Message to all friends of Cuba

Campaign News | Monday, 17 June 2002

Message from Cuba


The policy of the Government of the United States against Cuba becomes more aggressive and dangerous every day.

After the fateful events of September 11th, which Cuba inmediately condemned, President Bush declared that those who did not support the United States in their war against Afghanistan or in any other kind of punishing adventure they might think of, would be regarded as being in favour of terrorism. Cuba publicly stated her condemnation against terrorism and against the war being waged, which would only cause thousands of innocent victims.

Recently, President Bush referred to what he called an “axis of evil”, which included North Korea, Iran and Iraq as terrorist nations.

After that, the US State Department published and publicised, all over the world, a list of terrorism promoting countries, in which Cuba was included.

Just a few days ago, an Undersecretary of State expressed the concerns of the US Government, saying that they had information that Cuba was developing a program to manufacture biological weapons and that this technology was being transferred to terrorist nations.

Last May 2oth. President Bush delivered two speeches on Cuba, one in Washington and the other one in Miami. In both speeches he included insults, slanders and threats against our people. He promised to maintain and strengthen the Blockade until Cuba gives up her socialist regime and submits herself to US interference.

More recently, on June the 5th., on the ocassion of a graduation ceremony at West Point Military Academy , he announced his intention to launch preventive strikes anywhere in the world. He warned that the US Armed Forces should be ready to wage this type of unilateral and unannounced actions. He did not at all mention the role to be played by international relations or by the United Nations.

It is obvious that the US Administration intends to create favourable conditions on its domestic and on world public opinion to freely unleash mad and monstruous war adventures which would endanger peace in the planet. Not because she is a terrorist country but because she is independent and rebellious, Cuba will not escape the wrath of this world ruler.

Last June 12th. more than 9 million cubans marched on the the streets to support the Revolution and to reject the interfering and threating maneuvers of the US Government

From the 15th to the 18th of June all cubans who wish to do so will be able to back with their signatures a proposal made by our mass organizations to include in our Constitution our decission to suppoport and keep our socialist system and to refuse to negotiate with a foreign power under pressure, threats and aggressions.

We warn all our friends, all honest and judicious men and women all over the world, about the serious dangers that our country is facing.

We urge you to call domestic and international public opinion to denounce this serious situation using all means available. This is the only action that could put an end to this escalation of injustice and violence


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