Lula Da Silva amazed by Fidel Castro's recuperation

Campaign News | Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said on Tuesday in Havana that his Cuban counterpart Fidel Castro is "as lucid as ever, like in his best moments".

Accompanied by First Vice President Raul Castro and speaking with

reporters at Havana's Jose Marti International Airport before returning

to Brazil on Tuesday night after a one-day official visit to the

island, Lula da Silva explained that he met with the leader of the

Cuban Revolution for more than two hours in which they spoke about as

many topics as possible. "He spoke for two hours and I did it only for

half an hour," he joked.

"I think that he will soon be completely recovered physically and he

will be ready to continue his political role on the island and in the history of humanity," Lula predicted.

After expressing his satisfaction for this official visit to the

island, the Brazilian head of state highlighted the passion that his

generation feels for the Cuban Revolution and the integration of Latin America.

He noted that Brazil has a regional responsibility as it has the

biggest economy, population and technical and scientific knowledge of

the sub-continent, which forces his country to contribute more to the

development of this part of the world.

Lula added that he was very pleased with his meetings with Fidel and

Raul and also with the bilateral accords signed during his visit that

will enhance Brazil's possibilities to invest in Cuba and will improve

relations between the two governments.

He stressed that these efforts are part of a Brazilian strategy to pay

more attention to South America, and to Latin America and the Caribbean

in general.

He also announced that he extended an invitation to Cuban First Vice

President Raul Castro to visit Brazil.

"The results have been excellent and I totally agree with President

Lula," said Raul before seeing off the Brazilian head of state.

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