Campaign action - Ask your MP to sign new motion against the blockade

Campaign News | Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Please ask your MP to sign Early Day Motion 1408 today

Please ask your MP to sign Early Day Motion(EDM) 1408 on US Extra-territorial Legislation by going to today.

In response to pressure from the US, Barclays Bank and Hilton Hotels have taken measures to exclude Cuban customers from their services. EDM 1408 calls on the British government to make its objections clear to the US administration.

Please write to your MP asking them to sign EDM 1408 today by going to:


A draft letter to send to your MP is available below.


Please sign EDM 1408 on Extra-territorial legislation.

I am writing to express my concern at the recent Hilton Hotels statement that they would ban Cuban guests, and the decision of Barclays Bank to close British-based Cuban businesses' bank accounts.

Under the 1976 Race Relations Act, such measures are contrary to UK anti-discrimination laws, which state that nobody should be withheld goods or services based on race or nationality.

Hilton and Barclays have taken these measures in direct response to pressure from the US administration to comply with the extra-territorial elements of its blockade legislation. This legislation has been declared illegal by unanimous UN votes for the last 15 years. Most recently, in 2006, the UN voted 183-4 condemning the blockade.

By invoking the extra-territorial measures of the blockade, the US government is undermining British sovereignty by forcing companies to abide with their illegal blockade legislation above UK anti-discrimination laws.

A new EDM 1408 was tabled on 2 May which calls on the government to make representations to the US on this issue. I hope that you will be able to sign it.

Yours sincerely

The full text of the motion, proposed by Dr Ian Gibson, chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Cuba, reads as follows:



That this House expresses concern at the further escalation of extra-territorial legislation imposed by the United States on British businesses, most notably UK Hilton Hotels and Barclays Bank; notes the recent decision of the government of Austria to launch administrative proceedings against an Austrian bank for the violation of European Union rules after the bank cancelled Austrian held accounts of around 100 Cubans after being taken over by US investors; recognises the UK Government's unequivocal vote against any such extra-territorial measures at the United Nations General Assembly; and calls upon the Government to make urgent representations to the relevant US authorities to cease the prosecution of such illegal trade measures.

Check if your MP has signed by going to:

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