The Situation of Roberto González

News from Cuba | Sunday, 4 March 2012

For two years, Roberto González, the only brother of René and a brilliant lawyer of the Cuban 5 defense team, has been in a battle for his life. He has been doing it with the dignity and strength that characterizes both Roberto and René. He has been supported by the love of his wife Sarita who has been with him constantly, their two wonderful children, his suffering parents, Irma and Cándido, their nieces Irmita and Ivette, as well as all his relatives and the many friends who have seen him shine in this battle for the freedom of the Five over all these years.

Roberto and his wife have asked us to send you their greetings and thanks for the outpouring of support and affection they have been receiving on a daily basis. He wants you all to know that he will continue to fight for his life. Roberto has been receiving the most advanced medicine available in the Cuban medical system. The only thing Roberto is missing at this point is the embrace of his older brother René. In the difficult circumstance that Roberto is in the presence of René is perhaps the best medicine that he could receive.

René's attorney has requested that he be allowed to immediately travel to Havana for two weeks, to accompany Roberto, his parents and family in these difficult times. What the lawyer is requesting is something very basic. René has already completed a long 13 years for his unjust sentence and now for 5 months he has honored all the requirements of an additional sentence of supervised probation in Florida without being able to see his wife. René is just asking for a little humanity, a cease fire, a truce in the midst of so much cruelty and hatred. This small request would give enormous relief to the suffering of this family. The United States should authorize this request immediately so that René can be at his brother's side.

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