CSC statement on new Bush measures against Cuba

Campaign News | Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Today at 5.30pm, George W. Bush will announce new measures against Cuba which intensify a policy of aggression, intervention and blockade that successive US administrations have pursued mercilessly for almost 50 years.

According to a press briefing given yesterday by a senior Bush administration official, President Bush will today make a major US policy statement on Cuba including: a call for an international “freedom fund for Cuba”; a direct appeal to the Cuban military to act against the Cuban government; and state that US “policy is not stability for Cuba, it is freedom.”

In a move that has ominous echoes of the US 'coalition of the willing" in the Iraq war he will call for a 'broad international coalition' against the island. He also pledges to support rebellion by members of the Cuban armed forces against their government by promising that there will be “a place for you in a new Cuba”. Such actions amount to a direct and dangerous intervention in the sovereign affairs of an independent nation.

Once again the US administration shows its complete lack of understanding about Cuba and the Cuban people. Far from there being the basis for an international coalition against Cuba, the opposite is true.

Cuba currently heads the Non-alligned movement, Latin American countries are increasing their ties to Cuba, and Spain and some other EU countries are developing their relations with the island. 91% of the Cuban people have taken part in the recent municipal elections and there has been no evidence of unrest in the past year since the illness of Fidel Castro. The Cuban people are proud of their independence and there is no evidence of discontent with the Government or a desire to see any US inspired intervention.

On 30 October, the United Nations will vote on the illegal blockade of Cuba. Last year 183 countries voted against the blockade and only 4 countries voted to support the United States policy. A similar vote is expected this year. The Bush statement is clearly timed to pre-empt the United Nations vote on the blockade.

The Bush speech is predictably aimed at the large right-wing Cuban mafia in Miami, Florida, who have delivered the Republican vote in the last two presidential elections. US policy towards Cuba increasingly becomes an issue in the run up to US presidential elections in terms of votes, but also importantly in terms of funding.

The UK Government should make it clear that engagement is a far better policy than aggression, intervention, destabilisation and conflict, and should distance itself urgently from Bush and his 'cold war' Cuba policy by publicly condemning his statement.

The Cuba Solidarity Campaign calls on all members and friends to do all they can to raise these issues where possible, respond to press reports and participate in campaigns and actions being organised to condemn this latest US aggression.

Read the Financial Times report on Bush's statement here:

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