle for dignity and national liberation. RIP Fidel

Peter Heneghan (United Kingdom)

Fidel was a great champion for all the people. His example and inspiration will live forever.

Michael Gavan (United Kingdom)

Fidel Castro will remain in history as the one who successfully defied the might of the US and showed the world that however small you you may be, you can still stand up for your country and do not have to bow to the interests of those with power!

Eleni Palazidou (United Kingdom)

Hasta Siempre Comandante. Viva Cuba.

Andrew Ducker (United Kingdom)

My deepest condolences to the family of El Comandante and to the wonderful people of Cuba who have made my visits so memorable. May Fidel Castro's memory live and the future bring you everything you would wish for.

Mandy Banton (United Kingdom)


audrey hickey (Ireland)



Fidel Castro will remain an inspiration for the next generations. Together with Che, Mandela and other leaders from the third world, Fidel Castro has been bringing hope that another and a better world is possible.

Rob Van Vlierden (Belgium)

Simon Murch (United Kingdom)

An inspiration for all humanity. Hasta siempre!

Gina Nicholson (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre, Comandante...


Farewell to one of the most iconic beard wearers of the post-1945 era

Keith Flett (United Kingdom)

I gofio Fidel y gwladgarwr a sosialydd a weithiodd trwy gydol ei oes i drawsnewid bywydau pobl Cuba ac yn ddiffael roddodd cymorth i wledydd eraill mewn argyfwng. Esiampl i ni gyd. Parch ac edmygedd wrth ffrindiau yng Nghymru Geraint, Iwan, Alison

Geraint, Iwan, Alison (United Kingdom)

Matthias Reichl (Austria)

Viva Fidel. From Irish socialist republican party, éirígí (Wexford)

Gary O Brien (Ireland)

A great loss.

John Day (United Kingdom)

A. Vanmpten (Belgium)

Never will I forget what you have done for Africa and for socialism worldwide. Gracias Fidel

Jack Rathbone (United Kingdom)

Salute comrade Fidel ! Love and respect

Warren Mansfield (United Kingdom)

A great loss,an inspirational man. Thoughts to his family and the Cuban people.

Izzy Fletcher (United Kingdom)

Goodbye to a man who was unique in the world. Hasta siempre.

Jackie (Spain)

your solidarity with small farmers is your most important acheivement

Jyoti Fernandes (United Kingdom)

In memory of Fidel Castro whose inspirational vision and revolutionary courage has kept alive the flame of hope for a better world for millions of workers and their families across the world. Today capitalism is in crisis, neo-liberal doctrine has failed, and austerity has impoverished and disillusioned working class voters. May Fidel's death serve as a clarion call for a renewed belief in a real socialist alternative. That would be a lasting legacy indeed.

Martin (United Kingdom)

Farewell to comrade Fidel.He touched the lives of millions oppressed people globally by fighting imperialism till his last breath.Though the light has departed his mortal body, but the spark he ignited shall continue glowing till eternity.

NaZir Haq Nazish (United Kingdom)

You were the greatest but you were also human. Hasta la victoria siempre.

Andrew Spriggs (United Kingdom)

Farewell comrade, long live the revolution

David Copeland (United Kingdom)

You have a major place in history, not only in the story of Cuba

Marilyn Tsiorvas (United Kingdom)

Thank you

Steve Simpson (United Kingdom)

Adele Rodriguez Alarcon (Russian Federation)

Rest in peace Fidel. A life and a legacy that is an inspiration for the future of humanity. Hasta la victoria siempre!

Dean Wharton (Australia)

Respect, Equality, Justice, Solidarity

Paul Whelpton (United Kingdom)

Keep up your spirit

Keith ruttet (United Kingdom)

My thoughts are with the Cuban people at this time of great sadness and mourning. I was lucky enough to hear Fidel speak in 2006, one of his last public appearances, and I will never forget it. Fidel may have gone but his legacy continues to live on. Yo soy Fidel!

Lara Faulkner (United Kingdom)

Matti Gronlund (Spain)


IAN JOHNSTON (United Kingdom)

With condolences for the Cuban people and in recognition that the achievements of the revolution will continue in the light of continued imperialist aggression. Always an inspriation to the rest of the world. Vinceremos!

Carolyn Kagan (United Kingdom)

Cuban people, your love for life, your courage, your achievements and the compassion you show to the rest of the world are a beacon of hope for us all. We stand with you as you continue Fidel's work.

Jane and Alyn Scott (United Kingdom)

Cuba's ongoing socialist revolution is Fidel's monument. He needs no other. We shall strive to emulate your example.

Caroline Bellamy (United Kingdom)

Solidarity and sincere thoughts with the nation of Cuba at this sad time.

Darren Maguire (United Kingdom)

R.I.P. Giantslayer.

Terry Wentworth-Wood (United Kingdom)

The end of an era. Cuba has stood strong in its resolve not to cave in to external pressure. RIP Fidel Castro.

Marion Ferguson (Australia)

RIP friend

Eoin White (United Kingdom)

I will always respect him for standing up against the United States. He was a very intelligent man and he will be missed.

Megan McGuigan (United Kingdom)

Saddened by the news of the death of a truly remarkable man.

Geoff Doherty (United Kingdom)

Minha homenagem ao grande lider

Maria das Graésect;as de Vasconcel (Brazil)

Long live Fidel

Santhosh Kumar (India)

Fran Lee (United Kingdom)

Fidel, the Cuban people and the revolution were and always will be an absolute inspiration. Viva Cuba Libre!

Andrew Simpson (United Kingdom)


becky fleming (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre comandante en jefe fidel castro gracias por haber sido una luz en medio de la oscuridad de la guerra en mi país Colombia hasta la victoria siempre

juan de dios palomo a (Colombia)

Sad time for people of Cuba. But keep the revolution going.

Masih (India)

Vas Bien Fidel! History will state you did ok Fidel.

Keith (United Kingdom)

Sorry to hear of the lost of your Great leader, R. I. P Fidel Castro

Jemiah rose (United Kingdom)

Deeply saddened to hear of the death of a true revolutionary hero, sleep well RIP Fidel

Edward Scott (United Kingdom)

Farewell Comrade.

Dr Phil Collier (United Kingdom)

I visited Cuba in 1995 and i enjoyed my trip immensely

Pauline Ameir (United States of America)

No obstante de lasanticommunistas el resultado de su vida siempre es adentro de la gente - el ejemplo progresivo dela revolución cubana, la solidaridad internacionalista de Cuba, la esperanza para nosotros por un futuro socialista.

Jan Gafert (Germany)

Long Live Com Castro, A great leader and A great Human being

Anindyan Mitra (India)

Brendan Johnston (United Kingdom)

Comrade, your relentless struggle to make our world a better place to live in will not go unrewarded.You taught us to dream. We will make it real. Adios!!

Atindra Bhattacharya (India)

Deepest condolences..

Ramachandra Babu (India)

O mundo perdeu o ícone que derrotou o IMPERIALISMO AMERICANO. Fidel Vive!!!! Viva a Revoluésect;épound;o Cubana!!!!

Anamélia Lima Rocha Fernandes (Brazil)

Jim (Belgium)

PASCF Statement on the passing of Comrade Fidel Castro It is with heavy hearts that we learned this morning of the passing of Comrade Fidel Castro into the realm of the ancestors. We send our solidarity and condolences to his family, Comrades, friends and all those who know and love him. Cuba is physically located in the mouth of the US Satan imperialist beast, but under the leadership of Fidel refused to be gobbled. Fidel and the people of Cuba stood firmly for the advancement if humanity to the socialist phase of historical development and the higher moral ground of its production methods. Fidel Castro and the people of Cuba stand as the world's most resolute example of revolution in the twentieth and twenty first centuries - their place in history is assured. Fidel Castro lives through the Cuban revolution. Long live Fidel Castro! Long live the Cuban revolution! Pan-Afrikan Society Community Forum (PASCF) +44 (0) 7914 750 753

Brother Omowale (United Kingdom)

RIP comrade

murali (United Kingdom)

rest in peace comrade

jim anderson (United States of America)

Indrani Mukherjee (India)

Jamie clifford (Ireland)

Thank you for all, dear Fidel! Falar em Fidel nunca será no passado. Hasta la vista, siempre, comandante! De uma brasileira que o respeita e admira sua história, para sempre Fidel!


Elena Georgi (Russian Federation)

For people in India of my generation who became adults in the 1980s, the Cuban revolution defines the kind of socialist revolution we wished to be part of (rather than the ones from the Soviet Union or China) -- full of passion, humour, love for the people, and ready to accept and correct his own mistakes . We learnt everything we could in these days about this man, this extraordinary resistance against imperialism, this place where the most important role in development belonged to the people, which saw the goal of progress to be their access to the best health and education, equal and just wages for women and men, and the best cinema and music. Comrade Fidel was our leader, and as we sat in tea shops in Jawaharlal Nehru University New Delhi after the annual Cuban film festival that the Cuban embassy would arrange for us, we would talk of how the strides Cuba made in public health, the great cinema by Tomas Alka and Humberto Solas, music by Silvio Rodrigues, and Pablo Milanes, all linked up to the courage and the belief of 20 men in the Sierra Maestra mountains. Comrade Fidel defined what and the kind of communists we wanted to be, we hoped to go to Cuba to learn this recipe of hard struggle, great hardship, a flowering of creativity in all fields and fierce independence, we hoped to meet Fidel, and vied to be the first amongst our friends to visit Cuba. More than twenty years have passed since those nights in the university, and in the intervening years, we have always stood for the Cuban revolution and against the US embargo and mourned the extraordinary hardships that the Cuban people have borne so that it can be the beacon of hope that it is in this world of Trumps, Modis, Erdogans, Mays. We relied on Fidel to be our leader, and his very presence was a reassurance to us that our time for revolution and resistance in our own countries was not past. But now Fidel is gone, and our grief is as much for ourselves as for him, for our inability to do what he and the Cuban people -- overthrow a dictator (then Batista, now Modi, Trump, Erdogan...) and free his country and the world. To deal with our loss and our failure, we need the Cuban revolution more than ever. May the flame of Cuban socialism never flicker, because it is the only source of light in this very dark 21st century. Stay strong comrades, so that we can take some fire from you.

Ayesha Kidwai (India)

Rest in power Comrade Fidel!

Reid Fuller (Canada)

El pueblo no le va a olvidar! Hasta siempre, Comandante!

Cody Hartsburg (Canada)

Thinking of you all from Scotland, on a sad day for all the freedom fighters of the world.

ambrose (United Kingdom)

Gracias por tu lucha!!!

jorge alvarez (United States of America)

You were a tireless fighter, the hottest flame and the brightest light from Africa and Asia to the Middle East and South America. Like the loudest cry, the echoes of your voice will live on, in the loving words and angry shouts of billions of girls, boys, women and men. Viva nuestra estrella, viva.

Leo Garib (United Kingdom)

Cuando duele el corazón: ¡hasta siempre comandante!...

Rafael González Rub&Atil (Mexico)

Liz Mc Gowan (United Kingdom)

Que os ideais do Comandante Fidel ganhe o mundo, em especial os jovens de todos os continentes , para um futuro promissor, de igualdade entre as pessoas e de Paz e solidariedade entre os povos. Hasta siempre, Comandante Fidel!

Antonio Barreto - Presidente do Cebrapaz (Brazil)

No quiero decirte 'adios' sino 'Hasta siempre, Comandante'

Francesco Monterisi (Italy)

Thank you Fidel for being a beacon of hope in a world riven by free market corporate oppression. While Cuba lives the world can breathe.

Steven Clarke (United Kingdom)

There is a light, it will never go out. Rest in Peace Comandante.

Matthew Collins (United Kingdom)

Thank you, for everything. For stopping certain forces from ruling this planest. R.I.P

Anthony Hogan (United Kingdom)

He was my hero

Colin Clark (United Kingdom)

Thank you Cuba Thank you jefe Fidel. Thanks for all you did for the people of Jamaica, and assisting in what everway the fight against Apartheid. As Nelson Mandela said " unlike others Cuba helped in deeds and not only words". There will never be another you: might David.. Simpre el jefe Fidel. VIVA Fidel VIVA Fidel ..

Rose Rainford (United Kingdom)

May the dream live on

Colm wilson (United Kingdom)

Fidel was an inspiration and an example.

Tony Maguire (United Kingdom)

Deepest condolences to all true Cubans - Fidel was not perfect but he believed in Cuba for the Cubans and the people should be grateful form this.

Roy McCabe (United Kingdom)

Lewis morton (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre, Comandante!

Anny Rodrigues Figueiredo (Brazil)

A comrade to the struggle for true independence in Ireland, we wish more leaders had had your views.

Kieran Philbin (Ireland)

Condolences to the family of Fidel and to the people of Cuba. A great revolutionary and an inspiration to all those struggling for a better world. RIP Fidel

Jane Dickie (Scotland) (United Kingdom)

Tu ejemplo, tu sacrificio y tus ideales de justicia, dignidad y libertad siempre estarán con nosotros.

Javier Sánchez (Spain)

Ian Longmire (United Kingdom)

hasta siempre el comendante

Damian Jaracz (United Kingdom)

Fidel, nunca pude verte en persona, nunca pude estrechar tu mano, nunca pude darte un abrazo, ni un beso ni decirte cuánto te admiro. Eso ya no será posible, pero esa no es razón para callarme y gritar cuánto te quiero y cuán agradecido estoy por tus palabras, por tus actos, por tu ejemplo de gallardía y dignidad. Te mando un beso y un abrazo donde sea que te encuentres. ¡VIVA CUBA Y VIVA POR SIEMPRE FIDEL!

Eduardo Valtierra Torres (Mexico)

george gunn (United Kingdom)

Rip Fidel Castro

seancrofton (Ireland)

Meus s ntimentos ao Val note povo cubano.

Thelma Cavalcante Madoz (Brazil)

RIP Fidel always be remembered as a friend and comrade of Ireland

Cllr Gabe Cronnelly (Ireland)

The struggle continues.

mark stevens (United Kingdom)

Maria Aparecida Medeiros da Fonseca (Brazil)

RIP Fidel Castro

Cormac McReynolds (United Kingdom)

Fidel Castro was a great leader and he helped create a Cuba which was and is an inspiration to all those who want a different and better future for the people of the world. RIP Commandante.

Chris Sandilands (United Kingdom)

Fidel vive! Viva Fidel! Viva Cuba Libre!

Jacira Silva dos Anjos (Brazil)

Long live the revolution.

Navid Haq (United Kingdom)

Farewell to the liberator of Cuba and the hero of my youth


Solidarity from a socialist Republican in Derry city. Hasta siempre Fidel

Conchur carlin (Ireland)

To Cuba, Hoping that the Cuba Solidarity Campaign has not been bourgeois liberal and/or neoliberal in any way, shape, or form, I want to express: if Cuba could be a rejection of liberalism and/or neoliberalism in this world, let that be. At least as of right now, I hope that, as long as I may live, I will always honor and respect El Comandante. If El Comandante could and actually has inspired another and more as a symbol of a resistance to a hegemonic and imperialistic domination of another and more, let that be. Viva La Revolucion! Sincerely and respectfully, Teffy K. Thomas

Teffy K. Thomas (United States of America)


Kevin Connelly (United Kingdom)

Viva Comrade Fidel Castro


Proud to have been a comrade, to stood firm for working people everywhere against US aggression RIP after a job well done

Derek Hill (United Kingdom)

Thank you for your example and keeping the fight against Global Capitalism and imperialism alive

John Sweeney (United Kingdom)

(Czech Republic)

My deepest solidarity to our commandante Fidel Castro. I hoe Cuba did not die with him. Continue the fight against the US imperalism. My support

Rita Lutz (Ireland)

RIP Long live your legacy . Hasta la Victoria Siempre!

Rosa Elvira Urrea Pereira (United Kingdom)

Com sentimento e pesar me despeésect;o, levando na memória o exemplo de coragem e determinaésect;épound;o.

Caroline Moraes Brito (Brazil)

Rest in peace mo chara true legend

michael maher (Ireland)

Viva Fidel - a true hero! Long live the revolution

caroline stevenson (United Kingdom)

My family and me and many many more in Norway, that really did see what your leader Fidel Castro was dealing with, are deeply impressed of how he did manage to keep all your nation together against all the pressure from US and the rest of Europe. He manage by include his people to development the country against all odds. We all have lost a great leader. I'm so sorry for your peoples lost. All the best from Norway-- Rest in peace Comandante

Freddy Johansen (Norway)

Donall O Ceallaigh (Ireland)

Un hombre definido por el liderazgo con un montón de agallas...¡absuelto por la historia!


Viva Fidel! A luta continua! We love you, comrade Fidel, and all the good you have done for the world. Rest in power, knowing that there are people even in the western world who will continue to carry the torch of internationalism and Marxism-Leninsim!

Maple (United States of America)

Solidaridad al pueblo cubano. Fidel vive!!

Eline Jonas (Brazil)

Rest in peace, an inspiration to so many of us

Jason felliowes (United Kingdom)

DEP. Comandante

Kevin Dunne (United Kingdom)

My sincerest condolences.The world lost a true friend of all the oppressed people. Venceremos

George Mertens (Ireland)

Sympathy and solidarity to the people of Cuba and the friends and family of Fidel Castro at this sad time. Fidel was an icon of socialism and a champion of global social justice. His legacy and spirit will live on in Cuba's great achievements, inspiring future generations and showing that another world is possible. Hasta la Victoria Siempre.

Elaine Smith MSP (United Kingdom)

Suaimhneas síoraí do laoch na ndaoine!


Visited Cuba when Fidel was in charge and felt very lucky to have done so ! My deepest sorow for his loss , My warmest condolences to his family , to his great cuban people and all the revolutionaries around the world ! RIP Hero !

Malek (Algeria)

The world has lost a great man, the real in power El Commandante

Tracy Henry (Jamaica)

RIP you were an inspiration

Nicola Keen (United Kingdom)

Kokumo Noxid (United Kingdom)


Janice Webster (Jamaica)

Fidel was the only leader who went to Africa and did not loot Africa. He helped freedom fighters to beat back the South African plan to spread apartheid throughout the region, sent medics and teachers. He was a giant among world leaders.

Joan Frankson (United Kingdom)


Marcin Malm (United Kingdom)

Viva la revolucion!

Triana Segovia (Sweden)

Very sad

Malcolm Tinning (United Kingdom)

Sincere condolences to the Cuban people on the loss of such a towering figure and visionary. The world has become a lesser place.

Tim Castle (Australia)

A great servant of the revolution has passed on. His ideas, works and services to the Cuban people will have achieved him his own form of immortality.

Cllr. Nathan Morrison (United Kingdom)

Respect to the man who fought forpeoples' rights and stood up to America, despite sanctions and assassination attempts, for over 50 years.

Julie (United Kingdom)

My deepest condolences to the Cuban people for the loss of comrade Fidel Castro.

Raimo (Finland)

You will remain a symbol of defiance for generations to come

Mazzin El-Khazragi (United Kingdom)

Rest Komrad. You have Inspired the World. England

Derek Richardson (United Kingdom)

In solidarity with Fidel Castro, an inspiration to socialists all over the world. Rest in power comrade.

Matthew Sutherland (United Kingdom)

A man of peace, a man of courage, a man of dignity and integrity. The world is a poorer place with your passing. RIP Fidel, Comandante.

David Jones (United Kingdom)

The Cuban example is an inspiration to the rest of the world. The highest standards of health and education in a country under constant attack from the world's super-power.

Austin Fletcher (United Kingdom)

La luz de aurora que nos diera fIDEL en el año 1959 con el Triunfo de la Revolución ya nadie la podrá apagar y el pueblo cubano seguirá constituyendo un ejemplo diario de soberanía, igualdad, internacionalismo, rebeldía y libertad.


A remarkable mad for a remarkable country. RIP Fidel.

John Wallace (United Kingdom)

Hasta Siempre Comandante ...

Galvarino (United Kingdom)

O mundo perde um grande homem; Hasta la victória, siempre.

Bartolomeu Gentil de Medeiros (Brazil)

Rip to a strong leader that gave much needed stability......

Harriet maris (United Kingdom)

condolences to the nation, the family and friends of the greatest leader to have lived.

damian mc shane (Ireland)

The greatest leader the world has ever known you spoke for the child who goes to bed without even a slice of bread The imperialist say it is impossible to provide free and equal education for all You did the impossible Hasta la Victoria Commandante

John (United Kingdom)

Rest in Power comandate

Misael Ochoa Matuz (Mexico)

Fidel o maior líder revolucionário da América latina. Os seus feitos e sua memória jamais serépound;o esquecidos. Descanse em paz Comandante Fidel Castro. Minhas sinceras condoléordf;ncias.

Plinio Chadud (Brazil)

A sad loss to the world. Fidel was a true man of the people and should have been a role model to the rest of the world. Unfortunately the bent capitalist system made sure this did not happen. We can only hope that the human race will one day wake up to injustice and treat all people as equals. Maybe then Fidel Castro will get the recognition he deserves>

Terry Crew (United Kingdom)

In death as in life, Fidel's vision of oppressed peoples everywhere being freed from the yoke of imperialism will continue to inspire.

Peter Frankental (United Kingdom)

My Condolences to the nation of Cuba and the Castro-Ruiz family

Mervin Ishmael (United Kingdom)

Viva Fidel. No Pasaran.

Peter Bodie (United Kingdom)

An Inspiration to me thank you Fidel

Paul Winter (Ireland)

Rest in peace commandante

Alan Sahin (United Kingdom)


Gerard D'mello (United Kingdom)

The greatest revolutionary of our time... RIP

Helen Mcilduff (United Kingdom)

ann riley (United Kingdom)

Kamal Greenidge (United Kingdom)

True leader

John Farnan (United Kingdom)

Rest in peace, comandante

Cilleán Campbell (United Kingdom)

A true legend has left the world stage but his legacy will live on

Rachel Redhead (United Kingdom)

My deepest condolences to the people of Cuba.If more people were like Fidel Castro the world would be a much better place.

Barrie Rogerson (United Kingdom)

Condolences to the heroic people of Cuba on the loss of one of the greatest revolutionary leaders of all time. Fidel was, is, and will continue to be an inspiration to the poor and oppresses of the world. Long live Socialist Cuba!

ANTHONY GREEN (United Kingdom)

Your like will not be seen again and the working people of the world have lost a giant.

Andy Stankard (United Kingdom)

Rest well comandent Castro ,history shall prove you right ,"long live the revolution "

Anne O'Neill (United Kingdom)

Solidarity comrade from Ireland you were greatly respected by the people of Ireland and will be sadly missed. Viva Cuba and Rest in peace

Kevin Meehan (United Kingdom)

Daniel Murphy (Ireland)

Rest in Peace - you have left a wonderful legacy in the world - something very few Leaders ever manage to do. xxx

Josephine Bailey (United Kingdom)

Sleep well. You did good and your memory and work will live on with those of us who believe.

Estelle Mageean (United Kingdom)

Condolences and solidarity at this sad time.

Ian Runciman (United Kingdom)

Descansa en paz el comandante.

Anna Maria Slater (United Kingdom)

Red Salute Comrade!we need a Fidel everywhere. Dear Cubans,you never stop believing in what he had started..the path to socialism.long live revolution!

M Mohanta (India)

Hasta siempre, comandante! Mi solidariedad a Cuba y su pueblo.

Cláudio Machado (Brazil)

A historic leader has left you, but this should mark an end of a chapter of the Cuban Revolution, not the end itself. Long live the revolution!

Mark Turner (United Kingdom)

Comandante I salute you; you will be remembered for ever for your principles under duress to maintain the socialism of the Cuban people ; may it continue forever

Manuel Moreno (United Kingdom)

R.I.P Legend

Paul Norval (United Kingdom)

Condolences and socialist international solidarity to the Cuban people on their loss of one of leading lights of scientific socialism in the twentieth century. Communist leader Fidel Castro did not err from settong an example for all the peoples of the Americas and further afield. Thank you Cuba and thank you Fidel for your internationalist and socialist achievements.

Dr Christopher J V Loughlin (United Kingdom)

I am thinking of my Cuban friends. I know they will be mourning but I hope they are also celebrating the life of an unrivaled and undefeated revolutionary leader. Not just in Cuba but in so many parts of the world, there are countless ordinary people whom he helped to achieve freedom, to receive receive healthcare and to be educated.

Steve Ludlam (United Kingdom)

antonieta Shirlene Mateus (Brazil)

Fidel was a great leader and a great friend to Canada. His story and passion for defending the rights of working class people, minorities, the oppressed and the the environment has been an inspiration. Fidel showed us that the little guy can stand up to US Imperialism and win.

Craig Penner (Canada)

Thank you Fidel for all you have done for Cuba and the world and socialism

Mark Hagger (United Kingdom)

© HASTA SIEMPRE FIDEL ! Las sombras y reflejos del sol de medianoche abrieron la garganta de la tarde caliente y fulgurante hoy, cuando sal y destino han elegido al ausente, con el machete afilado de la Muerte. Oigo tu voz de cuerda inolvidable, como méordm;sica revolucionaria descubriendo el inmenso corazón obrero la nieve oceánica de la caña del azéordm;car y por sobre todas las cosas los latidos de tu corazón guerrillero ardiendo sobre la realidad desnuda naciendo cual Venus amante de los pueblos Ya no estarás más en este hito con nosotros, compañero, sentado sobre el filo del vendaval dando nacimiento a la luz desde la selva, a la libertad humana contra el yugo del capital, en la creación revolucionaria de otro mundo. Sin embargo, de algéordm;n modo quedas. Desde el blanco resplandor de tus alas solares, te oigo arengando a millares, te veo sobre los hombros de millones en cuyos pechos late la estrella lancinante de los derechos de los pueblos violentados. Paris, 26 Noviembre 2016. Escrito por Ximena Ga © Ximena Gautier Greve.

Ximena Gautier Greve (France)

James Fiala (United States of America)

Vale brother.

Denis McKay (Australia)

Condolences to the friends and family of Fidel Cartro R.I.P

Carol Phillips (United Kingdom)

RIP Comandante !!!

gloria brightly (United Kingdom)


Luciano Menezes (Brazil)

So sad to hear the news but I`m sure the people of Cuba will continue to honour Fidel`s legacy.

Janet Richardson (United Kingdom)

Rest in Power

Adnan Pirbhai (Pakistan)

dave berry (United Kingdom)

Povo Cubano : Seu choro é o meu choro , sua alegria é a minha alegria.

Francisco do Socorro Tavares de Souza (Brazil)

Rest in power and peace. Your legend lives on, our future generations will know and remember, we will educate them.

Annalisa Langton (Zimbabwe)

Sincere condolences to the people of Cuba on the death of Fidel Castro. He will not be forgotten.

Mary Nolan (Ireland)

Ralph Gayton (United Kingdom)

Fidel Castro's support for education and culture for all is a shining example of how the whole world should cherish knowledge and arts.

Agnes Kory (United Kingdom)

So still,the silence roars in homage, of dreams that saw hope,never a recluse, Fidel, the golden mirror of our minds, deference,and sycophancy your island refuse, even under the vindictive shadow of the Big Bully your greatness, Cuba's freedom shines.

richard manser (United Kingdom)

A true revolutionary

Dodie Ritman (United Kingdom)

I want to express my gratitude for the life of Fidel Castro. Had he not lived south African Apartheid regime would still be in place, looking at how the West betrayed African people.

Sam Louis Gisagara (United Kingdom)

A great man and a great leader.

Kevin Reilly (United Kingdom)

I deeply respect the Cuban society that promoted egalitarianism and the benefits that flow from that, including brilliant and effective health and education services, in the face of such powerful opposition from the USA, intent on fostering inequality, private property, and militarism. Fidel Castro contributed to that massive collective achievement, and I hope that the people of Cuba will continue that struggle without him.

David (United Kingdom)

Fidel était Haut en couleur et un grand humaniste!

Lemoine Jean Baptiste (France)

Sad for the world to lose such a very great man. Hasta siempre Cuba.

Lydia Hill (United Kingdom)

RIP Fidel Castro - Freedom Fighter and Friend of the People of Cuba and the World. The Socialist Dream of a Fair Society free from Poverty and Deprivation will Never Die!

Bryan Godsell (United Kingdom)

Hasta la Victoria Siempre Comandante Fidel

Camila González Salinas (Chile)

(Viet Nam)

jay ginn (United Kingdom)

A revolutionary who inspired liberation movements throughout the developing world, who's influence and legacy shall remain longer than that of the many US presidents he outfoxed and thwarted in their attempts to destroy him and the Cuban model of humanitarianism. And unlike many of his enemies he will be far more than a mere footnote in the Twentieth Century history books. His courage shall remain in the Cuban people as they now have to face such a difficult time in their relations with the US. May he rest in peace.

Barney Winnett (United Kingdom)

Mourning after Fidel and in solidarity with the people of Cuba...

Kadri Ozcaldiran (Turkey)

Farewell great man. To the Cuban people, never give up the fight!

Beau Forte (United States of America)

Rest in Peace Fidel

Rev. Canon Ernle Gordon (Jamaica)

My respect to Fidel Castro and the Cuban people for being who he was and his continued support given for causes where people were politically surpressed. There are times and moments in our lives when action speaks far louder than words. May the future of this country be steadfast and progressive, true to cause and true to all. He will be missed, but his legacy will continue by the spirit of the people.

Alex Pascall (United Kingdom)

You have left a lasting legacy for the people of Cuba better education, health care and most of all social justice. A man of the people. R.I.P.

George Kelly (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre comandante. Mi dolor es grande. Yo pierde a mi segundo papá.

Michel Chappat (Belgium)

My deepest condolences to the wonder people of Cuba on the death of your beloved leader Fidel Castro. I visited your country last year and fell in love not only with the island and its people, but also with it's culture. Long may his legacy live on.

Juliette Burton (United Kingdom)

One of the most influencial persons of the past century! We will never forget Fidel!

Philipp Schmidpeter (United States of America)

Fidel was a real inspiration, a person true to his principles and a great friend to many countries in need. He did so much more than 'talk the talk' He Walked the Walk. Oh that we had more like him.

Noreen Dunn (United Kingdom)

Sincere condolonces to to Fidel Castro's family and Cuban people.R.I.P. I will never forget the welcome and hospitality I received in Cuba when I visited this Summer, Kieran

KIeran Floyd (United Kingdom)

You surely survived within your principles and never gave up! A true inspiration for the Hunan race, may your legacy carry on forever and make the changes that are needed xx

Cathryn Bolton (United Kingdom)

With sincere condolences !

Ian Bryden (United Kingdom)

Thank you for your devotion to the people and your example to humanity Fidel Castro. Your legacy lives on.

Cathy Mae (United Kingdom)

I would like to send my deepest condolences to Fidel Castro's family and the Cuban people. Fidel was an exemplary revolutionary. He achieved freedom, health, education, equal opportunities and empowerment for the Cuban people and millions of oppressed people in the global south including his and the Cuban people's unflinching support on the battlefields of Angola to defeat the Apartheid military machine and herald a free South Africa. Fidel is the inextinguishable light and indomitable inspiration. Soy Fidelista. Viva Cuba. Viva Fidel.

Simon Bull (United Kingdom)

Hasta la victoria siempre!

Ally Ross (United Kingdom)

Your legacy will live on for ever.

Tim Smith (United Kingdom)

Honor y gloria eterna al compañero Fidel! Hasta siempre...

enrique castro cobo (Spain)

Fidel is always in our heart-Vietnamese and Cubans!

Hoang Long (Viet Nam)

Viva Fidel! Viva Cuba! Viva la Revolucion! To a comrade who fought for freedon justice and socialism against all the odds of American Inperialism and never backed down; rest in peace Fidel you are loved!

Michael Wood (United Kingdom)

condolences Fidel will live on through the people of Cuba

Janice Hamilton (Australia)

My condolences to our Cuban Comrades in their great loss. Whilst they live and breathe,Fidel will live on in our hearts. Viva Cuba

Melvyn Davies (United Kingdom)

We mourn with you the loss of un gigante, a great man, may he rest in the peace of God and rise in glory. amen

Stuart Dennis (United Kingdom)

I'm so sorry about the passing of this man, this real life hero to millions of people world wide. He will always live in our hearts and everywhere the people's revolution carries its' torch. My love and condolences to the people of Cuba.

Susan Willard (United States of America)

Having visited Cuba, I could see for myself the achievements made by Fidel Castro and his colleagues and I share in the sad loss at this time.

Kenneth (United Kingdom)

Deepest sympathy to the Cuban people. Fidel's name will live on. He has earned his place in history.

Margaret Levy (United Kingdom)

We will never forget all Comrade Fidel Castro did as a true revolutionary, a great anti-imperialist leader and a real friend of the oppressed and the colonized all over the world. Salute Commandante. Viva Cuba!

Mahmoud Reza (Iran)

A Great loss for Cuba,The Cuban people and The World ! La lutta continua !

Patrick Black (United Kingdom)

Gracias por el ejemplo de su líder Fidel Castro. Con solidaridad.

José Peto (United Kingdom)

We share the sadness of the Cuban people with the losss of their great leader

Alan and Jean Johnson (United Kingdom)

Thank you for your compassion

Patsy Davis (United Kingdom)

The send their condolences to Fidel, a beacon of audacity, courage and tenacity in the face of the most cruel imperialism in history. Fidel Castro and his team not only helped the Cuban people to create a Workers State - which is still with us in 2016 - but it has prepared medical teams that give a real meaning to proletarian internationalism, and which are going to be the spearhead of human defence in the coming period. Comradely greetings to the people of Cuba, of Nicaragua, and of the whole world. Marie Lynam for the Posadists Today, 2.12.2016

Marie Lynam (United Kingdom)

Hamba Kahle Fidel. Tu inspiracion no muere

Jean Lubbock (United Kingdom)

You were an inspiration to the world despite some regimes inability to admit it. Ever onward to victory.

Barry Noble (United Kingdom)

He may have made some mistakes early on but he made up for those with his country folks as you can see by the outpouring of grief

Margaret Lawrence (United Kingdom)

Pueblo Cubano Lo siento muchísimo la muerte del Comandante Fidel por todo lo que hizo de bueno a Uds Y se por acaso hizo algo de malo eso será olvidado, pero jamas sus hechos por el orgullo del pueblo

Mirian P Cardoso (Brazil)

Querido Fidel Con respeto y admiracion te digo Hasta siempre.Espero que tu alma siga guiando al pueblo Cubano Gracias por esa leccion de solidaridad Q.E.P

Ema Moya Reyes (Sweden)

Fidel you were a giant of a man whose legacy will live on whilst those who opposed you will fade into insignificance. Your life and works made this world a better place.

Sue Merrell (United Kingdom)

On behalf of UNISON Skills Development Scotland branch, can we express our sincere condolences.Fidel was a giant of 20th century politics and will be sadly missed and fondly remembered. !Hasta la Victoria Siempre!

Derek Cheyne, Branch Secretary, UNISON, Skills Dev (United Kingdom)

Die Welt ist écurren;rmer geworden. Hasta la Victoria siempre!

Miguel Neumann (Germany)

Thank you Fidel Castro for staying true to the importance of freedom from colonial imposts and control, for ensuring the sharing of Cuba's medical talents and capacities with so many countries, particularly Timor L'este, for establishing a flourishing film industry in Cuba, for weathering the bombast to the north and keeping Cuba for the Cuban people rather than as a land to be exploited and misused.

Dr Jocelynne A. Scutt (United Kingdom)

Emre nurel (Netherlands)

Klaus Eichner (Germany)

Cassia Carvalho (Brazil)

Fidel was one of the greatest Statesmen of the 20th Century. He encompassed all what it should mean to be a truly human being.

Lia Georgiades (United Kingdom)

Klaus Eichner (United Kingdom)

Hasta sempre, companheiro.

Sérgio Amorim (Brazil)

Long Live the Revolutionary agenda of Cde Fidel. To the Cuban people: Over the last few decades of imperialst ruling a dangerous trend seems to have emerge whereby citizens of developing nations or nations opposing the the global rule of law and in particular such of the US and UK, we're coerced into becoming human Shields, opposition without content to their own leaders, CIA planted strategies ensuring local revolts that destroy the Economic strength of those who partakes, Cde Fidel has done a great deal to protect the Cuban society from such manipulative tricks. Never allow that your people's blood are being sacrifice for a hidden imperialist agenda. This has lead to the imprisonment of many leaders, the deaths of Saddam and Gaddafi were no exclusion...Proceed to protect your sovereignty in the same way that Cde Fidel Castor has done and be prepare to sacrifice your life for such an ideal....

Hendrick Latola (South Africa)

Sending deepest sympathies to our comrades in Cuba for the loss of a great men who inspired millions around the globe to fight for a better world. Fidel may no longer be with us in person but his legacy will be that we, and future generations, never give up that fight.

Bristol and Bath Cuba Solidarity Campaign Group (United Kingdom)

Tiefe Teilnahme

Dr. Ingo + Prof. Dorothee Roer (Germany)

My condolences to the family and to the whole of cuba on the loss of a great leader xx

jill (United Kingdom)

Robert Kavanagh (Ireland)

Thank for your help to free Africa,and the people of jamaica Carlton Carr

Carlton Carr (United Kingdom)

R.I.P. A true leader

Jim Halliday (United Kingdom)

(Viet Nam)

Marli Scortuzzi Vilela (United Kingdom)

Alexander Anjou Norlin (Sweden)

Rudolf Spiegl (Austria)




Andrei Freitas Teixeira (Brazil)

Hermanas y hermanos de Cuba y el mundo,al morir nuestro querido Fidel, a través de los medios sociales y no de la prensa, vemos que somos millones, Unidos por el amor a esa revolución que partió para siempre el átomo social de la historia de la humanidad. Aquí estaré siempre lista para promover el amor y la solidaridad de Cuba, de su pueblo. ¡ Hasta la victoria del socialismo en el mundo, siempre, venceremos!

Ximena San Cristóbal (Sweden)

My deepest sympathy and condolences to the family, friends and people of Cuba on the loss of your great revolutionary Fidel Castro.

Allison Parks (United States of America)

You were a true inspiration to my father's generation, to mine and beyond. Viva la Victoria siempre!

David Harris (United Kingdom)

Estoy bastante triste con el falecimiento del grand lider Fidel Castro. Pero, lo sé que él se fue de forma natural y dejó a su pueblo que tanto cariño les he dispensado, un grande legado y la esperanza de un mundo humano y bien mejor.

Amenaide Lima (Brazil)

Lanh (Viet Nam)

Fidel achieved so much for Cuba during his life.

Ann Garrett (United Kingdom)

A este podemos chamar de herói, seu espírito de justiésect;a e igualdade continuará vivo!

Telma Maria de Oliveira (Brazil)

He was a great leader

Göran Wahlen (Sweden)

Querido Comandante Fidel; El mundo es mas rico porque tu vivias. Y ahora que has pasado al panteon de los heroes el vacio que dejaste se llenara con tus grandes inspiraciones. Mis condolencias al pueblo cubano que con tu guia ha hecho el gran sacrificio para que nosotros jamaicanos podiamos mejorarnos. Que siempre tengas el sol a la cara. La lucha continua y Hasta la Victoria Siempre!

Tony Thomas (Jamaica)

Hasta la victoria ..siempre!

Telma Cardoso de Azevedo (Brazil)

Mauricio García Va& (Mexico)

Hasta Siempre Comandante Fidel !

Cristina Muniz (United Kingdom)


Kyle Stark (United Kingdom)

Fidel viverá para sempre,no coraésect;épound;o de cada latino americano que lutar por justiésect;a social!VIVA FIDEL

Sueli de Vasconcelos Pereira Nunes (Brazil)


Wagner Marins (Brazil)

RIP, Fidel. You were a great leader of your country. The world has lost a truly great man, but your legacy remains as a beacon of courage, truth and service to your countrymen and women. As a Jamaican whose family has benefitted from your educational system, your country has helped our country, you have been our inspirational leader. May your family, friends & the Cuban people be aware of our love and gratitude.

Juliet Gordon (Jamaica)

Claudia Pavan Lamarca (Brazil)

Grata por ter nos dado esse gigantesco legado, de que um mundo justo, humano é possível. Manteremos nosso compromisso com a construésect;épound;o de um mundo melhor. Viva Fidel. Viva o povo de Cuba. Até a Vitória Sempre.

Maria de Lourdes Pereira da Silva (United Kingdom)

Un ejemplo de lo que es un verdadero revolucionario.

Enrique Gagliardo Muñoz (Ecuador)

A hero has gone, but his spirit and his principles and all his efforts should live on in a wonderful country.

Ruth Margerison (New Zealand)

May you rest in peace Fidel Castro. To my mind you are a HERO. I hope that the people of Cuba feel that way too. If you hadn't taken over from the Despot Batista, Cuba would have been as corrupted as the USA is today. You were an amazing man...and I salute you. RIP

Irene Cecilia Shemaria Murray (United Kingdom)

Hasta Siempre Comandante!!!!

Carlos Ibarra (Argentina)

He witheld brotherhood from none, fed and educated the poor and marginalized, literally brought healing to the sick and sight to the blind. Hasta luego Brother Fidel.

Paul Jennings (Jamaica)

Gracias comandante Fidel Castro, por el bien que ha enseñado al mundo por dedicares su vida para su gente, sus padres. Que Dios existe y que reciba en su reino de paz y amor. Hasta la victoria siempre!

Aldenéacute;ra Nascimento Moraes (Brazil)

Es con profunda tristeza que desde Brasil envio mis condolencias a todo el pueblo cubano. Fidel era más que un comandante de Cuba, Fidel fue y siempre será un comandante para todos aquellos en mundo que están molestos con las injusticias del sistema opresor que se nos impone. En virtud de su enseñanza, continuamos luchando! Hasta la victoria, siempre!

Marcos Mendes (Brazil)

Meus sentimentos ao povo cubano.

Rosimeire (Brazil)

Fidel continuará a ser nossa inspiraésect;épound;o na luta por um mundo mais justo para todos!

Susana Ines Basualdo (Brazil)


CHRIS TRANCHELL (United Kingdom)

We have to thank Fidel for his strong ethics and revolutionary spirit which has inspired many people on this planet - and will doing so until all people are free from exploitation and subordination. Fidel is an icon and a historical beacon for the struggle: a better world is possible. Hasta la victoria siempre! Fidel presente!

Dr. Edgar Göll (Germany)

Viva Cuba! Viva Fidel...!

(Viet Nam)

Gloria Eterna al Comandante de mil batallas, Gloria Eterna al defensor de los humildes, Gloria Eterna a quien dio su vida porque hoy fueramos una Nacion libre e independiente, Viva por siempre nuestro invicto Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz. Hasta la Victoria Siempre.

Tatiana Gongora Wilson (Cuba)


Maria Jose Motta (Brazil)



Adeus Fidel

Renan Oliveira de Araujo (United Kingdom)

Fidel pode ter partido, mas sua luta fica e nos inspira a lutar... Viva Fidel e a revoluésect;épound;o.

Ritley Alves Rodrigues (Brazil)

Daniel Bevington (United Kingdom)

Grande líder da América Latina que transformou a indignaésect;épound;o em luta por liberdade e autodeterminaésect;épound;o de seu povo. Viva Fidel! Presente eternamente em casa revolucionario!

Méacute;nica de Jesus S Santos (Brazil)

Long live the Revolution

Darren Paxton (United Kingdom)

My sincerest sympathy in the loss of El Comandante: a true patriot and leader of Cuba!

Venetia Moreno (United States of America)

Despido al hombre grande, al bueno, al comprensivo, humano, sensible, fuerte, sabio, generoso sabiendo q no murio. Es eterno en Cuba y en cada persona que sabe q nada es lo mismo despues de haberlo conocido aunque mas no fuera por su lectura, por sus discursos o por saber que la solidaridad, la educacion, la salud, el cuidado de cada ser humano y, por sobre todo, la dignidad de todo hombre y mujer fueron sus prioridades y las llevo por donde anduvo. Deseo ser digna de sus ensenanzas y ejemplo. Hasta la victoria siempre, Comandante!

Alida Chebli (Argentina)

Fidel & dr.che, some men, some hero,s, some rebels, it's just amazing what a couple of good & brave men can achieve......

Sean mc kiernan (Ireland)

Por ser un referente de dignidad y justicia, siempre vivirás en nuestros corazones. Gracias por tu lucha, Fidel Hasta la victoria siempre!!!

Alex (Spain)

People of Cuba, our thoughts are with you in this sad hour. Hold fast to the gains of your revolution. Do not think that the trinkets offered you by the USA are worth having, do not trust their promises, your education and healthcare are theenvy ofthe planet!Hasta la victoria siempre!

Julia Wands (United Kingdom)

Juan Pérez (Mexico)

Choro a perda do Comandante, juntamente a todos os irmépound;os cubanos. O mundo ficou menor, sem sua presenésect;a, mas seu ideal revolucionário, com certeza, permanecerá vivo em nossos coraésect;émicro;es e nos guiarépound;o a caminho de um mundo de justiésect;a e paz!

Carmen Lucia de Medeiros (Brazil)

Gracias, comandante!!

Fernando Herrero (Spain)

Du hast uns gezeigt was Solidaritécurren;t bedeutet! Hasta siempre Comandante Fidel

Sven Schlesiger (Germany)

Lamento muito a perda de personagem tépound;o ilustre. Vá em Paz, Comandante

Zita de Moura Leal (Brazil)

Eres un referente para muchos y jamás olvidaremos tu ejemplo. Hasta siempre Comandante.


~ * ~ Pela Democracia ~ Pela América Latina ~ Pelo Socialismo! #VivaCuba!

S. R. Tuppan (Brazil)

Hasta siempre Comandante Fidel. Viva Cuba y su Revolución.

Andrés Ruiz Lupia& (Spain)

Hasta la Victoria Siempre, compañero Fidel.

Juan Manuel Garretas (Spain)

Mi profundo sentimiento de solidaridad por la ausencia física del Comandante Fidel Castro , su ejemplar vida es parte de mis actitudes e igual he transmitido a mis hijos

René Barreno Reinoso (Ecuador)

Eres el faro que ha iluminado la lucha de los pueblos por su libertad. Ser generoso,humano, solidario con todos, el mejor homenaje que podemos hacerte, es la unidad de los pueblos. Hasta siempre comandante! Patria o Muerte,VENCEREMOS!

Nuria Martínez La&a (Spain)

Diogo (Brazil)

Fidel grande, por lo que hiciste, por el pueblo que dejaste, digno, independiente, con autodeterminación. La historia ha hablado,y tu estarás ahí para siempre. Hasta la victoria siempre Patria o muerte Venceremos

Camilo Alcántara (Mexico)

Gracias, gracias y millones de gracias camarada Fidel, por enseñarnos que hasta en los momentos más oscuros aparecen luces que marcan el camino de la democracia y el poder para la clase obrera. Convertiste el trastero de eeuu en un país digno, independiente y lider del movimiento obrero y de la solidaridad mundial. Hasta la victoria siempre. VENCEREMOS

Ignacio Javier Navarro (Spain)

Hasta la victoria siempre.

Enrique del Río Gund&Atild (Spain)


Sinead O'Connor (Ireland)

Last greetings to great Fidel!You have inspired whole generations with your leadership,you as a person and a show socialism is strong and can exist and survive with imperialists in your neighborhood.Rest in peace.

Hrvoje Ozeg (Croatia)

Rest well Cde Fidel

Andre Sinclair (Jamaica)

My Condolences to all of Cuba. He was a great leader who brought hope to millions of people all over the world.

Charles Anderson (United Kingdom)

May his soul rest in peace. His love and generosity has changed many lives positively!

Volda Alfred (Jamaica)

Hasta Siempre Commdandante!

Spyros Them (United Kingdom)

Condolences to Fidel's family and the Cuban people. Fidel was a heroic figure.

Matthew Stiles (United Kingdom)

Hasta la victoria, comandante en jefe! Siempre!

Karel Kostal (Czech Republic)

I am a friend of the Cubans for a long time.Fidel Castro has been my favourite freedom fighter forever.It was very sad to see him go and I wish the Cuban people all the best .We will remember Fidel forever.

Rolf Mehrens (Australia)

I am very sad at this news and my thoughts are with Fidel's family and country men and women.

Stuart (United Kingdom)

Rip fidel, la luta continua

Steven porter (United Kingdom)

Jana und Thorsten Gleichmann (Germany)

We have lost the most important fighter for real human rights (shelter, food, health care, education, etc...) of our generation and the man who has impacted more lives positively throughout the world than almost any other. He will be sorely missed but his example, his teaching, his ideas and ideals shall live on.

Margaret Gilpin (United States of America)

Condolences to the family of Fidel and to the people of Cuba. A great revolutionary and an inspiration to all those struggling for a better world. Hasta siempre, Comandante

Tim Young (United Kingdom)

A Fidel. Eres un libro de obligatoria consulta.los hombres de tu estatura no moriran jamas,por que los hambrientos,desnudos en la calle,cuyo techo es solo el firmamento siempre los mantendran vivos como su unicameral arma de protecion y sustento. Desechable Apesadumbrado.

Alfonso Orjuela y familia (United Kingdom)

I am not fully Left or Right politically, and I consider myself a fairly devout Catholic, yet I always admired el Commandante Fidel for his fight for justice for the Cuban people. I hope Cuba continues on its socialist path, never forgetting what Fidel, Che, Camilo, and all of the other forefathers of your country fought for.

Christian (United States of America)

Just hearing about his heroics and what he did for Cuba is great. May he rest in peace!

Angel Richardson (United States of America)


Sergio Blanco (Spain)

My sincerest condolences for the loss of visionary and legendary leader.

Stewart Lauder (United Kingdom)

A great man my hero, rest in peace

Ron Gibson. (Sho shin kai) (United Kingdom)

As Communists we know that it is not "Great Men" that make history and that it is history that makes great people.In this case history did great job... our comrade Fidel has epitomised the spirit and the reality, the practice and the theory of revolutionary Socialism for many decades, and this will live on through history. We'll miss many ways - but his life and his death makes us all even more determined. We WILL win!

Bill & Moz Greenshields (United Kingdom)

profondamente commossa

dorotea marta brattoli (Pakistan)

Love and solidarity with the Cuban people. May they go from strength to strength

Heather Wakefield (United Kingdom)

He, who passed, isn't a song that has finished!!!! IMMORTAL!!!!!!!!!!!!


Both Fidel and the strength and resilience of the Cuban people have been an inspiration for so many of us. Sending so much love to the Cuban people who have lost an incredible man. He is never really gone when the revolution lives on. We stand beside you.

Natalia (Australia)

Lieber Fidel, es ist meinem écurren;lteren Bruder zu verdanken, dass ich schon in frühen Kindheitstagen von Dir gehört habe; Von deinem Freiheitskampf gegen Batista, von deinem unermüdlichen Einsatz gegen die USA, von deiner Unerschrockenheit im Kampf gegen Kapitalismus und zu guter letzt von deinem unbeschreiblichen Mut, mit dem Du gegen Seeblockaden und Isolation vorgegangen bist; Mit deinem Mut, der Prügel aus dem Weg schob und nicht nur dem kubanischen Volk, so bin ich mir sicher, Ansporn und Auftrag zugleich war und ist, sondern auch meiner Wenigkeit. Begeistert las ich deine Reden und Bücher, entschlossen unterstützte ich die existentielle Berechtigung Kubas und die des kubanischen Volkes, bewundernd blickte ich zu Dir auf, obwohl wir uns natürlich nie kennenlernten. Du warst mir Kraft und Ansporn. Dafür sei Dir unermesslich gedankt. Als ich von Deinem Tod hörte, weinte ich vor meiner Tochter. Sie wird mich einmal nach Dir fragen. Ich werde ihr viel zu erzécurren;hlen haben. Hasta siempre, Fidel! M. H. T.

M H T (Austria)

Que la mentira del capitalismo no nuble vuestro futuro.Sois ejemplo de millones. Hasta la vicrotia siempre

Marina (Spain)

You will live forever in my heart comandante Fidel


The death of Fidel Castro was a deeply sad event. His contribution as a revolutionary and Marxist-Leninist added a glorius chapter to the cause of Socialism throughout the world. He showed that the mighty U.S. imperialism can be defied by a united people as the people of Cubaba did. Long live El Commandante! Long Live Marxism-Leninism!

Nasir Khan (Norway)

Aida (Spain)

Fidel, A Symbol of Dignity, Resistance and Loyalty to Principles. An Inspiration to me and to Many, Your Legacy and your Spirit live on. Comandante, Gloria Eterna a Su Memoria. Hugh McHenry, Belfast, Ireland.

Hugh McHenry (Ireland)

A great loss

David llewellyn davies (United Kingdom)

Te amaré por siempre

Yudani Rodríguez Terrero (Cuba)

The ultimate test of a leader is do the people support you once you set them free. I believe they did.

Colette Sweeney (United Kingdom)

Viva Fidel and the Revolution! Hasta la Victoria Siempre.

Dan O'Muirigh (Ireland)

An inspirational man whose spirit will live forever in the hearts for all those in the world who seek the common good of mankind. Hasta la victoria siempre. Ar dheis dé go raibh a anam.

Colum Radford (Ireland)

Gracias comandante Fidel, hoy eres leyenda.

Yolanda Eduviges Sánchez de (Mexico)

Mi mas sentido pésame al ejemplo y alma de la palabra "revolución", un ser humano con convicciones inamovibles, nos ha enseñado como un pueblo puede vivir y resistir contra la injusticia externa sin flaquear.

Pablo López (Mexico)

Elaine Daniel (United Kingdom)

Fidel Castro, was an inspiration for me personally. Right under the nose of the neo imperialism, he lead the Cuban people towards freedom and social justice. He not only stood for the Cuban people but all the people who fought for justice, freedom and humanity, all around the world. He demonstrated how good education and healthcare can be made accessible for all the people as a whole. His life and legacy will inspire people for generations to come.

Muralidharan B (India)

My dearest condolence and most profound gratitude to the people of Cuba.The Greatest of your people has gone, the one among the first and greatest generation of Marxist-Leninist of this world, the one who has spent his days to the last struggling for true freedom and equality of the human race. To him, I salute! To you, my warmest embrace!

Quang Duc Duong (Viet Nam)

Fidel was one of the few who had the guts to stand up against the bourgeois imperialism and the inequality and who fought and freed his country from the hands of the devils. All my respect to him.

Mohammed (Algeria)

Usted no ha muerto Comandante. Usted vive en cada cubano, con su ejemplo, con sus ideas. HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE

Jose Yulien Chang Sardina (Cuba)

though he dies what he stood for will live long after him

john quattromini (United Kingdom)

Michael hastie (United Kingdom)

Mis sinceras condolencias al pueblo Cubano, por la partida de un grande de la politica mundial. Un ejemplo de consecuencia. Hasta siempre Comandante Fidel!!!

Ana Gamboa Concha (Chile)

Don and Roberta (United States of America)

I stand with you!

Jack Beaton (United Kingdom)

Maggie Eisner (United Kingdom)

Viva Cuba! Farewell Comrade Fidel.

Ruth Taillon (Ireland)

Fidel's honour and principle has been an inspiration to me for as long as I can remember.

Peter Bell (United Kingdom)

A true revolutionary socialist who knew what it takes to defy the mightiest opposition in the world. As a result Fidel Castro and Cuba have been a beacon of hope for a very long time - I was thirteen years old in 1959. It is hard to imagine the world without the example of Cuba always defying what others say is not possible, that is bringing developmental benefits more-or-less equally to the whole population. Here in Jamaica, despite Michael Manley's efforts and closeness to Fidel in the 1970s, we drift along with the wealth and income gap much as it was in 1959. Democratic socialism is a fine ideal but we have to accept, following Fidel's example, that the path to socialism will be un-democratically and violently opposed, requiring therefore strong revolutionary socialist measures.

Paul Ward (Jamaica)

Fidel Castro overthrew a dictator. This allowed Cuba to establish its own culture, economy,health and education in spite of the continuing USA embargos. Whilst no country is perfect, the Cuba I saw in 2012 is testament to the legacy of Fidel without whom Cuba would still be the home of very rich mafia criminals

Marie (United Kingdom)

My visit to Cuba last December showed me that Cubans are very proud of what they have accomplished, despite the US embargo. I hope that after the sadness of Castro's death passes, the Cuban people will continue their resolve for Cuban Solidarity.

Michael Robinson (United States of America)

Carolina Brownlow (United Kingdom)

My sincerest condolences, AND profound appreciation for the life and work of Commendante Fidel. Viva Fidel!

David Lewane (United States of America)

History has absolved you Fidel. Absolutely

Dom Murray (Ireland)

Fotis Arogloy (Greece)

Thanks for your courage and your independent and socialist vision.

Jef Vanhemel (Belgium)

Rest In Paradise. Your greatness will live forever.

Eugene Akinyosoye (Canada)

Me duele hablar de este hecho pero los grandes cuando mueren físicamente han dejado su obra su impronta y el deber cumplido ahora te toca iluminar el cielo americano junto a Bolívar, Martí, Che Chavéz y muchos otros que dieron lo mejor de si por este mundo #HastaSiempreComandante

Alexander (Cuba)

Cuba es y será un pueblo de Patria o Muerte, y que con Fidel estaremos Hasta la Victoria Siempre.

Maryeri (Cuba)

With Vladimir Lenin you are the greatest of the 20th century. Your legacy will remain forever. Hasta la Victoria Siempre.

Hans Helffer (Netherlands)

we wil miss you Comrade Fidel. You wil be remember as the greath leader you are. You saved your people and free them. Long live Fidel Castro Viva Fidel Viva la revolution !!! greethings from belgium

Kenneth Sluyts (Belgium)

A great man. May he rest in peace.

Kolina Walmsley (United Kingdom)

A mi querido y eterno Fidel: Qué difícil estar lejos de la Patria y no poder darte ese éordm;ltimo adiós, no poder estar en nuestras calles, tus calles, a tu lado como una más de tus 11 millones de hijos, pero desde China y con profundo dolor, amor y optimismo todos los estudiantes cubanos te decimos: Hasta la victoria siempre Comandante! Tu ejemplo vive en cada uno de nosotros. Cómo no amarte FIDEL si lo eres todo, eres  victoria, luz, valor, verdad, hoy no has muerto Comandante,  hoy te enraízas más en nuestra historia, hoy renaces para nunca abandonarnos, hoy eres por siempre y para siempre FIDEL!   Qué recordaré de ti mi  Comandante, mi pensador, mi guía, mi camino, recordaré tu huella en el destino, tus pasos de Quijote destellante, tus sueños de David tan desafiante que hizo suya la conquista de la historia. Recordaré tu talla  de gigante, tus manos de pasión abrazadora, tu visión tan clara ante la aurora,  tu  palabra sincera y deslumbrante. Recordaré de ti mi Comandante tu estirpe de cubano siempre erguido,  tu ejemplo de hombre fiel y decidido,  tu  mirada profunda, destellante. Eres téordm; Fidel mi paradigma, mi fe inquebrantable en el futuro,  mi fuerza para derrumbar los muros, eres luz, eres sol, eres destino, eres Fidel por siempre y para siempre, eres nación, eres país, eres mi Cuba! Con la emoción del momento no fue posible escribir versos a tu altura, pero tampoco podíamos no homenajearte. En China todos los estudiantes cubanos desde nuestras cuentas de Wechat transmitimos a China y al mundo nuestro dolor y nuestra visión sobre ti, nuestra inquebrantable convicción de seguir tu ejemplo y proteger tu legado, nuestro compromiso de nunca defraudarte y hacer realidad tu sueño de que un mundo mejor es posible. Gloria eterna mi querido Comandante!!! Honor a quien Honor merece!!!   Revolucionariamente, Mahé Bricuyet Fonseca

Mahe Bricuyet Fonseca (Cuba)

Pedro Conner (United Kingdom)

(Viet Nam)

Boulami mohamed (Morocco)

This is a sad time for all people who want to live in a world free of the domination of the Empire. Fidel has not died, just moved further into the hearts of everyone who desires a world of justice and equality. Viva Fidel.

Jack Thornburg (United States of America)

I have a drawing I made of Fidel when he was addressing us at an international peace conference in Havana at the Karl Marx Theatre. I hope that all he achieved for Cuba in education and health can be maintained . AND ONE DAY SOON THE EMBARGO WILL BE LIFTED

joy simpson (United Kingdom)

The sad passing of a great man, he shall always be remembered!

Joyce (United Kingdom)

fidel castro will be greatly missed. as our all our great martyrs. fidel and his countrymen came to the rescue of the grass roots in war zones suffering due to sheer evil. we praise you all. 2. use the oil between cuba and haiti to improve the living standards of people in the region. do not allow thieves to steal the inheritance of the people. 3. continue to innovate in medicine and pharmaceuticals. 4. viva cuba, viva the caribbean, via oppressed workers around the world!

jo brown (United Kingdom)

Compañero Fidel, gracias por habernos enseñado lo que es la Dignidad, lo que es ser siempre un Rebelde e Indignado contra las injusticias y contra la prepotencia de los patrones. Gracias por mostrarnos lo que es ser revolucionario y por jamás haberte puesto de rodillas frente al Imperialismo yankee. Compañero Fidel Hasta la Victoria Siempre !

Enzo Villanueva (France)

Gracias Fidel, para hacer este Mundo un poco mas justo!

Ivan Parchomenko (Germany)

Soy Charo, de Madrid, España, Quiero despedir al comandante en jefe Fidel Castro Ruz, como se merece una persona que vivió batiéndose por las causas nobles aéordm;n con el viento en contra, ya me recuerda al ingenioso hidalgo de La Mancha. Su legado coloca la historia de Cuba y la del mundo entero en el lugar de la más alta dignidad y honor. Su memoria y ejemplo seguirán en el corazón de toda persona de bien, claro nos dejó el mensaje, como lo hiciera otro grande, José Martí: la solución está en crear, no en imitar. ¡Feliz viaje a la eternidad! !Hasta la victoria siempre!!

Charo Rosales (Spain)

Blair and Trump may sneer, drug barons in Miami may cheer, but they are the dirt of history. Long after the statues of these tin pots have crumbled to dust your inspiration will live on for all those fighting injustice, racism and imperialism. Viva Fidel!

Chris Thomas (United Kingdom)

A great man , a great Cuban and a great leader. The friend i never met. Rest In Peace you deserve it x

Gwynfor Hood (United Kingdom)

An heroic fighter, never to be forgotten.

Gwydion M. Williams (United Kingdom)

A great man. A great example to the world. A beacon of light in the darkness of this world's capitalist madness and greed. I hope all Cubans and others around the world who can think for themselves will keep his spirit alive for ever.

Chris Leaman (United Kingdom)

As aspiring Du Boisite (W.E.B. Du Bois), it may be said that Fidel Castro Ruz lived the prophesies of the one Paul Leroy Robeson called "our professor" (again Du Bois), proving through the struggle of the great Cuban people, that communism is not a crime, as the shameless lying imperialists scream, but a increasingly embraced way of life for millions and millions more of humankind, to their great benefit, and that of nature itself. Presente Fidel Castro Ruz!

E E W (United States of America)

Never was the saying more true 'Don't mourn, organise' ... against the blockade, in defense of Cuba's sovereignty,the return of Guatanamo and in every way possible in support of the Cuban people and the Cuban revolution.

Dodie Weppler (United Kingdom)

je suis cuba

ronnie clarke (United Kingdom)

My heart goes out to the courageous people of Cuba at this time of your loss.Fidel led your revolution that turned brothels and casinos into schools and clinics. You assisted people fighting oppression and disaster around the world.His inspiration will continue to provide a beacon in this dark and dangerous world for me personally and millions of others.Hasta siempre comandante.

Sally Groves (United Kingdom)

Thank you for your solidarity with Africa and the Caribbean and your inspiring contribution to the struggle for socialism worldwide.

Emma (United Kingdom)

(Bosnia and Herzegovina)

In memory of a life well lived. Standing tall for nations and peoples oppressed by unjust governments, racist ideologies and capitalist economic conditions. You have left a lasting and meaningful legacy on this earth. Hasta La Victoria Siepmre, Comandante Fidel!

Liam Bromley (United Kingdom)

Never to be compared to anyone else and never to be forgotten.

Peter Gibbon (United Kingdom)

The only one to help Nelson Mandela when the yanks and brits said he was the worlds worst terrorist . One of the few to stand up to the Americans and get away with it. Thank you Fidel.

Michael power (Ireland)

#Yo soy Fidel!!!!!!!!!!

Sandra Guerra Castillo (Cuba)

Julie Halford (United Kingdom)

May you rest in peace.

John Browne (United Kingdom)

Impressed by health care and play schemes ,in the street when first went to Cuba in 1990.Also by the charming Cubans.While on teaching exchange to Jamaica, 1980/81 the scheme where doctors ,nurses, teachers etc worked there to help the island had recently finished.

Anne (United Kingdom)

Hasta La Victoria Siempre, Rest in Peace El Commadante Fidel Castro. Viva The Cuban Nation

Phumolang Castro Leholo (South Africa)

Santiago Dominguez Fajardo (Cuba)


Ernesto (Spain)

May your legacy live on.

Kate Willan (United Kingdom)

Mai Tuan Dung (Viet Nam)

RIP comrade. Hasta la Victoria siempre. Dave Lovelidge chair Unite the union SE England GPM&IT RISC

David Lovelidge (United Kingdom)

My condolence to the Fidel Castro family and his cuntry

Maria (Australia)

In dying loyal to the revolution, Comrade Fidel will be immortalised. Goodbye, our hero. Hasta la victoria siempre!

Aedan Cunningham (Australia)

I love Fidel. Viva Cuba, viva Fidel

Ngo Trung Quoc (Viet Nam)

Hong Quan Do (Viet Nam)

Viva Fidel! Viva Cuba!

Ilmo Suikkanen (Finland)

Wishing Cuba well at this time of great change. Cuba's achievements are an example to the world.

Lisa Whistlecroft (United Kingdom)

In life your strength and your socialism was a inspiration to me and to many ,many people in Cuba and the world. Your great courage was your strength against the forces of greed, explotation and war. Your death brings such sorrow to me and to all fighting injustice and explotation around the world.Out of this sorrow however comes a knowledge that you are still amongst us ever day, in our hearts and in our minds , and you will never be forgotten .

Stewart Cook (United Kingdom)

Hasta la victoria siempre

Guido De Schrijver (Belgium)

Un abrazo al pueblo cubano por la partida del Comandante Fidel Castro. Ascendió a la gloria y se hizo leyenda. Fuerza Cuba!!!!!

Jose Mario (Chile)

Mi COMANDANTE FIDEL no es un adios ni una despedida, es un hasta siempre pues estarás en nuestros pensamientos, en nuestras acciones, en nuestros corazones, tu y déjeme tutiarlo nos enseñaste y nos guíaste por el camino correcto, por el mas justo y solidario, ahora hay muchos hablando, diciendo cosas desagradables de ti pero que podemos esperar de los fracasados ya que nunca lo han podido vencer, mi comandante yo con mi pequeño grano de arena pondré el nombre de cuba de mi CUBITA BELLA, como decia su fiel amiga y compañera de lucha CELIA, en lo mas alto donde quiera que este y siempre sere cubano de la tierra de HATUEY, MARTI, MACEO, CESPEDES,AGRAMONTE,del CHE, CAMILO, ALMEIDA,MELBA y de todos nuestros mártires que dieron su vida por nuestra gran revolución y sobre todo sere cubano de la tierra de FIDEL COMANDANTE puede contar conmigo PA LO QUE SEA FIDEL , PA LO QUE SEA HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE SOCIALISMO O MUERTE PATRIA O MUERTE VENCEREMOS


Thank you for your great work of life

Karl-Eric Johnsson (Sweden)

Fidel was simply the greatest leader the world has seen. Just one of his achievements would be legendary for any leader; to overthrow a US-backed dictator; to eradicate illiteracy; to defeat a US-backed invasion; to deliver free and world class health and education despite being under a brutal US blockade; to help deliver key victories in the anti-apartheid struggle; and to bring disaster relief, health and education to millions of people across all continents. His extraordinary achievements are many and he continues to inspire millions of people all over the world. Hasta la victoria siempre, comandante.

Ollie Hopkins (United Kingdom)

Goodbye and thank you, to a giant amongst men.You will never be forgotten.

Ange Hall (United Kingdom)

Viva Fidel Viva la revolution Viva Cuba

John and Wyn Hay (United Kingdom)

Trần La& (Viet Nam)

May the revolution and its achievements continue for the benefit of the wonderful people of Cuba and beyond

Derek Sayce (United Kingdom)

A light just went out in the world. RIP Fidel X

Maggie Cook (United Kingdom)

Solidarity forever.

Andy Gibb (United Kingdom)

Martti (Finland)

My condolences on the loss of your inspirational leader who kept imperialist USA at bay for decades.

E Thacker (United Kingdom)

RIP Comrade, although the worldwide media put you down, your people loved you and that is more important.

Pauline Stanley (United Kingdom)

The revolution lives.Cuba has and is showing the world.

stanheed butt lone (United Kingdom)

World hasn't lost only a great hero but a guide

Igor Sikora (Austria)

You'er the great communist hero. R.I.P Fidel.

(Viet Nam)

Hasta siempre, Commandante! RIP Fidel Castro

Claire Jones (United Kingdom)

chuid eile i síocháin comrade Fidel


Dear Cuban, I am a Vietnamese citizen. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz. I would like to extend my deepest sympathies to your country at this time. Fidel Castro was one of the most iconic personalities of the 20th century. He was a legendary. He was a fantastic individual. Fidel Castro has always been a close comrade and brother of the Vietnamese leaders and people. The world revolution loses an unyielding, brave leader, while the State and people of Vietnam lose a close and beloved comrade and brother. Please accept my sincere and heartfelt condolences at this most difficult of times. Sincerely. Viva Cuba! Viva Fidel!

B.T. (Viet Nam)

Luongduchoang (Viet Nam)

Our deepest sympathies go out to you and Cuban brothers. May God give you the comfort and peace that you seek and may the soul of your loved one rest in peace. From Vietnam

Thanh Phong Le (Viet Nam)

Castro has seen off 10 Presidents of united states

duncanmcgregor (United Kingdom)

Patria o muerte. Venceremos. Hssta siempre comandante.

Gloria (Portugal)

I am sorry for the loss of a great man.

Mark price (United Kingdom)

He was a man of honour and he stood in front of the cuban people. A great leader for a great nation.

Jan Bergsten (Sweden)

The struggle continues...

Heather Lavis (Canada)

Un grande leader che ha cambiato il mondo e le nostre vite

daniela romiti (Italy)

Fidel is going to meet che'... condolence !!

Haja Tamilnadu (India)

Fidel and the Cuban people have been, and continue to be, a wonderful inspiration to us all that another world is, indeed, possible. May the memory of our hero inspire us all to continue the fight for a fairer world with peace and justice for all.

Norma bramley (United Kingdom)

Thank you for all the great work you did for so many years.... you were our beacon of hope, held up as an example of how to lead a country after revolution. A wonderful person, never to be forgotten.

Jacquie Montgomery (United Kingdom)

Haja (Qatar)

Colin coughlin (United Kingdom)

A man of great stature and principle has died but his legacy of supporting both his own countrymen and other oppressed peoples around the world will be written in history. It will also be seen in the outcomes of his commitment to universal education and health for all Cuban citizens despite the continual bullying and boycotting by bigger nations. Having visited and seen and heard the spontaneous respect and love his people had for him he will be missed. My condolence to them and his family.

Rose Walsom (United Kingdom)

<3 <3 <3

Lasse Antonsson (Sweden)

I came in the "special period" and, even then, the people of Cuba still celebrated the revolution. Your healthcare system and education programme are shining examples of what can be done with the will. I hope the legacy of good works continues for all your people in freedom and the future. Viva Cuba!

Julie Reay (United Kingdom)

Para muchos en el mundo fuiste un compañero , un lider y tantos otros nombres como la imaginacion de un ser humano pueda pensar . Fuiste y seras para mi el padre ideologico , el hermano que permanecio junto a su pueblo hasta en los momentos mas duros que enfrento la revolucion . Entregaste tu vida entera al proletariado y la solidaridad internacional , Formas parte hoy de aquellos que se fueron para estar con nosotros . La historia te absolvera y hoy nosotros los que quedamos te colocamos en el pedestal mas alto que pueda existir . Te reencontraras con Camilo , el Che y todos aquellos que partieron durante la lucha por un mundo mejor . Entregales a ellos el saludo fraterno y revolucionario con la conviccion de que seguiremos defendiendo lo que nos pertenece y se gano con la sangre de muchos valientes . Al pueblo de Cuba le queda un inmenso legado y es seguir hasta la victoria siempre . HASTA SIEMPRE COMANDANTE . Troi.

Oscar Vicencio (Belgium)

Olli Savela (Finland)


I shall always remember what our great Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro said "Workers and farmers, this is the socialist and democratic revolution of the humble, with the humble and for the humble." The World will remember him forever and History has totally absolved him. My deepest condolences to the people of Cuba.

Sieh Kok Chi (Malaysia)

Thank you for everything that you have done to support justice and around the world. You will be greatly missed. My condolences to the Castro family and the people of Cuba. Hasta siempre, Comandante.

Kim Tan (United Kingdom)

Rich western countries should use Cubas achievements in healthcare, education and international aid as inspiration. If priorities are right these provisions can be made. Fidel and revolution have achieved what seems impossible in most countries. Cuba should treasure these amazing achiements and build on them.

Laura Koskenmaki (United Kingdom)

Commandante Fidel . Hasta SIEMPRE FIDEL. Viva Cuba, Viva la Revolution!

Ehlert (United Kingdom)

Querido Comandante: Muchas gracias por las ensenanzas que nos dio y por el legado que dejo en su vida. Le estare eternamente agradecida por darme las oportunidades de estudiar y convertirme en lo que soy en estos momentos gracias a Ud y la Revolucion Cubana, de la cual siempre estare orgullosa. Hasta la victoria Siempre, Comandante, amigo!

Eralys Fernandez (Cuba)

Viva Fidel! You are with the ancestors now, but your legacy lives on. We will forever miss you. Long live the Cuban Revolution. Long live the Cuban people.

Kamau Williams (United States of America)

sigue existiendo el sueno de un mundo más justo y mejor. Gracias, Fidel, por (casi) todo

Katharina C Gmachl (Austria)

abramos las fronteras mentales al fin.... pero: gracias, Fidel, por todo lo que hiciste para nosotros, el mundo, Latinoamerica

Claudia Gmachl (Colombia)

Fidel was a positive star in the sky. He lived for his people. Let a new born.

Van den Broeck Guido en Coenen Marie-Paul (Belgium)

My sincere condolences to the people of Cuba for the sad loss of their brave Fidel.

Ian Walmsley (United Kingdom)

Maria Johansson (Finland)

You were a monster and one of the most killer dictator in modern times I do not feel any sorrow for you going to hell were you belong . You turned a prosperous nation in to a misery because of your piwer ambition.Have a nice trip to Satan empire.

Pedro Cabrera (United States of America)

Thank you so much for your courage, will, and sense of humour against all that degrades us. Thank you for carrying the struggle forward.

Mark Connery (Canada)

Rest in peace, my hero.

(Viet Nam)

you never die. you will live in Vietnamese'hearts forever !

Tran Thai Nam (Viet Nam)

You have inspired many of us who aspire to take on the many economic and social challenges faced by third world peoples globally. Rest well.

Omar Newell (Jamaica)

Fidel y su recado no muere. Espero que cada uno de los ciudadanos del mundo que han apreciado su enorme trabajo, como el sacrificio del pueblo cubano, no se olviden nunca de la importancia de manter vivo el recuerdo. Quien no tiene poder de escrivir la historia por falta de dinero como el imperio, tiene que utilizar la memoria y tramandarla. Un abrazo y mi condolencias al pueblo cuabano que jamas tracionó la rivolucion y el suenño de un mundo mas justo para todos. Ojalá pudiera estar en la Habana enesw tos dias y rendir omenaje a un gigante de la historia, como ya no existen.

chiara lucchese (Italy)

Hasta siempre, Comandante!

Stella Pérez Aparicio (Uruguay)

Desde estas lejanas y frías tierras Canadienses esta Chilena exiliada del fascismo, te agradece Fidel todo tu trabajo en pos de los desposeídos, de los parias. Recogeremos tu fucil y seguiremos adelante. Y con el Che, Salvador Allende y muchos otros, te decimos, HASTA SIEMPRE COMANDANTE. Viva Cuba! Viva Chile! Vivan los trabajadores del mundo!! Hasta la Victoria final VENCEREMOS!!!

Luisa Alfonso Bravo (Canada)

Hasta siempre, Comandante. Gracias.

Susan Thorpe (United States of America)

Un rubí, cinco franjas, un estella y UN FIDEL. Descansa en paz jefe, con sus compañeros Ernesto, y Camilo y tambien,José Martí y todos los otros compañeros caídos del movimiento del 26 de julio. Lo hiciste bien comandante, Hasta siempre

Alan Nelson (Chile)

In grateful rememberance to the late socialist leader of Cuba, the revolutionary pur sang, who initiated better life circumstances for the Cuban people. Fidel, we will not forget you! Rest in peace!

Peter van Swieten (Netherlands)

Gran pena y pesar hay en nuestro corazón, se fue el líder admirado y amado, y aunque su presencia estarán siempre con nosotros gracias a su recuerdo a la historia que fue forjando paso a paso,a su ejemplo y sobretodo a la forma en que sirvió a todas las causas que el creyó y apoyo, el Comandante Fidel será siempre nuestro timonel y nuestra luz para seguir adelante y para ser gente de Fidel siendo más humanos, humildes, trabajadores, tener pasión para servir y firmeza para creer en un mundo mejor que inicia con nosotros en nuestro entorno, y siguiendo el gran ejemplo del Comandante Fidel Castro Ruz.

Francisco Estrada (Mexico)

I am at present reading l the Late Fidel Castro's autobiography. I learn that Fidel very clever and with a good, strong heart for his people. My visit to Doctors where I live have ALL stated how they admire his work, how he trained doctors and how magnificent his goals. Not one doctor I spoke with as a patient, mind, had a poor word to say about Fidel. The Medical Profession know the truth.

Judith Dark (Australia)

Hasta la victoria siempre!

Wan-ting Wang (Taiwan)

Thank you El Comandante. The world is a better place because you lived.

Janice (Jamaica)

Dear Fidel, you've been my personal hero for a long time. The moment you left this world I couldn't believe it, I thought it was the usual propaganda spouted by the U.S. and the capitalist media. Now you're finally in a better place, if such a place exists, watching over all the revolutionaries in the world, and most importantly, your nation. May you rest in peace, my hero.

Sebastián Zegarra (Peru)

Fidel was the George Washington of our HEMISPHERE..! Fidel was the Simon Bolivar of Cuba..! Fidel was the Inspiration of all Humanity..! We are one with you..! All the people in the World who are fighting for dignity, liberty and SELF DETERMINATION ! Fidel, our eyes, our hopes, our dreams our hearts... Will always cherish your memory. May your valor and your dreams of a better world.. Live Forever. May the next Fidel, the next Che... Pick up your banner. were a great warrior in the Wars for Humanity We shall learn from you Comrade. DON'T MOURN ORGANIZE..!

Brad Kahn (United States of America)

Hasta La Victoria Siempre!

Stefano Barone (United Kingdom)

Rest in power, Comrade Fidel.

Andrew J. Hepburn (United Kingdom)

The Compassion and Genius of Comandante Fidel Castro and the Spirit of the Cuban Revolution Will Live Forever In the Hearts and Minds of All People who are the Victims of Colonisation and Exploitation in the Mindless World of Imperialism's "Free Market". The World Now Awaits Destiny To Carry Forward the Comandante's Vision of Truth. As Fidel Castro said Himself, "Men do not shape destiny. Destiny produces the man for the hour".

Supratim Barman (United Kingdom)

My condolences to the Cubans and Fidel Castro's many friends on the death of this great leader. I was fortunate to hear him speak at the International Labour Conference in Habana in 1997. He was a powerful presence and held the audience for hours. He showed us what people's solidarity can achieve.

Sara Williamson (Canada)

My condolences to the people of Cuba.

Bill Szollosy (Canada)

Al pueblo de Cuba,a lxs revolucionarixs del mundo SALUD!!Fidel vive y vivirá en cada unx de nosotrxs y en todxs aquellxs que naceran, levantado sus ideales y principios por un mundo mejor para todxs.El mejor homenaje que le podemos brindar es no renunciar nunca a la lucha contra el imperio ( cualquiera que se levante como tal para soyuzgar a los pueblos!!)y sus acciones asesinas, denunciar en cualquier parte del mundo la mínima injusticia y tener la certeza que si se puede, asi como Fidel y Cuba lo han hecho, otros pueblos también podrán! Viva Fidel ,Viva El Pueblo Cubano, Viva la Revolución Cubana. Un fuerte abrazo solidario para todxs!

Myriam Raquel Machaín (Australia)


Carlos (Finland)

Admired the strength and vision of Fidel Castro. Wishing success for the Cuban people.

Grace Morris (Canada)

Le Hoang Minh Toan (Viet Nam)

My sincere condolences to the people of Cuba, the friends and family of Commandante Fidel Castro. The world has lost an inspirational and gifted statesman. His legacy will live on & inspire future generations R.I.P.

Rab Murray (United Kingdom)

"La muerte no es verdad cuando se ha cumplido bien la obra de la vida". José Martí.

Alfredo Saieg Lues (Chile)

The enemies of our oppressors, are never usually our enemies, nor their friends, ours.Africa and it's People, wherever we find ourselves, has lost a Giant of a Humanitarian, and a Great Revolutionary, that did Battle with an evil Empire and gave it His Best.Rest In Peace Comrade Fidel Castro!

Jose' Richards (Jamaica)

A great man.

Dave Wetzel (United Kingdom)

We're proud of you! Viva Fidel! Viva Cuba!

Trung Nguyen (Viet Nam)

Farewell to a great leader who had so much influence on the political and social consciousness of so many. Time to rest in peace now Fidel

Donna Singh (Jamaica)

Condolences to the people of Cuba for this grievous loss. Fidel Castro was an inspiration to people around the world, including here in Canada. Stay strong, Cubans.

Alan Pickersgill (Canada)

At last we made it to Cuba in 2012, our last holiday together the year before my wife Pat died, too young. My last present to her that photo she loved of Fidel with Hemingway. He let that one through. Pat, Fidel, in your different contexts you shared & fought for the same values. You both live with me still, & ever will. All my respect and love, Simon.

Simon Berlin (United Kingdom)

Allway in my heart

Léordf; Trí Th (Viet Nam)

Te recordaremos para siempre, igual que El diálogo de América, en el que figuras con nuestro Allende. Ver

Viviana Ramírez (Chile)

The world has lost a great man. Hasta la victoria siempre!

Ann Murray (United Kingdom)

Kerstin Karge (Germany)

I have always admired The Great man Fidel Castro, he has done more for the poor of this world than any other. May his work live on forever. RIP brother.

Anthony Sealy (Barbados)

Cuba, I wish you strength and peace

Geki Luiten (Netherlands)

My solidarity and condolence to you brothers and sisters. We in the west are fed with propaganda but we are not all robots thank God. You have lost a great leader who refuse to be a puppet to the capitalistop states. Viva la cuba

Abrar (United Kingdom)

Viva la revolucion!

Anders (Sweden)

Rita ohanlon (Ireland)

Fidel, un hombre de ideas y acciones. Like your brother El Ché, the world had so much to learn from your bravery, wisdom and consumate desire for justice. Hasta la victoria siempre. Bob Diamond

Bob Diamond (United Kingdom)

Como recibiste la noticia de la muerte de Fidel. Recibí la noticia cuando me llamó mi mamá a las 2 de la madrugada, este sábado fui rápido para mi centro de trabajo a estar al tanto de las indicaciones y de allí para la Universidad pues fue Fidel el que me dio la oportunidad de ser trabajador y estudiante y que la revolución me diera esta oportunidad es algo éordm;nico en el mundo. Cuál fue tu primera reacción. Mi primera reacción fue de incredibilidad, nunca pensé despertar con una noticia así, fueron tantas las veces que intentaron acabar con su vida que para mí ya era inmortal. Luego cuando caí en la realidad sentí un hondo dolor y pesar que me inundó completo, para mí que nací con Fidel como guía como el padre de todos los cubanos. Pocos de tu generación conocieron de cerca al líder de la revolución como te lo imaginaste Siempre me lo imaginé un hombre cercano asequible, ante cualquier problema la gente siempre decía: Díselo a Fidel que cuando él lo sepa todo se arregla. Lo sentía un familiar, un amigo un hombre excepcional pero próximo. Lo veía en los ciclones, en los momentos difíciles rodeado de pueblo de su gente, lo veía jaranero, inteligente, ha sido y será siempre mi profeta, el que siempre tuvo la claridad de vislumbrar el futuro. Hombre de ideas preclaras de ímpetu y valor sin par en la historia. Cual ha sido la imagen del él que siempre viene a tu cabeza cuando escuchas la palabra Fidel Me viene la imagen de sus barbas, de sus manos inquietas, de su verbo fuerte y su peculiar, manera de hacernos entender conceptos complejos, un hombre que con su sola presencia brindaba valor, esperanza que cuando Cuba tenía alguna debilidad o amenaza ahí estaba Fidel, seguro en el futuro, seguro en sus ideas y nosotros seguros en él Cual crees que sea el mejor de los homenajes que le podemos hacer los jóvenes Hacernos hombres y mujeres de bien, hacer de nuestras vidas un resultado de su legado. Vivir consecuentes a sus ideas y a su propia vida. Ser justos, revolucionarios y resueltos a enfrentar todo lo que atente contra esta isla que tanto amó y que tanto amo

Froilán Fontela Oviedo (Cuba)

Rest Well Comrade Castro. True Revolutionist.

Odane McDonald (Jamaica)

Val O'Flynn (United Kingdom)

Great man of the world! May his soul rest in peace...Le Commandante!

Demar Dixon (United States of America)

Commandante Fidel - we salute you.

Annie Banham (United Kingdom)

My most sincere and heartfelt condolences to the Cuban people on the occasion of the recent loss of their great leader, Fidel Castro, whom I have always greatly admired. Fidel was without doubt one of the very greatest political leaders of the 20th century -- brilliant, courageous, and principled.

Richard Mynick (United States of America)

R.I.P to this inspiring revolutionary.

Kelly Corrigan (United Kingdom)

May your soul rest in peace Mr. Fidel Castro. You're a great leader and Jamaica love you.

Cordesia Rankine (Jamaica)

Condoglianze allo splendido popolo cubano. Hasta siempre compagno Fidel!

Fabio (Italy)

Fuiste un hombre terriblemente grande. Soy cubana y mis padres me educaron para amarte y respetarte, admito que en estos días te haya negado tres veces como Pedro a su señor. Pero mi ofrenda en forma de lágrimas no ha dejado de verterse, desde que partiste al firmamento de la grandes. Gracias por todo.

Dairen Zamora (Ecuador)

To the Cuban people and your Goverment I sent my condolences for the lost of your leader Fidel Castro . I hope and wish that your country will remain the way it is for us Canadain Tourist and not end up having big changes because of the USA . And that his Brother Roul makes the right choice for his country now that his brother is gone .

Dieter Boehmker (Canada)

Comandante eres y serás ejemplo de diginidad y valentia. Siempre te he admirado como el adalid de las esperanzas latinoamericanas y de los pobres del mundo. Que tu presencia sea de luz para quienes creen en la posibilidad de construir un Mundo mejor...donde cada niño sueñe en amor y tenga un pan más grande que el tamaño de su hambre...hasta siempre Comandante

Maury Abraham Márquez G. (Venezuela)

Fidel Castro quedará en la historia como uno de los líderes más nobles, altruistas, coherentes y eficaces de los siglos XX y XXI. Lloro con vosotros el fin de una era de Oro. Demostró que la convivencia pacífica sólo se consigue erradicando problemas básicos: malnutrición, enfermedades, chabolismo, prostitución, racismo y avaricia. Gracias pueblo Cubano por haber apoyado a Fidel en su sueño y sobre todo por vuestra generosidad exportando a otros paises vuestros métodos en medicina,educación y descolonización. Con vuestro ejemplo habéis dado esperanzas a poblaciones que aun no han logrado parar el acoso internacional que sufren por querer ser propietarias exclusivas de sus recursos naturales. Celebrad y disfrutad la paz y harmonía que os dio Fidel y luchad por mantenerla! 30 Noviembre 2016. Oxford.


Conlaoth Rodgers (United Kingdom)

Querido Fidel, siempre tuve la ilusión de conocerte aunque sea de lejos y poder maravillarme en vivo con tu imagen, sin embargo no pude realizar unos de mis sueños, pero quiero que sepas que a pesar de no conocerme, soy una mujer muy afortunada por conocer parte de tu vida, de la lucha que fuiste, formaste y seguirás formando en miles de personas, te mando un gran abrazo con mucho cariño y sé que eres invencible e inolvidable como todos los hombres y mujeres que han vivido parar luchar por la justicia, libertad y los derechos a los que todos los seres humanos y vivos de este planeta merecemos! eres y serás un gran ejemplo Hasta la victoria siempre Comandante!!

Yanira Netzika (Mexico)

Colm O Sullivan (United Kingdom)

fidel's ideas will continue to inspire all struggling for liberation from exploitation and oppression.

laurence green and julie troth (United Kingdom)

Mi ilusión era ir a Cuba con Fidel vivo.Iré y Fidel seguirá allí, como en tantos pueblos. ¡Hasta siempre, Comandante!Gracias por tanto

Juana (Spain)

El legado del Comandante Fidel Castro Ruz es inmenso, su postura como revolucionario trascendió más allá de la isla de Cuba. Para mi generación, de mexicanos involucrados en la lucha por una sociedad más justa y equitativa, el ejemplo del Comandante fue poderoso. Lamento su partida como si fuera mi padre, su quehacer revolucionario será fundamental para las nuevas generaciones. Un abrazo a sus familiares y a los amigos del pueblo cubano


R.I.P. Fidel a Beacon of hope to the working class people's of the world the poor the vulnerable the exploited... by those who tried to kill and silence the idea you illuminated to the oppressed...and blinded the stood by the murdered and displaced and stood up...and those who continue to steal and exploit lands for dollars gold and diamonds or oil shook with fear of the idea...history will be written man and womankind will remember...from the mountain guerillas who became giants in the face of US colonialism...your spirit of freedom could never be broken..Bier Bua..Hasta siempre Commandante

Seamus Murphy (Ireland)

I grew up revering you, Fidel. You were the beacon of our hope, you were the fulfilment of our wishes and desires, however many thousand miles apart. When the world was crumbling around us all, you remained our brilliant star, shining the light on our dark path and you will remain so until the end of this world. You will remain in our hearts and minds and we will aspire to be one of your caravan, one of your revolution and one with your entire nation that rose from the dearths of the despair. We mourn the passing of your body, but your soul remains with us today, tomorrow and always. Despedida elcomandante. Large Vida a revolucion XX Zoya

Najmussahar Zoya Bangash (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre comandante!

Jasenko F. (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Viva La Revolucion! RIP Fidel Castro, the media are against him he was a great man and an amazing Cuban leader. The only leader to defy America for 50yrs. He will be missed, but not forgotten

Robert Rensten Stewart (United Kingdom)

June Kelly (Ireland)

The Western media bluster on about Fidel being a "brutal, murderous dictator", but I remember reading an account of one of his journeys around Cuba, visiting villages, farms and factories, in a open-top jeep and wearing fatigues and forage cap as usual. Wherever they stopped, people crowded round Fidel, calling him by his first name, using "tu", the familiar form of "you", as if he was a personal friend, and pressing him to come and eat with them in their canteen. Funny kind of "cruel tyrant" !

A.Fearon (United Kingdom)

Birger Rickardsson (Sweden)


LarryHumanistGreenvfp Skwarczynski (United States of America)

Thank you Fidel Castro for all of your contributions to African countries, to USA, to South America and the Caribbean.

Kagiso Johnson (United States of America)

The world needs change

Eva Elzinga (United Kingdom)

Sincere condolences to the people of Cuba in the loss of their esteemed leader Fidel Castro

anne fisher (United Kingdom)

Rest in peace the legend, but your legacy will leave forever especially your contributions to liberation of many African countries

Edward Ngobei (Tanzania)



A true Comrade, Communist and Internationalist

frank cammock (United Kingdom)

Bernadette Keaveney (United Kingdom)

Fidel, may you RIP. You are my hero. My deepest condolences to your family, and the good people of Cuba xxx

jane Adams (United Kingdom)

The fight is over you have done your bit RIP Fidel a man of the people

Patrick Murphy (United Kingdom)

He had his flaws, but his achievements in health, education and equality in the face of a vindictive embargo by the world's greatest power were very impressive; may he rest in peace.

Denis Mollison (United Kingdom)

In a world that needs a million Fidels we lost the only one. RIP

Donald Uquhart (United Kingdom)

Rest in Peace you are a inspiration to us all RIP,

gene (United Kingdom)

90 years alive - they couldn't murder Fidel he survived and so will Cuba - end the blockade - Fidel left life after helping his people how many US Presidents have done that for US workers?

Paul Hardman (United Kingdom)

Fidel Castro was a great leader who helped to free his country from an oppressed and colonial past. He inspired other small countries to strive for liberty and equality.Whatever his mistakes and faults, his brave legacy will live forever.

Geraldine McDermott (Ireland)

Condolences to the people of Cuba

Jane Collins (United Kingdom)

RIP, Fidel. You were an influential and dedicated individual to humankind and the world. Hasta la Victoria Siempre.

Austin (United States of America)

R.I.P comrade castro - but viva la revolucion

Jakob Brennan (Ireland)

A rare man has gone but his spirit lives on with all of us who want a simpler more peaceful life. His contribution to the world helped so many people. Clearly he was not without his faults and not all his decisions were perfect but these were massively outweighed by the good which he did through the strength of purpose he maintained. Cuba has become an example to the world of an alternative way of life.

Ray Bryant (United Kingdom)

You were the greatest. An inspiration. A hero. History has more than absolved you. It will embrace you for ever as one of the true giants of our movement. I was privileged to be there when you said this sixteen years ago, and I will never forget "Revolution is having a sense of the historical moment; it is changing everything that must be changed; it is full equality and liberty; it is to be treated and treating others as human beings; it is emancipating ourselves by ourselves and through our own efforts; it is defying powerful dominant forces within and outside the national and social milieu; it is defending the values in which we believe at the cost of any sacrifice; it is modesty, disinterest, altruism, solidarity and heroism; it is to struggle with audacity, intelligence and realism; it is to never lie nor violate ethical principles; it is the deep conviction that there exists no force in the world capable of crushing the force of truth and ideas. Revolution is unity, independence; it is to struggle for our dreams of justice for Cuba and for the world, which is the basis of our patriotism, our socialism and our internationalism. -- Fidel Castro, May 1, 2000. Until forever Commandante x

Bob Oram (United Kingdom)

viva CUBA CASTRO WAS OF THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE.Who decided that the Mafia were to be got rid of .the people educated and had a proper health system.No doubt the American will say that if you Cubans became sub serviant to America you would be better off.CUBA DO NOT SELL OUT CASTRO WHO WAS FOR YOU

Thomas Brown (United Kingdom)

Your name shall never be forgotten.

Valeri Fomitchev (United Kingdom)

You have been a shining light in the progressive world. The world has lost a great leader. We must keep this progressive light shining!

Caroline Anne Tendler (United Kingdom)

I'm sorry that as an American you are so mistreated, but I know the real Castro. You were a hero, and will be missed Long live Fidel Long live Che Long live Raul Long live Cuba -With live from America

Jeremy R Burgess (United States of America)

Moira Morton (United Kingdom)

Joyce Thorogood (United Kingdom)

A lo largo de mi vida, siempre has estado una inspiración para mí en la lucha contra el imperialismo y la injusticia. Que descanses en paz, Comandante Fidel.

Martin Relph (United Kingdom)

'Just like moons and like suns, With the certainty of tides, Just like hopes springing high, Still I'll rise'

Bernadette Hopkins (Ireland)

A hugely significant figure who will live on in the hearts and minds of the Cuban people.

Harriet Caine (United Kingdom)

hasta la victoria y siempre

cristina navarrete (United Kingdom)

Christopher (United States of America)

With you in solidarity, for Fidel.

Jean Seymour (United Kingdom)


Obi Dike (United States of America)


ken o regan (Ireland)

A luta continua.

Fungai (United Kingdom)

Viva Fidel Castro, your footprints are all over this earth. Thanks for the kindness and caring so very much for Africans throughout the world. We will always miss your strength, tenacity and hard work. May your soul rest in eternal peace. One Love, Walk Good.

Valarie Steele (Canada)


Viva la revelucion xx

Lisa-anne Dwyer (Ireland)

perdimos nue estro comandante in verdadero ejemplo de Valentia y coraje gue lucho por la revolucion siempre hasta la Victoria siempre comandante FIDEL

Gary Lee (United Kingdom)

Valarie Steele (Canada)

R.I.P Comrade.

Craig Gunn (New Zealand)

Long live your memory and example. The world needs more leaders like you.

caroline gleeson (Ireland)

Fidel Castro was a great inspiration of mine. When he died it felt like I had lost somebody very important in my life. He showed me that there is an alternative to the poverty that millions endure as a result of the capitalist system, and has, along with many other revolutionary figures, been the spark in my life to try and bring revolution in my home country of Britain. Let it be known that the western governments that Castro hated I hate just as much. We are not divided by nationality, it is the fight against imperialism and our ideals that defines us. My best wishes to all the people of Cuba. I wish to you to keep fighting the American tyranny, until revolution is achieved in the west and Cuba can finally open up to a principled and just world. May you fight on, and know that you have friends, even in countries which are your enemies.

Aidan Todd (United Kingdom)


Magael mclaughlin (Ireland)

The death of Cuba's great leader is a loss to the whole world. His courage led a small band of revolutionaries to overthrow a brutal US backed dictatorship and that win inspired the world. Since then, Cuba, despite years of punishing US trade blockade, US covert warfare and years of hostile US Cuban propaganda, this small island has forged a well deserved reputation for being a leading contributor to advances in in world medicine. It also now has one of Latin America's highest literacy rates. All of this plus this great leader and his countrymen gave their lives to help the nation of Angola free themselves from the corporate horrors of Apartheid and the theft of their oil riches. A great man with a great heart, who cared about the oppressed of the world. And I assure you, they cared about him for their was no one else like him. He will be missed. Not by the 1% of the rich and powerful, but by those who struggle in the fields, the poor and the oppressed.

Barry Ford (United States of America)


Vic Heath (United Kingdom)

R.I.P legend of our time

Sebastian Tejeda (Canada)

God bless

Rodolfo Perez (United Kingdom)

For all his faults a truly great man. A father to the weak, oppressed and exploited of this neo-liberal globalist World.

nick westfold (United Kingdom)

We are saddened by the physical passing of Comandante Fidel Castro Ruz. Thank you Fidel for being an example to all who are fighting for a better world. You will always be with us in our minds, in our hearts and in our actions. !FIDEL PRESENTE! !POR SIEMPRE FIDEL!

The Worker to Worker, Canada-Cuba Labour Solidarit (Canada)

I don't know what I should write. Fidel Castro was someone to me who has given to me hope that we can live together peacefully like Marx said according to what everyone can give to society and what he needs. They both are immortal because of what they did Castro more than Marx and what they said Marx more than Castro.

Anita Mirza (Netherlands)

bonsoir, en c'est moment de grande tristesse je présente mais sincére condoléence a la famille et au peuple cubain aprés le décés du président et camarade Fidel Castro vive la révolution, vive cuba, vive fidel

jean-pierre (France)

Hasta siempre, Fidel!

Eleanor Davidson (United Kingdom)

Un grande ha partido... Ejemplo de dignidad y lucha para todos los que habitamos el suelo Latinoamericano. Mis condolencias para todo el pueblo de Cuba.

Estela Delfino (Argentina)

1959-2016 Cuba an independent state a few miles from US,thanks to Fidel Castro,the Cuban people and those who dreamt of a better future -José Marti,Che and many others and in spite of over 600 attempts on Fidel Castro's life.That is amazing and unique.I wish the Cuban people the very best and can I ask them -do you want a Trump Tower in Havana?Stay strong.We hope to visit soon.

Mary Dinan (United Kingdom)

Haste Siempre Comandante!

Kevin Davies (United States of America)

fidel castro represents within the first line the most important movement of our historical epoch: against capitalism and the ways out to justice, Democracy, peace and common property of which the cuban Revolution against US imperialism is one of the most important and encouraging realization. thank you for ever, fidel and companions!

Dr. Werner Ruegemer (Germany)

FIDEL vivirá por siempre en nuestros corazones!!!

Mabel Blanco (Cuba)

Comandante! Your name will be connected for ever with the progress of mankind.

Wolf Goehring (Germany)

Cuba is a beacon of hope in dark times. The Cuban people and their revolution will be immortalised through history, as Fidel. VIVA CUBA! VIVA FIDEL!

Callum Creigg-Waddell (United Kingdom)

Tu Estela, nos seguirá guiando. Hasta la Victoria COMANDANTE.

Antonia López Mua& (Spain)

condoléances au peuple Cubain

Baudorre (France)

Fidel Presente! Por Siempre Fidel!

Heide Trampus (Canada)

Jessica sanders (United States of America)

Support and condolences from Ireland Cuba por sienpre!

Darren hilley (United Kingdom)

Javier Ramos Nistal (Cuba)

Esperamos un bien futuro para Cuba - en el spiritu Fidel Castro

Prof. Dr. Rudolf O. Zucha (Austria)

True love never dies

Cosimo Minervini (Italy)

Words cannot say how much Fidel has inspired me. Whenever in doubt, I turned to Fidel. May his spirit and ideals live on amongst the Cuban people forever. Let us all continue his work together. Hasta Victoria Siempre

Roisin O'Callaghan (United Kingdom)

Commandante Fidel Castro was leading with Che Guervara to overthrow the dictator Batista and in the Pig's Bay the Castro-Armee repulsed the US-Armee. We are sad! The Editorial office of Labournet-Austria

labournet-Austria (Austria)

The Cuban People have shown the world how it is possible to shed the yoke of the oppressor and make a better life against the all the odds. We cannot underestimate the leadership role Fidel played in this. All revolutions are bloody and mistakes are made because there is no perfect model. It is too easy to forget - the French Revolution, The US revolution, Cromwell's Revolution, the revolutions of the 1800's,the Russian Revolution and many liberations struggles before and since. Fidel does not belong to merely his own generation of oppressed People, he belongs to the World.

Patricia McKeown (United Kingdom)

Fidel's Cuba has been an inspiration to us all. Farewell Comandante Castro

Richard Lowndes (South Africa)

For all those who refuse to give up their dream of a better, more peaceful world of solidarity for everyone Fidel Castro will always remain an inspiration.

Johannes Kiessling (Germany)

A wonderful inspiration to all the people of the world. My condolences to to the people of Cuba

Philip O'Connell (Ireland)

Ich danke Die das ich deine Taten, dein analytisches Wissen, und deinen konsequenten Weg beobachten durfte. Mir hat dies sehr viel im Blick auf meine eigene politische Entwicklung gegeben. Venceremos!!El Pueblo unido, jamás será vencido


For the people of Cuba

Jack gilleece (United Kingdom)

Hasta la Victoria Siempre ! los héroes nu mueren, se siembran , gracias Fidel por ser nuestro ejemplo revolucionario !

cristina soler crespo (Spain)

RIP Fidel.

Michael (United Kingdom)

A legend!

Hazel McArthur (United Kingdom)

Rest in Peace Comrade Fidel. You made the world a better place with all of your work. Thank You.

Jason (United States of America)

We mourn the passing of a great revolutionary, Communist, Marxist and Socialist. Such a passing feels like another cruel setback in the endless struggle for Socialism throughout the world, along with the disintegration of the Soviet Union and the former soviet socialist republics turning their back on the righteous struggle for a truly socialist society, Marxist theory lives on! Comrade Castro will live on in all of us who truly believe in Marxist theory, and his name will never be forgotten. You showed the world that there are no small countries, no weak and defenseless nations and that every country belongs to its citizens and peoples! Rest now Comrade, let us continue the struggle. Yours in forever Comradeship.

JP (United Kingdom)

Farewell Fidel, you left your mark on an unjust world with your struggle to make it a better place. RIP

Karen Pool (United Kingdom)

Loved by the common person like me for helping bring Healthcare and Education plus much more to those who needed it most. Every blessing.

Nigel Wass (United Kingdom)

Ordene Comandante, siempre ordene y estaremos los soldados que usted formó dispuestos por Cuba y el mundo a cumplir sus ordenes #Hastasiemprecomandante#

Juan Ruperto Pérez Perez (Cuba)

Deepest condolences to the people of Cuba at this extremely sad time following the death of comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro who was not only the outstanding leader of the Cuban revolution for over half a century but an unfailing source of solidarity and wise counsel to peoples everywhere struggling for their liberation.

Mike Webber (United Kingdom)

Tanja Kathrine nordang (Norway)

An icon of world politics. RIP El Commandante.

Philip Crawford (United Kingdom)

Brave and courageous leader of a small group of brave men, how much have you achieved in your life-RIP

Robbie Brown (United Kingdom)

Rest in Peace

Sandra Brown (United Kingdom)

That one man could accomplish so much in one lifetime is a testament to the compassion and love that Fidel had for the Cuban people and, indeed, the world. My condolences to his family, friends and to the Cuban people. He has been such an inspiration to do more. Hasta Siempre, Comandante. Rest in Peace

Brenda Dyrdle (Canada)

We have visited Cuba a lovely country and lovely people. We understand the suffering of the people before the revolution. Castro an iconic figure.

Fay plant (United Kingdom)

To an inspirational leader; my heart goes to the people of Cuba and may his tenacity, his good intentions and goodwill be a lesson to all those who are quick to condemn him, most of whom have absolutely no right to. Fidel, I too ".. find capitalism repugnant. It is filthy, it is gross, it is alienating... because it causes war, hypocrisy and competition". How right you were and still are my friend...

H Peublo (United Kingdom)

Nuestro y eterno Fidel no se va, se queda en la inmortalidad del tiempo, en los corazones y anhelos de todos los cubanos. Desde UCLV decimos #HastaSiempreComandante

Juan Ariel Toledo (Cuba)

Fidel, I still cannot believe you're gone. I get goosebumps thinking about it everyday. Your dedication to the Revolution has served as my absolute inspiration to fight for a better world. If only I could have had the pleasure of meeting you once, but I hope I may finally be able to in the afterlife. Words cannot explain how much I thank you for what you have done. ¡Hasta Siempre Fidel!

Brandon Iglesias (United States of America)


Marc De Maesschalck (Hungary)

A giant of the 20/21st centuries has left us a legacy of hope and inspiration to all who cherish peace,security and justice. VIVA FIDEL CASTRO VIVA CUBA.


Al momento de saber la noticia del fallecimiento de Fidel Castro fue un impacto muy importante debido a que no era fácil digerir dicha noticia, sin embargo, con el transcurso de las horas era posible estar informado. Cuando estuvo en vida y con los actos que hizo a partir de 1959 en adelante logro influir de manera fuerte a los países vecinos de América Latina. A pesar de los problemas que han tenido en estos años han demostrado que pueden salir adelante a pesar de cualquier circunstancia aéordm;n cuando hayan tenido un bloqueo comercial. Fidel les ha enseñado a ver y a vivir siempre en conjunto ser personas unidas, ustedes como país cumplen las necesidades básicas que son la educación básica y profesional, una vivienda y una canasta básica que debe tener acceso una familia que aquí en México hace falta a las personas que viven realmente fuera de la ciudad e incluso dentro de ella. Se vienen cambios muy importantes para ustedes que influirán, nuevamente, en América Latina y sobretodo EEUU pero deben de estar con frente en alto y seguir adelante. Mi más sentido pésame a ustedes todo el pueblo cubano "Una revolución es una lucha a muerte entre el futuro y el pasado". Fidel Castro

Huerta Michell (Mexico)

(Viet Nam)

Fidel Castro was a great revolutiary leader. He inspired millions of people throughout the World. His practical support Led to the end of appartied in South Africa and gave confidence to the oppressed to stand up for their rights.. I and my wife had the privilege of meeting him in Durban,South Africa. The memory of the meeting and his kindness will stay in our hearts for ever.

Mohammed Arif (United Kingdom)

Adios Comandante! Vencera al Libertad!

Horst Koch-Panzner (Germany)

Revolt. Resist. Rise

Husain Modjtehedi (Canada)

Nevalis Quintana Fernández (Cuba)

A Lutta Continua

Derek Clarke (United Kingdom)

My late Mother - an "ordinary" working class woman from the North of England - impressed upon me the greatness of Fidel Castro from a very early age. I knew from an early age as a consequence about the corrupt regime of Batista that he an his comrades swept away in 1959 . In later life, I came to appreciate the extraordinary achievements of Cuban society in its exemplary healthcare and education and the sharing of those talents and expertise across the world. Entering Africa not as a coloniser but to help. There for Ebola victims while the world hesitated. An amazing example to all. A wonderful country and people. Rest in peace, Fidel Castro and may your achievements and example last long.

Elizabeth Lloyd (United Kingdom)

I am sorry to hear about the loss of Fidel Castro, I hope his ideologies will live on within you all!!! Stay strong and stay positve Xxx

John Daniel Justice (United Kingdom)

we will continue to support Cuba and its revolution .

marsha chatman (United Kingdom)

A ti, gloria eterna, por unirnos. Todo el que se siente cubano llora y sufre tu muerte. En Cuba y lejos de Cuba seremos consecuentes con tu legado. No dejaremos de hacer Revolución. !Patria o Muerte! Venceremos siempre, porque estás con nosotros

Laura Barrera Jerez (Cuba)

Fidel, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all that you, your comrades and the people of Cuba have done for the world. The Cuban Revolution has inspired and guided me throughout my whole life and especially in my career as a teacher. You will live forever in my heart. Rest in Peace. Rowena x

Rowena Luke-King (United Kingdom)

Cuba is an inspiration to the world. My heart and soul is with the Cuban people at this time. Fidel may not be with us anymore but his legacy and spirit along with his companero, Che Guevara, will live on to show the world there is another way for humanity.

Lynda Bell (United Kingdom)

I met Fidel briefly when I attended the 10th WTU Conference in Havana but I was much aware of his presence during the whole two weeks. In our Western culture we define "Christianity" as an act of goodness and in my own interpretation the Cuban Revolution led by Fidel was one of the most Christian acts of the 20th Century. His deeds and his name will always be revered.

Henry Greenwoood (Canada)

You were and are an inspiration.

Kevin Patrick McCann (United Kingdom)

A pillar or integrity and principle; the World should have learnt from him rather than ostracising this remarkable man who only had his people at heart

Jackie Horsewood (United Kingdom)

End of an era. Inspired by Fidel's preservance to struggle and stay stay strong despite all embrgos . Will be missed. Saludos Fazila

Fazila Bhimji (United Kingdom)

Adiós comandante, Hasta Victoria Siempre

Waringo Marceline (Luxembourg)

Comandante, gracias por todo! Con mucho amor y mi infinita admiración. Te llevaré en mi corazón y seguirás siendo tan presente en mi vida como siempre has estado. HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE!

Sabrina Johnson (Canada)

RIP Fidel!

Angelina Vukovic (Belgium)

Non ci sono parole per salutare il piésup1; grande rivoluzionario contemporaneo. Continuerai ad illuminare la strada anche dal cielo. Hasta la Victoria siempre!

Aurelio (Italy)

1959 on I marched "hands off Cuba" and the world is better for it , remember this great man of peace and humanity , Viva Cuba

Robert Bunce (United Kingdom)

He out lived all his haters 600assassination attempts on his life helped to liberate African countries sent doctors to a Ebola ridden areas of Africa not soilders

Warren Fraser (United Kingdom)

stood up for the under dog

john kierans (United Kingdom)

The leader of a proud, kind and generous nation. You will not be forgotten.

Rae Chapman (United Kingdom)

Mis condolencias a sus familiares y revolucionarios de todo el mundo. Fidel Castro fue uno de los mayores visionarios de todas las épocas, tuvo un sueño de justicia y lo hizo realidad a pesar de las amenazas y limitaciones impuestas por el imperio y sus acólitos.

Jorge Luis Noas Hernández (Cuba)

In respect and memory. Tue Magnussen Denmark

Tue Magnussen (Denmark)

Dave Heywood (United Kingdom)

RIP Companero Fidel.Thank you for 70 years of hard labor for Cuba and the rest of the world.MAY YOU REST IN PEACE AND MAY GOD REWARD YOU for all you did for others and for showing us the way.

Jose Moreno (United States of America)

No hay mucho que decir cuando se ha cumplido con la obra de la vida. La muerte es solo un excusa para dejar de vernos un tiempo, lo éordm;nico que me duele de su muerte Comandante es no poder darle un respuesta a ese que se dice presidente de los Estados Unidos y que se apellida Trump. No se preocupe, la vida pondrá cada ficha de este juego de ajedrez en su lugar y ese día volveremos a vivir un 25 de noviembre pero saliendo desde el yate Granma, ese día volveremos en caravana a saludar a todo un pueblo. Comandante descanse en paz y no se preocupe que en la otra vida yo lo buscaré y sé que tendré el orgullo de apretar su mano. Un placer haber sido su contemporáneo. Hasta la Victoria Siempre.

Raynol Paz (Cuba)


Graham Ogden (United Kingdom)

Irene atzeni (Italy)

Commondante Fidel was a great man. Leaders like him are misunderstood by westerners because they cannot understand a strong leader who really cares about his people. He was a beacon to all poor and people of color on this earth. And his legacy must live on if we are to ever survive on this planet.

Robert Klein (United States of America)

We Salute You Comrade FIDEL CASTRO For Your Sacrifice To Create Another world Long Live SOCIALISM One world, one people - Join the LRC When I give food to the they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a communist" Lt Camora


You inspired me Fidel and made the dream of a more just world tangible, possible. We will continue the struggle and one day we will win!

Anandi Ramamurthy (United Kingdom)

El pueblo cubano y el mundo entero han perdido a un gran profeta pero su ejemplo seguirá vivo. Nuestra más sentido pésame a su familia y su pueblo. Que en paz descanse.

Frans Vandenbussche (Belgium)

Juergen Schmiedl (Germany)

The mortal body fails and dies. Fidel's spirit and contributions to advancing the human project for universal emancipation will live on. Nothing the detractors say can eradicate the truth.

Hilbourne Watson (United States of America)

Un luchador infatigable para el socialismo

Elizabeth Dore (United Kingdom)


Joanne Hamill (Ireland)

vivre high fidelity.

edel (Ireland)

¡Haste siempre!

Miroslaw Orzel (Germany)

FIDEL demostró a millones de personas en todo el planeta que otro mundo es posible. Un mundo de justicia social y de derechos humanos. Ha dado ejemplo de valor, dignidad, modestia y sencillez, humanidad y pasión por el conocimiento tanto en su vida péordm;blica de dirigente político como en su vida privada. Fidel ha sido el hombre más grande del siglo XX y seguirá siendo ejemplo y esperanza para la humanidad durante generaciones.

Ana maría Palos de Foronda (Spain)

A man of great vision - will be greatly missed but well remembered.

Elspeth Hamilton (United Kingdom)

RIP Comrade.

Kimutai Cherono (Kenya)

Reat well La lucha continua

Tillyruth Teixeira (United States of America)


Daniel De Leon Zama (Canada)

We mourn his passing, we celebrate his achievements, we share your loss people of Cuba. Junior McDougall, Branch International Officer, Velindre and PHW Branch UNISON Wales

Junior McDougall (United Kingdom)

He stood up against imperialism and was an example of what vision and courage can achieve for "ordinary" people. I pass on condolences to the people of Cuba and thank them too for their courage.

David Parry (United Kingdom)

Time spent in Cuba in 1973 taught me how to think and see the world. I knew I hated what I saw around me in the U .S., but it was Cuba that showed me -- for the first time in my life -- what an alternative way to live might be. Now that we no longer have Fidel to guided us, I place my faith in the Cuban people to hold onto the magnificent achievements of the revolution.

Judy Brady (United States of America)

Farewell to a great Leader.....may your legacy continue to inspire the next generation!

Adelina O. Duenas (United Kingdom)

Fidel's speeches have been a source of inspiration throughout my life. They will continue to inspire millions after his death. Viva Fidel.

Mick Barry (United Kingdom)

Fidel Castro. A long, brave, revolutionary life, well lived. I know you are esteemed and loved by many people all over the world. Rest in peace.

Maggie Fearn (United Kingdom)

Gracias por tu luz, gracias por ejemplo !!! Patria o Muerte

Vlaudin Vega (Australia)

Rest in peace comrade, you and the Cuban people made a beautiful thing.

Alan O'Donnell (United Kingdom)

Mis más sinceras condolencias por el fallecimiento de Nuestro Comandante en Jefe

Guadalup Lopez (Canada)

Hasta siempre Comandante Fidel! Es lebe die internationale Solidaritécurren;t!

Stopschinski-Bungardt, Gabriele (Germany)

Hasta siempre comandante. Gracias por su incondicional amor por la humanidad. Ahora nos corresponde preservar su memoria y, continuar su ejemplo. Besos en su corazón profundamente humano.

luis d. zorraquino (Brazil)

An INSPIRATION in a dangerous, corrupt, unequal and violent world.

Lorne and Maureen Anton (United Kingdom)

My condolences to the people of Cuba, a true revolutionary has been lost but his spirit will live on.RIP.

Aicha (United Kingdom)

Steven Martin (United Kingdom)

Over the decades rarely staying at the same address for more that three nights for fear of assassination attempts. When we stop and think of the sacrifices given by Fidel Castro for the Cuban people and the inspiration to all those in struggle globally we can only begin to realise that in the final words of an earlier revolutionary James Connolly that "hasn't it been a full life" Farewell Comrade Castro the struggle continues.

Seán Kettle (United Kingdom)

Caoimhin Vallely (Ireland)

The loss of Fidel Castro is a huge loss not only for Cuba itself, but also for all progressive people in the world (let alone for us communists). We all will miss him badly. ¡Hasta siempre, Comandante!

Ralph Petroff (Germany)

Farewell Fidel.......RIP Viva Fidel .. Viva Cuba

Lorna Singh (United States of America)

1953- "History will absolve me" as indeed it has. Cuba is independent now for nearly 60 years thanks to your vision. Rest in Peace Mi Comandante

Harry Davis MD (United States of America)

Trevor Tucker (United Kingdom)

For standing up against the oppressive forces and for the changes you brought to the education of your people, Rest in Peace

Warren Chambers (United Kingdom)

The greatest lider in the history of Latin America. Hasta Siempre Comandante!

Daniele (United Kingdom)

He will always be present in the path of socialism .

William Smith Hogg (United Kingdom)

Si muero, dejad el balcón abierto. El niño come naranjas. (Desde mi balcón lo veo) El segador siega el trigo. (Desde mi balcón lo sienbto) Si muero, dejad el balcón abierto. Federico García Lorca. Sí, dejad el balcón abierteo para que Fidel pueda seguir luchando desde las estrellas por los obreros: Ni un niño sin naranjas, ni un segador sin hoz, ni un carpintero sin martillo. Madrid, en la Puerta del Sol a 26 de noviembre de 2016. Manolo Yuste.

Manuel Yuste (Spain)

Rest in peace great man

Francis summerhouse (United Kingdom)

You gave hope and inspiration to the entire world Fidel. What an astounding role model who stood up to the Beast while leading your people to better living conditions. What you accomplished in terms of education and health care and help to other struggling countries is amazing. Your legacy lives. RIP.

Flora D (Canada)

A great man left us. But will not mourn we will organize.

Finn Thunborg (Finland)

Helene Kitching (United Kingdom)

You will stay in our hearts forever. A great man who gave his all for the rights of all. A pity there are not more of you, the world would be a better place. Our thoughts are with the Cuban people and your wonderful Cuba

Chris and Arnaldo Savignani (United Kingdom)

Grazie Comandante.

Beppe Olmeti (Italy)

When will we see the like of him again?

Linda Taylor (United Kingdom)

Hasta al final

Beppe (Italy)

Nous serons toujours avec ton peuple.


Dear people of Cuba, You have lost a great leader and an even greater revolutionary. Fidel overthrew a murderous dictator and made Cuba a better place. You have my sympathies. Rest in peace Fidel.

James Pattison (United States of America)

one of the very few real statesman of this century

Enzo Apicella (Italy)


Lazaro Pelaez (Cuba)

Hasta la victoria siempre! Cuba is a country with a full soul still, because cubans united under such great leaders. Those people did so much for this world, I am grateful to them. You are honorable people of history. His Cuba inspired those seeking freedom around the world. This is the legacy for which he will be remembered. Viva Cuba!

Teaca Mircea (Romania)

I have been privileged to visit Cuba on many occasions and on my first visit I saw the following quotation in many different location from Fidel himself 'un mundo mejor es posible´. This to me epitomises Cuba and Fidel Castro's social philosophy and has always and will continue to shape my own thinking and quest for social justice. I remain very grateful and send my condolences to the family and friends of Fidel and to the people of Cuba. Hasta la victoria siempre.

Christine Rooney (United Kingdom)

The people of Cuba inspired the world when you overthrew the Battista regime and stood up to American intervention in the affairs of your country and the rest of the world. As your leader, Fidel Castro held fast; he led your country out of poverty, despite the trade embargoes, and made you leaders in the provision of healthcare, and equality, standing against racism, and oppression everywhere. He, along with Che Gueverra and others, helped to bring about significant improvements for all of Latin America. Neither he, or the people of Cuba will be forgotten by this Canadian friend and her family, who have been blessed to visit and explore your beautiful island. My sincere condolences to everyone who loved and respected him.

Zoya Stevenson (Canada)

Thank you, Fidel!

Klaus-Peter Schrammel (Austria)

Euskal Herritik Kubara. Mis condolencias por la pérdida de la personificación de la Revolución auténtica, la del final del analfabetismo, la de la sanidad universal, la de los niños con derechos. Honor y gloria, comandante. Agur eta ohore, komandante.


My condolences to the people of Cuba . Fidel Castro has left you all a great legacy to keep and protect We will assist you the forces of the right try to destroy his dream

mike low (United Kingdom)

Cuba, América y el mundo en general ha perdido un gran líder revolucionario! Aunque no esté entre nosotros físicamente, sus ideales se mantendrán vivos para siempre. Que en paz descanse!

Regina Ditterich-Schécurren;fer (Germany)

Cuba tiene el alma más grande de cualquier país del mundo. Vive Cuba. Hasta la victoria para todo el mundo.

Jem (United Kingdom)

The policeman who shot Che had his sight saved many years later by a Cuban surgeon. All of those who criticise Fidel and the Revolution should keep this in mind. His great legacy is to have prioritised the battle against ignorance and disease and in so doing establishing unprecedented advances in education and health. The Revolution was necessary and remains so.

KEITH ROWLEY (United Kingdom)

You were an inspiration! I love Cuba and the Cuban people. You did so much for them. Rest well x

Angela (United Kingdom)

We have lost another great man. May his soul rest in piece.

Rasheed Araeen (Pakistan)

Nos mostraste que el amor de los hermanos y hermanas entre ellos mismos vale infinitamente mas que los bienes materiales.

John Wheat Gibson (United States of America)

Sad to see departing of the Leader of the Cuban Revolution. I do not believe that it could be repeated in anyway, anymore... The present state of the world, once again proves us the importance of the achievements of the Cuban Revolution and followed by the Bolivarian Revolution in South American countries which is still having a great straggle.

Ozden Ediz (United Kingdom)

Brilliant revolutionary who fought imperialists for the Cuban people and gave them free education and access to best health care in the world . what an amazing gift to his people .

Shahnaz Ali (United Kingdom)

I welcome this opportunity to offer my condolences to the Cuban people on the loss of their great leader, Fidel Castro. He was an inspiration to millions and gave hope that a society could be based on social justice, education and health for all. May Cuba continue to punch above its weight and may future generations all around the world be inspired by the Cuban Revolution and fight for its ideals.

Victoria Singh (India)

Ebbe (Denmark)

My love and condolences to Mr. Castro's family and friends and to the people of Cuba at this very sad and difficult time.

Wendy Lewis (Canada)

RIP Comandente Fidel. Commeth the hour commeth the man! Viva Cuba!!

Simon Artherton (United Kingdom)

A great leader a father to the people of the world..

Janet O'dwyer (United Kingdom)

He showed the world that you can stand to bigger powers with solidarity of the nation.

Mandy (United Kingdom)

THEIL (France)

Sincere condoleanze a la famiglia de Fidel Castro de la parte de ERSILLA Yunaisy e LONGHINO Franco

Ersilla Yunaisy (Luxembourg)

we'll follow your inspiration

Jorge Garcia (United Kingdom)

The man has departed but the inspiration lives on. A socialist like no other.

Askiah Adam (Malaysia)

Mi profundo pesame y mi profundo amor para el pueblo heroico de Cuba. Comandante querido nuestra lucha sigue- tu ejemplo siempre nos guiara y nunca se extinguira!

Lorena Blecic (United Kingdom)

Mis condolencias al pueblo cubano, a los revolucionarios del mundo y a aquellos que vemos hoy en la figura de Fidel Castro Ruz, la luz guía para construir una sociedad mejor y asegurar una convivencia pacífica de la especie humana en el planeta. El Comandante en Jefe no ha muerto, vive ya en cada uno de nosotros, en nuestro compromiso por dar la pelea por erradicar las injusticias entre los seres humanos y por cuidar nuestro planeta. Doy mis condolencias muy especiales al Comandante Raéordm;l Castro Ruz, líder indiscutido de este proyecto socialista, esperanza de cientos de millones en el planeta. Hombre fuerte que ha perdido a su lider, su compañero, su jefe de mil batallas, y Hermano !! Sabrá cumplir con su tarea, como el mejor discipulo del Comandante en Jefe. Hasta Siempre Comandante !! Hasta la Victoria, Siempre !!

Milton Rojas (Chile)

a giant of a man who inspired me personally, and led a whole country to seize the day and reject imperialism for peace unity and justice one love

chantelle Brown (United Kingdom)

Con el dolor de una pérdida y el corazón hecho pedazos, despedimos a nuestro amigo, compañero y líder indiscutible Fidel Castro Ruz, pero no le decimos adiós pues lo llevamos en el corazón. Hasta Siempre Comandante

Eny Broceta Socarrás (Cuba)

¡Viva la Revolucion Cubana!¡Viva la solidaridad internacional! La lucha continua. Hasta siempre Comandante.

Michael McKrell (United Kingdom)

Rest In Peace. You will not be forgotten.

Valerie Hamilton (Jamaica)

Hasta Siempre Comandante, Aprendimos a quererte por tu honradez, humildad patriotismo Viviras en nuestros corazones por Siempre Fidel

Yamilet Arias (Cuba)

Solidarity with the warm and wonderful people of Cuba.

chris kaufman (United Kingdom)

Now that Fidel is gone, long live his memory and revolutionary spirit for the people of Cuba.

Judith Wright (United Kingdom)

Dimitris Paparigas (Greece)


Jocelyne Jean-Baptiste (United Kingdom)

Rise in power our dear beloved commander, your stand shall always be praised, you have shown the oppressed people of the world that if we are willing to sacrifice we will win. Thank you and your parents and their parents! ASE

Toshsharnii (United Kingdom)

Your enemies hated you, your admirers adored you. I didn't know you and I never met you but I truly admire the way you and your brave nation stood up to the Great Satan and long may the fight continue.

Ed Broomfield (United Kingdom)

An inspiration!

Sheila Taylor (United Kingdom)

A Great Man! Fidel Castro was always one of my heroes. He fought for the independence of the Cuban people from the USA and, having achieved that freedom, he fought to keep it! I had the honour & privilege to meet him & shake his hand, in Cuba, in 1978. He devoted his life to Cuba & resisted all foreign aggression towards his country, for over half a century. Adiós, Slán - may you travel well.

Eamon Clancy (Ireland)

Thank you

linda kaucher (United Kingdom)

Je n'oublierai jamais ton exemple Comandante. Tu seras toujours dans mon coeur. Je présentes mes plus sincères condoléances au peuple de Cuba. Hasta la victoria siempre Comandante!

Haentjens (Belgium)

RIP to a great man who inspired many...Viva Fidel

Karen O'Dowd (United Kingdom)

I feel at loss my big brother, I,m very sad!

Yousef (Sweden)

A man of courage, vision and great determination. He inspired so many to believe they could achieve something in their lives and that their lives could have meaning and worth. An unforgettable man.

Rebecca Thorn (United Kingdom)

A sad day We have lost a true comrade in the anti-colonial and anti-imperialist struggle History will remember you

Jawed Siddiqi (United Kingdom)

Con suerte vamos a llegar a más personas como Fidel!

De Prins Marc (Belgium)

RIP Commandante Castro. You were the inspiration for a generation of activists in Latin America and around the world. It is our task to ensure that your legacy lives on. A luta continua.

Bert Schouwenburg - GMB International Officer (United Kingdom)

Andrew (United Kingdom)

Caminante, no hay Camino. El camino se hace al andar..con tigo, Commandante

Simon Medaney (United Kingdom)

Dominique Hudson (United Kingdom)

Rest in Peace sir. Long may your legacy last and you will be remembered for your unending dedication to build a better world.

thelma crooks (United Kingdom)

An inspiration to freedom loving people the world over

John Sheahan (Ireland)

Anna Davin (United Kingdom)

THE towering figure of the 20th century, fighting for the down trodden against the imperialist and capitalist countries of this world. He will go down in history as one of the greatest men ever.

Vijay Singh (India)

Condolences and solidarity to the Cuban people.

Anne Tanner (United Kingdom)

(Viet Nam)

A great inspiration and a good man,intelligent and compassionate. His detractors are self interested intellectual midgets,and even in death they will always be in his shadow. (Che Guevara says NO FEAR) .

Graham fletcher (United Kingdom)

Father of Nations we salute you. Your self sacrifice will always be honored among true spirits wanting and needing freedom. Only the evil demons now with faces and names dissent from the importance of your star on earh. By their actons and words they reveal themselves to be naked reprobates with no shame.

ME (United Kingdom)

La constante en todo revolucionario es su lucha por la vida de los demás y no la propia, eso hizo Fidel como ningéordm;n otro, hasta convertirse en un símbolo de dimensión planetaria; ahí quedo su huella en cada continente, en el corazón de millones de seres humanos.

Jorge Barralaga Alfaro (Honduras)

Brave worrier against all evils

F .walters (United Kingdom)

Never black and white... a historic figure.

Jasmine (United Kingdom)

My condolences go out to the family and friends and the people of Cuba on the passing of the inspirational leader Fidel Castro. At a time when leaders of the western world are held in such contempt, one shining light still shines brightly. RIP El Comandante.

Mark Wardell (United Kingdom)

Farewell to one of the greatest revolutionaries and internationalists of our time, who not only brought health and education to the people Cuba but saw the importance of culture to a full life. Solidarity with Cuba in the struggle to maintain and extend his legacy.

Barbara Segal (United Kingdom)

Hasta la Victoria Siempre. RIP Comandante

Christine Bridger (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre,Comandante!

Hristos, Thalea Papadimitriou (Greece)

The greatest contemporary revolutionary, inspirational leader, a towering figure of the post war world , irreplaceable, loved. But his legacy will live on. And his memory will last throughout human history.

Jude Woodward (United Kingdom)

Your values and compassion will forever live on in the minds and hearts of others. Condolences to your family and fellow countrymen.

Louise (United Kingdom)

John Gomme (United Kingdom)

"Men do not shape destiny, destiny produces the man for the hour" Destiny produce you for Cuba's hour to stand free against the Capitalist on the doorstep, now you have gone, more than ever, Cuba needs to follow your example and stand firm against the threat to its freedom from across the Straights of Florida

Michael Clarke (United Kingdom)

cuba & the world are blessed at having such a truly great leader. to rank alongside mandela and Ghandi .usa and the west leaders are all driven by greed and vanity and are not fit to be mentioned in the same cuba keep his memory sacred.

robert hester (United Kingdom)

No olvidare nunca el Comandante

Grahame Morris (United Kingdom)

Condolences to the Cuban people. Viva la revolucion cubana.

Lynne Korniak (United Kingdom)

Remembering Fidel, who inspired me and so many others. His example of revolutionary action for the people of Cuba, Latin America, Africa, and so many other countries should be emulated by the rest of the world. RIP Fidel and thank you.

Liz Elkind (United Kingdom)

Cuba is a socialist beacon in a sea of obscene capitalism. I've loved Fidel for 56 years for his defiance of the USA and his encouragement of other Latin Americans and Africans. Aged 17-18 I took A level Geography and the focus was Latin America, which was ruled by oppressive, right-wing dictators, propped up by the US and her allies. I am glad that he brought health and education, not only to Cuba but to impoverished ex-colonies like Haiti and Angola and that he was admired by no less a person than Nelson Mandela. I was moved to see so many Cubans queuing and weeping as they paid their respects to him and I am glad that he lived so long and that I joined the CSC and visited Matanzas and Havana with them. Un saludo a los Cubanos!

David (United Kingdom)

In the name of the International Marxist Tendency, I wish to express my profound condolences at the death of a revolutionary fighter who led the struggle of the Cuban people against Yankee imperialism and transformed the national liberation struggle into a revolutionary struggle against capitalism.Long live the Cuban Revolution! Down with imperialism and capitalism!

Alan Woods (United Kingdom)

Gwendoline |bbott (United Kingdom)

I mourn the passing of one of the greatest and most honest politicians of the 20th century

John Robert White (United Kingdom)

TrÆ°Æ¡ng Th& (Viet Nam)

Nguyen Van Minh (Viet Nam)

Aunque se abrieron de par en par las puertas de la historia eterna, Nuestro Comandante requirió encogerse un poco para pasar a través de ellas.

José Héc (Mexico)

to methe mere idea of a CUBA LIBRE has always meant "so this IS possible after all". and those who raise doubt and critique ??? we have to remind them of a quote by Edgar Snow "it must be remembered that a war is not fought with snowballs". with 20 Fidels around the world there would be no TRUMP now.

jytte boerge (Denmark)

RIP Fidel Castro. So many people have much to be grateful for your life's work. Long may socialism exist in Cuba and inspire the rest of the world.

Liv Singh (United Kingdom)

Respect and love for Fidel,for the Cuban people,and for the millions around the world who honour the memory of the unique contribution to socialism of this man,this great son of Cuba.For now,sadness,silence,grief.Hasta Siempre,Comandante.De Geoff y Graciela.

Geoffrey Shears (United Kingdom)

A man of principle, and great leadership. An inspiration to many the world over, that wanted to see social justice. A man who made Marxism cool. I had the pleasure in meeting comrade Fidel the once in Cuba, and you can never forget the warmth in his eyes, or in his handshake. History in my eyes absolved you! Viva Fidel

Mick Rix (United Kingdom)


Waltraud Schauer (Austria)

Thanks all of thing you done for the world! Rest in peace, my big legend!

(Viet Nam)

What an example! Fidel opened up the road for the men and women from nowhere to make history.

Tony Hunt (United Kingdom)

Your legacy will live on and you will not be forgotten.

Jackie Lederer (United Kingdom)

Farewell to a great leader, who has kept his country safe throughout a troubled time, in spite of all America could do to overthrow such a socialist success story. You will never be forgotten. Rest in Peace.

rosemary addington (United Kingdom)

Thank you for your precious love on Vietnam.

Nguyen Duc Hieu (Viet Nam)

Hasta La Victoria Siempre

Sue Bigg (United Kingdom)

We love and honor you, Sir Fidel Castro. We will never forget you for what you did for Africans.

Vince Cushite (United States of America)

Sad day for Communists around the world , but Fidel will live on

EoinMc Donnell (Ireland)

Having visited Cuba and toured the island I found the people to have been massively in awe and respect for Fidel and Che. My visit to the museum of the revolution in Havana opened my eyes to the repression of Batista and the massive changes to Cuban society that the revolution brought to Cuban society as well as Cuban help to the world in the AIDS crisis and the fight against Ebola. Respect to Fidel and the Cuban people at this time.

Nigel Lightowler (United Kingdom)

Emily Kirk (Canada)

I have read of Fidel Castro my whole life and admired him as a hero of all people, i am sad that he has passed away, it was too soon, as it always is for great men.

Alexander (United States of America)

Farewell to a giant fighter for Socialism and unity of workers worldwide

Tony Donaghey (United Kingdom)

sincere condolences to all Cubans!!

andrew reed (United Kingdom)

Farewell Comrade.

Derrick Millar (United Kingdom)

El Comandnte, You inspired us and socialists all around the world. You proved that an unwavering belief in equality and social justice, combined with a relentless determination to implement it, could create the most wonderful results in education, healthcare, culture, community and society. You will continue to inspire us forever. Laura Murray

Laura Murray (United Kingdom)

James Bamborough (United Kingdom)

Hasta la victoria siempre Komandante. A luta continua...

Donald Gill (South Africa)

My thanks and endless respect to the people of Cuba and Fidel Castro for everything you have done and achieved in the world! Keep up the struggle!

Rupert (United Kingdom)

Sentite condoglianze al popolo cubano per la morte dell'amato ComandanteFidel R.Castro. Che resti sempre vivo in noi!

Angelo, Taurino (Italy)

To the people of Cuba, In the United States, we were always taught, in school, that Cuba was a dictatorship. If we are lucky enough to question that teaching, and explore on our own, we find this simply isn't true. My condolences to you at the passing of our Beloved Fidel Castro. He led your escape from the clutches of western imperialism. I cannot think of one leader, since Europeans colonized this U.S. continent, that deserves the noble recognition that Fidel Castro does. I pray now that Obama has lifted the embargo, that Cuba remains distanced from the USA. Once U.S. corporations set in, there in Cuba, a horrific poverty will follow for the people of Cuba. May God protect you from that. Sincerely, Nura

Nura Budzinski (United States of America)


Joyce Short (Canada)

Viva Fidel ! Viva Cuba ! Viva la Revolucion !

Gigs Buchinger (Austria)

Mis condolencias a toda la familia de Fidel Castro a todos los cubanos q lo querian, y a todas aquellas personas q lo admiraron de una forma u otra. Le agradezco y siempre lo haré por las cosas buenas q logro.

Emily Regla Hernandez (Cuba)

A great socialist and a great leader.

Linda Perks (United Kingdom)

Dearest people of Cuba..your country and lives are beautiful, complicated and contradictory all at once. Even though the present brings fear, confusion and the unknown in so many ways, your history and how you all got to where you are now, will never be forgotten. Fidel's passing is causing many emotions-negative and positive-and all of them must be heard equally to forge a new brighter future for Cuba, independent and proud.

Jude Lanchin (United Kingdom)

All great lives are expressions of huge historical forces and Fidel Castro's was great because it was devoted to giving expression to the national aspirations of the Cuban people against US imperialism and then to the task of building a revolutionary socialist challenge to capitalism in Cuba. Fidel's life reflected and expressed the great struggle of the Cuban people to build a better life for themselves than imperialism is willing to give them and a society that values and empowers people rather than feeding profit. Fidel's life and the struggles it expressed will be an inspiration to socialists everywhere and his passing will be a reminder of the importance of solidarity with the great Cuban people.

Jonathan White (United Kingdom)

RIP Comrade

Brett Sparkes (United Kingdom)

Danny Sweeney (United Kingdom)

A sad loss for Socialism

Jeff Davies (United Kingdom)

Ayer en la noche Fidel brillo más que nunca, porque la juventud unida a todo el pueblo cubano y amigos extranjeros de todas las partes del mundo, se reunieron en bloques apretados en la Plaza de la Revolución José Martí para decir: Comandante Fidel estamos firmes, nosotros defenderemos su legado, no le fallaremos, daremos continuidad a la Revolución que usted forjó para nosotros. Hasta siempre Comandante usted no a muerto, vivirá en cada uno de nosotros, porque ahora todos somos Fidel.

Gisela Cardoso (Cuba)

Nuestros corazones lloran anhelo de nuestra despedida a Fidel como todos los cubanos la hermosa isla de Cuba, las lágrimas! Fidel estará siempre en nuestros corazones y seguir su estrella en busca de un mundo unido, con oportunidades para todos, no de bloqueo! Los amamos Fidel, Comandante! Hasta la victoria siempre! cida Meira Salvador, Brasil - Bahia- Bahía - Asociación Cultural ACJM-BA Jose Marti

Cida Meira (Brazil)

Rest In Peace! You are alaways in our heard!

Téordm; Pháº&a (Viet Nam)

Rolf Persson (Sweden)

Mabel (Cuba)

Thank you Fidel for your wisdom, strength, commitment and courage over all those years.

Richard Aubery (United Kingdom)

Hasta Siempre Comandante

David Willetts (United Kingdom)

Thank you, Cuba and Fidel. Your bravery, dignity and determination have survived half a century of economic blockade. What a small population, what a great people. In Indian, we looked upon Fidel as a hero and warmly welcomed him to the summit of non-aligned countries. In the UK, I appreciate Cuba Solidarity Campaign's work. The solid worldwide legacy of Cuba is that ideas can work. Fidel was a world leader who upheld values to aspire to. Warm and respectful remembrance in India and the UK.

N. Vittal (India)

Solidarity & respect to a great leader. Thank you & viva la Revolution

Willie Mooney (Ireland)

Caoimhín Mac Colaim (Ireland)

An inspiration to the world

Jim Brann (United Kingdom)

A hero for the working class world wide. May the revolution live on.

Adam Heiss (United Kingdom)

The Comandante and his idea of a free world will never be forgotten! No need to repeat all the great things he did and made possible against all resistence, embargos and obstacles! I send my sincere condolences to his family, to the cuban people but also to all of his followers and partisans in the world. #HastaSiempreComandante > best regards to Che^^ I'm deeply sad about this loss.

Barbara Prochnow (Germany)

Mis respectos a la familia y seres queridos de Fidel. Mis respectos al pueblo de Cuba. Gracias Fidel por una linda vida, bien vivida! Seguimos!

grahame russell (Canada)

LÆ°Æ¡ng H&am (Viet Nam)

Viva la Revolution

Bill Adams (United Kingdom)

His achievements live on in our hearts.

Harald Dahle (United Kingdom)

RIP Fidel Castro ,you loved your people and your country...You showed great courage and conviction and never wavered with all the hardship and embargoes you faced!! Education And Medical care was free to all and even in democratic countries most don'have that. Yes I think you were remarkable and a visionary...God bless you.

Lynda Petrie (Canada)

Hoöng An (Viet Nam)

(Viet Nam)

The world is darker and humanity poorer. Rest In peace comrade, the struggle continues.

Steven Cox (United Kingdom)

Hoöng Trung (United Kingdom)

todos nos sentimos mal por la desaparición física de Fidel

alberto basle blanco (United Kingdom)

Thank you Fidel and the people of Cuba for showing the world that a Government for the people, by the people can win and instil the road to Socialism even though the capitalists through out the world said it will never happen. In Fidel's words THEY TALK ABOUT THE FAILURE OF SOCIALISM. WHERE IS THE SUCCESS OF CAPITALISM".Gracias Fidel. VENCEREMOS.

Francesca (United Kingdom)

Linda Murray (United Kingdom)

No tengo palabra como expresar mi sentir, se que fisicamente no estaras pero sabemos que nos deja tu legado,siempre te recordaremos comandante hasta la victoria siempre


Sei stato il mio mito da sempre! Fai buon viaggio Comandante!

Idebol (Italy)

Many imperialist warmongering "leaders" around the world define Fidel as the "problem." Fidel has never been "the problem." Fidel has been the humanitarian solution for justice for ALL. The problem IS that we have never had enough "FIDELS." A great joy to Fidel and the Cuban Five Heroes who were political prisoners in the US--Antonio, Fernando, Gerardo, Ramon and Rene--was all of the Five were returned to Cuba by December 17 of 2014. These Heroes, who became Cuba in the eyes of so many, were able to spend time with the leader they loved, admired and respected so much. I imagine their return was a great gift of joy to Fidel. The Five will always be a legacy of Fidel's sense of justice and Revolution! What a magnificent gift from Fidel to the Five (and the world) and also a magnificent gift from the Five to Fidel as they continue to fight for justice for the Cuban People and the oppressed of the world. Bravo Fidel!!! Bravo Cuban Five!!!

Joan M Malerich (United Kingdom)

Me quedo con legado y estilo de liderazgo de Fidel Castro Ruz para defender y dar oportunidades por igual al Pueblo de Cuba.

Fructuoso Flores Esqueda (Mexico)

Hö háº&am (Viet Nam)


Viva CuBa Viva VietNam

Hoang Minh Tiến (Viet Nam)

Viet Long Do (Viet Nam)

Remember to you, The Legend

VÅ© Thái (Viet Nam)

Fidel Castro is a hero to many African countries. He played a very vital roll to many some are qualified teachers and doctors. He stood up for what he believed to not allowing the western to rule his country. Namibia is liberated today just because of the role he played. All those who stand for the truth will agree with me and say a true son of the soil and a hero has fallen. Fidel we will miss you and all the good things you did for people at large. REST IN PEACE (TATA) ALL YOUR HARD WORK WILL BE REMEMBERED AS LONG AS WE LIVE. (LALA NGOXOLO QAWE LAMA QAWE)= REST IN PEACE HERO OF HEROES.

Tryness Forrest (United Kingdom)

Michael Weddington (United States of America)

(Viet Nam)

My heartfelt sorrow to all those that love him

Jane Jackson (Ireland)

Rest in peace Fidel Castro the fight go's on. The people of Scotland stand beside their Cuban comrades in the battle against tyranny.

Craig (United Kingdom)

Thank you Fidel for providing such a cultured life for your people like your ballet ,first class in the world and for turning what was an entertainment place full of brothels and other decadent places for the barbarian Americans. You took your people out of the Cesspool of the american way of life . Your health system and education institutes put your gluttonous neighbour to shame . They destroyed the native people of America and now it's the African Americans turn for the axe .may your spirit still give protection to your people and your beautiful land , Is mise Roisin Ni Clodvan

Rose Clifford (United Kingdom)

Fare thee well Comrade. Lala salama Shujaa wa ukombozi wa Africa. In solidarity tuko pamoja

Tony (Kenya)

Thank you for the Thousands of Troops you sent to Angola to fight and help the ANC armed wing overcome the apartheid regime of South Africa (We should not forget)

Earl Lindsay (United Kingdom)

Fidel Castro will be remembered for giving working people hope that anything is possible when operating within a capitalist system. He was able to carry out the socialist policies that James Connolly, who was executed by the British Army, was prevented from carrying out in Ireland. Like Che Guevara, you will always be remembered.

Edward Murphy (United Kingdom)

A great man among great men. Leader, humanitarian, survivor. When history is written in a different era Fidel will be elevated to where he should have been while alive. The man the empire couldn't tame.

Simon Fish (United Kingdom)

Viva Cuba! Viva Fidel Castro!We always remember you, the great revolutionary, great friend of Vietnamese people

Trinh Thai Bang (Viet Nam)

An indelible inspiration to the world and the new humane, and human epoch of mankind.

Doug NIcholls (United Kingdom)

Your leader Fidel Castro was a true revolutionary and man of his people.His lifelong example of not only fighting and defeating imperialism in Cuba.He then implemented free education and free health care for all and was unafraid of exporting his socialism as a beacon throughout the world.He has shown us all that there is an alternative to naked capitalism,and this is why the West demonizes him still.Stand tall with pride in your country.....Viva Fidel Viva La Revolution

Roger Seyburn (United Kingdom)

UNISON Housing and Care Scotland sends deepest condolences to the people of Cuba on the passing of Fidel Castro. His legacy will live on... Hasta la Victoria Siempre!

Kim McLachlan (United Kingdom)

Varoushnan Srilangarajah (United Kingdom)

Viva Cuba. Viva the revolution. Viva Castro


The world has lost a great leader! May you continue to inspire. Rest in peace beloved Commandante Castro.

Suraya Hamdulay (South Africa)

Farewell to one of the greatest revolutionary's of our time, he stood up to all the aggression thrown at him and Cuba from the USA and the west, rest proudly in peace.

John Howard (United Kingdom)

jasvir deol (Canada)

Ian tuit (Australia)

Thank you Fidel. A true hero.

D. O' Carroll (United Kingdom)

A great example of humanity.

Barbara Grace (United Kingdom)

Nguyen Thi Thu Huyen (Viet Nam)

While the enemies of human emancipation express their jubilation in the streets of Little Havana and the offices in Washington, DC, Fidel Castro's legacy will live on in the heart of every progressive and humble soul from the barrios of Caracas to the slums of the South Bronx. His example is one that humanity should seek to emulate. Hasta la Victoria Siempre!

Marcel (United States of America)

" Viva Revolution " .....a great man for his country and his people and will be sorely missed

Priscilla C Miller (United Kingdom)

yo ..... ""to the people of CUBA i say thank you for showing us it is possible to organise a society in which money ....the dollar ... is not king that money is not everything you can be poor in cash terms and rich with a health service an education service a culture and a dignity and determination and an internationalism that makes you the richest people on the earth not the poorest"" ....... amo a Cuba

leslie michael havell (United Kingdom)

The world has lost such a great champion for class struggle,social justice and equality and a true hero and friend of the people not just of Cuba but of the whole world!! RIP Fidel Hasta La Victoria Siempre.

Charlie (United Kingdom)

Joan Mc Quillan (Ireland)

Hasta siempre querido Fidel.

leonnardo (Puerto Rico)

A brave good man great hero

Arlene morgan (United Kingdom)

Charlie Hislop (United Kingdom)

Shine on, Mr Castro. All is beautiful and right, All is as music and reason; And all, like diamonds, is light That was coal before its season. (José Martí)

Fionn Wilson (United Kingdom)

Dear All, It is with great regret to hear the news of Fidel Castro's departure! He will be, greatly, remembered for resisting all threats to public ownership. He fought for the defence of a fairer distribution of wealth including one of the best public health care services! With the difficult times that face us, we must fulfil Fidel Castro's legacy by fighting for public ownership at every level during a time of increasing austerity! It was Bob Crow who said, "Don't mourn, organise!" There is every need to mourn the loss of Fidel Castro but we must never rest until we are fully organised against the forces of greed! Yours in solidarity Austin Harney, PCS Union Representative, Former Secretary of Barnet Trades Union Council, Labour Representation Committee.

Austin (United Kingdom)

Véacute; césup1;ng thÆ°Æ¡ng tiếc Fidel Castro!

(Viet Nam)

let's be equal. =

ima (Japan)

maimuna rebaudino (Argentina)

Hasta la Victoria Siempre! Soy Fidel.

Flemming Therkildsen (Denmark)

Fidel descansa en paz. Diste la esperanza de una vida mejor a los oprimidos del mundo, luchando juntos se puede vencer aunque el opresor parezca más fuerte. Hasta siempre comandante.

Carmen Vazquez (United Kingdom)

Daniel Roman (Finland)

Barry Healy (Ireland)

REST IN PEACE FIDEL CASTRO. You have been and still will be an inspiration to millions.

Jonathan Greenland (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre Comandante Fidel :)

ARZU KIR (Turkey)


Un lider tan grande no puede pertenecer a un solo pueblo. Sin embargo, fue el pueblo cubano quien hizo gigante a Fidel. No le falló ni le fallará. Cuba y la Revolución Cubana seguirán luchando y seguirán resistiendo. Gloria eterna Comandante. Mi pésame al General del Ejército Raéordm;l Castro y su pueblo.

Alberto R.A. (Mexico)

It is hard to find the words to pay tribute to a man as remarkable as Fidel Castro. A man of resolute purpose, vision and action; a man of unwavering principle, resilient in the face of adversity. A loss of such magnitude resonates throughout the world; a great light has gone out. The Cuban people are not alone in their grief; we extend our love and solidarity to you in your time of sadness.Fidel's memory will live forever in the hearts of all those who believe a better world is possible.

Jude McDermott (United Kingdom)

Hasta la victoria siempre comandante. Gracias por todo. La historia, la memoria y la leyenda de la Revolución Cubana vivirá.

Josh Newmark (United Kingdom)

Fidel Castro a brave and fearless leader of working class will be remembered for ever.

Makhan Tut (Canada)

Siempre el Comandante

Brian Gallacher (United Kingdom)

Hasta la Victoria siembre Viva la revolution Fidel inmortal

dimitris pappas (Greece)

I hope very much that you will continue the path Fidel set out for you, valuing life, health and social justice above the greed and oppression shown by the self-proclaimed democracy on your doorstep.

Robert West (United Kingdom)

Rest in Power my dear leader & comrade. Those fighting for causes greater than themselves never die! You did your part, now we vow to continue the struggle for roses & bread. Hasta La Victoria Siempre

Hassan Mujtaba (Pakistan)

Attending the 1978 Youth and Students Festival of International Solidarity in Cuba changed my life - realising what a small group of people could achieve in demolishing an evil society and building a humane, decent and civilised society that has been an inspiration not only to me all my life but to millions all over the world. Fidel led and built a strong collective that continues to this day and I will continue my solidarity work with Cuba as long as I live. Thank you Fidel and Viva Cuba!

Susan Michie (United Kingdom)

My condolences to the people of Cuba on the passing of the revolutionary leader Fidel Castro. Although divisive he represented a spirit of independence to some of us outside the boundaries of your island. I wish you and your country peace and prosperity for the future.

randolph angell (United Kingdom)

We have lost a great fighter for Socialism. He fought 11 Imperialist Presidents of a Superpower 90 kms north of Cuba. He waged for for Proletarian Internationalism. Great Comrade. We still remember you.

Manisha Banerji (India)

Viva la Revolution, Viva Fidel, Viva Che

Neil Lonsdale (United Kingdom)

May the Lord rest your soul Comandante Fidel. Mis condolencias a mis hermanos Cubanos. La lucha continéordm;a!

Gerardo Lima (United Kingdom)

On behalf of the African-Cuban Solidarity Campaign Network,i want to sympathies with people of Cuba for the great lost. He is a philanthropic, a hero for his people and Africa. He is gone but never forgotten, he still live in the heart of his people and Africa. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace. VIVA FIDEL Y CUBANO

Abubakarr Kamara (Sierra Leone)


paul hilton (United Kingdom)

Comrades in Cuba! Fidel Castro was a hero of World Socialism. He fought for their Liberation. Under him Cuba abolished malnutrition, homelessness and illiteracy. It had lower mortality rate than USA. Until 2012 taxes were never paid. He survived 634 assassination attempts. All of World remembers your battle with imperialism. Your support to decolonization is Remembered. Histora la Victora Simpere !

Comrade Bolshevik (India)



Fidel Castro will be much missed for his many achievements: leading a successful revolution in Cuba, producing some of the best health and education outcomes in his own country,aiding other countries in both revolutionary and humanitarian endeavours and in his always clear and forward-looking analyses of political developments elsewhere.

Wendy Morgan (United Kingdom)

Hasta la victoria siempre, Comandante! You'll live in our hearts and minds for ever.

Ian Nicol (United Kingdom)

You were an inspiration to the world Fidel. Your message will win through and I am sure I will witness a multi polar world emerge, where countries around the world denounce imperialism and respect each other in my lifetime. You can be proud that your whole life's principled direction had a profound effect on this inevitability. Rest in peace Fidel, your work is done.

Peter Cartwright (Bulgaria)

Farewell to a man who molded my beliefs in justice and equality you will never be forgotten

Al James (United Kingdom)

Rest in peace Mr Castro

Andrew (United Kingdom)

Ozan Gumrah (United Kingdom)

Adios Comandante Jefe Fidel. Viva Fide! Viva Cuba! Viva La Revoluction! De su ingles companeros

Jack (United Kingdom)

majella (Ireland)

Fidel Castro. Leader of the Cuban revolution. On the forefront of the struggle for liberation and justice for more than half a century. The leader of a people who refused to obey the rules of imperialism, and proved that creating another society is possible. A society that has been under imperialist siege for more than half a century, and still manages to give its people universal and free education and healthcare. A society that prioritizes the social rights of the people rather than the economic rights of a privileged few. A society that exists in harmony with mother earth, and a society that has proved that democracy can be more than just a fruitless competition between political parties while the economic power is in the hands of a few. Fidel Castro has been at the forefront of the struggle, survived more than 600 assassination attempts from the CIA and inspired countless of progressive people all over the world. His body and flesh is dead, but his ideals will live on for eternity. VIVA FIDEL!

Per Kristian Torp (Norway)

Gracias por todo.

Mariano Torrespico Ortíz (United Kingdom)

VIVA CUBA ! And to the memory of a wonderful, brave and inspirational man !

JOHN CROLL (United Kingdom)

On behalf of the Great Western branch of the UK's Communication Workers Union our condolences on the loss of a great leader, a fighter for the rights of the poor and anti imperialism across the globe.

Gary Williams (United Kingdom)



My wife and I visited your country in June, you were there. If we visit again, you will still be there, forever!

Jim Janush (Australia)

The Scottish Socialist Party has been deeply saddened by the death of El Commandante; Fidel Castro. Fidel was one of the great statesmen of the 20th century, the greatest Latin American leader since Simon Bolivar and a giant of international socialism. He may be dead but his legacy will live on because; Heroes Live Forever.

Scottish Socialist Party (United Kingdom)

Paddy McMenamin (Ireland)

Long Live the Revolution! Long Live Cuba!

Mark Mizzen (United Kingdom)

An inspiration to us all! Un otro mundo es possibile.

Steve and Nicky Rogers (United Kingdom)

You inspired a country, Cuba free from tyranny and oppression of a the USA,rest in peace comrade.

Joe Cairns (United Kingdom)

You are not dead, you will never die, you will always be in our hearts and in our minds, inspiration, to guide our lives.

Katia Papanikolaou (Greece)

My solidarity and condolence is with you, the people of Cuba.

Justin S (United States of America)

R.I.P Fidel, you were a great leader and will be sorely missed by millions. Rest now with Che and god bless.

Jessica Mills (United Kingdom)

Rest in peace Comandante Fidel Castro!! Thank you for all the sacrifices you have done for humanity!!!!

Catalina Airinei (Ireland)

Ha My Lan (United Kingdom)

Idrew,once,your portrait on a very white,as yoyr soul,paper. Yoy have engraved your passion in my soul once and for ever. Your image in my sight,your vission our guide My comandante para siempre!!!

Stefanos Plakas (Greece)

Ulf Halldin (Sweden)


RATOMIR PLATANSKY (Russian Federation)


May you rest in peace Fidel. You taught me to stand up for believes, fight for the truth and help the poor as much as possible. You was a great man who will be dearly missed x

Ruari (United Kingdom)

My condolences to the family and friends of Fidel Castro and to all the people of Cuba at this sad time, and looking forward to visiting your wonderful country next year.

Tim Bond (United Kingdom)

Nous sommes très attristé, tous nous camarades sont plus que jamais aux céacute;tés du peuple de Cuba et de sa révolution. Adelante comañeros!


The world will never forget about Fidel


Heartfelt condolences to the people of Cuba.

Sheelagh MacDonald (Canada)

R.I.P comedante, your legacy will be alive for genrations.

Omar Ahmed (Sweden)

Soy cubano. Vivo en Cuba. Soy hijo del sistema de gobierno actual, ese al que llamamos "Revlución". Soy Ingeniero Informático, trabajo en la Universidad de la Habana. He sufrido la pérdida física de nuestro Comandante en Jefe. He sido llamado a cumplir con más deberes de lo coméordm;n, con motivo de la muerte de Fidel, y gustosamente he dado respuesta afirmativa al llamado del deber. Además, he participado en todas y cada una de las principales oportunidadesque hemos tenido los habaneros en lo séordm;ltimos días, para rendirle homenaje al Lider Eterno. No obstante... no quiero dejar de dar mi más sentido pésame a nuestro presidente Raul Castro Ruz, por a pérdida de su hermano, así como al resto de la familia. En las guerrillas (acampadas/excursiones del Movimiento Cubano de Excursionismo en las que suelo participar), he tenido la oportunidad de conocer y compartir con Fidelito, uno de los nietos del Comandante... mi más sentido pésame particularmente para él. Hasta Siempre, Fidel... Ernesto

Ernesto Hernández Ben&At (Cuba)

Uwe Koopmann (Germany)

Fidel Castro, an inspirational revolutionary. From Vietnam, I offer my sincere condolence to the people of Cuba, our friends, our comrades, our brothers and sisters. We will never forget the incredible help of you along our liberation war against the intruders before. Viva Fidel, Viva Cuba!

Trinh Ngoc Minh Tri (Viet Nam)

Hasta La Victoria Siempre. Fidel, a true revolutionary.

Vinnie Fahey (Ireland)

viva Cuba, viva la Revolucion

KE Kawczynski (Canada)

Hasta la victoria siempre

yvan DENDAS (Belgium)

You were a true example of socialist internationalism, you fought to better not just the lives of your own country, but of the world. From the years of first learning about the Cuban Revolution and Marxist study, you have been an inspiration to me. You always were, and always will be. Forever in our hearts, our struggle will continue until this war is won. Comandante Fidel, not just Cuba's president, not just Cuba's comrade, but the worlds working class president, our leader and our comrade. Destiny produced you not just for the hour, but for a lifetime.

Damien Biggs (United Kingdom)

no pasaran comrade


Louise Stebler (Switzerland)

muchas gracias por todo Comandante! hasta la vicroria siempre!

alexandra kouiroukidou (Greece)

(United Kingdom)

The world has lost one of the most iconic leaders,the man of the people.Fidel as and is indeed a man of the people!

Jesse Johnson Ringo (Tanzania)

Poor Cá Réacute;

Phan Minh Dang (Viet Nam)

Wir werden Fidels Ideen bewahren und weiter verbreiten. Zu zeigen, Fidel ist noch mit uns.

Jose Mazaroze (Germany)

Heart felt condolences in the sad demise of the world left leader.

prof. N K Govindan (India)

Thank you for your tireless struggle against imperialism, poverty and the effort you spent in creating a society that worked for the betterment of all peoples. Your light shines on in the youth of generations to come.

James Eaton (United States of America)

Comandante; You provided inspiration to all who struggle for justice, and the world is now richer for it. Thank you for giving yourself to the struggle.

Dave Szollosy (Canada)

Nguyen Hong Hanh (Viet Nam)

The working class has lost one of the greatest hero of our time. He leaves us now but his selfless contributions and love for his class will live in the hearts and minds of workers will forever be enshrined in the hearts and minds of

Bob Bohan (Canada)

Rest in peace Fidel Catsro 25yh November 2016, long live the gains of the Cuban revolution.

Tim Marshall (United Kingdom)

Mis condolencias al pueblo de Cuba, a Raul Castro y familia del Comandante Fidel Castro. Fidel vivira por siempre entre nosotros!

Mario F. Venegas (United States of America)

Le camarade Fidel est un grand homme, un grand revolutionaire qui a accompagne et qui va accompagner les opprimes de ce monde injuste a la revendication de ses droits. Vive Fidel, vive la Cuba socialiste.

Marie Lavrentiadou (Greece)

Brigitte Zimmermann (United Kingdom)

Einer unserer Besten ging von uns

Günter Ackermann (Germany)

My hero 4evet

Kiewiet M. (Belgium)

The survival of the Cuban revolution against the American "blockade", one of the longest economic sieges in human history, is testament to the support enjoyed by the revolution led by Fidel, Raul and Che. From fighting the army of Apartheid to helping earthquake victims in the foothills of the Himalayas to the fight against Ebola, Cuba's internationalism is an example to the world.Another testament is the recent rapprochement from the US. Woe betide any who try to reverse this. In 1959 the Cuban people overthrew a puppet regime which ran Cuba as a drug-den, casino and brothel while the Cuban people starved. Now Cubans enjoy universal employment, housing, healthcare and education. Over the past 20 years Cuba has lit a beacon of hope in it's sister Latin American nations. Those trying to reverse this, from Venezuela to Brazil to Argentina, will be condemned by posterity just like the architects of the Cuban blockade. The best thing we can do in memory of Fidel is to see to it that Guantanamo Bay is returned to Cuba and, above all, that the US blockade is lifted. Viva los cincos! Viva la Guantanamo Cubanos! MUERTE A EL BLOQUEO! HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE COMPANERO FIDEL!

Brian Precious (United Kingdom)

Léordf; Chiáº& (Viet Nam)

Ahmad Emdad (United States of America)

Que tiene fidel que el imperialismo no pudo con el, hasta la victoria siempre. Adelante ni un paso atrás, desde santa barbara honduras

alejandra cantillano (Honduras)

My condolence goes to the people of Cuba and President Raul Castro.

Walter mollel (Tanzania)

Thanh (Viet Nam)

Hasta la Victoria siempre.

partido socialista (Honduras)

You inspired a generation of youngs that change Can make a better World

Jens Bagge (Denmark)

Khoa Vu Trong (Viet Nam)

Randy Dinin (United States of America)

Our world and the Human specie is in desperate need of more people such as Fidel Castro, Nesson Mandela, Willy Brand and the Che. Every time we lose one single human with such devotion and empathy for humanity and the planet we lose part of our self. We are one single humanity, living on one single planet with limited space and finite resources. None of which can be owned or belong to anyone. We have to stop the war mongers, the blue hunts, the oligarchs and the tyrants of this world. Fortunately man such as Fidel Castro will be remembered and reemerge. Best wishes and may your journey continue in the spirits and minds of humanity.

Uwe Paschen (Japan)

43 years ago, Fidel Castro held my hand, kissed my cheek and said: "Tu hermano todavía vive en tu corazón. Recuérdalo siempre". (I was just a young Canadian girl running away from my grief and he took the time and made the effort to be kind to me. He didn't know who I was and I didn't know who he was. He saw me crying, came over and spoke Spanish words. I responded in English and French. That is when he took my hand and kissed my cheek. A moment in time, that changed my life. Fidel Castro was a decent and compassionate man from the beginning of his life to the very end.

Renee LaFortune (Canada)

My condolences for the loss of a great leader

Hooshidar Daragahi (United States of America)

Kenneth Rasmusson (Sweden)

You are a great man

Charles Kiriinya (Kenya)

Hasta siempre Comandante!

Clécio Pereira (Brazil)

Rest in peace, comrade Fidel.

Mawr Gorshin (Taiwan)

Hombre, hombre sin muerte, la noche respiro tu suerte. Hombre de buen destino, que hay luces puestas en camino! Hasta la victoria siempre Comandante!

Pablo Andrés Poletto (Argentina)

Hasta siempre Comandante! Gracias por toda la.ternura y solidaridad que demostro hacia nuestra.Nicaragua. Seguiremos como.tributo a tu legado!

Dorys Centeno Castillo (Nicaragua)

Es una profunda tristeza la que me inunda, Pero Fidel Castro Ruz no murió, se inmortalizó en el corazón de su amado pueblo y más aéordm;n en muchos pueblos del mundo, Nos queda la tarea de mantener en pie su legado. Gracias Fidel Fidel por siempre porque Yo de joven estuve ahí y aprendí mucho de la solidaridad, Hermandad de Cuba y hoy esa enseñanza le doy a mi Hijo y espero tambien a los Nietos Amaremos a Fidel por siempre.

Mery lu Montano Vallecillo (Nicaragua)

Castro was the man for poor downtrodden people of the world . Long live his our socialist dreams

Dhido Gill (United States of America)

The greatmam and best friend of humanity left this world.He must be remembered for his bravery and true work for poors till the universe alive.

Balwinder Singh (India)

Me queda el dolor de haber perdido el amparo de su sabiduría y fortaleza. Me queda el amargo sabor de saber que ya no lo podre conocer, pero nos queda la esperanzada seguridad que lo hallaremos a nuestro lado siempre que nos empenemos en las cotidianas batallas para lograr un mundo mejor, ese mundo mejor que el nos aseguro que es posible

sergio daniel garanzini (Argentina)

What an absolutely brilliant man. I have difficulty finding the words to express how saddened I am for all of my friends in Cuba. He laid the foundation and now it is up to you to continue.

Ronni Mendes (Antigua and Barbuda)

Yo Soy Fidel

Cameron Larsen (United States of America)

You will never die and always be a revolutionary leader among us!

Dan Lahti (Sweden)

Hasta siempre...

Elias Drakopoulos (Greece)

Mi mas sentido pesame al pueblo cubano en estos momentos ante la perdida de un gran lider mundial como fue Fidel ....

Dyrze Canelas (Bolivia)

Against almost insuperable odds, the steadfast Cuban people under the leadership of Fidel Castro stood up to the outlaw giant to the north; and held the banner of socialism high, signaling hope and inspiration to the rest of the world!

John Mackoviak (United States of America)

john (Viet Nam)

Many people said that Fidel Castro is a dictator but none of them remembered about free education and good healthcare systems he established.If he was that "dictator", i wish my country have more dictators like him. For all he did, he was deserved our deep respect from Vietnam.

Phat (Viet Nam)


Derek Bilston (United Kingdom)

Our Hero! He never failed to be in the trenches or on the barricades to support the oppressed. The world will be a lonelier place without him. Peace.

Thomas Riggins (United States of America)

mabuhay ka, kasamang fidel!

lui manansala (Philippines)

Farewell Commandante.Men with your will and determination are a dying breed.A hero of the downtrodden and a shining example of how the underdog can succeed despite seemingly overwhelming odds.

Dylan Dunphy (Ireland)

Surjit Sahota (Canada)

phạm ngoc cong (Viet Nam)

I want to thank this great man for his achievements for the people and for inspiring me with what he did when I was a young boy in America I remembered feeling oppressed a nation that we lived in didn't want us because of some arbitrary piece of paper that claimed our legality and a home with growing lawlessness and corruption the tales of his revolutionary life spoke volumes more to me than any fictional character ever could and I just want to say thank you and rest in peace. Viva la revolution!

Ricardo Enriqe Rangel Mendez (Mexico)

VÅ© Hoöng (Viet Nam)

Queridos hermanos cubanos, vaya este abrazo sincero desde el corazón del sur, de la tierra pampa por donde supo cabalgar el che en su rocinante moto la poderosa... queridos familiares Castro Ruz,la partida de Fidel es solo terrenal o a caso una fecha en el almanaque que dice que ese dia partió de la vida Fidel, pero sepan que nada se ha perdido...todo es siembra viniendo de uds por un mundo mejor..más justo, menos malvado...VIVA CUBA, VIVA LOS PUEBLOS UNIDOS DE AMERICA TODA Y DEL MUNDO.

Fernando Damián Ojeda (Argentina)

If only modern leaders had half the passion and integrity.

Jane Lennie (United Kingdom)

We love and honou you Comrade Castro for all the amazing things that you have done for the people of Cuba and the world in general. You wil always be my hero. May your soul Rest in Peace for all of eternity with your Creator.

Roseanna Clement (Trinidad and Tobago)

Hasta la Victoria!

Francisco Camacho (United States of America)

Lizzie delaney (Ireland)

Sohandhindsa (Canada)

Thank you Fidel Castro for your efgorts to show us that another world is possibla!

Lisbeth Nowotny (Sweden)

Fidel was an inspiration to so many oppressed people all over the world. He was not without his failings but he had been an overwhelming influence for good against the might of U.S. imperialism and for the poor and dispossessed. He will be missed and for those of us who are democratic socialists we must hope that his legacy will enable the Cuban people to experience continued benefits from the socialism that he introduced into Cuba as well as continued extension of human rights in a more friendly political climate than has existed until now.

Richard Chessum (United Kingdom)

My sincere condolences for your great loss. You are in my thoughts and prayers these days and I share your grief at the loss of a great leader of the Cuban People...

Paulette Turcotte (Canada)

Slam Generalisimo Fidel you have fought the great patriotic fight against imperialism hasty sempre.

Kevin carson (United Kingdom)

Joe Beaudry (Canada)

We will continue the struggle.

Jane Calliste (United Kingdom)

You will always be in our thoughts and be an inspiration for every Irish republican. Hasta la victoria siempre! Tiocfaidh ár lá! Rest in power Comandante.

Stephen Hannigan (Ireland)

Blessed are they who mourn for they shall be comforted.

Sara Salyers (United Kingdom)

A Truly great man has been lost. Condolences and solidarity with the people of Cuba. Keep fighting for a better tomorrow, you have comrades around the world at your back

Benjamin Wood (United Kingdom)

We shal not forget you dear and beloved friend! La Luta Continua!

Paul Kernan (Ireland)

For all his faults he was a hero of and for many people. I'm sad I didn't get the chance to visit Cuba before the damn yanks get their claws in and destroy it with their greed and avarice.

Bryn Douthwaite (United Kingdom)

Respect and love to Fidel Castro, a man that spent his life fighting for his people and against the Capitalism, the cancer of our planet. And not only, he's the only man has gone to an other continent like Africa to help and not to still. RIP

Alessio Atzori (United Kingdom)

That man did wonders for his people, especially those who hadn't a centavo to their names.

Jack Walsh (Ireland)

From the moment I first saw Fidel Castro in Life magazine in 1959 and early 1960's I have admired his sense of justice and service to the building of socialism and for liberation from the mafia capitalist system. I feel for the great loss of the Cuban people and really hope that millions of Cubans will take up where Fidel left off and carry forward the banner of the working masses and build socialism. Red salute!!

Rek and Lidia Meerdink (United States of America)

My condolences on the passing of Fidel Castro. He was, and is still, an inspiration to all people struggling for social justice.

Kim Soskin (United States of America)

He gave us hope that we can succeed the impossible


No va a ser igual pisar Cuba sin Ud comandante..aunque se le va a respirar en el legado dejado al pueblo...

Adriana Amado (Argentina)

Farewell to a true leader.

Peter Lynch (Ireland)

You helped to make the seemingly impossible possible. You will always be an inspiration. May you rest in peace x

Alison Baugh (United Kingdom)



Fidel will live for ages as an inspiration to all of us fighting oppression. Viva Fidel!

Mike Beilstein (United States of America)

My condolences to the Cuban people and President Raéordm;l Castro for the loss of El Commandante Fidel, the leader and father of the Cuban Revolution and the founder of the free nation of Cuba. Fidel Castro was one of the most influential figures of all time, a true hero of the proletariat and the oppressed peoples of the world. His unceasing commitment to freedom, brotherhood, equality and anti-imperialist resistance shall be an inspiration for all of the world, forever. Hasta la Victoria siempre, Commandante! Viva la Revolucion! Viva Cuba Libre!

Brecht Jonkers (Belgium)

The Globalised crisis of Capitalism expressed by austerity worldwide will revolutionise the people and bring about world socialism which of course Fidel was aware. He was the spark and we will continue till the job is done. RIP Fidel.

Valerie Hayes (Ireland)

Athanasios Vratzias (Greece)

Viva Cuba

Sergey (Russian Federation)

May you build on his legacy to create a brighter future without losing your bright hearts and souls x

Rick and Muriel Halpin (United Kingdom)

OSCAR A RUIZ (Argentina)

sheryl chetcuti (United Kingdom)

My heart aches for the Cuban people & the entire World. Cuba's guiding light in the revolutionary struggke to defeat imperialism, racism, & inequality shall be deeply missed. But his flame burns on.Viva Fidel!

Merle Ramsey-Boissiere (United States of America)

Stuart Ewan Butler (United Kingdom)

Growing up I felt a strong connection to the achievements of the Cuban revolutionary movement. Reading the history that Fidel created kept me company in lonely times to a point in year 11 they were practically my only companions. Because of this I feel like I have lost an old friend and I often think back to being a 15/16 year old behind the computer desk in classroom S1 dreaming about revolution. A dream that has never faded but instead has inspired me and pushed me to achieve some of my finest moments. It is said that a man can die but an idea will live forever. Although he has passed away the spirit of Fidel will forever remain while I, and comrades like me, keep fighting.

Badger (United Kingdom)

Gracias por haber llenado tu siglo de ilusión y tu país de dignidad. Patriota del Hombre.

Alberto Domínguez-MÃ (Spain)

Mi mas sincero pésame al pueblo cubano por tan irremediable pérdida. Hasta la Victoria Siempre.

Carmen Mendoza (Mexico)

Jack Britton (Ireland)

We Africans have lost a friend and a hero. May his spirit live on in Cuba ..Viva Fidel Castro, Viva la revoluésect;ion. We will never forget the support and sacrifice he made for the liberation struggle and the fight against imperialism.

Alan Oyugi (Kenya)

An icon and an inspiration to us all who believe that another, more equal, world is possible. You will never be forgotten. Condolences to all in Cuba - we stand with you.

Emma (United Kingdom)

Du hast den Menschen Würde gebracht. Ich verneige mich dankbar vor Dir.

Elfriede Krutsch (Germany)

RIP Fidel

Robert Edlund (Sweden)

I wish I made it to Cuba before you left! May you now be united with Che!! Much love to you and yours!!

Natasha (United Kingdom)

El Comandante se va del plano terrenal, pero él y su lucha convirtiendo sus ideales en realidades están muy por encima de la muerte y eso es lo que prevalece. ¡HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE COMANDANTE!

Diana Serrano (Mexico)

Fidel Castro vivira para siempre en Nuestros Corazones en la memoria historica, la conciencia colectiva todos los pueblos del mundo, como el comandante de los oprimidos, en la lucha contra la explotacion capitalista, el imperialismo, la lucha por una justa nueva sociedad socialismo-comunismo. Hasta la victoria siempre!.

Platon Routis (Canada)

Solidarity with the people of Cuba

Gordon (United Kingdom)

Dear Fidel, my love and respect for you are beyond words. You are a shining example to mankind. Thank you. Love to Che. Big hug, j

Jack Gibberd (United Kingdom)

In memory of a leader who improved the life, health and education of his compatriotas.

Irene Lomas (United Kingdom)

Rest in power.

Randall (United States of America)

Go ndéana Dia grásta air. His courage will continue to inspire us for many generations

Bríd Ní Sh (Ireland)

was at the embassy today signed book talked with the ambassador sad day for the cuban people but they have the will to carry on

tom evans (Ireland)


Thanos kafes (Greece)

Soy un hondureño que convivió con ustedes en una época difícil para gran parte de los latinoamericanos. Con Fidel no nos encontramos ni cruzamos palabra alguna; nunca estreché su mano, no reímos juntos, pero sí quedé esperando su llegada. A pesar de eso, puedo decir que mi relación con Fidel fue muy cercana, estuvo presente en mi formación política y pendiente de mi persona. Debido a la solidaridad promovida por Cuba y con el ejemplo de la dirección política encabezada por Fidel tuve oportunidad de vivir y estudiar con ustedes entre 1976-1977, en la Escuela Nacional de La Juventud Comunista Julio Antonio Mella en Habana del Este; compartimos alegrías, tristezas, amores, techos y aulas alrededor de 400 compañeros, de ellos 99 extranjeros de varios países latinoamericanos, otros de Angola y Sao Tomé. Para entrar y salir de la isla pasamos muchos riesgos, ocultando nombres propios, rompiendo documentos de estudio y haciendo trizas el certificado de la escuela. Eran tiempos difíciles para Centroamérica y hoy la situación no ha cambiado tanto. Pero la experiencia es inolvidable. De ese momento recuerdo tres hechos que marcaron definitivamente mis vínculos con Fidel. Uno de ellos fue en octubre de 1976 con el sabotaje al vuelo 455 de Cubana de Aviación en Barbados. Nos llevaron al homenaje a las víctimas en la Plaza de la Revolución y recuerdo el discurso de Fidel, muy dolido, combativo, y muchas personas llorando cuando dijo cuando un pueblo valiente llora, la injusticia tiembla. El otro en el aniversario de los CDR, impresionante. Y participar junto a casi un millón de personas en el desfile del 1 de mayo de 1977, ver a la cabeza de la movilización la bandera de los Estados Unidos y una gran manta de la Brigada Venceremos; al inicio no entendía y luego comprendí el inmenso respeto de los cubanos hacia ese grupo internacionalista. Tal vez sean cosas sencillas. Pero marcaron mis ideas. Definieron mucho más la identificación con Cuba y con Fidel. Como dije nunca lo tuve tan cerca ni hablamos. En la escuela Julio Antonio Mella quedamos a la espera de su llegada en cualquier madrugada. Realmente no fue necesaria su presencia física si estaba en cada momento del estudio, en cada momento de todas las alegrías logradas en esa inolvidable isla. Gracias Comandante.

Gustavo Zelaya Herrera (Honduras)

Rest in peace. Western haters may slander you every which way but if they were really democratic they would know that a country has the right to be socialist if it wants to. Every people and nation needs self determination. I pray that your brother doesn't let Cuban socialism crumble into the dust. You were an inspiration, a shining star in the bleak horizon of US imperialism in the Americas. Red salute!

Courtney Belyea (Canada)

Ingrese a mi CUBA solidaria una semana antes del fallecimiento del Comandante ! , me fui de mi CUBA solidaria sin EL !! con un silencio , moral y de honor jamas visto ! con una amargura del pueblo como lo que nos sucedió con Nestor ! cuantas lagrimas dejamos en el Malecon , cuantos pensamientos de dolor y gratitud a la vez . Una molecula de aire del ultimo aliento de Fidel ingreso en los cubanos y ahora , SI ahora seremos mas imbatibles que nunca ! tu muerte ha despertado a los dormidos a los incrédulos , hasta en tu muerte os enseñas !! hasta siempre comandante .

luis barja (Argentina)

Mes plus sincères condoléances ö la famille Castro et au peuple Cubain. Hasta siempre Fidel

Serra (France)

Adiós Comandante. Gracias. "Seguiremos adelante Como junto a tí seguimos..." Hasta la victoria siempre!!!


The world has lost one of it's greatest leaders. He done so much for Cubans and oppressed peoples around the world. Neither him, nor the ideals of the Cuban Revolution, should ever be forgotten. RIP Comandante. Hasta la victoria siempre!

Sean (United Kingdom)

Although I live far away from Cuba, I feel Fidel so close to my heart. And I guess I'll always do. Some big souls never really leave. I'm Galician as Fidel's parents. My father was born in Cuba like Fidel. I'm working as history teacher and it's really difficult to find historical personalities with Fidel's human and moral values and character. Thank you very much, Comandante, for all your commitments and teachings. Fly away. Fly far. Fly in peace. We'll never forget you.

Nacho Mato (Spain)

Mary Boite (United States of America)

From Fidal Castro and those who fought beside him, I learned the possibilities of revolt, of anti-imperialism. I learned the possibilities and limits of nationalism and of pockets of resistance. I learned that one may start from civil rights or from economic rights but the job is not done until all our rights to liberty are secured. I learned to accept my inadequacy and to fight anyway. His and your memory is part of may arsenal of examples of aspirations and duties

Lee Lakeman (Canada)

Fidel Castro was a hero and an inspiration to many here in Ireland and throughout the word. We must see our present fight right through to the very end - Bobby Sands.

Ciarán Grimes (Ireland)

Fidel Castro - you will be missed but your legacy will endure. Cuba and her people have flourished under your leadership.

Valerie (United Kingdom)

Our family's condolences to the Cuban people for their great loss of such an inspirational leader. He was and will always remain a beacon for everyone in the world struggling to free their societies from the grip of the multi-national corporations. Haste la victoria siempre.

Bill, Lesley, Elspeth & Adam McCaig (United Kingdom)

Un hombre para la Historia!

Patricia Fornera (Puerto Rico)

You made a difference ...

Chris Day (Ireland)

Respect. A truly great man.

Bob Newman (United Kingdom)

Pablo Ryan (United Kingdom)

nunca te olvidaremo, comandante!

esteban mauri (Italy)

Imti Choonara (United Kingdom)

Rest in peace. Thanks for your service. I hope more flowers of hope bloom for all people to make a better world for everyone, and look after each other. May Cuba as well as all countries continue their evolution.

David Garner (United Kingdom)

In solidarity to the true revolutionary. You made something happen and last which no other socialist regime has done. I salute you and your brother and all our brothers and sisters.

Jacqueline Darby (United Kingdom)

Era un gigante.. ahora ya es eterno Con la fortuna de saberme una joven con la oportunidad de seguir aprendiendo de su legado, que trascenderá -en mucho- a su vida terrenal, trasmitirle mis respetos y agradecimiento en la distancia. Es tiempo de descansar, que la tierra le sea leve. Un abrazo solidario desde Galicia. Hasta la victoria siempre.

Andrea Maroñas Berm&Ati (Spain)

You can't kill and idea. Rest in Power

Conor Dowling-Linehan (Ireland)

To the people of Cuba and to the family of Fidel Castro, condolences Your people have striven against the corrupt governments of the world and shine as an example to the rest of the world

William Stone (United Kingdom)

my deepest condolences for your loss .....he was a great fighter and revolutionary man

maria (Greece)

Desde Oslo, Noruega, un abrazo para todos los cubanos. Hay que seguir teniendo paciencia por nuestros hijos y por el future. Venceremos. Sonia

Sonia Bustos Alfaro (Norway)

Hasta siempre Comandante. Gracias por hacer podible el Acuerdo de Paz para Colombia. Dios lo bendiga.

Esperancita Uribe (United Kingdom)

Cuba. The first socialist revolution of the western hemisphere. Fidel Castro. A man of a kind that we see only every hundred years. Long live Socialist Cuba. Long live the Cuban People. Long live the Revolution. May Fidel Rest In Peace. ¡Patria, socialismo o muerte!

Fernando Solis Borquez (Mexico)

Hasta la victoria siempre

Daimo Sánchez Lea (Chile)

Rest in Peace Fidel You will always be in my thoughts

Jim Moore (Ireland)

Adios Comandante !!


Llora la humanidad humana, la humanidad revolucionaria. LLoran los médicos de orígenes humildes que se desenvuelven repartidos por el mundo. Lloran la tiranía de la alfabetización, lloran los humildes, llora el pueblo cubano a quien le dio dignidad y jamás pudo ser derrotado. Llora Latino-américa y el Mundo solidario y generoso., la partida física del líder humano

Mario Corces (Chile)

Hasta siempre Comandande Fidel Castro!

Antoniadou Kiki (Greece)

Hasta la victoria commantante !!


Ann Piggott (Ireland)

R.I.P Fidel. You did more than enough despite the challenges. Bravo!!

Odhiambo Ambala (Kenya)

A thorn in the flesh of the USA but a Hero of his people.RIP Fidel!

peter sains (United Kingdom)

A reminder to humanity that being an activist is not an option, but an urgent need. RIP Comandante

Ana Valinho (United Kingdom)


HALA GEORGE (United Kingdom)

¡Viva el comandante invicto y eterno! Más sinceras condolecias al pueblo cubano desde Grecia.

Yannis Tsalavoutas (Greece)

Rest easy comrade you were one in a million

Mary Mcclure (Ireland)

Salud Comrade Fidel - fighter for freedom and equality for

Philippa Clark (United Kingdom)

Mi más sentido pesame a la familia del Comandante extensivo a todo el Pueblo de Cuba. Latinamérica ha perdido a un gran hombre. Viva Fidel!

Daniel Mena (Sweden)

He made his mark for everyone to judge for many years to come. He changed the lives of millions, mostly for the better.

Kevin Hayes (United Kingdom)

Sandra Newens (United Kingdom)

My love and condolences to the family of Fidel for the loss of this amazing man. Two visits to Cuba opened my eyes to what is possible, especially in education*. The hardships of the Cuban people can be laid directly at the door of the USA who virtually laid siege to the island and still occupy part of it. *children from ordinary backgrounds all having access to art, music and dance and achieving excellence - Carlos Acosta.

Pearl Wheeler (United Kingdom)

A true leader and inspiration of how humans can behave. His memory and legacy will live forever

Edwin Darfi (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre, Comandante! Al pueblo cubano, hermano, le deseo que sepa conservar la herencia de su Gigante, que siga adelante fuerte y no escuche el canto de las sirenas vecinas, que conserve el valor de la igualdad más alto puesto que el del oro. Fidel les deja un país que sirve de ejemplo a nosotros todos y principalmente a los latinoamericanos. Que sepan conservar su país. Nos sentimos huérfanos los que desde siempre admiraron la obra que él supo construir con los ciudadanos de esta isla valerosa. Pero nos sentiremos menos huérfanos, hermanos de Cuba, si vosotros conservan lo que han construído.*

Maria Luiza de Carvalho Armando (Brazil)

Peter Denton (United Kingdom)

Thank you for all Fidel! God bless you! Salam

Etten Carvallo (Venezuela)

R.I.P. Fidel

Florence Hill (United Kingdom)

Respect to a great man and fighter for freedom.

Carl (United Kingdom)

At this sad time I feel for the Cuban people, with the passing of a genuine and intelligent liberator. But I know Cuba will act in a way befitting Fidel. He is almost a father figure, long live the revolution, long live Fidel's wisdom.

Darren Kiggins (United Kingdom)

It is difficult to put into words the loss felt by progressive humanity at the loss of Fidel Castro. His words and deeds have served, and will continue to serve as a shining example to all anti-imperialists. He and his comrades sacrificed their lives making this world a better place. They outstripped all expectations in raising the Cuban people to new heights. Wherever proletarian internationalism was required in the world, first on the scene were the Cubans, guided by Fidel. A genuine giant of history. A great of our time. A champion of humanity Thank you Fidel.

Joe Phinn (United Kingdom)

To the family and friends of Fidel, and the people of Cuba: I send my sincere condolences and love and prayers. The gift of friendship that you gave to us Canadians will always hold a special place in our hearts. As I stood on Cuban soil sharing the grief and shock with Cuban friends on Friday, I shed tears for the loss of a man who brought our 2 countries together in friendship after the revolution and who stood strong and fought for what he believed in. May the 9 days of mourning offer some time to grieve and pay respect to a legend.

Heather Willis (Canada)

Fidel Castro is(not was) an extraordinary leader, a truly guide for the cuban people. I feel proud of being cuban and I want to thank him in the name of cuban youth. Hasta la Victoria Siempre, Comandante!!!

Javier M. (Cuba)

My condolences to your family and your country. Rest In Peace

Geisha alomar (United States of America)

Al eterno revolucionario que no se rebajó ante nadie Al eterno visionario que se atrevió a cambiar el curso de la Historia, al eterno joven de corazón que se convirtió en leyenda viva para el mundo entero, Gloria eterna el los Campos Elíseos cubanos, entre Camilo y el Che, con su puro habano y su gorra kaki y un humilde clavel rojo de la Cra Safo Diamanti, filóloga, docente, traductora e intérprete, miembro del Directorio de la Asociación de Amistad y Solidaridad Heleno-Cubana de Atenas y miembro de la Presidencia del Comité griego de Solidaridad Democrática Internacional.

Safo DIAMANTI (Greece)

Fidel Castro was a great leader in the world and stood up to even mighty big countries that would want to force their agenda on Cuba such as the United States. Fidel Castro also did alot to help free African countries and improved the living quality of the people of Cuba. He will be missed and lets hope that future generations continue the revolutionary spirit that was established.

Brian Winkelman (United States of America)

Desde la tierra de Agosthino Neto, la cual ayudaste sin interés alguno, solo con un "elemental principio de internacionalismo" como tu centenciaste en el Primer Congreso del Partido Comunista de Cuba, aclarandoles a los imperialistas, que no conocen la palabra solidaridad y mucho menos la hermandad entre los pueblos, esa es una de las tantas enseñanzas que nos trasmitiste y hoy aquí estamos los cooperantes del proyecto MES- Universidad en la provincia de Zaire/Soyo, donde nunca se pensó tener una Universidad. Mis más sentidas condolencias a todo el pueblo de Cuba y a todos los amigos de Fidel.

Andrés Ferrer Castillo (Cuba)

I wanna pay my respect and sign the condolences book at the Cuban embassy if possible,thank tou

Hashim (United Kingdom)

Rest in Peace Fidel Castro.

Pamela Pigeau (United Kingdom)

Uno de los políticos más sinceros e incorruptibles en cuanto a sus ideas políticas se ha ido de nosotros. Sin embargo siempre estará con nosotros, en nuestros corazones y nuestros recuerdos. Para mí nunca hubo otro camino que aquel del socialismo y éste lo voy a continuar sin rodeos para que la herencia de Fidel Castro quede conservada en dignidad

Matthias (Germany)

Long live the Cuban people!

Katsibiri Anezoula (Greece)

Aaron mcewan (United Kingdom)

Desde un pueblo (Euskal Herria) que lucha por su soberania e independencia plena, aéordm;n dentro de la Unión Europea, a otro pueblo que lo logró, Cuba: Euskal Herriko (Basque Country) lurretatik doluminak helarazi nahi dizkiogu Kubako herriari. Guretzat ere galera handia izan delako Fidel Castroren heriotza. Gizakion berdintasun eta duintasunaren borrokan erreferente eta iraultzaile handia. Fidelek ereindako haziek fruitu ematen jarraituko dute! Zeruan izar gorri berria piztu da Castroren omenez. Agur eta ohore! Xabi Eta Maite. P.D: "La fe de los pueblos no se despierta con promesas, con teorías, ni con retórica: la fe de los pueblos se despierta con hechos, con realidades, con soluciones verdaderas"

Xabier (Spain)

I write to express the deep sorrow of Momentum Black ConneXions at the death of Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz on 25th November 2016. We will always regard Comrade Castro as a hero and an inspirational leader of the oppressed across the world who believe in genuine national sovereignty and self determination for all nations, socialism and the international co-operation for which he stood all his life. We salute the brave people of Cuba who have made great cultural, economic and social progress under the visionary leadership of Comrade Castro. We are confident that in the coming years the legacy left behind by him will endure. We note that the progress made by the Cuban revolution was achieved in the face of unprovoked aggression by the most powerful country in the world. We are united in solidarity with the Cuban people and share their grief and loss. Viva Comrade Fidel Castro! A luta continua.

Kingsley Abrams, General Secretary Momentum Black (United Kingdom)

James Hadstate (United States of America)

¡Hasta la victoria siempre, Comandante!

Jorge Capelán (Nicaragua)

All human beings die but only few become immortal. You are among those Comrade Fidel. Hasta La Victoria Siempre

Daniele (Italy)

You held out against enormous odds and the most powerful and ruthless capitalist country in the world. you gave us socialists some hope. Thank you.

Robert Hughes (United Kingdom)

I send my dearest sympathy and condolences to the Cuban people at this time of mourning. The loss of Fidel Castro is a blow, not only to Cuba, but the working class of the world. Fidel dedicated his life to fighting for the emancipation of the proletariat from the chains of poverty, capitalism and imperialism. In death, just as in life, he will be remembered for his fearless struggle and indefatigable work to protect and advance socialism. Viva Fidel! Long live socialism!

Ryan Berry (United Kingdom)

(Viet Nam)

Con tu ejemplo siempre presente, seguiremos luchando sin tregua contra las injusticias. Salud Comandante Fidel !

Manuel Castro (Spain)

Vivías en cuba y en el corazón de gente. Nadie pudo contra ti y tu gente. Escribí este brevísimo texto, ahi esta la fecha: Informe meteorológico Centro de Pronósticos del Tiempo, INSMET. Pronóstico del Tiempo para la tarde y la noche. Fecha: 10 de Abril del 2002. Hora: 10:30 AM. Después de incontables huracanes, tormentas y ciclones procedentes del noroeste, felizmente en el centro de la isla, el anciano y siempre verde roble sigue de pie.

Alfonso Pedraza Pérez (Mexico)

A giant for people on every continent of the world. RIP Fidel Castro!

Gulam Chowdhury (United Kingdom)

Cuba you have paid a terrible price for daring to resist imperialism and organised crime to build education, health and self-determination under the leadership of Fidel. Take care not to waste that sacrifice now. Don't let your achievements be swept away,

Terry Miles (United Kingdom)

Long live comrade Fidel live in our hearts.

Harinder Hundal (Canada)

Rest in Peace wise man...My thoughts are with your family and friends and the people of Cuba...A great leader indeed...

Christina Nlisi (United Kingdom)

Fidel, Fidel, los pueblos te agradecen...

Adrian Banham (United Kingdom)

Thank you for everything you achieved whilst fighting a super power. You led your country to achieve great things, have fun on the other side. Viva la Castro

Joe Weston (United Kingdom)

Dende Galicia, a terra que lembra as orixes de Fidel, envío o meu apoio ao pobo de Cuba, ao que me une unha relación sentimental. Fidel foi e será un dos máximos referentes da loita pola soberanía nacional e polo socialismo. Con acertos e erros, non será esquecido polos que aínda defendemos a igualdade social e económica dos seres humanos, sen distinción de orixe, lingua, sexo ou idade. Ata a victoria sempre, comandante.

Daniel Pinto (Spain)

With great sympathy to the people of Cuba and all comrades around the world. Fidel was a great leader and will be sadly missed. Viva the revolution

Ged Waters (United Kingdom)

(Russian Federation)

Querido compañero y comandante, me siento huérfano en la lejanía. Tu ejemplo revolucionario iluminará el camino de las rebeldías presentes y futuras. El siglo XX ha muerto contigo, camarada. La revolución permanece y permanecerá, hasta la victoria siempre. Que la tierra te sea leve, padre, hermano, campesino, obrero, camarada, comandante... ¡Viva Cuba Socialista, Libre y Soberana! ¡Hasta la victoria siempre!


You guided your country with great faith, All Cubans will prosper from your great sacrifices and belief .

Phil Morris (United Kingdom)

Without people of strength!! The current would wash us all away!!

james mangan (Ireland)

In the words of our President, Michael D. Higgins,- " Fidel Castro will be remembered as a giant among global leaders whose view was not only one of freedom for his people but for all of the oppressed and excluded people's on the planet." Viva Fidel, viva Cuba libre

Pauline Murphy (Ireland)

Adio commandante

Vassilis NINOS (Greece)

Comrade Fidel, your life along with the stuggle of the Cuban people has inspired me to no end I now devote my life to the armed struggle of Marxism-Leninism. You've made me proud to call myself a Marxist. Viva la revolució

Leland Taylor (United States of America)

Hilda Janssen (Germany)

When I first became politicised as a teenager in the 1970s Fidel and the Cuban Revolution were an inspiration. From the achievements in health and education, to Cuba's internationalism he will continue to inspire. Another world is indeed possible.

Steven Johnson (United Kingdom)

You lead the revolution my country never got to have.

Dara Rohan (Ireland)

Eileen Sosin Martínez (Cuba)

Condolences for a personal hero and true inspiration. His achievements evident in all the Cuban people who have levels of health, education, artistry and dignity that the UK should aspire to.

Susan Waters (United Kingdom)

I want to share this huge loss with Cuban people. While I have been participating in protests and events to free Cuban 5, I became to learn Cuban history, July 26th failed uprising, 1959 Jan. 1st victory and following social revolution for justice and more equality, Angola dispatch more than 300,000 soldiers for longer than a decade and defeating colonial alliance and eventual Nelson Mandela release from prison. Terrors by Rescue of Brothers and brave heroes Cuban 5. Again largest number of Cuban doctors worked in Africa to contain Ebola virus. 191 countries' Yes vote to lift Sanctions over Cuba in UN while only 2 Israel and US voted No. And suddenly US agreed diplomatic relationship with Cuba and freed 3 of Cuban 5 still in jail. I became to respect Cuban people. I understood why Cuba overcame US sanctions and more than 600 attempts to kill Mr. Fidel Castro. I compare Cuba and North Korea. Two countries have many similarities in overcoming the strongest sanctions and still developed better socialism for own people and now they show sustainable economic system to world. Again I send my deepest condolence to Cuban people. I believe Cuba continue Castro legacy to make much better Cuba.

Soobok Kim (United States of America)

robert hopson (United Kingdom)

Kareem (Afghanistan)

Though death befalls all men alike, it may be weightier than a mountain or lighter than a feather. To die for the people is weightier than the Sierra Maestra, but to work for the fascists and die for the exploiters and oppressors is lighter than a feather. Fidel displayed the strength of UNITY of the people against Imperialism and his death is heavier than Pico Turquino.

Don (Australia)

¡Hasta la Victoria siempre, Comandante!

Luis Alberto Chávez F&At (Mexico)

Hasta siempre comandante...!

José Javier Rodra& (Cuba)

Hasta la victoria siempre!!! Fidel has been and always will be a huge inspiration in the fight against imperialism. He will be very missed. Viva Fidel!

Ashton Calhoun (United States of America)

Revolutionaries die but their ideas never dies. Farewell comrade.

Ali Yılmaz (United Kingdom)

Fábio Junqueira Karkow (Brazil)

I would like to give my condolences to the late commandante Fidel Castro. We have lost a great leader and a great visionary. Comrade Castro may be gone from this earth, but your legacy lives on. You will be forever an inspiration to Communists in North America and world wide in fight for peace, equality and socialism. RIP Fidel Castro! Presente!

Dave (Canada)

My deepes condolences. We have lost one of the greatest revolutionaries of 20th century.

(Czech Republic)

Feliz transito, que tu evocion de hombre sábio viaje hacia la Luz em esta desencarnacion. Besos de uma cuba toda que te amo y te ama como um padre que nos enseño a pensar.

Astrid Merino Silveiro (Cuba)

Viva Fidel! Hasta la Victoria Siempre ! Viva la revolution!

Tahir Mujtaba (Pakistan)

(Viet Nam)

Antios amingos

Dimitris (Greece)

Frank Wagner (Germany)

Gracias Comandante Por todo Que Histe Para Cuba Y El Mundo.. ahora ya estas reunido con Comandante Che Guevera ! Que Dios te Bendiga Siempre.. Siempre en nuestra Corazones...

Myrna Ulrich (United States of America)

Fidel - You have been an inspiration to me and to the whole world. Your example will live on to inspire others. Hasta la Victoria Siempre!

John Coates (United Kingdom)

He was a real hero... Rest In Peace Castro.

Dani Dobrocsi (Hungary)

A great man is gone. I celebrate his astonishing successes and remember his flaws.

Meg Borthwick (Canada)

Rest in peace castro, you were a great man and a greater leader

Michael (United Kingdom)

My condolences to people of Cuba for the lost of the great leader Fidel Castro who has inspired us in many ways. We African nations will never forget him and all pioneer of Revolution.

Ebbie Mkandara (Canada)

Father Barry Naylor (United Kingdom)

After the cruel repression of Batista and his American Mafia thug henchmen, Fidel Castro gave the Cuban people: Pride, dignity, a sense of purpose, a fantastic health service and levels of literacy that are the envy of the world. He was and is a towering giant of the Twentieth Century. What leader of the so called western liberal democracies can claim to have achieved anything like Fidel; they are mere midgets standing on the shoulders of giants - soon forgotten - Fidel Castro's legacy will live on forever.

George Atkinson (United Kingdom)

History does not need to absolve you. You have been nothing but a hero.

Jason Unruhe (Canada)


Sorcha (Ireland)

Condolencias sinceras al pueblo hermano de Cuba, que ha perdido a uno de sus grande hombres, el ciudadano del mundo, Fidel Castro, Honor y gloria en su tumba! A mantener los logros de la revolución, a honrar su nombre y memoria.

Miguel GUaloto (Ecuador)

Wir wollen unsere Arbeit für eine gerechte, friedliche Welt, der Gemeinschaft aller Völker im Sinne von Fidel weiterführen, in dem wir auch weiter für die Solidaritécurren;tsprojekte in Cuba wirken. Monika

Monika Gottwald "Cuba Si Gera/Th&Atil (Germany)

mi amor y condolencias al pueblo de Cuba

elena forni (Italy)

john henry (United Kingdom)

May you be rewarded for all the good you done and forgiven for that you done that was wrong

Pascal (Ireland)

Gracias Fidel! Permanecerás en nosotros con la infinidad de tu ejemplo. Gloria eterna!

Idolkis Arguelles Berdión (Cuba)

a great man

Michael Brown (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre comandante, aunque fisicamente no estes, siempre estaras en nuestras vidas por que eres parte de ellas, gracias por dejarnos tus enseñanzas para los que estamos y para las generaciones venideras, siempre seras ejemplo a seguir en cualquier esfera de la vida.

Sandra (Cuba)

Rodrigo Sefair Buitrago (Colombia)

My family and I feel close to the Cuban people at this sad time, Fidel dream and his fortitude lives in his people's heart, don't let lies and propaganda undermine your beautiful Country, you are ready, remember always of the dispossessed and the victims of the so called "free world" and who what they call "free press" it's really paid for by. Be strong. Our heartfelt condolences.

Caterina (United Kingdom)

Viva la Revolucion

Keenan George (United Kingdom)

Thank you comrade . You were part of my youth and inspired me to be active and that continues to day. To the people of Cuba, you have lost a great leader but the ideas remain and will serve to inspire future generations. We fight on . From Scotland with love and solidarity

Trish Benz (United Kingdom)

Lennart Börjesson (Sweden)

Sometimes I think it's all lost. I look at the poverty and the environmental destruction and those that profit, obscenely from it; and I think, there is no hope. They will always win. But then I remember Cuba, and Fidel Castro, and 60 years of resistance. And hope returns. RIP Fidel Castro. No one is flawless, but you brought hope, and justice and freedom, where there had been only the capitalist yoke. And for 60 years you defended that against all the tyranny the U.s could throw at you. But Cuba still thrives. RIP comrade .

Simon Pettit (United Kingdom)

Con profundo dolor te despedimos fisicamente pero seguiras estando presente en nuestros corazones Hasta la Victoria Siempre

Ivis (Cuba)

Hasta la Victoria Siempre , Descansa en Paz El Comandante

Peter Martin Ormond (United Kingdom)

FIdel you are and always will be an inspiration to me, I will miss your wisdom but you will always live on in my thoughts. Thankyou for giving the people of your beautiful country the dignity they deserve.

Kim Elizabeth Steele (United Kingdom)

Mi mas sentido pesame para Raul y demas familiares, hijos, nietos, etc, el pueblo de Cuba llora la desaparicion fisica de nuestro Comandante en Jefe pero seguira sus ideas hasta el final de nuestras vidas. Patria o Muerte, Venceremos

Arturo Reiner (Cuba)

Hasta la victoria Siempre Comandante

Beatriz Lorena Díaz Gonz&A (Cuba)

I am sorry for uour loss.

Bradley Hetsler (Canada)

Fidel, será inigualable, irrepetible,, q hombre acaba de perder la humanidad. Firme en sus ideas, ejemplo de lealtad y firmeza en sus ideales. Será eternamente recordado. Viva mi comandante.!

leydis barinaga Nodar (United Kingdom)

¡Nuestros amigos caros! ¡Con la tristeza y las lágrimas ante los ojos junto con usted nos despedimos de una gran persona - Fidel! Era en Cuba 2 veces... ¡Es simplemente enamorada en su isla! ¡Sois éordm;nicos! ¡Su amor a Fidel y Che Gevare sincero! ¡Se siente en cada metro de la tierra! ¡Estas personas increíble! ¡Trataban y han hecho mucho para las gentes sencillas! ¡Para el mejoramiento de su vida! ¡Su vida! Pero en el mundo es mucho mal; (((¡pero creo que su y sus de la víctima no eran vano! Recordáis, cómo era que hacían con su tierra y el pueblo de los EEUU... ¡Lo Recordáis!!! ¡Guardáis la fidelidad a aquellos ideales, por que luchaban Fidel, Che Gevara y otros!!! ¡Le queremos y nuestros corazones lloran!!! ¡Fidel la gran persona! Our dear friends! With grief and tears in the eyes we together with you say goodbye to the great person - Fidel! I was in Cuba 2 times... also it is simply in love with your island! You are unique! Your love to Fidel and Che Guevara sincere! She is felt in each meter of the earth! These people improbable! They tried and have made a lot of things for simple people! For improvement of their life! Your life! But in the world there is a lot of evil; (((but I believe that their and your victims weren't vain! You remember how was that was done with your earth and the people of the USA... Remember it!!! Also are loyal to those ideals for which Fidel, Che Guevara and others battled!!! We love you and our hearts cry!!! Fidel great person!

Yaroslava Safronova (Russian Federation)

Hasta siempre camandante!!!!! Hasta siempre camarada!!! podrian morir pero nunca sus ideas.... viva el socialismo viva fidel!!

Txema Goikoetxea (France)

People who have visited Cuba,as I have, will know what Castro achieved in raising the aspirations of his citizens.Health and education are shining examples of his priorities.The system he imposed,perhaps,was the only way of achieving such aims.

geoffrey dean (United Kingdom)

My deepest sympathises from Ireland to all the people of Cuba who are mourning the death of The legendary, brave, courageous & heroic Comandante Fidel Castro. Fidel will always be remembered as a hero amongst the neglected people of the world and has gain the respect & admiration of the Irish people from his heroic acts of defiance, and his quote about our country.... "Ireland is one single country, one single homeland, my desire is that someday the entire island will be united and peace". Descanse en Paz, Comandante Fidel Castro. Viva la Revolution Y Hasta la Victoria Siempre!

Daniel Walsh (Ireland)

Fidel was the most inspirational leader of the last half century. He led Cuba in helping build a better life and democracy on several continents and he gave hope to all who fought against imperialism. Loved like no other leader, he lives still in the hearts of millions and millions and millions.

David Margolies (United Kingdom)

A,great life, a great loss.

Sue Hendricksen (United Kingdom)

Comrade Fidel is an inspiration to the whole world. Noone has stood up to imperialism as bravely and as consistently as him. Cuba si Yankie no!

Ivan Stoiljkovic (Canada)

The progressive world mourns a great leader, revolutionary and man. Fidel, you will be missed. Viva la revolucion cubane! Advance to ever bolder goals!

Jonte Takman (Sweden)

Fidel is dead, long live Fidel

Ramon Ramos (Cuba)

Hasta la victoria siempre comandaste!!!

Guillermo (Cuba)

You were a true hero and inspiration. RIP Fidel.

Jayne (United Kingdom)

History will absolve you Fidel Hasta la Victoria Siempre. Your nations humility, dedication and intelligence is a shining example to the rest of the world.

Ian Colligan (United Kingdom)

SIEMPRE EN DEFENSA DE Cuba y su Revolucion Socialista

juan manuel fernandez martin (Spain)

RIP freedom fighter

Peter donnelly (United Kingdom)

Dear Fidel Castro, I just want to send you a hearty thank you for your contribution to revolutionary science. Thank you for your strength against Imperialist forces and your courage. I hope to one day have the same attributes as you. May the revolution carry on. Sincerely, A Canadian Comrade

Kelsey Konjolka (Canada)

Farah Notash (Iran)

An inspiration to the world!

Jim Barr (United Kingdom)

Te dicen dictador, yo te digo salvador. Hasta siempre comandante!

Maria C. 0Rivera (United Kingdom)

Condolences to the people of Cuba. Long live the Cuban Revolution!

Andrew Maybury (United Kingdom)

I am saddened to learn of the death of such a great man. Adelante!

Gina Siddons (United Kingdom)

We have lost a true Revolutionary and leader of the people.Rest in Peace Fidel"El Comandante"Castro.

Gary Reddy (Ireland)

Long live Cuba best of luck in your future ahead.

bobby phelan (Ireland)

As a student I participated in the huge London demo against the US Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba [and got arrested!]. My commitment to the Cuban revolution has never waned since. Fidel was, and will continue to be, an inspiration to struggling peoples across the world. Hasta la Victoria Siempre!

Malcolm Hardy (United Kingdom)

Rest in Peace great Leader. You are an inspiration to disadvantaged people all over the world.

sharon leavy (United Kingdom)

Rest in Peace my Hero We will always remember you.

Nasim gillani (United Kingdom)

Fidel, la persona mas valiente, humana y solidaria de la historia, invensible comandante. Hasta siempre

Esther Machín Macha (Cuba)

RIP Greatest Revolutionary of all time

Joseph Oluoch (United Kingdom)

we will never see his like again- those who will not miss him did not understand

angela bremner-allison (United Kingdom)

No a muerto!! Ha puesto en descanso eterno su cuerpo!! Los grandes hombres: de historia, valentía, valor, humanismo, solidaridad, honestidad, amor a su semejante, humildad, de corazón inmenso: NO MUEREN.... perduran por siempre en la memoria de todos, en la memoria de todo un pueblo que lo ha amado y seguirá amando, en la memoria de todo el planeta que ha contemplado desde distintas latitudes la grandeza de este hombre!! Por tanto FIDEL vive en mi, en mi pueblo y en cada pedacito de este mundo, su legado es más fuerte que su cuerpo!!! COMANDANTE EN JEFE ORDENE!

Kenier Cedré Gutia (Cuba)

Lieber Fidel, Du wirst uns immer Vorbild und Ansporn bleiben. Hoch die internationale Solidaritécurren;t.

Angelika Richter-Manecke (Germany)

Tus ideas no morirán porque Fidel no ha muerto, Fidel se multiplica en cada uno de nosotros. La juventud cubana no fallará y estaremos combatiendo hasta la victoria siempre, esto es de Patria o Muerte. Gracias por todo Comandante. Hasta Siempre!!!! El pueblo cubano vencerá!!! Cuba te ama

Ana Mariam (Cuba)

Ana Elise Lopes Wissmann (Brazil)

Comrads never die!

Dieter W. Feuerstein (Germany)

¡Devo esta hermosa canción a los cubanos! Aunque no soy comunista y no estoy de acuerdo con muchos principios del comunismo, mis padres vivieron en la Unión Soviética así que sé mejor que muchos "expertos" lo que significa el régimen comunista con sus lados buenos y malos. #FidelCastro siempre estará en mi corazón como un líder histórico que luchó por el bienestar de su nación. Visité Cuba en enero de 2015 y fue uno de los mejores viajes de mi vida! ¡Me encanta Cuba y deseo que la gente cubana se mantenga fuerte! ¡Cuba perdió un verdadero líder! Descanse en paz, #Comandante!

Vahram Ayvazyan (Armenia)

The time has come for you to rest Comrade. Thank you for all that you did for humanity. Rest well

Dr Saidi R. Fundikira (Tanzania)

Your achievements will continue to inspire people all over the world! Cuba is the most racially integrated country we have ever visited & everyone we met was so warm & welcoming. Viva Cuba & Viva la Revolucion! RIP Fidel beside your hero Marti. Joy Farms, Durham City, England.

Joy Farms (United Kingdom)

My condolences to the people of Cuba. Fidel Castro's contributions and his dedication to humanity have been an inspiration and a light in the world.

Margaret Boehm (United States of America)

Fidel made Cuba a sustainable island and fully supported Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano de La Habana bien hecho, companero. Tadhg



Declan Stapleton (Ireland)

You might be be the last one in thoughts of capitalist subbrains, but we will stay as You, fighting for human rights and against US/FRG-terrorism

Dirk Overhoff (Germany)

We the people of Africa will not forget what you did in support for our liberation> I personally love you for your stance against imperialism. Go well brave solder! Rest in Peace

Scholastica Williams (Botswana)

one of the greatest socialist leaders .achieved the highest literacy rates in the world and one of the highest life expectancies despite the us blockade or perhaps because of it as cubans were not exposed to us junk food for the body and mind .he will be sorely missed and we can only hope that cuba continues to resist

tom cooper (United Kingdom)

Johnnie Hunter (United Kingdom)

Rest in power, Comandante!

Young Communist League Executive Committee (United Kingdom)

The red mole keeps digging! Thanks to Fidel and his comrades who still give hope to so many. Adelante!

Mick Murray (United Kingdom)

Long live the revolution. in peace fidel

Ian friary (United Kingdom)

RIP you were and are an inspiration for the Cuban people and all those that want to see a better world.

Marian Brain (United Kingdom)

Dear President, your legacy will never die. Cuba is alway in my heart and mind. Viva la revolution.

Linn Möller (Sweden)

Deepest condolences to the Castro family, may he rest in peace....

James Curry (Ireland)

A sad loss. Castro was genuine. A man of integrity and honour. I loved the fact and the way in which Fidel stood up to the USA. Millions in developing nations have benefited from Fidel's work. History has already absolved Castro. Forever Love and Peace.

Raj (United Kingdom)

Fidel no ha muerto, Fidel vive en el corazon de todos los cubanos

Otto Rabago Torrens (Cuba)

Solidarity with the people of Cuba!

Michael Laxer (Canada)

Te amamos Fidel!!!

Javier López Pereira (Cuba)

Elizabeth W. Maina (Kenya)

It is with great regret that I learnt of the death of the most esteemed comrade Fidel Castro. May he rest in peace and may the Cuban people continue with their revolutionary struggle.

Bryan Holland (Ireland)

Sad to see you go but you changed your country for the better slan

betty Murphy (Ireland)

May His Soul Rest In Peace Our Revolutionalist Fidel Castor

Dickson Matembo (Tanzania)

Santiago Bereciartua (Argentina)

Fidel was gone, but his legacy still remains. We thank the things that he did for the Vietnam during the most difficult and our younger generation will never be forgotten. RIP Fidel Castro

Hoöng Nam (Viet Nam)

The revolutionary may die, but never the revolution. RIP

Jamie Murray (United Kingdom)

Dot McGuire (United Kingdom)

My sincere condolences to the people of Cuba on the passing of Fidel Castro. His accomplishments in regards to bringing world class literacy rates and health care to your country are immense. He was a friend of Canada.

Pamela Allard (Canada)

My condolences to Fidel of my heroes.who stood up to American corruption and the miami criminals.

John Carl Kukla (United Kingdom)

Mark Allen (United Kingdom)

My condolences on your loss. Do not let Trump's America ruin your Society Keith Stockdale, an old Welsh Communist

Keith (United Kingdom)

Fique em paz, comandante!

Luciana Dias (Brazil)

May you rest in peace Hasta la victoria siempre Tiocfaidh ar la

Michael Brendan Coyle (United Kingdom)

Renee Vermeulen (Netherlands)

Iwish to send a message of condolence to the people of Cuba stand together and remember your revolution and long live a free Cuba.

Charlie Crawford (United Kingdom)

My Condolences to The People of Cuba and the Family of Fidel. You have a wonderful country and beautiful people may it continue to Prosper and enjoy your Freedom. I visited this country many yrs ago and my wish is to return one day so glad i made it in Fidel Castro's Reign.

KATHLEEN (United Kingdom)

"the dead is not to grief if the live you've lived was it worth": i think there is NO doubt alawed in your case dear Fidel thank you for what you have achieved ( i do not know all + or - points, but you tried the best , i am sure ! ) you are a good boy like they say in ireland

pelzer (Belgium)

We were told he was a monster. Then I saw how Castro was loved by his people. I saw intelligent educated young people, happy, healthy citizens everywhere. Equality, fraternity, Liberty. Inspiring to see how revolution and socialism can work.

Mel (United Kingdom)

Schützengrécurren;ben aus Ideen sind mehr wert als Schützengrécurren;ben aus Stein! Hasta la victoria siempre! Viva Cuba! Viva el socialismo y la libertad!

Kolja Seibert (Germany)

Lianet Hernández Pardo (Cuba)

Fidel Presente!

Thomas Knecht (Germany)

Hartmut Bernecker (Germany)

Rest in peace Fidel, champion of the people and enemy of the capitalist oppressors. A true Socialist revolutionary, comrade and inspiration. May your memory, achievements and example live forever.

Anthong John Lowen (United Kingdom)

Melanie Belanger (Canada)

Solidarity forever

Paul Blackmore (United Kingdom)

La muerte Física no puede apagar la LUZ que ha iluminado a los cubanos todos estos años. Los ideales de nuestro comandante nos servirá de guía paar seguir llevando esta Revolución a todo el Mundo. Hasta siempre Comandante.

Evelio Reyes Mestre (Cuba)


Jimmy Farrell (Ireland)

Porque nos mostró que es posible gobernar con dignidad.

Paola Rojas (New Zealand)

Querido Camarada Fidel: Durante mis 56 años de vida, me diste ejemplo en tantas cosas: Ser comunista convincente, internacionalista de corazón, invencible en atentados, sabio ante las preguntas que emocionan a los seres humanos, hombre honesto de su patria sincera, amigo de la humanidad y de la vida. Ahora te has ido, hombre de barba y puro. Nunca te olvidaré: Estarás conmigo, con nosotros en nuestra lucha que sigue: por la vida, la humanidad, la paz, el socialismo - ¡el futuro! Gracias por todo.

Martin Emko (Germany)

Hasta siempre Comandante! QDEP

Daniela (Belgium)

Ewald Ressel (Germany)

It's all already been said. A great, inspirational man has left us but his revolution lives on.

Phil Turner (United Kingdom)

To my mind, Fidel Castro stood head and shoulders above all other world statesmen and women, both in the second half of the 20th century and the first decade of the 21st century. By his internationalist examples, Fidel has inspired millions of oppressed peoples the world over to struggle for their complete liberation. And, in particular, what Fidel has contributed to the liberation of African and Latin American peoples will live on forever, as will his example as a glorious symbol of socialism shine forever!

Prof Alrick Cambridge (United Kingdom)

You're vision, integrity and courage will inspire me for the rest of my life. There are no limits to the kindness of the human spirit, as you have taught me Comandante Hasta siempre!

Mosope Oyelola (United Kingdom)

Fidel has been an inspiration to all of us who want a fairer world. We shall miss him and his wisdom.

Tess Green (United Kingdom)

R.i.p....A great world leader of my time having been born in 1959.

Julius Kagechu (Kenya)

A true patriot and champion of the oppressed

Dermot Kelly (United Kingdom)

My condolences to the Castro family and the Cuban people.

George Simich (Canada)

(Viet Nam)

Soy una pergaminense, discapacitada por secuelas de polio , que gracias a las gestiones de Silvio Rodriguez y Victor Heredia, pude ir enviada por la entonces ministra de desarrollo social Alicia Kirchner, al CIREN, con una amiga Chabela. Fue un mes mögico donde pudimos palpar directamente la solidaridad del pueblo cubano, que AMA A SU COMANDANTE FIDEL..Pude experimentar la calidez y calidad de la medicina cubana, y la libertad de opinion de su pueblo. Hoy lloramos junto a todos los cubanos la perdida de su lider que yo siento estara tomando unos mates junto al Che.....

adriana cantale (Argentina)

I picture Fidel always tall and sure, true and strong, smiling and seeing everything around him. Fidel the prophet and teacher. Fidel the leader. I will ever be grateful that I have lived my life in the time of Fidel Castro Ruz. He has graced all of humanity. He will never be forgotten. Gracias a Fidel.

Judy Robbins (United States of America)

Marion and I have been travelling to Cuba touring the magnificent country and the very friendly people, most of our tours were geared towards the revolution. Our condolences to the family and country.

Ken and Marion Burton (Canada)

¡Buen viaje, Fidel! No seguiremos viendo tanto en el más allá como en el más acá. En ambos lugares hay cuentas que ajustar.

Raymond McConnie Zapater (United States of America)

Tunia Erler (Germany)

We will always remember Fidel for his bravery and lifelong commitment to his people and to all struggling peoples of the world.

Jane and John Wright (United Kingdom)

Viva la revolucion hermanos y hermanas. Lo sentimos mucho la ausencia de eso gran hombre.

Janice Betts de Suarez (Ecuador)

Cuba and Vietnam has always been brothers. My deepest condolences to the Cuban people. Rest In Peace Sir Fidel Castro. You will live on in the mind of Vietnamese people and in the history of the world.

Chau Nguyen Uyen Thu (Viet Nam)


Fidel has been an inspiration to me for many years,I believe and hope that the people of Cuba will carry the spirit of Fidel into the future.

David Hewitt (United Kingdom)

Rest in Peace - Commandante.

Thomas Mayende (Uganda)

May Fidel Castro long continue to inspire fight against oppression everywhere. Hasta La Victoria Siempre, Compañeros Fidel y Che!

Horst Schröder (Sweden)

Sean Andrews (United Kingdom)

Comandante de Comandantes, hoy una venezolana de corazón cubano te agradece el apoyo a la Revolución Bolivariana, pero sobre todo el apoyo y amor de padre que le distes hasta sus ésup1;ltimas horas a Mi Amado Comandante Chövez. Los visualizo felices allö en el otro plano junto con Bolénot;var y Marténot;, El Che y Camilo, Allende y Mandela. Hasta la Victoria Siempre! Comandante Eterno

Zulay Torrealba Saldénot;via (Venezuela)

Rest In Peace true hero and friend of Africa. Rest In Peace El Presidente.

Ali Gubio (Nigeria)

Farewell comrade Fidel.I had the pleasure of meeting you in Havana and also brave Cuban comrades in an Apartheid jail in Pretoria

John Hosey (United Kingdom)

Thank you for resisting the embargo placed on your wonderful country by the US. The people united, will never be defeated

John (United Kingdom)

Fidel, nos dejas un vacio profundo por tu ausencia física pero la alegria de haberte tenido con nosotros y nos dejas un gran legado. Hasta Siempre Compañero Fidel.

Vladimir Valenzuela (Guatemala)

My sincerest condolences go to the family and friends of Fidel Castro. As time has passed, it has become all too difficult to see and know revolutionaries such as Castro, who was a champion to his people against the oppression and tyranny of western democratic nations in the world. He was, however, also a great friend and supporter of revolutionary struggles against white domination and racism, receiving recognition for his support from people such as Nelson Mandela and Malcolm X. As a Pakistani Muslim, born in Britain, my motherland of Pakistan and Kashmir are indebted to the Cuban doctors who provided on the ground medical support to those who suffered from an earthquake. Cuban education is also something that remains an example to the world, and as a teacher and education activist, my love and support will always be for the Cuban people and for Fidel Castro and his legacy. Viva La Cuba!!

Imran Arif (United Kingdom)

Hasta Siempre, Commandante

Colin Woodward (United Kingdom)

viva sozialismus

Nico (Germany)

Oxana Stepkina (Kazakstan)

To the people of Cuba, I stand in solidarity with you during this sad and difficult time. History will remember Fidel Castro's humanity, internationalism, and love of his people. Long live Cuba!

Sally-Ann Richards (United Kingdom)

Condolences to Fidel's family and the Cuban people. You fought against injustice and inspired others to stand and fight with you. You changed THE world by winning dignity and freedom in YOUR world. Your Cuba stood for strength through compassion and resistance through constructive action. The most destructive force in the world, the USA, could not break you. In the dusk of your momentous life they ironically and unwittingly paid you the greatest compliment by displaying their brutalism on Guantanamo Bay. What greater testimony and validation could brave Cuba receive than to have the contrasting realities of imperial barbarism and progressive socialism juxtaposed.Peoples around the world have benefitted frim your healthcare, education, hospitality and example. You once said there are no privileged people in Cuba except children. This principle perfectly illustrates all that is wonderful about socialist Cuba. Another great communist revolutionary wrote philosphers only interpret the world. The point is to change it. You certainly did that and so doing enriched us all. Farewell comrade, you and your works will never be forgotten.

phil vasili (United Kingdom)

Cliff Jones (United Kingdom)

An inspiration to all of us who battle adversity against overwhelming odds you can succeed and make the world a better place for everyone in equal measure

Paul Jones (United Kingdom)

Comandante usted siempre fue y sera el lider maximo de la revolucion cubana, fisicamente se fue pero para todos los que los amamos siempre estara presente ningun imperio pudo derrotarlo nunca ,fidel es revolucion es historia es patriotismo es respeto es vida es alegria es fuerza es humanidad es lucha es un grande de la historia del mundo por siempre y hasta siempre comandante

yusleydi ramirez Guerrero (Italy)

Dear Fidel, Thank you for all the good that you have done for Cuba, the Third World/Global South, and for all your contributions to Marxism-Leninism. But most of all, thank you for fighting back and resisting imperialism, especially the heart of Empire which is Amerika. You are truly an inspiration; and I hope that aspiring leading lights can learn from your example. Viva la revolucion, and may you rest in power! Red Salute, Janelle

Janelle Velina (Canada)

Great respect to the people of Cuba. You should be very proud of what Fidel Castro achieved.

Jan (Kenya)

Zhun (China)

I am deeply saddened by loss of Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro Ruz. For more than 50 years the Cuban Revolution has been an inspiration for socialists world-wide. Cuba has shown that another world is possible. I send my sincere condolences and solidarity to the family and friends of Fidel Castro and the Cuban people in their time of mourning.

Hilary Povey (United Kingdom)

Fidel no esta muerto, Fidel vive hoy mas que nunca en las escuelas, los hospitales, los centros de portivos y culturales y en el corazon de cada cubano.....Hasta Siempre comandante....Hasta la victoria Siempre

Alberto Sanchez Suares (Cuba)

Alice Lock (United Kingdom)

We all mourn the passing of one of the greatest and most influential leaders of the current era. Fidel was the revolution and Cuba is his legacy; the memory of his achievements will continue to inspire the great-hearted Cuban people. Truly, we shall not see his like again.

Ruth Clydesdale (United Kingdom)

¡Hasta la victoria siempre!

Vitalii Korpenko (Russian Federation)

Working people in Cuba benefitted tremendously by the actions of this man and his comrades.

Paul Filby (United Kingdom)

I have loved, admired and respected you from the time I was old enough to read history. A person that departs from this earth never truly leaves, for they are still alive in our hearts, through us, they live on - and you will live on. My deepest condolences to the family and to all the wonderful people of Cuba. Descansa en paz, el Comandante.

Sylvia Fernandes (Kenya)

Gracias a Fidel y al pueblo cubano que pase los anos mejores de mi vida estudiando en Cuba. Alli vi un sistema distinto y mejor que pone al centro el bienestar de la sociedad. Gracias por cuidarme y ensenarme como vivir junto con mis valores sociales. Hasta siempre comandante!

Ester Luz (United Kingdom)

My deepest condolences to the people of Cuba at the passing of your great leader, Fidel Castro.

Elizabeth Sellwood (Canada)

I am very sorry for your loss; I admired Fidel Castro's policies on health care and education that prioritized the well being of ordinary Cubans and hope that they will continue in perpetuity.

Lisa Rupert (Canada)

Thank you Comrade Fidel Castro Ruiz for all you have done. For your guidance and support of the revolutionary and anti reactionary movement throughout the World for the past half century. Thank you for all the assistance you gave my native land, Jamaica as we struggled against the right wing destroyers of self determination. Your live on in the lasting changes you have brought about for your beloved Cuba and in this World. Walk good our Comrade and friend.

Philip Mascoll (Jamaica)

Fidel Castro and the Cuban people showed that political choice does make a difference. Despite a ravaged economy, free education & free health took priority. In place of exporting armaments, Cuba exported medical staff. With Fidel Castro's demise,I very much hope that these values at least, will remain.

Genia Browning (United Kingdom)

I was so sorry to hear of the death of Fidel Castro. He was a great leader who stood up to the tyranny of the USA and survived against all the odds. He is a huge loss and will always be remembered.

Miranda Pinch (United Kingdom)

Nico Ourth (Luxembourg)

My family and I send our deepest condolences to the people of Cuba and family and friends of Fidel Castro at this sad time.

Joni Phillips (Canada)

My condolences on the death of your great revolutionatry leader, Fidel Castro.

Jim McKibbin (Canada)

To a great internationalist and ant-colonialist.

David Rhodes (United Kingdom)


Gary Winch (United Kingdom)

You inspired millions and brought joy and freedom to your people - we will remember you.

Hugh O'Connor (United Kingdom)

Para Sempre Viva a revoluésect;épound;o porque de tuas mépound;os, comandante Fidel, se fez uma prática e uma realidade, esperanésect;a para as nossas vidas e luta pela emancipaésect;épound;o humana

Henri de Carvalho (United Kingdom)

I wish to pay tribute to a man who tried to serve his people. A man of his times. May he rest in peace.

james kilmartin (United Kingdom)

RIP Fidel Castro - you did good work.

susan breeze (Canada)

Sorry for the loss. Cuba is amazing place. The country and its people are one of the most friendly place we have been to. I kniw that the country will come tighter and only get better

Chris Fleury (Canada)

Seguiremos adelante!

Luis Esteban Dominguez (Argentina)

Comandante Fidel Castro en nuestros recuerdos y conversaciones por siempre hasta la victoria final. Eduardo Cuevas

Eduardo René Cuevas (Chile)

Always a true revolutionist and a man of vision. R.I.P

Mark Welsh (Norway)

To go down in time as a man of the time; a legend in time for all time.

Patrick Cuddihy (Ireland)

Cuba es Cuba porque Fidel es y será siempre Fidel. A los que no lo lloran, respétenlo, y respeten el dolor de más de un pueblo.

lil maria pichs (Cuba)

Hasta la victoria siempre Gracias por todo Comandante.

Despina Papagiannopoulou (Greece)

In just one life he did more than 10 others. Such a great man. I am glad you lived a very long life. It was my privilidge to have been at a May Day celebration in Havana to hear and see him. Guantanamo belongs to CUBA.

Catherine Coker (United Kingdom)

Fidel Castro was an amazing man. He lead by example, and did what was right. He stood against imperialism, racism, and the oppression of Capitalism. He was a shining star in a bleak world, and his departure leaves many millions around the world in tears. Those who got their independence due to the heroic efforts of the Cuban people mourn him. Those, who have had their sight restored by the miraculous medical treatment the great Cuban doctors have provided, mourn him. Those that believe a different world is possible, a world without poverty, without illiteracy and without oppression, mourn him. But his departure doesn't mean that everything is lost. The Cuban people live on, and they shall continue to follow the righteous Socialist path that the Cuban Revolution has laid down. The fantastic Cuban youth will fight on, and Cuba will remain free with their efforts. Free from exploitation, from Yankee oppression, from illiteracy and from the evils of Capitalism. Long live Fidel! Long live the Cuban people! Long live the Socialist Cuban Revolution! Long live Cuba!!!

Mohammed Al-Dury (Iraq)

FIDEL never dies,lives in our memory for ever

Theodosia Batzanaki (Greece)

Forever in your debt.

wasye (Kenya)

I want to express my solidarity today to the family, friends, comrades but, especially, to the Cuban people. Fidel was a father and comrade for all of us and in every part of the globe: from the Pampas until the Chinese sea, from the cold Siberia until Cape town. For me, an Italian student, he was, together with Che guevara and Camilo Cienfuegos, the first revolutionaries that i have ever studied. I approached socialism and then communism in early age due to the heroic stories that my parents read to me: the Granma's experience, the sierra maestra, santa clara or bahía de Cochinos and so many others. When i visited Cuba, both times when i started to walk into the colorful streets of Havana vieja I was, honestly, a little bit disappointed... but then i continued to travel around the world: Brazil, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Cambodia, Tunisia and others. I can assure you Fidel, that Cuba is not simply more advanced, it is just the future. Yes a future to spread around the world, a future where all citizens, no matter color, religion or ethnicity, have the right to a free and good education, a future where they can go to an hospital and cure themselves free of charge. A future where everyone has an house and, hopefully, a job. so, in two words, a dignitous life. I have to apologize with you, my dear cuban friends, so many times you have already listen these comparison with similar countries and, honestly, you deserve much better. Cuba can be compared with the "best" and richest countries in the world: Uk, France, Italy, USA, Russia etc etc you give to all your people the necessities that our governments don't want to concede us. You have fought so much in your life, you have faced so many difficulties for your fundamental rights that we, the entire world, just need to say simply: thank you Cuba, thank you Fidel, Gracias por la Revolución.

valerio miozzo (Italy)

Su nombre sería recordado por siempre

Carla Wiberg (Sweden)

Declan Mac Intyre (United Kingdom)

Mae ysbrydoliaeth anferth i mi ac blaengarwyr ledled y byd-bob amser ac am byth! y frwydr dros gyfiawnder byd-eang a sosialaeth parhau cryfhau yn fawr gan eich cyfraniadau hanesyddol. RIP.

fran (United Kingdom)

Now is the time to fight even harder for a fairer, more equal and peaceful world. Fidel Castro you were an inspirational leader for the whole world. Our thoughts are with your family and the brave Cuban people.

iris mavraki (United Kingdom)

An inspiration to all thinking people.

stephen whatham (United Kingdom)

Comandante aquí estamos tristes y con el corazón apretado, pero no dudaremos jamás de que la obra de la Revolución continua, tus ideales nos acompañarán siempre, aquí está tu UCI, no fallaremos, somos los Herederos de tus sueños

Luis Javier Martínez B&Ati (Cuba)

A lasting tribute to Fidel would be for the Cuban people and indeed the people of Latin America to continue his legacy and fight for socialism in the face of continued- perhaps increased- hostility from the enemies of socialism both within and outside their countries. He will be sadly missed, but the struggle continues.

Jonathan Havard (United Kingdom)

Your achievements in improving the conditions of the Cuban people will never be forgotten, history doesn't need to absolve you. RIP Fidel

Hans Gacpar (United Kingdom)

El Comité Chileno De Solidaridad Con Palestina siempre estará agradecido de nuestro comandante Fidel castro Ruz y del pueblo y gobierno de Cuba. No solo cambió Latinoamérica con el nacimiento de la revolución cubana sino que señalo el camino de dignidad y lucha de los pueblos oprimidos. Siempre estaremos con la revolución cubana, que es nuestra revolución, ejemplo de un pueblo de pie con honor y gloria hasta siempre comandante.

Nicola Hadwa Shahwan (Chile)

Thank you, Fidel and Cuba, for your support to Vietnam in the hard time. What you had done for many countries around the world will always be remembered. Your spirit will live forever! Rest in peace, my hero! Hasta siempre, comandante!

(Viet Nam)

May his soul rest in perfect peace.

Sarah Taiwo (United Kingdom)

A Giant for people throughout the world. I will continue to be a member of the Cuba Solidarity Campaign.

Helen Field (United Kingdom)

We were happy to visit Cuba while you were still alive and see for ourselves Your achievements and the achievements of the Revolution. At a beach hotel we stayed at in Guardalavaca, there was a framed copy of the speech you gave on opening the hotel hanging in the foyer. It was very detailed and thanked a lot of people, ensuring no guest was ever short of reading matter while waiting in this area!

Patric Cunnane (United Kingdom)

Comandante te llevamos en nuestros corazones .seguiremos en la lucha para desarrollar a nuestro pueblo.

Publio Lopez Puigros (Cuba)

Maida Silva Cisnero (MANIABON-PUERTO PADRE) (Cuba)

wang jianming (China)

Y Léordf; Pas TÆ&iex (Viet Nam)

Who will awake when we are sleeping now ?

Dang Tran Khanh (Viet Nam)

A remarkable revolutionary icon - history will remember him as an extraordinary leader who steered his country through the most arduous times. Let us hope that Trump does not (try to) destroy this legacy.

Ricky Knight (United Kingdom)

Se ha ido el hombre mas grande e irrepetible.

Omaira Greck Valdes (Cuba)

Fidel was the ultimate revolutionary. Fidel fought without let-up for his people, for Cuba, for revolution, and for international socialism. His commitment to socialism was unwavering: his life was testament to his astonishing will to struggle for socialism as he defied the power of 10 US presidents during his half century rule.

Bulent Gokay (United Kingdom)

Dag Tirsén (United Kingdom)


Mitchell DeCoste (Canada)

I would like to express my sincere condolences on the death of Comrade Fidel Castro.We Vietnamese People were heartbroken by this sad news. Rest in peace, the great hero. Cuban people and comrades will continue your career.

(Viet Nam)

Since the age of 13 when Fidel Castro first came to New York I have always been inspired by his humanity and love for his people and country. I wish to offer my condolence to and solidarity with the Cuban People and their inspirational strggle for better more peaceful world for all..

John D. Vedilago Sr. (Sweden)

Thank you for furthering the common good for all Cuban people and for being an example to us all

Liam Rooney (Ireland)

Your light should not go out.

Natalie McKenna (United Kingdom)

Fidel viviras por siempre entre nosotros, tu ejemplo y lealtad a tu pueblo nunca lo olvidaremos

Olga Lidia Garcia Hernández (Cuba)

My Hero Rest in Peace

Mick Murtagh (Ireland)

(Russian Federation)

You was the real Hero Mr Castro. We visiting Cuba what you gave the people no one can take away from them. No one. The history have set you free. Rest in a very nice peace Commondore Fidel

Ingrid Imkan (Sweden)

A great man. Rest in peace.

Paul Hardy (Ireland)

A true socialist, comrade and inspiration to us all. Haste la Victoria Siempre Brother you will be sadly missed

Bernie Woods (United Kingdom) (Viet Nam)

Fidel, el ultimo grande del 900

Teresita valdes (Italy)

Hasta Siempre Comandante! Hasta la Victoria Siempre como Fidel, como Cuba!

Rafa Gonzalez (Spain)

It is sad to lose such a revolutionary leader who led his people against all odds as Invasion of his country followed by embargo lasting over five decades by militarily most powerful country in the world and still keep their integrity and dignity is a personality to be celebrated and be proud to have had such person as Sr. Fidel Castro amidst international humanity.

Ismail Mohammed (United Kingdom)

Farewell Commandante. A great inspiration who will be sorely missed.

Charlie Williams (United Kingdom)

Oleydis González P (Cuba)

No fuiste un santo. Sólo fuiste un hombre. Con aciertos y con errores. Luchaste por lo que creíste justo, y nunca renunciaste a tus creencias. Te has ganado un lugar en la historia humana. Descansa en paz Comandante.

Graciela Testa (Argentina)

Mi más sentido pésame a los Familiares del Comandante en Jefe Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz y a todo el Pueblo Cubano. Se le extrañará en vida pero su presencia será mayor con su ausencia. ¡Hasta la Victoria Siempre! "Revolución es sentido del momento histórico; es cambiar todo lo que debe ser cambiado; es igualdad y libertad plenas; es ser tratado y tratar a los demás como seres humanos; es emanciparnos por nosotros mismos y con nuestros propios esfuerzos; es desafiar poderosas fuerzas dominantes dentro y fuera del ámbito social y nacional; es defender valores en los que se cree al precio de cualquier sacrificio; es modestia, desinterés, altruismo, solidaridad y heroísmo; es luchar con audacia, inteligencia y realismo; es no mentir jamás ni violar principios éticos; es convicción profunda de que no existe fuerza en el mundo capaz de aplastar la fuerza de la verdad y las ideas. Revolución es unidad, es independencia, es luchar por nuestros sueños de justicia para Cuba y para el mundo, que es la base de nuestro patriotismo, nuestro socialismo y nuestro internacionalismo".

Julio Vernon Ruiz (United States of America)


Hasta la Victoria siempre

Dorcas Haller (United States of America)

Gracias Fidel. Viva la revolucion y viva Cuba! Descanse en Paz Comandante

Luke Addis (United Kingdom)

Hasta la victoria siempre......

Astrid Schmied (Germany)

An inspiration to my generation. A genuine internationalist and man of the people

peter smith (United Kingdom)

Honor al Gran Lider de la Revolucion Cubana que ha marcado el rumbo a la Patria Grande. Hasta siempre Fidel.

Dr and Mrs Basarab (United Kingdom)

Great sadness, the world has lost a great leader.

Anthony Scott-Robinson (United Kingdom)

Farewell to Fidel without whom it was not possible. A lot achieved and the best yet to come.Cuba and its people are emerging and I wish all their people the best at this very sad time.

Kieran O'Brien. (Ireland)

Many thanks for your inspiring achievements, lifetime commitment and progressive role on the world stage. We will continue to do what we can to support Cuba in the challenging years ahead. You and the Cuban people have good reasons to feel very, very proud.

John Douglas (United Kingdom)

Sincere condolences and deepest sympathy to the People of Cuba, on the passing of Comrade Fidel Castro Ruz. The world is a poorer place for his loss. Vive Fidel, Haste la Victoria Seimpre.

Eira Gallagher (Ireland)

Condolences to the people of Cuba and in memory of a remarkable leader and revolutionary. May Cuba be blessed with peace and prosperity in the years ahead. We stand with our sisters and brothers as they continue the struggle.

Jonathan Ledger (United Kingdom)

Bésup1;i Sá»& (Viet Nam)

te extraño Pápá Fidel <3 :'( Hasta la Victoria Siempre Comandante ! Viva Cuba ! Cuba Libre ! Patria o Muerte <3 te Quiero Pápá <3

Jenny Valdes Trautewig (Germany)

Descanse em Paz, Grande e Destemido Comandante. Sua luta , sua coragem, sua determinaésect;épound;o para libertar o cubano das garras impiedosas do imperialismo serépound;o suas béordf;nésect;épound;os pela eternidade. Triste e orgulhosa por ser contemporépound;nea de um imenso líder que, de sua ilha, elevou todos nós latino-americanos.

Sonia (Brazil)

I am an expatriate American living in Thailand. I have lived abroad for many years, especially in the Philippines and in Japan. Nonetheless, I am a veteran of the civil rights and the anti-Vietnam war struggles in the USA. Despite differences, I supported Fidel's revolution and admire what the Cuban revolution did in the health sphere and in opposing the South African racists in Angola, though I look askance at what was done in Ethiopia. All and all Fidel was a world historical figure in Hegelian terms and he shall be missed. I am also appreciative of Canada Prime Minister Justin Truedeau's courage in his statement and the wisdom of his father Pierre.

Jack Marion Clontz (Thailand)

My condolences to the people of Cuba. Onwards to a Cuban example of social justice, sustainable development, and peace

Ken Barker (United Kingdom)

Your memory lives on through your wonderful doctors, the inspiring literacy of Cuba's people,and the dynamism of your writings and speeches. It is wonderful to have lived with you alongside us. RIP Fidel.

Susan Wooldridge (United Kingdom)

Comandante: No pude ir a ver tu CUBA mientras estabas tu vivo, espero en un futuro poder hacerlo y darte las gracias por tu solidaridad con los pueblos de Latinoamerica, Eres una figura importante en mi vida y lo serás para mi familia siempre. Gracias y descansa en paz comandante.

matias (Chile)

A sad day! So glad to have visited Cuba during his time.

Doreen Kean (United Kingdom)

RIP Fidel.

PATRICK (Ireland)

Gracias por la inspiración en un mundo mejor y tu solidaridad mundial

Sabrina Sullivan (Ireland)

You have left behind a great legacy. Great country,great people. Both mourn you. Solidarity & love.

Pam Page (United Kingdom)

Solidaridad con el pueblo de Cuba. Gracias por todo, Fidel, para tarbajar en la tradición iniciada por Karl Marx.

Lasse Lindstrom (Sweden)

Goodbye to the Father of the Cuban Revolution. A visionary who not only brought good to his own people but to those of many countries. The man has gone but the legacy remains. Salud!

John Toomey (United Kingdom)

Descanse em paz Fidel. Aqui na terra bilhémicro;es de pessoas acalentarépound;o sempre a esperanésect;a de que outros seres de inteligéordf;ncia, coragem, determinaésect;épound;o e espírito coletivo, como vocéordf;, venham fazer a diferenésect;a no combate ö exploraésect;épound;o dos povos pelos deméacute;nios da opressépound;o e das guerras que a tudo dominam. A história já o absolveu.

Glícia de Alvarenga Assis (Brazil)

From a Scotsman, You have been an inspirational figurehead and instrumental in creating a state that signifies freedom and independence at an international and personal level. You have shown that the big dogs on the international stage cannot have it all their own way. You have been a byword for defiance against the largest superpower in the world, and from this underdog I thank you.

Jim Murray (United Kingdom)

Comandante! Amigo a las gentes del Mundo. Decansa en paz. Reunidos con Che Guevara! Salud.

Billy Parry (United Kingdom)

Thanks for everything Fidel. You will continue to be a beacon and guide for revolutionaries.

Bárbara Iglesias (Cuba)

We still have a lot to learn from your example.

Lawrence Maloy (United Kingdom)

very sorry to hear about the death of a true socialist hero. Trump`s comments stink of hypocrisy "Live in freedom like the American people" What a joke that is. "Hasta Victoria le siempre!

Michael Binks (United Kingdom)

My condolences to the people of the world. I hope his like is born again in every country on the planet.

Rashid Irshad (United Kingdom)

RIP Fidel Castro! A great man and definitely the biggest loss of 2016

Jamie Davies (United Kingdom)

Querido Fidel, Comandante, Amigo, Compañero, nos duele tu partida pero quedan en nosotros tu ejemplo, tus enseñanzas, tu amor por los más humildes, tu humildad y tu generosidad sin límites para entregarte a las causas más nobles. Te amaremos siempre. Y ahora que no estás entre nosotros físicamente, redoblaremos nuestro compromiso para seguir transitando el camino que marcaste. Lidia Beatriz Donnini Comité Argentino por la Libertad de los Cinco

Lidia Beatriz Donnini (Argentina)

A proper leader of his people.

John Hughes (United Kingdom)

Condolences to the people of Cuba following the death of their leader

Christine Hodder (United Kingdom)

Fidel's struggle yesteryear is our struggle to continue today and forever more. Viva Castro. Viva la revolution.

Dr Alpesh Maisuria (United Kingdom)

Isela Castillo Martínez (Cuba)

Rest in peace el chefe. So proud of all your achievements

Maggie pedersen (United Kingdom)

Hasta la victoria siempre

Jan Chester (United Kingdom)

I am very sad to know that Phidel Castro passed away. He is a good friend of Vietnamese people and of many countries. My condolences to Cuban people!

Doan Duc Lan (Viet Nam)

Tran Huu Truong (Viet Nam)

A shining example in a wicked world. Long live the revolution! Hasta La Victoria Sempré RIP Fidel.

Berny Parkes (United Kingdom)

Querido Pueblo, Partido,Familia Hoy mas que nunca seguiremos su ejemplo buscando unidad en nuestra lucha de liberación. La partida de , también, nuestro Comandante Fidel, nos duele, lloramos junto a ustedes, pero nos hace crecer para continuar defendiendo lo mas justo que es la Revolución Cubana. Hasta Siempre Comandante, gracias por tu vida.

Juan Miranda Inalef (Chile)

El Comandante fue un líder un una luz para América Latina y el Mundo. Siempre en mi corazón. Fanny Santos ( ex becaria )

Fanny Santos (Ecuador)

My condolences to the people of Cuba on the passing of our dear comrade Fidel. The Cuban revolution was an inspiration to me and as a London Recruit who went to South Africa in the early seventies to help the ANC in their underground struggle, I was overjoyed at the Cuban support for the people's of Southern Africa in their fight against Apartheid.

Bob Newland (United Kingdom)

You tried to show the world a different way and whatever people think about the success of that attempt the whole world should respect it and recognize your achievements. Farewell Fidel.

Kevin Whale (United Kingdom)

To the people of Cuba: I will admire your courage forever, to challenge and oppose the imperialist menace to your country presented by the United States, and the leadership of El Jefe, Comandante Fidel Castro, in your struggle. I truly share your sorrow as you mourn the loss of one of the greatest men, not only of the 20th century, but ever. Fidel may have left this world, but his vision and commitment to a life with dignity for all will never diminish or die. Hasta la victoria siempre!

Lorraine McNeil (Canada)

you did a fantastic job for your people.. R.I.P. fidel.

martin berry-junior (United Kingdom)

The world has lost a great man who has made a difference to the lives of so many around the world. Solidarity and sympathy with the people of Cuba at their time of loss. Fidel will go down in history as a giant and a humanitarian.

Anne Blair (United Kingdom)

Por siempre...

Rafael hens muñoz (Spain)

My condolences to the family and friends of Fidel, to all the people of Cuba, and around the world, who are saddened by his death.

Thomas D'Arcy O'Neill (Canada)

Hasta pronto Fidel, infinito agradecimiento. Tu vida es el ejemplo mayor de lo que debe ser un político de verdad, que hace lo que dice !!.

Richard Tafur (Colombia)

Téordm; seguirás vivo para siempre Camarada.

Margarita Morales (United Kingdom)

A sad sad day for the people of Cuba and the world. The passing of the last defender against capitalism.

sandy rose (United Kingdom)

I offer my sincere condolences to the people of Cuba on the occasion of the death of Fidel Castro. History will determine rightful place Fidel Castro as one important figures of the twentieth century. Prof. Dr. Sc. Stefan Ditchev (Bulgaria)

Prof.Dr.Sc.Stefan Ditchev (Bulgaria)

As President of Craigavon Trades Council I send a message of Solidarity and Condolence to the people of Cuba

Roger Clifford (United Kingdom)

Tiocfhaidh ar la.

Brian Kavanagh (Ireland)

Obrigado pela liésect;épound;o de vida grande comandante!!!

Henri Prado Rupp (Brazil)

What this great man achieved will always have been achieved, and his vision for a society based on compassion and equality proven possible, against such enormous odds. We must remember this in these ever darkening times. RIP and thank you, Fidel Castro.

Sophia Fergus (United Kingdom)

Finbar MacGabhann (Ireland)

My condolences to the people of Cuba. Prosperity, justice and freedom!

Helen (Australia)

viva cuba

terry cooper (United Kingdom)

The sad loss of a great, inspirational & courageous man. Sincere condolences to the Castro family & the people of Cuba. La historia te va a absolver comrade. RIP Fidel

Martin Bakhoff (United Kingdom)

Your revolution and the people of Cuba's ongoing struggle to fight for the people, against imperialism, is an inspiration.

Danny Anderson (United Kingdom)

huge respect for someone who showed it is possible to stand up against the power of Capital.

alan cooper (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre comandante! Estuvimos juntos en el estadio nacional de Chile durante el gbierno de la unidad popular, la vida no me permitio abrazarte en Cuba.Hasta la victoria final compa! Fidel por siempre, con lo bueno y con lo menos bueno, hombre consecuente, que siempre hablo con la verdad y paro como nadie junto a su pueblo pobre pero orgullios. Esa Cuba que da lo poco que tiene a todos sus habitantes, sin distincion de clase ni de color.Esa Cuba solidaria que investiga, busca nuevas medicinas para mejorar la salud de todos los sin voz de la tierre Quizas se estan cayendo las paredes de la ciudad pero la fuerza de la revolucion jamas!

Victoria Eugenia Carrasco Polla (Netherlands)

Cida Meira (Brazil)

A man whose strength, courage and determination to serve Cuba never swerved. RIP Fidel Castro.

Caroline Hope (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre Comandante ! La lucha continua. Fidel vive en el corazon de todo pueblo oprimido.

Miguel Estrada (Cuba)

We will remember you

Darren Fitz (Ireland)

Fidel, you were genuine legend and beacon of hope for humanity in a world of such darkness. An inspiration to all who struggle for justice, peace and a saner world. Commandante, you tower above the morally repugnant reactionaries who support real tyrants while they defame and smear you and way above the spineless hypocritical liberals who hide their own moral cowardice and capitulation to comfort by attacking you. Long live the Cuban revolution! Long live the Cuban people! La hasta victoria siempre!

David Bell (United Kingdom)

My hero when I was a little girl, I have always admired him. My condolences to the Cuban people.

Sheila Dodds (United Kingdom)

(United Kingdom)

You will always livei n the hearts and the memories of those in need of justice and peace

abel martinez (United States of America)

Deepest condolences to the people of Cuba on the passing of Fidel Castro. He will continue to inspire all those seeking freedom and social justice across the world. Another world is only possible because of Fidel and the continuation of the Cuban People's Revolution. Hasta la Victoria Siempre!!!

Stephen Deans (United Kingdom)

I send heartfelt solidarity to the people of Cuba in their immeasurable loss of a great and inspiring human being and leader. I share in your deep sorrow, but trully believe that Fidels legacy will live on both in Cuba and throughout the world especially amongst those of no property.Venceremos

Helen Skulina (United Kingdom)

Fidel, not one of, but the greatest leader ever, he was an example of great courage through his revolution and ensured that his people did not struggle, despite the American embargo. His strategies in education, literacy, medicine, social practices should be an example to all world leaders . Your constant reminders daily stories on Media of the revolution and struggle for a free Cuba is a lesson that one should not forget how freedom was achieved, as time moves but memories remain. You were the greatest abd my true hero. Rest in peace Comrade Fidel.

Rahmet Diaz Calvo (United Kingdom)

A true revolutionary hero

Ieuan Squires (United Kingdom)

I first heard the name Fidel Castro in 19 59 at the age 11 years old. I am now 67 and he has been a constant in my life since then. He was in life and he remains in death a beacon of hope for the poor and oppressed of the world. He showed the way and it is our job to follow it. Goodbye El Comandante.

Terry Kelly (United Kingdom)

Louise (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre Fidel

Samuel (Italy)

Hai scritto la Storia del Novecento. Hai lottato e vinto contro l'oppressione, per la liberazione e il riscatto degli ultimi. Non ti sei mai piegato né di fronte alla dittatura di Batista né di fronte all'imperialismo Usa. Hai tenuto testa a tutti, Davide contro Golia, quando serviva persino a chi ti voleva ingabbiare nel proprio campo. Hai subito un numero infinito di attentati, ma il tuo popolo ti ha sempre tenuto per mano. Perché hai sognato un mondo migliore e tu, tu un pezzo di mondo migliore lo hai costruito. Che la terra ti sia lieve, compagno Fidel. E da oggi, ancora piésup1; di ieri, lunga vita a Cuba socialista e al popolo ribelle.

Simone Oggionni (Italy)

gracias, Camarada Fidel. Que honor para mí poder compartir contigo el paso por este planeta y el sueño de liberación de los pueblos.

Elaine Freedman (El salvador)

I will miss comrade Fidel as much as you all do. He was a hero and one of the best examples of a leader in history. He will live in our hearts forever. Eternal glory to Fidel and his memory will always remain with us.

Travis (United States of America)

Karl-H. Wagner (Germany)

Mehrdad Ghassempoory (United Kingdom)

Rest In Peace brother

Charles Carr (United Kingdom)

Fidel Castro - a legend!

Phạm Thà (Viet Nam)

Siempre de pie, jamás de rodillas. Hasta Siempre Comandante

Nelly (Chile)

I'm old enough to remember him coming to power. He studied law at a US university and he decided to help his Cuban people get rid of Batista, a very nasty dictator. He made a disastrous landing in Cuba with only about 5 friends and relied heavily on the farmers to feed him and his group. When ho got to power Batista had fled to Spain and the head of the secret police was tried in a stadium and found guilty. Castro thought that the trial was unfair so he ordered another trial. He was still found guilty. He did not like the US criminals using his country as a playground and using Cuban woman as prostitutes. Also all Cuban industries were owned by the US, especially sugar, so he nationalised the sugar industry and then the US retaliated and things went downhill after that. I do not blame Castro for taking care of his country!

Keith CLIFF (France)

Myra (United Kingdom)

Sorry to be messaging you from the base of imperialism but I have great respect for Fidel, Che, the Cuban revolution and the Cuban proletariat. All communists and oppressed peoples will come together in mourning for you, viva Fidel and long live the Cuban revolution!

Isaac Sabus (United States of America)

Not perfect but better than most. I hope the gains of the Cuban revolution are not lost, struggle for socialism and a workers democracy.

Robert Williams (United Kingdom)

Fidel you fought imperialism the last and highest stage of degenerate capitalism, we the workers of Britain will one day get off our knees and follow your lead. All we need is revolutionary and scientific socialist leaders, program and political party.

Kevin Flynn (United Kingdom)

A Great Man is gone... Courage for the People, make Cuba a great country!

Nadezda Pavlova (United States of America)

Inspirational Political Leader,his successes against all the ENORMOUS power of the U.S.A. greatly outweigh any of his faults.

John Bryan (United Kingdom)

My thoughts are with the people of Cuba and Fidel's family. May you take courage and strength from the life Fidel lived and continue to support his ideals and continue to implement all of the health, education and social benefits accrued by the people for the people. Stay strong.

Kieran O' Connell (Ireland)

Thank you brave Cubans for sharing not only the Commandante with all the world, but your personal sacrifices in support of us. Stand tall and strong! Aluta Continua!

Ilhaam Cook (South Africa)

We lost a great leader!

Lothar Nécurren;tebusch (Germany)

Comandante enterno, siempre estarás en el corazón de todos los que soñamos con una patria socialista como la que supiste construir y a la que tuve la alegría de conocer. Hasta la victoria siempre!!

Esther Fajardo (Uruguay)

The great leader and fighter for people's freedom has died. Comrade Fidel Castro was, undeniably, one of the greatest personalities of XX and XXI century. Hasta la Victoria siempre!

Konrad Kulczycki (Poland)

So much respect for this great man and what he achieved for your beautiful country in the face of American opposition.

Marisa Castle de Joncaire (United Kingdom)

Thank you for the inspiration, the spirit of Revolution will continue to live on!

Oisín MacCanna (Ireland)

History will absolve you Comrade.

Joe Hamill (United Kingdom)

In England there was a programme about America 7 axles if evil and Fidel Castro was in the programme .and the journalist who made the programme said no way was Fidel Castro Evil AND IF THE WORLD HAD MORE FIDEL CASTRO IT WOULD BE A NICER ONE

Carol canty (United Kingdom)

A Hero.

Paul Shearsmith (United Kingdom)

A great and brave leader who cared for justice and his people.

Janet Grant (United Kingdom)

Juan Miranda Moraga (Germany)

Glyn mcgauley (United Kingdom)

Ao povo cubano transmito meu pesar pela morte deste grande líder, herói latino-americano, libertador de Cuba e do povo cubano, Fidel Castro. Temos enorme admiraésect;épound;o por ele no Brasil. Ele foi e será, para sempre, um símbolo da luta contra a injustiésect;a social.


Hasta la victoria siempre, Hasta Siempre Commandante ! Farewell Comrade, May your blessed revolutionary soul light our path. The world shall never forget your courage and greatness. Forever Castro, Forever Cuba Long live the revolution, freedom and the free

Mohammad Hamad (Palestine)

Rest in peace you anti-imperialist hero, ¡Viva La Revolucion!

Ahmad Altaher Alfayad (United States of America)

Nguyen Thai Thinh (Viet Nam)

Condoléances a la famille CASTRO RUZ et au peuple Cubain

Gérard QUIDAL (Guadeloupe)

The great man will continue to be an inspiration to me for the rest of my life!

Alan Murphy (United Kingdom)

An inspiration to us all. la lutte continue

Rab Paterson (United Kingdom)

Lamento profundamente el fallecimiento del lider que guió la victoriosa revolución cubana durante tantos años. Espero que todos los oprimidos del mundo, por los que tanto luchó, sepamos recoger el testigo de su entrega, sacrificio, coraje y valor.

Eduardo Llarena (Spain)

Léordf; Anh Hénbsp (Viet Nam)

Léfrac12; ChiẠ(Viet Nam)

RIP Fidel

Mike Veitch (United Kingdom)

Rest in peace El Comandante.

Nabil Al- Mafrachi (Iraq)

Goodbye dear Comrade.Unidos, Vigilantes Y Combativos Defeniendo El Socialismo!

Richard Bos (United Kingdom)

R.I.P. Fidel Viva Cuba

Nick Spicer (United Kingdom)

Nguyen (Viet Nam)

Viva Fidel! Viva La revolution!

Philip jones (United Kingdom)

Farewell great leader Comrade Fidel Castro! Viva la revolución!

Tong Shing Yan (China)

Rest in peace Fidel. Respect. Sincere condolences to the people of Cuba.I am sad and moved at the death of Fidel but assured that the Cuban People will continue the revolution. Hasta la Victoria siempre.

Rowena Tindall (Trinidad and Tobago)

Richard Rudkin (United Kingdom)


janice (United Kingdom)

RIP. One of the few leaders in the world to stand up against American aggression.

Derek Singh (Canada)

Fidel was a leader of the poor, the oppressed and the disenfranchised of the world. He and his example will be sorely missed by all these people.

Robert Navan (Ireland)

Hasta la Victoria Siempre!!!! Cmdte. Fidel Castro nos legado de defender nuestros ideales y principios revolucionarios.....

Carlos Eduardo Linarte Caliz (Nicaragua)

We have lost a great leader who helped many countries and peoples in their struggles to gain control of their lives and to fight against poverty and deprivation. I was in Grenada before Reagan invaded and destroyed that country's embryonic government. Cuba had donated a housing plant which would help people to self build new homes. This was but one small example of the many ways in which Fidel reached out. He leaves a gigantic legacy.

Ann Vinden (United Kingdom)

R.I.P. El Commandente you and Michael Manley are 2 most significant leaders of our western world "history will absolve you Thanks for the inspiration and giving black people a backbone when it seems broken, the fight continues...

brianE (United States of America)

Hasta la Victoria Siempre!

Jeséordm;s Rubayo-Soneira (Cuba)

On behalf of El Salvador Network (ESNET), heartfelt thanks to Fidel and the Cuban people for inspiring movements across the world, not just in Latin America, to challenge injustice and colonialism with a vision of a world where Solidarity in all its forms is the basis of actions and the development of just and humnane societies. We need that vision more than ever today. Viva Fidel!

Tim Hollins (United Kingdom)

Con profundo dolor te digo adiós físicamente,por que en espiritud e ideas siempre marcharas conmigo,gracias por tu esfuerzo inmenso, toda tu vida dedicada a lograr un mundo mejor,por que ante todos eres martian y como el deciapatria es humanidad,vomo lo creo yo feacientemente, espero que tu legado sirva para que este mundo un día sea de todos y para el bien de todos,un día comandante o la raza humana despierta del sueño del consumismo y se da cuenta que como muchas veces repetirse, un mundo mejor es posible o desapareceremos como especie, gracias por la guía casi siempre certera y por el amor inmenzo que sentiste por los cubanos y por los desprotegidos del planeta,un hasta siempre, mi comandante.tenías la inmensa cualidad de trasmitir esa energía elurica de que si se puede, no lo dejes de hacer desde donde quiera que estés,mi respeto eterno y un amor de hija,para usted.

Estrella yennycet González m (Cuba)

Nunca muere un hombre como Fidel, su ejemplo se multiplica, su lucha es la lucha de todos los honestos seres humanos por un mundo mejor. ¡Viva Fidel! 'Viva Cuba Socialista!

Virgilio Ponce (France)

We mourn the passing of one of the worlds great fighters against imperialism.

Colin (United Kingdom)

Hasta Hasta.

Afshin (United Kingdom)

My sincere condolences to Sr Castro family, friends and compatriots. He was an example for all, a true socialist if I may call him that or a person who lived by his principles. In South Africa it's known as Ubuntu "I am what I am, because of who we are". Long live the revolution and especially today xxx

Michelle P Delpeche (United Kingdom)

Il viaggio non finisce mai. Solo i viaggiatori finiscono. E anche loro possono prolungarsi in memoria, in ricordo, in narrazione. Quando il viaggiatore si è seduto sulla sabbia della spiaggia e ha detto: "Non c'è altro da vedere", sapeva che non era vero. Bisogna vedere quel che non si è visto, vedere di nuovo quel che si è giö visto, vedere in primavera quel che si è visto in estate, vedere di giorno quel che si è visto di notte, con il sole dove la prima volta pioveva, vedere le messi verdi, il frutto maturo, la pietra che ha cambiato posto, l'ombra che non c'era. Bisogna ritornare sui passi giö dati, per ripeterli, e per tracciarvi a fianco nuovi cammini. Bisogna ricominciare il viaggio. Sempre. Il viaggiatore ritorna subito. (José Saramago) Ciao angelo sorridente, indomito e coraggioso. A presto mio dolce e amato Comandante Fidel.

Marco Fabiani (Italy)

As a daily reader of the Morning Star and member of the Communist Party I was saddened to read about the death of Fidel Castro Long live the revolution and socialism in Cuba.

Martyn Lewis (United Kingdom)

SO SAD, but he died as he lived with honour his work will live on and he will always be remembered for the good reasons.

Stan Anderson (United Kingdom)

Infinitas gracias comandante Fidel porque gracias a tí me enamoré de la Revolución cubana, de su pueblo heroico y digno, amor que ya es de por vida. grcias porque gracias a tí me hice militante revolucionario en mi pía, Chile. Estando en los campos de concentración de la dictadura chilena (1973-90)mis pensamientos en tí, tu ejemplo y el de Revolución de la dignidad, me hicieron fuerte para soportar las torturas y los tratos crueles e inhumanos. Seguiremos defendiendo a tu pueblo, su ejemplo y su revolución mientras estemos con vida. Gracias por todo Comandante de la Dignidad humana! HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE FIDEL!! Jorge Contreras, hijo de la Revolución Cubana, Estocolmo, Suecia.

Jorge Contreras (Sweden)

Rest in Peace Fidel. Your legacy lives on.

Kate Ramsden (United Kingdom)

Fidel Castro, you are a great Cuban revolutionist, a great Coommunist leader, a great hero of mine. You started the Cuban Revolution, fought against American imperialism, carried out the international duty when you helped the liberation movements all over the world : America Latina, Africa, Asia. You were a good friend of my motherland. Fidel Castro and the Cubans helped the people of Viet Nam in the war against the American invaders. Fidel has passed away, but he will always live in my heart. Rest in peace, my hero ! Goodbye ! Long live Cuba ! Long live the revolution !

(Viet Nam)

Phạm huy th&At (Viet Nam)

Mis condelencias a los cubanos por el muerte de un heroe

Maureen Moss (Spain)

Sincerest gratitude for all that you, Fidel, have done for the world and for all the indirect ways that you have touched my and my family's life. Long will your name be spoken and your deeds remembered. Viva la revolucion!

Hassina Malik (United Kingdom)

(Viet Nam)

An inspiration. And continues to be.

Dave Beadle (United Kingdom)

Gracias por regalar un trozo de tu corazón revolucionario a cada joven con ideales, donde quiera que se encontrase. Hasta siempre, hasta la victoria Comandante.

Daniel Seijo Paz (Spain)

Guabo Sesual (El salvador)

Gracias por dar esperanza a todos los pueblos oprimidos: el ejemplo está en el corazón de todas las personas que han compartido con ustedes la esperanza de que "un mundo mejor es posible." Con Cuba en el Corazón: Hasta Siempre compañero Comandante en Jefe

Giorgio Moriggi (Italy)

R.I.P. Freedom fighter

Noel mc Lawrence (Ireland)

Viva la revolucion!!!

Pam (Australia)

my sympathy to the people of cuba on the death of one of the worlds greatest leaders

martin gahan (Ireland)

Stay strong Cuba, you've fought for so long and you've won. This message is also in the name of Ralph Anwar. Who was a great champion of Cuba.

Carole thomas (United Kingdom)

Tatiana (Russian Federation)

Great man and a great loss. my thoughts are with the Cuban people at this time. Viva la revelucion

Jane Stewart (United Kingdom)



Hasta siempre, Comandante. Para siempre en el corazón de los pueblos. Un abrazo a su familia y al pueblo heroico de Cuba, que lo vio nacer de su seno.

Gustavo Modarelli (Argentina)

hope your message of unity and solidarity is continued with the Cuban people VIVA FIDEL..VIVA CUBA!!

dave edwards (United Kingdom)

Will Gee (United Kingdom)

Fidel's achievements in building socialism in Cuba despite the hostility of US imperialism will remain an inspiration to future generations.

Ruth Pitman (United Kingdom)

RIP Man of the people.Long live the revolution!

Alan Hill (United Kingdom)

Dear Comrade Fidel Your revolutionary spirit will live on in the hearts and minds of social justice activists around the world. Aluta Continua!(The struggle continues)

Angela Hartwig (Australia)

I want to express my condolence on death of great lider and revolutioner Comandante Fidel Castro Russ. Fidel was one biggest and great political figures in all human history. Fidel successed to take a Cuba, that during very long time was center of azzard games, prostitution and other amusements for reach americans, and to become this country to true island of Freedome and Independance. Just in thank of Fidel, dr. Ernesto Che-Gevara and other heros of cuban revolution of january 1959 today in Cuba all people have a home and nothing homelesses. All true progressive people will memory a Fidel as one most great leaders in the history. Shmuel Yerushalmi - poet and revolutioner. Israel

Shmuel Yerushalmi (Israel)

One of the greatest leaders and liberators. May he rest in peace

Phong (Viet Nam)

Ante el deceso de FIDEL CASTRO, gran humanista revolucionario y líder cubano,me sumo al hondo pesar que embarga a sus familiares,a cubanos,a los humanitas latinoamericanos y a los de todo el mundo para rendirle homeaje a su gran contribución a la cultura universal. Junto con lamentar su partida me complazco en celebrar su vida ejemplar y sus logros para el beneficio de tantos millones que gracias a él y los suyos pudieron conquistar su libertad política y aspirar a una vida digna. Junto con lamentar su partida me complazco en celebarar su vida ejemplar de hombre que en lugar de tomar para sí, siempre dió de sí para el bien de sus semejantes. De joven, no trepidó en arriesgar su vida por la libertad de su pueblo y de otros blos; y en dedicar su vida entera a esa causa. Fue un revoluconario consecuente porque fue un humanista cabal, y como tal hizo época en el campo político, ideológico y cultura. A los muchoas atributos que se le reconocen, hay que agregar el de humanista por haber creado una nueva ética social y lazos fraternales entre los pueblos, creando así bases para una paz universal. Su nombre se une al de los grandes humanistas de la historia que en diversos tiempos, continentes y lenguas han contribuido al avance de la cultura. Fidel Castro supo dar el concepto "progreso" su verdadera dimensión social, al levantar las banderas de una nueva ética social basada en la moral Marxista. Amó no sólo a su pueblo, sino también a los pueblos del mundo, porque lo que siempre le importó fue la humanidad toda. Por eso y muchas cosas más, hay una parte de su persona que no ha muerto y que no morirá: seguirá viviendo entre las nuevas generaciones y dando siempre más luz. Gracias te damos, Fidel, por toda la luz que irradiaste en nuestra cultura. Al expresar mis sentimientos de congoja no puedo sino expresar también mi alegría por hecho de que Fidel haya existido: para dar y porque dio tanto a tantos pese a disponer de tan poco. Seguirá entre nosotros, por lo que repito aquí la frase que él mismo acuñara: HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE.

Ricardo Armando Figueroa (Chile, residente en ing (United Kingdom)

RIP El Commandante. Solidarity with the Cuban people.

John Simpson (United Kingdom)

Fidel epitomizes in words and deeds , the humanistic expression of the apostle of Cuba's independence Jose Marti, that 'Homeland is Humanity' and the world is a better place for it. Hasta la Victoria Siempre

Trevor G Brown (Jamaica)

Escribo estas palabras muy conmocionada y profundamente triste por la partida física de Fidel. Mis más sinceras condolencias al pueblo cubano por tan inmensa pérdida. Cuba generosa, cuba luchadora, cuba hermana, acogiste en tu regazo a compañeros de mi país (Chile) en momentos tan brutales de nuestra historia y has asistido y compartido con otros pueblos a pesar de todas las dificultades impuestas por tan vil e inhumano embargo. Gracias Cuba por habernos regalado un ser humano tan excepcional, de gigantesco conocimiento y corazón. Gracias Cuba por demostrarnos que es posible liberarnos del yugo opresor. Por todo eso y mucho más, gracias bella Cuba renacida un 26 de Julio, con nuestro querido Fidel liderando la lucha. Gracias Fidel por toda su entrega, humanismo y fraternidad. Gracias por sus convicciones, valentía y constancia. Un canto muy sentido de amor y solidaridad para Ud quien vuela alto, después de haber liberado y defendido su pueblo y plantado con su ejemplo, las más hermosas semillas de liberación. HLVS querido compañero.

Valentina Montoya (United Kingdom)

We are Vietnam. I am feel very unhappy. I very prond of Cuba. Viet Nam and Cuba is friend....

(Viet Nam)

Fidel will never be forgotten by the people of the world. CUBA SI, Yankee no!

Albert Ettinger (Luxembourg)

Irene Zimmermann (Germany)

Amir (United Arab Emirates)

Thankyou for your efforts and struggles for a better world. A world that shares that is based upon a redistribution of wealth knowledge and power. Cuba continues to teach us that there are other ways to live.

David Ablett (Australia)

Dead or alive, your tireless struggle remains an inspiration to all who strive for freedom. Rest in peace, Comandante, we will remember you.

Charlie Mann (United Kingdom)

Népound;o precisamos de outro Fidel Castro. Este, mesmo morto, dirigirá a caminhada dos povos rumo a paz, fraternidade e justiésect;a. Viva Fidel, Viva Cuba

Fabio Roquini (Brazil)

Elias F. G. (Ethiopia)

My Condolence to Fidel Castro family and friends. I hope he will be remembered for the good things he did and achieved during his time with us. Amen

Joseph (United Kingdom)

Mourning the loss of a true leader and visionary but remembering is remarkable life and achievements for his people rest in power Commandante

Donna Kassim (United Kingdom)

Quite simply, one of the greatest leaders the world has ever seen.

Dr Bevis Miller (United Kingdom)

The passing away of Fidel Castro one of the greatest socialist leaders of our times who inspired many around the globe is not only sad news for the people of Cuba but his supporters all over the world who admired him for standing upto the Neo Imperialists and war mongering colonialists. His leadership will be missed by many but his memories and ideas will remain important part of history and will keep on encouraging so called small nations against the bullies and enemies of humanity. Paramjit Bahia (Southampton UK)

Paramjit Bahia (United Kingdom)

Since I learned of Fidel's work, and later saw and read many of his publications, I have had great respect for this consistent revolutionary. When I recently visited Cuba, these impressions were more than confirmed. You only need to compare Cuba with other Latin American countries. You know what this revolution - and Fidel - has done. Thank you, Comandante, we will not forget you. Gracias, comandante. This was written with a translation program. Excuse the bad English.

Klaus Seibert (Germany)

Thank you Fidel, you are an inspiration for people's belief in the revolution all over the world. Your desire for a better life and society drives us on. Rest well, comrade.

Jon Parker (United Kingdom)

RIP, Fidel, you lived all those who wanted you dead

Fiona Cheyne Forde (United Kingdom)

Thank you, Fidel, for a lifetime of service to the Cuban people and the world. Long may your legacy endure.

Davy King (United Kingdom)

I salute to the leadership and commitment of Fidel Castro to give cuba the best social sector in health and education.He challenged Super power and managed his country under sanctions.His legacy will haunt tyrinical super powers

Zahir Shah (Pakistan)

We are all thinking of you in your time of desperation. Grief though only lasts a short time so you should always have hope. Entropy takes all systems in the end and inevitable change is the light at the end of the tunnel. Live long, and prosper.

Colin Selig-Smith (United Kingdom)

Léordf; Hésup1;ng (Viet Nam)

Good bye and good riddance

Rok (Slovenia)

He has gone now. Yet, the example he has set will be inspirational for oppressed people throughout the World for generations to come. I viva Fidel!

Kevin Mc Quillan, Beal Feirste. (Ireland)

Max (United States of America)

Commandant Fidel Castro, your outstanding legacy of dignity, national sovereignty, international solidarity and justice for humanity, will endure for ever in the peoples of the world. Hasta Siempre comandante!!!

Carlos Cruz Garcia (United Kingdom)

Alfonso Martínez Jim&Atild (Spain)

I send my personal condolences to the people of Cuba at the loss of the father of their continuing revolution. Fidel was an inspiration to all working classes in their national struggles and able to unite them in international solidarity for the Liberation of mankind as a whole. In being involved in the building of Socialism under his leadership the Cuba people have developed the two most important fields that the whole of mankind struggle for. Their education as children and their health. I offer my personal condolences as one of the London Recruits involved in the secret war against apartheid. I am grateful for the training I received in Cuba from October 1986 to December 1986 where I experienced such a free and open society to the extent that the colours of the skins of the Cuban people disappeared before my very eyes. I learnt that Fidel was not a dictator but a lover of representative democracy built through the Committees For The Defense of the Revolution. I do not need to wish his memory will live on as in the Cuban sprit his life will. Fraternally Peter Smith

Peter Smith (United Kingdom)

Thank you Fidel for your invaluable contribution to this world and the poor and disadvantaged. We will forever be in your debt. Rest in peace; your struggle is over but ours has just began.

Stephen Burton (United Kingdom)

Your journey is over, a long road travelled. RIP.

Beverley Krell (United Kingdom)

I send my sincere condolences to the wonderful people of Cuba. I visited your country in November 2015 on a Solidarity cycle ride. The achievements of your country are a beacon to all striving for a better world - and the leadership of Fidel in your revolution has been inspirational.

Mike Dukes (United Kingdom)

Gracias Commandante, siempre

Faisal Rajput (United Kingdom)

A hero for everyone across the world

Paul Harrington (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre, Lider!

Andrea Tupac Mollica (Italy)

Thank you for your undying dedication to ensuring every Cuban had access to education. When I was floating on a door through shark-infested waters just to escape your oppressive shitshow of a regime, I was reading a really good book. R.I.P.

Pedro (United States of America)

A man of the people, May he rest in peace,,

Jim kelly (Ireland)

Hasta Siempre, Comandante!

Burkhard Schroeder (Germany)

Long live the revolution and salute to a true revolutionary1

isabelle tasseff-elenkoff (United Kingdom)

Tenho esperanésect;a de que um dia deixaremos de ser escravos do capital.

Leonardo Galdeano Msssaro (Brazil)

Stay strong Cuba

Bob de Oliveira (United Kingdom)

Fidel liberated the Cuban people from the tyranny of Batista and the American mafiosa

Mary mears (United Kingdom)

Nguyéordf;n Binh Minh (Viet Nam)

Hasta la Vittoria Siempre Fidel

Paul Dyer (United Kingdom)

Herzliches Beileid. Auch wenn du wohl nicht immer menschenfreundlich warst, du hast viel fuer die Kubaner erreicht.

Josef Lienland (Germany)

The light that shone bright for Cubans in times of despai, by standing up to the U.S and won. R.I.P Fidel.

Anthony Holloway (United Kingdom)

Goodbye El Comandante,a great friend of Viet Nam...

Le Minh (Viet Nam)

R.I.P Fidel

Chris Coates (United Kingdom)

Long live the Cuban Revolution!

Bob Heritage (United Kingdom)

La solidaridad con el pueblo de Cuba

Ruth (United Kingdom)

Gracias por todo, Fidel

Artie Alfreds (United States of America)

638 attempts failed;remarkable human on a ship of fools, rest in peace xx

Denise bishop (United Kingdom)

A great man of the people.

James Meechan (United Kingdom)

You rank with the best, most caring, human beings of this planet. It is going to be difficult without you.

I. Walker-Gibbs (United Kingdom)

You kept your word and always kept your faith.Cuba,a tiny island in perpetual blockade by its bloated neighbour,gave its people free housing and healthcare,as well as helping other nations in struggle and suffering disaster.You gave art and music to all.In the UK,worlds 5th largest economy,these things are impossible,or are luxuries only for the rich.Your passion for justice and equality inspired socilaists worldwide,and we will not forget

Sharon Mitchell (United Kingdom)

Cuba, habéis perdido el lider más importante del vigésimo siglo. Quiero mandaros mis condolencias por su perdida imensa.

Sinéad O'Brien (Ireland)

Hasta siempre, compañero Fidel.

David Franco (Spain)

(Viet Nam)

Hésup1;ng (Viet Nam)

Cuba has lost a great man, the likes of who we will probably never see again. An icon and and inspiration to us all!

SHERIDAN (United Kingdom)

Marijan Kubik (Serbia)

Hasta siempre, Comandante.

Damon Cummings (United Kingdom)

pham cao trung anh (Viet Nam)

I echo my presidents words and send my condolences to the people of Cuba. Small countries can change the world by being an example of equality, community and caring for our planet.

Brigid Teehan (Ireland)

We are saddened that one of our great revolutionary leaders has departed. We are grateful for Fidel Castro's great contribution in lifting up Caribbean people. Our deepest condolences go to Father Castro's family, loved ones & friends and the people of Cuba. On behalf of BARAC UK : Zita Holbourne, Co-founder & National Co-Chair

Zita Holbourne, BARAC UK (United Kingdom)

Fidel was my hero. His achievements in liberating his people from the Evil Empire and creating a truly effective Socialist nation, run for the many instead of the few, despite over 50 years of economic suffocation. The Cuban Health and Education systems are an example to the world of what can be achieved when the needs of the people are put first. Viva La Revolution Cubana! Mucho amor enviado de Escocia.

Charlie Bent (United Kingdom)

fue un gran lider,especialmente de siglo xx y todo tiempo.jamas puedo olvidar esa gran un medico solo por fidel castro ruz.

Dr Noman Mehboob Awan (Pakistan)

Sono vicino al Popolo Cubano, ma la Rivoluzione non muore.

Gian Piero Di Folco (Italy)

Fidel and his life's work has left Cuba a moral beacon of hope for the oppressed people's of the world condolences to his family

Phil king (United Kingdom)

Arild Langemyr (Norway)

A great leader a revolutionary

Tony Mallon (Ireland)

A good man in a world full of bad ones love from scotland

Alan hamilton (United Kingdom)

It is with deep regret I witness he passing of such an outstanding figure as Fidel Castro. Facing enormous difficulties together he and the people of Cuba achieved a remarkable social outcome. I offer my respects and my condolences.

Roderick Bailey (United Kingdom)

What an Icon Fidel Castro was. So sad that he has gone,Cuba will be sad for along time!!R.I.P.Fidel Castro.

paul howes (United Kingdom)

Nguyéordf;n Anh (Viet Nam)

Dr. Izzeddin Musa (Germany)

One of the truly great leaders of the twentieth century. My deepest condolences to the people of Cuba.

Dr. Elizabeth Moberly (United Kingdom)

Comrade Fidel Castro was a friend to all progressive, anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist people around the world. He will be remembered as a fierce fighter against inequality, imperialism and injustice and as the man who liberated Cuba from the inhumane dictatorship of the bourgeoisie. Rest in Peace and may your legacy prevail.

Agim (Germany)

Through the tears of sadness shines the ever brighter light that Fidel and the Cuban people ignited on their road to Socialism.

Barry - Joyce Chapman (United Kingdom)

hasta siempre comandante

Rodobaldo Dueña Rodriguez (Cuba)

RIP Comandante.. The people of CUBA need your influence and strength even more now than ever before. Watch over them and give them guidance and steer the young of CUBA, away from imperialism so they keep on the path of freedom.

John Colbert (United Kingdom)

We will miss the Great man

Roland Laycock (United Kingdom)

(Viet Nam)

May you rest in peace Comrade

Fred Simpson (United Kingdom)

Thank you for the fantastic achievements in Cuba obviously but also for Cuba's international achievements, especially with regard to Africa and medical support globally.

Lesley Lodge (United Kingdom)

Gone is a true giant of the working class of the world may his legacy live on forever and he be a shining light for future activists

Colm Kinsella (Ireland)

Your freedom like the apple on the tree won't be handed to you You need to reach up and pick it Pick it you did my friend A true hero Always love

Graham Padden (United Kingdom)

Whatever Fidel's faults, I saw for myself a healthcare system second to none, Children who went to good schools well fed and well dressed, the disabled who had wheelchairs and no matter how basic everyone had a roof over their heads.

Josie Jarosz (United Kingdom)

Conocí este gran pais, su cultura, su gente hermosa, conocí su lugar de niñez, que alegría siento de vivir esta experiencia, ya Cuba será muy diferente, que descanses en paz y vivamos todo lo que nos enseñó.

Teresa (United Kingdom)


A man of courage and principle. Clearly loved by the Cuban people as seen at this years May Day event in Havana I was privileged to attend.His legacy will live on throughout the world.

Yvonne Washbourne (United Kingdom)

Hasta la victoria, siempre! Comandante Fidel, presente!

Daniel Egloff (Switzerland)

Con una tristeza muy grande vemos partir al gigante, al hombre que nos dio educacion, salud, dignidad y formado como un hombre de bien. Siempre te recordaremos y honraremos tu nombre, Hasta la victoria siempre!

Argelio Hernandez (Cuba)

viva fidel

jack.m.howes (United Kingdom)

Mixed feelings after missile crisis but deeply grateful for your leadership in primary health care worldwide.

Geoffrey Meads (United Kingdom)

Grazie Comandante!!! Sei stato e sarai per sempre: "Espressione cosmica del genere umano."

Torcolacci Silvio (Italy)

FIdel has been an inspiration.His legacy is manifest in the thousands queuing to pay respects and pledge continuing support for the revolution which has achieved so much, not only in Cuba but internationally. Viva Cuba!

Monica Brady (United Kingdom)

Comrade Castro was a friend of all peace loving people and progressives around the world. His anti-imperialist struggle will give inspiration to the coming generations national liberation movements. Glory to the Communist Party of Cuba! Glory to the Cuban Revolution!

Ahmed (Algeria)

Fidel Castro gone but never forgotten. There were good times and some testing times throughout the Cuban Revolution but never forget that he gave the country back to the people of Cuba. I had the opportunity to travel to Cuba back in 2008 May day parade as part of the Cuba Solidarity Campaign and I will never forget those few weeks. What an inspiration Fidel was to me. You will be sadly missed. Goodnight comrade X

Darren Stead (United Kingdom)

A towering inspiration for me and progressives throughout the world-always and forever! the fight for global justice and socialism continues greatly strengthened by your historic contributions. RIP

Richard von Abendorff (United Kingdom)

A great man. Long live the Revolution.

Colm Cahill (Ireland)

I've been disgusted by coverage of his death by the Tory/establishment media in Britain. They've reviled one of the greatest revolutionary leaders of the last century. I'll be in Cuba with my wife in April, when I hope to pay my respects. One way is to provide practical help to the Cuban people still suffering due to the US blockade of imports - notebooks, pens, re-conditioned lap-tops - anything to help beat the blockade.

peter lazenby (United Kingdom)

(Viet Nam)

Phan Cuong (Viet Nam)

My condolences go out to the family of Fidel Castro and to the people of Cuba. You will never be forgotten, rest well comrade.

Thanh Long Vu (Viet Nam)

As a teacher, I believe the commitment to literacy and therefore the liberation of the people is a legacy to celebrate. Inspirational!

Max Hyde (United Kingdom)

Thuy (Viet Nam)

Viva Castro, Viva Cuba

Robin (United Kingdom)

La muerte de Fidel Castro nos une en el dolor. Con hondo respeto conmemoramos a un hombre de gran valor, integridad revolucionaria y visión más allá de la mezquindad capitalista "neoliberal". Nos a dejado su legado para seguir luchando. !Otro mundo es posible!

Susanna Sutter (Switzerland)

The world has lost a great leader and humanitarian.

Michelle Laufer (United Kingdom)

Solidarity at this sad time

Steve Tunstall (United Kingdom)


Metodio Scandela (Venezuela)

True gem of the world.

Wubsy (Ethiopia)

Merci a Fidel et ö la révolution cubaine de maintenir le flambeau des valeurs de gauche, de sa volonté de mettre en place des politiques en défense de la majorité des travailleurs, de sa ténacité pour maintenir Cuba dans le chemin du socialisme malgré le boycott, malgré l'énorme pression internationale... Merci Fidel de m'avoir aidé ö continuer dans le chemin de la révolution !

Carmen Rodriguez (France)

Well Done, Fidel!!!!

Peter Harvey (United Kingdom)

(Viet Nam)

Solamente quiero decir gracias a 18 meses maravillosos que he experimentado mientras los anos 2009 y 2010 cuando vivia en Cuba. Este tiempo me daba un punto de vista diferente sobre la situacion de este pais.El pais que nunca tuvo miedo,que sobrevivio anos de opresion,pais que tiene "los cojones" para ponerse de pie en lo bueno y lo malo. Gracias Commandante y descanse en paz.

katarina gulyasova (Slovakia)

Fidel ha recuperado la dignidad y el orgullo del pueblo cubano. También ha demonstrado al mundo que hay otros caminos aparte del capitalismo estadounidense. Gracias por eso. Recordamos sus ideas y su ejemplo!

Andreas Baesler (Germany)

Cuba, nimm meine aufrichtige Anteilnahme entgegen. Hasta la victoria, siempre

Klaus Kucharz (Austria)

Fidel, against all the odds stacked against him with vile and slanderous opposition from US, established a Socialist State which championed the poor and built a country with excellent health and education open to all. His leadership showed that Socialism works and exposed the failings of Capitalism.

David Penney (United Kingdom)

What an inspiration - to me and many others. Now needed more than ever. Condolences to his family, and the people of Cuba.

Emily Furman (United Kingdom)


Demessie Fantaye (Ethiopia)

RIP Comandante

H. Dighe (United Kingdom)

Nghia Nguyen Trung (Viet Nam)

(Viet Nam)

Solidarity with the Cuban people and their revolution.

Martin Shiel (Ireland)

PPP Message on passing of Fidel Castro The People's Progressive Party (PPP) is deeply saddened over the passing of Dr. Fidel Castro. This is indeed a great loss not only to the Cuban people but for freedom loving peoples throughout the world. The late Dr. Castro was undoubtedly one of the greatest revolutionaries of all times who during his lifetime had demonstrated that no sacrifices can be considered too great when it comes to defending the rights and dignity of the Cuban people. He survived several threats and assassination plots by the CIA and other opposition elements which only served to strengthen his resolve to intensify the struggle to defend the dignity and interests of the Cuban people. The embarrassing failure of the United States to topple his government in the now infamous Bay of Pigs invasion will forever remain a monument of the extent to which he was loved and respected by the Cuban people who still until this day regarded him as their hero in the national liberation struggle and the Father of the Cuban nation. He stood as a beacon of hope for oppressed peoples throughout the developing world in particular Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. His role in the national liberation struggles in several countries of the world in particular Africa is testimony to his unflinching solidarity with the poor and the oppressed. The People's Progressive Party remains eternally grateful to Dr. Castro who came to the rescue of the PPP Government during the early 1960's when attempts were made by hostile and reactionary elements to destabilize the Jagan-led PPP administration. During the previous PPP/C administration, Dr. Castro again extended a hand of friendship to the Guyanese people when he granted hundreds of scholarships to Guyanese students to pursue studies in medicine and in other technical fields in addition to technical assistance rendered to the government in a variety of areas. The PPP wishes to extend its deepest condolences to President Raul Castro, the Communist Party of Cuba and the whole of Cuba on his passing. He has,however, left a rich legacy of revolutionary struggle for a better future not only for the Cuban people but for humanity as a whole. During one of his trials during the Batista dictatorship he famously remarked 'condemn me, history will absolve me. Dr. Castro has not only been absolved but even in death will be immortalized in the hearts of millions way down the corridors of time. May his soul rest in peace! People's Progressive Party November 26, 2016

Paul Kirpaul (Guyana)

Fidel took a stand against imperialism and your country accepted sacrifices to oppose greed.

Simon Hinds (United Kingdom)

Rest in peace Comrade. You have, and always had my solidarity. We will continue your struggle. From Brittany, Vive la Revolution!!!

Bob mCnAIR (France)


Hans-Dieter Scholz (Germany)

great sorrow to the greatest leader and true communist Fidel Castro, from Vietnam.

(Viet Nam)

Thanks for the life of this great man who stood up against unfettered gangsterism and greed.

Terry Tedstone (Ireland)

James mckeown (Ireland)

Ciaran Wrynne (Ireland)

Loss of a great leader what a legacy! Viva CUba

Margaret Hepburn (United Kingdom)

(Viet Nam)

Fidel Castro a truly great man who will inspire the entire People of the entire World. For decades to come and for People of ages. A fine man, a hero this best of the Communist ideal. Thanks to him and the Cuban people for casting a light of freedom. During this dark period of extreme Capitalism.Power to the People.

Paul Barrett (United Kingdom)

Rest in peace, Compañero.

Rene Ribic (Australia)


CAROL (United Kingdom)

With sincere condolencies on the death of a Hero, a Titan.

Mark Fletcher (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre,Comandante!

Lyubomir Kimov (Bulgaria)

True revolutionary. hero..I grow reading about his rock solid personality. ..what a man and what a life ..more than king make Cuba a better place where they feel safe and salute to Fiedal will always be in our hearts...

Harinder (United Kingdom)

My the big man rest in peace

Andrew Osborne (Australia)

People should remember your efforts to sustain a society where black and white people could live equally and share 100% literacy alongside one of the best universal health services in the world.

Alex (United Kingdom)

Your country and the work of Castro is an enormous positive influence and inspiration for New Zealand!

Qedric James (New Zealand)

Ho Hoang Huy (Viet Nam)

God bless you, Fidel. May your country stay strong.

Jan (United Kingdom)

You were a great man and have made your mark in History . RIP Comrade Viva

Shani Fitzgerald (Australia)

(Viet Nam)

I have the difference of living situation for the children in Cuba compared to children in other so called democratic countries. That is what matters for me

Margareta André (Sweden)

Goodbye Uncle Fidel You helped a lot of people and inspired a great many I wonder how much more you might have accomplished without the worlds bully on your back Viva Castro!

Elena Bridges (United States of America)

Christina Demiri (Greece)

Hasta siempre Comandante!

Busselen Jan (Belgium)

My sincere condolences to the Cuban People on the loss of the Cuban Revolution Leader Fidel Castro

Marcos Domingues (Italy)

(Viet Nam)

We salute you and will never forget your example of struggle and resistance until the last person on earth is liberated finally from oppression and exploitation.

david morgan (United Kingdom)

We will never forget you Fidel

frances (United Kingdom)

Oddrun Remvik (Norway)

Christiane Feldmnn (Germany)

Hasta siempre comandante, tu ejemplo vivirá eternamente. Fins la victória sempre!

Oriol (Spain)

Ata Sempre Comandante. Dende Galicia.

Xoán Xosécop (Spain)

TrÆ°Æ¡ng nam (United Kingdom)

RIP Fidel Castro. A brave and principled man. Saved his people from USA corruption. Long may his revolution continue.

Gerry Luby (United Kingdom)

My deepest condolences to you, the people of Cuba, as you have just lost your greatest hero of modern age. Vietnam remembers ! Red Salute to the fallen Comrade !

(Viet Nam)

Hasta Siempre Commandante ! R.I.P

Christian Pietruk (Austria)

Thank you so much for all things that You had done! You are alway in our memory. Vietnamese is alway grateful to You.

Nguyen Anh Duc (Viet Nam)

Jaime Pastor (Spain)

(Viet Nam)

You were there my whole life, Commandante, may your vision of peace and plenty for the workers of Cuba continue to inspire peoples' struggles all over the world. Hasta La Victoria Siempre!

Anne Cherry (United Kingdom)

A true Hero, a fighter for independance for cuba and so many other countries, a supporter of salvador allende, nelson mandela. He changed the world and showed us " una mundo mejor es posible" gracias comandante, tu ejemple esta presente

Mirco Taliercio (Germany)

Brian D'Arcy (Ireland)

Igor Mikhaylov (Estonia)

(Viet Nam)

Buen viaje eterno gigante! Tus ideas y luchas serán nuestras!

DFV (United Kingdom)

Hasta la victoria siempre

stephen holcroft (United Kingdom)

Tu legado es un ejemplo de lucha para todas las generaciones. Hasta siempre comandante

Juan Barrientos Rojas (Belgium)

in solidarity with the people of Cuba

Ilse Brugger (Switzerland)

Rest in Peace Comandante, you will be missed. Thank you for everything you did for humanity, in a world where leaders are cold and uncaring, I always remember you for kind heart and commitment to human freedom. Hasta la Victoria Siempre!

Homam Nasser (United States of America)

An icon for future generations ... The struggle is unending .

Frazier josefski-Caan (United Kingdom)

Rhemmiel Arrakhan (United States of America)


Siobhan Harte (Ireland)

Hasta siempre, Comandante

Minh Mai (Viet Nam)

Varwel fidele Fidel/Fare well companero Fidel.

freek (Belgium)

A man who gave much to all the citizens of his country.

Derek Birtwistle (United Kingdom)

Hasta la victoria en todo el mundo !!!

Tom Flaws (United Kingdom)

Solidarity with the Cuban people at this sad time.Let progress towards social justice continue.

Chris Purnell (United Kingdom)

Vocéordf; continua vivo em nossa memória e em nossos coraésect;émicro;es, comandante!

Wilson (Brazil)

Dear Cuban, We are very hurt and sad while know the bad news that was Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro die at 90 years old. We permission sincere share this hurted with YOU please. In our heart - Vietname People - He is the big benefactor of our country, the same as the big Father. We are very very thankful in our heart the same as water in the Ocean. Once gain, i am on behalf of all Vietname People, to keep the our head in front of the soul of Him ! Loyal Vietname citizen

Nguyen Ngoc Anh (Viet Nam)

A truely inspirational human being. Who showed fortitude in very difficult circumstances. Solidarity with all Cuban peoples and their friends.

Tony Conway (United Kingdom)

In deep condolence with Cuba people.

Bui Viet Ha (Viet Nam)

Rest in peace President Fidel Castro. You and your fellow Cuban citizens are always best friends of the Vietnamese. Viva Cuba, Viva Fidel!!!

Phạm Ta (Viet Nam)

A strong leader and remarkable man. May you Rest in peace.

Lisa (United Kingdom)

I share your sorrow, Fidel Castro and Cuba' s resistence have been a beacon of light, strength and resistance throughout my adult life.

Michele Wilson (United Kingdom)

Nguyen Viet Quan (Viet Nam)

Tung Hoang (Viet Nam)

Xua¢n NhẠ(United Kingdom)

A true revolutionary never dies, they live on in our hearts and history

Gemma MacEoin (Ireland)

Thank you for showing what can be achieved when people throw away self interest and work for the common good.

Christine henry (United Kingdom)

Ya ascendiste al Turquino para liberar a Cuba,hoy asciendes como una estrella para liberar al mundo. COMANDANTE EN JEFE. ORDENE!!

Alena (Cuba)

Un grand humaniste s'en est allé. Un homme du peuple qui, toute sa vie, n'a travaillé que dans l'intéréordf;t de son peuple. Un dirigeant modèle qui a fait de Cuba le meilleur modèle éducatif, le meilleur modèle scientifique, le meilleur modèle social de la planète. Que son oeuvre perdure. Qu'il repose en paix.

Canton-Fourrat Altide (France)

You succeed in the goals you set and for your people history will remember you for that.

Glenn Martin (United Kingdom)


Julie Arnold (United Kingdom)

Viva CuBa, viva Fidel

(Viet Nam)

(Viet Nam)

Sincere condolences for the loss of an inspirational leader.

Maureen Luby (United Kingdom)


ian Marfleet (United Kingdom)

Un Abrazo solidario al pueblo Cubano, sabedor que la semilla plantada por Fide florecerán en un mañana más justo, solidario y libertario.

José Carlos Bustamante (Mexico)

Dao Thi Hanh Nguyen (Viet Nam)

Thank you for your principled stand in working to ensure Cuba's strength through Education and Medical services which were shared with other Countries.

George Conchie (United Kingdom)

(Russian Federation)

Our hearts are with the Cuban people at this sad turning point. Now we must all hope that the Obama-inspired thaw in US-Cuba relations is carried further and that common sense, rather than president-elect Trump, prevails.

William Aitken (United Kingdom)

Trần Xua (Viet Nam)

Fidel gave Cuba a good social system, that makes life livable for the Cuban people and that gave hope to the rest of the world, proving that it is possible!!! I'll miss him, the Cubans will miss him together with many many people. Rest in peace Fidel Castro....

Myriam (Belgium)

Rest in Peace Comandante.

Edi dobbelaer (Belgium)

(Viet Nam)

The death Fidel Castro is biggest shock for the revolutionary movement of the world. His contribution in the fight against US Imperialism is impeccable. He has shown that society can be developed with out surrendering in front of super power like US imperialism. Because of his vision today, CUBA is far ahead of other country on social indicators. Even India can not match on Educaqtion, Health and employment generation with CUBA. Mt heartfelt condolences to the departed soul of Cuba and an international icon of revolutionary movement. I also would like to convey my condolences to the mourning revolutionary people of CUBA after the death of their dream leader.

Mahesh Kumar (India)

Hope you will be happy in the heaven, Mr.President! You have always been alive in our hearts!

Thanh Huong Nguyen (Viet Nam)

The hero of Cuba, the hero of Vietnam. May your soul rest in peace.

Quan Tran Anh Nguyen (Viet Nam)

Fidel Castro vivira para siempre. Cuba vive, cuba libre, saludos al heroico pueblo cubano

Sergio Gómez (Mexico)

Léordf; Máº&am (Viet Nam)

hopefully your country can continue your lagacy and continue as a nation to be proud of.

graeme hamilton (United Kingdom)

Sue birtwistle (United Kingdom)

(Viet Nam)

Thuy Nguyen Phuong (Viet Nam)

Fidel was an inspiration for the way he steadfastly stuck to his beliefs. The great legacy of health and education he has left the people of Cuba will, like the UK's NHS, be around for as long as there are people to fight for it. It is my wish that there will always be those people and that the spirit of Fidel lives on through them. Viva Fidel, viva Cuba, viva socialism.

Callum Geldard (United Kingdom)

Great man who brought inexpensive health care to millions.

John Gilmore (United Kingdom)

His farewell glass! Typical man of revolutionary movements for national liberation!

(Viet Nam)

Trần HÆ&a (Viet Nam)

Dinh Trung Kien (Viet Nam)

Thanks for showing the world another, better way. Free healthcare and education should be cornerstones of every modern state, Fidel showed us all this is possible, against greater odds and hurdles then most western nations can ever imagine. Gracias Cuba!

James Simpson (United Kingdom)

We offer our condolences to the people of Cuba on the death of their great leader. May he never be forgotten.

Tom and Eileen Partridge (Ireland)

Marijan Kubik (Serbia)

(Viet Nam)

(Viet Nam)

Suerte en su nueva andadura

Juan Tomas Moya (Spain)

I would want for all Cubans to know that their country represents an important beacon of hope to the oppressed throughout the entire world. No matter how much the oppressors' media in our countries tries to tarnish his legacy, Fidel's heroic leadership cannot be erased from the minds of anti-imperialists and socialists. We also know, in accordance with Fidel's own sentiments, that the revolution is far stronger than any one person, and we continue to be inspired by the endurance of the Cuban people. In solidarity, comrades.

Graham (United Kingdom)

Fidel has left the island, but his legacy and his light remain. I am deeply saddened at his loss and offer condolences to his family and to the Cuban people. Presente.

Jorge Aros (United States of America)

Hasta simpre, comandante.

antonio gomez (Finland)

(Viet Nam)

Chữ (Viet Nam)

My sincerest sympathy. I had the chance of meeting with Fidels ideas and dreams. My children were taken care of by cuban doctors in Cape Verde. Thank you Hope the people of Cuba may find the strength in eachother to keep up what El Comandante started. Hasta la victoria siempre.

Ninamarina Mendes (Belgium)

Quách Bécopy (Viet Nam)

An inspiration to many, rest in peace.

Robert Purfield (Ireland)

The world has lost a remarkable man. Rip Fidel; you have earned it xx

Samantha (United Kingdom)

Your memory will always stay in our hearts.

Outi Pesola (Finland)

My deepest sympathy and warm wishes go to the Cuban people. You have lost an inspirational leader but his legacy will be with you always.

Yvonne Veivers (Australia)

Viva Cuba !

Vincent (United Kingdom)

We will keep the fight going against the blockades . Rest in Peace

Jenny Alexander (United Kingdom)

Sincere condolences to the Cuban people on the loss of their inspirational leader Fidel Castro. A true hero of the people who stood up to imperialist aggression over many decades and made Cuba a beacon of hope for people throughout the world. Viva la revolution.

Anthony Brookes (United Kingdom)

Thanks you so much for helping Viet Nam all the time. Long live the communism!!!

Trần Hoa (Viet Nam)

You have been and always be a revolutionary hero in my heart. Wish you a peaceful sleep along with other revolutionary heroes, dear Fidel

Bảo Khang (Viet Nam)

What a hero and a shining example to the modern world of what could be possible to make it a better one. An amazing man with an incredible vision.

Catriona Logan (United Kingdom)

(Viet Nam)

heavy heart

margaret scobie (United Kingdom)

(Viet Nam)

Farewell to the great leader of the Cuban people, a great friend of the people of Vietnam. Would you please rest.

(Viet Nam)

Above all Fidel has given his people dignity in spite of the harsh conditions in which they had to live because of the American embargo. Can anyone imagine what he could have achieved for his country and his people if he had had a fair chance? I will always remember him. Marina Mommerency (Belgium)

Marina Mommerency (Belgium)

Solidarity with the peoples of Cuba!

rhodora a. abano (Philippines)

Viva Cuba. "I am not a liberator. Liberators do not exist. The people liberate themselves." (Che)

Jaap Vogel (Australia)

Para mi ha sido un privilegio haber podido conocer esa Cuba libre de Castro. Reconocemos con admiración los logros de la revolución: sanidad cultura y seguridad ciudadana. Hasta la victoria siempre, Comandante.

Maria Magdalena Arqueros Fernandez (Spain)

a great leader may he rest in peace

joseph gorman (Ireland)

Such a sad loss for Cuba and the world. Viva Cuba viva la revolution

Dan Harrison (United Kingdom)

Suzanne Shegog (Australia)

R.I.P Fidel Castro

DÆ°Æ¡ng B&am (Viet Nam)

Viva Cuba

Don Quinn (United Kingdom)

linda casson (United States of America)

I'm feel very bad when I hear mr Phidel Castro Ruz - the leader of Cuba communist movement was die . When I was a little boy, , I had a dream that I could met mr Phidel but now, I can't make it become a reality .On behalf of the young generation Vietnam thank him very much for his contribution to a peaceful Vietnam expect him soon and will happily resting place gold springs. There, people will meet comrades who led the Communist movement as tools Lenin, Ho Chi Minh president ,. . . once again thank the cordial, which he had for our country Vietnam. Wish all good things will come to Cuba as his brother always wanted.

Huỳnh Ph&Atild (Viet Nam)

He was a great man and a great revolutionary. Please don't let his hard work and his dream be taken away from you!

Sousan (United States of America)

Tran Van Do (Viet Nam)

Dirk Benicke (Germany)

from bottom my hart as brother communist my sincere condolences go to pepole of Cuba for lose comodnta fideal Castro ther great Marxist leader sinces josaf strangling all the communist in Australian we cry with and fight with you in sregeal for deafening Cuba siocast revolution the 11 miolouin sioclast in Cuba how are the revolution. viva Cuba haster la victor simpea

sam bulllock (Australia)

Thanh Tésup1;ng (Viet Nam)

(Viet Nam)

Not a saint, but a fighter for social justice.

Colin Goble (United Kingdom)

michael staudt (Germany)

I, the Vietnamese citizen, burn many incenses to memorize the president Fidel Castro, a great communist in the world.

(Viet Nam)

My condolence, and very best hope that the Cuban people will have the wisdom and ability to hold onto their Revolution.

Novelle Saarinen (United States of America)

(United Kingdom)

You were the most moral leader the world has ever seen. You gave so much to so many and exposed the murderous U.S for what it is. Much love from Australia. VIVA Fidel Castro and VIVA Cuba!

Christian Marx (Australia)

Huỳnh Tuy&aacu (Viet Nam)

Strength despite the struggles!

Rommel C. Abellar (United Kingdom)

(Viet Nam)

Rest in peace, comrade Castro. You were-, are-, and will always be a true hero of humankind.

Marco De Palma (Germany)

Mai Trung Kien (Viet Nam)

(Viet Nam)

(Viet Nam)

Nam (Viet Nam)

Anh tuan (Viet Nam)


(Viet Nam)

Además, mi comandante no está ni muerto ni jamas olvidado. ¡ Hasta siempre!

Leni Villagomez Reeves (United States of America)

(Viet Nam)

I'm forever in solidarity to you even after death comrade Dr. Fidel Castro. Long live the Revolución

Amy Ortega King (United States of America)

Su gran Phidel - Nosotros siempre agradecido Phidel.

Phan Truong Son (Viet Nam)

A great leader of his country and his people, who he inspired to great achievements at home and abroad. An inspiration to all those in struggle for peace and socialism internationally. Hasta siempre comandante!

Clifford Cocker (United Kingdom)

My sincerest condolences for the passing of this great man. A leader in the true sense of the word.He stood for the betterment of his people and country. His defiance of the outside world will be remembered. Rest in peace Fidel.

Paul (United Kingdom)

Nguyen Huu Nhi (Viet Nam)

(Viet Nam)

Léordf; Thanh SÆ&iex (Viet Nam)

My sincere condolences to the people.of Cuba. Fidel.Castro was a giant among men and an inspiration to us all.

Ricky Clarke (United Kingdom)

(Viet Nam)

Mike Gavrilov (Russian Federation)

Araceli bernal (Mexico)

(Viet Nam)

revolutionary theory wrapped up in a revolutionary individual with the sole aim of expropreating the exporpreators, long live the science of proletarian revolution Marxism, Leninism Stalinism , .

Andrew Olsson (Australia)

(United Kingdom)

Long live Fidel Castro!

la¢m duy nam (Viet Nam)

Thắng (Viet Nam)

What you achieved in Cuba was amazing. Especially the literacy project. Viva Cuba.

Judith Brown (United Kingdom)

Nancy (Paraguay)

Jaku Léordf; (Viet Nam)

Anh Tuấn (Viet Nam)

Im so so sorry, fidel castro is a greatness, i hope vietnam/cuba together, forever!!!!, peace

Hoang vu (Viet Nam)

Hasta siempre Comandante.

Carlo (Canada)

(Viet Nam)

Phung Duy Minh (Viet Nam)

Aprender del gran legado de Fidel; reconocer y superar los errores; contribuir a la lucha socialista. Sigamos la construcción del poder popular. ¡Viva Fidel!

Eder Angeles Vite (Mexico)

La humanidad pierde a un referente,pero sabrá conservar vivo su espíritu y su ejemplo....hasta siempre eterno Comandante !

Mino wong Alfonso (Spain)

as a child of Vietnamese country, I'm so sad to hear that my most respectful person-Fidel Castro passed away. I sincerely give my condolence to peoples in Cuba. Goodbye my idol, our honor friend. I love you - Fidel Castro. Rest in peace!

(Viet Nam)

Lucía Porta (Argentina)

Mueren los hombres no los ideales, hasta la victoria siempre! La historia ya lo absolvio. Que viva la revolución Cubana y el comandante en jefe #HastaSiempre

arith rodas (Mexico)

We will always remenber you Mr castro phidel You alway in our heart From vietnam with all love Rest in palace

(Viet Nam)

Para el pueblo de Cuba mis respetos y sepan que Fidel Castro siempre estara en mis pensamientos como el hombre que liberto a Cuba de la bota opresora. Hubiese querido conocerlo personalmente. Cuando mi Isla sea libre habra que mencionarlo porque Fidel deseo nuestra libertad. Desde Puerto Rico porque como dijo el poeta: CUBA Y PUERTO RICO SON DE UN PAJARO LAS DOS ALAS. HASTA SIEMPRE LIBERTADOR.

Lydia Quintana (Puerto Rico)

(Viet Nam)

(Viet Nam)

In solidarity with the peoples of America Latina and their resistance to corporate/militarist/cultural penetrations and manipulations from megastates and oligarchical kleptocrats.

Peter Kleinman (United States of America)

Gracias comandante por hacerme ver que existe otro tipo de sueño americano. Hoy lloro por tu partida, mañana sigo en pie de lucha aplicando lo que nos enseñaste... ¡Hasta la victoria siempre!

Samantha Rodas (Mexico)

phạm chà (Viet Nam)

Hoöng Kim Long (Viet Nam)

I can think of nothing more appropriate to honour Fidel than the words of Jose Marti: "Men of action, above all those whose actions are guided by love, live forever."

Julie Webb-Pullman (New Zealand)

Hasta siempre Comandante

(Viet Nam)

Phạm NhÆ (Viet Nam)


Maria Elena Mesa (Canada)

Vu van Tam (Viet Nam)

Léordf; Hoöi (Viet Nam)

Du Tran (Viet Nam)

que los jóvenes miembros del Partido Comunista de Vietnam, agradecer a las personas que ayudaron a las personas cuba de Vietnam liberó al país con la sinceridad y la solidaridad se construyen con llamas presidente Fidel red inalámbrica se inclinó en memoria del presidente Fidel emocional más noble espiritual como para el vidrio presidente Ho Chi Minh yeu.chung voy a seguir para construir relaciones de compañeros, hermanos y personas cuba .PLEASE condolencias a usted.

(Viet Nam)

(Viet Nam)

The sad loss of a great man.

Cathy Chapman (United Kingdom)

Honor y gloria comandante viviremos y venceremos

Rosana quintero (Venezuela)

Trần Tiá (Viet Nam)

Pham Thanh Duy (Viet Nam)

(Viet Nam)

Nguyen Van Tri (Viet Nam)

(Viet Nam)

(United Kingdom)

Con toda mi admiración y respeto, al comandante Castro. Lo que hizo por Cuba (hermanos) y por el mundo entero es un ejemplo de DIGNIDAD, trabajo, poder de convocatoria, amor por su patria y su gente. Gracias Fidel por tus enseñanzas y tu gran trabajo que demuestra que todo se puede contra el imperialismo. Cuba, Fidel son un pedacito que llevo en mi corazón.

cyntia mejia (Mexico)

Tuấn Anh (Viet Nam)

(Viet Nam)

(Viet Nam)

Condolences same country Cuba!

Nguyen Thanh Hai (Viet Nam)

Cuando nací en 1956, ya Fidel estaba en Mexico para regresar a Cuba en el Granma. Siempre oi a mi papa decir que fue libre por primera vez cuando triunfo la Revolución. Crecí con la Revolución y con Fidel. Soy miembro del Primer Contingente del Destacamento Pedagógico Manuel Ascunce Domenech y Fidel visito Yabu I en Santa Clara tres veces en el año de fundación de la ESBEC, donde yo comencé a dar clases. Curiosamente, allí también estudiaba en 9no grado Miguel Diaz Canel. Recibí mi titulo de manos de Fidel. Fidel fue y sera un símbolo de dignidad y de virtud, una estrella en la eternidad. ¡Hasta siempre, Comandante!

Antonio Morales (Canada)

My generation was born late not see him, only that he and Cuba through books, television but noble sentiments for he is immortal. That sentiment is like the spiritual affection for President Ho Chi Minh and General Vo Nguyen Giap Today, at the Cuban embassy in Hanoi, hearts brimming emotion choked. Parting from him, the loyal soldiers of the world revolutionary movement, the great leader, friend, intimate comrades of the people of Vietnam. We will never forget his contributions and the people of Cuba, both materially and spiritually won for Vietnam during the past years. Wish him rest We will always remember him - President!

Nguyen Danh Lam (Viet Nam)

Viet Nam forever miss Fidel Castro

(Viet Nam)

Hien (Viet Nam)

Léordf; Anh Khéacu (Viet Nam)

Condolences for a man who was an inspiration to us all. Viva!

Jim Erkiletian (Canada)

On behalf of the youth of state Kwatta in Suriname I want to wish all the citizens of Cuba strenght ! RIP El Comandante | Fidel Castro | People's Person. The world lost a great, big son ! Sincerly, J. Starke Vice - Chairman Youth of Kwatta

Jamil Starke (Suriname)

Ngo Thi Xuan (Viet Nam)

Nguyen Thanh Tésup1;ng (Viet Nam)

Mis condolencias al pueblo cubano, hemos perdido un gran líder mundial, pero sobre todo latinoamericano, a quien la historia absolvió,. Hasta la victoria siempre Comandante de hombres y mujeres libres!

Syndell BEDOYA (Costa Rica)

Hello, dear Cuban comrades, Extremely painful when I heard about the death of President Fidel Castro. He is one of the greatest people in the history of mankind. He never succumb to the violence of imperialism, always shield the target liberate people from oppression. Thousand praise nor exaggerate the respect that the people of Vietnam sent to him. Though death brings him far, but his revolutionary spirit will never die. Please send heartfelt greetings to my dear Cuban friends. His great career will always be progressive people all over the world remember and preserve. A friend from Vietnam.

Léordf; Thönh (Viet Nam)



Kimdung (United Kingdom)

(Viet Nam)

(Viet Nam)

xua¢n hoö (Cuba)

Fidel vivirá siempre en cada acto de justicia, valentía, equidad y dignidad. Siempre vivirá en nuestros corazones y acciones. Hasta siempre Comandante.

Rodrigo Atilano Carsi (Mexico)

(Viet Nam)

People of Cuba, may you prosper into a new and renewed future, ever remembering the price that was paid for your freedom from impirialism. Bless you.

Rev. Stephen Loch Bowie (United States of America)

I am so sorry to hear about your loss . He is a great man , i love him and my country love him too . I share your loss and send you my deepest sympathy .

(Viet Nam)

phan thÆ° (Viet Nam)

Ngo tuan (Viet Nam)

(Viet Nam)

(Viet Nam)

(Viet Nam)

As a Buddhist I belive in re birth.I wish comrade Castro would be born in our country in his next birth and and lead us to freedom. We miss him

harshana nanayakkara (Sri Lanka)

Comandante Fidel Castro, PRESENTE! A história lhe absolveu.

André Felipe Costa da Luz (Brazil)

A giant of the history of mankind the sadness of is all..

Vic Vanfrachem (Belgium)

My heart felt condolences to the great people of Cuba. A larger than life nation lead by the legendary father of the nation Fidel Castro. At this hard times the world is with you.

Isaac Thomas (Canada)

Hasta Victoria Siempre

Magda Best (United States of America)

Adios companero Fidel, seguiremos luchando por un mundo mejor.

Erika San martin (Canada)

(Viet Nam)

I am deeply saddened by the news of Comrade Fidels passing. My thoughts are with people of Cuba at this difficult moment. Fidel Castro will continue to live in each one of us, in future generations and working class of the entire world. My sincere condolence. Eternal Glory Commadante! Aleksandra Ikonic

Aleksandra Ikonic (Canada)

Repeatedly, the people of Cuba have earned the respect, affection and honours of kind, caring and knowledgable peoples around the world for their achievements through the revolutionary leadership of Fidel Castro. Personally I mourn his death as I do the loss of a wonderful family member; so my heart is with those of the people of Cuba in this time of sorrow.

Jay Smith (Canada)

Walter Aleman G (El salvador)

Long live cuban way of revolution. Revolution of hearts. Hearty condolences to the person who acted as centre of the arrow for the revolution.

Joy (India)

Thanks to Fidel, the Cuban people were delivered from a cruel dictatorship. Mass illiteracy in Cuba was brought to an end. Education and health became free and universal. He helped bring an end to Apartheid in South Africa. Cuba's wildly successful literacy program has spread to other parts of the world. Cuba has trained tens of thousands of doctors from around the world to help their own people, completely transforming health care. Legions of Cuba's own doctors have worked tirelessly around the world to save lives in times of great disasters. When the Cuban economy contracted drastically in the special period, the Cuban people did not despair. Fidel had shown them what they were capable of. He has shown us all what we are capable of. My condolences to the people of Cuba and the world. We have lost a profoundly important person. But we have not lost the fruits of his work. That lives on.

raf (Australia)

great inspiration to all people struggling for social justice international solidarity and world peace.

peter lammiman (Australia)

Fidel no ha muerto, vive en cada cubano. HASTA SIEMPRE COMANDANTE!!!

Eliany Abstengo Montero (Cuba)

Mi solidaridad y mis condolencias al noble pueblo cubano. Ha muerto un enorme humanista. Su imagen y la del che me son familiares desde pequeña y siempre fueron para mi ejemplo de entrega y lucha para los más necesitados de todo el mundo. Tengo muchos amigos cubanos y no todos están de acuerdo con su política, pero frente a las crueles injusticias del imperialismo salvaje y el bloqueo impuesto por el occidente es dificil encontrar un camino fácil. Hasta la victoria siempre, Comandante!


Fidel Castro was one of the greatest figures in history.He stood for freedom, justice and equality when no one else would. He stood for democracy in Latin America and was a great ally of Salvador Allende and Hugo Chavez. Across the world he supported anti imperialism and helped other countries build Marxism Leninism. Today Cuba exports doctors across the third world whilst the west exports bombs. RIP El Commandante Fidel Castro. Long live Communism and the ideals of the Cuban Revolution!

Arthur (New Zealand)

Mis más sentidas condolencias para el digno pueblo cubano y para la familia de nuestro Comandante. Todo mi amor y solidaridad en estos momentos de luto y dolor por la partida de Fidel Castro Ruz. Todo el Honor y la Gloria para él.

Victoria Zapata (Chile)

Ich bewundere alle aufrechhten Menschen die wie sie, für die Interessen der einfachen Menschen ihr Leben aufs Spiel gesetzt haben.

Jochen Vogelgesang (Germany)

Very sad that Comrade Fidel Castro, a great revolutionary and liberator of the oppressed has passed away. I express my deepest condolences to Comrade Fidel Castro's family and the masses of Cuba.

Ivan Chase (New Zealand)

Deseo compartir el duelo inmenso que siento frente a la muerte de Fidel. Pueda el pueblo Cubano continuar su obra y propagar su pensamiento.

Francois Legault (Canada)

Hasta la victoria siempre, Comandante, tu legado vivira para la eternidad.

Ruth Espinoza Solis (Nicaragua)

David Cumming (United Kingdom)

A great comrade - he will be greatly missed.

Dr Russell Dean (Australia)

Hasta siempre comandate

Milagros Pineda (United States of America)

En estos momentos tan dificiles para Cuba, todos los amantes de la paz y justicia del mundo estan con el pueblo cubano.

Dragana Zivancevic (Australia)

Mis condolencias a la familia de Castro y al pueblo de Cuba sobre la muerte del compañero Fidel

Cheryl Llera (United States of America)

Thank you Fidel, a leader of the anti-colonial struggle.

Maria Cotrini (United Kingdom)

My thoughts and feelings are for Cuba and the struggle Fidel dedicated his life to. I have never felt so at peace as I have felt while in Cuba. I do not know of any other national leader who I have had so much respect for. Cuba is one of the only places on earth where one does not need to adhere to a capitalist model of life, where one can live and believe in something other. There is a humanism in Cuba that is barely understood throughout the world, beyond this little island. Thank you Fidel, for leading and then upholding your vision.

Patricia Kilsby Graham (Canada)

Rest in Courage Comrade Fidel.

Sam and Ken Fletcher (Australia)

I am grateful to begin to know Cuba in person through a Witness for Peace delegation this past February. Meanwhile, I am warmed by Cuba's persistence in taking exception to US exceptionalism, through its revolution's inception, practices, and values. With Fidel, Cuba has risked being the exception to the self-proclaimed manifest destiny of the USA as the hegemonic force of authority behind authoritarian regimes throughout the Americas. Thank you all. Vive Fidel!

Stephen Benson (United States of America)

Hearty condolence tidal

govindraj (India)

Gracias por su ejemplo y lucha! Que ojalá perdure! Hasta la victoria siempre!

Carmen Balay (Spain)

Thanks and cheerio! Hasta la victoria siempre. Venceremos!

Alan Jamison (Australia)

El hecho de vivir fuera de cuba no me alejo nunca de usted mi comada te victorioso. Siembre e defendido y continuare defendiendo sus ideales justos y honesto porque me forme con ese legado que usted siempre nos enseño y lo llevo en lo mas profudo de mi corazon,asi como mi amor y respeto a ustes que fue y sera mi mayor padre politico. Honrrare siempre su legado y aunque fuera de cuba estoy no significa que mi conviccion politica de revolucionario y comunista a cambiado, alcontrario cada dia me apego mas al lindo y hermoso legado politico que nos enseño y l

mario fernando fariñas pino (Brazil)

A man of integrity who lived his life according to his high principles of solidarity. An inspiracion to us all. Gracias, amigo, hasta la victoria siempre. Venceremos!

Elena Garcia (Australia)

Mandamos nuestro mas expresiva pesar por la partida del Comandante Fidel al Pueblo Cubano. He is a giant of the 20th and 21st century, deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, a true revolutionary who proved that a better world is possible.

Arnold & Kathryn Hall-Trujillo (United States of America)

The way you made Cubans aware of their strengths while ridding them of parasatic oppresion from outsiders and the rich cannot be denied. Your love and concern for the poor, illiterate and those world wide in need of assistance cannot be denied. You made Cuba an example of what can be achieved for the good of a nation and mankind. Your name will be ever inscribed in history. Rest in peace.

Edilia Emordi (United Kingdom)

When I saw Fidel in person on the Pastors for Peace Caravan to Cuba his face showed a genuine love of people; and his passion came through, too, in his 45-minute welcome. I didn't miss a word.

Peter Mott (United States of America)

Hasta la victoria siempre, comandante

Yami (Cuba)

Kadel Guerra (Cuba)

His example lives on

Fred Sargent (Australia)

Gracias por todo querido amigo, gracias por todo lo que nos enseñaste, gracias por tu valentía, gracias por tu internacionalismo, gracias por nunca renunciar a la lucha. Pasarán más de 100 años y tu imagen al igual que la del Che serán un estandarte de rebeldía y justicia. Donde quiera que haya un movimiento estudiantil, una huelga o una lucha revolucionaria estarás presente. Téordm; nos enseñaste que la victoria es posible y que también un mundo mejor es posible. Todos los revolucionarios del mundo siempre te llevaremos en el corazón. Seguiremos tu ejemplo te lo juro. Ahora más que nunca haremos nuestra tu proclama que millones hacen suya día. Esa proclama que un día el Che dijera desde la tribuna más alta. ¡Patria o muerte! Venceremos...

Héctor Heredia (Mexico)

A great man who gave everything for his country and his people. There hasn't been one like him for a very long time. We the Cuban people and the world will miss you dearly because of your example for all of us. Hasta la victoria siempre amigo. We'll never forget you and will continue to be just like you.

Juan Miguel Duenas Martinez (United Kingdom)

I condole the death of the last statesman.

Vibha (India)

Viva Cuba libre!!!! Fidel, preparados pa lo que sea

Ariel lópez (United Kingdom)

Thank you Fidel for giving us Cuba, example of justice and solidarity for all the world.

Rosa Leuci (United Kingdom)

To our beloved Fidel was my honor & privilege...To walk on Cuba soil while u were a TRUE FRIEND of the African people.....long live the heart cries & there's an empty space in my heart now that ur physical body is no longer with US.....AYANNA NUGZI JONES

Ayanna Jones (United States of America)

A true leader and a inspiration to all rip

Wayne (United Kingdom)

Iranian people sending their love to the people of Cuba . We are with you ! Fidel Castro has gone , but the memory of Cuba's revoluionary leader will stay in our heart forever!

sima (United Kingdom)

Not only did you hold the line and talk the talk but more importantly walked the walk. Fidel may you have eternal peace.

Paddy Gilford (Ireland)

Fidel, tu has creado un paiz heroico y humano, que es lo unico paiz en el mundo que yo quiero vivir, tener hijos, educar los en espirito de hombre nuevo y despues morir en mi querido paiz, lo unico paiz que yo quiero y por quien yo muero! Te agradezco de más profundo del mi corazon y tu puedes contar conmigo! Hasta la Victoria Siempre, Comandante!!!

Tomaž Ž (Slovenia)


Siamak Nikbakht (United States of America)

While we send our condolences to the Cuban people and mourn the loss of a remarkable revolutionary who put his people before everything against overwhelming odds , we must never let his vision or ideology be destroyed by the right wing , whether in the US or in Europe. We must put all our efforts into supporting the Cuban revolution and its revolutionary ideology and methods . Fidel will never die , while his ideas and examples are held up , continued and spread across the Globe . Adios Comandante, hasta la victoria siempre , venceremos !

George Hadjipateras (Greece)

A great man. He has been proven right.

Katherine (United Kingdom)

Nací bajo su régimen, me formé bajo su régimen, deje a Cuba bajo su régimen y me morire teniendo solo un líder Fidel.Hasta la victoria, siempre.

Dunia Dellio (Cuba)

You are such a great inspiration to many generations that come and will always be to the younger people of today. I salute you for leading Cuba and I will always cherish my memory of your beautiful people when I visited your country on my 50th birthday. Long live Comandante Fidel!

Michael Cruz (Philippines)

I have had the great honor of meeting Fidel many times over the years I have been active to end the blockade of Cuba. I also had the honor of being in a small group at one of his last public appearances, also with Rev. Lucius Walker from Pastors for Peace which directly challenged the blockade for over 26 years. There are no words that can encompass their loss, the only response is to follow in their lucha continua, we will carry on....venceremos!

Lisa Valanti (United States of America)

Your deed will survive.

Agneta Willans (Sweden)

'Aquí me hice revolucionario' thank you comrade.

Barry brinklow (United Kingdom)

Hasta Vitoria Siempre amado comandante Fidel Castro! Solidariedade ao todo Pueblo de CUBA

marcio vieira (Brazil)

Es de cobardes hablar mal de una persona que ya fallecio. Si bien Fidel no fue perfecto quiero creer que todo lo bueno y malo que hizo fue teniendo el bienestar de su pueblo como su principal objetivo. Lo voy a extranhar, quiza no a el como persona porque nunca lo conocí, pero si al icono y líder que representaba para través gente.

Christian L (Peru)

Viva Fidel! Your bravery, dedication, political astuteness, compassion and leadership will continue to inspire all people seeking justice, equality and peace.

Philippa skinner (Australia)

My deepest condolences.

Monita (India)

Hasta siempre comandante Fidel

Iguaibiliguiña Hedman (Panama)

Dejo mi me mensaje en agradecimiento a las grandes enseñanzas que nos deja el comandante Fidel Castro Ruz que a pesar de que decían que es u, dictador si pero u, dictador perfecto que le dio al pueblo algo mas que la vida le dio dignidad y ojala así como el hayan muchos en México tenemos a la organización que sigue sus ideales y que nunca olvidaremos al comandante. Patria o muerte venceremos. Hasta la victoria siempre. Hasta siempre comandante.

Samuel Yam Campos (Mexico)

Fidel and the Cuban Revolution established a worldwide standard for egalitarianism--medical diplomacy rather than unending warfare; the end of apartheid in South Africa; an end to homelessness in Cuba; an end to capital punishment; a sustainable industrial and agricultural culture model; free schooling and medical, and on and on. Fidel's legacy will live on!

James Dildine (United States of America)

Un hombre con errores y aciertos, pero un hombre que llevó a Cuba a alcanzar niveles de educación y salud como ningéordm;n otro en América Latina. Siento un gran respeto por Fidel Castro y solidaridad para los hermanos de Cuba desde México.

Alejandra Quezada Soto (Mexico)

Meus profundos e sinceros sentimentos. Gracias por todo comandante Fidel. Hace falta.

Ricardo Haesbaert (Brazil)

Kampen fortsécurren;tter. You will be missed.

Emanuel Andersson (Sweden)

Hasta la victoria siempre, Comandante!

Brunhilde Stuempler (Germany)

Peter Simpson (Australia)

Fidel siempre estaras en mi corazon porque tu hicistes de nosotros un pueblo mejor, tu repartistes luz y luz obtendraz. Hasta la VICTORIA SIEMPRE COMANDANTE EN JEFE ORDENE!!!!

Isabel (Cuba)


Pamela O'Neill (Ireland)

R.I.P. Comrade Comandante

Raymond Mennie (United Kingdom)

My condolences on the loss of your great leader, father of modern Cuba, and revolutionary hero. My solidarity with the people of Cuba. May you all prosper together.

Andrew Thrift (Australia)

Mis respetos y solidaridad con el hermano pueblo cubano a quien la Revolución y su comandante Fidel les puso ante el mundo como un pueblo con dignidad y solidario con los pueblos oprimidos. Fidel vivirá en todo hombre honesto del mundo. Hasta siempre Comandante.!

Jesus Alquisira (Mexico)

vá em paz comandante. Juramos continuar sua luta Hasta la vitoria, siempre!

Lucas Juliépound;o (Brazil)

Lídice Medina Guillà (Cuba)

Querido pueblo cubano: Desde Colombia, mi más sincero sentimiento de solidaridad con ustedes en este difícil momento de la partida terrenal del Comandante en Jefe. Es mi deseo que los legados de la Revolución, que son un ejemplo para el mundo, se preserven por siempre. Hasta siempre Comandante, buen viento y buena mar.

Edna Luna (Colombia)

The gains of the Cuban revolution which you led continues to inspire many struggles for national independence justice and equality. Viva Fudel Castro y Cuba.

Edna Aquino (Philippines)

RIP Comrade Fidel, we third world humans appreciated your solidarity to the global anti IMPERIALIST & anti racist, anti apartheid, anti Zionist & anti colonial struggles all over the world..and for sending your doctors & teachers to train us and your comrades in Angola ..we love you FC...Best Boxers, Best Health and Education Service too...

Jayesh Amin (United Kingdom)

W Galusso (Sweden)

A great man, with a great ideology, has left the world.

Jean du Ross (Australia)

Heartiest condolences to Com. Fidel ! Long live com.Fidel Castro!

Kumar Satyendra (India)

Obrigado Comandante

Luiz Carlos Torres Kaizim (Brazil)

Joining in solidarity with comrades in Cuba at this sad time. Fidel will continue to be an inspiration to all around the world struggling against imperialism and for climate justice. Fidel was a beacon to us all. A great internationalist.History has absolved him! Viva Fidel.

Margaret Gleeson (Australia)

El otro gigante de nuestra América ha partido a la inmortalidad, absuelto por la historia y amado por su pueblo y por muchos otros en el mundo. Hasta la Victoria Siempre Comandante Fidel. Vuela alto a reencontrarte con nuestro Chávez, a compartir la inmortalidad juntos y a seguir siendo nuestro faro y guía por siempre.

Jesyng Martínez Rada (Venezuela)

A great loss for humanity and world. My condolences for the community of Cuba being myself a Cuban medical graduate from pakistan

Dr.Ayaz Baloch (France)

Many deserved condolences for this visionary leader.

Conal McNeill (Ireland)

Long live the Cuban Revolution . Solidarity and condolences to the good people of Cuba

MaggieO'Kieran-Gordon (United States of America)

Thanks for showing the world the way we should live.

Josh Corrigan (United Kingdom)

Mr. Castro, Rest In Peace. I sympathise with your family and friends on their loss.

Geraldine McLynn (Ireland)

Fidel, Fidel, los pueblos te agradecen palabras en acción y hechos que cantan, por eso desde lejos te he traído una copa del vino de mi patria: es la sangre de un pueblo subterráneo que llega de la sombra a tu garganta, son mineros que viven hace siglos sacando fuego de la tierra helada. Van debajo del mar por los carbones y cuando vuelven son como fantasmas: se acostumbraron a la noche eterna, les robaron la luz de la jornada y sin embargo aquí tienes la copa de tantos sufrimientos y distancias: la alegría del hombre encarcelado, poblado por tinieblas y esperanzas que adentro de la mina sabe cuando llegó la primavera y su fragancia porque sabe que el hombre está luchando hasta alcanzar la claridad más ancha. Y a Cuba ven los mineros australes, los hijos solitarios de la pampa, los pastores del frío en Patagonia, los padres del estaño y de la plata, los que casándose con la cordillera sacan el cobre de Chuquicamata, los hombres de autobuses escondidos en poblaciones puras de nostalgia, las mujeres de campos y talleres, los niños que lloraron sus infancias: esta es la copa, tómala, Fidel. Está llena de tantas esperanzas que al beberla sabrás que tu victoria es como el viejo vino de mi patria: no lo hace un hombre sino muchos hombres y no una uva sino muchas plantas: no es una gota sino muchos ríos: no un capitán sino muchas batallas. Y están contigo porque representas todo el honor de nuestra lucha larga y si cayera Cuba caeríamos, y vendríamos para levantarla, y si florece con todas sus flores florecerá con nuestra propia savia. Y si se atreven a tocar la frente de Cuba por tus manos libertada encontrarán los puños de los pueblos, sacaremos las armas enterradas: la sangre y el orgullo acudirán a defender a Cuba bienamada. P. Neruda

Anastasis (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre compañero Fidel, tu ejemplo de lucha y consecuencia nos guirará.

Andrea Dufournel (Chile)

Fidel Castro fought for human rights, Peace and the end of war. Long live Socialism.

Traian Cainaru (United States of America)

Rest in Power Comandante! Thank you for your steadfast work for a more just world.

Niraj Joshi (Canada)

Un gigante eterno un faro una guía Fidel vive en nuestros corazones

manuel rodriguez (Venezuela)

Michael Walsh (Canada)

RIP to one of the last great leaders of the 20th century. Coming from a country that is still fighting for a unified Ireland, Castro was an inspiration for everyone to stand up and make ones country great again, free from the influence and threat of others. Viva la Revolución!

Aaron Lynch (Ireland)

Augusto Poderes (Angel Espada) (Puerto Rico)

Nuestras mas sentidas condolencias a la familia Castro y al pueblo de Cuba por el fallecimiento del COMANDANTE. Aun cuando hay propios cubanos que expresan pequeños berrinches de adolescente, sabemos que dentro de ellos tambien estan llorando su perdida. También para esos cubanos disidentes van dirigidas nuestras condolencias.. y sepan que disientes o no, México los quiere y los aprecia.. en especial los Jarochos que tenemos con ellos grandes similitudes. Hasta siempre comandante Fidel Castro Ruz.! Viva Cuba! .. y viva México!!

Orlando De F. (Mexico)

A true hero!

Liam McCann (Ireland)

sad loss of a truly great man

jacquie payne (United Kingdom)

History will remember a mighty man with a humble attitude & great strength to hold back a tide and take the people with him. I salute your leader.

Anna (Australia)

With the death of Comrade Fidel Castro Ruz, I feel like my Dad has died. Fidel has been an inspiration to me my whole life. He always called it like he saw it and didn't hold back for fear of offending someone. An outstanding communist and human being. ¡Hasta la victoria, siempte!

Joseph Hancock (United States of America)

We salute the passing of a great leader who spent his entire life in the struggle for all oppressed peoples of the world. He is not gone but will continue to live on in the hearts of those who fight for the equality and rights of all.

Ryan Ross (United States of America)

Richard Sorg (Germany)

Farewell liberator and internationalist.

Kevin O'Hanrahan (United Kingdom)


Anselmo Garza (United States of America)

Con tantos comentarios que nominan el web y que definen Fidel como un estrella universal y permanente,creamos un montón de estrellas que llienan nuestro Cosmos universo.Definición final es que el Comandante es mi propio Cielo mi universo y siempre en mi alma,ASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE padre mío.

Dimitri Dimis (France)

Comrade Fidel never dies. He lives for ever in Cuba and all over the world. Viva Cuba! Viva the communist party of Cuba! Viva peace and socialism!

Bijan Heidarian (United Kingdom)

Un gran abrazo al hermano pueblo Cubano, sentimos todos la pérdida del padre de la revolución y la dignidad, hasta siempre¡¡

jorge burciaga (Mexico)

El pueblo cubano te revive, porque lo has encarnado. Hoy te lloran.

Emilio Robles González (Mexico)

Recordamos con respeto y admiración al Comandante Fidel Castro. Que descanse en paz. Chilenos en Australia.

Gustavo Martin Montenegro (Australia)


joe logan (Ireland)

Estoy muy triste que el grande lider de Cuba no esta más con nosotros. Pero en nuestros corazónes sigue viviendo.

Liselotte Jung (Germany)

Il dolore per la scomparsa di Fidel è tale che è venuto a trovarmi in sogno mio padre. Per rassicurarmi che anche dopo la morte la presenza dei giusti continua ad essere e a darci la forza di continuare a lottare. Grazie, Fidel. Vivi in tutti noi.

Gaia Zaccagni (Italy)

Mi maestro, estoy descorazonado con su partida. Estoy de luto. Los trabajadores cubanos y los pueblos del Tercer Mundo, sentir su falta. Sin embargo, me complace saber que eran, sino como un gigante revolucionario victorioso. Es uno de los más grandes de la historia! Hasta Siempre Comandante!

Danilo Erik Abreu da Costa (Brazil)

Viva Cuba, Viva Fidel...Hasta la victoria, siempre!

Miguel Garay (Ecuador)

A great man from the people for the people.He stood strong when others would have withered.Up the Rebels.

Brendan McLarnon (Ireland)

En memoria de Fidel Castro uno de los mas grandes revolucionarios que a dado el mundo y que nos enseñó a no humillarnos ante el Imperio yanqui. Hasta siempre comandante Fidel y que viva cuba,viva Fidel y viva la gran revolución cubana de parte de un mexicano que ama y admira al gran pueblo cubano.

Francisco Villa Arango (Mexico)

You are a strong people and nation. My condolences on the loss of your leader. Please hold his memory close to your hearts and build an even stronger Cuba in his honor.

Timothy Kaczocha (United States of America)

Hasta siempre, comandante!

stela meneghel (Brazil)

Mienten El profeta de la aurora lo llamaba el Ché, el que la historia jamás olvidará. Esa gigante estrella galáctica que seguimos viendo y nos ilumina el camino del amor y lucha, por un hombre nuevo, por una sociedad socialista, que a pesar de lo que dicen sigue estando ahí presente y con su luz brillando. Otra vez nos mienten, y van cientos. Nos quieren hacer creer que estás muerto. No saben de tu luz eterna que perdurará miles de millones de años luz, como la de otras estrellas que seguimos viendo y que también dicen que ya no están. Mienten Fidel. Téordm; no has muerto. Siempre Comandante.

Horacio Linares (Argentina)

Mis gran pesame a toda la familia Castro Ruz, a la Señora Dalia, y toda la familia; al Pres Raul Castro, a mi compañera de lucha Mariela Castro, y todo el pueblo Cubano. Gracias Comandante Fidel por todo lo que nos dejas. Sua ya esta cumplida. A nosotrxs nos queda la gran tarea de seguir luchando. Ante todo, defender todo toque usted luchaste durante todo su vida. Gracias Fidel! Viva la Revolucion! Viva Cuba! Desde Africa du Sur Phumi Mtetwa

Phumi Mtetwa (South Africa)

Adelente, Fidel

Ned Powell (United States of America)

Bravo Fidel. RIP

Tim McKee (United Kingdom)

Cherylee Wilcox (Venezuela)

My sincere condolences to the Cuban people who changed my attitude to life so extensively. Your inspirational leader will be forever remembered around the world as a man committed to justice for all people.

Dale Conway (Australia)

Fidel Castro was a role model for all revolutionaries around the world.He will be sadly missed by all revolutionaries.Deepest condolences on the passing of Fidel Castro.

Liam O'Sullivan (Ireland)

From all at the Bolshevik Club of Western Australia, we wish to express our deepest sympathy for the loss of this revolutionary giant. Such an inspiration to many around the world. Never forget that everything that comes into being must go out of being and comrade Fidel's passing will leave a mark on the pages of history to inspire and teach and for us to learn from. Rest in Peace comrade. Your struggle is now over. You have done well in your service to progress and humanity.

Andrew Hayward (Australia)

Desde Barcelona envío un mensaje fraterno a todo el pueblo cubano. El Comandante Fidel Castro ya está en la eternidad con Mella, Martí, Sandino, el Che, Bolívar y Chávez. HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE. VIVIREMOS Y VENCEREMOS COMANDANTE ETERNO FIDEL CASTRO RUZ.

Carlos Gulías (Spain)

Mi mas sentido a todo el pueblo cubano por esta tan sensible partida, la tristeza me embarga al saber de la muerte de Fidel, un gran líder para toda Latinoamerica. ¡Hasta la victoria siempre!

Mónica (Chile)

Solo puedo decirle cuánto lo siento para todas las personas cubanos, DEP Fidel.

Seán Mac Gilla Chainnigh (Ireland)

Stephanie Dunne (United Kingdom)

Condolences to the people of Cuba on the passing of one of the world's greatest revolutionary fighter for socialism.

sean gray (United Kingdom)

Que la vida te sea level, Fidel! La vida sin dignidad no merece la pena de ser vivida. Este es tu legado. Hasta la victoria, siempre!

Oscar Pereira-Zazo (United States of America)

RIP commindante. Haste la Victoria siempre

Glen Gilman (United Kingdom)

another great man lost to the world we need more like him

Kevin Melaugh (United Kingdom)

A truly inspirational and iconic revolutionary! Chuid eile I síocháin Fidel Castro!

Niall Binéad (Ireland)

Kevin Walsh (United Kingdom)



Soledad Rojaz (Canada)

We share the grief and sorrow of this great loss, but remain convinced that Fidel's presence and tremendous example will outlive us all.

Dr Tim Anderson (Australia)

Creo que no es casualidad que le nombraron Fidel (de fidelidad), ya en su nacimiento se presentía que sería digno de confianza de su pueblo. Aunque bajo las sanciones, el pueblo cubano ha sido feliz y se sentía seguro con su gran comandante, y lo más importante - tenía riqueza interior, la que no se puede comprar, solo sentir. Supieron que fraternidad, compañerismo y solidaridad son la base de un estado estable y independiente, no importa como esta clasificado en la esquema que crean potencias mundiales. Perdimos a un gran hombre. Sin él nada sería igual. Pero, prometimos que nos esforzaremos a continuar su camino revolucionario lo mejor que podamos. Hasta siempre, Comandante! Ana Kratovac, la miembro de la Asociación de Amistad serbio-cubana


RIP Fidel. You continue to be our hero and an inspiration for generations to come. Thank you.

David O'Hara (United Kingdom)

Fidel is dead. A hush is now descending And in that quiet space We think of him And Che, and all their fallen comrades In every corner of this earth. Our breath has not stopped We need this quiet now Before our brothers and sisters everywhere Hear our thunder. For the ground will shake again With Fidel.

Eamon McMahon (Ireland)

Honor y Gloria comandante con tu ejemplo nos dejas abierto el camino para seguir creyendo que es posible un mundo mejor.

Lourdes Mateos Gómez (Spain)

Great Respect

Claire McArthur (United Kingdom)

Hasta la victoria siempre, comandante. QEPD.

Fernando Fierro (Canada)

¡Hasta la victoria!... Siempre

Ana Buriano (Mexico)

Mi más sentido pésame, hermanos de Cuba. Se ha ido el que trajo la esperanza a los pobres y oprimidos y la mantuvo durante años. Es nuestro deber no dejarla morir. Abrazos, compañeros.

Juan Manuel Olivera Rodríguez (Spain)

A shining beacon to the world

Karina Carlin (United Kingdom)

Com carinho ao grande lider de Cuba e do mundo.

Vera Matos (Brazil)

A real working class hero.

Paul S Kaczocha (United States of America)

History WILL absolve you.

alan tattersall (United Kingdom)

Desde Curitiba, Brasil mi solidaridad con mi pueblo. Glória eterna a nuestro eterno líder.

Jorge Luis González (Brazil)

RIP Fidel...

JohnMonaghan (Ireland)

The body may be gone but the man remains an inspiration. Viva Fidel...!

Steve Daly (United Kingdom)

Commander Fidel you were for U.S. as Hannibal Barca for the Roman Empire, even greater than Hannibal because you survived every empire's attack and your revolution is going to remain after your death even.

José Mejí (El salvador)

Hasta la victoria, siempre!

Mary Elizabeth Newman (United States of America)

Eva Batista Lorenzo (Spain)

Soy cubana y aunque por razones no políticas me encuentro lejos de mi Patria siento, al igual que todo nuestro pueblo, un profundo dolor por la muerte de Fidel, ejemplo de lucha y dignidad, y cuyo legado permanecerá por siempre. ¡Viva por siempre Fidel y la Revolución Cubana!

Silvia María Domenech Nieves (Canada)

Mis más sinceras condolencias al pueblo cubano, por el fallecimiento de su más grande líder, conductor de sus destinos desde el año 59. Fue un hombre valiente, extremadamente inteligente y siempre consecuente con sus ideales. Fidel seguirá siendo un ejemplo a seguir en Latinoamérica y en el resto de mundo. Sentimos su desaparición física, pero por resto de nuestras vidas lo llevaremos en nuestro corazón.

Ariadna Moretti (Argentina)


Gail berwick (United Kingdom)

Of all the many figures that died in 2016, the legacy of Fidel and his contribution to the Cuban Revolution, to the people of Cuba through education, health, culture, democracy, to cheerleading the voices of the poor oppressed nations of the world, dominated by an Imperialist world order led by the US, and the inspiration he has given to countless people around the world, his death leaves the largest gap that will hard pressed to fill. But to leave this gap: the voice of peace, justice, sovereignty, democracy, development, education, solidarity, courage, anti-imperialist struggle is to allow voices of reaction, hate, racism, sexism, fascism, exploitation and oppression to take its place, which are advancing right across the world. To allow this would be the greatest insult to his memory and all those who dedicate and given their lives to the great workers revolutionary struggle. Rather than idolising the man, we need to remain loyal to the ideals of Fidel and Revolutionary Cuba and what they stand for in this age and time of an uncertain future for humanity. Viva Cuba!

Eoghan O'Neill (Ireland)

Muito obrigada, comandante, por ter dedicado sua vida ö libertaésect;épound;o do povo latino-americano, por ter se dedicado ö causa do comunismo orientado pelas convicésect;émicro;es do marxismo-leninismo, obrigada por nos servir de exemplo na luta contra o imperialismo. Népound;o deixaremos nunca que sua memória seja apagada. Sempre lembraremos da sua luta e népound;o podemos fazer menos do que nosso comandante fez. Os comunistas seguirépound;o lutando em seu nome e de tantos outros camaradas que já nos deixaram. Muito obrigada por tudo, comandante. A América Latina e os trabalhadores do mundo só podem agora lhe agradecer por todo o trabalho.

Anna Paula Figlino (Brazil)

Myriam Zea (United Kingdom)

Fidel has been on the right side of history and history has already absolved him. Viva Cuba!

Silvia Paracchini (United Kingdom)

Un abrazo fraterno desde Peréordm;. La partida del Comandante hará más grande su estrella que iluminara las conciencias, la solidaridad y la fraternidad de toda Latinoamérica y el Mundo. ¡Hasta la Victoria Siempre!

Adolfo Contreras (Peru)

Venceremos comandante!

Maria vacas sentis (Spain)

My condolences to th people of Cuba

Hugh Kilgour (France)

Fidel Castro's legacy lives on in every Cuban, the Cuban Revolution shines as a beacon of hope that another world is possible. Defendiendo el Socialismo!

Jamie Davis (United Kingdom)

You will be a lasting inspiration to generations.

George Grime (United Kingdom)

RIP Comandente Fidel. Viva Cuba!!

Simon Artherton (Ireland)

Fidel fue, es, y siempre será un proyecto con, y en nombre de, las y los desposeídos. La chusma de Miami celebrando su desaparición física fue, es, y siempre será parte del imperialismo y neocolonialismo que los ha desposeído ... por ahora. ¡Viva Fidel Eterna!

Dr Robert Austin (Australia)

Castro's legacy will live on. A health service and education system second to none. A small country but always the first to send practical help to disaster areas. A beacon in a capitalist world.

Mary Jackson (United Kingdom)

Espero que el pueblo cubano siguen beneficiandose de toda lo que Fidel y sus compañeros los llevaran! Gracias a todos, gracias al pueblo cubano por la esperanza!

Marco (Belgium)

Sincerest condolences to the bereaved Cuban nation. Your loss is felt and mourned all over the world.

Fortune Africa (South Africa)

I believe he did what he felt was right for his people!! You can't expect more.

maryann wilson (Canada)

Marie Downey (United Kingdom)

Joan Mooney (United Kingdom)

Saddened by the passing of the great revolutionary leader. R.I.P.

Mark Quinn (Ireland)

Goodby Comrade. People like this sadly don't exist. You have tried to achieve the impossible in the impossible scenario. Viva Cuba. Viva the revolution. We will never forget you and never give up. The spirit goes on and we are with you. Much love, Julia

Dr Julia Svetlichnaja (United Kingdom)

I feel a great sorrow at the passing of our comrade Fidel. Solidarity with the Cuban people at this time of uncertainty my hope is that the revolution will endure for their freedom and welfare

Graeme Boxall (United Kingdom)

He will not be forgotten

Peter Allen (United Kingdom)

Fidel Castro was a hero to many and an inspiration to us all. The political landscape of the world will be twisted without him

Tom Haddock (United Kingdom)

Condolences. A man who made a great contribution.

Karen Johnson (United Kingdom)

Did great things for Cuba and the world. America used terrorism against his country as well trying to murder him. The story of the airliner blown up and similar events are kept from the public by the same press that now condemns Fidel Castro. Even if the things they say about him were true, no American president is fit to be his judge.

Brendan O'Brien (United Kingdom)

I am so sorry to learn of the death of this great man. I hope Cuba will be able to continue to be an independent socialist state.

Elizabeth Wood (United Kingdom)

Thankyou and farewell Commandante, you were the inspiration of my youth and the hope of my maturity. We have lost a legend

Mia Roberts (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre

maria texier (Venezuela)

Eterno Comandante, ficamos orfos, ficamos doídos, ficamos um pouco mais sós, mas por cima de todo, ficamos com o teu luminoso exemplo de dignidade e honradez.

Fernando Vásquez (Spain)

Sean O'Donoghue (United Kingdom)

Ireland+Cuba Friends forever.RIP Fidel.

Philip Mc Fadden (Ireland)

Fidel will be missed but your revolution and the revolutionary spirit of the Cuban people lives on. May it live forever. May Cuba and her people continue to inspire the world.

Matthew David Floyd Colburn (United States of America)

A sad awakening to the news of this huge loss, much more than a man, much more than a leader, Fidel Castro was in life, as he will be in memory, an icon of endurance and resistance. Few have had Fidel Castro's unwavering and longstanding commitment to the highest ideals, creating the conditions of health and education for all in Cuba, and siding in solidarity with the peoples around the globe, no matter how far or whether what was needed was doctors, teachers or soldiers. Thanks to him and the Revolution, the Republic of Cuba truly became a sovereign nation, which today stands as an example of a more just social model and an example of survival against great odds (the US embargo and its aggravation since the fall of the socialist bloc). The struggle continues without his presence but Fidel Castro's inspiration lives on in all of us who want a better world. Hasta la victoria siempre Comandante...

Maria Castro (United Kingdom)

As health workers fighting against the privatisation of our NHS we look to Cuba and the achievements of the revolution in championing excellent health care for the Cuban people and those in need across the world. Fidel's legacy, promoting health, education, socialism and internationalism will continue to inspire progressives and future generations. Long live the Cuban Revolution!

Chris Davis (United Kingdom)

"Everything seems impossible until it is done" Comrade Nelson Mandela - Viva Fidel - Viva the revolution - I salute You Fidel for showing the rest of the world what can be achieved through ' Socialism' A Fantastic Helth & Education System for All Cuban People. May Peace Be With All Cuban People in your wonderful country. "In Solidarity Steven Peacock".

Steven Peacock (United Kingdom)

Solidarity to you all !

Lucy Henery (United Kingdom)

A Cuba, a Raéordm;l, a cada toda la gente que siente por sus venas, el amor mas grande por la cause de la libertarian, extender mi abrazo solidario. Hasta la victoria siempre Comandante Fidel, vuela alto con Martí,con el Che, con Camilo, con Chávez, con Mandela. Siempre Fidel. Descansar en victoria!

Christina Zei (Australia)

I remember Fidel in 1959, when I was only 9 years old; he tossed out a dictator. I was in Greece during the Missle Crises, so I have firsthand knowledge of the danger(we had missles there too). I am generally aware of some assasinatins of his opponents but, all in all, I support his tenure. I look forward to visiting Cuba soon.

Peter Collins (United States of America)

I was extremely sorry to hear of Fidel's death; it's the end of an era. Best wished to his family, and to those who have to carry on what he started.

Robert Brenchley (United Kingdom)

Carol neely (United Kingdom)

Thank you Fidel. My hero

Bev Stewart (Australia)

A truly great man, he was a man of the people, for the people ... tragic loss to all Cubans and to the many around the world that knew him ... long may his memory live on ... RIP Fidel x

Irene Henson (United Kingdom)

Was our compass shows always socialism, goodby Fidel

Mehmet Yilmaz (United Kingdom)

Condolences to the family.

Padraic Finn (United Kingdom)

the Cuban revolution has and always will be a lifelong inspiration, your loss is our loss

John Nelis (Ireland)

Leeds Cuba Solidarity Campaign sends our love and condolences to the Cuban people. A man has gone a legend is born

Leeds CSC (United Kingdom)

How fortunate Cuba had Fidel Castro as leader for over a half century. His legacy also has impacted on the rest of the world. RIP Fidel Castro.

Eva Golding (United Kingdom)

May he RIP

Brian Dash (United Kingdom)

I visited your beautiful country a couple of times and found many communities with warmth of spirit and friendliness. Despite the many challenges in governance and against the odds and strength of the USA, Fidel Castro, the Cuban government, and citizens achieved many great outcomes. My deepest condolences to all.

John (Canada)

RIP Fidel. You were a great leader. Sending best thoughts to all the people of Cuba RIP Fidel. Eras un gran líder. Enviando los mejores pensamientos a toda la gente de Cuba

Graham (Dominican Republic)


Zorana Marinkovic (Serbia)

Fidel y Che. "Vuestras manos gloriosas y fuertes,sobre la historia dispararon, cuando toda Santa Clara se despertó para veros." Sois libertadores. No sois leyenda. Las leyendas son imaginarias. Vuestro mensaje ha transcendido, transciende, y seguirá transcendiendo sobre toda la humanidad. Hasta siempre Comandantes.

Mirella Santamaria (United Kingdom)

Bronagh magennis (United Kingdom)

Se ha ido un hombre indispensable para Cuba y el mundo. Cuando se escriba la historia hay que mencionar a Fidel, hombre fiel a la causa de su pueblo, defensor de lo que definió socialismo hecho y consagrado en Cuba. Lo perdimos físicamente pero en nuestros corazones seguirá vivo con ese ejemplo de dignidad y desprendimiento. El mundo será otro sin su presencia. Adiós mi presidente eterno. Dios te acoja en sus brazos.

Andrés Batista (Venezuela)

Andrew Travers. (United Kingdom)

History absolves you, Fidel. They are lying about you still, but their lies do not have legs long enough to carry them into history. Your life is an example. We will not let you down. Haste siempre, commander.

Dr Stephen Wilkinson (United Kingdom)

My heartfelt condolences for your loss of a great man.

Geoffrey Rose (United Kingdom)

Like so many in Cuba and around the world I am sad to see the passing of such a man as Commandante Fidel. He will be missed. However I take comfort in the knowledge that his impact and influence on this and future generations will continue. His story is an inspiration for oppressed peoples around the world. The success of the Cuban people in surviving embargoes, plots and attacks by my country and their accomplishments in education and health care are a testament to their revolutionary spirit and resolve that was embodied in the person of Fidel Castro. I encourage older Cubans to remind and teach the new generation of these accomplishments and what the dark days of imperialist oppression were like, less they fall under the lure of materialism and embark down a dark road that will lead back to those days. The spirit of Fidel will live on in the Cuban people and as an inspiration to others around the world. Embrace that spirit, nurture it and never forget the history. Long live Fidel, long live the revolution.

Martin Marshall (United States of America)

A brave and fearless leader who seen what was happening in his own country. He decided to do something about it and despite all the efforts of the VIA he survived to die of natural causes at the age of 90.he put Cuba on the world stage

Pat devine (Ireland)

Dave Shaw (Canada)

Teresa albano (Italy)

my one and only hero has gone - rest in peace, fidel ! fidelista por siempre !

christina effertz-ruggieri (Germany)


Tita Adriana (Chile)

Your struggle continues to inspire us. Hasta la victoria siempre!

Mike Cotgreave (United Kingdom)

Long Life to Fidel and to Cuba as Free and Socialist. As Cuba has won, the whole Humanity will win.

MarioGC (Spain)

Ignacio Fernández D&Ati (Spain)

Gracias por enseñarnos que hay alternativa al capitalismo canibal, por enseñarnos que otro mundo es posible. La dignidad de los pueblos no tiene precio. Gracias por una vida de lucha Gracias por estar ahí Hasta siempre Comandante

Ana Rodriguez (Spain)

My sincere condolences to the Cuban people. You had the world's greatest leader in Fidel. His passing is a sad loss to the world. I shall always remember him with love & admiration <3 Hasta La Vitoria Siempre!!

Caroline Schofield (United Kingdom)

A giant of world socialism and a force for good and civilisation. A light has gone out of the world but the vision and passion is a guiding beacon.

Byron Ashton (United Kingdom)

Querida Cuba, No perdiste a nadie, simplemente Fidel se nos adelantó, porque para allá vamos todos. Además, su memoria vivirá por siempre en vuestros corazones y sus ideas prevalecerán a través del tiempo. Hago llegar mis más sentidas condolencias a la familia Castro, al gobierno y al pueblo de mi querida Cuba. Con la mayor consideración y aprecio, quedo de usted.

Sandra Johnson (Peru)


Fidel Castro was my hero and one of the greatest humans ever, it is so sad that he has passed away my thoughts go out to the people of Cuba

Lawrence Townsend (New Zealand)

An inspiration. A real loss though his legacy will remanot.

Rhodri Huws (United Kingdom)

Brandon Fox (United Kingdom)

Gracias a la Patria Grande y a Cuba por habernos legado al mayor líder de la historia.

Tali Feld (Dominican Republic)

R.I.P Mo Chara

Ruth Evans (United Kingdom)

A great socialist who defended his people and country and Latin American from the aggression of the USA and Western powers Viva Castro and the revolution!

Alan Maltman (United Kingdom)

Having been to Cuba a few times, the Cuban people's love for their revolution is great. The overthrow of gangsters and drugs corruption and the American mob deserves the support of all workers. Viva the Cuban revolution

Peter Farrell (United Kingdom)

Hasta la victoria siempre, commandante.

Richard Ellison (United Kingdom)

Beate Mauelshagen (Germany)

Respect to Fidel and deepest sympathies to his family and our Cuban friends. A true giant of the world stage may have left us, yet he showed that another world where health and education as a means of helping other countries is possible.

Scarlett Gray (United Kingdom)

Beannacht Dé leis


Tam McColl (United Kingdom)

Farewell Fidel, your revolution will carry on. Hasta la Victoria Siempre

Angela Broderick (Ireland)

Marie Macfarlane (United Kingdom)

Onwards to Victory. Rest in Peace Commander

Eileen Kersey (United Kingdom)

No hay palabras para despedirte comandante, así que no lo haré, sólo darte las gracias por hacer posible la Revolución y por esperarme para que yo hiciese la mía, hasta la victoria siempre, de una revolucionaria eterna. Esther Gómez Corbalán (Yo soy Fidel).

Esther Gómez Corbal&Atild (Spain)

My country: Scotland. History will remeber him as a man who did not bend to the corruption and bullying of Imperial America. No-one is perfect , but he leaves Cuba a far better place than it would have been without him. RIP La historia lo recordará como un hombre que no se dobló a la corrupción e intimidación de la América imperial. Nadie es perfecto, pero Fidel deja a Cuba un lugar mucho mejor de lo que hubiera sido sin él. q.e.p.d.

DRD Woodward (United Kingdom)

We are with the Cuban people at this time and the Spirit of Fidel and Che lives on.

Peter Hood (Australia)

You left Cubans in a far better state than anyone predicted!

Rhona (United Kingdom)

¡Hasta la victoria siempre, Fidel!

Malcolm Richards (United Kingdom)


tomao ion (France)

Gracias por que tu pensamiento y tus principios se quedan entre nosotros.

Isabel Marcos Bravo (Spain)

A great man, who never gave up the fight.

John McGuire (United Kingdom)

Karl-Heinz Medler (Germany)

I would like to pay my heartfelt homages to our great revolutionary and peace loving hero on this day . I solute you COM.FIDEL CASTRO . YOU ARE AND WILL BE REMEMBERED.

Iqbal kahlon (Canada)

Hartmut Meinert (Germany)

James Lindsay (United Kingdom)

Lewis (United Kingdom)

Keep up the excellent work. Fidel Castro such an inspiring light in the world. Sad to hear of his passing. His work lives on xx

Lynne Todd (United Kingdom)

You've been an inspiration. Well done!

Paul Tohill (United Kingdom)

We lost a true leader but his legacy will last many generations to come.

Mohamed kerdeen (United Kingdom)

Thank-you Commander for giving us hope and for showing us that universal state education us the way forward. Thank -you for showing us that another world us possible.

Nina Franklin (United Kingdom)

In love and solidarity to the people of Cuba..may the revolution live forever.

CARYNE PEARCE (United Kingdom)

The world has lost a leader with principles and the courage to live by those principles; a leader who showed the world that 'another world IS possible' if you believe strongly enough in your own power to change things for the better....

Alice Mutasa (United Kingdom)

I am deeply saddened by the death of the great revolutionary Fidel Castro. May his legacy and ideas live forever and spread among all honest people committed to equality, freedom and socialism.

Vesna Main (United Kingdom)

Rest in peace comrade! Forward to international socialism!

Robert Patrick Lowe (United Kingdom)

You and your comrades showed the whole world that "it could be done". You and your legacy will never be forgotten. As Allende said so well in his last words "la historia es nuestra y la hacen los pueblos". Hasta siempre!

Halit Basar (Turkey)

A unique individual who thought of all (wo)men kind. The world has lost a great leader and a just person. Your legacy will live on. R.I.P

Kelly griffiths (United Kingdom)

Few figures in history achieve such lasting hope as commandante Fidel has for the people of Cuba and the oppressed worldwide. All those who rebel across the globe against the tyranny of capitalism and the empire have lost one of their greatest heroes, and one of their most compassionate comrades. Fidel was a man of vision, of determination, a man of intelligence and commitment to justice for the many. May his life and work inspire generations of revolutionaries to come, and may his example of defiance against imperialism and solidarity with all those who suffer under it continue long after his passing. Rest In Power, commandante. ¡Hasta La Victoria Siempre! ¡Viva Cuba Socialista!

Guy Cowman-Sharpe (United Kingdom)

Condolences to the Cuban people. Fidel was my boyhood hero. If I could have met one great man, it would have been Fidel Castro.

Mick Bott (United Kingdom)

Fidel did not just dare to dream of a better Cuba, he dared to take responsibility for being the architect and builder of a better Cuba for all of its people! His selfless determination and unwavering compassion for the most needy across the world is testament to his humanity. If we can learn anything from the legacy of Fidel Castro and the example of the revolution it is that we too must decide whether or not we will take responsibility to be the architects and builders of a better world!

Dermot O'Brien (Ireland)

Per Gunnar Flécedil; (Norway)

Hasta la victoria siampre cubanos. Que el imperio no destruir vostra vida com capitalismo. Fidel Castro y Cuba viven con usted! Viva Cuba!

Debora Scatena-Hubbard (Canada)

I was honoured to visit Cuba about 10 years ago. I learned about the country's history. Fidel Castro was a real leader and Cuba and its people have a unique spirit.

Garrett Considine (Ireland)

Condolencias de una amiga en los Estados Unidos. Hasta la victoria siempre!

Susie Zeiger (United States of America)

One of the greatest leaders of my generation. RIP Fidel. Viva Cuba Libre!

Patricia Sheerin (United Kingdom)

You will always be an amazing source of inspiration for me. Hasta la Victoria Siempre, Rest in Power, you were never going to be immortal, this was never going to be easy.......Shall keep your spirit alive, you will not be forgotten

Hannah Chetcuti (United Kingdom)

An inspiration to us all.

Alan Martin (United Kingdom)

The sad loss of a great man. Although not perfect like none of us are he faught fir what was right. May Cuba remain free.

Gary Shields (United Kingdom)

I hope the progress Cuba has made in universal education and healthcare can be maintained in the face of of the inevitable attacks from Trump.

Helen Taylor (United Kingdom)

Condolences to the family and the people of Cuba. I sincerely hope they continue to defend the revolution and advances fought for since 1959.

Brian Purdie (United Kingdom)

Nunca pudieron contigo Fidel.Los que quedamos seguiremos tu ejemplo. Patria o muerte, Venceremos.

Iván Hidalgo Campos (Peru)

Anthony Machado (Sweden)

I send my sincere condolences to the Cuban people and to the Communist Party of Cuba for the lamentable death of the Supreme Leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro Ruz. I hope that the future of Cuba will be guided by the ideas and teachings of Fidel, maintaining the anti-imperialist stance and the struggle for the construction of a prosperous socialist homeland.

Lenan (Brazil)

The reaction of the capitalist class to comrade Castro's death is testament to his achievements, in Cuba and on world stage. A true inspiration. A leader for peace and socialism.

Pat Page (United Kingdom)

Al pueblo de Cuba, El abrazo de Fidel a la humanidad perdurará las generaciones necesarias para la victoria final y dentro de la inmensidad de su ausencia física hoy tienen que prevalecer la lealtad y honrar el legado en revolución. No me alcanzan las palabras para describir a Fidel, pero desde mi trinchera me comprometo a entregar mi vida por las causas justas y luchar incansablemente por la dignidad de la haminadad. Hasta la victoria, siempre Juan Pablo Vaccari Lima - Peréordm;

Juan Pablo Vaccari (Peru)

Querido Fidel, has sido un hombre rarisimo, un hombre a quien echara de menos todo el mundo. Tu grandeza, tu caridad y to empatia por todos le pobres, los enfermos, los debiles y todos los que sufren humiliacion y dano e intolerancia todos los dias ha llegado siempre a todos los rincones del mundo. El mundo sera un lugar terrible y pobre sin tu humanidad. Ojala pudiera realizar mi sueno de encontrarte mientras vivias. No te olvido nunca! Eres un verdadero heroe!xxxxxxxxx

bernadette rayner (United Kingdom)

Farewell to a Great Man. With more leaders of Fidels kind the world would be a better place to live for most people.

Olav Gilséyen;mo (Norway)

Hasta siempre, comandante.

Stefan Glander (Germany)

We were sad to hear of the death of Fidel Castro. He made a great impact not just in Cuba but in the world

Hank and Jean Roberts (United Kingdom)

My depply condoleces to the Cuban people for the lost of the greatest revolutionary leader of all times, the inmortal Commander FIDEL CASTRO RUZ! Eternal Glory for you Commander! Hasta la Victoria Siempre!

Enrique Ruiz Mendoza (Nicaragua)

Hasta siempre comandante...

Eloise Linton (Spain)

Gracias, COMANDANTE. Hasta la victoria siempre!!

Ernesto J. Espinoza (Canada)

Todo mi cariño y apoyo...estamos en deuda con usted y con su pueblo!! Siempre a su lado comandante!! Hasta la victoria!! Viva cuba!! Viva la revolución!!

aritza (Spain)

The world lost a great revolutionary leader and humanitarian. His impact on world history will never be forgotten. My condolences go to the family of Fidel and the Cuban people. My hope is that Cuba will succeed in her struggle to maintain her independence and socialist society, overcome the brutal blocade and recover full sovereignty over the island. Best wishes of solidarity to the Cuban people and Raul Castro and the Cuban leadership. !Hasta la victoria siempre!

Manfred Groll (Germany)

Mis más sinceras condolencias al gran pueblo Cubano por la pérdida del Heroico Comandante Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz, que acaba de traspasar la puerta de la inmortalidad e historia universal, desde el 25 de diciembre mora al lado de Martí, Sandino, Juárez, Bolivar y demás próceres que nos dieron Patria, un solidario abrazo a todos.

José Jeséordm (Mexico)

He is remembered throughout the world for his role in the achievement of socialist ideals in the face of imperialist aggression.

Claire Weiss (United Kingdom)

A man who demonstrated that a small country can stand up to the biggest of bullies. People of Cuba; remain strong and vigilant do not sacrifice your health and education for cheap throwaway distractions.

David Smith (United Kingdom)

Miguel amortegui (United Kingdom)

The world mourns having lost one of the great icons and leaders of the 20th Centuries. Solidarity to the Cuban people and your great legacy Fidel - the enduring Cuban Revolution!

(United Kingdom)

Condolences to Fidel Castro's family and the Cuban people for they and indeed the rest of the world have lost a great man.

elizabeth laird (United Kingdom)

Fidel Hasta Siempre Comandante. Fidel will live in the memory of humanity for

Morteza Gorgzadeh (Canada)

Hasta la victoria siempre. Gracias Comandante.

Félix Barboza-Retana (Costa Rica)

We humans lost a father when Fidel passed away . His dreams and his will to give people a good and equal life is going to inspire people all over the world. He started to change the world , let us who still live in this corrupted world continue Fidels ideals in his anf Ches spirit . Long live the revolution. RIP Camerade Commendante !

Héyen;kan Bylin (Sweden)

Mabel Merlán Mata (Cuba)

I miss him and wish only the best for Cuba.

Paul Zwicker (Canada)

Such an inspiration. A wonderful man. A true revolutionary.

Bonny Ambrose (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre padre de la revolucion cubana, seguiremos tu ejemplo e ideas. Jamás te defraudaremos,tu magistral concepto de revolución será el hilo conductor de todos los cubanos.VENCEREMOS POR SIEMPRE.

Jose Patricio Herrera Gonzál (Cuba)

Un ejemplo de entereza, dignidad y luchador social.un hombre que será recordado a lo largo de la historia por aquellos de corazón justo. Hasta la victoria Comandante! Usted ya triunfo!

Miguel Montenegro (Mexico)

Gracias, Comandante Fidel Castro, por su ejemplo de hombre nuevo y por luchar por la liberación de los pueblos explotados. América Latina te felicita. VIVA LA REVOLUCION! VIVA LA UTOPIA!

Ananda Simémicro;es Fernandes (Brazil)

Gracias! Hasta la victoria siempre. Venceremos!

Reiner Hofmann (Germany)

Fidel, for so many you were an hero. For so many you were on the right side of history so many times. Of course, you also were on the wrong side of history on some of the human rights issues but overall you stood up with the oppressed in the world. For that, I want to thank you and express my gratitude. Hasta Siempre Comandante Fidel!

Rene Lake (United States of America)

Hermanos cubanos, reciban mis sentidas condolencias desde México por el deceso de Fidel; la ausencia será sólo física pues el vivirá siempre en las ideas y en los sentimientos nobles que supo sembrar en los corazones de muchos.

Ivette (Mexico)

Eterna saudade e gratidaéacute; á Fidel. Condoléordf;ncias ö familia Castro e ao povo cubano.

Joana Darc Faría De Souza Silv (Brazil)

I am so sad. He was the hero of my youth. And poor people in Latin America, Africa and all over the world lost an important voice.

Ingrid Yilmaz (Germany)

Arild Hamre (Norway)

hasta siempre

mar (Spain)

Fidel never gave an inch to imperialism. Fidel gave us all hope.

Jim Leman (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre comandante. Soñamos con un mundo mejor,gracias a tu grupo de jovenes locos que se fueron en un yate a hacer la revolución.

Elena (Italy)

Hasta La victoria siempre comandante en jefe ! ORDENE !

Raéordm;l Angel Lorenzo (Cuba)

Jamás abandonaremos el camino trazado por nuestro invencible Comandante en Jefe, seguirá siendo un ejemplo a seguir por nuestros niños y jóvenes del mañana, en una Revolución que seguirá adelante.

Belkis Delgado Velázquez (Cuba)

Norman Macleod (United Kingdom)

Morreu um grande homem, vendo seu sonhos ruírem, é triste

marcia mendes de almeida (Brazil)

Condolences on the loss of Fidel. We need more leaders like him in a world of increasingly self serving psychopaths.

Paul (United Kingdom)

On behalf of Barrow Trades Unon Council we send our deepest sympathy and sincere condolences to the people of Cuba. We stand in solidarity with you at this sad time. The struggle continues.

Mandy Penellum (United Kingdom)

Ken Ranney (Canada)

Wir werden Dich vermissen Fidel.

Manfred Sasse (Germany)

The greatest leader of all times.. RIP..The world will never forget you. Long live Fidel..long live the people of Cuba

Lois Grant (Jamaica)

Hasta la victoria siempre.

Alessandra Asteriti (United Kingdom)

Freiheit, Gleichheit, Brüderlichkeit. Für eine sozialistische Welt und ein Dank an Fidel.

petra weber (Germany)

A loss to all progressives and socialists he will never be forgotten and will always be an inspiration, RIP Fidel!!!!

Dave Rees (United Kingdom)

En 1958, "la Isla estaba oscura como el luto, pero hisaron la luz como bandera, y no tenian mas armas que la aurora, que estaba dormida sobre la tierra" Fidel es ucon mucha emocion que mi compañero Juan Carlos me anuncia tu muerte el sabado por la mañana y me pide rendirte homenaje ( soy su portavoz, desde su AVC en marzo del 2012) En sus recuerdos tu acogida y la de ntu pueblo en 1970, luego tu visita a nuestro pais natal Chile durante el gobierno de la Unidad Popular de nuestro compañero Allende. ( Actualmente vivimos en Francia desde hace 40 años ex refugiados politicos) Junto a nuestros descendientes de dos generaciones, te decimos HASTA SIEMPRE FIDEL y enviamos un pensamiento y abrazo fraterno a tu hermano Raul, toda tu familia y al Pueblo Cubano. Juan Carlos Urzua Aguirre y Maribel Avilés Corona

Maribel Avilés Corona y Juan (France)

Sincerest condolences from England, loss of a true hero of socialism. Hasta la victoria siempre comandante.

David (United Kingdom)

Descansa en paz,siempre estaras en nuestros corazonez,tu ejemplo seguira presente. Patria o muerte

Eldris (Spain)

Te amamos, Fidel. Hasta la victoria eternamente.

Sabina Becker (Canada)

RIP comrade, Thanks for your lifetime of struggle for the greater good of all human kind in the fight against capitalism.

Ryan McGibbon Thompson (Australia)


Deon (Jamaica)

Solidaridad, con Cuba ,y LA tebolucion cubana.

Ramon Andrade (United States of America)

A great inspiration through deeds more than just words

Sami Timimi (United Kingdom)

Fiona mullan (United Kingdom)

Sympathies to the Cuban people on the death of Fidel

Peter Mullan (Ireland)

Companeros! La lucha continua - Hasta la victoria siempre! Hasse Nilsson

Hasse Nilsson (Sweden)

I wish to send my heartfelt condolences to the Castro family and the Cuban citizens. A great revolutionary and leader has died and the world lost a great inspiration. Rest in peace Fidel! I hope, the great folk of Cuba will continue the mission. Fidel, you will never be forgotten!

Carsten Klimsa (United Kingdom)

Siempre en nuestro recuerdo.

Daniel Marin (Spain)

Birgitta Bengtsson (Sweden)

My husband, daughter and i visited your country 2years ago and fell in love with your country and people. We are well read regarding your history and bow before Fidel and Che, our hearts go out to you...... x

Gail Davies (United Kingdom)

The world has lost a great leader. May your legacy live on.

Sue Linton (United Kingdom)

Goodbye Fidel and sleep soundly. Your people loved you. Xx

Natasha Koczy (United Kingdom)

Dear Fidel, like you said in your lifetime, nobody would believe the news of your death... it is true, I can't believe it you're dead. And you're not! You'll allways live on in our hearts and minds and memories, your life keeps giving us hope and orientation and the Cuban revolution will live on! Thank you, comandante, hasta la victoria siempre!

Elisabeth Umezulike (Germany)

Dearest people of Cuba and the family of Fidel Castro Ruz, I would like to offer my deepest and most sincere condolences. Comrade Fidel Castro has always had a special place in my mind and hear, I have lost my hero, idol and father figure. I know my sadness cannot compare with the grief of the Cuban people, but we are mourning together. Comrade Fidel can rest with pride in all he has done for the workers and the oppressed not just within Cuba but internationally. It is with a heavy I write this message to the people of Cuba. The things he has done to help his people are not easy to count. Gracias Commandante, gracias for all the work you have done for the betterment of mankind. Rest in peace, pride and power. The world is a lesser place without you. Hasta la victoria siempre!!!!

Henry Weilenmann (Canada)

Fidel Castro fought a good fight for his people over many years and survived against the odds. He was too great to be defined by the repressive aspects of policies carried out in his name against gays and political opponents. But his achievements in Cuban health and education are a lesson to us all.

Linda Lamont (United Kingdom)

Reafirmo el compromiso con mi Comandante en Jefe, de mantener todo lo logrado en Cuba con su lucha incansable. Seguiremos por siempre su ejemplo !Hasta la victoria siempre, Comandante Fidel Castro Ruz!

Mindrey Marrero Zamora (Cuba)

Respect and solidarity.

Margaret (United Kingdom)

Lo amé y aéordm;n lo amo, y me queda claro que lo amaré por siempre.¡Triste conocer esta noticia bajo el cielo gris que cubre París! Hoy quisiera estar en mi Cuba, con los míos, pero una revolucionaria no vacila y cumple. Y sí, aquí seguiré releyendo tus palabras, revisitando las instantáneas de tu rostro pensativo, recordando los momentos en que siendo una pionerita inquieta te encontré...y a mi regreso, por muy lejos que me quede, mis pasos me conducirán a tu Santiago y más que una flor y las lágrimas de hoy, te llevaré lo que desde este amanecer grita mi corazón: ¡VIVA POR SIEMPRE FIDEL!

Leysa Buides (Cuba)

Fidel Castro will remaining a revolutionary in every sense of the word. Rge achievements at home and abroad are phenomenal for such a small country with a big heart. Nothing is perfect and one would have wished for mistakes along the way to be corrected earlier. On balance, he made me love Cuba and the spirit of the revolution. Long live the people of Cuba. May the work of the revolution lay a strong foundation for the future.

Jamela Khan (Trinidad and Tobago)

He has been a great inspiration since the Cuban Revolution.

aage niels christensen (Denmark)


He has shown throughout the my working life that we don't have to accept the status quo we can fight back and it is our duty to farewell comandante

Mick (United Kingdom)

Fidel Castro was a revolutionary warrior of the highest caliber. Of course like all humans he had his flaws but no matter what they were he fully did what he could for not only his people but oppression people across the globe. The USA government hated him because he stood for everything they are trying to destroy and like his brother in arms Ernesto Guevara said "At the risk of seeming ridiculous, let me say that the true revolutionary is guided by a great feeling of love." I believe Fidel Castro did what he did out of love for his people and oppressed people everywhere. Viva Fidel

Arash Sharifi (United Kingdom)

Very sad at the demise of a great man, R.I.P.

licia de rosa (United Kingdom)

Comhbhrón le muintir Chuba and best of wishes to your nation

Lelia Quinn (Ireland)

Rest in Peace comrade Fidel Castro a great revolutionary,stalwart anti-imperialist fighter and a close friend of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Our condolences to the Cuban people on this sad loss.

Dr Dermot Hudson (United Kingdom)

Hoy más que nunca, Fidel ¡Quisiera ser como téordm;! Hoy amanecí marchito de sueños Con la esperanza triste para verte partir Te fuiste despacio y pensativo Transitando el ocaso en el corcel de la noche Para volver preventivo y radiante en la alborada Como lo hiciste siempre Para adelantarte a los acontecimientos. Por eso, nunca te sorprendió el enemigo Porque cada paso lo pensaste previamente Y cada decisión iluminó el camino revolucionario Un soñador de alma libre que ahora vuela entre las flores Y regresas con el sol del amanecer, como las abejas Con el cuerpo erguido y la mirada firme Para seguir combatiendo contra la injusticia Con la mochila en la espalda y el fusil al hombro Te fuiste caminando hacia la sierra Para recordarnos que la lucha aéordm;n no ha terminado Que hay que seguir aprendiendo y bebiendo de tu sabiduría Hoy me siento satisfecho de haber crecido contigo, Aunque inacabado como ser humano Porque todavía me falta para poder llegar a la altura de tu moral Me enseñaste a estimar la dignidad como un tesoro Y a defender el honor como una trinchera Mientras se pelea para redimir a los oprimidos Hoy te marchas con el cuerpo erguido Porque nadie podrá verte tendido y yermo, Solitario y sin vida Hoy somos más militantes de tus sueños y tus ilusiones Hoy levantamos tu fusil del camino, para seguir tu praxis Y continuar multiplicando tu gran obra, Fidel Por eso quiero decir sin vacilación ninguna Para señalar como revolucionario, que quiero ser como téordm; César Franco Rivero 28/11/2016. Cumaná. Venezuela

César Franco Rivero (Venezuela)

Millions of working people the world over will commemorate Fidel Castro as a revolutionary leader who led a movement that united workers and peasants in a course to take power out of the hands of the Cuban capitalist class who were lackeys to the US and other imperialist powers. It was this movement that mobilised millions to return land to the peasants, to teach everyone to read and write, to nationalise factories under workers' control, and to unselfishly come to the aid of other countries fighting for their sovereignty from imperialism with as pièce de résistance the hundreds of thousands of Cuban combatants who defeated the South African Apartheid army tacitly backed by US and British imperialism. This is why the big business media here in the UK slander and vilify Fidel so much, he is the prime example in the second half of the twentieth century that, with the right leadership, a movement can be build that can lead workers to take state political power out of the hands of our exploiters and change property relations in the progress so a socialist society can be build based on human solidarity, instead of the dog-eat-dog reality of capitalism. That is why they hate Fidel so much, it is because they fear us, us the toilers of the world.

Hugo Wils (United Kingdom)

Alvaro (Spain)

José Rodrigo Jaduri Benavides (Chile)

History will absolve Fidel! Rest in peace comrade! One of the greats!

Tiarnán Haddock (United Kingdom)

Soy de Venezuela y envío mis condolencias a todo el pueblo cubano y a los fidelísimas que están sufriendo esta irreparable pérdida, Paz a su alma, gracias Fidel

Cruz Sanabria (United Kingdom)

Sincere condolences to the Cuban people! Be strong and courageous! keep the fight going follow your leader extraordinaire. Viva Castro!!

Millicent Findlay (Jamaica)

One of the great political leaders of the 2nd half of the 20th Century.

Jenny Rathbone AM (United Kingdom)

Contigo Comandante se pierde un icono de que la revolucion es posible y ademas mantenerla para siempre. HASTA LA VICTORIA. SIEMPRE

Rogelio Marin Canuto (Spain)

Adios Comandante, Your body died but you and the Cuban revolution are history; you are immortal!!! I've cried your dead but I'm aware that it's not the end of what you've started. Viva Fidel Viva Cuba Socialista!!! Hasta la Victoria!!!!!

Giacomo Trappolini (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre!

Marc De Coninck (Belgium)

Fidel Castro was a good man and a leader that led the Cuban people to greatness and also brought many good things to Cuba while in power. A quote by Che Guevara comes to mind about Castro: "You can always kill a man, but his ideas will live on."

Frank Anthony Perry (United States of America)

History absolved him. RIP

Matthew McLaughlin (Ireland)

Mijn oprechte deelneming aan de familie, vrienden en het Cubaanse volk. Dit heengaan van een bijzondere persoon, laat een leegte achter in deze verwarde wereld. Ik hoop uit de grond van m'n hart dat er meer mensen zoals Fidel Castro zullen opstaan en het willen/kunnen opnemen voor de gewone burgers en deze wereld, samen met gelijkgestemden, humaan en sociaal maken.

Diane Janssen (Belgium)

Rest In Peace ~ Dr. Fidel Castro

DEE LASHON BASHEER (United States of America)

Lamento muchisimo la muerte de Fidel. Fue una muy gran persona en Cuba y en todo el mundo. He visitado Cuba y he visto todo lo que ha hecho Fidel para su querida patria. Historia seguramente le ha absolvado! Adios Fidel y gracias - unidos finalmente con Che

Shirley Rogers Keene (United Kingdom)

Long live the memory of comrade Castro, long live the struggle for socialism and freedom.

Sakarias Bergsén (Sweden)

Thank you Fidel for all your courage. Millions will draw strength from you to continue to resist social injustice. Rest in Peace. Monica.

Monica Chelagat (Italy)

Magali (Switzerland)

A hero of working class struggle, a champion of the people. He should be an inspiration to all who fight for social justice

Phil Street (United Kingdom)

An "ICON" across the world,a hard act to follow, but follow we must, SALUD to a comrade of every decent human on the planet.

Dave (United Kingdom)

Un heroe para mi. Viva Fidel

Jennifer Haskew (United Kingdom)

A great man who will be sadly missed by many. A true friend of humanity.

Granville David Credland (United Kingdom)

RIP The great revolutionary

Ken Willingale (United Kingdom)

Por favor acepte mi compasión profunda en su gran perdida. Estuvo de pie alto con la dignidad e inspiro a muchos a hacer bueno para aquellos en la necesidad.

Jeffrey Kisling (United States of America)

We will continue working in his spirit

Michael Klaus (Germany)

Alexej Komisarczuk (Russian Federation)

Adele Sperandio (Germany)

Inmensa es la pena y la nostalgia que sentimos, los que te admiramos y queremos querido Comandante, supiste enfrentarte al más poderoso Imperio y nunca te doblegaste ante nada, seguiremos tu ejemplo, gracias por darnos la oportunidad de ser alguien en esta vida y de saber que hay otros caminos que nos conducen a la verdad y el amor a los seres humanos, viví 8 años en tu maravilloso país, me empapé de la gente cubana sencilla que con tan poco hacía mucho, no sólo me hicieron médico si no un ser humano mejor, eterno agradecimiento a tí Fidel Castro y a tu pueblo...Patria o Muerte...Venceremos!!!!

José Luis Tejada Rodr&Ati (Peru)

You inspired millions of people all over the world for consistently fighting against injustice and imperialism. You always stood up for the poor and vulnerable in Cuba and the world. It is so sad to see you have passed on, but you will be remembered as a true revolutionary and champion of human dignity

Luke Hoggarth (United Kingdom)

A wonderful person who led his people out of misery

Thomas Roberts (United Kingdom)

Yo quiero salir del mundo Por la puerta natural: En un carro de hojas verdes A morir me han de llevar. No me pongan en lo oscuro A morir como un traidor: ¡Yo soy bueno, y como bueno Moriré de cara al sol! José Martí, Versos Sencillos, XXIII Gracias, Comandante, por su coraje y su amor por Cuba.

Alvaro A A Fernandes (United Kingdom)

!Hasta siempre, Comandante!

Joachim Guilliard (Germany)

Cuba Fidel am byrh

Diana Bianchi (United Kingdom)

FIDEL CASTRO en la memoria de todos los cubanos estás, por tus hechos y espíritu, la juventud cubana seguirá tu camino, HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE COMANDANTE.

Laura (Spain)

A great leader and inspiration to all who would resist bullies.

Roger Baker (United Kingdom)

Gracias por enseñar humanidad

Margarita Flor (Spain)

An amazing man.

Paul Maunder (New Zealand)

RIP Fidel Castro <3

Mikael Olsson (Sweden)

Fidel my commandant,'till the Victory ever!!! Socialism up!!!

Guillermo Miguel Galceroni (Argentina)

Fidel will be greatly missed by the Cuban people his reforms were morally right and just especially in health care and free education for all

Jane (United Kingdom)

We will never forget our dear fidel, thanks to the free health, free education

Jorge Prieto (Cuba)

Please accept my deeply felt condolences. La lucha continua

Günter Schmidt-Bollmann (Germany)

Las tristes y lamentables noticias que obligan a los hombres a tragar en seco y con sabor amargo en la garganta es aquella que del que quieres de corazon deja de estar fisicamente entre la familia. Aquellos que sonrrien ante esta noticia lo hacen con miedo, con temor a que lo descubran porque pocos compartirian con ellos.Alegre está este pueblo de seguir la huella que dejo Fidel. Fidel no ha partido, no ha abandonado a los pobres de la tierra, sigue en América, en Cuba, forma la triangular que faltaba entre los mas grandes de todos los tiempos: Bolívar, Martí, Fidel, clásicos de la revolución de América que debemos conocer, estudiar, e imitar. Fidel murió feliz, hizo cuanto quiso y hará, cumplió todos sus sueños, fue escuchado y respetado por sus amigos y porque no por los enemigos, fue el hombre de las tres C, salpó, desembarco, subió la montaña, invasor de guerrillero, vencedor antes de miles de soldados Batistianos que huyeron como ratas a su cueva, triunfador, socialista, comunista, padre de todos los hombres y mujeres de todos los rincones del planeta, de aquellos desprotegidos, hambrientos, analfabetos. Fidel profeta de estos tiempos. Fidel con Aché.

Bárbara M. La& (Cuba)

Rest in peace Fidel. You led the fight against imperialism and showed the world that communism is a viable alternative to exploitative capitalism. You will always be remembered as a hero of socialism.

Murray Swan (United Kingdom)

Alex Brooke (United Kingdom)

the last great authentic socialist has gone. let´s remember him by fighting for an athentic socialism in our own countries!

margareta steinrücke (Germany)

Viva Fidel! Un abbraccio al popolo cubano

Stefania (Italy)

Sincere condolences to the citizens of Cuba on the loss of your great liberator and father of the nation

John McGowan (United Kingdom)

Mi Comandante eterno: No tengo palabras para agradecerte tanto, ni para describir el inmenso dolor y vacio que me causa tu partida. Tu humanidad, altruismo y la genialidad de tu pensar hizo florecer a una Cuba libre y soberana! Por esa libertad seguiremos luchando cada dia, y estoy seguro que tu, donde sea que estés nos seguirás guiando en este largo camino. Por siempre fiel a ti y a la patria, que con mi vida defenderé!

Alejandro Acosta (Cuba)

A great man, a very great leader, an outstandig guide!

Konrad Rühling (Germany)

Thank you Fidel for sacrifice to the people of Cuba and to the word. We greve your loss. rest in power comrade.

Warren Marriner (United Kingdom)

Pat mclaren (Australia)

Sincere condolences from Wales. Che and Fidel's struggle will go on to inspire the oppressed around the world. ¡Viva La Revoluésect;ion!

Joel Beer (United Kingdom)

Nunca te olvidaremos, por tus enseñanzas. Hasta la victoria siempre.

Evarist Antoni Jorda Sempere (United Kingdom)

Your solidarity with the oppressed people of Africa in their struggle for freedom and dignity will never be forgotten. Thank You for being a friend of Africa. So long Fidel. Farewell.

Peter Kargbo (United Kingdom)

Soy mitad española mitad tunecina.. ¡Te amo Cuba y te amaré siempre! Me adolora inmensamente tener que despedir a un gigante revolucionario como lo fue Fidel Castro Ruz. Aun así, su muerte no es mas que el nacimiento de un mito que quedara en la historia como testimonio de la lucha por la libertad, la justicia y la dignidad humana. Tu no mueres Fidel Castro, te vuelves INMORTAL!

RediTae (Tunisia)

Hasta la victoria siempre!

Begoña Lopez (Spain)

My condolences. I visited Cuba this time last year on a tour of permaculture and organic growing projects, including Moringa.

Diana Morgan (United Kingdom)

No me puedo despedir como quisiera, porque estoy en México por misión de cubadeportes, pero cómo te vas a despedir de alguien que siempre va a estar contigo, no se puede siempre va a estar presente, para mí y para millones, hasta siempre comandante.

Gerardo Morell Rico (Cuba)


Miguel de las Doblas Lavigne (Spain)

His continued fighting despite 638 attempts on his life by the CIA have inspired me to never give up. I'm going to Cuba for my 18th I hoped to see Fidel Castro first when I land in Cuba will be to pay my respects to Fidel Castro. Viva La Revolution!

Dawson Michael John Kenney Pugh (United Kingdom)

El dolor es enorme. Pero cuando la obra de su vida también ha sido enorme jamas se muere. Comandante eterno!

Jordan Suarez (Spain)

Gracias Fidel, seguimos luchando ...

Anne Loschky (Germany)

Lamento la muerte de Fidel Castro; uno de los más grandes líderes que ha tenido la humanidad, toda persona con sentido de justicia y antiimperialista lo recordará por siempre, ahora es deber del pueblo cubano y su dirigencia continuar su obra, no rendirse ante las acechanzas de sus enemigos, honor y gloria a Fidel por siempre.

Oscar Ivan Romero (Venezuela)

Comandante Castro, gracias por tu ejemplo.

Stephen Hatcher (United Kingdom)

Nunca fuiste "uno más", tampoco desde hoy serás "uno menos". Hasta la victoria, siempre.

Antonio Caba Morón (Spain)

A leader to be proud of

Pauline Easter (United Kingdom)

Good healthcare and education are vital to any civilized society. Admirable achievements.

Deirdre Clancy (Ireland)

Susan Voss (Sweden)

We will continue working in his spirit

Reiner Braun (Germany)

Descanse en mi Comandante,usted no ha muerto, usted vive en el corazón de todos los cubanos, usted fuè mas que nuestro Lider, fuè nuestro Padre, nuestro Guia y el promotor del pueblo cubano y toda Latinoamerica, tu ejemplo quedarö plasmado en cada hombre sobre la tierra, su Legado y actitud Revolucionaria es un digno ejemplo a seguir, me enorgullezco de solo pronunciar su nombre, es una sensacion de grandeza, de valentia, puedes descansar tranquilo Comandante, el pueblo cubano y toda Latinoamerica lo recordarö siempre. HASTA SIEMPRE COMANDANTE FIDEL CASTRO RUZ.

Maricela Salazar Revilla (Cuba)

A light might have gone out with the passing of Fidel Castro Ruz but the Cuban revolution still shines brightly across the world and will never be extinguished. Long live the Cuban people.

Joe Parker (United Kingdom)

Your name will live on in the struggles ahead

Andy Bain (United Kingdom)

Desde Castilla, ahora mismo bajo el despiadado sistema español, quiero mandar un abrazo de solidaridad al hermano pueblo cubano. Todos nos sentimos hoy huérfanos, pero como decía Fidel: las ideas permanecen. Ya se ha plantado una semilla en nuestros corazones y la revolución del pueblo terminará por florecer en cada rincón del planeta. Que la tierra te sea leve, Comandante. Venciste. Rakel

Rakel (Spain)

Comprometidos con tu legado, seremos consecuetes con tu ejemplo y juramos defender nuestra Socialismo "Hasta la Victoria Siempre". Patria o Muerte. Venceremos.

Centro Provincial de Superaciésup3 (Cuba)

Long live the greatest leader of all the revolutionary people in the world! Now, Fidel Castro will be an eternal inspiration in the fight for independence, freedom, peace and against the Yankee Imperialism.Que viva Fidel!!

Isabel Ruiz Gomez (Canada)

Grazas amigo por ensinarme a vivir sempre con unha idioloxia e facer q ande sempre erguido. Dende A Coruña ata Sempre Comandante A victoria Sempre sera NOSA DO POBO. ATA SEMPRE COMANDANTE

Xulio Montero Díaz (United Kingdom)

Hasta la victoria siempre comandante!

Jean osielle (Spain)

His work and intentions still live.

Gil Tarschys (Sweden)

A great man dies but his legacy never dies. RIP Fidel you have an inspiration for millions of people and your legacy will forever. Viva revolution Viva Cuba

Mo Abuzahra (United Kingdom)

It is unnecessary to say that Fidel Castro possesses the high qualities of a fighter and statesman: our path, our struggle, and our triumph we owed to his vision. Che Guevara

joe Lynch (United Kingdom)

Rest in peace. A truly inspirational leader.

Ed Evans (United Kingdom)

Siento mucho la desaparición físita de nuestro líder, es una pérdida irreparable. No está físicamente pero nos acompañará siempre

tania (Cuba)

Muchas gracias UK por todo su apoyo en estos momentos tan dificiles para nuestro pais.Hemos perdido al gran líder de nuestra Revolución, pero quedan sus ideas y los jóvenes cubanos las defenderemos siempre.

Karla Picart (Cuba)

Politicians of his kind are sadly a rare breed. Viva Fidel.

Enys Delmage (United Kingdom)

My deepest sympathies to the people of Cuba on the passing of your great leader Fidel Castro. Farewell Comrade.

Carmel Meacle (Ireland)

Long live the Cuban Revolution! Venceremos!

Bob Russell (United States of America)

Fidel Castro, a greate leader fighting fore mankinde against imperialism

Rune Persson (Sweden)

Desde Portugal te digo que tu no te hayas muerto, compañero. Como dice nuestro poeta Camémicro;es es uno de "...aquellos que por sus obras valiosas se vano de la ley de la muerte libertando...". Es el Comandante en Jefe da la revolución cubana e también do todos nosotros que creemos, deseamos y luchamos por un mundo mejor. Hasta la Victória Siempre.

António Morais Sarmento (Portugal)

Los grandes hombres nunca mueren. Fidel vivirá por siempre en el corazón de quienes sepan hacer perdudarar su legado cada día.

Gabriela (Cuba)

Queridos hermanos hoy todos estamos un poco más solos.También estamos orgullosos de ser comunistas como y con Fidel. Comparto el llanto triste y rebelde de los cubanos. Hasta la Victoria Siempre-Venceremos.

Leandro Moreira (Uruguay)

Odalys (Cuba)

Y me encuentro con la noticia que Fidel falleció. Crecí con tu imagen fuerte y esperanzadora. Mi madre hablaba de ténot; con respeto y admiración. Habías traido la esperanza de liberación de todo un continente. Estuvisté presente toda mi vida. Te dí mi pequeña mano de niña en tu ida a Chile. Mi madre coménot;o contigo y nos contaba con sencillez de tu porte imponente y grandes ojos azules que irradiaban fuerza amistad sinceridad y humor. En esa mesa q se sentara Allende en aquella casa improvisada de Baltra. No me acuerdo su nombre pero hermana de Odette y Ruth. Has sellado nuestras vidas ,miles de vidas . Has echo futuro . Gracias gracias por tu aporte maravilloso a esta pequeñita humanidad. Hasta la victoria por siempre comandante Fidel.

luciana (Norway)

Mis más sentidas condolencias al pueblo di Cuba

Iain Galbraith (Germany)

A true leader of living example of a workers democracy and a more equitable society. He showed to the whole world the possibility of surviving a small country while supporting people's struggle against political oppression and economic exploitation in every corner of the world. His name together with Che Guavera will be remembered as the light of freedom, hope and democracy. Siempre adelante por la revolucion mundial!

Ferhat Cinar (United Kingdom)

Comandante hoy lo que tenemos y somos se lo debemos a usted hoy no has muerto vives y viviras para siempre en nuestros corazones descansa en paz nuestro comandante

Rafael Yosvanis Bello Rodriguez (Brazil)

Hasta Siempre COMANDANTE!

José Antonio Ortega L&Ati (Spain)

Tiernan Vaughan (Ireland)

Viviré siempre para dejar bien en alto tu nombre y lo que lograste en mí como joven. Seré justo como lo quisiste para que tu legado nunca desvanezca.No permitiré jamás que nadie sea capaz de hablar frente a mí intentando manchar tu nombre, tu legado o tu recuerdo. Descansa tranquilo, que en jóvenes como yo vivirás siempre. Desde una delegada al tercer congreso pioneril: A conquitar el futuro

Luz María Gutia& (Cuba)

Anna (United Kingdom)

Samuel Morton (United Kingdom)

Your writings, works and actions are are an inspiration to all people who are fighting for a fair and just society. You touched my heart, and you helped me realise that there is a better motive for organising society to achieve a common good than profit. Hasta siempre Fidel

Gail Harper (Australia)

The legacy of Fidel Castro will never die!

Joseph M. Cachia (Malta)


Your legacy is unparalelled - history will give you the place you deserve Fidel. Up there with the truely great humans.

Lynne Calman (Australia)

I ndíl chuimhne ar Fidel Castro, laoch a sheas an fód go cróga calma. Thoid sé ar son Na córa a shaol ar fad.

Fiachra O Donghaile (Ireland)

Never forget

Cade Barnes (Botswana)

rip bro

Andrew B. Simpson (Barbados)

(Viet Nam)

Hasta siempre comandante

Pietro ferretti (Italy)

Hasta Siempre COMANDANTE

Tomas caballero sixto (Spain)

I am heart broken at the loss of a great visionary who was terribly misunderstood <3

Michael Corleone (Croatia)

Forever leader

Xosé Curréiex (Spain)

Rest in peace

Lorraine Hartin (United Kingdom)


Maria Irma Torres Licor (Cuba)

A man for his country and his people.

Philip Bradley (United Kingdom)

Mi solidaridad con el pueblo cubano por la perdida de este gran revolucionario ,hasta la victoria comandante, viva Fidel Castro


Fidel has been an inspiration and a hero to me since I was 14. His poster was up alongside the likes of Metallica and Motorhead in my room to remind me to strive always for purpose and justice. Let us continue his drive for a world free from imperialism and degradation. ¡Hasta Siempre, el Commandante!

Oliver (United Kingdom)

Un gran ejemplo revolucionario, un padre para todos los cubanos, un amigo incondicional para los necesitados, muy querido por los niños cubanos que siempre seguiran su ejemplo, asi como toda Cuba que seremos fieles a sus ideales.

Soukiana (Cuba)

For a man who, in his own way, tried to do what he felt was right. You are free of MSM lies and corruption. Viva.

Steven Milker (United Kingdom)


Paul Mc Devitt (Ireland)

Se nos fue un gigante, pero su ejemplo nos guiara en la lucha. Tomo tus palabras "A todos nos llegará nuestro turno, pero quedaran las ideas de los comunistas cubanos, como prueba de que en este planeta, si se trabaja con fervor y dignidad, se pueden producir los bienes materiales y culturales que los seres humanos necesitan, y debemos luchar sin tregua para obtenerlos" Gracias comandante Fidel. Francisco Jiménez Cárdenas, militante de las juventudes comunistas de Chile.

Francisco Andrés Jim&Ati (Chile)

You're healthcare and education policies put other governments to shame. All this despite the longest sanctions any country has ever endured. May your legacy live on.

Sammer (United Kingdom)

Fidel vive! Viva Cuba! Hasta siempre Comanadante!

Rita Loddo (Italy)

Rest in power.

Gerard Daly (United Kingdom)

Viva Cuba Viva Castro Long live the revolution

David Cowan (United Kingdom)

Siento un profundo dolor con la pérdida de nuestro Comandante a él le debo lo que soy y lo que han estudiado mis hijos hasta hoy, todo lo que hizo por nosotros su pueblo es un lucero que brilla en ese cielo tan grande como lo és él estoy muy triste.

leicy (United Kingdom)

Your work for the south american struggle against the brutal dictatorships of the imperialist powers as well as your bravery on the battlefield can only be regarded as some of the most symbolic and some of the most heart warming struggles to exist in our cause

Nikolai Strikov (United Kingdom)

Al padre, al maestro, al ser humano, a lo positivo que puede encerrar una persona. al caballo, al tipo, el héroeo, al padre. Nosotros lo óvenes cubanos sabremos llevar adelante la revolución y mantendremos tu legado siempre. Descansa en Paz mi eterno Fidel.

Leonardo E. Pino Valdés (Cuba)

venceremos commandante !!!

Georg Droz dit Bushet (Germany)

Fidel Castro has been a shining star of Communism and Marxism-Leninism to me. His exploits over the decades solidified my firm convictions of the superiority of Socialism. I am truly saddened by Comrade Fidel's passing and I hope all Communists and anti-Imperialists will hold Fidel in a special place in their heart. Fidel Castro, unalterable words and deeds written in all hearts, forever. My condolences go out to the Cuban people and especially to President Raul Castro, through these dark days we will succeed! patria o muerte.

Daniel Webster (United Kingdom)

Unlike many who condemned I have visited Cuba and seen the truth for myself. He wasn't perfect but he changed history for the better.

Charlie Stewart (United Kingdom)

Martina Hanke (Germany)

You showed the world that your people matter. You will be forever missed

Paul Kenneally (United Kingdom)

Hasta la victoria siempre! Viva Fidel!

Monica Boring (Sweden)

A friend of Ireland, a rebel and a statesman. We will miss you greatly Commandante. For me, a personal hero. "Our revenge will be the laughter of our children." - Bobby Sands

Martin Keenan (Ireland)

A sad day for all freedom loving people.

Phil Mc Cullough (Ireland)

Presente Siempre for a leader for our world that addressed apartheid, imperialism and the need for universal access to decent education and healthcare with a flair and a continuous joie de vivre Thanks Fidel

David Kidd (Canada)

Simon (United Kingdom)

To the people of Cuba,on behalf of the Korean Friendship Association UK i'd like to send you condolences on your loss, Fidel Castro Ruz was a great revolutionary who devoted his life to the prosperity of the Cuban, Latin American and world people in their fight against capitalism and imperialism,I hope your nation continues to follow the path of socialism - Daniel Braggins, Communications Secretary of the Korean Friendship Association UK

Daniel Braggins (United Kingdom)

Phil Mc Cullough west Belfast (Ireland)

The world has lost a great man. It is being said that he had deprived the Cubans of their liberties. It is true. But without it the Cuban Revolution would not have survived the assault from the counterrevolution. His revolution gave the Cubans free health care and education. Compare this and contrast with the lot of countries such as Haiti. Rest in peace, Comandante!

Ande Rychter (Italy)

RIP. Closed a legend

Nam Phuong Vu (Viet Nam)

Hasta siempre comandante

Manuel f lebron Soto (Puerto Rico)

conor mc carthy (Ireland)

There are no words to convey my sadness. Rest in peace dear comrade.

Mary Perry (United Kingdom)

Lamento su partida y espero que el esfuerzo hecho estos años pueda ser cosechado por tu pueblo y los revolucionarios del mundo. En Santiago de Chile, yo de 13 años en los 70, te hice guardia por unos segundos, venia del colegio. Muchos agradecn tu ejemplo y el de tu patria. Patria o Muerte, venceremos. a seguir la lucha.

Raéordm;l (Chile)

Continuaremos la obra de tu pensamiento así como tu seguiste el pensamiento Martiano. Hasta Siempre Comandante, lider invicto de la Revolución Cubana

Felina Arencibia Correa (Cuba)

God Bless you Fidel, Eternal Rest Grant Unto Him May He Rest In Peace. History not only absolved him, it shows that he took a dispossessed people and gave them pride and hope in the future. Long Live the Revolution. Socialism or Death

Paul (United Kingdom)

Todo mi corazón para ustedes , pueblo valiente, digno y admirable en este momento en que han perdido a su máximo líder e inspiración hacia la libertad , no solo para Cuba sino para todos los pueblos del mundo, el vivirá siempre en nuestros corazones, viva Cuba , VIVA FIDEL

Violeta Narváez Olave (Chile)

He became the focus for anti imperialism. An example of what a third world country can achieve when resources are state owned and shared out equitably.

Mike Heaney (United Kingdom)

May I send to the heroic people of Cuba and indeed to all friends of Cuba throughout the world, my heartfelt condolences upon the passing away of Commandante Fidel Castro Ruz, on December 25th, 2016. To call the life and work of Fidel Castro legendary, would be an understatement in the extreme. Fidel led the Cuban Revolution and realised the aspirations of Jose Marti, to finally achieve a free and independent Cuba. The Cuba Revolution utterly transformed that Caribbean Island into the first socialist state in the Western Hemisphere. Today, Cuba has world-class public health system and education, due to the 1959 Revolution. Internationalism and Anti-imperialism were always cornerstones of Fidel Castro's activity. It was Cuba which helped the peoples of Southern Africa to liberate themselves from the tyranny of apartheid. Cuba stood shoulder to shoulder with the Vietnam in its just struggle against US aggression in the 1960s. Fidel recognised the unique role played by the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea in the anti-imperialist fight as a sister and fraternal socialist state. It was the ardent wish of Fidel to unite the nations and peoples of Latin America into one family. Fidel made in 1953, the famous speech "History Will Absolve Me", and yes dear Comrade Fidel, you and your noble cause have been on the right side of history! Ever Onward To Victory!! Viva Fidel!!!

SHAUN PICKFORD (United Kingdom)

United in Solidarity and sympathy to the Castro Family and wonderful Cuban People - Malik Ismail

Malik Ismail (United Kingdom)

Fidel was a Revolutionary Socialist giant in a world of Corporate Capitalist capitulation. Much admired and sadly missed. Rest now Companero.

Graeme Beard (United Kingdom)

Heartfelt condolences. A great revolutionary like Fidel Castro live forever. And remain inspire us all

Vineesh kumar (India)

Nunca morirás COMANDANTE

Luciana Lavagna (Argentina)

Seguiremos al pie de la letra tu concepto de Revolución el cual defenderemos al precio que sea necesario. Hasta siempre comandante

Luis Acosta Duarte (Cuba)

History will not only absolve, it will be generous.

Gareth Williams (United Kingdom)

Damos gracias a Dios por la vida de Fidel, Dios nos lo prestó para que fuera luz e inspiración para muchas naciones, que seguimos soñando con ser completamente libres y soberanas, en un mundo nuevo, sin clases sociales, sin explotados ni explotadores, donde la riqueza sea distribuida equitativamente entre todos los seres humanos que poblamos este planeta. ¡QUE VIVA FIDEL! ¡HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE!

Rafael Isaias Valdez Rodríguez (Nicaragua)

Mis condolencias a la familia y a todo en pueblo cubano y que son un ejemplo a nivel mundial con la revolución cubana. Hasta la victoria Joan

Joan Fernandez (Spain)


Svein Muffetangen (Norway)

The rich , the exploiters & the haters are celebrating but the poor and those whose lives you and what the Cuban Revolution achieved are mourning - a clear message.

Chris Mackinder (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre comandante, el mundo entero se extremece por tu partida, pero siempre estaras en todos los corazones

Yenia Varela Hernández (Cuba)

Irgendwann sind wir wieder alle vereint. Ruhe in Frieden. Für den Josef-Dietzgen.Club Bernd A. Rosbund

Bernd A. Rosbund (Germany)

Fidel, you have been - and always will be - such an inspiration throught my life

Amanda Barton (United Kingdom)

The greatest revolutionary has departed to meet his buddies Ernesto and Hugo. Hr will surely bring a revolution in heavens. Farewell commandante! Hasta siempre

Shahek Baloch (Pakistan)

There Will not be another leader like Mr Castro. The world Will miss him.

Sonia Emilia Zalazar (Argentina)

Martin Blair (United Kingdom)

Someone so special can never be forgotten.

Steve S. (Belgium)

Serás eterno en cada corazón revolucionario que siga latiendo.

Fernando González (Spain)

I am devastated to learn about Fidel's death. May his revolutionary spirit carry on.

Jacob (United States of America)

Hasta la victoria siempre Comandante. A 60 años del desembarco del Granma partes hacia la inmortalidad de los que luchan toda la vida.Siempre estaras en nuestros corazones como diria el poema de Bonifacio Birne ¨No porque te hayas ido tu luz es menos alta¨Patria 0 Muerte , vemceremos

Arassay Cordova Castro (Cuba)

Alberto Anaya (El salvador)

Querido pueblo cubano, la desaparición física de Fidel Castro no es motivo de condolencias y sí de agradecimientos. Así que envío mis gracías a el y a todos los que lo apoyaran. Juntos, mostrasteis al mondo que hay otro modo posible de sociedad. Que hay algo mayor por que luchar. Que se puede soñar. Es tiempo de combater la desinformación y la mentira. Y de mejorar el trabajo inmensurable deste grande hombre. Porque es siempre posible mejora. Hagamoslo en la busqueda de la prosperidad del pueblo cubano y de los otros, siempre con el suporte y las voces de sus bases. La lucha no para, mucho menos ahora, que es tiempo que todos los que se sentieron tocados por Fidel se unan. Y luchen hasta la victoria. Peró que luchen sabendo que esa lucha, solo por si, ya es una victoria. Abrazos (perdon por mi castellano)

Francisco Fernandes Ferreira (Portugal)

Hartmut Völkner (Germany)

Rest in Peace.

Jan Spréyen;ng (Sweden)

Vivirás para siempre en nuestros corazones. Hasta la victoria siempre!

Sebastjan Cigoj (Slovenia)

My heartfelt condolences to the people of Cuba at this sad time.

Mike Trathen (United Kingdom)

Adiós Comandante

Thomas P O'Reilly (United Kingdom)


Craig Russell (United Kingdom)

Solidarity with the people of Cuba in your great loss .

Brenda Stephenson (United Kingdom)

Fidel será por siempre nuestro lider. Hasta Siempre Comandante

Vilma María Alvarez D&Atil (Cuba)

PRESENTE COMANDANTE HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE Estare eternamente agradecida mi comandante yo hija de gente pobre nunca podria haber alcanzado este sueño solo tu lo hiciste posible gracias a tus ideas de que un mundo mejor posible. Muy triste .Pero nuestro lider y guia vivira en nuestros corazones Gloria eterna.

Marilin Castillo Vargas (Cuba)

I would proudly tell my kids that I livid in the era of worlds greatest revolutionary. The man whose will power conquered the world's biggest force. Commrade Fidel, your memories will live on and it'll inspire millions. My heart felt condolences to not only the Cuban people but to all the fellow humans who admired the MAN

Shibin K (India)

A great loss to the world and socialism! Rest in peace Fidel.

Scott Simpson (United Kingdom)

My deepest condolences and thoughts and prayers go out to the Castro family. Fidel was a true inspiration too billions world wide a true fighter against injustice the world has lost a truly great statesman in Fidel Castro .

Danny Lee Halfhide (United Kingdom)

Fidel Castro es Cuba, es Latinoamérica, es la unidad del mundo, Fidel...somos todos. #HastaSiempreComandante #FidelCastro #HastaSiempreFidel

Aliana Ottomuro Chapé (Cuba)

Revolutionary condolences to the people of Cuba! May they defend every gain they have made since 1959. Viva Cuba libre!

Henry Ward (Australia)

Farewell Fidel. You have been an inspiration to me for many years. Your passing only makes me want to work harder for a better more just world.

Adrian Perry (United Kingdom)

A true revolutionary who loved his pepole and his country, mistakes were made, no one is perfect. RIP Fidel Castro

Sue (United Kingdom)


Padraig O'Connor (United Kingdom)

My hope is that future generations of Cubanswill not protect the great legacy Fidel has left them but continue to build on hard won battles in literacy and health.

Gerard McGuigan (United Kingdom)

En nombre de los trabajadores del Hotel Rancho San Vicente perteneciente al Grupo Hotelero Cubanacan, ubicado en viñales Pinar del Río, queremos hacer llegar nuestro profundo sentir por la perdida de nuestro Comandante Fidel Castro Ruz, y a su vez reafirmar su concepto de Revolución y que siempre podran contar con nosotros.

Marta González Greck (Cuba)

A giant fell quietly but the sound was heard throughout the world.

Jock (United Kingdom)

Descansa en paz comandante!!

Stig Hansen (Sweden)

Rest in peace El Comandante

Jon Haugen (Norway)

Condolencias al pueblo cubano. Hasta siempre Comandante!

Alexandru Mario Pop (Romania)

Una perdida irreparable, hermanos cubanos no caigais en manos del capitalismo cruel y asesino.

Marcos (Spain)

Sigan adelante cubanos con su revolución. Gracias Comandante por tanto!!!

Elsa Lopez (Dominican Republic)

He died beloved,revered and mourned by millions of revolutionary fellow workers around the world.His name will endure throughout the ages, and so also will his work.He has earned his rest. Let us be greatful for so much.

Stan Squires (Canada)

My condolences to the people of Cuba on the loss of their leader, and to his family and comrades. Fidel will always be an inspiration to socialists and to the dispossessed across the world. Viva la revolucion Cubana.

Helen Gurden (United Kingdom)

gracias por tus ideas realizadas, por tu ejemplo, por tu firmeza, por tu solidaridad con otros, muchas gracias por tu legado lo sabremos defender y mantener. Hasta la victoria siempre Comandante.

Rosa Elena Proenza Gómez (Cuba)

Hasta Siempre Comandante !

Zoran (Croatia)

I mourn like the rest of the world at the loss of this great revolutionary, my Fidel Rest In Peace, may he never-ever be forgotten to be remembered as one of the greatest freedom fighters in the history of our world! Fidel Castro! PRESENTE!

Jeanette Gandionco Lazam (United States of America)

So sorry. End of an era. Greatly missed. Fidel was a great inspiration. Dave

David Gregg (Ireland)

This pain will not paraylize us. We will keep struggling for the world you wanted!!!

Ernesto Teuma Taureaux (Cuba)

Te amanos y te necesitaremos siempre.eres y seras un ser unico.

Magalys Beatriz Souto Batista (Cuba)

Gracias por tu ejemplo Comandante.Ahira más que nunca nos toca seguir luchando por nuestros ideales de libertad, solidaridad e igualdad. Tu nombre y tu historia estará para siempre en nuestros corazones y en los de nuestros hijos. Hasta la victoria! Venceremos!

Alicia de Medina-Rosales (Luxembourg)

Fidel and comrades overthrew a US Fascist puppet and built a truly independent anti Imperialist global nation. Constructed world class national and international health and education services. Fidel was prepared to rethink revolutionary strategy and renewal of the revolutionary process. Such as support for the LGBT community and admit mistakes.

John Robert Lloyd (United Kingdom)

Ricardo Dixo (Portugal)

Fidel, you are always an example in our life, a hope for a better future and a light during the darkest night. We thank you for everything, you will always live in our hearts. Hasta la victoria siempre!

Dimitris and Kiki (Greece)

Sending condolences to the people of Cuba on the passing of Fidel Castro, he was an inspiring and compassionate human being and will be sorely missed.

Mrs Mavis Clarke (United Kingdom)

God bless Fidel Castro RIP

Shane Foster (Ireland)

Anne-Marie Fearon (United Kingdom)

sorry to hear of the death of an inspirational man for so many people from across the world, and not just to the Cuban people.

Daniel Mc. Dermott (United Kingdom)

A great inspiration.

Chris Smith (United Kingdom)

Fidel con tus manos y tu inteligencia se alcanzaron resultados innolvidables, la campaña de alfabetización, la reforma agraria, la urbanización y restructuración del país,se crearon escuelas, se alcanzó resultados notables en los campos de las ciencias médicas y el deporte.

yamilet (Cuba)

Fidel partió al paraíso de los inmortales. Su ejemplo será la antorcha que guiara a los pueblos a su emancipación. Fidel, vivió y vivirá en el corazón de las mujeres y hombres, soñadores de Utopías

Miguel Martínez Cea (Spain)

Solidarity & Adelante

Jim Jones (United Kingdom)

The whole world is poorer for your loss. Fidel was the last of the true revolutionary heroes, standing up for Cuba and for what he believed in until his last day. So terribly sad, but the world will not forget the achievements of him and all the Cuban people.

Stephen Whitehead (United Kingdom)

So sad now.

Larryadobson (United Kingdom)

Los cubanos ahora estamos trabajando y luchando con fervor, que la patria está esperando por nosotros, ayudemos a la Revolución. Continuaremos nuestra obra tomando el camino que nos dejó nuestro heroico Comandante en Jefe y seguiremos construyendo el Socialismo.hasta siempre Comandante

Hazel Tarajano Pérez (Cuba)

Seguiremos el legado historico de las ensenansas de nuestro entrañable Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz. !!HASTA LA VICTORIA IEMPRE!!

Orlando Diaz Gonzalez (Cuba)

Farewell, Fidel. Hasta La Victoria Siempre

Marie Broderick (Ireland)

Against all odds, Fidel you remain one of the worlds most recognized leaders. You stood your ground for Cuba and deserve the worldwide plaudits being expressed by many Canadians and from other countries.

M Kudo (Canada)

Will always be remembered by the people of ireland r.i.p

Padraig mc piaris (Ireland)

Adieu Comrade !!

Vineeth P V (India)

Ciento mucho la perdida,me ubiese encantado haber tenido un dictador como Fidel en Chile..seriamos una nacion mas propia :(

Maria Isabel (Chile)

Another world is still possible because you inspired so many good people comandante.

Edward Lakin (United Kingdom)

My most sincere condolences to the people of Cuba. Know that the accomplishments of your leader will never be forgotten. May God be with you!

Nancy Hey (United States of America)

Una lacrima para el camarado Fidel, un hombre y un revolutionario genial

vincent (France)

My thoughts are with you people of Cuba, for your pain must be great that such a respected leader of yours has passed. But at the same time we must rejoice for I cannot imagine a greater legacy for myself than the one left by Fidel Castro, ideologically we may differ but what really defined him were the actions he took to serve you, the people of Cuba. May we utilize this time to mourn but I believe the best thing we could do to honor his memory is to advance the cause of socialism so that more people especially those who suffer under third world conditions can too live a long and meaningful life. Goodbye Fidel, your service to humanity will never be forgotten.

Dylano Redfield (United Kingdom)

a brave and principled man who stood up to the american oppressors and lived to see them elect Trump !

alison (United Kingdom)

Hasta la victoria siempre

francisco quiles otero (Spain)


Inge Hécedil;gh (Denmark)

Siempre estaras presente.las ideas no mueren.Descansa en paz

Odalis (Cuba)

Muchas gracias compañero per todo y todo ¡

Xavier Verbanck (Belgium)

My respect and support for the people of Cuba in their time of loss.

Phil (United Kingdom)

Condolences to the people of Cuba. Fidel Castro represented a species of anti-capitalism and socialism which is almost extinct. Viva la revolucion!

Janice Gardner (United Kingdom)

Des dels Paémacr;sos Catalans. Tot el condol i solidaritat en la mort d'aquest pare del socialisme i exemple de coherència, lluita, perseveranésect;a i amor per la pötria proletöria. Independència, socialisme i feminisme. Patria o muerte! venceremos!

Albert Montbrió (Spain)

Snr. Castro you were an inspiration to the oppressed throughout the world.

Colin McClary (United Kingdom)

An Oasis in the Desert, Fidel stood up to America and all that is wrong in this world, VIVA FIDEL VIVA CUBA, Good Night, God Bless.

kevin parkinson (United Kingdom)

Fidel fue un líder honesto y cordial, se recordará per siempre.

Marie-Rose (Belgium)

Gracias Fidel..., fue mucho los que nos diste, gracias a ti hoy somos ricos de espíritu, hasta siempre comandante.

Rene Espinosa Marquez (Brazil)

I greatly admire your Health and Education system.

Raymond Quirke (Ireland)

R.I.P Fidel u were a hero xx

Fiona hardie (United Kingdom)

Jim McCabe (United Kingdom)

Hasta la victoria siempre, comandante!!!

Yenisey Gómez (Cuba)

hasta la victoria siempre comandante!

rodrigo c berméordm;dez d&Atil (Chile)

Ethiraj (India)

Hasta siempre fue fisicamente pero sus ideas perdurarán para siempre en quienes lo siguen.Descansa en paz valeroso líder.......

Yanisley Aguiar Rodríguez (Brazil)

Bashir Ahmad (United Kingdom)

Un gran combatiente seguiendo la lucha de José Marti en el sieglo 19 hasta hoy para un mundo de paz, solidaridad y equidad ha muerto. Descanse En Paz, Fidel - nuestro pensamiento esta con tigo y tratamos de continuar con tus ideas. Hasta la victoria siempre - Venceremos! Heinz Bartels Voluntario en el Centro Antifascista "Heideruh" en el Norte de Alemania

Heinz W. Bartels (Germany)

Harold (Cuba)

johnny brandys (Venezuela)

Rehana Ahmad (United Kingdom)

Fidel has been an inspiration to us all. He was a true hero of internationalism, anti-imperialism and social justice. For all his mistakes, his impact on the world will never be diminished or forgotten. Solidarity to the people of Cuba.

Connor Hodgson-Brunniche (United Kingdom)

Respect to Fidel and deepest sympathies to his family and our Cuban friends. A true giant of the world stage may have left us but he showed another world is possible.

Steve Sugden (United Kingdom)

Me llamo Maria, soy una profesora de portugués y tengo 28 años de edad. La figura de Fidel estuvo presente desde la infancia, pero tomó forma diferente en mi vida adulta, cuando empecé a entender un poco de política. Sin embargo, no fue la política del Comandante que me convenció de facto, más su lucha por la dignidad del pueblo cubano. Esta lucha que quiero para el pueblo brasileño, para mi pais. El legado que Fidel dejó a ustedes, cubanos, es la cosa más preciosa que un líder podría dejar. Ustedes tienen suerte de su historia. Como ser humano, soy orgullosa de ti.

maria angelica cianciulli (Brazil)

Un gran lider que desafio lo establecido, lograr lo que tu hiciste es de gigantes. tu nombre esta escrito en la historia para siempre y en el corazon de muchos , hiciste de Cuba una hermosura como ninguna otra #HastaSiempreFidel

Camila (El salvador)

fidel, stuck it to the usa against all the odds. in appreciation & solidarity with the cuban people

lin (United Kingdom)

John Semple (United Kingdom)


Javaid (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre Comandante! Gracias

Maria Ortner (Austria)

Papá Fidel...nos dejaste...gran parte de lo que hoy soy y de mis ideas e ideales te los debo a ti...has formado y formarás parte de mi vida...nos vemos al otro lado camarada...hasta siempre comandante!!!

Paula (Spain)

A true revolutionary: huge respect for his life and sadness at his passing.

M Wilson (United Kingdom)

esta (Sweden)

Condoglianze alla famiglia Castro e a tutto il popolo cubano per la scomparsa del comandante di tutto noi che abbiamo amato seguito e ammirato. Dalla figlia Colombo Gianfranco Jlenia e Astrid,Hsta la victoria siempre.

Colombo Gianfranco (Italy)

Fidel este pueblo insurrecto marchara invencible enarbolando la banderas de tus Ideas, nunca traicionara la gloria que se ha vivido

Raul Sanchez perez (Cuba)

Es un gran honor haber nacido en este pais, y ser hijo de esta Revolucion. El pueblo no olvidara tu legado ni tus ideas. Hasta siempre, Comandate.

David Alonso Fernandez (Cuba)

honor y gloria para siempre Fidel .

jaime del rio (Chile)

¡Y qué elogio magnífico encontrar que no fuera cantado ya por incontables poetas!¡Y qué otra cosa nueva decir que no fuera dicha ya, por grandes líderes del mundo, sobre todo por el pueblo cubano! Y no sólo durante el día de ayer sino desde mucho antes, pues la grandeza del líder histórico de la Revolución cubana ha sido reconocida desde siempre, incluso por sus más enardecidos contrarios, incluso cuando todavía no era más que un joven estudiante que descollaba por su gallardía y nos regalaba la promesa de un futuro mejor. Son estos momentos de indescriptible dolor y profundo compromiso. El agradecimiento es enorme pero la admiración por su ejemplo, su legado y su obra mucho mayor. Exactamente ese es el Fidel que quiero y voy a recordar, el martiano por convicción, el líder nato, el estratega infalible, el abogado inteligente, el magistral comunicador, el político de talla universal, pero sobre todo el hombre, el ser humano, imperfecto si, pero repleto de compromiso, que me enseñó lo que significa creer en un sueño y hacer todo, sacrificar todo y luchar contra todo para lograrlo. Ese es el Fidel del que le voy a hablar a mis hijos, cuando algéordm;n día los tenga... porque "la patria es el hombre" y Fidel para mi es eso, Fidel es la patria. Y es ahora que las palabras del Comandante Hugo Chávez el 8 de diciembre de 2012 llenan mi mente y describen lo que exactamente, desde el principio de estas letras, quiero decir: "¡Hoy tenemos Patria! Y pase lo que pase en cualquier circunstancia seguiremos teniendo Patria. ¡Unidad! ¡Unidad y más unidad!" ¡Hasta la victoria siempre, Comandante en Jefe Fidel!

Ileana Victoria Salgado Izquierdo (Cuba)

May your spirit rest in peace Commandate Fidel. Your great achievements on this earth have been fulfilled. You have served the global human society well. In my eyes, you are the greatest world leader that we have had, Gracias..x

Havana White (United Kingdom)

We love you Fidel... Red salute ... You will live in our heart...

Jithesh (India)

Such an inspirational man and such an inspirational country and peoples. When I visited in 1996 i didn't want to come home. I will come again to support you in another transitional period. Viva la Revolution.

Helen (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre comandante viviras eterno en nuestros corazones Viva cuba y viva el mundo y tu legado estara mas firme que nunca ahora descansa en pa que nosotros seguiremos en tu lucha, en la lucha de todos por un mundo libre y solidario para todos#HastaSiempreComandante

Squall (Cuba)

r.i.p.castro you were a great man and your country is beautiful

sandra duggan (United Kingdom)

#PORSIEMPREFIDEL #LAETERNIDADENFIDEL #SOYCUBA#SOY NORISARLENA#SOYFIDEL Un ser eterno no muere y téordm; Fidel existías desde antes de la fundación del mundo. Téordm; estabas ahí desde siglos infinitos esperando la manifestación del gran hombre que fuiste, que eres y serás por los siglos de los siglos. Hay un antes y un después de tí no solo en Cuba, sino en el mundo entero. Eso lo sabes, eso lo sabemos todos los elegidos que portamos tu estirpe y tus ideas. Téordm; no has muerto, la muerte es un viaje a lo eterno y desde esa eternidad gloriosa alumbrarás con tu luz todo lo porvenir en esta nuestra patria grande. Téordm;, como nuestro José Martí tenías la disyuntiva del yugo o la estrella y elegiste la estrella que ilumina y mata, y no creo que sea diferente para quienes tus ideas de solidadridad e igualdad son una máxima, un ideal a seguir, un modo de vida. Llévanos siempre contigo en tu viaje. No estás solo. Téordm; Fidel de Cuba y del mundo, Téordm; vives en cada uno de nuestros corazones... Tu luz eterna nos guía!

Noris Arlena (Cuba)

He was very intelligent,planner and executor .May God give peace to the departed soul .

Rajiv kapoor (India)

Querido Padre Fidel, juro seguir tus ensenianzas y transmitirlas a la gente que me rodea, asi como a mis hijos y mi esposa, juro llevar a la practica tu ejemplo,eres el ser humano mas extraordinario que ha existido, TE AMO, #HastaSiempreComandante

Abraham Aguila (Mexico)

Se fue con su chaleco intacto, su pecho, ese que no pudieron ni herir. La Historia lo adsolvio!!!

Arturo Cobo Lopez (Cuba)

As a Marxist since my uncle Dannie Williams from Maerdy [Little Moscow] explained things to me when I was Four years old and I told my mum same day that I was a communist: I have seen this as the path for humanity. Fidel is one of my most important influences. I salute him and the brave and valient people of Cuba. Long live the Revolution! Viva Fidel! Viva Cuba!

Olwen Leavold (United Kingdom)

Adios my mentor

Willem Minjon (Ireland)

Rest in peace, Comandante. X

Lewis Michael Waddingham (United Kingdom)

Fidel es y sera el mayor pensador de nuestra america y un luchador eterno e incansable por las causas justas de los pobres e oprimidos. Nuestro comandante no ha muerto los hombres como el nacieron para quedarse eternamente en los pueblos necesitados del mundo.VIVA NUESTRO INMORTAL COMANDANTE DE LAS IDEAS.

yamile estol urquiola (Cuba)

mi comandante siempre estaras en nuestros corasones y en el mundo entero hasta siempre

rosa maria riveras camejo (Cuba)

Duilio De Gennaro (Spain)

Red Salute, Comrade Fidel You gave the torch to see political future for me.

t k Devarajan (United Kingdom)

Viva Fidel!! Long live revolution !!

Avin (India)

Cuba remains an inspiration to the world.

Seth Kauppinen (United States of America)

Zorica Surla (Germany)

El Presidente, we were privileged to visit your beautiful country and fell in love with it. You gave your people freedom, hope, education, health & happiness. No other Leader has ever done this. We admire you and your ideals. Our deepest sympathy to the Castro family and the Cuban people. RIP.

Betty & Bob Laverty (United Kingdom)

Hasta la victoria siempre,nuestro comandante y amigo

miriam almenares guia (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre comandante!

Milka (Croatia)

Great Leader, will live in our hearts

Nandana Devaraj (India)

Con profundo dolor siento la desaparicion fisica de nuestro Gran COMANDANTE EN JEFE FIDEL ALEJANDRO CASTRO RUZ , pero sabemos todos , todos , y lo señalo asi porque hasta sus enemigos reconocen la perdida insustituible que deja , lo que si es que puede descanzar tranquilo y en paz , su obra estara viva eternamente y muchas generaciones pasaran y su pensamiento y doctrinas estaran ahi presentes y vigentes , porque tambien nos dejo en sangre el deseo y la responsabilidad de continuar su ejemplo y obra . SIEMPRE EXISTIRAS Y SIEMPRE TE RECORDAREMOS , VIVO , ETERNO Y GUIA. HASTAS LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE !PATRIA O MUERTE VENCEREMOS!

Pedro Hernández Garc&Ati (Cuba)

Gran hombre, guía y antorcha de los pueblos oprimidos, tu les has hecho llegar salud, fuerza y ganas de vivir. Alma de la revolución, tuve la suerte de conocer tu isla, al pueblo cubano, siempre libre y fuerte a defenderla del imperialismo. Y desde mi corazón, un abrazo fraternal, de solidaridad, amor, respeto y rebeldía. Fidel, que otra cosa podemos hacer. Hasta la victoria siempre, Comandante.

Juanma Villaron (Spain)

Dedicado de todo corazón al gran camarada, comandante y amigo Fidel Castro, desde España. Jamás de los jamases te olvidaremos. Gracias por tu legado, por tu humanidad, por tantos años dedicados a la educación y a la salud de tantos seres humanos. Camina con cabeza alta Y decidido talante Siempre estuvo con el pueblo Y lo guió hacia delante Amor al trabajador Es su bandera y estandarte Contra vientos y mareas ¡La Revolución aguante! Junto a Ernesto Ché Guevara En Sierra Maestra entraste Y con tu hermano Raéordm;l A Batista derrotaste La salvación del obrero Fue una educación constante A los hijos de la patria Liberados del desastre Los gusanos solo mienten Con la clase dominante Pero nosotros sabemos La labor que realizaste En Bahía de Cochinos Huyeron los muy farsantes Traidores e imperialistas Que querían fulminarte Amigo de campesinos A los que jamás fallaste Gloria para el gran Camilo Tuyo fiel acompañante Que el muro se vino abajo Pero téordm; nunca callaste Con espíritu de hierro Con fuerza apasionante La burguesía te ataca Son hipócritas pedantes Pero la isla es feliz Hoy la Habana está radiante Viva nuestra Cuba libre Y el Socialismo habitante Hasta la victoria siempre Como dijo el comandante

José Da Silva (Spain)

Desde Panama. Seguiremos tu ejemplo Comandante Fidel. Hasta la victoria siempre.

Abel Santamaria (United Kingdom)

Fidel, our red star, U will remain as an inspiration for generations to come.

Sandeep R Panikkar (United Kingdom)

Gracias por la lucha, Líder Máximo. ¡La lucha continéordm;a!

Russell King (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre comandante. Gracias!


You and your people have created a society that should be emulated around the world. Where human progression is the wealth, where all are literate, where all can access healthcare and where homelessness is an alien concept. Two Island People on the Same Sea of Struggle and Hope. Ireland and Cuba. Eirinn Tá. Cuba Si!! Forever in our hearts Fidel.

Alan O'Brien (Ireland)

En España también nos sentimos un poco huérfanos. Hasta la victoria siempre, hermanos cubanos.

Sonia Vela Pitar (Spain)

My condolences to the people of Cuba. Larga vida a la revolución!

Heather McKenzie (United Kingdom)

You will live on forever in my heart, remembered for your basic decency and humanity, especially under the terrible circumstances and oppression inflicted upon your country by America. A true inspiration.

Stephanie Smith (United States of America)

Mel Bunting (United Kingdom)

Porque nunca te olvidaremos y de ahora en adelante te demostraremos allá donde te encuentrás con CAMILO, EL CHE, BOLIVAR y CHAVEZ que no te fallaremos, HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE, MI COMANDANTE.

Sonia Valladares Valiente (Cuba)

We are sad to hear the death of our comrade, Fidel Castro Ruz. We send our sincere condolences to the brave people of Cuba. Hasta la Victoria Siempre.

Cuba Mauritius Friendship Association (Mauritius)

My condolences to a great 20th century figure who changed his country for the better. The achievements of the Cuban revolution in terms of healthcare, education and employment are often overlooked in the western press. History will however judge Castro favourably in this regard. My thoughts are with the Cuban people at this time. Let us hope his legacy and principles of social equality will live. M

Sebastian Buchmann (United Kingdom)

A sad loss to all the decent people in the world.

James Mcknight (United Kingdom)

Q.E.P.D. Camarada Comandante, Vivirás Por Siempre.

Gerardo Javier Hernandez Pineda (Venezuela)

Fidel your love and compassion will go on as long as this world exists

Carol stone . (United Kingdom)

Sentimos todos los cuabanos un profundo dolor ante la perdida física de nuestro Comandante Fidel Castro Ruz, solo nos queda el firme compromiso de seguir sus ideas y dar continuidad a su lucha eterna. Hasta siempre Comandante

Niuris Naranjo Fajardo (Cuba)

Our sadness at the loss of a true visionary and tireless champion for his country and countrymen against the corruption and exploitation of the United States. We pray for continued strength and vision going forward in this new chapter of the Cuban odyssey.

Raymond and Nancy Farrell (Canada)

The end of an era - not the end of the struggle. Farewell, Comrade. Onward the Revolution

Keith Maddison (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre comandante!

Ilma Fátima de Jesus (Brazil)

¡Viva Fidel! A great man who even with his flaws prioritised helping the great people of Cuba. The world has lost a great man.

Ieuan Daniel (United Kingdom)

History has absolved you ! R.I.P.

Jeanette Campbell (Jamaica)

The world has lost a great statesman and a true socialist . A sad farewell Commandant .

Colin & Beryl Fleet (United Kingdom)

Iain trotter (United Kingdom)

John James (United Kingdom)

Danke, Fidel!

Arno Reinhold (Germany)

Else Heiermann (Germany)

Fidel may be dead but his legacy will remain forever.

Patrick Scott (United Kingdom)

Tu ejemplo vivira eternamente entre nosotros. Gracias por todo FIDEL.

Yemil Meralla (Cuba)

Thinking of Cuban brothers and sisters - Fidel and the example of the Cuban Revolution remains an inspiration to millions struggling against proverty and austerity the world over!

Julian Newell (United Kingdom)

¡Amigo Fidel! ¡Invencible Fidel! Fidel, el que perseveró, Fidel el vencedor de la podredumbre imperialista aquellos que adversan aéordm;n en tu nuevo camino a la inmortalidad no logran entender que ya estás absuelto, que eres libre como el viento, como Cuba independiente y eterna, Fidelista hasta los huesos... ¡¡Te extrañaremos Fidel, amigo Fidel!! vuela alto, saluda a esos gigantes que ahora te reciben en lo alto.. a nuestro Amado Chávez tengan claro que su lucha será eterna, siempre que en esta tierra sigan creciendo las semillas que ustedes plantaron.. ¡HASTA LA VICTORIA,SIEMPRE!

Leonardo Castañeda (Venezuela)

The revolution continues. Hasta la Victoria.

William Kelliher (United Kingdom)

Hasta la victoria siempre comandante, ¡Vanceremos!. Un profundo agradecimiento al líder de la revolución cubana por su continéordm;o apoyo a la causa de Palestina de un palestino en la diaspora.

Jamal Halawa (Spain)

Para "Nuestra América" y los pueblos del mundo que luchan por su verdadera independencia y justicia social, Fidel y la Revolución Cubana constituyen un ejemplo de dignidad, soberanía y creatividad en la construcción de una sociedad más inclusiva y de una democracia más participativa. !Fidel, como el Ché, vive y vivirá por siempre¿

Navin Costa (Ecuador)

In Solidarity, long live the Revolution!

Debbie Noble (United Kingdom)

Antonio Di Siero (Italy)

Commandante Fidel Castro was a giant of the twentieth century. His leadership and his personal example inspired all those worldwide engaged in the struggle for independence, sovereignty and socialism. He will be missed by us all and especially by the Cuban people for whose revolution he unswervingly gave his life's work.

Andy de la Tour (United Kingdom)

Gracias Fidel por mi patria, gracias Fidel por mi Cuba, gracias Fidel por mi vida!!!!! Hasta siempre comandante.

Marlon P. Basulto (Cuba)


Charmaine (South Africa)

R.I.P. Fidel

Sylvia (Germany)

I hope that the revolutionary spirit will continue to rebuff any bullying from next President of the U.S. I was on holiday in Havana in April and found the Habaneros very warm and friendly people. I will be back as soon as I can. Good luck in the future.

Tony McSweeney (United Kingdom)

Hasta la victoria siempre!

Gilio Luigi (Italy)

An inspiration to all who desire equality and justice. Viva Fidel

John Seggie (United Kingdom)

My thoughts and best wishes are with the Cuban people at this sad time in their loss of Fidel Castro. My hopes for you all are that you will thrive and be happy and successful and continue to contribute to our World.

Bette Jones (United Kingdom)

No te fuistes solo estas vigilante y cada Revolucionario del mundo estara recordando las palabras que distes al mundo en la OEA hoy mas que nunca recordaremos cada uno de los dichos tuyos y eso que has echo por la humanidad junto a tu Pueblo, Siempre estaras en el corazón de aquellos que nacimos en la epoca de cuando comenzaba esa revolución y eramos niños cuando lograstes el triunfo de la Revolución y llevamos esa Reveldia por mas años que se puedan tener. GRACIAS COMANDANTE FIDEL

Ruben Correa (Uruguay)

El pueblo cubano y el mundo entero ha perdido a un gran líder, pero sus enseñanzas y ejemplo perdurarán mientras existan hombres de buena voluntad y espíritu indomable. ¡Gracias Fidel por toda la sabiduría que derramaste en tiempos convulsos llenos de odio! ¡Gracias comandante por apoyar las luchas de los pueblos en contra del colonialismo y el imperio! ¡Gracias compañero por inspirarnos para la batalla! Desde El Salvador, un pueblo que te ama ¡Hasta la victoria siempre, amigo!

Mario Campos (El salvador)

hasta la victoria siempre comandante

carlos luis guillen camejo (Cuba)

End of an era, one of a kind, world will miss him. He will be remembered and missed by many.

gary (United Kingdom)

Gracias por prepararme para la vida, todo lo que soy te lo debo, eres y seras el eterno juez de mis actos, Hasta la victoria siempre mi comandante en jefe.

Carlos Alejandro Estrada Fong (Cuba)

A great leader,hero and champion of the people.Sympathy to the people of Cuba from Scotland.

Frances Sinclair (United Kingdom)

hasta la victoria siempre querido comandante

ricardo (Cuba)

En nombre de mi familia que no tienen esta posibilidad pero son muy revolucionarios y fidelistas y en el mio propio quiero dejar claro nuestro mas sincero sentimiento y dolor..Gracias por todo Fidel!

Rainer Alberto Sánchez Ruiz (Cuba)

Hermanos cubanos, mis más sinceras condolencias desde España de un joven de 25 años admirador de vuestro pueblo, de la resistencia de América Latina ante la agresión imperial permanente y de la figura gigante, y ahora eterna del Comandante en Jefe de la Revolución Fidel Castro Ruz. Cada buena persona del mundo, cada uno de esos que aspira a ser ese "hombre de otra época", como decía Fidel cuando hablaba del Ché, seguirá el legado de nuestro Comandante demostrando al mundo, al imperio, y a la tiranía capitalista, que se puede funcionar de otra manera, desde la solidaridad y el amor a la humanidad. En paz descanse nuestro Comandante.

David Romero Rodríguez (Spain)

Agradecido por ejemplo para el Mundo.Vivirás por SIEMPRE

(United Kingdom)

Gracias por la revolución, El Comandante! Hasta Siempre!

Tales Lacerda (Brazil)

Big Man, Big Revolution.. Now, he is hoy in the Grace of God. Eddie..

Eddie Zette (Ecuador)

Una de las peores noticias que he podido recibir, qué lamentable que un ser tan valioso para el mundo y la historia ya no esté con nosotros, pero como él mismo dijo "la historia lo absolverá" los grandes nunca mueren, la historia los premia con la inmortalidad. Gracias por tanto Fidel, gracias también por luchar por la causa Dominicana en 1947 en la Expedición Cayo Confites, junto con el Prof Juan Bosch. ¡Viva Fidel! ¡Viva Chávez! ¡Viva la Revolución Cubana!

Valerie Montalvo (Dominican Republic)

James (United Kingdom)

'History calls those men the greatest who have ennobled themselves by working for the common good......their deeds wil live on quietly but perpetually at work... ' Karl Marx. Fidel Castro was such a person. Condolences to his family and the people of Cuba.

Diane Randall (United Kingdom)

Até a vitória sempre, Comandante! Viva Cuba, Viva o Socialismo, Viva a Revoluésect;épound;o!

Matheus Nunes (Brazil)

Andreas Stoib (Germany)


Vanda Régia Corra& (Brazil)

# Hasta Siempre Comandante... R I P

Dragos Vieru (Romania)

Gracias comandante por la lucha incesante contra el imperialismo yanqui, por el legado que nos has dejado, por la solidaridad que Cuba ha mostrado los oprimidos y desfavorecidos....gracias comandante, por lo que has significado para la gente del,planeta que amamos la solidaridad y la hermandad de los pueblos en contra de capitalismo salvaje.....hasta siempre COMANDANTE

Martin albarez (Spain)

A life that inspired revoutionary solidarity. American economic and military imperialism thwarted, his name revered throughout the world.

Pete Grant (United Kingdom)

Até a vitória sempre!

Rosa¢ngela (Brazil)

Todos los oprimidos de la tierra te rinden homenaje y solidarizamos con nuestros hermanos Cubanos. ¡ Patria O Muerte Venceremos¡

Mónica Morales (Chile)

HASTA SIEMPRE QUERIDO COMANDANDE, CON TIGO SE HUIó UN sueño, ojalö pudiera encontrar a mi padre por dondequiera que vajas y seguir vuestra vita charlando... un beso desde Italia ...LINDA

Linda (Italy)

Hasta siempre fidel!!viva la revolucion!!

mercedes hueso mateo (Spain)

Fidel, has estado el inspiracion singular y mas importante de mi vida. Gracias por todo y espero que cada dia puedo estar un poco mas como tu ejemplo. Hasta la victoria siempre y nunca podemos parar en la lucha para creer un mundo mas justo y en paz! Gracias, gracias y gracias por todo lo que has hecho.

Joe Hall (United Arab Emirates)

Profound respect for Fidel and his memory, which will undoubtedly live on through the ages. Thank you for all you did for the poor of our beloved Patria and Latin America and your unwavering resistance in the face of imperialism. Your example has helped to inspire countless women and men all across the world in their struggles against the oppression of the dispossessed and marginalised. Though I was born abroad and live far away, I am immensely proud to be a Cuban always carry Cuba with me in my heart. You are no longer with us, but your inspirational legacy will never die. Hasta siempre, Comandante! La historia te ha absuelto.

Nick Portales (United Kingdom)

In death as in life Fidel is feared by the wealthy rulers around the world because of the example he and Cuba's Socialist revolution give to the working class.

Pete Clifford (United Kingdom)

Gloria eterna a nuestro comandante, hasta la Victoria Siempre

Luis fonseca (United Kingdom)

RIP Fidel Castro

Dearbhlá McTaggart (United Kingdom)

Thank you for saving the world from complete capitalist domination. May God rest you and reward you, comrade.

Brendan Phelan (Ireland)

Todos los oprimidos de la tierra te rinden homenaje y solidarizamos con nuestros hermanos Cubanos. ¡ Patria O Muerte Venceremos¡

Osvaldo Morales Barraza (Chile)

Great revolutionary leader, who's ideas have influenced and inspired many, to fight for change, in our unequal world.

Ray Bolster (United Kingdom)


TeaDea Montana (United Kingdom)

Frank Schwitalla (Germany)

martin sibiya (South Africa)

May your good work in health and education for your country be remembered.

James (United Kingdom)

Feeling sad at the passing of Fidel - condolences, love and solidarity to the people of Cuba. A hero who will live in our hearts and encourage us to continue to fight for a world that benefits the many rather than the few. VIVA FIDEL XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Louise, James, Jamie, Susan, Gemma, Wee Jamie, Wee Mark, Wee Keegan McDaid. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

The McDaid Family (United Kingdom)

Mi solidaridad a todo el pueblo Cubano y a todos los revolucionarios que acogieron su palabra orientadora y la hicieron suya.

Felipe Gomez Parra (Ecuador)

long live fidel.

prakash shrestha (Nepal)

Fidel siempre grande en la historia! Hoy inmortal!

Elsa Hernández Brito (Venezuela)

Honor y Gloria Comandante. Descansa en paz querido Fidel.

Victor Manuel Gavilan Pinto (Canada)

Hasta la victoria siempre - adelante!

Dr Muir Houston (United Kingdom)

Cuba estara por siempre con su eterno Comandante, seguiremos su ejemplo, nuestra sincera condolencia por su perdida a su familia y al pueblo cubano, #HastaSiempreComandante

Emma Rosa Perez Luna (Cuba)

Had only just last week finished Fidel's autobiography 'My Life', through learning about Cuba and about Fidel I have had so much guidance and inspiration. Thank you. My thoughts to the people of Cuba.

Luke Addison (United Kingdom)

Solidarity and sympathy with the Cuban people at this sad time

Arthur West (United Kingdom)

Hoy es un día demasiado triste por la desaparición física de Nuestro Fidel, Nuestro líder Comandante en Jefe. Nunca me imagine este momento, idea que no pasó por mi mente jamás, pero es una realidad ya nos está con nosotros físicamente. Ahora nos toca mantener nuetra Revolución teniendo como base sus enseñanzas, sus ideas, sus principios, su esencia, manteniendolo vivo en cada acción y tomandolo como ejemplo en cada momento de nuestras vidas; porque eso si fue un gran maestro nos guío por el camino de la igualdad y la libertad además de enseñarnos a andar solos. Te agradezco quién soy mi Comandante, te admiró, Eres mi Guía y que no quepa duda seguire siendo fiel a tí porque estás conmigo, con nosotros. Hasta Siempre Comandante, Cubanos por el Comunismo Seremos como Nuestro Querido Ché y Nuestro Líder Comandante en Jefe Fidel Castro Ruz

Yesenia Casdeséordm;s Rades (Cuba)

!!Que Decir!! a Mi Comandante.... No lloremos a Fidel, Fidel no se fue, él no parte, no se va, Fidel Vive.. Hasta La victoria Siempre ....!Viva Mi Cuba!!!

Anita Guajiritasoy (Cuba)

El 25 de noviembre de 1956 partió Fidel en el yate Granma de México con un grupo de 82 compatriotas donde juraron traer la justicia y libertad para su hermosa Cuba,con una distancia en el tiempo de 60 años y en la misma fecha el histórico Comandante vuelve a cargar esta vez de luz al Granma para iluminar el camino a todos los hombres de buena volutad que lucharan por su sueño de ver un mundo mejor para todos.

Julio (Cuba)

Mis condolencias para el pueblo cubano desde la Nicaragua Sandinista. Fidel no ha muerto, seguira con nosotros. HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE.

Ramon Altamirano (Nicaragua)

Aunque estamos en Lesotho cumpliendo con nuestro deber como soldados de batas blancas,nuestro corazón está con nuestro pueblo en estos momentos de terrible dolor.!Hasta la victoria siempre!

Yamilse María Torres Le&At (Cuba)

Muito, muito obrigado, comandante! Fidel, presente!

Eduardo Alexandre Matos Maia (Brazil)

My Heartfelt Condolences to the People of Cuba in this time of bereavement. Comrade Fidel will always live in our hearts and hence has become immortal. Until Capitalism is vanquished from the face of the planet we will strive on. Red Salute Commandant Fidel! Long Live Cuba! Long Live Socialism!

Leo Peter Charles (India)

Inspirational friend of workers of the world

Anna McKeown (United Kingdom)

Fidel must be remembered for standing up for his country and people

Irene (Sweden)

Condolences to the Cuban nation, family and friends of Fidel. We have lost a physical presence but the inspiration will be eternal. Viva la revolucion!

Susie Plant (United Kingdom)

We have lost our Parent.Long Live Socialism,Long live com.

Krishnendu Dutta Roy (India)

We will miss you.

Marion de Leeuw (Netherlands)

Muchas gracias por habernos dado el emjemplo de lucha y vida de revolucinario. Hasta la victoria siempre!

Gustavo Néordm;épl (Netherlands)


Tatiana (Cuba)

My condolences to the people of Cuba on the loss of Fidel Castro a true statesman and socialist

Maureen Dillane (Ireland)

Hasta siempre Comandante !!!! Gracias a ti y nuestro adorado Ernesto Che Guevara Cuba es hoy lo que es ,

Enriqueta Astigarra Salles (France)


Bety Vázquez Garcà (Cuba)

Siempore fue, es y será mi lider, mi guia y viviré manteniedo viva su obra, sus ideas y fiel a su ejemplo por la revolución todo

Eusebio Rodriguez Alvarez (United Kingdom)

Rip Fidel long live the revolution.

Eamon jackson (Ireland)

Hasta Siempre Comandante

Max Mogollon (Ireland)

Rest in Peace Fidel. Your contribution to humanity will never be forgotten. X

Anthony Hennessey (Ireland)

Homens como Fidel nunca morrem,permanecem vivos para sempre no coraésect;épound;o dos homens e mulheres que sonham com um mundo mais humano.


" sowed the seeds of freedom in your daughters and your sons..." (from a song by Tommy Sands) Farewell Fidel

Marion Baur (United Kingdom)

Solo la ley de la vida pudo contigo Viva Fidel Viva el Che Viva la revolución internacionalista



KatianArias Pérez (Cuba)

End of an era, wonderful man, he changed the face of the world

Eileen O'Sullivan (United Kingdom)

Caprichosamente el destino quiso que una vez más nuestro gigante expedicionario trazara una nueva travesía, tal como lo hizo aquel 25 de noviembre pero del año 1956, cuando zarpó en el Granma, desde Téordm;xpan, México. Esta vez lo hizo desde su querida Cuba, a bordo del yate la Gloria, para cruzar los mares de Recuerdos, hasta desembarcar en las costas de la Inmortalidad Histórica. Y es que nuestro Invicto Comandante, NO HA MUERTO, desapareció físicamente pero permanece y permanecerá siempre en el corazón de todos los cubanos.

Yuri cabrera Silva (Cuba)

I visited Cuba 1996. The country was in desperate financial straights but funding to the health service was increased. Pregnant women came to factories and the copper mine for a meal each day, to ensure that they they ere well nourished. Thank you Fidel for a revolution for the people.

Beatrice Smith (United Kingdom)


Manuel N. Montejo Lorenzo (Cuba)

He was the best for the world

Naseo (United Kingdom)

An inspiration and a man of great courage. The struggle continues and we will never forget El Comandante. Hasta la victoria Siempre

Glen Wheatley (United Kingdom)

Our Comandante too. With love and solidarity to Fidel, Raul and the Cuban people. Venceremos

Hazel O'Callaghan/Roisin O'Callaghan (United Kingdom)

I hope Che and Fidel are together again, organizing the revolution of the afterlife. Rest in Power, Comrade!

Gaton Bucceroni (United States of America)

I send my most sincere condolences to the people and government of Cuba on the loss of compañero Fidel Castro. He will be sorely missed by all lovers of social justice.

Isaac Christiansen (United States of America)

Farewell, Fidel. Many Thanks.

N Dewar (United Kingdom)

¡¡¡Hasta siempre Comandante!!!...

Lau (Cuba)

Entrañable Fidel: con el privilegio de ser parte de la juventud de esta tierra libre y soberana, más firmes que siempre, guiados por tu definición de Revolución, fiel a tus ideales y convicciones, te aseguro que continuaremos comprometiedos con tu obra. Estás vivo en nuestros corazones y en el de los hijos que están por venir. Hasta la Victoria Siempre Comandante! Patria o Muerte! Venceremos!

Katia Zorrilla Caneiro (Cuba)

Pour un grand homme qui aura marqué l'histoire de Cuba, de son peuple ainsi que du monde... Hasta siempre comodante

Bertha (France)

I convey my hearty solidarity to people of Cuba on demise of Comrade Fidel Castro. I wish & feel all of you will continue to march with unwavering loyalty & united strength on path of revolution fulfilling dream of Fidel Castro. Long Live his Effort, Long Live Revolution!

Saurav Kumar (India)

Fidel was a great inspiration - he will be sorely missed

Marjorie Stainwright (United Kingdom)

El no ha muerto, esta entre nosotros.

Aisha Linares Castanedo (United Kingdom)

Ci manchi giénbsp;. Ciao Comandante!

Andrea Cazzato (Italy)

Con lagrimas en mis ojos te digo "Hasta siempre Comandante", tu ejemplo seguirá vivo.

Lecsy Olivera Lopez (Cuba)

I wish all Of you the best in this difficult time.

Irene Danielsen (Denmark)

Viva cuba Viva fidel Vivan los cubanos Desde la ciudad de méxico mi mas sncero pesame por la perdida física de su lider, pero la perdida de su enseñanza nunca se acabará. Cuba no etsa sola hay muchas personas que amamos ese cachito de tierra sin ser cubanos, su ejemplo de dignidad es grande y admirable, no se rinda cuba a seguir el ejemplo del Comandante.

America Hernández Soc (Guatemala)

Hay hombre que le enseñan a uno a través de las ideas lo que ni nuestros padres aprendieron, viva Fidel! Un saludo venezolano de condolencias para todos cubanos.


Camaradas Cubanos, Que a forésect;a e os princípios de Fidel continuem a inspirar a soberania popula e o socialismo cubano, para que vocéordf;s continuem a ser nossa inspiraésect;épound;o para o mundo de que outra forma de organizaésect;épound;o social e produtiva é possível para além do capitalismo. Um fraterno abraésect;o desde Poésect;os de Caldas, Minas Gerais, Brasil, Tiago Mafra Professor de Geografia


Love for fidel and all of the cuba people xx you and che will be together again and will be having a long conversation about the last 50 years xxx

Joanne (United Kingdom)

No escribo desde españa, escribo desde el pais vasco para agradecer a TODO el pueblo cubano su ejemplo de lucha, de resistencia e internacionalismo. Vuestro buen hacer han hecho de Fidel alguien eterno, sois ejemplo, no tengo duda de que el pueblo cubano seguira dando lecciones. Fidel ha hecho grandes cosas, pero hasta en los mas pequeños gestos ha hecho diminuto al mayor imperio de la historia. Vivan los pueblos del mundo!! Vivan los y las trabajadoras!! Euskal herria y cuba, dos pueblos, una sola lucha!!! INDEPENDENCIA Y SOCIALISMO O BARBARIE!! Os respetamos, os queremos y os necesitamos, adelante!!! Al unisono!! Hasta la victoria siempre!!!!

jesus jose oñate Gonz&A (Spain)

Condolences to the people of Cuba

John Morland (United Kingdom)

Viva commadante.

Liam Collins (United Kingdom)

Farewell comrade in peace

Anne Rynne (Ireland)

Fidel has been an inspiration to me and my family ever since the Revolution, which I remember well as a teenager. We have the greatest admiration for his courage, his vision, his deep understanding of the nature of imperialism, his love for his people and for the peoples of Latin America and struggling peoples all over the world. His leadership in solidarity with the Angolan people in their struggle against the apartheid regime of South Africa will never be forgotten. His life was a life lived nobly, in the service of his people.

Kate Clark (United Kingdom)

Rest in Peace. Condolences to the people of Cuba

Annette Hadley (United Kingdom)


Jenny (United Kingdom)

Fidel (y su revolución), ha sido una de las mas grandes inspiraciónes de mi vida. Hasta siempre Fidel. Seguiremos luchando contra el capitalismo y el imperialismo, cualquier será nuestro trabajo.

Fabrizio Chiodo (Italy)

Hasta siempre comandante

Dunia Dieppa Nápoles (Cuba)

#HastaSiempreComandante Fidel es un paradigma de solidaridad, internacionalismo y humanismo. Representa una figura de talla universal.

María Caridad Reinoso (Cuba)

Rest easy, Comandante. We will continue the push out west for socialist revolution!

Jorge Pedroza (United States of America)

Um ícone e um símbolo de justiésect;a e inconformismo no mundo partiu, mas deixou-nos uma heranésect;a linda que temos que saber estimar muito bem: os valores do socialismo e do humanismo, a vontade de tornar o mundo num lugar melhor para todos e népound;o só para alguns. Muita forésect;a neste momento, irmépound;os cubanos! Viva Fidel! Viva Cuba! Viva a Revoluésect;épound;o!

Pedro Cardoso Pereira (Portugal)


IPTA (India)

Mi más sentido pésame al pueblo cubano. La historia ya absolvió al Comandante Fidel Castro Ruz, paladín de los pueblos afectados por el colonialismo y nemesis del pérfido gringo imperialista.

Carlos Blanco (Puerto Rico)

Hasta Siempre Comandante! Venceremos!

Reinhold Obermair (Austria)

Nací en 1988 y crecí viéndote hablar largas horas, me enamoraba cada vez que comenzaba un discurso tuyo y por eso me hice militante de la UJC y hoy soy militante del PCC. Para mí siempre serás mi abuelito, te extrañare mucho. No estoy triste, extrañarte me hace fuerte y cada acción que haga será para hacer cumplir tu concepto de REVOLUCION #HastaSiempreComandante

Majela Réordm;a Dé (Cuba)

Lamentable perdida para los pueblos progresistas, para los revolucionarios, para el pueblo cubano y para mi en particular. Hasta siempre comandante. Jorge

Jorge Perez Diaz (United Kingdom)

Su figura, ideales y ejemplo perdurará para la eternidad, Hasta Siempre Comandante!!!!!! siempre estarás entre nosotros

Liuva Méndez PiÃ&a (Cuba)


janakie (Sri Lanka)

In this time of crazy capitalism and exploitation of people, I am truly sorry for your lost. I and many more with me have been very impressed by the way he and the people of Cuba has made it through tuff times. Peace be with you.

Katrine Ekeland (Norway)


Vinette Lewis (United Kingdom)

Rest in power, Comandante! Long live the Cuban revolution!

Pablo Lucero (Philippines)

Dicen que has muerto Comandante, pero téordm; sabes que solo se muere cuando se cae en el olvido. Siempre estarás presente! Hasta la victoria siempre!

Pedro Domingo Herrera Pérez (Spain)

Fidel vive para siempre en nuestra ideas y acciones. Gracias por todo comandante. Ar aghaidh linn ar son na phobail!


Camina en paz hacia la Gloria, y desde allí veras a tu pueblo seguir tu legado y tu ejemplo. Te sentiras orgulloso de lo que forjastes y que siempre estaras presente en cada nino que cante, en cada joven que se gradua, en cada hombre o mujer internacionalista, en cada anciano que cuente su historia. Cuida desde donde este a tu pueblo, que tu pueblo tambien cuidara lo que tu creaste esta patria libre y soberana. Hasta la Victoria Simpre, mi Comandante.

paulina estevez (Cuba)


Hector Gutierrez (Mexico)

en paz descanse comandante

juan pin vilar (Cuba)

Hasta la victoria siempre Patria o muertes...venceremos!!!

Paolo Titolo (Italy)


Ralf Minkenberg (Germany)

Fidel was a life long committed both a figurehead as well as a spearhead for the Cuban revolution, empathy, identification, human compassion, a mutually united international solidarity and a policy of a righteous wealth distribution, while severely risking his basic health conditions and life qualities

Per Askécedil; (Norway)

Farewell beloved Commandant.Glory and Honour to You. Viva Fidel Castro.

Sinatra Sidharthan (India)

hasta la victoria siempre comandante seguiremos tus ideas y ejemplo

magda sanchez valdes (Cuba)

Thanks el Commandante for the Revolution which continues. Thanks for all you did to bring communism to the Cuban People and the wider world. Thanks for the memories Rest in Revolution

Ramon Corria (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre Fidel!

Heinz Giesen (Germany)

My deep condolences to the people of Cuba on the passing of the Father of your nation. He was a giant of a man who had a great respect and love for the people of his country and also of the world. He inspired many world leaders to act in the interest of their people and to develop policies which recognised the dignity of all people. May we all remain strengthened in supporting his example of fearless commitment to the promotion of human dignity of all regardless of political ideology.

Anne Margaret Robinson (Trinidad and Tobago)

RIP comrade

Sean Connolly (United Kingdom)

I wish to send my deepest condolences to the Castro family and the Cuban people. Fidel was a true liberator and a true hero for oppressed people all over the world. Viva Fidel! Hasta la victoria siempre comandante Fide!

Kristian Brockmann (Norway)

We the people of earth will remember everyone and look to our children for our common future.

John Bestevaar (Australia)

Descansa en paz camarada, siempre en nuestros corazones, viva el pueblo Cubano y viva la Revolucion

Benjamin Garcia Alvarez (Spain)

Hasta siempre querido Fidel, querido Comandante!

Tony Larralde (Cuba)

!Hasta siempre, Comandante!

Guri Saettem (Norway)

La aungustia por la pérdida del padre, del amigo, del extraordinario ser humano que fue Fidel Castro es indescriptible. También lo es el dolor y la indignación que siento por todos aquellos que hoy tratan de desmoralizarlo porque no pudieron derrotarlo en vida. No lo lograrán. Sus ideales son imperecederos.

Yaiset Delgado Betancourt (Cuba)


Judith Crespo (Puerto Rico)

Hasta Siempre Comandante, Gracias por habernos dejado esta revolución, nosotros nos encargaremos de continuarla

Febe (Cuba)

Mi más sentido pésame se fue un grande hasta la victoria comandante

José Rodréshy (Chile)

Goodbye to a hero. RIP.

Alan Myler (Ireland)

Colin (United Kingdom)


Gretchen Betancourt (Cuba)



Viva la revolución, till the next time comrade have inspired me in the ways of the revolution you are clearly one of my matter what the west says everyone knows what you have done for cuba and for her people. Until the next time :(

Karl Vincent G. Escamilla (Philippines)

No puede morir quien sabe inmortalizar su pensamiento, su humanidad, su liderazgo. HASTA SIEMPRE COMANDANTE

Alejandro Guerra Denis (Cuba)

Rogelio (Cuba)



An inspiration for freedom seekers everywhere has left us.

Tom Coughlan (Ireland)

Fidel was my hero.

Gabriella killpack (United States of America)

Sincere condolences to the people of Cuba on the passing of Fidel,an extraordinary Cuban whose influence was worldwide.

Harry (Canada)

We share in your loss while celebrating Fidel's amazing contribution to Cuban and world history.

Nigel Ball (United Kingdom)

A true hero who bravely fought and survived constant attacks to his person and his country by the USA. History will not only absolve him but show him to be a real revolutionary and visionary who did what was necessary to create a model of Cuban socialism that provided more for the people than any country in the world.

Dr. June Terpstra (United Kingdom)

My condolences to the people of Cuba for your loss of a great revolutionary leader. In the western european press there exists a villainization of socialism and their leaders, but rest assured that there are many of us who live here who are marxist and do not believe the propaganda we are fed every day. We recognice the the achivements of the cuban people and hope they continue to stand tall against the american empire. We will defeat the imperialists in the future!

Inger Ragnhild Aas (Norway)

R.I.P. You have been a courageous giant in the face of corruption and Capitalism

Analize O;Brien (United Kingdom)

Mine dypeste kondolanser.

Kéyen;re Elvik (Norway)

C M Muraleedharan (India)

Wir sind unendlich traurig über den Tod von Fidel. Er hat uns in unserem Leben begleitet und inspiriert. Er ist unser Vorbild und wird es auch bleiben. Hasta siempre!

Birgit Pfaff (Germany)

Torill Myklebust (Norway)

EDWARD LE FANU (United Kingdom)

I wish to offer my sincere condolences to the family of Fidel Ruz Castro and to the people of Cuba at this sad time.

Ann Doyle (United Kingdom)

I give my deepest condolences to the people of Cuba. They lost an amazing, inspiring person, a revolutionary to Cuba and the world. I know it must be hard, it has been for people around the world. Fidel was loved by many, including some communist and non-communist comrades here in the U.S. We recognize his charity to this world, the achievements of Cuba, and the inspiration he gave us all. May he rest in peace, and may he continue to inspire the world over. Viva the vision of Fidel. Viva the Cuban republic.

Charles Gannon (United States of America)

The man who inspired millions. Condolences.

Sanoop (India)

Grateful for him. #Hero

Ms Del-Angela Cooper (United States of America)

With Fidel Castro a great revolutionary and statesman has left us. His life is to be a model for us. Our solidarity is with the Cuban people.

Powollik, Monika and Jürgen (Germany)

Fidel Castro was a great revolutionary hero and leader. Fidel was a idol of mine and myself along with many others will miss him and all the good he has done for Cuba, the Cuban people and other's across the world. Hasta siempre comandante. Viva Fidel! Viva Cuba!

Brett Perez (United States of America)

The end of a true leader of men. May he rest in Peace. :(

Peter Ross (United Kingdom)

Gracias Fidel por todo

Kaspar Trümpy (Switzerland)

Fidel Castro un ejemplo a seguir, un hombre de ideas. Siempre estara en nuestros corazones.

Dayulis Villavicencio Jiménez (Cuba)

Sol Mera (United Kingdom)

George (United Kingdom)

Goodbye to a true hero of anti-imperialism and working class politics. You will never be forgotten, Castro Lives!

Adam McCarthy (Ireland)

RIP Mr Castro. You changed the lives of your people for the better, stood against the rest of the world and opposed apartheid in South Africa. Your country is always the first to volunteer when natural disasters occur. Time to rest now. God Bless

Glynis Winestein (United Kingdom)

My condolences to the people of Cuba on your great leader's passing - rest in peace Fidel Castro . I had 2 wonderful trips to Cuba in the last 10 years. What wonderful people in Havana , Santa clara , vinales, Santiago .......met so many groups - politically and socially. So welcoming and facilitating. Will be back soon

Sheila O'Sullivan (Ireland)

Thank you for you inspiration , your words, your bravery and dedication not only to cuba but to the world

Nina. Blodau (Ireland)

Solo il tuo corpo si è assentato. Il tuo spirito è ancora qui, con noi che ti abbiamo amato, che ti amiamo e che continueremo ad amarti. Patria o Muerte. Hasta la Victoria Siempre nuestro Comandante.

Flavio Carnio (Italy)

Descansa en paz Comandante, los jóvenes seguirmeos y mantendremos firmes tus ideales y lucharemos por lograr un mundo mejor.

Yuneysi Ramírez hermida (Cuba)

Fidel seguirá viviendo en los millones de hombres y mujeres que en el mundo luchamos por la paz, la justicia social, los derechos humanos esenciales, en primer lugar la vida y la dignidad. Sus ideas, su ejemplo, sus enseñanzas se multiplicarán.

Edda (Cuba)

Fidel Castro a truly great Revolutionary Leader and Statesman- RIP.His Name and Memory will be indelibly etched among the Great Political Helmsmen.

Cyril Green-Thompson (United Kingdom)

Dorothea Hilbig (Germany)

A great loss to Cuba and the world; hasta la revolucion

Anthony David Urwin (United Kingdom)

Dear comrade fidel castro , thank you for gave me understand of revolutionary education , your spirit is very warmly and calmly, I admire you for bashing bourgeoisie of imperialist captialists , you have my respect and my honor thank you

Kenny Paaloalo (United States of America)


Papageorgiou KOnstantinos (Greece)

Jillian Shaw (United Kingdom)

Desmond haughey (United Kingdom)

My deepest condolences are with the people of Cuba in this time of great loss. But this great loss does not have to signify the loss of which Cubans have achieved. I know the Cuban people have the strength and the passion to continue to defiantly show the world that another way is possible. You are a shining light and many millions the world over are proud of your bravery and your dedication to aiding those in need the world over and stabding against oporession where ever it may occour. Viva las personas de Cuba!!

Joseph Janczak (United Kingdom)

¡Que Viva Fidel! ¡Que viva Raéordm;l! ¡Que viva Cuba y su Revolución!

Paul O'Hanlon (United Kingdom)

..firm, too firm sometimes, maybe, but effective in many of the noble goals, and loved by generations

Beate Zilversmidt (Israel)

RIP Fidel Castro

Gail Lynch (United Kingdom)

sympathies from Scotland at the sad passing of such a great leader.

Stuart Ogston (United Kingdom)

Comrade Fidel Castro Lives On! Long Live Fidel Castro! The Revolution Lives On! The Ideals Live On!

Sooryakanth B (India)

¡Hasta la victoria contra los payasos Yanquis - Siga la lucha, Raéordm;l!

Michael Thornton (United Kingdom)

Salute Comrade Fidel! No words can define Fidel Castro. But i would like to say a great man like you will always be remember of all the revolutionaries. Thank you for all the inspiring and good things you've done in the world. You are a great and true Revolutionary! ViVa Fidel Castro! Viva Komunista!

Maestro Reyalidad PKP1930 (Philippines)

Comrade Fidel Castro will forever live in harts and mind of progresive peoples in the world!

Milen Iliev (Bulgaria)

Hiciste bien a la patria Fidel

Yasmary (Cuba)

Revolutionary greetings to the resilient Cuban people - I extend my most sincere condelences and deepest sympathies to your people in this time of mourning, after the death of revolutionary leader Fidel Castro. He has lived and died for the people, and shown that another world is possible. From the belly of the beast of US imperialism, hasta la victoria siempre!

Danya Zituni (United States of America)

Vino Bastian (India)

Ojalá en mi país..con mucha gente que pasa mucha hambre...frío y lo que se puede pensar .de palabra pobre..hay personas como fuiste téordm;.Hasta Siempre

Nicoleta Stefan (Romania)

Hoy estamos de luto el pueblo gatifuna de Honduras.. Hoy estamos fe luto con el alma y corazón lleno de agradecimiento con el comandante en jefe Fidel Castro. Un líder.. Ahora somos lo que somos gracias a ka Revolución Cubana... Hasta siempre comandante..

Ana Patricia Mejía Bernardez (Honduras)

In solidarity with the Cuban people!

Philip Gauthier (Canada)

Bill Lavender (United Kingdom)

We are saddened at the passing of our great revolutionary leader but he will always live on in our hearts and in all our struggles to create a better world, a truly communist world.

Michael Colley (United Kingdom)

You've lost a great leader, but the spirit of the Cuban revolution and Socialism is alive and well in all of you! Solidarity from the belly of the beast, and know that we're fighting for you and for socialism here! Hasta La Victoria Siempre!

Michela Martinazzi (United States of America)

Haste Siempra Fidel. Rest in Power.

Lisa Taylor (United Kingdom)

Your revolutionary example will continue to inspire new generations long after imperialism is buried.

Giles Shorter (United Kingdom)

Martin caddel (Ireland)

A patriot who freed his nation and people from a fascist dictator. Rest in peace mi amigo!

James Caldwell (United Kingdom)

FIDEL...A solitary conductor of an orchestra of Gods...heartfelt condolence

RavindranKv (India)


¡Hasta siempre, querido y admirado comandante! A nosotros nos queda seguir luchando por su legado y por la revolución. ¡Gloria eterna!

Humberto Robles (Mexico)

Rest in peace Fidel my sincere condolences to your family and the Cuban nation at this sad time.

William Kelly (United Kingdom)

Con todo el dolor del mundo te digo adiós, mi querido Comandante Fidel. Fuiste un ejemplo en vida, y tu recuerdo será siempre una guía para quienes buscamos un mundo más justo. ¡Hasta la victoria, siempre!

Héctor Bermejo Mart&Atild (Spain)

Rest in power, Comrade. Your revolutionary fervor lives on in us. Your example will inspire more to come. Cuba will live forever. Solidarity with the Cuban people, from Tampa, Florida. Viva Cuba!

Elizabeth Kramer (United States of America)

Fidel Castro has passed away, but still he is Presente! He lives on in the political action and participation of the Cuban people at every level of society, in the proud refusal to submit to the bullying of US imperialism and its allies, in the solidarity you show in deeds to other suffering peoples, in your creativity and inventiveness in the face of the economic blockade and the hardships it brings, and in your creation of a socialist society that strives for social justice for all. Hasta la victoria siempre!

Helen Colley (United Kingdom)

Morir por la patria es vivir. Fidel vivió y murió defendiendo a su pueblo y su patria. Hasta la victoria siempre. VIVA FIDEL!!!!

Yendy García (Cuba)

Comandante he decidido no estar triste ya que para mi no has muerto ahora formas parte de mi, y vivirás eternamente en mis pensamientos, mis principios, mis ideas. Gracias por tu dignidad, gracias por tu rifle fiel, por tu pluma y tu papel, por tu ingle de varón. Gracias por tu corazón. ¡Gracias por todo Fidel!.

Danis Carlos Chaviano Jiménez (Cuba)

Yoelmis Compte (Cuba)

Hasta siempre mi comandante.

José Carlos PÃ& (Cuba)


Rey Luis Ramirez Rodriguez (Cuba)

En solidaridad con el pueblo Cubano y nuestro lider internacionalista, Comandante Fidel, besos y abrazos siempre. Hasta la Victoria siempre!

Miguel Lopez (United States of America)


Febin Ihsan (India)

Red salute Com. Fidel

ANIL V (India)

Comandante...Lamento, no haberlo conocido..Gracias por sus movimientos y valentia...

Jose Bou (Puerto Rico)

El comandante, thank you.

Kierin Offlands (United Kingdom)

Comrade Fidel Castro, Thank you for serving as an inspiration to us, the Filipino communists. Your life experiences and ideologies will serve as one of our guiding principles in achieving liberty from modern colonisation. Your death doesn't mean everything's over instead it is just the beginning of series of revolutions against capitalists, foreign policies and corrupt states. My condolences to all most especially to your family. We are one with you, comrade.

Esperanza Libertad (Philippines)

Estarás conmigo siempre !!!

Iván Gonzéie (Brazil)

My condolances to a strong revolutionary,a leader and a warrior, and a man who fought against oppression not just of his country, no man is all of anything. rest in peace.

maureen jean-jacques (United Kingdom)

My heart weeps with the loss of a true global icon, people's leader and truth-teller. Sharing the pain of the Cuban people at losing the father of their nation - who will live forever in the mouths of the people of the world. Only saints and sinners do. And El Presidente has chosen his path deliberately, consciously and without hesitation. His life is a lesson not only for people across the world, but for leaders everywhere. I wish, when the tears have dried up, when the shock and sadness subside, we can remain united in our celebration that 'once there was Fidel', in our aspiration to speak truth even when it is inconvenient and unpopular, and in being selfless servants of mankind. Hasta Siempre, el Comandante! Hasta la victoria, siempre! #IAmFidel

Faizal Daniels (South Africa)

Comandante en jefe, no has muerto, vives en todos los cubanos y en la revolucion que hiciste y que continuaremos por siempre. Hasta la victoria siempre. ¡¡¡¡¡VIVA FIDEL, VIVA LA REVOLUCION CUBANA, PATRIA O MUERTE VENCEREMOS!!!!

Alejandro vera benavides (Cuba)

RIP to a one of the greatest men of the 20th century. A huge inspiration to me for his determined resistance of the oppressor to protect the people of Cuba. I hope his legacy endures.

James Reece (United Kingdom)

Fidel vive eternamente, héroe de la revolución.

Ruby (United Kingdom)

Jack Callen (United Kingdom)

The Cuban people through their revolution have shown us what it truly means to be human. May we rediscover our humanity before the capitalist system destroys us all.

Mike Magee (United Kingdom)

Fidel, el hombre más grande del siglo XX y mi ejemplo a seguir en todos los aspectos. Nunca saldrás de nuestros corazones

Yoel Hernández Camejo (Cuba)

Farewell people's commandent. You will be remembered forever, as long as mankind exists. Your true spirit of internationalism will inspire generations to come. We will keep the flag of anti-imperialist struggle aloft. Viva Fidel, viva revolution

P.M.Sidharthan (India)

Cuba may not have much besides its people, but at least it puts its people first, thanks in no small part to Fidel Castro; RIP.

Shaun Blake (United Kingdom)

Hasta la Victoria Siempre

Eduardo Carmona Miranda (Cuba)

Thank you for living the life that you did.

Shaun Hague (United Kingdom)

Fidel was a great leader, visionary and an example to many like me. He will be missed but his legacy will live on.

Joe Marino (United Kingdom)

we will carry on your fight !

Ralf Mehlstaeubler (Germany)

Carry on in Peace Fidel in your next life. A true Proctor of Citizens of Cuba from the Western Mafia/USA

John Hodge (United Kingdom)

Hasta la victoria siempre, Te defenderemos

Enier Molina Ramirez (Cuba)

Viva castro

Janice page (United Kingdom)

Descansa en paz comandante :(

Lorna Rolim (Portugal)

Red Salute El Comandante. One day, I hope to visit your Cuba and pay my respects.

Joby Thomas (United Kingdom)

Commandante, like a signpost on a dark and lonely road, seemingly insignificant, yet pointing the way, and telling us how far we have yet to go, THE PEOPLE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU!

Chawki Irving (United States of America)

I express my solidarity with the Cuban citizens who chose to support their leade against all odds posed by the biggest bully in the world who happened to be their next door neibour. I express my sincere condolences during the sad moments of his demise. I wish Cuba best of future and while not bowing before the war monger USA as it always stood 'face up' under the leadership of Castro.

kanwal dhaliwal (United Kingdom)


Manfred Wolter (Germany)

An inspiration to so many around the world. Viva la revolution x

Steve Holland (United Kingdom)

Never gone and never forgotten. A true hero of the international proletariat. Siempre en nuestros corazones. Viva Fidel. Viva el pueblo. Viva la revoluction. Hasta siempre.

Vivek Chaudhary (United Kingdom)



He fought for justice and freedom for all, against privileges of rich and powerful. Rest in peace Fidel


The death of Fidel struck me hard. I want to send my condolences to his family, his people and all mankind, although I´m missing the proper words. He was truly essential to the cause, we will always miss his voice in the burning jungle of capitalism. Nils

Nils Leufke (Germany)

A truly inspirational leader. His critics forget how awful Cuba was before 1959 and ignore the huge good done by Cuba worldwide. They also ignore the achievements in health and education and the economic burdens of the childish US sanctions regime.

Derek Janes (United Kingdom)

Sean kelly (Ireland)

RIP.You have proved that there is another future where the best quality health care and education is accessible to all from the cradle to the grave

Michele Marshall (United Kingdom)

Fidel thank you for your inspiration. The struggle will continue, you have shown us another world is possible. Long live the Revolution.

Mike Osment (United Kingdom)

Hasta la victoria siempre, Comandante Fidel! RIP

Barry (United Kingdom)

Yamile Pupo Leyva (United Kingdom)

Hasta la victoria siempre

Abrar Ahmed (United Kingdom)

Your spirit and hopes and dreams will continue to live on in people around the world who want a fairer world for all. codladh sámh Comandante.

Marie-Claire Milliken (Ireland)

Hasta la victoria siempre!

Berit Margrete Kjécedil;lhaug (Norway)


Luke Nicholas (United Kingdom)

If only more world leaders were like you, the world would be a far better, happier place. Your strength, resilience and determination throughout your life's struggles are things to marvel at. May you rest in peace and never be forgotten. Solidarity always, from Scotland.

Barry Cowan (United Kingdom)

I send my condolences to my comrades in Cuba after we lost such a great man. It will be difficult but we must build on his great legacy. RIP Commandante.

Thomas Flanagan (United Kingdom)

Soy médica cubana cumpliendo mision en Brasil.Quiero agradecer a todas las personas en el mundo entero que han demostrado su admiracion y respeto hacia nuestro lider.Los cubanos sabremos mantener el ejemplo de Fidel y continuar con Revolucion.Viva Fidel!!!

Kenia Gomez Hernandez (Cuba)

I am grateful to Fidel Castro & the Cuban people for solidarity in the fight against apartheid, the defeat of the racist South African defense force at Cuito Cuinavale was a turning point in the defeat of apartheid. Cuba's relationship with Africa has always been on the ground of mutual respect; no stealing of Africa's resources, no enslavement, no destruction of the environment and no unfair economic 'deals'. Thank you also for the medical support, like the hundreds of doctors sent to help during the recent Ebola crisis and for the hundreds of doctors supporting our underserved rural health sector in South Africa. These commitments to humanity thrived under Fidel's leadership and I hope will continue into the future. Please don't take your successes for granted. Here, in South Africa, we have a long way to go with the biggest inquality in the world. Even today one of the local city counsillors in Cape Town is advocating a campaign against the city's homeless, those 4000 people living on the streets...she asks residents not to put their rubbish bins out too early so the poor do not have a chance to go through the rubbish "to have a buffet" style meal. Unfortunately the horrific treatment of the poor continues world-wide with govts & state institutions pandering to the big corporations and to the rich. The worlds leaders are spineless and lack moral courage in talking truth to power and in standing for principle e.g against the unfair, criminal trade embargo against your country. In Fidel Castro we have at least one example of an international statesman who lived his committment to his people and his principles. I am truly sorry for our loss. Hasta siempre Comandante! Hasta la victoria siempre!

Sandhya (South Africa)

Sorry to hear the death of my inspirational hero who survived over 50 years of USA agression

Paddy Mulhern (Ireland)

Maivis Liu (Cuba)

Farewell to a true Socialist,

John and Lesley Major (United Kingdom)

'200 million children sleep tonight on the streets - none is Cuban.' What an epitaph for a man who filled his boots. Rest in power, Fidel; your memory is for a blessing to us.

Christina (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre comandande Fidel, tu eres me idol politico

Roger Lécedil;véye (Norway)

Maria Osorio-Catalan (Australia)

Morris Williams (United Kingdom)

My solidarity goes out to all people in Cuba and across the world who join together to remember Fidel. As a 13 year old boy in 1976 I was inspired by the Cuban Internationalist Volunteers in Angola who help avenge the school students massacred by the Apartheid regime in SOWETO. I became a conscious internationalist and revolutionary. I witnessed first hand the capacity of the Cuban Revolution to adapt and the resilience of Cuban people when I lived and worked in Cuba during the Special Period in 1991/92. Today across the globe millions of people still see Cuba as a beacon of hope. We thank Fidel for his contribution and send our condolences to his family, loved ones and comrades. !A sus ordenes comandante!#HastaSiempreFidel

Mark Anthony France (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre commandate Fidel!

Schmit Mike (Luxembourg)

Hasta siempre

Alberto Salazar (Cuba)

In times of hunger, homelessness, poor healthcare and illiteracy you were a beacon of hope, you inspired nations, leaders and people like me. Although your body will no longer walk this earth, your message will and it'll change the lives of many daily. If it wasn't for you Cuba would be run by despots, Latin America would have no one to help them and I would have no one to say he made it work, he put the needs of the many first so why can't we! You will never be forgotten, never lost in time and yes, commandante history will absolve you. Rest in peace Comrade. Your ever faithful brother, Brent Johnston Patria O Muerte

Brent Johnston (United Kingdom)

Se fue físicamente pero quedó el espíritu en todos nosotros, todos los cubanos somos Fidel

Luis Valdes Villamil (Cuba)

A sad loss. The world has lost a giant, but his legacy lives on.

Chris Jones (United Kingdom)

Fantastic leader who stood up to the school bully all his life. Admired from scotland.

Eddie Lamb (United Kingdom)

Dear Fidel, you and your brave comrades with your revolutionary determination remain one of the shining lights and encouraging examples in a fairly desasterous world of today

Norbert Andersch (Italy)

Hasta siempre comandante. Descansa en paz. Tu pueblo te quizo, te quiere y te querra.

Lidania Somoano (Cuba)

A true champion of social justice. Venceramos Viva Socialismo. " If we have a little we share a little, if we have a lot we share a lot, but what we have we share!" My experience in the Solidarity movement, in visiting Cuba over 20 times, and supporting the work on medical aid for Cuba, shone a bright light in a dark world.

Rob Quick (United Kingdom)

Hasta la victoria siempre...

Seamas Carraher (Ireland)

Big loss to the world. Fidel inspired me and countless others to strive for a better more equal world

Nelly Takla-Wright (United Kingdom)

Hasta la Victória sempre mi comandante

Yoel Rosales salina (Cuba)

My condolences on the loss of your leader of so many years. May you continue as a proud and respected people.

Joyce Parkes (Ireland)

David Frevola (Canada)

Ich werde Dich niemals vergessen. Du wirst mir immer ein Vorbild sein

Reinhard Grunert (Germany)

Farewell Comandante!

Silvia Pena (United States of America)

Solo puedo en una fecha como esta y bajo un dolor como este, decirte Gigante que no daré reposo a mi alma ni descanso a mi brazo en esta lucha por los que nada tienen, por los pobres de la tierra. Esa será, ahora con más brío, mi causa. !Hasta siempre!

Reynier Limonta (Cuba)

Long live Cuba. Viva Cuba

Andrew (United Kingdom)

La desaparición física de Fidel Castro no puede significar que Cuba pierda lo conquistado.No dejéis que retroceda de nuevo a los tiempos de Batista.La lucha sigue fortaleciendo la democracia en el país a través de sus instituciones que impidan que los especuladores hagan mercado con la gente.

eva (Spain)

Maivis (Cuba)

Mhuire Conbhuide (Ireland)

thank you Fidel, you inspired me and countless more that a better world is possible.

Marem Szyler (Australia)

Thank you Comandante Fidel for leaving this world A MUCH BETTER PLACE than how you entered it. Thank you for studying revolutionaries before you like Jose Marti and Antonio Maceo and Mariana Grajales. Thank you for organizing at the Moncada barracks in 1953. Thank you for organizing AGAINST puppet leadership in your country and forging a new society that prioritizes schools and hospitals instead of prisons and juvenile detention centers. Thank you for supporting Thomas Sankara. Thank you for fighting against U.S. imperialism in Angola and South Africa, Zimbabwe and the Congo. Thank you for your revolutionary government sending doctors to New Orleans in 2005. Thank you for your recorded conversations about religion with Frei Betto. Thank you for sending more doctors to Haiti than any other nation. Thank you for your revolutionary government sending more doctors across the world and for reminding us how to heal ourselves. Thank you for ALWAYS telling the truth about Zionism. Thank you for describing the unfortunate choice of larger countries to collaborate with Nazi forces to support repressive military dictatorships across the world. Thank you for honoring your African heritage. Thank you for spreading peace across the world and always always diligently helping to defend the defenseless in the world. We see you, we love you and appreciate you. Thank you. -RF.

Rhone Fraser, Ph.D. (United States of America)

The Revolutionary might die but they will never kill T he Revolution. Hasta La Victoria Siempre Comrade.

Michael Bennett (United Kingdom)

Commandante y Jefe RIP - History will absolve you

Richard Hardy (United Kingdom)

Siento profundamente la pérdida de este gran hombre, líder, estadísta, etc. que supo como llevar a su país fuera de las garras de imperialismo. Y como dijo el Che, HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE!!!!

Carmen Mendoza (Mexico)

I was in Havana in 2006 when you fell ill. The people were grief stricken. They held genuine love for you. Rest in peace Fidel last of the great revolutionaries

Colin paterson (United Kingdom)

Es dificil decir algo de Fidel y mas en estas circunstancias cuando se supone una partida que es siempre fisica, pero no espirutual . Fidel estas con nosotros siempre.

Manuel (Cuba)

Eterno Comandante, su ejemplo y sus ideas, son y serán por siempre, el más vivo refleje de su pueblo. Hasta Siempre Comandante.

Sixto Pentón (Cuba)

Very sad time for all those who strive for a fairer World, social justice and International Solidarity with people struggling against oppression.

steven walker (United Kingdom)


Ellen Coyle (United Kingdom)


Tom Parkinson (United Kingdom)


Allan Frewin (United Kingdom)

Please accept my most heartfelt sympathies for your loss. My thoughts are with the people of Cuba. Hasta Siempre Comandante!

Halil Emre Zeybek (Turkey)

Aun no puedo creer que Fidel halla muerto. Cuando me dieron la noticia me estremecí, un vacío recorrió toda mi pensamiento... !Hasta siempre comandante!!!

Elianet Medina Abreu (Cuba)

Toda Cuba y el mundo lo llora la perdida fisica de nuestro querido Fidel, pero a la vez estamos inmensamente agradecidos porque a lo largo de estos 90 años hemos tenido junto a nosotros a este inmenso y colosal hombre que al lado de nuestro pueblo y la Revolución se hicieron de un lugar y de un momento en la historia de la humanidad. Te vamos a extrañar mucho querido Comandante, y por siempre viviran eternamente en cada uno de nosotros, seguiremos adelante esta Revolución que téordm; has construido con los pobres y humildes seguros de que esa luz nos seguira guiando para construir un mundo mejor. Fidel es un gigante, en el se reune la expresion mas alta de un ser humano y se convirtio en una leyenda no solo para los cubanos sino para el mundo, Fidel no ha muerto, seguira vivo y su imagen se convertira en un simbolo de todos los oprimidos de este mundo, perdurara en el tiempo y cuando se escriba la historia de este siglo ahi estar Fidel representando las clases mas oprimidas. "Hasta la victoria siempre Comandante" has desaparecido fisicamente pero hoy han surgido 10 millones de comandantes que seguiremos tu ejemplo.

Emilio Martinez Fernandez (Cuba)

REd salute Comandante

Jemrell Marcelino (Philippines)

Siempre te recordaremos

Dylan García Aponte (Cuba)

You gave the world hope that they too could stand up against imperialist and commercial powers. Your bravery in the face of aggression directed at you personally and the Cuban People should continue to inspire the next generation in the fight against the neo-liberal Capitalists. Viva Fidel, Viva Cuba.

Neil Holden (United Kingdom)

Peter Matthews (United Kingdom)

What a greatloss to us He left a better Cuba.

James Mc Auley (United Kingdom)


A Leader in solidarity, his memory will live on amongst international socialists.

Kevin Patrick Morgan (United Kingdom)

You will be sadly missed. A great revolutionary and leader. An example to everyone throughout the world.

Barry Clark (United Kingdom)

for ever: comrade communist

brockmann, beate (Germany)

Happy thay Fidel Castro was able to outwit the CIA and successive American presidents and wish to visit your beautiful country and culture one day and hope it continues with new leader

Aine Daly (Ireland)

Red Salute Comrade!

mark lotivio (Philippines)

I am impresioned to all solidarity with my people. Fidel will be join us forever.

Nelson Posada Martínez (Cuba)



We salute the life and legacy of comrade Fidel Castro, and we stand by the Cuban people as they continue along the socialist path.

Edinburgh branch of the Communist Partty of Britai (United Kingdom)

Bro RogerCement,Canadian by birth,Cuban Communist by choice, died in Havana in 2016. He will enjoy debating Orwell & Chomsky with Fidel over a hand rolled Cuban while the struggle continues for those left behind.

Cameron 4 Brother Roger Clement (Canada)

A beacon of hope is gone but your light shines on. "Fidel, Fidel, los pueblos te agradecen palabras en acción y hechos que cantan, por eso desde lejos te he traído una copa del vino de mi patria: es la sangre de un pueblo subterráneo que llega de la sombra a tu garganta, son mineros que viven hace siglos sacando fuego de la tierra helada. Van debajo del mar por los carbones Y cuando vuelven son como fantasmas: se acostumbraron a la noche eterna, les robaron la luz de la jornada y sin embargo aquí tienes la copa de tantos sufrimientos y distancias: la alegría del hombre encarcelado, poblado por tinieblas y esperanzas que adentro de la mina sabe cuándo llegó la primavera y su fragancia porque sabe que el hombre está luchando hasta alcanzar la claridad más ancha. Y a Cuba ven los mineros australes, los hijos solitarios de la pampa, los pastores del frío en Patagonia, los padres del estaño y de la plata, los que casándose con la cordillera sacan el cobre de Chuquicamata, los hombres de autobuses escondidos en poblaciones puras de nostalgia, las mujeres de campos y talleres, los niños que lloraron sus infancias: ésta es la copa, tómala, Fidel. Está llena de tantas esperanzas que al beberla sabrás que tu victoria es como el viejo vino de mi patria: no lo hace un hombre sino muchos hombres y no una uva sino muchas plantas: no es una gota sino muchos ríos: no un capitán sino muchas batallas. Y están contigo porque representas todo el honor de nuestra lucha larga y si cayera Cuba caeríamos, y vendríamos para levantarla, y si florece con todas sus flores florecerá con nuestra propia savia. Y si se atreven a tocar la frente de Cuba por tus manos libertada encontrarán los puños de los pueblos, sacaremos las armas enterradas: la sangre y el orgullo acudirán a defender a Cuba bienamada." Pablo Neruda, Canción de gesta, 1960

Daniel Gregory (United Kingdom)

No hay palabras para expresar la grandeza de este hombre, siempre lo recordaremos como el amigo de todos, el defensor de los mas pobres, de los desposeidos, de los mas debiles, hombre inteligente, culto, capaz de prevenir, los cubanos hoy estamos tristes porque llego el momento de su partida fisica, pero nos quedo su legado, sus principios que vamos a seguir al pie de la letra. Adiós amigo, descansa en paz.

Idania Valle (Cuba)

Tu grandeza infinita seguirá trascendiendo la historia universal. Te amo y te amaré hasta la eternidad. Téordm; y Chávez nuestros Gigantes... Hasta la Victoria siempre... Venceremos

Zulaiba Delgado (Venezuela)

Hasta la Victoria, siempre Comrade

Paul Worsley (United Kingdom)

Que grande fuiste, eres, Comandante. Inolvidable tu mensaje de solidaridad entres las naciones.

Ann Wright (United Kingdom)

Rest in peace, comrade

Christine Rogers (United Kingdom)

A great leader, who defined an era of anti-Colonial struggle, has passed away. His Legacy will live on.

Hans Olav Brendberg (Norway)

Quite simply the greatest leader in history.

Colum Thompson (Ireland)

Un abraso comandante, su ejemplo es y será un paradigma en mi vida.

Carlos Rafael Berméordm;dez Soto (Cuba)

No diré que has muerto, diré que vives eternamente en la historia y en la memoria de todos los cubanos. Cuba existe por ti, Cuba es libre por ti. Eres y serás siempre nuestro motor impulsor. Hasta la Victoria, Siempre!!!

Dairelys García (Cuba)

Quiero transmitir mis condolencias a los familiares, amigos cercanos y pueblo de Cuba que lo respeta y lo ama porque en todas partes se siente, ese es Fidel, el de hoy, el de siempre, está en nosotros y nos toca a nosotros continuarlo, mantenerlo vivo, cabalgar con él. Porque Fidel es Fidel siempre, por siempre, hasta la victoria que ya es suya!

Arlety García Garca (Cuba)

Hasta siempre, Comandante ...

Abdulraheem Jacob (United Kingdom)

hasta simpre comandante cuenta conmigo para seguir su ejemplo patria o muerte venceremos hasta la victoria siempre

esmircy jimenez centeno (Brazil)

Liberation calls on the USA to return the occupied land at Guantanamo Bay and end the the immoral blockade of Cuba now

Margaret Bowden (United Kingdom)

Hasta la victoria siempre Comandante

Ronney (Cuba)


Stina ekvall (Sweden)

Long live Commandante. The world's the poorer by your demise. Pass our regards to Che. Until victory always.

Inyangala Dennis (Kenya)

RIP Fidel. Viva Cuba

Cathy Page (United Kingdom)

Viva Fidel, Viva Cuba

Philip McCowen (United Kingdom)

LindaMaria Pagan (United Kingdom)

Thanks for proving to me that there is an alternative worth fighting for and being an inspiration in so many of our lives. Hasta Siempre Comandante. Socialismo O Muerte.

Jordan Turner (United Kingdom)

Descansa en Paz Papá Fidel

Marelis (Cuba)

Somos energía. Nos transformamos.

Lombardo. (Colombia)

Juan Carlos Antuña S&At (Spain)

David Rochester (United Kingdom)

Con tu ejemplo seguiremos adelante Comandante, el pueblo de CUBA VENCERA!!

FidelSiempre (Cuba)

What a life to celebrate!
Fidel played the central role in mobilising the Cuban toilers to overthrow capitalism, lay the foundations of a socialist economy and institutionalise workers democracy. It is this that has made possible Cuba’s world-renowned health care system, education for life, its universal social security system, and the capacity to withstand the devastating economic shocks, especially the draconian US economic blockade.
Fidel’s commitment to internationalism never waivered – and lives on in Cuba today based on the principle that “we don’t give what we have left over; we share what we have.”
What a contrast Cuba presents to the ruthless predatory system of capitalism, exemplified by the world’s final Empire. As the imperialist world order falls apart, the example of revolutionary Cuba brings forth fear and hatred from liberal democratic governments throughout the world, articulated by the bourgeois media’s slanderous response to Fidel’s death.
The best we can do in honour of Fidel’s life is to follow the course he set and help overthrow the dictatorship of capital here in the UK. End the Blockade! US out of Guantanamo!

Brian Grogan (United Kingdom)

Descansa en paz Commandante Fidel ! Gracias por su apoyo incondicional a las poblaciones pobres de Haiti a traves del fantastico trabajo de sus brigadas de medicos desde varios anos ! Siempre estara vivo en nuestra corazon !!! 1LOVE

Jean -Frederic Theodore (Haiti)

I have never wept for the death of a world leader until Fidel Castro passed away. My support is always with the people of Cuba facing this huge and most painful loss

Chris (United Kingdom)

No me uno en un sentimiento solidario de dolor, porque es un dolor propio el que siento en el corazón. Crecí viendo la admiración de mi padre (otro hombre extraordinario y revolucionario) hacia Fidel, el Che, Camilo y a la revolución cubana; desde siempre me enseñaron a amar a esa pequeña isla que se enfrenta al imperio, siendo ejemplo de dignidad y solidaridad. Hasta siempre comandante, desde Ecuador te decimos ahora eres inmortal.


Eckhard Schmidt (Germany)

Yu are a giant of integrity... La Historia Te Absolvera...RIP Fidel ...

Giuliana (United Kingdom)


Anne martiniéuml;re (France)

Dear Vidal you r amar.lalsalam

AjayakumarTM (India)

An inspiration

JAMIE PIERI (United Kingdom)

"Basta ya de la ilusíon de que los problemas del mundo se puedan resolver con armas!" Ist ein eindringlicher Aufruf Fidels in seiner Rede vor der UN-Vollversammlung 1979. In unserer Welt sind wir noch über 30 Jahren noch weit davon entfernt. Gracias, Comandante Fidel por tu lucha; vamos a seguir! Venceremos! Antifaschistische Erholungs- und Begegnungsstécurren;tte

Bea Trampenau, Heinz Bartels ... (Germany)


c Battersby (United Kingdom)

Siempre vivirás en nuestros corazones. Hasta la Victoria Siempre Comandante...Te queremos

Liane Dianz Boza (Cuba)

¡Hasta la victoria siempre!

Hugh (United Kingdom)

Gloria eterna al cubano mas grande de los siglos XX y XXI. Viva Fidel

Gilberto Diaz Reyes (Cuba)

“Fidel Castro will be remembered as a giant among global leaders whose view was not only one of freedom for his people but for all of the oppressed and excluded peoples on the planet”, so said the President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins in an official press statement released in response to the announcement Fidel’s demise. Cuba Support Group Ireland is grateful to our President for his courage to release such a statement, but then, our president is a man of courage. And learning. And experience, especially when it comes to the affairs of Latin America. He has walked in solidarity with the victims of US imperialist aggression in many parts of the world, not least in Latin America. His words are balanced, measured, informed and appropriate. They are also in stark contrast to the ignorant utterances of other world leaders, not least the president-elect of the United States of America. For Cuba Support Group Ireland, Fidel was more than a great leader, Fidel was our guide to a better world. He has pointed the way ahead and explained the reasoning which informed his vision. It is now for us, his followers, to pick up his flag, the flag of justice, humanity and truth, and march on. Thank you, Fidel, for sharing with us a life of service, dedication, discipline and humanity. Patria o Muerte, Venceramos!

Cuba Support Group Ireland (Ireland)


madeline watson (United Kingdom)


Annamaria Temple (United Kingdom)

unido en el dolor y en el compromiso con cada cubano digno

marcello console (Italy)

Hasta la victoria Siempre "Comandate en Jefe ORDENE"

Antonio (Cuba)

Hasta siempre, compañero comandante!

Elizabeth Fierro Fredriksson (Sweden)

Has cumplido,camarada Fidel!

Belem Trompet (Spain)


viv acious (United Kingdom)

Los jovenes de hoy te decimos que seguiremos tu ejemplo y tu lucha para no ceder ante ninguna presión imperial. Porque fuistes guía, luz y maestro de generaciones, hoy somos un país gracias a que realizastes los sueños y las sideas de Martí. Porque eres el eterno Comandante nuestro y de muchos pueblos libertadores en este mundo tan dispar. Porque todos somos #Fidel, porque todos te debemos el existir cada día. LLoré con la noticia por dentro pero siento el deber de seguir luchadno todos los días por tu ejemplo. #HastasiempreComandante

Ronny Cabrera Rejo (Cuba)

Fidel was a giant among men and the greatest leader of the 20th century. RIP.

Alex McDonnell (United Kingdom)

A hero of our time

Tamar Sarfatti (Israel)

My deepest sympathy to all Cuban's following the death of El Comadante Fidel. He was a great revolutionary and leader and I hope that Cuba can move forward with your new leader and a new future with even more sucess as a nation. Viva Cuba, Viva Fidel!

Tania Bassett (United Kingdom)

En mi Isla inspirados en Su ejemplo, formate mo's nuestra concur cas, y construiremos el communising!

Susan Tranter (United Kingdom)

You were an inspirational figure to us

Barry Strain (Ireland)

My very condolence por la ausencia del commandane FIDEL CASTRO .

IOANNIS (Greece)

Fidel Castro was a man of conviction and courage who, with the Cuban people, stood up for the egalitarian system they were able to develop, against the might of US commercial and military opposition. I hope that long after his death that ideal will continue.

Malcolm Bates (United Kingdom)

Thank you for all that you did for the world which you leave abetter place!

Marty Noone (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre Comandante.



Camilo Lage (Spain)

Fidel taught the world that you can successfully stand up to western imperialism. He will alway be fondly remembered for that.

Martyn Rose (United Kingdom)

To the victory, always. Rest in peace comrade, the world has lost the most inspirational leader of the 20th century. You will never be forgotten.

Terry Goulding (United Kingdom)

¡Hasta Siempre commandante!

Jürgen Kelle (Germany)

Hoy y por siempre lloramos la perdida de nuestri invicto Comandante Fidel Castro Ruz, lo llevaremos por siempre en nuestros corazones lider encansable y unico en el mundo ejemplo de patriotismo, humanismo, independentismo, internacionalismo, padre, amigo y maestro mis más sinceras condolencias a familiares, amigos y pueblo cubano en general. Hasta la Victoria Siempre.

Yenifer López Sa&a (Cuba)

A towering figure with many achievements to his name, including that of high standards in health and education in Cuba, the dispatch of doctors and others to assist in fighting disease and health problems overseas, support for the struggle against apartheid and against the support of apartheid South Africa in Angola and many other achievements. I met Fidel on a number of occasions, leading delegations, etc., and he was a most impressive man.

Stan Newens, former MP, MEP and president of EP de (United Kingdom)

Se abrirán las amplias Alamedas, para dejar pasar al hombre libre! ,¡Hasta siempre comandante Fidel Castro!

Erika Lamig (Sweden)

El mundo ha perdido un pedacito de él, pero solo físicamente, porque Fidel siempre estará en el corazón de los cubanos...Hasta siempre COMANDANTE!!!!

Leduan B. Rosell Acosta (Cuba)

Viva the revolution!

Steve Jennings (United Kingdom)

I am sorry that you have lost such inspiration. I believe in the solidarity he showed. I like the equality he made between people. Congratulations on the literacy program and the ability to care for the population during really hard times. He supported you to help yourselves. He was like a father figure.

Harriet (United Kingdom)

As a 66 year old who had a Marxist father Fidel was a hero to us. I am sad at his death but proud to know that he lived so long.

John Lyn Evans (United Kingdom)

He lived according to the maxim that principles mean more than life itself and his revolutionary spirit, his humanity and his internationalism, will burn in the hearts of all who are striving for a better world and a human-centred society.

Roger Nettleship (United Kingdom)

subha chakraborty (India)

Fidel will be missed, but never forgotten. It's been an absolute honour to know off him, read about him and to write to him and to visit Cuba whilst he was in power. My only regret was to never meet my hero. I have a few signed postcards from el presidente,of which one takes pride on our wall. Venceremos

Jenny Bakhoff (United Kingdom)


Bernard (France)

#HastaSiempreComandante donde quiera que estés, #HastalaVictoriaSiempre

Yoesmel Ajete Rufín (Cuba)

Luehr Koch (Germany)

In the words of Haydee Santamaria when Battistas thugs were brutalising her brother and burning her with cigarettes, "He is not dead, to die for the fatherland is to live forever."

Murray Watt (United Kingdom)

In memory of a fighter for economic justice.

Graham (United Kingdom)

From an Irish Republican who has battled for many years against repression, I send my sincere condolences for Fidel. The man was an inspiration for me. Viva la Revolucion!!

Pascal O'Mahony (United Kingdom)

Mick Davies (United Kingdom)

Hasta la Victoria Siempre

Sergio Bruno (Argentina)

We mourn the death of one of the greatest personalities of the twentieth century. Our second father. Cubans will continue to fight to keep their legacy alive. Hasta la Victoria siempre!!! Hasta siempre Comandante!!!

José Rafael Vega Silva (Cuba)

Heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of Fidel Castro, may he rest in peace. He was a truly great man and my deepest regret is that I never got to meet him or visit Cuba while he still lived. Vaya con Dios.

Sara Browne (United Kingdom)


Ansar Ahmed Ullah (United Kingdom)

Viva Fidel! La lucha continua!

Andrew Glen (United Kingdom)

Condolences to the people of Cuba

Sue Rees Farrell (United Kingdom)

A beacon of light, human flaws and all, in a world seemingly determined to crush humanity.

mike cowley (United Kingdom)

May I extend my deepest and most sincere condolences to the family of Fidel and to the people of Cuba on the death of this great man and leader of his country. I pray that the people will continue to work towards and consolidate the fair society that he fought for and strove to give them. He was an inspiration for all.

Heather Hollingworth (United Kingdom)

Querido Comandante en jefe, no encuentro palabras para expresar el inmenso dolor que siente mi corazón por tu partida, no obstante desde esta tierra distante donde me encuentro cumpliendo con una tarea asignada por nuestra Revolución y donde cada día trasmito de una forma u otra los valores q tu nos inculcaste, vengo a decirte Hasta La victoria siempre Comandante, cumpliste bien la obra de tu vida!!! Te amaremos por siempre los cubanos y también millones de otras tantas latidudes para asi inmortalizar tu paso por la vida, Patria o Muerte, Venceremos!!! Descansa en paz....

Yordanka Verdia Sánchez (Brazil)

This brave and great man will be sadly missed by his countrymen and women who understood the ideals that he fought for and the policies that he carried through in his country. It's so desperately sad that he was misrepresented and misunderstood by so many on a wider stage. RIP Fidel Castro

Steph Betton (United Kingdom)

If Cuba's socialism was the failure the media says it is, then why was the embargo and all the lies that accompany it necessary? The embargo was implemented BECAUSE imperialism know that socialism works.

Neil (United Kingdom)

Fidel's legacy to Cuba and the world is a first class health service for his people and its international outreach. Cuban culture is alive and well due in part to its citizens high rate of literacy and their creativity in the face of hardship caused by more than forty years of the US blockade. Adios Commandante! Viva la Revolucion! Cuba Libre!

Brian Massey (United Kingdom)

I would like to send my deepest sympathies to the people of Cuba on the very sad death of Comandante Fidel Castro. While we mourn his loss, we celebrate his many achievements in his tireless fight for social justice for all. Sus ideas y sus valores vivran siempre.

Pauline Harris (United Kingdom)

Long live Fidel

Peter Ivor Wilson (Australia)

Solidarity to all the workers in this unfair and uneven world!! The ideals and struggles of Che and Fidel, live, inspire us and guide us to the future! The future of the people!!

George (Greece)

Long live the freedom fighters against this mad capitalist world, may you rest in peace as you have earned it Fidel Castro

Allan Jones (Australia)


Ingrid Margareth Schanche (Norway)

What an inspirational man! He was the David to Goliath and his health service, education service, development of the arts, care for the environment to name just a few of his achievements have been unrivaled. I had he privileged to come to Cuba four time in the last 20 years and witnessed how much Fidel Castro was loved and respected by his people.Rest in peace.

Tina (United Kingdom)

Descansa en paz compañero Fidel. Su legado será eterno porque él cambió la historia, forjó un futuro diferente, con sus detractores y seguidores, pero sobre todo dio oportunidad a los más necesitados.

Roberto Tellez Ibarra (Cuba)

Solidarity from the Socialist Party in St.Helens Merseyside UK

Ian (United Kingdom)

Hasta la victoria siempre

David Rees (Ireland)

A great loss for humanity.

Lisa Zazzarino (United States of America)

Condolences to Fidel Castro and the cuban people from Sweden. The examples you set continue to inspire all over the world, and workers in countries will fight to defend and uphold your revolution. Rest in power commandante, history will absolve you. Hasta la victoria siempre!

Otto (Sweden)

Thanks Comrade! Hasta la Victoria! Siempre!

Tomas Widén (Sweden)

You stood and will always stand as a beacon for the rights of all humans against imperialism, war and injustice. A better world is possible and you showed that only we can create it. History and the worlds people have judged you and your inspiration will always be with us. Hasta Victoria siempre!

Maddy Nettleship (United Kingdom)

Condolences to the Cuban people at this time of great sadness, your strength and self belief will take you onwards.

Sarah Grant (United Kingdom)

a great comrade

william martin (United Kingdom)


Phil Archbold (Ireland)

In gratitude for a life of principle and supporting healthcare in many countries in need.

Gail Dunn (United Kingdom)

Mi más sentido pésame al pueblo cubano, por la pérdida de este GRAN Hombre, estadista y solidario con los más desfavorecidos.

Antonio Recio (Spain)

My condolences to a remakeable leader!

Lou Francavilla (Canada)

Fidel padre eterno. Te nos fuiste fisicamente pero nos queda el sabor de tu linda revolución, tus aportes a la cultura cubana, al deporte, al derecho a desarrollarnos como polo científico y ser una poténcía en la medicina entre otras cosas mas. Pero nos queda aun más tu coraje, por haber guiado esta isla amada durante tantos años y hallas demostrado al mundo que es isla es pequeña pero que jode, es envidiada en muchos aspectos. Nos dejaste tus cojones Comandante que con ellos no te pudieron tumbar, al contrario nos hiciste crecer como nación, como patria. Hoy estás junto al Ché, Chaves, Camilo, Allende, Kichner y tantos otros. HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE MI COMANDANTE.

Yornel Reyes Wanton (Brazil)

A pesar del dolor sufrido en estos días, ahora me siento más tranquilo porque se que nuestro Comandante nos cuidará desde lejos sentado entre los grandes de la historia cómo merece. Descansa en paz Fidel, porque nosotros aquí seguiremos luchando y defendiendo la revolución cubana y sus ideales y valores que tu sembraste en el mundo entero. Gracias Fidel y...Hasta la Victoria Siempre Comandante!!! Alessandro Spann - Italia

Alessandro Spann (Italy)

Mis más sinceras condolencias asus familiares y amigos. Fidel podrá haber muerte en cuerpo, pero su legado es inmortal! Fidel Vive!

Alfredo Galano Loyola (Cuba)

With deep respect. Hasta Siempre Comandante. Venceremos!

Peter Pitt (Australia)

Echaste tu suerte con los pobres de la Tierra, querido compañero. Seguirás combatiendo desde otra trinchera eternamente vivo en la memoria de tu Pueblo, que no solo es tu GIGANTE CUBA sino el mundo entero. Gracias infinitas, compañero Fidel, por dejarnos tu gigante e imperecedera huella marcada en el camino para continuar en la lucha sin perder el norte. Tristes estos días, pero firmes, ¡SEGUIMOS EN COMBATE! ¡HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE, QUERIDO COMANDANTE!

Paco Azanza Telletxiki (Cuba)


Bert Hoflund (Sweden)

I hand the pleasure in visiting Cuba last year, what a beautiful Country with beautiful people. My thoughts are with his family and the Cuba people.

Diana Williams (United Kingdom)

Thank you Fidel for the inspiration you have given us socialists all over the world. I have visited Cuba with my family and on both occasions we have felt warmly welcomed.

Phyllis Mansfield (United Kingdom)

RIP Fidel

Vincent Staal (Germany)

Fidel Castro a true fighter for the poor and the oppressed people throughout the world my thoughts are now with the people of Cuba Hasta La Victoria

leo thomson (United Kingdom)

¡Viva Fidel!

Julia (United Kingdom)

Gracias Comandante por el mensaje de esperanza en un futuro mas justo. ¡Hasta la victoria siempre!

Meic Hanes (United Kingdom)

A truly great man has passed. He was a servant of the people of Cuba, improved their lives immeasurably, in the face of threats to his life and socialist programmes. He was also a true friend to peoples in Latin America and Africa who still struggle for true freedom. He will be sorely missed.

David (Netherlands)

I send my condolences to the people of Cuba in the loss of their President, Fidel Castro the last of the great revolutionaries and wish the people the very best in the future.

Chris White (Canada)

LA tristeza es inmensa. Es muy dificil saber que se ha ido un grande de todos los tiempos.Gracias Fidel por ensenarnos a vivir con dignidad y decoro. Patria o muerte.Venceremos

Alba Iris Asin Hernandez (Cuba)

Vale President Castro. Rest in peace xxx

June Elliott (United Kingdom)


Detlef Schwenzfeier (Germany)


Heidi Bern (Norway)

My sincere condolences to the family and people of Cuba. May Allah forever be pleased with Fidel Castro.

Michael Eley (United States of America)

My deepest condolences to the people of Cuba on their loss. Fidel will always live in our hearts and will be a beacon of hope for the oppressed of the world

Nicholas Roussos (Australia)

Vive la revolution! Siempre adelante!!!

Steve Garrett (United Kingdom)

On behalf of the members of a Newham Teachers' Association [NUT] to a heroic leader of the people of Cuba showing the best way to promote the life chances of the children of the world by eliminating child illiteracy in his country.

Secretary Newham NUT (United Kingdom)

Querido Fidel, padre: NO alcanzaría todo el amor del mundo para devolverte el que téordm; nos diste, pero sí alcanzaría para mantenerte vivo por siempre, atesorar tu legado y continuar tu obra. Hasta Siempre Comandante!!! Hasta la Victoria Siempre!!! Comandante en Jefe: ORDENE!!!

Clara Fonseca Gómez (Cuba)

a great comrade one of the best. loved his country. viva fidel.

stewart emms (Bulgaria)

My deepest condolences to the Castro family and the people of Cuba. Perfection can never be attainable in the face of hostility but greatness comes from those who strive to make it so and make home in the rubble of your house.

Grant Paterson (United Kingdom)

Rest in peace, Fidel, and long live the revolution.

Matt (United Kingdom)

Always in our hearts

Mary Beaman (United Kingdom)

Fidel will always be one of the most important and inspirational socialist to me and my family. The International socialist movement in general and the working class in particular has lost a great revolutionary leader. May you R.I.P my dear comrade.

Melvyn Battersby (United Kingdom)

A brave man who stood against US imperialism for so many years.

Linda rigby (United Kingdom)

Condolences for the loss of a great humanitarian and leader!

MaggieChetty (United Kingdom)

Stay strong and remember him well

Catherine Davies (United Kingdom)

Really sorry to hear the news about Fidel he was an inspiration.

tony woods (United Kingdom)

Fidel Castro left a heritage of political and philosofic thoughts that should be viewed as valid and true beyond time - all in the best of humanity.

Ottar Lystad (Norway)

May he rest in peace and may history give him the credit he deserves for all the good he has enabled in this world.

Anne Gorton (United Kingdom)

Fidel - Presente !!! Forever.

Petra Leonartz (Germany)

To all Cubans, my family is in morning like you at the great loss of a revolutionary, innovator and fierce opponent of capitalism. What a great man, what he has achieved in Cuba even though the Americans have had their embargo, beggars belief. The world will be a poorer place for his passing but his legacy will be with Cuba and other countries for decades or longer. R.I.P. FIDEL.

Trevor Zeltner (Australia)

Hasta la victoria siempre Comandante Fidel!

Annolies Truman (Australia)

A great man of strength and inspiration, genuinely loved by his supporters. The world seems less safe with his passing.

Margaret McGuinness (United Kingdom)

Viva Cuba!

Stuart McGuinness (United Kingdom)


Gerry McGarvey (United Kingdom)

Death is inevitable but Fidel Castro is eternal in the hearts of the people across the world who understand just how important what he and Che did to counter the evil of American Imperialism. I have to say I have cried since I heard the news as I felt like a member of my family had passed away. This man was an inspiration to me since I was a child. Viva Cuba!. Hasta la victoria siempre!

Peter Wilson (Finland)

Condolences to the family, comrades and friends of Fidel.

Paul Scarrott (United Kingdom)


Stuart Holt (United Kingdom)

Fidel was an inspiration to many, especially those accused of paranoia. He thought someone wanted to kill him, and he was absolutely right about that. No-one is immortal, but he had a good innings. Hasta siempre, Fidel Castro.

Madeleine Ruehl (United Kingdom)

R.I.P Fidel Castro, Hasta La Victoria Siempre..

Raymond Atkins (United Kingdom)


Jane McIver (United Kingdom)


Herbert Steffes (Germany)


peter leeftink (Netherlands)

hasta siempre Comandante...

susana nalda (Argentina)

Auch weiterhin Solidaritécurren;t mit dem sozialistischen Kuba

Walter Hilbig (Germany)

Thank you for everything you achieved for you all and RIP.

Joo Ennis (United Kingdom)

It's a great loss, who has fought for ordinary people all his life for a better future. RIP Castro

Shaukat Dhali (United Kingdom)

Que en Paz descanse COMANDANTE.

Tomas Sotolongo Fuentes (Belgium)

Inevitable,but goodbye to the greatest man of the 20th Century

Dai Davies (United Kingdom)

Rest In Peace Fidel

Ted Kenny (Ireland)


Brian Penney (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre, Comandante!

Unite NW/64 Branch (United Kingdom)

HOY MAS QUE NUNCA AUNQUE NOS EMBARGA UN GRAN DOLOR RATIFICAMOS TUS PALABRAS DE QUE:«Nacimos en un país libre que nos legaron nuestros padres, y primero se hundirá la Isla en el mar antes que consintamos en ser esclavos de nadie».



Andy Miller (United Kingdom)


Katia (Brazil)

We have lost one of the world's true heroes. RIP Fidel.

Gary Keary (United Kingdom)

Mi mas sentido pésame a la familia de Fidel, al pueblo y al gobierno cubanos y a todos los pueblos de latinoamérica y del mundo que luchan por la justicia, por su verdadera independencia y por su dignidad. Ha muerto un líder histórico e inspirador, un ser humano que dedicó su vida a la lucha por sus ideales que son los ideales de los mas pobres y desprotegidos. HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE COMPAñERO!

Dr Tomás Rosenbaum (United Kingdom)

"The good die young".In the case of Fidel, for sure, it's not like that. I hope and wish that also in the future this great hero will be honoured in the best way i.e. by the real politics of the state of Cuba.

Hans-Joachim Kahlke (Germany)

"...La muerte no es verdad cuando se ha cumplido bien la obra de la vida..."

Rene Hernandez Hernandez (Cuba)

An inspiration to many, a great hero.

Peter Chadwick (United Kingdom)

A tribute to a brilliant fighter for the Cuban people and oppressed people throughout the world.

Magnus Skrunes (Norway)

Fidel is such one big loss, not only to Cuba, but to the whole world, struggling against the barbaric system. His life and his legacy of a revolution, lives among US, in pursuit for a just and humane world for all of the Working Class. ONE WITH YOU ALL, IN MOURNING.

Marilou Tabanera (Philippines)

Fidel, es el líder de los cubanos, de todos los hombres y mujeres de bien del mundo, el estadista brillante, el revolucionario intachable que vivió junto a su pueblo y sufrió junto a él vicisitudes, sacrificios y disfrutó glorias imperecederas. Es el hombre que le devolvió a su pueblo lo más preciado, la dignidad.

Julio (Angola)

Hasta la victoria siempre

Faraud Yves (France)

Hasta Siempre Comamdante......

Adomair O. Ogunbiyi (Brazil)

Mi mas sincera condolencia a mi pais por la perdida de nuestro comandante. !Hasta la victoria siempre!

xiomara bermudez garbey (Cuba)

A loss of immense proportions to the world socialist and progressive movements. Fidel was a man of honour and integrity who sought nothing for himself. A sad loss to the Cuban people and in particular to Raul who must feel grief stricken at the loss of his 'big bro'. The fight goes on however. Fidel is an inspiration to us all. Hasta la vista siempre!

Adrian Zakrzewski (United Kingdom)

A true leader of the people.

Barry Cresswell (United Kingdom)

Many condolences Cuban people. Stick with your fair and just political economy and don't be tempted by the soulless consumerism of the West.

David Cuff (United Kingdom)

Condolences: Solidarity forever

Robin Coles (United Kingdom)

What a giant, he will sorely missed.

Mary Russell (United Kingdom)

Estos dias han sido de mucha tristeza pero tenemos la seguridad que seguras en los corazones de todos los cubanos descance en paz siempre con fidel

Anisley Vallés Carcasses (Cuba)

Rest in peace Fidel

Philip Long (United Kingdom)

Qué ironía de la vida, qué estéordm;pida la muerte, querer llevarse un INMORTAL!!! Hasta la Victoria Siempre Comandante!!!!!

Héctor Rodrés (Uruguay)

Condoglianze al Leader Maximo, non che nostro Comandante Fidel Castro Ruz. La tua scomparsa mi ha rattristato in particolar modo. Con questa mia le esprimo il mio piésup1; profondo cordoglio. I valori che ci hai tramandato, i tuoi insegnamenti e lo spirito della rivoluzione sono una bandiera per molti. Ti ringrazio per aver reso questo mondo piésup1; giusto e libero. Distinti Saluti Roma, 26/11/2016

Danna Alessio (Italy)

Fidel and his compatriots were an inspiration to many other groups across the world seeking to better the lives of oppressed people. The fortitude of the Cuban people, inspired by Fidel and his cohort of visionaries, in the face of almost 60 years of American aggression and determined deprivation, has been akin to the heroism of South Africa's freedom fighters. The issues for which he has been vilified - lack of press freedom, persecution of people critical of the regime, etc. - stemmed from the unprecedented demonisation of a whole tiny nation by it's giant neighbour. The world owes Fidel a debt of gratitude for showing it can be done.

Jo Tulloch (United Kingdom)


Margaret Bowers (United Kingdom)

May your country be a place of brotherhood and sisterhood and may all oppression end. In peace, Judy

Judy Lewis (United Kingdom)


Pekka Keinécurren;nen (Finland)

Goodbye to hero of the revolution, one of the few to stand up to the capitalist oppressor the USA.

Bob Griffiths (United Kingdom)

Fidel Castro was a Great Revolutionary Leader of XX Century Second half part. His contribuion in world revolution movement is exclusive

Iosif ABRAMSON (Russian Federation)


Lars Neuman (Sweden)

Hasta siempre, Comandante!

Gustavo Borchert (Portugal)

Gracias por su trabajo revolucionario Comandante.

Roberto (Australia)


Heather Hill (United Kingdom)

Despite what others say you were a man of the people for the people that is of course the wonderful people of cuba you have earned their respect RIP

Dermot Fitzsimons (Ireland)

What a hero - not only to have the vision to create a fair and equal society but to implement it too has been quite extraordinary especially given the CIA attempted to murder him over 600 times. My fear now is the invasion of the US and what they do to destroy this beautiful society that has given so much to the rest of the World. A beautiful, kind and honest man. I thank him and long may Cuba continue as a communist country.

Katie Bowden (United Kingdom)

Descansa en paz hermano

angela (United Kingdom)

Usted estara por siempre en nuestros corazones. Hasta la Victoria siempre Comandante.

Odalys Blanco Casamayor (Brazil)

Sadness at the loss of one of the world's greatest revolutionaries. A principled and honest politician who sought no aggrandisement for himself. A great loss to the Cuban people and to Raul in particular who has lost his 'big bro'. Fidel is an inspiration to all progressive and socialist people across the globe. May his memory last long!

Adrian Zakrzewski (United Kingdom)


STEPHEN MYATT (United Kingdom)

We will allways remeber you, RIP

Bo Westerberg (Sweden)

Rest in peace, querido Comandante de la Justicia y la Paz, may you go with God and may we have the strength to build on your incredible victory. My sincere condolences to your family, friends, compatriots y hermanos y hermnanos en todo el mundo.

Sandra Gomez (United Kingdom)


chris chilton (United Kingdom)

Respect for the leader who defied the Bullying and Corrupt situation his beloved country was in. Respect for the outsanding health and education entitlement created for the people. Sadness that there are still people who can only speak of excesses in human rights. Sad that the legacy he deserved of getting rid of the illegal Guantanamo Bay in his lifetime was not to be. Love for Cuba and its people

Jo Havell (United Kingdom)

A man of unwavering principle. An inspiration to my generation and millions around the world. He outlived several US presidents and helped Cuba survive the terrible and vindictive US blockade - unprecedented in history. I salute his ineradicable legacy and memory.

john green (United Kingdom)

A tremendous loss to the world but the fight for justice and freedom will go on and Fidel will remain an inspiration to all oppressed people.

Steve Farley (United Kingdom)

Deepest sympathy to all the Cuban people on the passing of a great leader and socialist viva Cuba. A true revolutionary 1 of a kind.

William o neill (Ireland)

Hasta la victoria siempre!!

Chilean exile in Britain (United Kingdom)

A hero of the anti-imperialist struggle!

Denis Lenihan (United Kingdom)

Farewell comrade Fidel, a beacon of hope to oppressed people everywhere.

Rob Macmillan (United Kingdom)

He was an inspiration to socialists world wide. That's a great legacy

Kevin Hussey (United Kingdom)

Fidel you just like Che will always live on in the hearts and minds of loving humans everywhere! Much love

Robby Anderson (United Kingdom)


Kirsten Elisabeth Lunde (Norway)

Died? No! Comandante you are going to live on in our memory. You are going to give us energy and inspiration in our struggle. Hasta siempre, comandante!

HENDEK, Cemil Fuat (Germany)


Dave Kinane (Ireland)

Viva Fidel!

Kjersti G. Andvig (Norway)

Castro did a lot for his country and showed the rest of the world true socialism

Carlie Newman (United Kingdom)

Fidel estara siempre vivo en el corazon de todos aquellos que sueñan por un mundo digno, que sueñan con un mundo donde la solidaridad sea la norma y no la excepcion, que sueñan con un mundo donde la justicia no sea un instrumento de dominio. Cuba ha sido un ejemplo de que el humanismo es posible. Van mis mas sinceras condolencias al pueblo Cubano que tuvo un dirigente que llego a vuetros corazones y al de cientos de miles en Latinoamerica, Africa, y el Medio Oriente. Hasta siempre Fidel, hasta pronto Cubanos, tus sueños seguiran siendo el nuestro.

Miriam (Chile)

No estás muerto Fidel porque eres parte indisoluble de mí. Estoy 100% orgulloso de mi patria y eso es 100% gracias a ti! Hasta Siempre Comandante!

Onel Luis (Cuba)

Thank you Commandante for your inspiring leadership, your lifelong service to socialism, your discipline, and your legacy of ideas on how to live a better life. Hasta la victoria siempre. Venceremos.

Stephen McCloskey (Ireland)


RIP Commandante Fidel Castro

Gunnar Johansson (Sweden)

A true man of the People, who looked after his people in dire times put the rest of the developed world to shame RIP.

Tam Paterson (United Kingdom)

This is another tragic event of 2016. It is too easy to say Fidel was my hero. But he was. He brought so much dignity to Cuba, in such contrast to the politicians of the world. His dignity was I believe the main reason he had so many enemies from the USA and its allies-he never bowed down. Rest in peace.

Clive Howard (United Kingdom)

Hail to a great champion of Socialism. Your achievements were immense and had to be achieved in an atmosphere of American Hostility. La lutta continua. Sleep well great comrade.

John Wheeler (United Kingdom)

que descanse en paz el mas grande líder de nu estros tempos mi invicto comandante .

Gisela Lucrecia (Brazil)

Another great soul has passed from our earth for a time. My experience of Cuba showed me a special quality in the people that can serve as a wonderful example to the world. Fidel Castro aided in enhancing that quality. Be strong and true to yourselves dear Cubans.

Heather Smith (United Kingdom)

Hasta Siempre Comandante

Peter Laws (United Kingdom)

A tribute to a brilliant fighter for the Cuban people and oppressed people throughout the world.

Theresa Stewart (United Kingdom)

Deepest sympathy to the Cuban people on the death of their Leader and comrade, he is now with Che. Ní bheidh a leitheid ann aris, slán ár chara.



Berit Brandseth (Norway)

!Hasta la victoria siempre gladiador !

Juan Guerrero Babilonia (United Kingdom)

A great revolutionary leader and one of the towering figures of the 20th century who will be fondly remembered by all the oppressed people struggling for justice in this unjust world. His wisdom and courage will be greatly missed.

Zafar Bangash (Canada)

He showed how despite all difficulties socialism can triumph. Long live socialist Cuba!

Gerrard Sables (United Kingdom)

Je me lie énbsp; tout le peuple cubain dans leur peine. Le monde a perdu un homme de grande valeur et un immense révolutionnaire . Toutes mes pensées énbsp; ce grand homme , mes condoléances énbsp; sa famille . Viva la révolucion . Hasta siempre commandante Fidel Castro

Fabrice (France)

I remember learning how much he achieved on my two visits to Cuba.

Rev Hazel Barkham (United Kingdom)

Hemos perdido un gran luchador, pero deja una herencia incalculable a la historia y al pueblo de Cuba. Sus palabras de lucha, justacia y solidaridad seguirán marcando el camino y la diferencia. Un abrazo desde España al pueblo de Cuba. Que la tierra te sea leve comandante. Hasta la victoria!

Gonzalo (Spain)

No man dies when his ideas and inspiration live on amongst those who remember and love him.

Maurice sharp (United Kingdom)


elena de teran (Spain)

Fidel was a wonderful man. He led his country on the road to socialism bravely and firmly, resisting all cruel attempts to overthrow and destroy these achievements. We will remember him with pride.

Con Fraser (United Kingdom)


John Hendy QC (United Kingdom)


Stephen Darcy (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre camarada

pedro martin (Spain)


Kyle Webster (New Zealand)


EMILIA (Brazil)

Desde este lado del mundo, dos días después de tu muerte, todo discurre con una extraña calma. Tengo ganas de decirle a todos lo importante que fuiste para mí, para el siglo XX, para la dignidad de los pueblos, para los procesos de emancipación de las mal llamadas colonias. No estás muerto, las sonrisas blancas y despreocupadas de los niños cubanos hablan de ti, la bruma de la Habana, los huertos de Viñales, la plaza de la Revolución, los médicos cubanos esparcidos por el mundo, Haití, Trinidad y Tobago, Repéordm;blica Dominicana, el son cubano, las estrellas del Caribe, Cienfuegos, la estatua del Che. No estás muerto, hablan de ti tus discursos, tu tesón, la visita a Harlem, tu abrazo con Mandela, las palabras de Galeano, de Gabriel García Márquez, de Benedetti, de Neruda. Las paredes de la casa de tu padre, que con tanto cariño tocaste, en Láncara (Lugo) se mantienen, bloque sobre bloque, sin demasiados lujos pero con toda la eternidad por delante. Eternidad hacia la que téordm; ya caminas. Gracias por las enseñanzas y hasta siempre.

Nela Ordóéplu (Spain)

Nuestro pueblo, los Paises Catalanes oprimidos per el estado español, el francés, la Unión Europea por no hablar de la OTAN, Israel etc... tiene mucho que aprender y respetar de la obra de este gigante. Fidel comandante, estoy triste, per hay que asumir la inevitable muerte de estas criaturas que somos los humanos. Como deia Martí la muerte no es verdadera si se ha hecho bien la obra d ela vida. eres un ejemplo, tu y tu peblo, de dignidad humana, de magnanimididad, de dictadura del peblo contra la burguesía, de tenazidad paciente contra la borrachera del éxito. Un brutal ejemplo de lucha, el ideario de Marx. Un abrazo al pueblo revolucionario de Cuba y a conquistar el futuro! Viva Fidel Castro! Viva el Che! Viva el comunismo! Viva Cuba socialista! Viva el internacionalismo proletario!

Jordi Romeu Oliach (Spain)


Jürgen Franke (Germany)

Sincere condolences to the people of Cuba on the death of Fidel Castro. Viva Cuba!

Ted Cuskin (United Kingdom)

Great sadness to hear of Fidel's death, remembering the time I heard him speak on the Malecon. Proud to have been a member of CSC standing in solidarity with Fidel and the Cuban people.

Pauline Fraser (United Kingdom)

Fidel great courage, great intellect. Long live the Cuban revolution

Dave & Laura (United Kingdom)


anthony lockhart (United Kingdom)

A great revolutionary who introduced education and health care for all and provided stability in a country rife with corruption. I have visited Cuba with my daughter and as two lone females felt amazingly safe everywhere we went. This is not the case for other Countries in the area including the USA. Castro was an example of what can be achieved by a few who had a vision for the future based on true socialist principles and followed that through risking his own life as well as those of other visionaries to achieve a better life for all. Castro can never be replaced but his legacy lives on. I will read inaugural his speech to the people of Cuba again to reconnect me with his greatness.

Diane Williams (United Kingdom)

I monumental figure, outstanding revolutionary, of our times.

Brian Parkinson (United Kingdom)

Gracias Fidel!!

Francesco Pezzella (United Kingdom)

I am so, so saddened to hear about the death of Fidel Castro. A real man, leader, revolutionary, inspiration, liberator, socialist, a man who defeated great odds and even greater nations to make his island home free from the tyranny of those considering themselves the strongest in the world. Rest in peace old friend. Your amazing legacy is assured.

Ravi Singh Chumber (United Kingdom)

To our compagno Fidel....your ideas and memory will live forever! Claudio

Claudio Molinario (United Kingdom)


Bill Lowry (Ireland)

great loss

manjit bola (United Kingdom)

Solidarity to the Cuban revolution from Ireland on the death of El Commandante Fidel Castro. Fidel and his comrades were an inspiration to people across the world who struggle for freedom, justice and equality. The strongest lesson that Fidel has taught us is that revolution is not an overnight pursuit - revolution is a constant battle against the forces of greed and colonialism. Codlamh samh Fidel - Venceremos!!

Conor Keenan (Ireland)

HASTA LA VICTORIA SIEMPRE!, El Jefe Commandante Fidel! In tiefer Zuneigung und Achtung.

Martin Grécurren;bener (Germany)

No individual changes history by themselves, but an individual can become the focus and fulcrum of great historic changes. Fidel was that, a leader of historic changes and a symbol to many outside his country of what could be possible. His courage, determination, and solidarity will long be remembered both by the Cuban people and those of us outside.

Ed Ross (United Kingdom)



Deeply shocked at the demise of the GREAT leader 'Castro.'

Syed Manir Hossain (Bangladesh)

Hasta La Victoria siempre

Clive Ramkeeson (United Kingdom)

I pay tribute to the greatest political genius of the 20th century after LENIN, to the revolutionary who stayed unwaveringly faithfull to his umanitarian ideology, who managed to carry out -with or without mistakes-a large part of his dream for the good of the non privileged, under extremely difficult conditions, the man who protected the dignity of a nation by promoting the idea of pure patriotism against nationalism, internationalism against globalization. I tilt the knee before the human being who knew how to combine the fist of the statesman with a poetic soul and the simplicity and magnanimity of a father. May his thought and action be deeply studied by everyone who wishes to contribute in changing the fate of the non privileged fighting together and on the side of the non-privileged! Presto homenaje al mayor genio político del siglo XX, después de LENIN, al revolucionario que permaneció inquebrantablemente fiel a su ideología umanitaria, que logró llevar a cabo -con o sin equivocaciones- gran parte de su sueño para el bien de los no-privilegiados, en condiciones sumamente difíciles, el hombre que protegía la dignidad de una nación promoviendo la idea del patriotismo puro contra el nacionalismo, el internacionalismo contra la globalización. Inclino la rodilla ante el ser humano que sabía combinar el puño del estadista con un alma poética y la sencillez y magnanimidad de un padre. ¡Que su pensamiento y acción sean profundamente estudiados por todos los que quieran contribuir a cambiar el destino de los no privilegiados luchando juntos y del lado de los no privilegiados!

STAVROU Katerina (Greece)

Fuiste una inspiracion en vida y vas a seguir siendola para siempre comandante Fidel Castro.

Alan Grant (United Kingdom)

Farewell and RIP El Comandante

Jeremy Neville (United Kingdom)

Fidel Castro was the figurehead and public face of a nation that not only resisted over 50 years of aggression from the most powerful nation in the world, located less than 200km away, but managed to overcme major setbacks arising when its allies in Europe folded. Rather than collapsing into decay and disarray, Cuba overcame the adversity and has shown the world that it is possibe to advance well-being in a sustainable manner.

Imre Bokor (Australia)

Desde muy joven fuiste un referente para mi vida. Tengo 68 años y siento mucho tu pérdida. A tus órdenes Comandante. Salud.

Jon Chave Jiménez (Spain)

Buenas noches Fidel. Hasta siempre.

Harriet Quiney (United Kingdom)


Karen Barratt (United Kingdom)

Hasta la victoria siempre, comandante Fidel.

Mario (Belgium)

Dear people of Cuba who may read this I wish to pass on my condolences at what is no doubt on the one hand a time of loss, and on the other a time of transition.

Dr. Karl-Erik Paasonen (Australia)

Lamento la muerte de tan extraordinario hombre!!!! Dios te coloque en un buen lugar,tu misión aquí en la tierra ha sido muy bien cumplida. Eres y serás siempre mi eterno Fidel.

Yurma (Cuba)

I pay my respect to someone who has fought his life long against injustice with total devotion to his ideals. He gave his people social justice and enormous advantages on health, education and dignity. I will remember and cherish this as long as I live.

Anton (Belgium)


Maria Irish (Ireland)

Con la verdad, la razón y la moral. #Hasta la victoria Siempre. VENCEREMOS.

emilio fernandez (Chile)

End of a legend.

Pat Hennessy (Ireland)

A leader is gone. A man of hope, future, and strong beliefs. Que la tierra te sea leve, comandante.

Patricia R. G, (Spain)

Dear Comrade, you lived a life worth living. You lived to help the poorest. You gave your country education, healthcare and a pride that is the envy of the world. And you gave the world an inspirational example of what it means to be a leader. You fought back imperialism from your shores, and you stood in solidarity with comrades who did the same around the world. In this dark hour of the 21st Century, the world sorely lacks one such as you. Hasta siempre Commandante.

Ven Balakrishnan (United Kingdom)

Thank you Fidel! Hasta la victoria siempre!

Russell Bell (Jamaica)

We are sorry to hear of your death and offer our sincere condolences. A great leader.

Eugene Kaufmann (Spain)

Gracias por todo....

Nadir Scartabelli (Italy)

There will never be another, rip Fidel.

Danny Gillespie (United Kingdom)


Klaus Weidner (Germany)


John Jones (United Kingdom)

Fidel Castro has died, but his example will continue to inspire generations in the future. hasta la victoria siempre

Milly Thoolen (Belgium)

It´s so sorry that the greatest freedomfighter in the World have past away.

Bror Persson (Sweden)


Guillermo (Greece)

May his spirit live on forever.

Linda Evensen (Norway)

We have lost a visionary leader. A exceptional man how a inexhaustible inspiration. My condolences to family and to fantastic revolutionary.

Rupinder sidhu (India)

Con mucho dolor por un gran commandante - Guantanamo es Cubano - Hasta la victoria sempre - Cuba libre y socialista.

Seumas (United Kingdom)

¡Al éordm;ltimo revolucionista!

Anastasia Asimakopoulou (Greece)

Hoy mas q nunca tu imagen y ejemplo vivirá entre nosotros, recordado por siempre como el líder indiscutible de la Revolución Cubana, Gloria eterna Comandante.EPD

Rafael Agustin Rodriguez Moreno (Cuba)

Me murio nuestro Jefe y Comandante. Rest in Peace.

Asomaning Odei-Mensah (Ghana)


Miriam (United Kingdom)

Al mas grande comandante de hombres libres que jamas haya dado la humanidad. Ejemplo de un lider mundial para las presentes y futuras generaciones del mundo.

David (United States of America)

Como un gigante te alzaste para guiar a tu pueblo. Hoy no has caido, nunca pudieron derrumbarte. Sigues vivo en cada niño que asiste a la escuela, en cada hombre de bien, en cada medico que trae al mundo una nueva vida. Viviras por siempre, seras la luz que guia nuestros pasos. Hasta la Victoria Siempre, Comandante Eterno

Enrique Monet Cobas (Cuba)



This is the end of an era. Passing on my condolences to the people of Cuba.

Jacquie Bradley-Heeps (United Kingdom)


Marcella Posadino (Italy)

A sad time, my thoughts are with Cubans everywhere for your loss.

Peter Curt (United Kingdom)

Stood firm against pressure most of us couldn't even imagine, no wonder he is revered in his home country.

Don Saunders (United Kingdom)

R.I.P. Fidel

marianne stronck (Luxembourg)


Evtim Evtimov (Bulgaria)

Gracias hermano pueblo de Cuba por habernos dado este magnifico e irrepetible revolucionario. Hasta la victoria siempre! Patria o muerte venceremos!

robert (Argentina)

Fidel Castro's passing marks the end of a remarkable life which demonstrates how the leadership of one person can have positive far reaching effects on lives around the world. His legacies will continue to inspire social justice advocates and crusaders around the world. Thank you Fidel Castro. Rest in Peace.

Adhiambo Odaga (Kenya)

I have admired Fidel and what he achieved in his life. A man of vision and courage, the world became a better place with what he did.

Allie Booth (Australia)

Hasta la Victoria simpre, Comandante Filde.

Carlos (United Kingdom)

"Cuando se muere en brazos de la patria agradecida, la muerte acaba, la prision se rompe y empieza alfi, con el morir, la vida" Vivirás eternamente en nuestros corazones, en nuestras obras, en cada paso, cada victoria de tu pueblo. Gracias, Fidel, por todo lo que nos enseñaste, por mostrarnos el mejor camino. Hoy lloramos tu partida, pero mañana seguiremos forjando el futuro que nos enseñaste a ver. "Cuando un pueblo enérgico y viril llora, la injusticia tiembla" Hasta siempre, Comandante. Hasta la Victoria Siempre Patria o Muerte


Hasta la victoria siempre compañero Fidel!

Alvaro Rojas (Croatia)

envio mi pesame muy profundo al Pueblo Cubano por la triste dipartida del Comandante Fidel que para mi fué siempre un pedacito de corazon. Hasta siempre querido Comandante

miranda vallero (Italy)

Socialismo o Muerte. Venceremos.

Edith Fröse (Germany)

Hasta siempre commandante! Socialism and democracy - the only future for all people!

Thies Gleiss (Germany)

I mourn in solidarity. la lucha continua!

Larry Herman (United Kingdom)

Cuba should be very careful about how much it allows the US into its national life. They do not need the US - they just need a bit more trade. They should compile a list of people who supported the old regime and not let them back to the island.

John Webster (United Kingdom)

R.I.P. a truly great man.

Andrew Wishart (United Kingdom)

Such an inspiration to so many, such a sad time to have lost two of my heros in Fidel Castro and Muhammed Ali. Both stood up for what they believed in to better their own and millions of others lives. Rest in Peace Fidel.

John Connaughton (United Kingdom)


corbanese claudio (Belgium)

The people of Cuba, and the world, have lost a true leader. R.I.P.

Denis Purcell (Ireland)

An incredible leader of incredible people. May he rest in peace. Important now to keep close eye on imperialist bully next door.

sean conway (United Kingdom)

always remembering

Luc Brusselaers (Netherlands)

He will always be a hero in my book. The world has lost a truly great and brave man. Socialist every were will celebrate his life and mourn his passing. RTest in peace Fidel. I to am Fidel.

Robert Freeman (Canada)


Thomas Küchenmeister (Germany)

Thank you for showing the World that Socialism does work.

Charles Coombes (United Kingdom)

You are a hero fidel love you fidel

Mustafa kamal saikia (India)

My condolences to the people of Cuba who are mourning the death of Fidel Castro who has been their leader for so long.

Anne Leech (United Kingdom)

Conduelo por la pérdida de Fidel. Estoy muy triste, porque el mundo nunca verá un otro como él. Fidel era un revolucionario grande. Hasta siempre, Comandante.

Vilgunn Haga (Norway)

Se ha ido un ícone de la historia de la humanidad,el mas grande de los visionarios de todos los tiempos,te recordaremos por siempre y tu legado vivira en el corazon de millones de personas que te querian en todo el mundo,nada ni nadie apagará los ideales que nos inculcastes,fuistes,eres y serás el mas grande de todos los lideres de este siglo,gracias Fidel por mantener las conquistas alcanzandas,gloria eterna a nuestro invensible Comandante en jefe,ordene siempre q su pueblo estará presente para seguirlo,Hasta la victoria siempre Comandante.Patria o Muerte Venceremos.

Rolides ferrer (Cuba)


Peter Petereit (Germany)

Seguiremos su ejemplo. Hasta siempre Comandante. Patria o muerte. VECEREMOS

Hector Hugo Alarcon (United Kingdom)

The Greatest of men in the 20th Century. There will never be another like him but we hope that others will take up the struggle.

Donald S. Robertson (United Kingdom)

Gloria Eterna al querido Comandate de America y el Mundo su ejemplo seguirá iluminando a todos los amantes de la Paz. Descanse en Paz con la convicción de que su lucha no ha sido en vano. Dr. Ramón Miguel Paz Peña Programa Mais Médicos, Floresta do Araguia, Para, Brasil.

Ramón Miguel Paz Pe&Atild (Brazil)


Gaston Pierre (France)

RIP, Fidel Castro, a National & International Hero, a man for the PEOPLE !

Fairlie Gordon (United Kingdom)

Fidel Castro forever in our hearts. Thank you for your unselfish devotion to liberty and justice for all.

Suzanne Weiss (Canada)

Mis más sentidas condolencias al pueblo cubano y su revolución

Francisco Javier García Centen (Spain)

True soldier of the people RIP

John Lavery (United Kingdom)

Fidel esta inmortalizado hace muchos años, por ser ejemplo de dignidad, de ética, de humanismo, por ser uno de los mejores estadistas y presidente del mundo del siglo XX y XXI, por materializar sus ideales, su teoría revolucionaria con la práctica, por situar a Cuba como faro de justicia social, de dignidad y libertad y una nación culta, además de apoyar incondicionalmente a millones de personas desposeídas en este injusto mundo. Nos deja para siempre su legado, su ejemplo personal, su humanismo, sus convicciones revolucionarias, su postura indoblegable ante los imperialistas, su valentía, su honor, su inteligencia visionaria y las ideas más justas del mundo, que sin lugar a dudas están refrendados en el modelo político, económico y social del socialismo cubano, que es auténtico y éordm;nico en el mundo contemporáneo, eso nos debe reconfortar para seguir el combate con el optimismo que nos inculco y enfrentar los retos más complejo que se avecinan. Fidel fue y será por siempre el líder fundador de la revolución cubana, el motor impulsor y nos acostumbró a todos los cubanos a tener su presencia y su inteligencia visionaria en cada proceso y en la béordm;squeda de las mejores soluciones a los problemas que durante 57 años hemos presentado, esa es la clave de su autoridad real, su liderazgo, el respaldo y el amor de su pueblo por su líder. Tenemos la convicción que Fidel no ha muerto, no lo tendremos físicamente en Cuba, pero se ha convertido en un símbolo de la ideología socialista, del humanismo, de la dignidad y la lucha anti imperialista, se convertirá en astro rey que iluminara nuestra revolución y los movimientos revolucionarios del mundo, hasta la victoria siempre eterno Comandante en Jefe.

Feliberto Acosta S (United Kingdom)

A man who gave hope, not only to Cuba but the World at large. Venceramous Fidel.

michel mcbrearty (United Kingdom)

R.I.P. Fidel. The world will never forget one of its greatest leaders!

Nadia Van den Bossche (Belgium)

Die "RotFuchs" Gruppe Güstrow übermittelt ihr tiefempfundenes Beileid und Mitgefühl zum Tode von Maximo Lider.

Schubert (Germany)


Torgny Anderberg (United Kingdom)

Hasta Siempre Comandante por el Ejemplo y la Guia que nos ha legado a todos los cubanos. Seguiremos siendole Fieles, porque con Ud. nacimos y hemos crecido inspirados en Sus Ensenanzas y en su Obra que no solo es de Cuba sino de la Humanidad y para Siempre. Gracias Comandante

Camilo (Cuba)

Visionécurren;r. Revolutionécurren;r!

Peter Köster (Germany)

Long live the Cuban Revolution! Hasta la victoria siempre! We stand in sympathy and solidarity.

Bert Haak (Belgium)

No words can express how people feel, but we should look back with pride and gratitude.

Ian Evams (United Kingdom)


Gillian Hitchcock (United Kingdom)

Goodbye comrade Fidel. You creations and your ideas live on as a beacon of light and hope.

Simon Wataon (United Kingdom)



Thoughts andprayers are with you. I have visited your wonderful country and feel blessed to have done so under Castro. Thank you.

Syreeta (United Kingdom)

No era tu hora pero como siempre protagonizaste el destino. Gracias por lo que soy y gracias por la dignidad que seminaste en mi ser. No tardes en tu viaje, tienes mucho que hacer todavia...

Oleidys Pompa (Italy)




Soy Guatemalteca Llegue como refugiada a Australia en 1984 y en 1994 Fidel Castro ha sido mi motor desde que tengo memoria y lo seguirá siendo!

Leonor Orellana (Australia)

Treasure his achievments. Keep the spirit of the revolution alive.

Mark Dickson (United Kingdom)


Ian Beasley (United Kingdom)

My condolences. My thoughts and prayers are with the Castro family and all the people of Cuba.

Jennifer Vega (Canada)

May he rest in peace.

James Murray (United Kingdom)

Hasta siempre Comandante, siempre le vas a hacer falta a mi patria, pero con tu ejemplo, tus ideas, las de Marti, las de Bolivar, siempre nuestra querida isla y nuestra America van a salir adelante. Buen viaje hacia la eternidad, lleva a donde quiera que vayas tu mochila cargada de sueños, tus ideas, un mundo mejor es posible. Gracias COMANDANTE INVICTO...

Edistio Yoel Verdecia Martinez (Cuba)


Peter (Australia)

In memory of an amazing man who took Cuba back for the people and gave it a wonderful health and education system. As an English woman who has visited and supported Cuba for many years, I have seen what Fidel did for Cuba and it's people and have always had the greatest admiration for him. Love and blessings to his family and the people of Cuba.

Sandra King (United Kingdom)


Reyner Labrada (Cuba)

'Fathach ar mo ghualainn'/ Giant at my shoulder.R.I.P.

Marie-Therese Keating (Ireland)

Mis codolencias a este hijo ilustre.

Debitemuel Toantes (Cuba)


Razon de trabajo en una colaboracion en Mozambique me impiden estar fisicamente en mi patria para rendir tributo al que sentimos queremos como un padre mas. Desde el Africa que contrubuyo a independizarse le digo: HASTA SIEMPRE COMANDANTE.


A great leader a man of his own people RIP

Mike Bremner (United Kingdom)


Tara Blackman (United Kingdom)

Fidel served as an inspiration to many revolutionaries around the world, the Philippines in particular. Mabuhay ka, kasamang Fidel! Mabuhay ang rebolusyong Cubano! (Long live, Comrade Fidel. Long live, the Cuban revolution!)

Willy V. Alangui (Philippines)

I hope with all my heart that your country continues to be an inspiration and that you can build on your successes.

Rosemary Holleran (United Kingdom)

Alla famiglia ed al popolo cubano amico le mie piésup1; sentite condoglianze. Il ricordo e le opere di questo grande uomo sono immortali. Riposi in pace.

Michele Treves (Italy)

Esprimo le mie piésup1; sincere condoglianze per la perdita, del comandante Fidel Castro Ruz.

Pompeo Aiello (Italy)

My heart goes out to the Cuban people. Hugs

Amber Carey (United States of America)

Viva Fidel y el pueblo Cubano!

Rosario de Santos (Philippines)

Hasta Siempre Comandante Immortal <3


Hasta la Victoria siempre!