Winter Solidarity Brigade

Campaign News | Friday, 25 September 2009

29th November - 21st December 2009

BOOK NOW and join up to 30 UK brigadistas this December for a once-in-a-lifetime experience working, learning and socialising alongside Cubans and other Europeans.

Brigades offer a unique chance to?

? Volunteer alongside Cubans on light farming and construction projects

? Partcipate in educational seminars and hospital, school and community visits

? Visit beautiful beaches and landscapes and take part in a number of excursions

? Enjoy the island’s hospitality including its famous salsa, rum and cigars!

Going on the Brigade is a practical way of showing solidarity with the Cuban people as well as building meaningful exchanges. It gives you an excellent opportunity to learn first hand about the achievements of the Cuban Revolution as well as allowing an insight into the difficulties caused by the illegal US blockade.

Be more than a tourist - experience the real Cuba!

To apply or for more information click below or email or call 0208 800 0155

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