Hurricane Gustav - statement from CSC

Campaign News | Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Campaign makes immediate donation and launches relief fund

Hurricane Gustav

Statement by the Cuba Solidarity Campaign

The Cuba Solidarity Campaign wishes to express its continuing solidarity with the people of Cuba and especially in the wake of the devastation caused by Hurricane Gustav in Pinar del Rio and the Isle of Youth.

The Campaign notes that the hurricane damaged 90,000 homes, almost as many - 102,000 - as the previous 14 hurricanes that have struck over the last 8 years and that 503 schools were damaged. The Campaign further notes that this was probably the worst hurricane since 1944.

Despite the fact that winds were recorded of 340 Kmph and sustained winds of 240 Kmph that not a single life was lost. CSC recognises that the actions of the Cuban people bear testimony to their profound concern for human life, their fortitude and courage faced with this devastating challenge.

The Cuba Solidarity Campaign extends a message of sympathy to those who have lost their homes recognising the measures that have already been taken by the Cuban people to address the human needs of those who have lost their houses.

The Cuba Solidarity Campaign recognises the capacity of the Cuban people to rise to the challenges presented as a consequence of the devastation that the hurricane reeked as they have in overcoming the deprivations caused by the illegal and inhuman blockade imposed by successive United States Administrations.

The Campaign expresses its resolve to continue its work in support of the people of Cuba and in particular to demand the ending of the blockade and respect for the sovereignty of Cuba from all nations throughout the world in order that Cuba can receive all the assistance that it requires to address the problems caused by such events free from the inhuman policies which impact on its ability to obtain the goods and services which its people need at such times and throughout their daily lives.


The CSC Executive Committee agrees to immediately donate £2,000 from the Medical Aid Fund for Cuba to hurricane relief and to notify those who wish to make donations of the appropriate Cuban bank details to forward such donations directly to the people of Cuba.

For details on how to donate to Hurricane Relief work in Cuba email or call:

0208 800 0155

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