Young Trade Unionists’ May Day Brigade

Campaign News | Wednesday, 2 February 2011

27 April -11 May 2011

A unique opportunity for activists to participate in practical solidarity work, take part in Havana's May Day celebrations and discover the reality of life for Cubans living under the illegal US blockade of their country.

During the 15-day brigade participants will:

· Attend the spectacular May Day Rally in Plaza de la Revolución, Havana

· Meet the CTC (Cuban TUC) and solidarity activists from around the world

· Gain valuable insight into the achievements of the Cuban Revolution and contemporary Cuban society.

· Examine the challenges facing the island and witness firsthand the problems caused by the US blockade

· Meet and discuss current issues with Cuban workers with visits to hospitals, schools, workplaces and neighbourhoods

· Contribute to the agricultural and productive development of the country through voluntary work sessions

· Visit the Museum of the Revolution and local Committee for the Defence of the Revolution

Brigades have run for the previous three years and have involved delegates from Unison, Unite, GMB, CWU, BFAWU, PCS and the UCU. Over the previous three years more than 80 young trade unionists have taken part in our May Day Brigade. Many have gone on to become increasingly active within their trade union and the Cuba Solidarity Campaign.

The May Day Brigade usually consists of trade union members, activists and officers aged 18-35, but it is possible for older members to participate too, just contact CSC to find out how.

Since 2008, over 80 young trade unionists have taken part in the Cuba Solidarity Campaign’s annual May Day Brigade to Cuba. Delegates have come from Unison, Unite, GMB, CWU, BFAWU, PCS and the UCU to witness the sights, sounds and smells of Cuba and experience firsthand the principles of equality, community and international solidarity.

What previous participants have said:

“? an amazing experience that I will never forget”

Stephen, CWU - Youth Brigade 2008

“Cuba really opened my eyes about what can be achieved in a society built around working together for the benefit of everyone”

James, UNISON - Youth Brigade 2008

“Cuba’s development over the last 50 years is all the more amazing considering the economic and political context in which these advances have been made? the revolution has prospered because Cuba recognises that our greatest resource is people, not profit”

Sam, GMB - Youth Brigade 2009

The full cost of the two-week brigade is £995 per person and includes flights, accommodation, food, transport and visas.

If you or any of your members are interested in attending, please contact Dan Smith Campaigns Officer on 020 8800 0155 or email

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