Cuba Condemns Security Council Attitude towards Israel

News from Cuba | Thursday, 20 January 2011

Cuba condemned at the United Nations the passivity and the silence of the Security Council in view of Israel’s aggressive actions.

The Cuban permanent representative to the UN, Pedro Nuñez, talked about the construction of settlements in Palestinian territories and the blockade in the Gaza Strip during a debate on the situation in the Middle East, reports Prensa Latina news agency.

Nuñez noted that Israel has taken advantage of the silence of the Council on the issue of the Jewish colonies during the last two years to continue demolishing Palestinian houses and building settlements.

The diplomat demanded the immediate halt in the construction of the wall by Israel and the eviction of Palestinian families in Western Jerusalem. He condemned all illegal actions of incitement, provocation and aggression by extremist settlers against the Palestinian population and sacred places.

Nuñez mentioned that the physical, economic and social devastation, caused by those violent actions, are the main obstacle for a peace agreement.

He pointed out that direct conversations between Israel and the Palestinians lasted less than a month given that Tel Aviv decided to carry with the construction of settlements.

The Cuban diplomat affirmed that Israel expansionist policy hinders the creation of a Palestinian State on the base of the 1967 borders, and therefore, hampers the way for a just solution of the conflict.

He demanded the Security Council to accept its responsibility in the maintenance of peace and security in the region.

Nuñez also pointed out that it is necessary to reach a peace agreement this year and highlighted the ever-increasing international recognition of the Palestinian State, which has been expressed during the last few weeks in Latin America and the Caribbean.

He qualified as void Israel’s actions addressed to changing the legal, physical, and demographic condition, as well as the institutional structure of the occupied Golan, in Syria.

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