The Miami Five Condemn Terrorist Attacks in Boston

News from Cuba | Monday, 13 May 2013

The five Cuban antiterrorists incarcerated in the United States expressed their solidarity with the U.S. people for the terrorist attacks that occurred a week ago at the end of a marathon in Boston, which resulted in about 180 people being injured and three deaths.

“With great consternation and sorrow we watched the sad images of the terrorist attacks that took place in Boston, which caused the loss of innocent human lives, people being injured and considerable material damage,” points out Ramon Labañino in a message on his behalf and on behalf of his four companions of struggle, the Granma newspaper reported.

Ramon adds that the Cuban people knows the terrible scourge of terrorism very well, so it understands people of the United States, and that “it declares its solidarity with it and feels its sorrow as its own.”

He reiterated that The Five “continue our struggle against terrorism and barbarity” and emphasized that “it’s time to join and eradicate that terrible evil from our societies. We are and we will always be against terrorism, against all kinds of terrorism.”

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