Cuban Minister of the Armed Forces General Julio Casas Regueiro Passes Away in Havana

News from Cuba | Tuesday, 6 September 2011

from Juventud Rebelde

Minister of the Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces and Vice President of the Cuban Councils of State and Ministers General Julio Casas Regueiro passed away in Havana on Saturday.

A note released by the Communist Party of Cuba's Politburo stated that General C Casas Regueiro died from a heart attack at 1:20 p.m. Saturday.

Julio Casas Regueiro was born in Bombi, Mayari Arriba, province of Santiago de Cuba, on February 16, 1936. He graduated from the Professional School of Business of Santiago de Cuba and began his revolutionary activities following the March 10, 1952 coup d'état.

In June 1957, he gave up his position as an accountant at the bank of Santiago de Cuba due to persecution by the tyranny and returned to his parents' farm where he contacted members of the 26 of July Movement and worked with the movement on several activities, becoming one of the first rebel combatants in the area.

When the Frank País Second Eastern Front was formed in March 1958, he joined it under Commander Raul Castro and took part in several combats, including the capture of the city of Guantanamo on January 1, 1959.

After the triumph of the Cuban Revolution, Casas Regueiro assumed several responsibilities in the Cuban National Police, and as part of that body he fought against the Playa Giron (Bay of Pigs) mercenary invasion.

From 1961 on, he occupied different posts in the logistics services of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR) and was promoted to vice minister in 1969. He was also Chief of the Eastern Army, Chief of the Anti-Air Forces and the Air Force, and First Vice Minister of the FAR. He was appointed Minister of the FAR in February 2008.

When Cuba established international help with Ethiopia en 1978, Julio Casas Regueiro was named the Substitute Chief of the Military Mission in Ethiopia. He took courses at several military schools including the USSR Voroshilov General Staff Academy.

Julio Casas Regueiro was also a founder of Cuba?s Communist Party and a member of its Central Committee since the First Congress of the organization. During the Fourth Party Congress he was elected member of the Political Bureau, a condition ratified by the Fifth and Sixth Congresses of the Communist Party.

From 1981 he served as a member of the National Assembly, a member of the State Council since 1986, and in 2088 he was elected Vice President of the Council of State.

He received several titles and decorations including the Honorific Title of Hero of the Republic of Cuba and the Playa Giron Order.

Army Corp General Julio Casas Regueiro was known for his loyalty to the homeland, the people, the Revolution and to his Commander in Chief and Army General Raul Castro.

Thanks to his high level of rationality, efficiency and dedication, he made significant contributions to the strengthening of the nation's defense as well as to improving business efficiency in the FAR and the drafting and subsequent implementation of the Guidelines for Economic and Social Policy of the Party and Revolution, adopted by the Sixth Congress.

Following his wishes, the mortal remains of Julio Casas Regueiro were cremated and taken to the Mausoleum of the Frank Pais Second Eastern Front, where they will be paid the corresponding military honors.

Cuban President Raul Castro Heads Tribute Army General Julio Casas Regueiro

Cuban President Raul Castro on Monday led a tribute to late Army General Julio Casas Regueiro, Minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR), who past away on Saturday

During the funeral, held on the first floor of the Sierra Maestra building, headquarters of the Defense Ministry, it was announced that the Council of State had conferred on Casas Regueiro the postmortem title of Hero of Labor of the Republic of Cuba.

The honor was granted for the late general's record of exceptional record of service to the Revolution and its defense, and to the national economy, with exemplary discipline, rationality and proved efficiency in the fulfillment of relevant political, state, government and military duties and missions.

Cuban Communist Party leaders and members of the councils of State and Ministers participated in the event. One of the many wreaths sent in tribute to Casas Regueiro was from the leader of the Cuba Revolution, Fidel Castro.

The Council of State has decreed a state of national mourning

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