Ricardo Alarcón:The next weeks are decisive for Gerardo

News from Cuba | Monday, 1 August 2011

The following talk was delivered by Ricardo Alarcón, President of the Cuban National Assembly of People's Power (ANPP), to the ANPP in Havana, 1 August 2011.

For many people, summertime is a time for vacation. For many people, summertime is a time for vacation. Nevertheless, we need, now more than ever, to intensify efforts and to work systematically towards the full implementation of the agreements reached at the 6th Congress of the Cuban Communist Party, and of the decisions taken by the Cuban Parliament aimed at updating and perfecting Cuban socialism.

In the same manner we must raise to a higher plane the struggle for the freedom of Gerardo Hernández Nordelo, Ramón Labañino, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando González and René González.

Now is the time to multiply - without letup - actions to demolish the wall of silence that has permitted Washington to perpetuate the injustice.

We must demand that Washington release the concealed information about its conspiracy with the so-called "journalists" of Miami, who vilified our comrades, and who also provoked and threatened the members of the jury, despite even the protests of the judge herself. We must equally demand that the government reveal the satellite images it has hidden for 15 years, no doubt because they would undermine the U.S. lie about the location of the incident of Feb. 24, 1996.

We must demand once again that the so-called information media end the censorship it has imposed on the document in which Washington admitted 10 years ago that it was impossible to sustain its principle accusation against Gerardo.

The coming weeks will be decisive in the soon-to-be-concluded Habeas Corpus process for Gerardo. As has happened on previous occasions, he is experiencing new and grave obstacles that compound his very difficult prison situation, and that are a clear violation of his rights and of U.S. norms as well.

In this crucial stage additional difficulties have been created, affecting his communication with his attorneys and with Cuban consular officials; access to his correspondence has been restricted or impeded, including legal correspondence related to his case.

In light of this situation, I propose that we adopt the following:

The National Assembly of People's Power demands of the United States authorities that they put an immediate halt to the unjust and illegal treatment against Gerardo Hernández. Furthermore, the National Assembly calls for the broadest solidarity of parliamentarians and all honest people to win the freedom of our Five comrades and their immediate and unconditional return to the Homeland.

Havana, August 1, 2011

National Assembly of People's Power

Let us commit ourselves to this struggle without losing one day. Ever onwards to victory.

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