London Day school success

Campaign News | Saturday, 18 April 2009

Over 100 people attended a Cuba day school organised by the North and South London local groups of the Cuba Solidarity Campaign.

Entitled ‘50 years of Revolution, Cuba’s impact on the world’, the event had numerous speakers including Diana Raby who highlighted the importance of Cuba in Latina America today along with the significance of the development of ALBA and regional co-operation. Victoria Brittain described Cuba’s contribution to the lives of Africans as incredible. She recalled hearing the loud cheers of South Africans at a rally attended by Mandela shortly after he was released. The only other person among the dozens of other world leaders to receive such an applause was Fidel Castro when he stepped up in front of the crowd.

Cuban teacher Ana Margarita described her role in teaching medical students in Cuba prior to their missions abroad, pointing out that Cuba does not charge a penny in return for its international work, instead help is given in the name of genuine solidarity ‘because we can’.

Also speaking about Cuba’s international contribution was Susana Morales, a Nicaraguan literacy teacher who uses the ‘Yo, si puedo’ Cuban teaching method which has empowered tens of millions across Latin America through helping them to overcome illiteracy.

Dr Derek Wall from the Green Party and Wendy Emmet from the Cuba Organic Solidarity Group described Cuba’s pioneering work in creating a sustainable environment on the island. Cuba has shown that it is a word leader environmentally speaking, by minimising use of fossil fuels, investing in public transport, urban farming and greatly expanding its organic farming among other things. Dr Wall stated that Cuba is an example of what can be done, from which the whole world can learn.

Francisco Dominguez spoke about Cuba and Latin America historic resistance against foreign domination from the Colonial Spanish and the United States. Pointing out that the recent rise popular democratic governments and their fight against poverty in Latin would not have been possible if Cuba had not shown what can be achieved through their example.

Bernard Regan, national secretary of CSC, gave an update on the case of the Miami 5 who have been being held hostage in US prisons for over 10 years now. Their only ‘crime’ being to try to save the lives of Cuban people who have been attacked by US based terrorist groups for the past 50 years. In summing up Bernard ended the day school by encouraging individuals to join the Cuba Solidarity Campaign and get active members, working with local groups to further build the campaign and solidarity with Cuba.

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