Haitian president thanks Fidel and the Cuban people

News from Cuba | Friday, 26 November 2010

Rene Preval, President of Haiti, thanked on Friday the Cuban people and Commander in Chief Fidel Castro for the help given in the face of the cholera epidemic his country is going through.

The head of state met with Cuban ambassador Ricardo Garcia and Deputy Health Minister and

Coordinator of the Cuban Medical Brigade in that nation, Dr. Lorenzo Somarriba, who went into

greater detail on the work of the island’s health professionals.

According to a report by Cuban television special correspondents, Preval took a lot of

interest in the information.

He called part of his executives and executives from tje Heath and Population Ministry to

devise the governmental strategy in the struggle against cholera and coordinate actions among

all the humanitarian organizations represented in Haiti.

The strategy -expressed the head of state- is to strengthen work in the capital, where one

million and a half people still live in poor refugee camps after the earthquake that

devastated the city in January.

Over the next few days, Cuba will open, in areas near the city of Port-au-Price, the new

centers to treat cholera patients, in coordination with Brazil and the Pan-American Health Organization.

Regional and non-governmental organizations cooperating with Haiti also met at the

provisional seat of the government to coordinate actions.

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