PCS conference hosts Cuba and Latin America fringe

Campaign News | Thursday, 17 May 2007

More than 60 PCS delegates gathered to learn more about the progressive social movements sweeping Latin America.

The fringe, organised by the Cuba Solidarity Campaign (CSC) and Venezuela

Information Centre (VIC), was held at the Brighton Information Centre on


Hugh Lanning, PCS Deputy General Secretary, chaired the event and said:

"The political atmosphere in Latin America is rapidly changing and we are

seeing countries working together in a very positive fashion.

"But the continent faces threats from the United States."

Bob Oram, speaking on behalf of CSC, said Cuba's startling economic

recovery meant it no-longer required material aid, but solidarity is vital.

He added: "Political support is essential because we are seeing the screws being tightened as the United States forces companies to cease trading

with Cuba.

"The Hilton Hotel Group and Barclays are both bowing to US pressure,Barclays has closed the accounts of the Cuban Embassy and another Cuban company purely on the basis of them being Cuban.

"This disgraceful act is in contravention of British law and I urge people to write to their MPs (EDM 1408) calling on them to protect British sovereignty and stop the US from imposing its laws in our country."

Dr Francisco Dominguez, from Middlesex University, spoke on behalf of VIC and talked about the "extraordinary developments" taking place in Venezuela.

He said: "I am Chilean and was forced to leave after Pinochet's coup, so for me the changes taking place in Venezuela are like a dream."

Talks were also heard from Justice for Columbia (JFC) and Hands off Venezuela.

Gerrard Kelly, former NAFTHE president and JFC's speaker, said: "There are 3 million displaced people in Columbia and one woman every two days is killed as a result of the political crisis.

"I urge people to get their MPs to sign EDM 727 which calls on the government to stop giving military aid to Columbia."

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