Cuba accuses US radio stations of inciting terrorism

Campaign News | Thursday, 29 April 2004

310 hours of propaganda per week

United Nations, Apr 28 (Prensa Latina)

Cuba has declared that it will defend its sovereignty and independence adopting every measure possible to repel US electronic warfare.

Cuban diplomat, Rodney Lopez, addressed the UN Information Committee to denounce over 310 hours of illegal radio and TV broadcasts per week that are aimed at the island.

Many of these call for violence and terrorist actions made by at least 15 organizations linked to, or sponsors of, renowned terrorists that live and operate in the US with government consent.

Lopez cited as an example "the poorly-named Radio and TV Marti, to which the US government allocates annual budgets of $35 million in its electronic war against Cuba that encourages illegal emigration, incites violence and terrorist actions, and calls to violate the law.

He recalled that the UN has adopted several resolutions that stress the need to prevent the exploitation of information for criminal and terrorist ends.

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