Unions and Foreign Ministry condemn aggression against Palestine

Campaign News | Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Statement by the Cuban Trade Union Confederation

The Cuban Workers? Union Central and its 19 trade union branches join with the Cuban State to repudiate the hostile and aggressive policies that the Israeli government has been exercising against the Palestinian people?s right to live and full sovereignty, as well as to express our full support to the Statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Relations of the Cuban Revolutionary Government.

Cuban Workers? Union Central


The Ministry of Foreign relations of the Republic of Cuba has followed with extreme concern the recent intensification of the aggressive actions of the Israeli government against the Palestinian people.

The Ministry of Foreign Relations consider as inadmissible and criminal the siege around the Gaza Strip, including the cutting off of electrical and food supply to 1,5 million civilian Palestinians in a flagrant violation of International Law and the Geneva Convention of 1949.

The Ministry of Foreign Relations of the Republic of Cuba expresses its utmost and vigorous condemnation against these actions carried out by the Israeli government geared towards annihilating and surrendering the Palestinian people by way of hunger and thirst, including children, women, the sick and the elderly who suffer the forced and illegal occupation of their territory and are subjected once again to inhuman collective punishment by the occupying forces.

The Ministry of Foreign Relations of the Republic of Cuba demands the government of Israel the immediate cease of the inhuman blockade of the Gaza Strip and call on the International Community to mobilize in order to demand respect for the inalienable rights of the Palestinian people, including the establishment of an independent and sovereign State, with its capital in East Jerusalem, and the unconditional return of all the Arab territories occupied in June 1967, as an only way of reaching a fair and long-standing peace for all the peoples of the Region.

Havana, January 23, 2008

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