Cuban literacy method used in Spain

Campaign News | Monday, 11 February 2008

The Cuban literacy method ‘Yo si puedo’ (Yes, I Can) is being used in the Spanish city of Seville, the Director of Youth and Sports of the local government, Manuel Silva, announced on Saturday.

According to Granma news daily, thus far, 75 out of 100 people have

learned to read and write using this Cuban method there.

Silva said that in this Andalusian city of 700,000 inhabitants, there

are 400,000 who lack academic degrees and nearly 20,000 illiterates in

spite of the fact that official figures do not admit it.

He added that, after learning about the success of the ‘Yo si puedo’

program in Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua, they made the necessary

arrangements with the island’s education authorities to implement it in some European cities.

He noted that it was necessary to adapt the method to the conditions in

Seville. “Cuba contributed the method and we are now adding our

experience so that other European cities do the same,” he stressed.

Cuban News Agency

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