50 years of solidarity between Britain and Cuba - Special anniversary event

Campaign News | Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Saturday 11 June 2011, 2-4pm

NUT, Hamilton House, London, WC1H

This is a free public event following the CSC AGM - all welcome.

From the early days of the Britain-Cuba Friendship Association, to the Britain-Cuba Resource Centre (BCRC) in the 1980s, and today’s Cuba Solidarity Campaign, the one consistent link between Britain and Cuba has been ICAP.

At this special anniversary event, representatives from ICAP and key historical figures in the history of CSC will reflect and celebrate 50 years of solidarity and a special award will be presented to ICAP.

with special guests from Cuba bringing a unique perspective on UK-Cuba relations

Elio Gamez, ICAP Vice President

Gladys Allyon, ICAP European Officer

Luis Marron, Cuban Embassy who for nine years was ICAP’s North European Officer


Photos, films and archives documenting 50 years of solidarity and friendship

Speakers representing every decade of solidarity with Cuba


John Griffiths an early pioneer of the solidarity movement from the 1970s, who has a wealth of archive materials

Sue Michie participant in the British delegation to the 1978 World Youth Festival in Havana, infamous for the participation of former government ministers Peter Mandelson, Brian Wilson and Charles Clarke, and the division within the group which led many to return to the UK determined to develop a broad based solidarity campaign in defence of Cuba from which the modern day campaign grew

Ken Cameron, former General Secretary of the Fire Brigades Union, who was one of the first to help develop trade union involvement in CSC

Tim Young the first national secretary of CSC when it changed from the Britain-Cuba resource centre to the Cuba Solidarity Campaign

The celebration has been very kindly supported by the Ken Gill Memorial Fund. Ken Gill was not only the long standing Chair of CSC but he was also a proud recipient of Cuba’s International Medal of Friendship.

For more details on this event or the CSC AGM please call 020 8800 0155 or email office@cuba-solidarity.org.uk

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