Rafael Correa meets with Fidel and Raul

News from Cuba | Monday, 23 September 2013

The president of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, was in Cuba at the weekend to meet with historic leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, and meet with President Raul Castro.

Speaking at a press conference just before his departure, Correa said that he had spoken ith Fidel Castro for more than two hours during one day of his stay in this country.

"It's always a great honor and it's always a pleasure to share a moment with someone who is a living history of Latin America ," he said .

Accompanied by Foreign Minister Ricardo Patiño , the president said the purpose of his trip was to learn more about the Cuban health system and the special attention given to people with disabilities.

He said the government of Cuba invests 9%of its gross domestic product in the field of health, while Ecuador almost 7%.

We’ve had great results in health but there is room for improvement in the quality of health care we offer he said.

He explained that Ecuador will cooperate with Cuba in the construction of some 560 thousand households in Santiago area intended for victims of Hurricane Sandy, which struck the city in 2012 .

Responding to questions about the recent incident of the plane of Nicolas Maduro, President of Venezuela, being refused passage over Puerto Rico, by the US State Department said said, than if they knew if was Maduro who was on the flight there shouldbe a unanimous protest in Latin America.

Syria, he said, was a complex issue and his government rejected any foreign military intervention and was is in favor of a peaceful and democratic solution to the conflict.

"Do not make the mistake of sending arms to Syria” he said, reiterated that all parties should sit down to talk and not to generate more violence in the country.

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