First National Meeting of Harley Davidson

News from Cuba | Sunday, 15 April 2012

Cuba hosted its first National Meeting of Harley-Davidson in April. The event took place at beach resort of Varadero, where so called Harlistas from across the country came together to show their motorcycles.

In interview with Prensa Latina, the event coordinator, Max Cucchi said the idea was to bring together lovers of these bikes in Cuba, as well as to promote their care, conservation and knowledge to preserve their heritage.This is the inaugural meeting, although "we intend to do it every year and promote it as an international event", said Cucchi. According to Cucchi, almost all Harley-Davidsons in Cuba date from pre-1960 because the US blockade stopped the import of the vehicles and spare parts.

The Harlistas Cuban community estimate nearly 300 Harleys registered in the country. 

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