Ladies in White Say in Washington They are the Flame to Trigger NATO Invasion of Cuba

News from Cuba | Friday, 23 September 2011

from the South Journal

In a solemn ceremony, the Cuban “dissidence” ratified its role of spearhead of a military invasion of Cuba. But, the meeting to announce a new “stage” of activism and denunciations inspired in the “Arab Spring”, with the participation of the “Ladies in White” did not take place in Havana, but in Washington?s Capitol Hill and under the auspices of Republican congress woman Ileana Ros-Lethinen.

“This new stage was what we were waiting for. These “support ladies” that joined us? with no pain to suffer or any political prisoner (in their families) have also wanted to take to the streets and protest with us, the Ladies in White,” said Josefina Lopez Peña in direct reference to a group of women who are paid with money from anonymous foundations for their role of extras in the demonstrations staged by the “Ladies.”

Lopez, who was introduced to the US Congress as “co-founder” of the group, described the “Ladies in White” as the “Iron Ladies;” we do not know if such description has to do with their beating kitchen pots or with NATO?s armored vehicles, for which the “Ladies” intend to pave the way into Cuba with their provocations.

Republican Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, also known on the island as the “Big Bad Wolf” was very clear about the real intentions of the “Ladies of NATO.” Lehtinen said “there have been real changes in Cuba perhaps due to the impact of the “Arab Spring.”

“I wish this happens in Cuba,” said the president of the Committee on Foreign Affairs of the US House of Representatives. The word “This” refers to the “Arab Spring” which, according to Lehtinen, must reach Cuba and it is now taking place in Libya where the uprising of some “rebels” served as a media curtain to the criminal invasion by NATO against that nation.

The statements by Lehtinen are in tune with recent remarks by Obama about the “Arab Spring” during a meeting with Spanish-speaking journalists where he only addressed the Cuba issue, while such remarks confirmed the denunciation made some time ago in a special Cuban TV show that exposed the real intentions and actions of the so-called “Ladies in White”: turning Cuba into another Libya.

English Version of M.H. Lagarde?s Article

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