Media coverage of Miami 5 Vigil and interview with Yudith and Yamil

Campaign News | Friday, 20 September 2013

Follow links to coverage of Vigil

The 200-strong Vigil organised by the Cuba Solidarity Campaign for the Miami Five on Tuesday 17 September received extensive coverage in the Cuban media.

The links below take you to stories and pictures of the event in Spanish and in English.

In addition, the first highlighted live link is to a feature article in today’s Morning Star. The other two are to reports by ICAP - the Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples - and Ahora.

The Morning Star piece is an interview with the two young Cuban trade unionists, Yamil Eduardo Martinez and Yudith Camps Alejo, who spoke at the Vigil and who CSC is touring around Britain to speak to their counterparts in the trade union movement here.

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