Miami 5 Families online at 3pm today

Campaign News | Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Send messages of support and speak to the families of the Five

Five Heroes fighting against terrorism

Go to : at 3pm to speak to families

Cuban young people, together with Cuban people, condemn the split personality of the US government that in the name of the so-called war against terrorism, they hide and justify their real desire of power; while they act in complicity with terrorists trained and financed by them. They released Posada Carriles while they still keep Gerardo, René, Tony, Ramón and Fernando illegally and unjustly imprisoned, despite the world’s protests.

Let stand us all against these injustice with the five Cuban heroes and let us demand their immediate release. Defending their cause we’re faithful to heroism, dignity, courage and patriotism.

Today, June 12th at 10:00am (Cuban time, 3pm UK time) the families of these Heroes of the Republic of Cuba will be on line to update us about the state of the case and to talk with all the people in the wold that are fighting for this noble and just cause.

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