Cuban Literacy Program Benefits over 300 Thousand Ecuadorians

News from Cuba | Tuesday, 13 August 2013

More than 300 thousand citizens in 13 Ecuadorian provinces learned how to read and write with the Cuban literacy methodology known as Yes, I Can, which was implemented by 54 Cuban teachers in the South American nation.

A ceremony at the Ministry of Education to mark the end of a stage in the literacy campaign was attended by hundreds of people , who participated in the initiative since 2011. The campaign helped lower illiteracy rates from 6.5 to only 3.5 percent in all Ecuadorians over 14 years of age living in the country's most deprived regions.

The meeting was attended by Education minister Augusto Espinosa, Cuban charge d' affaires Basilio Gutierrez, Bolivian ambassador Rusena Maribel Santamaria and legislator Ximena Ponce, among other authorities.

Minister Espinosa thanked the Cuban education team for its work and reiterated his government's willingness to wipe out illiteracy from the country.

Meanwhile, Cuban diplomat Basilio Gutierrez congratulated all participants in the program and called on them to keep going to higher stages in the education initiative.

The Cuban 'Yes, I Can' methodology was created to help eradicate illiteracy in all nations of the world.

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