Statement on non recognition of Honduran elections

Campaign News | Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Following the request by President Zelaya for international non recognition of the elections scheduled for 29 November, CSC is supporting a statement by Colin Burgon MP.


Latin America today faces the greatest threat to its democracy in decades.

The military coup that overthrew elected President Manual Zelaya and seized power in Honduras in June is now seeking to legitimise its illegal government through the international recognition of elections that will take place on 29 November. Such recognition would give a green light to opponents of democracy throughout the continent that military coups will be tolerated.

Free and fair elections in Honduras on November 29 are impossible. The elections are taking place under conditions in which human rights, freedom of assembly and of the press have all been under attack. Repression under the coup regime has seen at least 20 people killed, more than 600 people wounded and beaten and 3500 people detained since June.

The legitimate Honduran President Manual Zelaya has called for supporters of democracy not to recognise the elections under the military coup regime. Nearly all of Latin America governments have declared that they will not do so. Worryingly the United States government has indicated it will recognise these illegitimate elections. ‪

We call on all governments, including the Obama Administration, to not recognise the elections on 29 November under the military coup regime.

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