Independent Workers Gradually Join the Unions

News from Cuba | Tuesday, 21 February 2012

from the Cuban News Agency

The majority of independent workers in the province of Camaguey, amounting to more than 26,000 total, have joined their respective unions associated under the Cuban Workers Confederation (CTC).

Approximately 17,248 self-employed people in the province have become members of local unions, mostly those in the fields of trade, food service, transportation, light industry and construction.

Cafeteria-owner Jorge Casanova Carvalleira said through the Trade and Food union he can voice out his problems and demands and noted that he counts on the support of the organization.

Among the main concerns shared by the self-employed are the high taxes, excessive bureaucracy during inspections, the lack of raw material supply and of a wholesale market for the sector.

Jose Luis Menendez, member of the Provincial CTC in Camagüey, said the organization provides orientation and labor support to the self-employed, in addition to being a means for a better organization of the non-government sector. (acn).

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