Watch the family video of Rene Gonzalez leaving prison and being reunited with his daughters

News from Cuba | Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Everyone in the Cuba Solidarity Campaign and all friends of Cuba here in the UK are overjoyed to see Rene's release and the loving embrace with his daughters Irma and Ivette. (see film link below) But our thoughts must turn to Rene's wife Olga Salanueva who is still cruelly being denied the right to be with her husband. We urge the United States to do the right thing and allow Rene to return immediately to his homeland rather than being forced to serve three years probation in the US. This cruel denial of the family rights and visits is vindictive. It has been condemned by organisations across the globe including Amnesty International. It brings shame upon President Obama and the people of the United States that this is happening in their name.

We must also think of all of the five men and all thier families, each and everyone of whom has sufferered for so long and continue to suffer, for doing no more than trying to save the lives of people in Cuba and defend their country against terrorism. They have never harmed anyone.

Now is the time to once again step up all our efforts to secure justice for the Five and their families. We will not stop until we have seen the five free and home in Cuba.

Please take action and write to President Obama demanding that Rene be allowed to return home today. (link below)

Come to the annual vigil for the Maimi Five at the US Embassy in London on 1 December 2011, with speakers from the trade union and labour movements and the mothers of the Five. Watch CubaUpdate and this website for details.

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