Education salaries to rise

News from Cuba | Friday, 3 July 2009

About 545,000 workers of the sector will benefit from the increase. The monthly average increase in the General and Mid-Level Education sector will be of 166 pesos for teachers, while professors in higher educational institutions will get an increase of 145 in their monthly salaries.

The Executive Committee of the Cuban Council of ministers announced on Thursday an increase in the monthly salary for all workers in the educational sector as of the upcoming school year in recognition to their efforts.

A little more than 820 million Cuban pesos have been budgeted to support the new regulation, from which more than 545,000 workers of the sector, including personnel out of teaching staffs, will benefit, according to an announcement published by the Granma and Juventud Rebelde newspapers.

In addition to the increase in the monthly pay to all workers, the new regulation allows an additional payment of 90 and 120 pesos to workers of production and service sectors who have part-time jobs as teachers. The raise in those cases will depend on the number of teaching hours.

The monthly average increase for each worker in the General and Mid-Level Education sector will be of 122 pesos and teachers will enjoy an increase of 166 pesos, while the raise for workers in higher educational institutions will be of 93 pesos, while professors will have an increase of 145 pesos in their monthly salaries.

Additional payments currently granted for years of service, leadership positions and other established factors will be maintained.

The Government’s Agreement includes the worker’s duty to contribute 5% of the income to social security as provided by the Cuban Tax System.

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