Five million vaccines donated to Africa

Campaign News | Saturday, 12 April 2008

<img src="images/AmbassadorLAsmall.jpg" align="right" alt="" />Cuba has donated 5.2 million doses of anti-meningococcal vaccine to African countries as an expression of its solidarity and disinterested assistance to people suffering from meningitis - a disease that causes a lot of deaths in Africa.

Concepcion Campa, member of the Politburo of the Cuban Communist Party, explained that in order to increase its cooperation with the World and the Pan American Health organizations and also to contribute to the prevention and eradication of meningitis, Cuba inaugurated on Wednesday a modern plant that has the capacity to produce 100 million doses of active components of diverse vaccines.

Campa, who is also the Director of the Finlay Institute in Havana, announced the inauguration of other facilities linked to Cuban biotechnology that will be at the service of the health of Cubans and many people around the world.

Among other products, these facilities will produce vaccines and monoclonal products to fight cancer.

For his part, Public Health Minister Jose Ramon Balaguer praised the work of Cuban doctors, nurses and other health professionals who make

their contribution in Africa where they have helped these nations reduce their mortality rates.

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