Cuban internationalism a beacon says union General Secretary

Campaign News | Sunday, 8 June 2008

by Stuart Watkins, CSC Campaigns Officer

Delegates at the Communications Workers Union conference in Liverpool attended a joint Latin America fringe meeting with speakers from the Cuba Solidarity Campaign and a range of other Latin American speakers. The event was chaired by Jane Loftus, the President of the CWU and opened by the unions General SecretaryBilly Hayes.

Billy Hayes told the delegates that the Cuban peoples internationalism was a beacon to the people of the world and went on to ask branches and regions to affiliate to the Cuba Solidarity Campaign.

Two members of the CWU Youth Committee travelled to Cuba as part of the May Day Brigade of young trade unionists this year and they spoke to delegates about their experiences.

Stephen Gribben, the Youth Affairs Committee of the CWU and Jo Lawton also of the Youth Affairs Committee told the delegates about their May Day Brigade experiences and said that the highlight of the delegation was the May Day rally.

The CWU delegates also heard from Jennifer Forbes, Chair of the South Devon & Cornwall branch of the union who spoke on behalf of the Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign who said that Nicaragua depends a lot on the assistance it receives from Cuba.

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