Gustav causes no deaths in Pinar

Campaign News | Sunday, 31 August 2008

Cuban Army General Leopoldo Cintras Frias, labelled the people of Pinar del Rio efforts in preparing to face Hurricane Gustav, which resulted in no deaths in the territory, as “a feat”

On a tour of the eastern part of Pinar del Rio, accompanied by Provincial Civil Defense Council President, Olga Lidia Tapia, Cintras Frias said it was amazing that there were no deaths, nor seriously injured people in an area were the winds blew at 170 kilometers per hour.

Hurricane Gustav made its landfall on the southern coast of the western Cuban province of Pinar del Rio at about 6:00 pm Saturday, with winds of over 200 kilometers per hour. It created a national record with gusts of 340 Km/H reported in El Paso Real de San Diego.

According to reports by ACN journalists, the electrical system suffered serious damage with more than a dozen towers of the National Grid brought down by the winds in an area spanning only 10 kilometers.

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