Blockade is "deeply immoral" says Venezuela's representative to UN

News from Cuba | Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The maintenance of the U.S. blockade on Cuba despite the almost unanimous rejection of the international community, shows the need for reforms at the UN, says Venezuela's Permanent Representative to the organisation, Samuel Moncada.

Interviewed by Prensa Latina, the diplomat recalled that Washington has ignored the global claim issued for 21st consecutive years at the UN General Assembly, which on Tuesday, Oct. 29, will vote on a new draft resolution on ending that siege imposed more that 50 years ago.

The Assembly is a meeting of all sovereign countries in the world, an unprecedented entity in history in terms of representativeness, so ignoring its decisions highlights the urgency for change, he said.

Since 1992, the plenary session of the UN members, totaling now 193, has categorically supported documents calling the lifting of the blockade, a demand supported by more than 180 states in the last seven years, with the isolated opposition of two or three nations.

The United States mocks the international community with a position supported by its veto in the Security Council, a structural problem inherited from the existing world after the World War II ended, that is, very different to that of today, the Venezuelan ambassador said.

According to Moncada , in face of this scenario, the economic, trade, and financial sanctions applied to Cuba by successive U.S. administrations are a clear example of transformations at the UN and its Security Council, in order to comply with its function of ensuring justice.

For the diplomat, the siege imposed on the island by the White House, as well as illegal and inhumane, is described as "a deeply immoral insane."

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