BBC to interview Miami Five lawyer

Campaign News | Friday, 11 January 2008

The Cuba Solidarity Campaign is delighted to announce that Leonard Weinglass, US Attorney for the Miami Five, will be live on BBC Radio 5 on Thursday 17 January 2008.

Weinglass will guest on the Simon Mayo show next Thursday at 2.15pm UK time.

Rob Miller, CSC Director said: “The Cuba Solidarity Campaign organised a very successful UK tour for Leonard Weinglass in December 2007, during which time he spoke MPs, trade unionists and addressed hundreds of people at meetings throughout the country. Leonard’s recent interview in the Guardian following this tour, and now a national interview with the BBC, will do even more to highlight the injustices of the Miami Five's case to a new and wider audience.

"CSC is committed to do everything possible to further publicise the campaign in the Britain and apply maximum pressure in the UK and the international community to ensure that these five heroes are returned to their families."

Tune in to BBC Radio 5 on Thursday 17 January at 2.15pm, or go online to: to hear the show live.

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