Buena Vista Social Club's Faustino Oramas Passes Away

Campaign News | Friday, 30 March 2007

One of the last makers of seminal album dies

Faustino Oramas, adored for his saucy ballads and one of the last remaining stars behind the acclaimed "Buena Vista Social Club" album, died yesterday at age 95 of liver cancer in a hospital in his hometown of Holguin, Cuba.

Nicknamed "El Guayabero" after a town that inspired him to write a song after he got into trouble there for flirting with a married woman, Oramas composed "Candela", one of the most rhythmically charged tracks on the 1997 Buena Vista CD. The project brought together the semi-forgotten masters of Cuban "son," a rootsy and passionate style of traditional music considered the backbone of salsa.


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