Fernando to be released on 27 February

News from Cuba | Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Fernando González will be the second of the Miami Five to be released when he completes his unjust sentence at the end of this month.

On February 27 2014, when Fernando González is released from Safford federal prison in Arizona, he will have completed 15 years, 5 months and 15 days of an unjust imprisonment

But Fernando will not simply walk out of Safford on 27 February. As one of his appeals attorney Richard Klugh explains, since Fernando is not a US citizen, he will be detained temporarily by Immigration authorities.

"In order to facilitate his immediate return to Cuba, he

has quashed any pending appeal or Habeas proceeding, so that it cannot be used as a basis to keep him here. And he has waived any right to contest his deportation to Cuba. Fernando has that

paperwork completed and negotiations are taking place for what we hope is an immediate return to Cuba and his wonderful


Fernando' s sentence was reduced to 17 years from the

original 19-year term, after his resentencing in 2009, and 13%

credit reduction is given for good behavior in federal prison.

"Fernando has been a model prisoner in everything, he has never

had any incident whatsoever."

As Fernando' s freedom approaches, Klugh says, "Everyone

on the defense team has always had strong feelings and a bond

with Fernando. He is an extremely sensitive and caring person, extremely mild-mannered, strong and honorable."

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