Fidel Castro Says World Economic Crisis is at the Door

Campaign News | Friday, 21 September 2007

Havana, Sept 21 (acn) Cuban President Fidel Castro appeared Friday in a video broadcast by Cuban television, where he warned of a serious world economic crisis and addressed different issues. He also dealt with his most recent reflections published by Cuban and international media outlets.

The video was shown during the prime time TV show "The Round Table Discussion", moderated by journalist and host Randy Alonso.

Fidel Castro made a deep analysis of his reflections published under the title "Deliberate Lies, Strange Deaths and Aggression against World Economy." In his written piece the leader of the Cuban Revolution quoted writings by former US President Ronald Reagan, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and former US National Security official Gus Weis, and other sources, which expose certain actions by the United States that contributed to the fall of the former Soviet Union.

President Castro warned that at present the US administration is making use of unimaginable economic resources to violate the sovereignty of other countries by continuing to buy with paper bills raw materials, the energy and advanced technology, and the most productive lands on our planet.

In the video, Fidel Castro warned that the skyrocketing oil prices could continue to increase and in reference to US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, he said she is promoting a program to protect some 50 million US citizens who have no social security. But he asked, "How will they fund that program?" and he answered: "only with bills that have no support, with which they want to buy the world."

The Cuban Revolution leader accused Washington of having unleashed a war of religions and of brain drain.

During the TV show, Doctor Osvaldo Martinez, director of the Institute for Research on the World Economy described as accurate the phrase used by Fidel Castro when he said that the world is "threatened by a deep economic crisis."

The Cuban expert illustrated the world situation by referring to the financial speculative bubble, which was replaced by another similar one in the real estate sector. He said that the US dollar is currently changing at 60 cents of an Euro, which represents a lack of confidence in the US economy, and he also recalled the high oil prices (over 84 dollars to the barrel), while he also predicted that the world is living the first chapter of a huge depression.

"We are in the presence of a very particular situation, in which the huge speculative machine, fueled by neo-liberal policy, no longer provides real economy, with a production of goods and services that can no longer make it sustainable and it is falling apart," said Martinez.

He said that the first thing to fall down is the artificial US economy, whose dollar has no real support, with a massive deficit, a huge accumulated debt both personal, governmental and private.

Other journalists who participated in the show agreed that the analysis made by the Cuban leader was very profound and far-reaching and they said that the world must find solutions to get out of the crisis provoked by neo-liberalism and the ambitions of the US administration.

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