Cuba expresses serious concern over events in Honduras

News from Cuba | Sunday, 27 September 2009

Cuba expresses its concern at the seriousness of the events in Honduras and spoke in support of the people of that sister nation suffering the repression risks run by the Constitutional President Manuel Zelaya.

Full text of the Statement:

Given the seriousness of the events that continue to occur in the sister Republic of Honduras, the National Assembly of the People's Power of Cuba expresses its deepest concern over the flagrant violation of the people?s most basic rights in that country as a result of their strong and permanent resistance and rejection to the coup and the disarticulation of the existing constitutional and democratic regime under the government of President Manuel Zelaya.

We join the universal repudiation that rejects and condemns the military regime imposed in that nation and call for the implementation of stronger and deeper measures by the international community to achieve a return to normality and the restitution of their democratically elected president, as an expression of the people?s will.

Zelaya?s presence in Tegucigalpa is a brave gesture of courage and is based on the legitimate right as constitutional president of Honduras. The physical integrity of himself and family, the diplomatic staff and other employees of the Brazilian Embassy as well as the Honduran group being there, should be respected and guaranteed by the coup makers. Likewise, the brutal savage repression being carried out against the expressions of support and demand for the population in favor of democracy must stop.

Havana, September 23, 2009

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