In terms of Human Rights, nobody teaches anything to Cuba

Campaign News | Wednesday, 10 December 2008

An interview between His Excellency Jorge Castro Benitez Ambassador of the Republic of Cuba in Portugal and Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey Director and Chief Editor Portuguese version PRAVDA.Ru


On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the adoption and proclamation of the Universal Declaration of Human rights by the UNO (on 10th December 1948), it is necessary to remember that Cuba was invited to join the UN Council of Human Rights by the General Assembly of the United Nations on 9th May 2006, against the will of Washington. For some reason it was?

Jorge Castro Benitez Yes, and precisely this question of human rights has been systematically manipulated by the United States of America against Cuba. In the course fifty years, the governments of the USA have been launching diplomatic, military and commercial attacks against Cuba, a constant aggression that has not been seen in any other part of the world. They manipulate the sources of information in such a way that information agencies rarely say the whole truth about Cuba.

For example, the great social failings that existed before in Cuba demanded on the part of the Revolution a very strong answer on behalf of human rights and the elimination of attacks on the human condition. The Cuban Revolution removed racial discrimination that was strongly taking root in Cuban society. The Cuban Revolution removed nepotism, removed discrimination against women, removed political corruption, removed illiteracy, removed the lack of health care and the lack of access to public utilities and removed chronic unemployment in Cuba. Well, so now they are going to point the finger at Cuba and talk about human rights?

PRAVDA.Ru Who, in the international community, remembers being told of these great victories of the Cuban Revolution? Little or nothing is said in the western press on the political system in Cuba for example.

J. Castro Benitez Neither do they say anything on the financial and logistical support to organizations and terrorist attacks perpetrated by the USA on Cuba over the years, the hundreds of attempts made on Fidel’s life, the use of mercenaries to destroy the social and civil life in Cuba, to spread disorder, the inhuman and illegal blockade and the use of the diplomatic machine in Washington to influence partners in the international community against Cuba, entirely because of the first military defeat suffered by the United States of America in the Bay of the Pigs in 1961.

They speak of repression, they talk about the misery?but do not say anything of the repression and the misery that were eliminated by the Revolution. They say nothing of the Cuban electoral system, which is unique. It is a process of fully democratic elections, a very participatory process. The candidates are not proposed by the Party, but rather by the people. It is a system of participatory democracy, totally fair and free. Human equality is a basic precept in Cuba, installed by the Revolution, and democracy in Cuba respects human rights. It is a Government by the people, of the people, for the people. It is a social system based on full rights, which creates the social conditions for the people to enjoy their human rights.

PRAVDA.Ru While in other countries there are huge failings in terms of human rights, countries supported by Washington or where Washington is present, but yet there is a wall of silence surrounding these events.

J. Castro Benitez The same ones that talk about human rights, do they talk about the millions of children in the world who have no access to education? Do they talk about the millions of child victims of violence or exploitation? Do they talk about 250,000 child soldiers? Do they speak of the more than 2 million that died recently in armed conflicts? Do they talk about 100 million children mutilated by war? We are talking about children and we are speaking about figures provided by UNO (UNICEF)? and they talk about human rights in Cuba? No child will be found in these conditions inside Cuba, that I can assure you. None! Not a single one of these children is Cuban inside Cuba.

There are more than 40 million children with memories of 15 years of age, victims of abuse. There are 246 million child workers, and there are 8 million children slaves, forced labor. Where are human rights for these children? And they speak of Cuba? Again, none of these children are Cuban.

They are preoccupied so much to speak about Cuba, but always without any evidence because it does not exist. There is not a single case of torture in Cuba, without being in Guantanamo. They are preoccupied so much with foggy ideas on the freedom of the press, but 40 % of the population in some countries is illiterate. Then they talk about the freedom of the press in Cuba, where everyone can read and has access to information.

There is talk of political prisoners in Cuba. Which political prisoners? Those who launch terrorist and subversive acts at the behest of Washington? Those who want to create social conflict? And what country allows this?

PRAVDA.Ru Washington talks a lot, but in practical terms, is perhaps the worst example in terms of human rights.

J. Castro Benitez Washington says that it is an example of democracy and of human rights?and then the millions of deaths it caused? It is a country whose governments that have not demonstrated any respect for human rights, a country whose government has almost legalized the practice of torture, a government that represents the humiliation, the disappearance and the slaughter of human beings. And they talk about human rights?

A regime that speaks against the Berlin Wall, but then builds a Wall of Shame on the border with Mexico where the citizens practise armed hunts, like safaris, against the immigrants? Where black citizens still do not have full rights and social integration? And how many Mexicans were murdered? And they speak about human rights?

In terms of human rights, Cuba is an example. It is a country where human rights exist because human rights were and are a basis for the Cuban Revolution. We will have pride tomorrow, because Cuba has demonstrated how to create a model based on human rights.

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