Cuba calls for strengthening of South-South cooperation

Campaign News | Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Speaking before UNESCO, Cuban officials defended

the need to strengthen South-South cooperation in all fields so as to

counteract forces of globalization that widen the gap between developed

countries and the Third World.

Speaking at the 179th meeting of UNESCO’s Executive Council, Cuban

delegate Maria de los Angeles Florez called for an end to the brain

drain in the South. She said this practice by the richest nations draws

away skilled workers who have been trained in developing countries,

depriving these nations of human resources for sustainable development.

In an effort to boost South-South cooperation, Florez reiterated the

offer to donate the Cuban “Yes, I can” literacy training method to

UNESCO. More than 3 million people have learned to read and write in 28

countries where the program has been implemented.

“Much could be done if only a negligible part of the billions spent on

advertising or of the 800 billion dollars used for armaments were used

on literacy campaigns,” said the Cuban delegate.

The director of the Cuba’s UNESCO office added that her country

encourages the development of international cooperation actions based on

equity, development and sustainability to face climate change. She also

criticized the fact that modern science is increasingly directed by

consumer demand rather than by social needs.

Florez said all countries should make sure that their respective ethnic,

religious and linguistic cultures are respected, while guaranteeing the

preservation of their nations’ heritage.

The homogenization of the culture and the creation of a pseudo-culture

are the most powerful weapons that could lead to destruction and

ideological domination, she noted.

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